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Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Vacuum cleaners are household appliances that make it easier for us to carry out our daily domestic activities; these are responsible for performing cleaning tasks more efficiently and quickly; through its systems, accessories and components. They can suck up dust and other debris from the floor, carpets, furniture, curtains, or anywhere else in your home. If you are looking for a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, the Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua can scrub and vacuum, thanks to the combination of its three brushes. On the other hand, the Rowenta Air Force Extreme Silence vacuum cleaner has advanced silence technology, which allows it to work without generating annoying noises.

The 8 Best Rowenta Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

Vacuum cleaners can be a great ally for anyone who wants to get a deep clean in their homes, without much physical effort. Therefore, when choosing one, it is essential to observe its characteristics and functions; Taking these considerations into account, you can choose the vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs and tastes. 

Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner

1. Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua RR6971WH 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua RR6976WH robot vacuum cleaner stands out for its practical and compact design equipped with a remote control. This model is specially made to vacuum and scrub at the same time, since it has a mop as an accessory, along with a water tank that can be removed or added whenever desired. The great efficiency of this vacuum cleaner is due to the combination of two side brushes and an active motorized brush, which are responsible for removing all types of dust, including those that are very fine in the corners and hard floors of your home.

The Rowenta RR 6971 robot vacuum cleaner has three different cleaning modes; the first mode, Random, is programmed to clean randomly; Likewise, Random Rooms works the same as the previous one, but it is designed for small spaces such as rooms. For its part, Edges mode is responsible for vacuuming all edges. As you can see, for all its functions this model can well be classified among the best Rowenta vacuum cleaners of 2022,

If you are looking for the best Rowenta vacuum cleaner of the moment. We invite you to read more about the characteristics of this model below.


Easy navigation: It has a bumper, infrared and fall sensors, which allows you to avoid accidents and avoid different obstacles.

Battery: This appliance has a lithium battery that offers 150 minutes of autonomous cleaning.

Programming: This vacuum cleaner has a system that allows you to program the cleaning cycle at a fixed time.


Noise: This model can be a bit noisy when in operation.

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2. Rowenta RR6925 WH robotic vacuum cleaner Black

The Rowenta RR6925 robot vacuum cleaner is a practical tool to have in every home, since it makes it easy to clean floors, without having to spend part of your energy or time for it. As for its design, this vacuum cleaner has a round shape, with a diameter of 32.5 cm, a height of 8 cm, and weighs around 5 kg. In addition, it is available in black.

It should be noted that Rowenta through this model offers a vacuum cleaner capable of operating for 150 min, thanks to the fact that it has a lithium-ion battery that must be charged for 6 hours for use. This robot vacuum cleaner has a capacity to store 0.25 L of dust, and can clean hard floors, edges and corners through the combination of a central motorized brush and two side brushes. For these reasons, this product could be considered as the best automatic rowenta vacuum cleaner in our list.

To learn a little more about its characteristics, we present some specifications of this model in the following pros and cons.


Operating system: This device works automatically through weekly programming at a set time, and through an ergonomic remote control with screen.

Spare parts: The accessories and spare parts for this model are available in specialized stores or on the internet, so that you can easily acquire them.

Battery recharge: The robot always returns to its docking station, where it recharges itself, so it will remain functional at all times.


Color: It is available in black, therefore, it does not have many options in this regard to combine with our appliances.

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Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner


3. Rowenta RH8929WO Air Force Extreme Silence

The Air Force Extreme Silence model offers us a new and powerful Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner, which works without any built-in cable. Through its handle and ergonomic design, this vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning any corner of your home, since it is easy to move and comfortable to use. Regarding its operation, this product is of high quality, since it has a system that efficiently separates the air from the dust, thus preventing the suction from being lost over time.

The main feature that makes this product stand out is its advanced Silence technology, which maintains hearing levels at 77 decibels, equivalent to the acoustic sound obtained in a daily conversation. And it is that, in addition to being effective when cleaning, it could also be the best value for money Rowenta vacuum cleaner, since its cost is within your pocket.

Thanks to its qualities, this vacuum cleaner turns out to be very useful, it is also one of the cheapest on our list. Therefore, read the pros and cons that this brand offers you.


Design: It has a triangular-shaped head that has a high-speed brush, which can access narrow spaces.

Storage: Thanks to its broom shape, it can be easily stored in any space.

Speeds: It has three speeds that can be adjusted according to the floor and the cleaning you want.


Battery: Battery charging can last for 55 minutes; less time than other brand vacuum cleaners.

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Rowenta Air Force Vacuum Cleaner


4. Rowenta Air Force 360 ​​RH9086WO Handheld Vacuum

There is no more pleasant feeling than keeping your home clean and impeccable, and even more so if you have animals or children at home. For this reason, it could be essential to have the Rowenta Air Force RH9086WO vacuum cleaner on hand so that you can clean the lint or hair that your pets may leave on the floor or on your furniture, and eliminate any dirt that your children generate when eating or playing inside. of your home.

The Rowenta Air Force 360 ​​vacuum cleaner is characterized by its versatile use, since it can be transformed into a handheld vacuum to clean areas with difficult access, to an elongated tool that allows you to access ceilings and high places. On the other hand, the motorized head of this product vacuums all kinds of surfaces, leaving efficient results. It also has LED lights, special to find dust in dark areas of the home. In addition, it brings an anti-mite brush, special for cleaning beds, furniture, pillows, etc.

If this vacuum cleaner captures your attention due to its innovative features, and you want to know more elements that make it stand out, you can read its advantages and disadvantages below.


Functional: Cyclonic air force technology separates air from dust, providing effective cleaning anywhere.

Light: This vacuum cleaner can weigh from 1.6 kg to 2.8 kg depending on how you want to use it, which makes it an ultra-light model that is comfortable to use.

Accessories: It includes different accessories with which you can easily clean any area and surface of your home.


Charge: The battery charge has a range of 30 minutes. However, its motorized suction head provides good performance.

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Rowenta cordless vacuum cleaner


5. Rowenta Air Force Extreme RH8828WO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you are still undecided about which is the best Rowenta vacuum cleaner on the market, in this model you can find features that may make your choice easier. This vacuum cleaner has a power of 2200 watts, which guarantees a great suction force when cleaning your home, achieving optimal results. It also has three power levels that are adjusted from the handle of the product, it should be noted that these speeds vary according to the type of surface you want to vacuum.

On the other hand, the Rowenta RH8828WO cordless vacuum cleaner has a lithium battery, which allows a range of 45 minutes, enough time to vacuum your entire house. Its modern and ergonomic design offers an ultra-thin triangle-shaped head, wheels made of rubber and a resistant, manageable and aerodynamic flexible tube. This provides easy access to hard-to-clean places such as under tables, beds, and furniture.

If you still don’t know which Rowenta vacuum cleaner to buy, we invite you to analyze more of the features that distinguish this product in its pros and cons.



Capacity: It has a tank capable of absorbing 0.5 liters of dirt, so you don’t have to worry about emptying it frequently.

LED indicator: This model has an LED indicator, which notifies when the battery charge is complete.

Maintenance: It is easy and simple to clean, you just have to wet the tank and the filter to remove any dust that remains stuck and use it again normally.


Noise : The hearing levels of this product are 82 decibels, so it can be a bit noisy when operating.

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Rowenta bagless vacuum cleaner


6. Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic RO3753EA

This model stands out for many reasons in the market; First of all, it is a Rowenta bagless vacuum cleaner, whose tank has a capacity to store 1.5 liters of dirt; Compared to other models, this feature can be of great help for those homes that are very spacious. Second, it is a model that offers many advantages at a low cost, since it is positioned in our list among cheap products.

This sled vacuum cleaner has 750 watts of power and several levels with different intensities to vacuum any surface. On the other hand, the Compact Power Cyclonic model incorporates a specialized system with four HEPA filters, capable of eliminating even the smallest dust that is present in the environment in four cleaning stages. Similarly, these filters are practical to remove and clean, which helps prevent the product from deteriorating.

If this summary does not convince you, you may find relevant features in the following advantages and disadvantages of the product.


Extra Long Cord: This vacuum cleaner comes with a 6.2 meter long cord, making it easy to plug and play from a long distance.

Accessories: This model comes with a special brush for carpets, a narrower one and a small one for small spaces.

Hearing Levels: Operates at a noise level of 79 decibels, 2 levels below common vacuum cleaners.


Weight: It weighs 7 kg, although this is not a problem due to its rotating wheel, which is easy to move in any direction.

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Rowenta upright vacuum cleaner


7. Rowenta RH8920 Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 0.5 Liter

This eye-catching Rowenta RH8920 cordless, bagless upright vacuum cleaner has an ultra-slim, functional and ergonomic design, as in addition to a triangular-shaped head, it has a suction system based on delta slim technology, which allows you to effectively clean all home corners. In turn, the combination of the central brush of this vacuum cleaner, plus the cyclonic suction system, and its advanced silence technology, make this model a product with high performance and impeccable results.

On the other hand, the 25.5-volt battery incorporated in this vacuum cleaner offers 55 minutes of operation, when charged for a maximum time of 6 hours, which is considered an acceptable period. At the same time, this product weighs 3.5 kg and has a capacity to store 0.5 liters of dust and dirt, keeping the device light so you don’t get tired when cleaning; while its dimensions are 28.4 x 25 x 120cm. In the market you can get it available in two colors such as gray and purple.

This vacuum cleaner can be considered synonymous with quality and efficiency, which is why many users could consider Rowenta the best brand of vacuum cleaners, as it always offers more advantages than disadvantages in its products.


Design: It has a flexible, ultra-thin and ergonomic design that allows you to comfortably move the vacuum cleaner around every space in the home. 

Silence: It is developed to generate only 77 decibels of noise during its operation, equivalent to the sound caused by a conversation.

Durability: It has a long useful life, thanks to the fact that the suction is not lost due to its cyclonic technology.


Capacity: Its 0.5-liter storage can be small for large spaces or with a lot of dirt.

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Rowenta 24v vacuum cleaner


8. Rowenta Air Force Extreme Vision Pro RH8872WO

Responding to the needs of those users who are looking for a high-quality and durable vacuum cleaner, with a compact design to store it in any space in the home, the Rowenta 24v RH8872WO vacuum cleaner offers a cordless model that is easy to use and lightweight. This product stands out among the others for having a power of 2200 watts, therefore, it has a great suction force, which can be adapted according to its 3 different levels of intensity when vacuuming.  

On the other hand, this vacuum cleaner has LED light indicators, which allow you to observe the battery level it has. In addition, it provides 65 minutes of operation, needing to recharge 4 hours for use. This vacuum cleaner has a built-in tank to store dust and dirt, with a capacity of 0.5 liters, allowing you to vacuum your entire home without having to empty it so often.

Now, if you still feel that you lack information regarding this model, in the pros and cons we offer you more details about it.


Support: This model comes with a support that allows it to be attached to the wall, for greater convenience in its storage.

LED lights: In the head area it has LED lights that allow you to locate dust in dark areas, such as under sofas or beds.

Brush: It has an integrated high-speed motorized brush for optimal cleaning of corners and surfaces.


Sound: Regarding the acoustic level, this vacuum cleaner generates 80 decibels, similar to that caused by vehicular traffic.

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Accessories for Rowenta vacuum cleaner


Filter for Rowenta vacuum cleaner


Green Label Foam Filter and Hepa Filter Kit

Filters can be essential for the optimal functioning of any vacuum cleaner. These are responsible for trapping all dust particles, whether fine or coarse, preventing them from escaping from the tank and returning to the environment of your home. For this reason, it is necessary that they be replaced every certain time, so that it works correctly and efficiently.

This filter kit for Rowenta GL-F-ROW005901-1 vacuum cleaner, is manufactured by the Green Label brand and contains 1 foam filter and 1 HEPA filter, the latter allows the air to be purified while cleaning, reducing the amount of allergens that are in the house.

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Rowenta vacuum cleaner bags


Rowenta ZR200520 Vacuum Bag

The Rowenta ZR200520 vacuum cleaner bags are designed to preserve the suction and suction power of each of the brand’s compatible models (Silence Force, 4A and X-Tream Power); These, in turn, efficiently retain all the microparticles and impurities that are vacuumed up when cleaning, ensuring effective hygiene in each home.

This product offers us a package of 4 high quality bags with a filtration of 99.99%. Regarding their design, these bags have dimensions of 24 x 17 x 6 cm, are available in white and have an automatic closing system that connects directly to the opening of the vacuum cleaner.

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Shopping guide

When you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is of high quality, durability and efficient when cleaning, the Rowenta brand stands out among the others, presenting a wide versatility of vacuum cleaners, with different functions, sizes and styles. For this reason, thinking of you, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best Rowenta vacuum cleaner.


When making a comparison of Rowenta vacuum cleaners on the market, we can find that there is an extensive range of different models, each of them designed to please different tastes and needs. A classic model of the brand is the sled vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is characterized by having a compact body, where the motor, filter and tank are located; at the bottom it has rubber wheels, which can be moved in any direction; in turn, it has a flexible ergonomic tube with a brush that can be exchanged for others.

Now, if you want an innovative design, the broom vacuum cleaner has a unique and comfortable style. By not having a cable, you can vacuum your entire home freely without tripping over it. In general, the motor and the container, intended for dust, are usually found in the center of the vacuum cleaner, while the filters and brushes are in the lower area of ​​the head.

Finally, let’s talk about robot vacuum cleaners, which are not very cheap, but they are efficient. This type of vacuum cleaner is mostly in the shape of a circle, and it walks automatically over the entire surface of your house, sweeping and vacuuming the dust and dirt that is there. These robots are charged through a connected base, and can be scheduled to clean at a specific time of day, or you can set them to work via remote control.

power and noise

Regardless of how much it costs, the power of a vacuum cleaner is a main issue, to realize what capacity it has to suck dust from surfaces; the more watts a model has, the more efficient it will be during cleaning. For this reason, it is important when choosing a vacuum cleaner to check if the manufacturer specifies the number of watts and the suction capacity that said tool has.

On the other hand, you must take into account the sound that a vacuum cleaner can generate while it is in operation, since if you live in a small apartment, or are sensitive to loud noises, the essential thing is that you opt for vacuum cleaners that have silence systems, it is that is, that the acoustic levels they emit are below 77 decibels, which is a tolerable measure, equivalent to the noise that manifests itself during a daily conversation.

size and battery

The space that you have destined to store your vacuum cleaner is also part of the considerations that you must keep in mind when buying one. If you have little space inside your house, a broom or robot vacuum cleaner are convenient for you. However, if your house is large and gets very dirty, a sled vacuum cleaner could be a reliable option.

On the other hand, if you want to choose a vacuum cleaner that works without a cable, that is, that has a rechargeable battery, we recommend you review the manufacturer’s review. There you can read the estimated time that the vacuum cleaner can last on working, and how long it takes to charge again. If, on the other hand, you want a model with a cable, make sure that it is long enough so that you can vacuum without it disconnecting from the plug at all times.

Filters and bags

So that the result after vacuuming is excellent and neat, we must pay attention to the filter that the vacuum cleaner has. This piece is a fundamental part of any device of this type, since it is responsible for trapping all the dust particles that are in the environment. Some of these products have Hepa filters, which offer greater efficiency when vacuuming, as they absorb even allergens, purifying the air.

Most of the vacuum cleaners today come with deposits that can be easily removed, where the dust that is vacuumed remains accumulated; however, it is also common to find one or another vacuum cleaner that uses bags to store these particles. Today, most users, for reasons of comfort, ecology and economy, look for those devices that have a cyclonic system, that is, that separates the pure air from the microparticles of dirt and deposits them in a small container that is can wash quickly.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a Rowenta vacuum cleaner?

If you want your home to be kept clean of any dirt or dust, a vacuum cleaner can be a great ally for you. The use you will give your vacuum cleaner depends on the model you choose and the needs you have. First, it is important to observe the instruction manual that it comes with, so you will become familiar with the different functions and buttons that it has.

After turning it on, regulate the type of suction you want, since most have 3 powers to regulate (low, medium, high). Finally, use it in the areas of your house that are dusty and you intend to clean.

Q2: How to change the brush hose of a Rowenta air force vacuum cleaner?

First, the triangular head protector must be removed, making a little pressure with a spatula, or something flat and thin. Then, with a star screwdriver, loosen the screws that hold the lower casing, in order to remove the upper cover.

Next, the screws located at the base of the flexible tube of the brush are loosened from the front and from the rear. With this you can remove this part of the vacuum cleaner, to change it for another or clean it. Similarly, on the Internet you can find more explanatory videos on how to do it.

Q3: How to disassemble a Rowenta vacuum cleaner?

To disassemble a Rowenta vacuum cleaner it is important that you have basic knowledge on how to do it, because if you confuse the location of a part, or you forget how to assemble it again, it may not work. On the Internet there are different online platforms that explain the step by step that you must follow to do it, however, we recommend that you go to a specialist in these vacuum cleaners for any kind of repair.

If you want to disassemble it in the comfort of your home, you must have a star and a slotted screwdriver, with them you can loosen each screw, to gradually remove the different pieces.

Q4: How to clean a Rowenta Air Force vacuum cleaner?

If you want to clean the outside of a vacuum cleaner, you can easily do so by wiping a damp cloth and then a dry cloth over the entire body of the vacuum cleaner. If, on the other hand, you want to clean the filters or tanks of the vacuum cleaner, we suggest you read the instruction manual, there they will give you the appropriate instructions to remove each of these parts, and how they should be washed correctly.

The reservoir and filter usually have a tab that can be easily grabbed; with a little twist and pull, each of these pieces are easily removed. 

Q5: How to open a Rowenta vacuum cleaner?

To open a Rowenta vacuum cleaner in order to empty the dust and dirt, which are contained in its container, is very easy. First observe where this piece is located, then check if it has a slot, a handle, a tab or a button that allows the tank to detach. Finally, remove it and you’re done.

Q6: How to charge a Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner?

The Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner is charged through a base that it brings. This base is placed in an open area, and then connected to a live socket. When the robot finishes its tasks and detects that its battery is running out, or when the charging button is pressed, it returns on its own independently of the battery.

Q7: How to change the bag of a Rowenta vacuum cleaner?

To change the bag of a Rowenta sled-shaped vacuum cleaner is very simple. First of all, you must remove the flexible tube from the base, which in turn unscrews easily with care. Proceed to open the vacuum cleaner and remove the bag without throwing out its contents. The bag is removed from the piece that supports it, to then fit the new bag on the device. It is important to verify that it is not loose or loose. To finish, enter the part that contains the pressed bag inside the vacuum cleaner again, making sure that it is well placed.

Q8: How to change the filter of a Rowenta vacuum cleaner?

To change the filter of a Rowenta vacuum cleaner, you must first press the Push button where said element is located, when opening, we lift the lid and both the tank and the filter will be exposed. Then, we proceed to remove said deposit in order to remove the filter that is below it. By removing the old filter, we start the installation of the new one. To finish, we close the tank and place it back in the vacuum cleaner, making sure that it is placed correctly.

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