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Table Mat – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Trivets are pieces specially designed to be placed on the table, whose purpose is to protect said surface from the deterioration that hot pots or plates may cause. Also, depending on their design, they could become a decorative element that will add attractiveness to your dining set. A good option is Ikea 001.860.41, which has a modern and resistant stainless steel structure with rubber bases to prevent slipping, friction between both surfaces and heat conductivity. For its part, ReiTrade 0164512 offers you a rustic and textured design with great heat insulation properties.

The 9 Best Trivets – Opinions 2022

Trivet designs are usually varied, so you will not have limitations when selecting the model that best suits your needs. For this reason, we present a brief description, pros and cons of nine trivets recommended by users as the best in 2022.

Ikea trivet

1. Ikea Trivet lämlig Pan Coaster Stainless Steel

Ikea once again manages to capture the attention of thousands of buyers worldwide, bringing to the market what for many could be the best trivet. It is a structure made with stainless steel tubes, well-welded joints and high-quality chrome finishes.

This Ikea trivet has a spacious format of 18 x 18 centimeters, which is suitable for you to place any pan, pot, cooking mold or plate at high temperatures on it. In this way, the surface of the table or kitchen counter will not deteriorate. 

In addition, the manufacturer has attached rubber coatings to the four bases of the trivet, to prevent unexpected slippage. Similarly, scratches on the surface due to friction or breakage due to heat transmitted through the metal are avoided, in case the surface of your dining set is glass.

For many, this could be the best trivet of the moment due to the modern concept of design, but judge for yourself by reviewing its pros and cons.


Manufacturing: You will enjoy great resistance to heat and corrosion due to its stainless steel construction.

Bases: Four rubber bases are incorporated to prevent slipping, friction and heat conduction.

Design: Its design in metal tubes is quite modern, attractive and light.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the structure with the help of a damp cloth and a dry one.


Flimsy: The light weight of the frame may give you the feeling that it is a bit flimsy, but after using it, you will be surprised by its stability.

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round trivets

2. ReiTrade Set of 4 cork trivets 19 cm

This product has been valued by critics and followers of the brand as one of the best trivets of 2022. Its design, although quite simple, has well-defined finishes, which show the good level of quality of the product.

Cork fabric was used for its manufacture, which is an organic material with great properties that benefit the use of the structure. In this sense, we refer to its high level of heat insulation, so we can place any pan, container or hot plate on the trivet, without worrying about damaging the table or countertop. In addition, cork is a light, flexible, waterproof and washable material. All these are characteristics that favor its rapid handling and cleaning.

This set of four round trivets has a fairly spacious surface with a diameter of 19 centimeters, so they are suitable for use in the kitchen, dining room or to carry out any manual work on it.

ReiTrade is valued by many as the best brand of trivets, which this time presents us with a very attractive cork model. Details below.


Design: Its circular structure, porous texture and aged color evokes a quite nice vintage style.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the trivets with water and detergent to keep them hygienic at all times.

Set: The product is made up of a set of four units, in order to place several containers at the same time.

Use: These trivets can be used on the table to place the dishes or as a work surface in the realization of crafts.


Style: The style of the trivets is a bit rustic, so you should adapt them according to the decoration of your home.

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individual trivets

3. Flintronic 4pcs Silicone Trivets, Pot Holder

Flintronic, on this occasion, presents us with a set made up of four individual trivets, made with high-end raw materials and an attractive design that is easy to handle. In addition, the model is positioned among the cheapest in our selection.

Each of the pieces has been made of food-grade silicone, which is a synthetic material highly resistant to wear, humidity and high temperatures. Similarly, it stands out for being flexible, having a pleasant touch and being free of toxic agents. In fact, this is a material that can be washed directly under the tap or put in the dishwasher without deteriorating.

Among other specifications we have its spacious format, whose length – width corresponds to 18.50 centimeters and thickness of 0.5 centimeters, adequate dimensions for you to use the equipment not only as trivets, but also to hold pans, containers or any object with a temperature not higher than 250 °C.

These are quite functional trivets with an attractive design. Learn more about them below.


Cleaning: The trivets are easily washed under the tap or in the dishwasher.

Non-toxic: The silicone used for its manufacture is free of toxic agents that are harmful to humans and the environment.

Flexibility: Its flexible and non-deformable body will allow you to use it to grab pots and uncover containers, a feature that provides versatility.

Storage: You can easily hang these trivets and save space, since they have a side hole.


Honeycombs: Due to their honeycomb design, it is possible for food debris or grease to take root primarily in these areas.

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Raffia placemats

4. Haus und Deko Round Raffia Placemat

This Haus und Deko product has managed to capture the attention of buyers due to its unicolor and highly attractive design, which is why it is valued by many as the best value for money trivet. Its structure has a circular format with a diameter of 35 centimeters, which is a fairly large space to be used as a placemat, place a pot, a vase or other decorative objects in our home.

This raffia trivet has been made of purple polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic highly resistant to high temperatures, which will allow you to use it safely when placing pots, pans and hot plates on it. In addition, this is an easy-to-clean material, which you could do either directly under the tap or simply by rubbing it with a damp cloth.

Another peculiarity of these round raffia trivets is that they can be rolled up to be stored without deforming and saving space in the drawer or cupboard.

Among the cheapest options you will find this unicolor trivet with a circular format. Find out more details in the next section.


Cleaning: It is an easy product to clean under the tap or with the help of a damp cloth.

Storage: You can roll up the placemat to store it without deforming it. 

Manufacturing: The polypropylene used for its manufacture is light and resistant to high temperatures.

Usage: This product is suitable for placing hot pots, pans and plates, as well as flower pots and other decorative objects.


Colours: The color palette of this product only includes green and purple, so if you are looking for a more discreet tone, you should consider other proposals.

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wicker trivet

5. Dokot Rattan Placemat Table Mat

This is a Dokot product that, according to some buyers, could answer the question of which is the best trivet, since it is a design made entirely by hand and with a series of high-quality finishes that are noticeable from the first moment.

It is important to note that this wicker trivet has a rectangular format of 40 x 30 centimeters, on which you can place any type of plate, pot or pan. Thus, you will protect the table or countertop from dirt and deterioration that could be caused by the high temperatures of said objects. 

The structure has been made of rattan, which is an organic material capable of resisting and insulating heat. In addition, this is an easy-to-wash, non-slip fabric with a natural tone and a pleasant appearance that will give your home an elegant touch that can be combined with any type of decoration.

If you still don’t know which trivet to buy, you should review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Cleaning: You can easily clean the structure with a damp cloth. 

Manufacturing: Thanks to its rattan manufacturing, the product provides resistance and heat insulation.

Format: This mat has a spacious rectangular format, so you will not have limitations when placing the plates.

Fabric: The structure of this trivet has been woven manually and has well-detailed finishes.


Drying: You should avoid exposing the tablecloth directly to water, since the drying process could take time, since it must be done outdoors.

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cork placemats

6. Creative Tops Set of 4 Placemats

For lovers of the vintage style, this set of four patented cork trivets is available under the Creative Tops quality seal, whose 40 x 29 centimeter format is quite convenient for you to place a large or medium plate, a coffee cup, a pot, a frying pan, a kettle or any other container you consider necessary.

Each of the tablecloths has a white varnished wooden upper face with a series of colored polka dots with a worn finish, but a uniform and soft touch. 

For its part, the back of the table has been covered with five-millimeter cork, which will prevent the structure from slipping unexpectedly on the table or kitchen counter. Both materials have thermal resistance for a maximum of 120 °C. In addition, they are easy to clean, since you only have to rub them with a damp cloth and then a dry one.

The vintage style is represented in this comparison thanks to this model from the Creative Tops house. More details below.


Cleaning: You can rub a damp cloth on the main face to remove dirt.

Thermal resistance: The wood used for these boards has a thermal resistance up to 120 °C.

Design: Each of the tablecloths has a vintage design with polka dots for a rustic appearance.

Adhesion: Thanks to the cork backing, you will enjoy a correct adhesion on the surfaces. 


Dimensions: Depending on the use you give to the tablecloths, their width – length could be a little reduced.

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wooden trivets

7. Relaxdays Trivet Set of Two Squares

Relaxdays wooden trivets are a product with a great position in the market, as they are made with a sustainable raw material such as bamboo. It is a natural material with great qualities that gives the design a good level of moisture absorption, so you will not have to worry about deterioration caused by unexpected spills or when cleaning it.

In addition, bamboo wood is antibacterial, resists high temperatures and has a very attractive aesthetic due to its light color with natural grain. The surface of the structure has a wide-long format of 20 x 20 centimeters, while its bases are four centimeters high.

In this way, you will have adequate space to place different types of pots, pans, trays and plates, keeping them at a safe distance from the table or countertop so as not to burn or stain it.

Below, we present the pros and cons of this trivet with a robust bamboo structure, which has managed to position itself at the top of the purchase lists.


Design: The structure has an elegant design with four bases and a wooden grid surface.

Cleaning: Because the structure has been lacquered, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

Set: With the acquisition of this product you will have a pair of trivets to place two containers on them.

Manufacture: Bamboo was used for its manufacture, which is an antibacterial, resistant and ecological material.


Size: Its 20 x 20 centimeter format may be a bit small for some people.

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plastic trivets

8. Myir Set of 6 Washable Placemats Trivet

If you are looking for plastic placemats to protect and decorate your dining set, you will be pleased to know that the Myir house has brought to the market a set made up of six synthetic tablecloths with a spacious 45 x 30 centimeter format.

These structures were made of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC polymer. This is a plastic that gives the product flexibility to be rolled up and stored without taking up much space. Also, it resists temperatures of up to 100 °C, so you can place any plate, container and pot on it without causing damage to the table. Similarly, the material of these rugs is completely washable under running water and even admits mild detergent.

It is important to mention that these trivets are non-slip and antibacterial, as well as free of toxic agents, so they are safe for the environment and for human beings.

This placemat with Myir quality seal offers you a modern and elegant design. Know its positive and negative aspects.


Storage: You will save a lot of space when storing the tablecloths, since you can roll them up.

Cleaning: Thanks to their synthetic manufacturing you can easily clean them.

Insulation: You can place pots, plates and containers with a temperature not exceeding 100 °C on the trivet.

Set: This is a sufficient set of units, as it is aimed at six-seat tables. 


Presentation: Its unique presentation in gray color might not be to the liking of all users.

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original trivets

9. Out of the blue Nostalgia tablecloth set

Out of the blue presents us with some original trivets, whose aesthetics have been inspired by the retro style of the 80s. It is a set made up of four tablecloths with a fairly spacious rectangular format that corresponds to a length – width of 43 x 28 centimeters, while its thickness is approximately one millimeter. 

For its manufacture, polypropylene was used, which is a thermoplastic of great resistance and free of toxic agents. In addition, this is a polymer that is easy to clean and dries quickly, so you can wash it under the tap with the help of a non-metallic sponge and a mild detergent. Similarly, you can slide a damp cloth over the surface to remove dirt.

Regarding aesthetics, you will enjoy four different motifs of retro HiFi equipment. The first of them is a cassette, the other is a television and the rest correspond to a record player and a radio.

This is a product aimed at lovers of retro designs, whose characteristics you can learn about below.


Manufacturing: These trivets offer resistance and durability due to their manufacture in polypropylene.

Cleaning: You will only need to slide a damp cloth and then a dry one over the surface to clean it.

Design: The aesthetics of the trivets are inspired by retro elements such as a cassette, 80’s radio, TV and record player, which can be attractive for a themed decoration.

Set: The product is made up of a set of four trivets, a quantity sufficient for four people.


Usage: With constant use, the surface is likely to start to discolor, so trivets should be used with caution.

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Shopping guide

Placemats or individual mats are structures that are usually placed on kitchen tables or countertops to protect them from dirt and deterioration caused by the heat of pots and dishes. The options are quite wide, so you should review the proposals of the different brands and analyze their quality identifiers. Here is a guide to buying the best trivet.


The material with which the trivet has been manufactured is a specification that will directly influence how much the product costs, as well as its durability and resistance. Among the raw materials mainly used in the industry are the different types of food polymers, which are free of toxic agents, have a pleasant touch, are light, washable and resist heat without deteriorating. 

Likewise, bamboo and wood stand out as materials with great insulating properties and stable bodies to support the weight of the objects to be placed on them. For its part, stainless steel is another widely used material, but it must be accompanied by an insulating rubber base that prevents the heat acquired by the alloy from being transferred to the table or counter where you place the trivet.


There are many trivet designs on the market, so if you take the time to select them, you won’t have any problems finding an economical model that suits your budget and specific usage needs.

You will find quite elaborate structures such as metal ones, which have several joints and even coated bases for better heat insulation. For their part, the wooden tables also have detailed designs, while those made of bamboo and wicker stand out for their attractive fabrics.

Silicone trivets generally incorporate a honeycomb format for greater grip on the surface, which, added to the color of the material, is usually quite attractive. In addition, there are vinyl tablecloths, whose surface offers unicolor designs and prints that focus on different themes.


The issue of cleaning is quite important because trivets are structures that can get dirty very often, since their main function is to protect surfaces from food residues and spills from pots, plates, pots or other objects that we place on them. they. In this sense, the ideal is that the mat provides us with a simple cleaning, which we can carry out in a few minutes and with basic products that do not generate extra expense.

The cleanliness of the product is an aspect that we cannot fail to evaluate in our trivet comparison, since it could generate complications with the use of said structure. For example, if you opt for rugs made of metal, wood, bamboo, wicker, rope or other materials of this type, you will have to be aware that they cannot be exposed directly under tap water, because this could cause the gradual deterioration of the material.. 

Instead, you’ll need to rub them down with a damp cloth, then place the trivet in the open air to remove any moisture. However, if the product has deep-seated dirt, you can apply dry detergent, remove it with a damp cloth and repeat the drying process. In fact, it is recommended to use a professional liquid for wood and metal boards, which will create a protective layer and restore its original appearance.

For their part, synthetic trivets can be washed with soap and water and even be put in the dishwasher if the manufacturer so recommends.


When selecting a trivet it is important to specify the space we have to store it, because many times we end up damaging the structures by not storing them properly. Thus, in case you want a metallic product, you will have to keep in mind that, generally, these structures tend to be a bit bulky and, when placed both on the table and on the counter or when storing them, they will take up more space than other models.. It’s the same with wooden boards and handcrafted designs like wicker, bamboo, and rope. However, these could be a bit smaller than the previous ones.

For their part, silicone trivets are the most convenient for those looking for significant space savings, since they can be rolled up without fear of deformation. Likewise, they incorporate some type of hole to be hung. There are also plastic mats with a slightly more rigid body, which must be stored without folds so that they do not deteriorate.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a trivet?

To start using your trivet you must remove all the packaging paper, check that the structure is in good condition and then read the included instruction manual. In this way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the product and learn details about the correct way to clean it and the temperature it is capable of withstanding, among other aspects.

If your trivet is metallic, you will surely need to put the built-in safety rubber bands on its bases before using it. For their part, the wooden, rattan or synthetic models can be used immediately to place the plates, pans, pots and containers in the kitchen area on them. Also, if the equipment is made of silicone, its function will go further, because you can use it as a gripping surface for hot objects.

Q2: How to clean a trivet?

The cleaning of your trivet will depend on the material with which it has been made, since not all products are suitable for being directly exposed to water. In this sense, if it is a wicker, stainless steel or wood trivet, it is advisable to rub a damp cloth along the structure to remove dirt. If you wish, you can apply a professional product for said surface, which creates a protective film to prevent dirt and grease from taking root easily.

On the other hand, if it is a synthetic trivet, you can apply detergent with a sponge and remove the excess under the tap. In the same way, you have the possibility of incorporating the pieces into the dishwasher, according to what is established by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

Q3: How to make original trivets?

There are many specialized portals on the subject of placemats, where you can find a series of quite original designs. The best thing is that you can make them yourself, since on these websites they explain their manufacture step by step. In this sense, you will only need to specify the model that you like the most and gather the necessary materials.

Among the easiest designs to build stand out the bamboo trivets and those that are formed from the union of a spiral rope. Similarly, there are those of vinyl and wood, which require a little more work, but are also simple to manufacture.

Q4: What is the best material for a trivet?

The materials used for the manufacture of trivets are usually quite varied, so you can find models of wood, wicker, rope, bamboo, stainless steel. Similarly, there are the synthetic type in PVC, food grade silicone, polypropylene and vinyl.

Each of these raw materials gives the designs special characteristics in terms of strength, heat insulation, cleaning method, and storage. In this sense, it would be unfair to say that one of them is better than another, since they are all materials with great properties.

Q5: What temperature can a trivet withstand?

Although trivets are characterized by having a certain level of heat insulation, it is also true that not all models are capable of withstanding the same temperature. In this sense, everything will depend on the type of material with which the structure has been manufactured.

Generally, trivets are capable of withstanding temperatures between 100 and up to 250 °C, so you should check this information and select the one that best suits your needs for use. Thus, you will avoid inconveniences when using the trivets.

Q6: What measurements do the individual trivets have?

The dimensions of trivets, as well as their design, manufacturing raw material and level of thermal insulation, can vary significantly. For example, you will find circular models with a diameter of 25 to 35 centimeters, while rectangular tablecloths can vary from 18 to 50 centimeters.

In this way, you will have numerous options to select the format that best suits your needs for use, whether for the kitchen area, the dining room or any side table in the home as a decorative element.

Q7: Is it safe to use a metal trivet on glass tables?

If you have doubts about how safe it is to use a metal trivet on a glass surface, you do not have to worry, since it is completely safe to use. This is due to the fact that these structures incorporate rubber coatings on their bases with thermal insulation properties, which will keep the glass protected from deterioration caused by heat transmission.

In any case, you should be aware that these synthetic areas have been incorporated into the product and that they remain in good condition. Otherwise, you will have to replace them to avoid inconvenience.

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