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Pyrolytic oven – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The oven is an essential appliance in the home, since it not only allows you to prepare healthier foods, but also enhances the flavor of meals. However, cleaning it has been one of the tasks that requires the most effort and time, given how difficult it is to remove the stuck-on grease. For this reason, modern pyrolytic ovens are here to stay and here we present two excellent proposals. First up is the Bosch Series 8 HRG6769S6, which features a touch screen for easy access to its features. In addition, it can be connected to the network of smart appliances through the Home Connect application. On the other hand, the Balay 3HB4841X1 is a multifunction model that also offers a dual cleaning system: pyrolysis and aqualysis.

The 8 Best Pyrolytic Ovens – Opinions 2022

Today, oven maintenance is an increasingly simple task, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used by large manufacturers. Because of this, you can prepare your favorite recipes without having to worry about cleaning the inside of the oven. Next, the 8 most recommended pyrolytic ovens on the web.

Bosch pyrolytic oven

1. Bosch Series 8 HRG6769S6 Oven 

It is a Bosch pyrolytic oven with an integrable construction, which offers the innovative 4D heating function, capable of distributing the temperature evenly, so that the food is cooked correctly on any of the 4 levels. Therefore, you can place several trays with different foods at the same time. 

It also has the PerfectBake sensor, which is very useful for baking, since it is capable of measuring the moisture level of the dough to automatically regulate the baking process, with the aim of providing a juicy and fluffy cake at the same time.. This is one of the features that make it one of the best pyrolytic ovens of 2022 according to the opinions of some users.

On the other hand, it includes a function called Added Steam, which provides steam at different intensities, to get crispy and golden food on the outside, but without losing its internal juiciness.

Bosch could be the best brand of pyrolytic ovens today. That is why we invite you to analyze in more detail the pros and cons of this model.


Smart: It is compatible with the brand’s exclusive Home Connect application, to control the functions from the mobile.

Steam: Includes the Added Steam function, which provides different levels of steam to achieve foods that are juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Sensor: It has a sensor called PerfectBake, which automatically measures the humidity of the dough to improve baking.


Use: It is necessary to go to the user manual with some frequency to be able to take full advantage of the oven.

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2. Bosch Series 6 HBG5780S0 Electric Medium Oven

The Bosch brand is a benchmark for quality and efficiency and this series 6 electric oven guarantees its prestige. It is an electric oven with a modern and sophisticated design, so it could be the piece that complements your elegant kitchen. To do this, it has an LCD display with white light that allows you to view all its functions and thanks to its concealable controls, you can carry out front cleaning more easily.

Likewise, it is a multifunction appliance that stands out for providing up to 30 pre-programmed gourmet recipes. To enjoy dishes with optimal results and in a short time, you just have to choose the food and the weight. Likewise, your recipes are cooked with a 3D heating system, which maximizes flavor and texture.

In addition to this, this oven has interchangeable rails in height, depending on the preparation. In addition, its pyrolytic function keeps its internal cavity in perfect clean conditions.

It is an elegant and functional appliance that could steal the spotlight in your kitchen. Here is a summary of its highlights.


Cooking modes: Among its outstanding functions we have: soft hot air, soft cooking, defrosting, baking, keeping warm, large surface grill and 3D turbo baking; for perfect recipes.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 71 liters, enough to prepare food for the whole family.

Concealable controls: Thanks to the design of its concealable controls, you will be able to clean the front part more easily.


Measurements: If you plan to embed it, you should check the measurements of the oven and those of the hole, in order to carry out a correct assembly.

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Balay pyrolytic oven

3. Balay 3HB4841X1 Medium electric oven 71 L

If you are looking for the best quality-price pyrolytic oven 2022, this product could meet all your expectations, since it is one of the cheap ovens with great features that the market offers. The pyrolytic Balay oven has the autochef function that gives you 10 automatic recipes of traditional Spanish cuisine and given its steel structure, it is a resistant oven with a timeless design.

It is equipped with a double cleaning system, so it not only offers the pyrolytic function based on heat, but it is also equipped with aqualysis technology. Because of this, you will be able to cook any dish without worrying about embedded fat, keeping your oven always like new. Likewise, it has a folding door that allows you to assemble it according to your needs.

On the other hand, it has a built-in screen and two easy-to-use rotary controls. In addition, it has 7 cooking functions, to prepare your favorite recipes.

This could be the best pyrolytic oven of the moment, since in addition to being multifunctional and having the support of a recognized manufacturer, it is one of the cheapest on the market. Read on for its pros and cons.


Double cleaning system: It is an appliance that offers self-cleaning by pyrolysis and aqualysis.

Elegant: It is made of stainless steel with a glass door, which favors an elegant and modern aesthetic.

Wood oven function: Thanks to this function that generates more heat in the base, you will have your dishes with the flavor of traditional cuisine.


Tray: The inclusion of an additional grill tray is missing.

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Pyrolytic Teka oven

4. Teka HSB 635 Medium electric oven 70 L

Teka ovens are characterized by their high performance and safety and the HSB 635 is a model that fully meets these conditions. It is a multifunction appliance that offers you up to 8 cooking modes and thanks to its 70-litre capacity, you can prepare the most varied and exquisite recipes.

Likewise, your safety is given by the child lock function, panel lock and double glass on your door; a plus that gives you security if you have little explorers at home. It also has a deep enamel tray, with an anti-tip system and a grill protector.

In addition to pyrolytic cleaning, it also offers you HydroClean Pro cleaning, in order to keep the oven in perfect condition. On the other hand, it is an appliance with a rapid heating function and A+ energy efficiency certification, which favors savings in paying your bill.

This is a high quality oven with great features. To know in detail its highlights, we have prepared a summary.


Cleaning: It is an oven equipped with a double automatic cleaning system; since it has the pyrolytic function and also the Teka HydroClean Pro function.

Efficiency: It offers you up to 8 cooking modes, in order to please the most varied tastes.

Security: It has several security systems, in order to avoid accidents due to burns.



Heat: The heat given off by the oven could raise the ambient temperature of your kitchen, so it is not advisable to use it in closed spaces or with few square meters.

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Pyrolytic electric oven

5. Whirlpool Oven AKZ 663/IX pyrolytic

Whirlpool is a leading American brand in the home appliance market and today it presents this pyrolytic electric oven. It is a built-in model that has standard measurements, so that it can be adjusted to the dimensions of any kitchen. It has a capacity of up to 65 liters, enough to prepare your family’s food and also has 8 cooking functions.

It is a model that has a modern LCD display with graphics that guide you in terms of handling, so you will have an assistant to guide you while you cook. Likewise, it integrates a hinged door with reflective glass that keeps it cool to the touch and its structure with stainless steel coating, provides resistance to high temperatures.

In addition to the pyrolytic function, this oven model also offers Smart Clean technology, which cleans the oven with water in just 35 minutes and without detergents.

If you still don’t know which pyrolytic oven to buy, this model from the manufacturer Whirlpool could be what you’re looking for. Review its pros and cons in detail.


Ease of use: It has a display with LCD technology that offers you graphics for easy handling.

Removable crystals: Its door has three crystals for greater security, which can be disassembled in order to carry out deeper cleaning.

Double cleaning technology: It offers the pyrolytic function and also the Smart Clean technology, for frequent cleaning of the oven.


Weight: It is a robust product weighing 40 kilos, so you should take precautions when you receive it at home.

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Pyrolytic AEG oven

6. AEG BPS331120M Medium Electric Oven 74 L

If you have not yet decided on a particular model and want to know which is the best pyrolytic oven that offers you efficiency, multiple functions and ease of cleaning, these qualities and others are present in the AEG pyrolytic oven. A high-quality appliance that has a power of 3000 watts and a maximum cooking temperature of 300°C. It also offers a built-in screen and up to 74 liters of capacity, so you can cook as much as you want.

When it comes to efficient cooking and energy savings, these features go hand in hand with this model. To do this, in order to help you with efficient consumption, this product has the A+ category that saves up to 10% of electricity. In addition, its efficiency is due to the fact that it has an XXL fan that allows air to circulate evenly, helping to heat up quickly and cook more efficiently.

This pyrolytic oven could be your best ally in the kitchen, given its features and the high quality it offers. Below, discuss the pros and cons of this product.


Security: It has the automatic disconnection function, child lock and its door has 4 protection glasses that isolate heat.

Heat guide: Offers a guide that recommends the most suitable temperature according to the food.

Configuration: Thanks to the configuration through its LCD screen, the oven starts and stops automatically.


Reheat function: The reheat function, present in other similar models, is missing.

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Pyrolytic Siemens oven

7. Siemens hb676g0w1 pyrolytic multifunction oven

Maintaining the interior cleanliness of this oven will not be a problem, thanks to the fact that it has 3 levels of intensity for its hygiene. However, other qualities are also remarkable.

For example, it has 13 cooking functions, which will allow you to adapt the temperature and the way it is distributed so that your dishes turn out as planned. Also, its Coolstart function allows you to cook frozen foods and has rapid preheating, an option that will help you save time.

If this were not enough, you should know that it can reach a temperature of up to 300 degrees and its capacity is 71 liters, so you can cook for several guests. In addition, it has child safety and, thanks to its cooking tips, it is an oven that you can use easily from its first use, obtaining good results and without inconveniences.

If this Siemens pyrolytic oven has caught your attention, you will be interested in knowing more about its characteristics. That is why we have prepared a summary of pros and cons.


Programmable clock: You can prevent your food from burning, thanks to the fact that it has cooking start and stop programming.

Heat sources: Its functions allow you to choose top, bottom or grill heat, among other alternatives.

Self-cleaning: Its operation includes 3 intensity levels to preserve its hygiene.


Time setting: The process for setting the time could be easier, as it involves going minute by minute to select the correct time.

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Pyrolytic Electrolux oven

8. Electrolux EOF4P74X Pyrolytic Oven

The pyrolytic Electrolux oven that we review on this occasion differs from others in its efficiency in providing uniform multi-level cooking. In other words, you will be able to prepare delicious cookies in its different sections without fear that some will burn, while others are not yet finished cooking.

Similarly, its internal cleaning system is very efficient, converting residual fat into ashes. Thus, you only have to wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth to leave it clean. Regarding its exterior, it has an attractive aesthetic and anti-fingerprint system, so you can keep it impeccable without much effort.

Something that users highlight, as another of its greatest advantages, is that it has an LED timer and temperature suggestions, so that the results you obtain when using the oven are always as expected. This is complemented by an easy to use control panel.

Before making a purchase decision, read more about this model. Could you reaffirm if it is the oven you are looking for.


Energy efficiency: It is an oven that has an A+ energy classification, so you do not have to spend more on your electricity bill when using it.

Functions: It can reach a temperature of up to 300 degrees, to adapt it to the type of dish you are going to prepare.

Distribution: It offers 3 cooking levels and an efficient system that allows the heat to be homogeneous when preparing your food, depending on the function chosen on its panel.


Pyrolysis: You must consider that, when activating the cleaning system, this oven requires a power of 3,490 W, so you must verify that this is compatible with your electrical network.

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Shopping guide

We have prepared for you a complete guide to buying the best pyrolytic oven, where we show you the most outstanding aspects that you should consider before choosing a particular model. The idea is that you find the pyrolytic oven you are looking for, the one that suits your budget and your particular needs.


We all love baked food, it’s hard to match the flavor and texture offered by dishes that have been cooked in the oven. However, when preparing foods that have a tendency to shed fat such as potatoes, ribs, chicken, sirloin and any other type of meat; the remains of the food, as well as the fat generated, end up on the walls and at the base of the oven.

In these cases, its proper functioning could be compromised and, furthermore, removing this dirt manually is a task that requires time and effort. For this reason, we are forced to resort to the use of degreasing products, which must be used with great caution, given the amount of chemical substances they contain.

Given this, one of the best options offered by the market to facilitate cleaning tasks after we bake our favorite dish is to have the best pyrolytic oven; since thanks to this self-cleaning function, we can cook any recipe without worrying about cleaning.

Pyrolysis technology

When selecting a pyrolytic oven, the first thing you should check is that the chosen model has this technology; thanks to which they can practically clean themselves. For this reason, the large manufacturers of these appliances have equipped their modern ovens with this extra comfort when cleaning. It is a technology that is based on heat to decompose the remains of food and fat that have been contained inside the oven.

To achieve the decomposition of dirt, the oven raises the temperature considerably, even reaching approximately 500°C in some models. The part of the dirt that is organic matter is decomposed in the form of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water, which will be evaporated. However, when it comes to inorganic matter, it cannot be dissolved, so it ends up turning into ashes that we can then easily remove.

energy saving

When you make your comparison of pyrolytic ovens, analyze the energy efficiency label that the model you want to buy has. It is important to take this aspect into account, since we all know the high cost of electricity; so it is advisable to bet on a model that helps with energy savings.

In this sense, the energy certification determines if the device consumes more or less electricity. It is a value given by a letter that goes from A to G, with category A being the one that consumes the least. You should also check the amount of “+” it offers; In other words, an A+++ pyrolytic oven will make better use of energy than an A+ or A model.

For this reason, although it might seem that pyrolytic ovens consume more energy than other conventional ovens, given the high temperatures they reach during the self-cleaning process; The truth is that these are low-consumption appliances, thanks to the fact that they have the efficient consumption certification. If you are wondering how much it costs to activate the pyrolysis function, according to the National Energy Commission, each cleaning cycle does not exceed 50 cents.

Level of intensity and security

All pyrolytic ovens, whether it is an expensive or economical model, have three intensity levels with different times, for their self-cleaning function. Therefore, depending on the degree of dirt accumulated and embedded in the oven, you can choose the most convenient level. In this sense (depending on the model and brand) level 1 could take 1 hour and 15 minutes; level 2, 1 hour with 30 min and level 3 could have a duration of up to 2 hours.

When it comes to safety, these ovens are designed to offer maximum protection at all times. For this reason, from the beginning to the end of the pyrolysis process, the oven door remains automatically locked; so there is no risk of suffering any kind of burn from accidentally opening the door.

Likewise, they are devices that have glass panels resistant to high temperatures and are also equipped with a thermal insulation system that provides protection to furniture and adjacent appliances.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a pyrolytic oven?

Pyrolytic ovens are used in the same way as other conventional models, since the only difference from their counterparts is that they have a self-cleaning pyrolytic function. For this reason, they are capable of generating high temperatures; however, since these are products that offer a high level of safety, there is no risk of contact burns.

Q2: How to clean the pyrolytic oven?

Start by removing the grills, the trays and also the telescopic guides (depending on the model). Select the pyrolytic function and choose the intensity according to the dirt present in the oven. Once the pyrolysis has done its job, you can easily proceed to remove the ash that has remained inside, using a damp cloth or sponge. It is advisable to use the pyrolytic function every 10 uses, in order to maintain the good condition of the oven.

Q3: How to unlock a Teka pyrolytic oven?

The door of pyrolytic ovens has an automatic locking mechanism that is activated as a safety measure when self-cleaning starts. However, it may happen that the door is accidentally locked; this is usually due to an early cancellation of the cleaning cycle. In these cases, Teka recommends consulting the included user manual, where the steps to follow are specified according to the model in question.

Q4: How to know if an oven is pyrolytic?

To know if an oven is pyrolytic or not, you only have to check on its control panel if it has the icon that indicates “Self-cleaning”. This symbol is present on all pyrolytic ovens, regardless of make and model. In addition, the user manual must specify that the equipment offers this function.

Q5: Which is better: pyrolytic oven or aqualysis?

The pyrolytic function is a cleaning method that uses high temperatures to disintegrate all traces of fat and food that have remained stuck to the inside of the oven. After a certain period of time, all the dirt is reduced to ashes that are easy to remove. However, its main disadvantage is the extra energy consumption, so it is generally recommended to carry out this deep cleaning every two months.

Automatic aqualysis cleaning is a new feature offered by some of the more modern ovens. It is a technology that seeks a more economical and ecological solution to the energy consumption of pyrolysis. This method is based on hot water, so when the oven is empty, you just have to put a little dishwashing water on its base and activate the aqualysis function. When finished, remove the water and the remains of dirt with an absorbent sponge; It offers the advantage that it is carried out in less time and at a lower temperature than pyrolysis. However, it is a less effective clean for deep, embedded dirt.

Q6: How to disassemble the glass of a Siemens pyrolytic oven?

Start by opening the door fully until it is parallel to the ground, then proceed to unlock the hinges and release the locking levers. Next, he closes the door again and carefully lifts it with both hands, applying slight pressure in the closing direction, until it is completely removed. In order to have access to the crystals, position the door on a soft and stable surface and then proceed with a screwdriver to remove the upper cover. Once removed, you can carry out a deep cleaning of the glass of the door, using suitable products for glass and steel.

Q7: Which is better: pyrolytic or multifunction oven?

Multifunction ovens are the great allies of the kitchen, since they offer great benefits when it comes to cooking. Today the best brands have integrated multifunctional qualities into their models, while equipping them with self-cleaning technology by pyrolysis; which makes these appliances a highly recommended product. For this reason, pyrolysis multifunction ovens are the best positioned on the market.

Q8: How to install a pyrolytic oven?

Due to the high temperatures reached by pyrolytic ovens, manufacturers have provided them with resistant and insulating materials. However, in order to prevent the heat from affecting other adjacent appliances, one of the best options is to mount it on a heat tower. However, it is recommended that you follow the recommendations given in the user manual of each particular model.

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Bosch HBF174ER0 Horno multifunción cristal con acero inoxidable

Al momento de comprar un horno pirolítico, es importante que consideres un modelo que cuente con una marca de prestigio, por lo que te presentamos este horno pirolítico Bosch. Es un aparato que te ofrece hasta 7 funciones, entre ellas destacan: calentamiento profesional 3D, aire caliente suave, grill, función pizza, calor superior e inferior y más. También está dotado con recetas gourmet, para que prepares exitosamente hasta 10 platos de forma automática.

Su función pirolítica cuenta con tres niveles de intensidad elegibles, de acuerdo a las necesidades de limpieza del horno. Así mismo, es un electrodoméstico que está equipado con un reloj electrónico, el que podrás programar para el inicio y el fin de la cocción. También dispone de una pantalla LED iluminada en rojo y una guía telescópica que favorece el montaje y desmontaje de las bandejas. Además, con la compra recibirás una parrilla y una bandeja profunda.

El mejor horno pirolítico es aquel que no solo te ofrece una fácil limpieza, sino que también te brinda cualidades multifuncionales. Por eso, este modelo merece tu consideración; conoce sus pros y contras.


Multifunción: Es un horno que te ofrece hasta 7 diferentes funciones de cocción.

Guía telescópica: Posee una guía telescópica que facilita el poner y quitar las bandejas.

Accesorios: El fabricante incluye con la compra una parrilla profesional y una bandeja profunda.


Capacidad: Su capacidad interna de 63 litros podría resultar insuficiente, sobre todo si se preparan platos de forma simultánea para una familia numerosa.

Teka Horno HCB6435P Multifunción Pirolítico Inox

El mejor horno pirolítico no siempre es el más caro, por lo que el mercado ofrece diversos modelos con grandes cualidades y a un coste asequible. Este es el caso del horno Teka pirolítico, un electrodoméstico barato si lo comparamos con otros productos similares, que goza de prestaciones de un modelo de alta gama. Por esta razón, podría considerarse como el mejor horno pirolítico de relación calidad precio del momento.

Teka ha dotado a este modelo con doble función de autolimpieza; por un lado ofrece pirólisis con tres niveles de potencia y por el otro, cuenta con la tecnología hydroclean para limpiezas diarias con vapor; de este modo, tu horno se conservará impecable todo el tiempo. Así mismo, gracias a su capacidad de 70 litros, podrás cocinar grandes cantidades de alimentos para tus invitados. Además, es un horno que cuenta con 9 programas de cocción con los que podrás ahorrar tiempo cuando preparas tus recetas.

Si quieres mantener tu horno siempre limpio sin renunciar a tus platos preferidos, este modelo de Teka podría ser una excelente opción. Te invitamos a conocer un poco más de este electrodoméstico.


Puerta fría: Gracias a que cuenta con una puerta diseñada con tres cristales que aíslan el calor, la puerta se mantiene fría al tacto.

Limpieza dual: Es un horno dotado con la función pirólisis y también con la función hydroclean, que limpia por medio del vapor.

Diseño: Ofrece un diseño moderno en acero, con un panel de control equipado de mandos escamoteables.


Función microondas: Este modelo no incluye la función microondas. No obstante, es un producto que ofrece eficiencia y rapidez en la preparación de alimentos.

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