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Casserole – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Pans are kitchen instruments that we must know how to choose, since the effective preparation of our dishes will depend on their quality. As intuitive as its acquisition may seem, always keep in mind that you should inquire about what the product offers. Therefore, do not give room for hasty purchases. Review various options and poll the opinion of other users. For example, the BRA model Braisogona_A400324 has a Teflon-coated aluminum body so that food does not stick. Likewise, its pair of silicone handles offer safe handling. But if functional models are your thing, take a look at the Testrut 220432, which incorporates an oval lid with handles and can be used as a tray.

The 9 Best Saucepans – Opinions 2022

The correct selection of our saucepans will allow us to improve the quality of food preparation, by being able to cook them in less time while preserving all the nutrients and flavour. Next, you will find nine saucepans named by users among the best.

Pan Bra

1. Bra Prior Tall saucepan with glass lid

Since its inception, Bra has been committed to creating products with high quality standards, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers and exceeding their purchase expectations. Therefore, it is not surprising that the model that the brand currently sells has been named the best saucepan on several occasions.

For its manufacture, cast aluminum was used, which is characterized by being light, resistant to corrosion and having a good level of thermal conductivity, which will allow you to enjoy rapid heating and homogeneous distribution of the acquired temperature. Thus, you can cook your recipes in a few minutes.

The inside of this bra pan has been triple-layered Teflon coated, so you don’t have to worry about food sticking. In addition, its heat-resistant silicone handles are removable for greater practicality when washing the utensil.

There are those who comment that by acquiring this model you will be carrying the best saucepan of the moment. Judge for yourself by reviewing its pros and cons.


Usage: The saucepan is suitable for gas cooker, electric cooker, induction cooker, ceramic hob and oven.

Cleaning: You can put it in the dishwasher without fear of deterioration or wash it manually.

Capacity: With this 24-centimeter saucepan and capacity for four liters you can prepare up to four portions.

Handles: Its removable heat-resistant silicone handles allow safe handling at all times.


Lower base: The lower support base could be very smooth, so you must be careful to avoid incidents when cooking.

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oven pan

2. Testrut 220432 Saucepan 7.5 liters Steel

The German brand Testrut has been in the market for around 80 years, during which it has developed and marketed a wide variety of highly positioned products. Among them we can find this oven pan with a functional design with which you will prepare various recipes.

It is the one that for many of the buyers could be the best price-quality saucepan. In addition, it is one of the cheapest in our selection. Enamelled metal was used for its manufacture, which gives it greater resistance to deterioration caused by exposure to humidity and high temperatures. Its holding capacity is 7.5 liters, which will allow you to cook or stew up to four portions with their respective garnish.

Among other particularities to highlight about this saucepan, we have that its structure has been provided with two ergonomic curved and fixed handles, but the lid also has another pair, since this piece can also be used as a tray.

Among the cheapest saucepan designs you will find this model, which has both positive characteristics and aspects to improve. Next, we will tell you.


Handles: You will be able to safely handle both the saucepan and the lid, since each of these pieces has a pair of ergonomic handles.

Capacity: Its internal volume of 7.5 liters is high and will allow you to cook up to a whole chicken, with its respective garnish without inconvenience.

Lid: The lid is designed to be additionally used as a tray.

Enameled: The saucepan was enameled for greater resistance to corrosion caused by moisture.


Finishes: The finishes applied to the edges are somewhat sharp, so you must be careful not to cut yourself.

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cast iron saucepan

3. AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Saucepan with Lid 

AmazonBasics is a brand that has managed to position itself in the best places on shopping lists, obtaining a large number of followers, due to the quality and competitive prices of its products.

Among them is this cast iron saucepan, whose design incorporates an ergonomic and secure-fitting lid with fixed handles, which promote a stable grip at all times. Its use is aimed at gas stoves, electric burners, ceramic hobs and induction hobs, as well as ovens with a maximum temperature of 204 °C. 

In addition, the material of the structure is non-deformable, resistant and offers a homogeneous distribution of heat for rapid cooking. Similarly, the treatment applied under the enameling technique helps your preparations preserve all the flavor and nutrients. For all these reasons, the product is considered one of the best saucepans of 2022.

AmazonBasics might well be the best saucepan brand due to the high quality standards offered in their designs. Here, the details of one of their models.


Use: This saucepan is suitable for any type of fire, so you will not have limitations of use.

Finishes: To prevent corrosion, the body of the saucepan has been enamelled.

Heat distribution: The cast iron used allows a correct distribution of heat for rapid cooking.

Capacity: The 3.1 liter holding capacity is adequate to prepare up to three servings.

Handles: Its ergonomic design of its handles will allow you to handle it correctly.


Cleaning: The saucepan is not dishwasher safe, so you will have to clean it manually.

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low saucepan

4. Monix Solid+ Low cast aluminum saucepan

With so many brands and models of pots on the market, it is normal for you to feel disoriented when it comes to purchasing a specific model, so you should not worry if, after reviewing several purchase catalogues, you still do not know which one is the best. pan.

A highly recommended brand is the Spanish Monix, which this time presents us with a low cast aluminum saucepan with a tempered glass lid, which you can use on any type of cooking surface, including the well-known induction plates.

Among the specifications of the product, we can comment on its upper, lower and bottom diameter, corresponding to 32 x 24.5 and 5.5 centimeters respectively. In addition, the metal used for its construction spreads heat quickly and evenly, as well as offering great resistance to high temperatures, without you having to worry about deformation. Likewise, a non-stick treatment is added inside, to prevent food from sticking.

Do not let deciding which saucepan to buy become a messy task and review both the positive and negative characteristics of this highly positioned model.


Handles: The handles have been coated with thermo-resistant silicone for safe handling.

Lid: Its tempered glass lid is quite robust and allows quick monitoring of the preparations.

Non-stick: Food will not stick due to the built-in non-stick treatment.

Heat propagation: The aluminum used for its manufacture provides rapid heat propagation.


Reinforcement: Unlike other models, which have an additional layer of non-stick treatment as reinforcement, this one does not incorporate this property, although this does not represent a limitation for its proper functioning.

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Ibili oven pan

5. Ibili 100626 Pan Oven

Ibili is a brand with a fairly extensive product catalog that incorporates a large number of saucepans, paella pans, coffee makers, cookware and pastry utensils. All of them are high-quality equipment, manufactured to provide efficient operation and make it easier to prepare your favorite recipes.

On this occasion we will talk about the Ibili oven pan, whose 26-centimeter format offers a containment volume for three liters, so you can cook food portions for up to three people. Plus, you’ll enjoy increased resistance to corrosion, as its polished aluminum body has been plated with nickel to create a protective barrier.

On the other hand, we have the fastening system given by a pair of synthetic Bakelite handles, which give the saucepan a pleasant cold touch, to avoid burns when handling it. Likewise, it incorporates a cylindrical base and a lid with a knob. 

For those looking for an oven pan with a strong and safe body, the invitation is to review the advantages and disadvantages of this Ibili model.


Capacity: You can prepare up to three servings due to its three-liter holding capacity.

Warranty: With the purchase, a warranty card is attached that supports the useful life of the product for two years. 

Manufacturing: The saucepan was made of polished aluminum and enameled with nickel for a longer duration. 

Handles: Its completely synthetic handles provide ergonomics and a pleasant cold touch.


Use: Its use is limited to gas stoves, so you should refrain from placing it on another type of heat source.

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large saucepan

6. Quid Intense Cast Aluminum Casserole

With this large saucepan from Quid, you can cook any type of food in a few minutes in a healthy way. This is possible thanks to the fact that the cast aluminum of the structure, together with the “Full Induction” bottom, manage to distribute the heat evenly, while the non-stick coating avoids the use of oil, by not letting the food stick.

Also, this 30-centimeter saucepan has a pair of handles with a removable silicone cover for safe handling. In addition, it is suitable for use on all types of cookers, including induction hobs. 

For its part, the tempered glass lid, although not strong enough to withstand the temperature generated by the oven, performs well on other cooking surfaces. It also incorporates a highly ergonomic plastic knob and a side valve for rapid steam release.

This is a saucepan with efficient heat distribution, which will help you prepare any type of food. Learn more about this model below.


Handles: The pair of built-in handles have been covered with removable thermo-insulating silicone covers.

Use: As prescribed by the manufacturer, you can use the saucepan on any type of fire, which makes it versatile.

Heat distribution: Its bottom with diffusion technology allows a homogeneous distribution of heat.

Non-stick: Thanks to the incorporated non-stick treatment, you can cook healthy food without oil.


Lid: When using the pan in the oven, the lid should not be added, as it is not suitable for that temperature. Instead, aluminum foil can be used.

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electric saucepan

7. Orbegozo PZ 8100 Electric Cooker with Glass Lid

The well-known Spanish brand Orbegozo, leader in the small electrical appliance market, once again surprises us with an intuitive, effective and aesthetically elegant product. We are talking about the PZ 8100 electric saucepan, designed to cook, stew, fry or roast, so you can prepare a variety of recipes. 

All this is possible thanks to its 1500 watt work force, which you can adjust through the built-in thermostat. Thus, you will enjoy a maximum temperature of 280 ° C. In addition, you won’t have to worry about food sticking, because the pan has an exclusive non-stick treatment, for safe and healthy cooking, since you don’t have to use oil.

Among other aspects to highlight of this product, we have the pair of ergonomic handles with a soft touch, for correct handling. Likewise, the incorporation of a tempered glass lid with a plastic knob and a valve for the steam outlet, which concentrates the heat on the food and prevents splashes.

If you are looking for an electric saucepan with fast operation and effective results in each preparation, you should review the characteristics that this model has.


Power: Its power of 1500 watts suggests low power consumption and a large workforce.

Handles: Its ergonomic cold-touch handles will allow you to handle the saucepan safely.

Thermostat: You can adjust the temperature to a maximum of 280 °C, thanks to its thermostat.

Lid: Its tempered glass lid conserves heat in the saucepan and allows proper monitoring from the outside.


Non-stick: The non-stick layer could be a bit thin, so you must be careful not to damage it, but with proper care and manufacturer’s recommendations you will not have problems.

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stainless steel saucepan

8. Tefal Daily Cook Stainless Steel Saucepan with Lid

Tefal is a French company with just over 60 years in the market, which during this time has offered its followers products made with top quality raw materials and well-crafted finishes. 

An example of this is the present stainless steel saucepan, whose base has been reinforced in order to provide greater resistance to impacts. The best thing is that it is free of lead, cadmium and PFOA. 

For its part, the tempered glass lid incorporates a valve for the release of steam and an ergonomic knob with a cool touch. In addition, the design has been provided with a pair of side handles made of Bakelite, which is a 100% synthetic, rigid and safe material. 

Also, you will be interested to know that this saucepan of 24 centimeters has a capacity for a maximum of four liters, can be used on any type of stove and is suitable to be incorporated into the dishwasher.

With this pan you can prepare different recipes quickly and easily. Next, its positive and negative aspects.


Use: The stainless steel of this saucepan is suitable for any type of kitchen.

Meter: A measuring strip is attached inside for greater precision when preparing recipes.

Handles: You will be able to handle the saucepan with total comfort thanks to its pair of cold-touch synthetic handles.

Non-stick: A non-stick coating free of lead, cadmium and PFOA has been incorporated into the interior.


Lid: Its tempered glass lid is not suitable for the oven, since it could fracture due to the high temperature.

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clay pot

9. Amazing Cookware Stew Pot 

Amazing Cookware is a manufacturer that has managed to make its way into the market, thanks to the quality of each of its products. Therefore, it is not surprising that when reviewing the purchase portals we find such good comments about this model. It is a clay pot with a diameter – bottom of 24 x 21.5 centimeters, which you can use to cook a large amount of food. In addition, the design incorporates a pair of side handles and a lid with a knob.

It is important to mention that the terracotta from which the pot is made was exposed to hardening by means of high temperatures, so it is capable of offering a high level of resistance. 

In this sense, it is suitable for use on grills, gas or electric stoves, ovens and microwaves. You can also put it in the dishwasher or refrigerator without fear of any deterioration.

Clay pots never go out of style due to their resistance and handmade beauty. An example of this is this model, whose pros and cons we show you below.


Size: You will be able to cook portions for two people due to its spacious interior.

Cleaning: The product can be put in the dishwasher or washed manually.

Use: Due to its heat resistance, it can be used in gas and electric stoves, ovens, microwaves and grills.

Design: It is a terracotta saucepan with handles and a lid for easy handling. 


Falls: Despite having good resistance, falls can ruin the useful life of the utensil, so you should handle it with caution.

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Shopping guide

Saucepans are a basic element in our kitchen, which help us in the rapid preparation of various dishes. However, to obtain the best results, we will need to have a product with high manufacturing standards. To do this, you will have to stop to review and analyze the main quality indicators present in the products that have caught your attention. Below, you will find a guide to buying the best saucepan, which we have prepared to facilitate the selection process.

Strength and durability

The resistance and durability given by the raw material used to manufacture the product are characteristics that every buyer wishes to obtain, so, prior to the purchase, it is necessary to make a comparison of saucepans in which we analyze these two aspects. In this sense, there will be no place to carry out a hasty purchase based simply on aesthetic aspects.

If you are currently planning to acquire a saucepan, you will be interested to know that, among the materials frequently used by the main brands, are cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum. All of them are metals that are highly resistant to high temperatures, non-deformable and light in weight. In addition, they are very good conductors of heat, which is quite convenient for obtaining a rapid and homogeneous distribution of the acquired temperature. Thus, you can prepare your recipes in less time.

Another quite popular material is baked and enameled terracotta or clay, which can be used in gas and electric stoves, ovens, microwaves and grills. The best thing is that this material preserves the natural flavor and properties of vegetables, meat, fish, among other foods.

power and thermostat

If you have opted to purchase a good and cheap electric type saucepan, you will need to start by reviewing some specifications related to its operation. In this way, we refer to the power offered by the appliance, which will determine the rapid heating of the surface and, therefore, the cooking of food in less time. 

Likewise, this labor force will influence the level of energy consumption. For this reason, it is important that you pay attention and select a power that adapts to the type of recipes that you usually prepare. Remember that some sautéed vegetables or rice require less heat than chicken or meat.

On the other hand, there is the issue of the thermostat. The incorporation of this device will help you to enjoy a correct regulation of the temperature levels, which, depending on the model, could vary between 90 and 280 °C. Thus, you will have no problem providing the right heat to each food for uniform cooking. In addition, in this way, you will take care of the useful life of the device, by not having to constantly start it up at full power.


The grip system of a saucepan is an aspect of great importance, since our safety and comfort will depend on it when handling it. Therefore, it is important to verify that the built-in handles have an ergonomic design that allows us to hold them correctly. Also, keep in mind that the quality of manufacture of these areas of the pan could determine how much the product costs.

Although, in general, the handles are made of stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron, as is the body of the pan, it is also true that some brands incorporate removable thermo-resistant silicone coatings as a safety measure. In this way, you will leave in the past any type of risk of unexpected burns while handling the saucepan. It is a material resistant to high temperatures, with a cold and soft touch. Also when you remove them you can easily wash them under the water tap.

On the other hand, it is also common to get Bakelite handles, which is a rigid and quite reliable polymer, because it prevents the passage of heat to our hands, for a satisfactory grip.

non-stick coating

When purchasing a saucepan, you will surely think that it must have a spacious and fast-heating cooking area, which is completely necessary. However, these qualities will be of no use if the manufacturer has not incorporated a non-stick treatment, which prevents food from sticking.

When reviewing the saucepan proposals of the different brands, you will find models treated with titanium and Teflon, whose resistance to the passage of time and heat will depend on the number of layers used. In addition, you must be careful and verify that said coatings do not incorporate toxic agents that affect your health. Similarly, there are ecological saucepans, which have a ceramic surface and are free of PTFE and cadmium.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a saucepan?

To use a saucepan you must start by knowing the type of material with which it is made, which will allow you to cure it correctly. Then, you should wash it well to remove any residue and thus start using it to cook your recipes. Whatever the preparation, you must be careful so that the food does not stick and gradually deteriorate inside the pan. Also, remember to always keep it clean, dry and avoid using metal sponges.

Q2: How to remove burnt from a saucepan?

To remove burnt from your saucepan, you just have to pour water in it to the height of two fingers and a couple of tablespoons of salt. Next, let the formula act for at least half an hour to proceed to rub the bottom again with a sponge. You will notice how the salt is responsible for softening the burned without leaving any trace. In other cases, you can use baking soda or vinegar.

Q3: How to make popcorn in the pan?

The first step in making popcorn is to place the pan on low heat and wait for it to heat up. In this way, you can pour a small amount of oil into it and then the measure of corn that you are going to prepare. With a preferably wooden spoon, mix the grains carefully and place the respective lid. It only remains to wait for the seeds to start to burst due to the action of the heat, generating a rather peculiar sound that, when it stops, will be the expected signal to know that the popcorn is ready. At that time turn off the burner, uncover the pan, add salt to the preparation, serve and enjoy.

Q4: How to know if a saucepan is suitable for a ceramic hob?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that glass-ceramic cookers are nothing more than a glass surface under which there is a resistance that generates heat, so whatever the metal with which the pan has been made, it will be suitable for this cooking system. However, some manufacturers add a spiral symbol to their pans, which means that the product is completely suitable for being exposed to the heat generated by a ceramic hob.

Q5: How to clean a cast iron pan?

When it comes to extremely ingrained dirt, you can clean your cast iron pan with salt, lard, linseed or vegetable oil. Whichever product is selected, you will have to start the task by applying a generous amount all over the inside of the saucepan. Then, place the pot in the oven preheated to a maximum of 300 ° C and leave it inside for approximately 30 minutes. At the end of the scheduled time, you should proceed to clean the interior with kitchen paper. If you consider it necessary, you can repeat the process a couple more times. 

Q6: Why does it cook faster in a pressure cooker than in a regular saucepan?

The pressure cookers reach a pressure level inside that is higher than the atmospheric pressure level, so the molecules take longer to separate and, therefore, to complete the vaporization process, due to the pressure. Therefore, the boiling of water can exceed 120 ° C and food can be cooked in less time.

Q7: How to season an aluminum pan?

To cure the saucepan you will have to pour water into it until it reaches the top and know the number of liters it is capable of containing, since for each of them you will have to add a handful of hibiscus flower, a tablespoon of lemon juice and of white vinegar. Then, mix the ingredients well and place the saucepan on the heat until the liquid boils. In this way, you can remove it from the stove, wait for it to cool down, empty it and dry it with kitchen paper.

Q8: How to cook pot roast?

Place the pan on the fire to preheat and pour in a small amount of oil. Then, add the vegetables cut into squares, together with the meat. Stay tuned and flip the ingredients so they seal without burning. Next, add the condiments, the previously prepared broth and a glass of wine. You should let it cook for about 30 minutes and add more wine, so that the preparation continues to boil for half an hour. After this time, the meat will be ready.

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