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Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Being able to carry out easy and comfortable cleaning at home is no longer so difficult thanks to the help of some appliances designed to meet your needs. We invite you to learn about some robot vacuum cleaners, among which the Xiaomi SDJQR02RR model stands out due to its automatic cleaning function. It also has several operating options and 12 sensors that facilitate many tasks regarding mapping and cleaning. For its part, the Cecotec Conga 1090 Connected model has a mixed tank for solid and liquid waste, in addition to a set that includes two interchangeable brushes to adapt it to the surface you want to clean.

The 8 Best Mopping Robots – Opinions 2022


Considering that robot vacuum cleaners are now a cleaning instrument that facilitates the task on any type of surface, we have decided to present you with several models that could meet your needs, hoping that they can help you when choosing.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

1. Xiaomi SDJQR02RR Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Super Strong Suction

Carrying out a comfortable and fast cleaning process at home is now easier with the help of what could be the best robot vacuum cleaner. It is the model SDJQR02RR of the Xiaomi brand, which is characterized by its intelligent system. This includes 12 sensors responsible for locating dirt and in turn tracing the path of movement of the device, being able to optimize the cleaning method at home.

Likewise, this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner has different options, among which it is worth counting the time based on the square meters cleaned. You can also map the house and know which places you have already cleaned and how much battery you have left. Also very important, this robot can be set to start cleaning automatically each day at a specific time.

As for its design, we must mention that this product has a beautiful white structure and its capacity is 0.42 liters. In addition, it works with a power of 55 watts, which is enough to carry out its work efficiently. 

If you want to buy a good robot vacuum cleaner, we invite you to learn a little more about the SDJQR02RR model.


Sensors: This robot vacuum cleaner has 12 sensors that make it easier for you to trace a path of movement every day and in turn locate the dirt in each space.

Operating options: It should be noted that it has several operating options, including the count of its time in function and the square meters that it has cleaned.

Automatic cleaning: Forget about having to turn it on every day, this robot vacuum cleaner can be configured to start its cleaning routine automatically and at a specific time.


App: It should be noted that this vacuum cleaner also has an App with which you can control its function, however it may be a bit slow once you download it to your mobile.

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Conga robot vacuum cleaner

2. Cecotec Conga Series 1090 Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Now let’s talk about the best value for money robot vacuum cleaner sponsored by the Cecotec brand, a product that stands out among many for having a 4-in-1 professional laser mapping. 

That’s right, this conga robot vacuum cleaner can simultaneously vacuum, sweep, mop the floor and mop thanks to its intelligent construction that has a special mixed tank for liquids and solids. In this sense, it could leave the different spaces of your home clean in an orderly and efficient manner.

It also includes 3 power levels, including turbo mode for deep cleaning, eco mode for superficial cleaning with minimal consumption, and normal mode for daily cleaning.

On the other hand, we cannot forget to mention that this robot vacuum cleaner has two interchangeable brushes, which are capable of avoiding any type of entanglement. In this sense, one of the brushes is made of rubber and was designed to remove your pet’s hair from the most complicated places, while the other brush can clean any surface and remove dirt.

Carrying out a comparison of robot vacuum cleaners could be the ideal option to choose the most suitable one for you, based on your needs, among many options.


Interchangeable brushes: With the help of the two interchangeable brushes that this robot vacuum cleaner includes, you could remove the hair of your pets, as well as clean effectively.

Power levels: This model has three power levels, including eco, normal and turbo mode, so that it can clean according to your needs.

Mixed tank: Thanks to its mixed tank for liquids and solids, this robot can perform different tasks during its operation. 


Use: It is recommended to use the robot periodically to prevent dirt from adhering and being difficult to remove from the surfaces to be cleaned.

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Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner

3. Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua RR6971WH Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This model can be considered the best robot of 2022 due to the functions and characteristics it has, including the fact that it has three cleaning modes; Random, Rooms and the Edges. Each of them focus on working in a particular way so that cleaning is effective in your home.

For its part, this model has infrared sensors, fall sensors and bumpers, which help to optimize its operation and can extend its useful life, avoiding accidents.

If we talk about its design, it is important that you know that this Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner will be able to reach the different spaces of your home thanks to its compact size, since it has a height of 8 centimeters and a diameter of 32.5 centimeters, qualities that will leave it act, even under your furniture without any inconvenience.

Likewise, its autonomy is approximately 150 minutes, due to the lithium battery that it has capable of offering you a prolonged duration so that you can enjoy a better user experience.

If you still don’t know which robot vacuum cleaner you could buy to carry out a comfortable and safe cleaning process at home, then take a look at the advantages that this model offers you.


Autonomy: The lithium battery that this robot includes could offer you a long duration, that is, we are talking about an autonomy of approximately 150 minutes.

Cleaning modes: You will have three cleaning modes at your disposal, so that you can configure the robot vacuum cleaner and start its work depending on your needs each day.

Dimensions: Thanks to its compact size, this robot vacuum cleaner could clean every space in your home, since its dimensions are 32.5 centimeters in diameter and 8 centimeters in height. 


Instructions for use: The manual for this model could be redesigned to make the instructions clearer and more explanatory. However, since its use is simple, it might not be a relevant problem.

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Roomba robot vacuum cleaner


4. iRobot Roomba 615 Robot Vacuum for Hard Floors and Carpets

Another option that you could consider when choosing a device of this type is the one designed by iRobot. We are talking about the Roomba 615 model that is supplied with a variety of accessories to optimize its operation.

Some of these are the self-adjusting cleaning head, the two corner sweeping brushes and additionally the two multi-surface brushes. It also adds the charging base with power cable.

It should be noted that this Roomba robot vacuum cleaner will always be ready to start cleaning your home, since the state of charge of the battery will not be a problem for you, since this model automatically returns to its charging base once it is finished. with the cleaning cycle or when the battery is about to run out.

In addition, its cleaning system is effective thanks to the AeroVac filter, which could capture the hair of your pets, as well as dust particles and dirt in general.

Considering the fact that robot vacuum cleaners are a very practical cleaning tool for the home, you should take into account certain details regarding their operation before making the purchase. 


Cleaning: The cleaning system with which this robot works will help you eliminate dust particles, dirt in general, and your pets’ hair.

Charging base: This robot vacuum cleaner has a charging base to which it will automatically return after each cleaning cycle or when the battery runs out to be recharged easily and quickly.

Accessories: With the purchase of this model, some accessories are included that could optimize its operation every time you decide to clean your home.


Noise: This robot may be a little noisier than you expect, if this detail is a problem for you, then look at another model.

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Robot vacuum cleaner and mop


5. Ikohs Netbot S15 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 4 in 1

Also considered one of the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2022, we present the Netbot S15 model designed to clean your home intelligently thanks to its 4-in-1 function, which will allow it to sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub on all types of surfaces..

It should be noted that this robot vacuum cleaner and mop has a first-class technology called SmartGYROSCOPE that works through intelligent navigation and with the help of gyroscopic sensors that will allow it to map while cleaning. In this way it can reach almost any area of ​​your home and cover 100% of the surfaces, while avoiding inopportune falls and shocks.

The best of all is that you could control the operation of this mopping robot through the App available in its virtual store. In addition, by having a WI-FI system with voice recognition, this model is compatible with Google Home and Alexa assistants.

If you want to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner of the moment, you will have to look at each of the details offered by the model that most attracts your attention, so that you can determine if it is what you need at home.


App: With the use of the App available for your Smartphone you can easily control the operation of the robot.

Technology: This robot vacuum cleaner has a technology called SmartGYROSCOPE that works in conjunction with sensors that map any space, thus optimizing its function. 

Function: The 4-in-1 function will allow this robot to sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub without any inconvenience, which is a very practical model.


Reset: Taking into account that this robot performs mapping of the place where it has already cleaned, you must consider that when using it in manual mode, the registered information is lost.

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Vileda robot vacuum cleaner


6. Vileda VR 102 Robot vacuum cleaner with great autonomy

If you are still wondering which is the best robot vacuum cleaner, then the Vileda brand could have the answer for you. This is its VR 102 model with an ultra-thin design, which facilitates cleaning under furniture. In this way, you can clean under a table or sofa. It also has a range of 90 minutes thanks to the battery that includes high-power Li-Ion.

It should be noted that its intelligent navigation has three different patterns, these being the spiral, zig-zag and automatic mode, so that it covers every corner of your home and can collect dirt efficiently.

And as if that were not enough, this automatic vacuum cleaner can be used on different types of floors, whether they are laminate, parquet, tiles or even short-pile carpets. In addition, the sensors present in your system will be able to detect unevenness to avoid those annoying falls down the stairs.

Due to its products and services in general, Vileda could be considered the best brand of robot vacuum cleaners, that is why we present some pros and cons of its innovative VR 102 model. 


Use: You could use this model on different types of floors such as laminate, parquet or even those with tiles and short-pile carpets.

Height: This robot has a height of 8 centimeters in total, therefore, it could carry out an adequate cleaning under your bed and sofa without problems.

Cleaning patterns: For its proper operation, this robot includes three cleaning patterns, which will allow it to reach every corner of your home.


Charging base: The presence of a base to which the robot can automatically return to recharge its battery is missing.

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Taurus robot vacuum cleaner


7. Taurus Mini Striker Robot Vacuum Cleaner 19V

One of the cheapest models, but no less efficient, is the Taurus Mini Striker, which is why it can also be a good candidate to define itself as the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2022. It is comprised of an appropriate design to facilitate your daily life. day, where its structure has a diameter of 26.5 centimeters and is present in a beautiful red color.

Likewise, its manufacturer describes it as a powerful model like the big ones since it contains a 14.4 V battery, which at the time of its function becomes an appropriate suction power to vacuum all the dust present in certain places.

Said battery, being fully charged, could provide you with an autonomy of 75 minutes and when discharged, it will emit a light present in its structure that indicates its state of charge.

Among other details, this Taurus robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with 3 anti-fall sensors, as well as an anti-scratch protection band and a double function in mop and suction mode, so that it can perform a complete and appropriate cleaning.

This is one of the cheapest options on our list of recommendations, therefore, we invite you to learn about its most relevant features so that you can deduce if it is what you are looking for. 


Power: This model has a 14.4 V battery, which when put into operation provides an adequate level of power to suck up dust with ease.

Autonomy: The robot could offer you a total autonomy of 75 minutes, so that it can carry out a complete cleaning process at home.

Sensors: This model has 3 anti-fall sensors, which will prevent it from falling down the stairs, as well as a double function of mopping and suction for a better user experience.


Technology: This model lacks mapping technology so you can enjoy a much more complete cleaning system, however, it does its job without any problems.

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Ilife robot vacuum cleaner


8. Zaco Ilife0003-ES Ilife V3s Pro Robot Home Vacuum Cleaner

The Zaco brand has also managed to carve out a place among the favorites of users with its V3sPro model, which some consider to be the best robot vacuum cleaner for having multiple cleaning modes, among which edge cleaning and spot cleaning stand out, designed for the robot to work in a certain area leaving it gleaming.

This model is also considered a robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair as it has a filter with AirAway technology built into it, which will help with the suction of unpleasant hairs and will prevent the vacuum cleaner from clogging at all times. Likewise, the filter, thanks to the technology it possesses, will also provide a release of fresh air to eliminate bad odors in the room.

As for the sensors that this ilife robot vacuum cleaner has, they detect unevenness quickly to avoid falls and keep it protected from bumps against furniture and walls. 

If you want to be sure which robot vacuum cleaner to buy, you will have to consider each of the characteristics that the model that you like the most has so that you can make a good choice.


Cleaning modes: You can enjoy multiple cleaning modes that will leave the different areas of your home free of dirt.

Filter: The V3s Pro model has a filter with AirAway technology in its favor, which will allow you to suck up your pet’s hair without the vacuum cleaner becoming clogged.

Technology: AirAway technology can also eliminate those annoying odors present in the room, improving the user experience.


Programming: Compared to other models available on the market, the programming of this robot vacuum cleaner may be more basic, but it is considered effective.

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Shopping guide

Faced with so many advantages that a robot vacuum cleaner can offer you, it is very easy to feel lost when selecting one on the market. For this reason, we help you to look at a series of characteristics that you should take into account to select the most practical and functional among all of them. Thus, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best robot vacuum cleaner, where you will find the appropriate information to make a good purchase.


When making a comparison of robot vacuum cleaners, you should first take into account the power with which the models that you like the most work, since depending on this characteristic, the product could provide you with an appropriate level of suction to leave the different surfaces of your home clean and free of dust particles or any type of dirt. 


On this occasion, in the case of a robot vacuum cleaner, it should be practical in terms of weight and size, so that you can handle it easily.

It should be noted that larger robot vacuums, although they can provide you with a variety of positive functions, will tend to present greater inconveniences by not having access to small places. In this sense, we recommend you look at those models that have a height between 7 and 8 centimeters, since it would be much easier to access small spaces, such as those under the bed or furniture present at home.

Likewise, the size of the product plays a fundamental role when it comes to being transported or stored, therefore, make sure you buy a robot that can provide you with these ease of use in every way.


You could not leave aside the design of the robot vacuum cleaner that you decide to buy, as well as being economical, it must have a beautiful and functional structure, capable of carrying out its work comfortably.

Thus, make sure you choose a model that is made of resistant and durable materials, capable of resisting shocks and different types of inconveniences that may arise in your daily cleaning routine.

Although it may not seem important, the color of the structure of the model you decide to buy should also be to your liking, since it is a product that you will constantly see at home and will help you with cleaning.


In addition to looking at how much the robot vacuum cleaner you want to buy costs, also take into account the autonomy it can offer you, to carry out its task with ease and in the time necessary.

The duration of a robot’s charge is usually a very important detail and one that should not go unnoticed, since it would depend on this detail that the product can perform a complete cleaning in as many square meters as possible.

In general, some models offer a battery life of 120 minutes or 130 minutes, which is equivalent to cleaning a total area of ​​approximately 100 square meters, so consider these values ​​when looking for your ideal robot.

As for battery charging, different models have a charging base, to which they usually return aromatically once they finish the cleaning process or when the battery is about to run out, while others need to be connected to a cargo net. Between one model and another, the price usually varies a lot, since the possibility of having an automatic product and that can do almost everything for you, generally has a high cost.

Navigation system and sensors

Not all robot vacuum cleaners have a navigation system among their main functions, the absence of this detail supposes an uncontrolled cleaning mode, since the vacuum cleaner could go through the same place over and over again without detecting that it is already clean, For this reason, it is better to make sure you buy a model with this feature in its favor, so that you can enjoy an efficient cleaning process at home, where the robot can follow a pattern of the area to be cleaned.

As for the sensors, depending on the model you decide to purchase, it could be a vacuum cleaner capable of detecting unevenness in some areas, to prevent falls down stairs or proximity to walls and furniture to prevent different types of inconvenience. Some models even have sensors that detect when a specific space has already been vacuumed and cleaned.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a robot vacuum cleaner?

The robot vacuum cleaner should be used when the floor of your home is dirty, with pet hair, dust particles or any type of residue. To put it into operation, these generally have a button incorporated into their structure that activates the sensors and leaves it ready to go into operation. In this way, it will be enough to press the next power button for the robot to start vacuuming and cleaning a specific space, yes, after each use do not forget to empty the tank and clean it, so that it can be ready for the next use.

Q2: What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner that mops?

Robotic vacuum cleaners that mop are generally those multifunction models that are made to perform several cleaning tasks at the same time. Due to their practicality, they are widely accepted and can work on different types of soil. If you want your scrubbing robot to start doing this task, you just have to place the mop and then fill the water tank, adding a little cleaner to it so you can get better results. Finally you would have to replace the vacuum tank with the scrub tank and the robot could start working without problems.


Q3: What should a robot vacuum cleaner have?

In order for you to have a practical and functional robot vacuum cleaner at home, it must first have the most appropriate technologies so that it works optimally. It would also have to have different types of brushes to give each space in your home a complete clean.

A robot vacuum cleaner should certainly also provide different types of cleaning modes, to suit each situation. Now, depending on your pocket and the amount of money you are willing to pay for this appliance, it would be ideal if it included a charging base, where it can automatically return when its battery runs out to be recharged.


Q4: Which robot vacuum cleaner is better: Roomba or LG?

Being able to choose between one brand and another is an extremely difficult task, since both have their advantages and disadvantages regarding the functions that they are capable of including in their different models. In this way, according to the opinions of many users, both the Roomba and the LG brands have excellent robot vacuum cleaners to offer, therefore, the choice already depends on each one with respect to the needs they have at home.


Q5: How to program Cecotec’s Conga Excellence robot vacuum cleaner?

Today this task has become very easy with the use of the remote control or the Smartphone App. In this sense, you only have to set the time you want the robot to start cleaning and the days you want it to clean the floor and the vacuum cleaner takes care of the rest. In this way, you could always enjoy clean and fresh spaces while you are at home, coming from work or a long walk during the day.

Q6: What is the best robot vacuum cleaner?

After reading several comparisons about the best robot vacuum cleaners that exist today, we must highlight the iRobot Roomba 980 model, since it tops many lists for its functionality when cleaning your house. Some people comment that the success of this robot is based on the possibility of choosing which areas you want it to clean several times and the way it moves, accompanied by its compact design that could enter and exit the bottom of your bed or sofa with ease. ease. It should also be mentioned that it offers 120 minutes of autonomy and you could schedule several weekly cleanings from the App.


Q7: How to charge a Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner?

This task is very easy to carry out, since you will only have to press the button created for such an action on the remote control and the robot will locate the charging station in a few seconds using the infrared system. Once it has found it on its own it will advance to it and quickly begin the loading process. Of course, you must make sure that said charging base is well connected to the power outlet, so that the robot can receive the necessary energy for the time described by its manufacturers on the purchase pages.


Q8: Which is better, a robot vacuum cleaner or a vacuum broom?

Truly this choice will depend on the taste of each person, however, there are those who believe that robot vacuum cleaners are better in terms of the level of functionality they offer, since they can be configured to start the cleaning routine at a certain time, being able to leave your house very clean, even when you are not in it.

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