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Safe – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The safe is still a key piece in many offices today. All this despite the fact that the amount of cash that moves in coins and bills is smaller, although not enough to keep it in a piggy bank or a simple closed metal box. Above all, because these boxes are also used to store important objects for your company such as documents, storage devices or anything else that must be protected against theft. A job you can trust in models like the AmazonBasics 27EI-43 safe. This box has a capacity of 34 liters and combines a steel structure with a carpeted bottom with a digital lock where you can store everything you need. Another interesting model is the Relaxdays box 10010086, which uses a simple mechanical lock inserted in a high-quality steel box and that you can embed directly in the wall without the need for major works.

The best safes on the market

When buying a safe there are many options to choose from… from the fireproof safe and with which to fight against fire and thieves to the camouflaged safes that are not visible and that make everything more complicated for the friends of other people’s property. So, so that you do not have problems knowing what is moving in the market, we leave you our selection of the best safes of 2022, with models designed for all tastes and needs, so that it is easy for you to know which safe to buy.

Amazon Basics 27EI-43

Despite what it may seem from its origin, which is not exactly a firm specialized in safes, the truth is that the AmazonBasics 27EI-43 model is one of the most outstanding of the moment in that search for the best safe on the market. This safe has a steel exterior design with adequate resistance that prevents intrusions, which is also helped by its access by means of a password and the electronic closing of the product.

A closure that is completed with a conventional lock and two keys, for when the batteries run out or in case you forget the access code. Regarding its assembly, the box has holes that help to mount it flush or fixed, both to the floor and to the wall, thus making it more difficult for a thief to take the entire box.

If you are looking for the best safe of the moment, this model has features and good opinions to fight for that position.


Capacity : The box has a capacity of 34 liters, so you can store everything you need without space problems.

Exterior : The steel exterior offers high resistance when it comes to preventing intrusions.

Electronic closing: The electronic system of the box allows easy access without the need for keys.

Emergency opening: In case the batteries run out or you forget the key, two emergency keys are included for manual opening.

Anchoring: If you wish, you can embed or fix the box both to the floor and to the wall through the existing spaces in its structure.


Keyboard finish: The electronic keyboard has a certain fragility in its finish, at least visually. That is why it is recommended to treat it gently.

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Relaxdays 10010086

If you don’t need the best protection on the market and you don’t want to pay for it either, the Relaxdays 10010086 box is an interesting alternative. This safe, located among our cheap proposals, is very suitable for those looking for a small and simple safe, with a traditional lock system that simplifies opening. This model also offers various mounting options, which can be done by placing the box on the wall or directly embedded, depending on what you prefer.

A model that is finished off with some quality details, such as its exterior epoxy paint, which has a pleasant white colour, or the interior upholstery, which prevents damage to what you store. Details of higher-class models, which bring this product closer to being the best value for money safe that we have analyzed.

Located among the cheapest options we have evaluated, let’s find out what this model can do for our safety.


Installation : The box can be mounted hanging on the wall or directly embedded, depending on what you need.

Resistance : Thanks to its exterior steel construction, this model is responsible for keeping your possessions safe without risks.

Carpeting : The interior has a felt carpeting that prevents the box from scratching and takes care of delicate items such as jewelry or the like.

Finish: Thanks to the epoxy finish of the box, it offers a look that fits perfectly in any environment.


Lock : The lock is mechanical and does not include an electronic lock or the like, although it adequately maintains interior security.

Screws : The screws included may not suit your needs, so it is convenient to opt for quality plugs and screws that meet your mounting needs.

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Schramm Onlinehandel Integrable

The Schramm Onlinehandel Integrable box is another interesting model, which brings some novelties compared to conventional electronic lock models. Among them we have an improved lock that can use a key from 3 to 8 elements, and can include both numbers and letters. Something that increases the combinations for greater security.

In any case, if you forget the password, there is no problem either, since the box has a conventional emergency lock with two keys to open it. A complete product with a compact size, 23 centimeters wide by 17 high and another 17 deep, so you don’t have too many problems when fitting it into the wall. In any case, its iron structure has a good resistance both to this assembly and to preventing intrusions if you finally don’t want to embed it.

If you are still not sure which is the best safe for your business or your home, we leave you some more details about this model with digital lock.


Improved password : This box can be used with access codes from 3 to 8 digits, and can also include letters in it.

Emergency key: The box is accompanied by two emergency keys, suitable in case the batteries run out or if you forget the key.

Finish : The powder paint finish on the walls gives the product the resistance and image you need so that it does not clash where you place it.


Instructions: The product instructions are only available in German, which makes it somewhat more difficult to understand the product.

Interior: The interior is in one piece, without a separating shelf, so it is not particularly practical when it comes to storing small objects.

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FAC 102-ES

The FAC 102-ES box is a well-known model in the market from a national manufacturer with extensive experience. Something that shows in its design, elegant and with a membrane keyboard that gives an extra quality compared to other buttons with a rougher design. An efficient product with electronic opening, which you can configure as it is easier for you in terms of codes.

It also includes two emergency keys with the novelty that both are necessary to open it, which is another additional security extra for what you keep inside. All of this in a product made of 2-millimeter sheet steel on the sides, 6 millimeters inside and that has interior measurements of 36.5 centimeters wide by 28 tall and 28.5 wide, offering space to store even large objects.

We analyze below some details of this product, belonging to what many users consider to be the best brand of safes today.


Keyboard: Compared to the low-quality finishes of other models, the keyboard of this box has a high-quality and resistant membrane design.

Emergency opening: For extra security, the emergency opening must be done with two keys and in sequence.

Size: It is one of the largest models that we have analyzed, so that you have more space inside the box.


Conventional opening: Conventional opening requires both the access code and the key, which makes the process of opening the box difficult, in part.

Assembly: Due to its dimensions, this box must be installed on the wall, and cannot be embedded like other smaller models.

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Arregui 23000W-S1

Designed to keep your belongings out of sight of friends of the alien, the Arregui 23000W-S1 camouflaged safe is a built-in model that is hidden under the appearance of a socket box. These plugs are fixed by magnets to the outside, thus disguising their presence. Therefore, the concealment of the box is practically complete, as long as the leveling is done correctly.

As for its opening, it is done using a conventional point key, so you will not have too many complications when it comes to accessing the interior. Once assembled, this box offers a good interior space that is accessed through the door that covers the plugs, not being too difficult to store your things comfortably. And when you’re done, you just have to close the box and put the plugs in their place so that it is properly hidden.

If you need a camouflaged box with a good capacity, keep reading our analysis on the functions of this model.


Interior space: Despite its design, its interior space measures 40 centimeters wide by 20 high and 13 deep.

Maximum discretion: Thanks to its exterior design, the box is discreetly hidden behind the plugs that serve to access the interior.

Manufacturing: The box has been made of steel, which gives it the necessary resistance both against intrusion and over time.


Installation: It is essential that the installation of this built-in safe is carried out correctly, finishing off this assembly with concrete and plastering the wall to hide its presence.

Magnets : According to some users, the magnets are quite strong, which can make the process of removing the plugs to open the box somewhat difficult.

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