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Safes – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Without realizing it, we have valuable possessions that we must protect in case of theft. For this reason, it is convenient to have a safe that keeps safe from money to legal documents, such as family passports, property titles, among others. In this sense, we find outstanding products such as the AmazonBasics 14L box, made of steel and that has an electronic lock, as well as two emergency keys. But, if you are looking for a more discreet and easy to hide model, the Silverline 534361 book design could be a success, because due to its dimensions you can place it in the library and nobody will realize that it is a safe. 

Opinions on the best safes

Safeguarding at home or in your office those valuable things that you cannot leave in full view of everyone will be very simple if you choose one of the best safes of 2022 that we suggest below, with a precise description of its main characteristics to help you make a correct choice. 

small safe

Amazon Basics 14L

With a cube format and a traditional design, this small safe has a 14L capacity, enough space to store your main high-value belongings such as money, documents, jewelry, family heirlooms and much more. Due to these characteristics, many users consider it to be the best safe in our comparison. 

Inside it has a division so that you can better distribute the things stored, but it also has a carpet lining to protect delicate material goods that should be on a soft surface from scratches. 

Regarding the security offered by this small safe, we can mention that it is made of steel and incorporates an electronic lock with bolts and anti-theft hinges. To open, you must set the access code and turn the knob clockwise, so the operation of this system will depend on four AA batteries. 

This model has numerous features, which is why some users consider it to be the best safe of the moment. Here we summarize its qualities in a list of pros and cons.


Construction: The box is made of high quality steel and with anti-theft hinges that reinforce its resistance.

Capacity: This model has a capacity of 14 liters, and inside it measures 34.5 x 22 x 24 cm.

Lining: It has an internal carpet lining to protect jewelry and other delicate belongings.

Opening: A pair of override keys are included to use in case the batteries die.


Batteries: The box needs 4 AA batteries that are not included in the purchase of the product.

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camouflaged safe

Silverline 534361 

Having a camouflaged safe is an alternative if you want to store your belongings and you don’t have enough space, for this reason we recommend the Silverline 534361, a product with the format of a book that has a safe made of carbon steel inside.

Its size of 12 x 18 x 6 cm and its exterior appearance of a dictionary make this box the appropriate one to store your belongings in full view of everyone in a library, so it will go unnoticed in case thieves enter your home or office.

The lock of this product has a three-digit combination, which makes it difficult to be vulnerable, and its handling is intuitive, since it comes with a default key that you can easily change. For all its features, this cheap safe represents an investment recommended by many users for those who need a safe place for valuables.

Although it seems easy to decide which safe to buy, we recommend you review the positive and negative aspects of this compact and camouflaged model to have more information before deciding. 


Design: Although it is classic, the book design currently goes unnoticed in the eyes of curious people and thieves.

Password: The lock on this box is a three-digit combination that you can quickly customize. 

Size: The book-box measures 12 x 18 x 6 cm, so it has space to store money, small documents and valuable jewelry.

Price: It is one of the cheapest options in our selection, costing just over 10 euros.


Distribution: A user comments that an internal division of the space is missing to distribute the stored things.

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FAC safe


Having a FAC safe is synonymous with security and support due to the history of this manufacturer, specialized since 1931 in locksmithing with a range of padlocks, multi-bar and knob locks, safety belts, among other high-quality products.

The 101 M model belongs to the category of domestic safes, whose opening is done through a 4-digit mechanical combination, and for emergencies two keys are included. 

The internal measurements of this box are 16 x 31 x 16.5 cm, and in volume its capacity is 8 liters, that is, it has enough space to store money, documents and jewelery with great security.

As for mounting, this model has the characteristic of being recessed and its larger design at the back allows it to be well fixed with the concrete so that it is much more difficult to extract from the wall. 

Many users consider FAC the best brand of safes, which is why we chose this model from its line of domestic safes to summarize its main features below. 


Construction: The door is made of 6 mm sheet steel and two bolts on the door. 

Capacity: The box has an 8-liter capacity and its internal measurements make it suitable for protecting the values ​​of small families. 

Opening: The mechanical system avoids the use of batteries and allows the use of a 4-digit password.

Installation: This box can be embedded in the wall and camouflage it inside a closet or with a painting.


Relief: A user comments that the numbers on the knob should be painted in a color that stands out, to make it easier to see them.

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btv safe


Not everyone has experience in storing valuables, so it can be difficult to know which is the best safe. However, there are some outstanding products on the market that make the choice easier, such as this Btv safe model. 

It is an electronic design that allows you to set a 4 to 6 digit password, combined with an opening knob, easy to use and configure. In addition, it includes an emergency key in case the batteries run out and you have to replace them.

As a security backup, this box can be fixed to the floor to prevent it from being stolen. In addition, its 4 mm thick steel construction on the door and 2 mm thick on the body provides more strength and solidity. 

To buy a safe, you do not need to invest too much money, as there are models like this one that are among the cheapest safes and work efficiently. So if you want to know more read the list of pros and cons that we summarize here.


Security: It is a standard security model with a digital keyboard and knob closing system.

Configuration: The use is very simple and you can configure a password of 4 or 6 digits.

Space: Its interior has a division to better organize the belongings you want to protect.

Protection: The bottom of the box has a soft lining to protect delicate belongings. 


Information: Although the product description says that it does not use batteries, it is necessary to clarify that the electronic system works with 4 1.5 V batteries.

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piggy bank safe

Metal Savings Bank 107067

If you want to encourage a child to practice saving, giving him a safe piggy bank can be a very effective option, as he will feel very safe having his money protected in this small box. 

This device is made of metal and in very nice colors. Its opening system works with a combination of digits and a key, which makes it very safe if you want to use it as a personal safe. 

Regarding the interior space, it has a removable upper deposit in which the coins and bills that are inserted through the upper slot remain, while in the remaining compartment you can store other valuables. In addition to these qualities, this box stands out as one of the cheapest in our selection, being a functional and affordable product for different budgets.

This model is very practical as a gift or to keep your money in a safe place, as well as being one of the cheapest boxes for home use. Therefore, we summarize its positive and negative characteristics below.


Opening: This box works with a predetermined combination of digits and with the simultaneous use of the key to be able to review its content.

Size: It is a compact box, easy to hide in different places and go unnoticed, since it measures 16 x 11 x 11 cm. 

Compartment: Due to its piggy bank design, it has an upper compartment in which the coins and bills that are saved through the slot are deposited.

Price: It is an affordable product with a functional design, so its quality corresponds to the price paid.


Color: The manufacturer offers this product in random colors, based on stock availability.

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fireproof safe

AmazonBasics YB-40YLA-F 24L

Fires are more common than we think and having insurance for our home or company is not enough, especially if your documents, jewelry and most important belongings are exposed to fire. 

In this sense, a fireproof safe is the safest place in which you can protect those objects of great value for you and your family. For this reason, we recommend this AmazonBasics 24L model, which meets fire safety standards thus demonstrating its resistance to fire, even if exposed for 20 minutes, according to Intertek tests.

Other notable features of this box is that it has been built with 14-gauge steel to avoid being easily violated, and its opening system works with a keyboard that allows quick access to your belongings. 

Protecting your valuables from thieves and fires is possible if you invest in a model like the one that AmazonBasics offers. So we summarize the most relevant data of this safe. 


Size: It is a box with a 24-liter capacity, whose measurements are 31.7 x 20.5 x 36 cm, which allow documents and various valuables to be stored safely.

Resistance: This product has passed fire exposure tests at a temperature of 650° Celsius.

Materials: The box is made of heavy-gauge steel, with large screws and anti-theft hinges.

Adjustments: The inner shelf is adjustable to adapt the space to your storage needs.


Battery: The electronic opening requires a 9V battery that you must purchase separately.

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Arregui safe

Arregui T25EB

This Arregui safe model stands out in the market for having a basic design, with an affordable cost and 17 liters of capacity to store your most important belongings. 

This box is made of steel and designed to be anchored to different surfaces, securing it with screws at the back and bottom to prevent it from being stolen. Additionally, it has an easy-to-configure electronic opening, to choose a password from 4 to 8 digits, as well as emergency keys to use in case the batteries run out or the password is forgotten.

This product has been mentioned by some users as the best value for money safe, as it has an affordable cost and the necessary quality to be a domestic safe, without major features. 

There is no doubt that there are many options on the market when buying a safe, and all the useful information is necessary to make a good choice. Consequently, we summarize the pros and cons of this Arregui box.


Code: You can set a password from 4 to 8 digits and reprogram as many times as you want. 

Space:  It is a 17L capacity box in which you can store different valuables.

Opening: A set of keys is included as an emergency opening.

Fixation: The box can be fixed to a surface from the back and bottom and for this it includes the necessary screws.


Construction: Several users comment that the steel plate is very thin. But, the manufacturer emphasizes that it is a basic domestic box.

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ARFE safe

Arfe Coinfer 15306/2

In the safe market there are numerous manufacturers that have been recognized over the years for the quality of their resistant products. An example of them has been Arfe which, together with other companies, has designed different types of safes to adapt to the needs of users.

In this sense, the 15306/2 model is presented as a built-in box with a functional and very safe mechanical opening system. For its part, the external measurements of 35 x 35 x 30 cm show that it is a compact box, with enough space to store money, passports, some jewelry and other valuable belongings.

In addition, this Arfe safe has a built-in design that allows it to be fixed to the wall or a piece of furniture to secure it and hide its appearance with a picture or painting that, despite being a classic, still works well for this purpose. 

If you are looking for a basic safe, with a combination opening, we offer you a summary of the characteristics of this ARFE brand model.


Brand: In this box you have the support of the Arfe brand and the Coinfer group that certify the quality of the product in terms of materials and safety.

Measurements: The box has an external size of 35 x 35 x 30 cm, offering enough space to store A4 documents and other valuables.

Design: This box is designed to be recessed, which allows it to be fixed inside a wall or piece of furniture for greater security.

Closing: This is a traditional and very efficient mechanical system, in which you must give the correct combination to be able to open the box.


Value: It is a box that is out of reach for some budgets, but whose quality compensates for the price. 

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hidden safe

Arregui 23000W-S2

The concept of a hidden safe has been fully understood by Arregui, as this company has designed a built-in safe whose access door is concealed by a plug grid.

In this way, you can mount the box in plain view anywhere in your home or office and it will only look like an electrical connection. The best thing to do in this case is to place the box in a seldom-frequented place so that no one tries to connect a device to the plugs, since they do not have electricity. 

In terms of space, this box measures 37 x 34.8 x 12.7 cm inside, but the door is reduced to the size of the plug grid, a quality that could limit the size of the things to be stored, although it also the possibility of discovering what is inside. 

For its part, the opening is done with a point key included in the box and that is unique for each product, so if you lose them you must notify the manufacturer together with the details of your purchase to obtain an extra set of keys. 

Other important information about this box is summarized in the following list of pros and cons.


Construction: The body of the box is made of high quality steel, strong and durable. 

Size: This box measures on the outside 40 x 35 x 13 cm; but it is also available in a smaller version. 

Discretion: By installing it well, the box is well hidden and outsiders will not know that you keep your valuables there.

Brand: The Arregui brand is synonymous with quality and safety in all its products, and this is no exception, so many users recommend this box. 


Opening: Some users say that it is a bit difficult to put your hand to put things in and take them out of the box.

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Guide to buying a safe

There are so many options available in the safe deposit box market, that you can end up choosing any model looking only at how much it costs and without evaluating other relevant aspects to take advantage of its usefulness. For this reason, we briefly explain what you should look for in a safe so that your purchase is as successful as possible. 

Shopping guide 

Materials and construction

To be safe from attacks, safes are generally made of steel of different thicknesses in their body, thus preventing them from being easily drilled if a thief wants to violate them. 

Nowadays, the alloy of several metals that offers greater durability is also used to make stronger and higher security boxes. However, in basic and domestic designs, steel is still the main material.

On the other hand, the use of anti-theft hinges as well as thick bolts serve to hinder unauthorized access to the interior of the box.

Another feature that many users seek is fire resistance, to protect their belongings in case of fire, which is why some boxes have been built with fireproof materials to be able to resist direct exposure to high temperatures. This aspect undoubtedly influences the final cost of the product, but it is a highly appreciated feature in the market. 


We are used to seeing safes hidden behind a painting in movies, for example, and this type of model has been very common for decades. However, when making a comparison of safes we can see that there are different designs available today, in addition to the built-in ones.

There are safes to put on any surface and that you can place inside a closet or another discreet place, but that is fixed to the wall or the floor through screws.

There are also small safes, whose security lies in the lock and not so much in the discreet design. Even so, if you prefer a built-in model, you must take into account that you will need help for its assembly in case you do not have skills in this regard.


Now, in this guide to buying the best safe, we must analyze the different types of locks that are currently used in these devices.

First of all, there are many models that maintain the use of mechanical combinations as the opening system, which is characterized by not using batteries and presenting less risk of breakdowns, but a limited number of combinations. 

There are also boxes with a keyboard for an electronic combination, as well as models that combine various types of locks such as the use of keys with digital keys, a key with a security knob, among others. 

The most important thing when choosing is that the configuration of the key is quick and easy, as well as the opening of the box must be comfortable to store different belongings. 

space and capacity

Inside the safe you must have enough space to store those objects that we consider of great value. But, this space will depend, basically, on the size of the box you want and therefore on the things you want to store.

The size of the boxes is measured according to their volumetric capacity, so it is common to see models ranging from 8 liters to 40 liters, while their size in centimeters varies depending on this aspect and the design of the box itself: yes is more square or rectangular.

In general, in safes you can store money, jewelry, documents and property titles, passports, wills, among others. So the most recommended thing is that you can save A4 size documents comfortably, without compromising its integrity.

Other benefits

Although a safe is to protect your most valuable objects, it can also serve as a decorative object and for this reason, piggy banks have been designed in the shape of a colorful and compact safe, which can work very well as a gift.

This type of box is also used to store your documents, watches or jewelry as long as you hide it in a discreet place, to which other people do not have access. 

In the same way, if you are going to store pieces of jewelry, it is important that the interior of the box has a smooth coating, to avoid scratches on the jewelry, although for this there are also the cases of each piece of value, whether they are rings, necklaces, bracelets, among others.

On the other hand, a good and cheap safe must have a division inside, so that it is easier for you to arrange and organize the things stored, so you will not have everything lying around and it will be easier to store and remove objects, money or documents. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to open a key and combination safe?

The dual system safes offer greater security because it is not enough to just have the key to open them, because the combination is needed and vice versa. In this sense, the main recommendation is to consult the manufacturer directly if you have lost the keys or forgotten the combination.

Another solution may be to request the services of a professional locksmith, so that you can access the safe, because if you try to do it on your own it is possible to worsen the situation, damage the structure of the box or simply waste time.

Q2: How to unlock a safe?

If the safe is electronic and you enter the wrong key one or more times, it is possible that it ends up being blocked. Depending on the model purchased, you may have the option of restarting the opening of the box for these cases, or that, according to the manufacturer, an emergency key suitable for this situation has been included.

But, if you don’t have the key either and you don’t know how to reset the box, our recommendation remains the same: contact the box manufacturer directly or a professional locksmith to get the necessary advice and a quick solution to your problem. 

Q3: How to use a safe?

The safe can be oriented for personal or work use. It is not necessary to be a millionaire to have a safe at home or in the office, since no person is exempt from being robbed.

For this reason, the best way to use the safe is to protect very important documents that you cannot leave lying around in any drawer of your desk, as well as family jewelry, cash, among others. 

To use the box it is preferable to do it when you are alone in the room, avoid the company of people outside of you and always keep discretion when talking about your belongings. You never know who might be listening and planning a robbery against the things you keep in a safe. 

Q4: How to camouflage a safe at home?

The built-in models are the easiest to camouflage, because they can be hidden in the wall or on the floor, leaving the opening flush and then covering it with a painting or a rug, respectively. There are also the models with the appearance of plugs that go unnoticed, and not to mention the boxes that look like candy cans or a book, these can also be left in plain sight.

In the case of stacking boxes, they can always be stored in large closets and concealed with clothes, sheets or duvets, as well as stored in the garage with tool boxes or paint cans. A recommendation for these boxes is to keep them in the children’s room or in the kitchen, since statistically these places are the least frequented by thieves. 

Q5: How to embed a safe?

If you don’t have construction skills and you don’t think you are capable of drilling the wall or the floor, it is better that you hire a professional you trust to do this job. But, if you are going to do it, we suggest you find the right place and first try with a drill and a drill if the wall, for example, has the necessary depth for the size of the box. 

Once you have prepared the surface for embedding, you must insert the box well, leaving it flush with the wall and fill the sides with concrete, taking care to leave the door open while it is drying.

After it is well fixed inside the wall, you should use a mixture of plaster or other material to smooth the wall and match the finish, painting the same color perhaps, so that the work done is not noticeable.

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