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Security Cameras – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

A security camera is an essential product for your home, car or business, as it protects assets and informs you when someone wants to enter your properties without permission. In addition, a camera of this type can monitor your business even if you are not in it. If you need one, we recommend the Victure 1080p, for example, which has 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity and works with iOS and Android devices. On the other hand, we present the Apexcam 4.0, which is used to monitor your car and record as soon as you start it, it also has 2 cameras, so that one can be placed on the front of the dashboard and the other behind the vehicle.

Opinions on the best security cameras

There are some security cameras that attract attention only when you see their features, therefore, in this article we will present you with the most outstanding models of today, so that your purchase choice is easier and faster.

Wi-Fi security camera

victure 1080p

It could be the best security camera as it has motion detection and night vision. This means that it will serve to protect your things from intruders, even if it is at night or the lights are off. For that reason, it is of great help in stores, factories, educational institutes, homes, among other places.

In addition, it is a security camera with WiFi that has the possibility of sending messages to your phone, so that you can act in time and call the police even if you are far away.

On the other hand, this camera offers a panoramic view, capable of reaching 360 degrees. Even, there will be no blind spot for this product, you can simply tilt the camera to the place you want to capture and watch. In addition to this, it not only records the image, but also audio, thanks to its built-in microphone with anti-noise technology.

According to some users on the Internet, this is the best security camera of the moment, as it has some outstanding qualities that make it a good purchase option.


Detection: Detects the movements of possible intruders and sends messages to your phone, so that you are informed and can protect your assets.

WiFi: It has WiFi connectivity, so you can protect your children, pets or belongings when you are not at home.

Compatibility: It works with iOS and Android phones, so you can receive notifications directly in the IPC360 application.

Vision: His vision is wide, reaching 360 degrees, therefore, surveillance and protection will be very effective.


Color: It would be better if this model also came in other colors, since it is only available in black.

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It is a camera that you can mount in your young children’s room to keep an eye on them when you are in another area of ​​the home. For that reason, some people think that it is one of the best security cameras of 2022.

It is a device that offers protection 24 hours a day, as it has 10 infrared LEDs to record images even in the dark. It also has a distance range of 10 meters and has a resolution of 720 pixels.

In addition to this, it should be noted that it can connect to a home WiFi network, so you can protect the entire home. You can even see the camera images live from your iOS or Android device.

Other aspects that we can mention about this WiFi security camera are the microphone and speaker, because due to these characteristics you can communicate with your baby from the office or another room in the home.

If you do not know which security camera to buy, perhaps this product is the right one for you, as it has the following qualities.


Resolution: It has HD resolution, that is, 720 p, so that the images it records are broadcast clearly.

Detector: It is capable of detecting movements through a PIR sensor. In other words, high quality infrared technology.  

Communication: It keeps you in touch with the children in the house, even if they are in another room, since the camera has a speaker and microphone.


Application: Some buyers say that the application is a bit complicated to use.

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security camera for car

Apexcam 4.0

Many users have not yet found out which is the best security camera, but models like the Apexcam 4.0 may have the answer to this question. It is a car security camera that offers front and rear protection.

The front camera has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 30 fps, so it records very clear images. We can also mention its rear camera, which has 720 x 480 pixels. This means that the most powerful is the front, however, both offer a good view of what is happening on the road.

In addition to this, because it has an angle of 170 degrees, you will be able to have a wide view of the street where you are driving, this will even help you if you have an accident on the road, since everything will be recorded and you will show valid evidence to the police. Also, when there is a collision, the data recorded by the camera will be locked, so that only the one with the key can see it.

Perhaps this is the best brand of security cameras, since Apexcam is specialized in the production and sale of this type of product. Below, you have more details about one of their models.


Detection: This product protects your vehicle when you are not nearby, thanks to the motion detection function.

Automatic: The cameras turn on automatically when you start the car engine.

Sharpness: It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels on the front camera, so it records fairly sharp images.


Memory: It only allows the use of cards of 32 GB maximum, which for some people is very little memory.

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Crosstour CR700

It has a Sony 2MCMOS sensor, thanks to which it records images in FHD, that is, at 1080 pixels. Also, this car security camera provides night vision, so you can keep an eye on your vehicle while you sleep. 

It also has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, which is enough to see 4 lanes at the same time. This makes driving in the car much safer. It even has a 6-layer lens, thus providing better visibility.

On the other hand, we mention that it has automatic accident detection, thanks to its G-Sensor. That is, it detects a collision and locks the images stored on the SD memory card. In addition, this camera has intelligent shutdown, so when it does not detect movements for 10 seconds, it turns off.

It may not be one of the cheapest cameras, but it has several qualities that have caught the attention of some people on the Internet.


Resolution: It has a Sony 2MCMOS sensor, so the quality of the images is quite high, reaching 1080 pixels.

Range: The most effective detection distance is 3 meters, so you can back up the car more safely.

Vision: It has a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, which is useful for recording up to 4 lanes clearly.


Bracket: Some buyers have had difficulty installing the camera on the windshield, saying that the bracket does not stick properly.

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outdoor security camera

ieGeek IG22

Although it is not one of the cheapest cameras on the market, it is worth keeping in mind, as it has protection against water, so you can install it outdoors, regardless of whether it rains. This means that this camera is versatile and offers durability regardless of weather conditions.

In addition to this, it is an outdoor security camera with motion detection, in addition, it sends an image of the detected object, person or animal by mail. Also, it is possible to adjust specific zooms when the camera detects movements, so that it does not send unimportant information by email.

On the other hand, we mention that it has a WiFi antenna, to be able to connect to the Internet when sending email messages. In addition, a quality that makes this product stand out a little more is its ability to make recordings in 1080 pixels.

This product is a good option if you want to protect your home or business. Next, we present its most important advantages and disadvantages.


Communication: You can view the camera image through a computer or phone in real time. It is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Storage: Supports storage card up to 128 GB, to be able to record many videos.

Range: This IP camera has a range of 25 meters day or night.


Notification: When you have closed the application on Android, the notification will not reach you.

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Fredi 720P-IP66

If you are looking for an outdoor security camera that does not require a cable connection, this model could be the right one, since it has 2.4 G WiFi, through this technology it will send images and notifications.

The fact that it does not use cable is the best for places where you want the camera to go unnoticed. In addition, this product offers sharp images in 720 pixels, so you can clearly see the recorded events.

It is an IP camera that could prevent vandalism and theft in your company or home. Also, it should be noted that it provides surveillance both day and night and, because it is built with an aluminum alloy, it is resistant to rain, sun or wind. Even the paint is also strong and durable.

On the other hand, the FRP2P application can be found and downloaded in the Google store. Through it you can make live views from wherever you are.

We recommend you review the positive and negative qualities of this camera, as it has caught the attention of various people on the Internet.


Efficiency: It not only serves to protect your assets during the day, but also at night, thanks to its 4 IR LEDs.

Notifications: It is capable of sending alerts by phone and email, so in seconds you will know who entered the company without permission.

Surveillance: Through the FRP2P application available in the Google Store you can see the camera images live from anywhere.


Cable: The power cable is very short, so this makes it a bit awkward to install.

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Xiaomi security camera

Xiaomi 1080p

According to some people, this is the best value for money security camera at the moment, as it is one of the cheapest, but it offers 1080 pixels of resolution, which is favorable for recording clear images, including people’s faces.  

This Xiaomi security camera offers a 360-degree panoramic view, so you can keep an eye on your home or business very well. Also, you can remotely access the camera from the phone app anytime anywhere.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the camera can rotate and is capable of saving up to 8 positions, so that you can select the one you want just by pressing a button. It also has infrared for night vision, so that in the dark you will also protect your things.  

This is an optimal security camera for indoors, so you can use it in the living room, office or bedroom without any problem. Here are the qualities that make it stand out.


Storage: It has a microSD card slot of up to 64 GB, so you can record many videos.

Communication: It has built-in audio, so you can talk to your baby when you are in another room or in the office.

Privacy: It offers security for your personal recordings, since it does not store information on servers.


Adapter: According to some buyers, this product comes with a USB cable, but does not come with the power adapter.

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fake security camera

Solar Toroton

It is a fake security camera with a stylish design that makes this product a good option to trick thieves into thinking you have security cameras and they are being recorded.

The package includes 4 security cameras, so you can protect various areas of the company or home, for example, garage, living room, basement, bedroom, etc. Also, we mentioned that you can install them indoors or outdoors and the direction in which they point can be adjusted, so that they will be fixed facing where you want.

In addition, they have a red and flashing LED light, so they will appear as if they are really recording images at all times. They even work with batteries and a solar energy plate, so they are ecological. 

It is a versatile product that offers several fake cameras for a low price, so we recommend reviewing its most important pros and cons, which we explain below. 


Protection: Although the cameras are fake, they look real, so they offer protection to your assets. Thieves may believe that they are being used to record their faces and actions.

Functionality: They are used to install on the ceiling or wall, whether in houses, parking lots, hotels, shops, supermarkets, etc.

Cables: These cameras do not need cables to install them. They do bring some though, to make it look like they’re connected.


Batteries: They require 2 rechargeable AA batteries, which do not come in the package, so you will have to buy them separately.

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Guide to buying a security camera

Choosing a certain model correctly will depend on your knowledge about the characteristics that a good security camera should have. Therefore, it is important to know each aspect that we will explain in this section.

Shopping guide


In a guide to buying the best security camera, this aspect could not be missing. This is because, if you do not know the different types of cameras, you may choose the wrong one.

For example, there are car security cameras. They are usually mounted on the windshield of the vehicle and record everything that happens while you are driving. In addition, other cameras are placed in the rear of the car, so they serve to park more safely.

In addition to this, we can mention the indoor cameras, since, normally, they are installed in closed and roofed places, where dust, wind, sun or rain does not reach them. These types of products are used in homes, businesses or vehicles, to protect the user’s assets.

Some of these cameras bring WiFi technology, so they become wireless, that is, they will not need the use of long cables to connect them. In addition, there are models that have infrared technology, which is useful for detecting movements and offering night vision.

On the other hand, we mention the outdoor cameras. These do not require a roof, as they withstand different climatic changes, as well as dust. That is, even if they receive sun or rain, they will continue to work. They are known as waterproof IP cameras.


It is good to ask how much a security camera costs, but before going into that topic, it is best to check the resolution it offers. A camera with good resolution will protect you better from theft, since the recorded images will be much sharper.

For example, there are cameras from 720 pixels onwards. The higher the resolution, the better you will see the videos recorded by the camera. If you want to capture the actions and even the faces of people through your company’s security cameras, it is best to have at least 1080 pixels, so that the police can identify intruders.


With this aspect we refer to the viewing angle. In a security camera it is very important, because the amount of space that will be recorded in a single shot will depend on it. To explain this point we can say that if the camera in a car has a fairly high degree of angle, it will be more the number of lanes that it will record on the road while the user is driving. This means that it is like the width and height of the vision.

We recommend that you purchase a security camera with an angle of 70° or more, so that it captures more space without having to rotate it.

Night vision and automatic recording

It is extremely important that the security camera has night vision, as this feature is what makes it possible to see intruders trying to enter your business or home at night. 

On the other hand, we mentioned that automatic recording is very important. Some cameras detect motion and start recording. This makes it possible for them not to have to record 24 hours a day, greatly reducing storage usage.

security notifications

A good and cheap camera is the one that meets your expectations and does not require an excessive budget of money. However, sometimes we do not have within our expectations features such as security notifications, for example, which represent an email message that informs when a person enters our home. Of course, this quality stands out more in those moments when we are away from home, because the camera will monitor and inform you if it detects movements.

microphone and speaker

In a comparison of security cameras, another aspect that you should take into account is the integrated microphone and speaker. This quality is one of those that predominate in car security cameras, as it helps to record strange noises from the vehicle, which you can then take to the mechanic. In addition, it can also be seen on WiFi cameras for the home, so that parents can communicate with their young children while they are in different areas of the house, and thus have the children watched and protected at all times.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a security camera?

Before using a security camera, you must choose the place where it is going to be installed, that is, the correct location to avoid blind spots. Then choose if you want to connect via cable or WiFi, this varies depending on the location of the camera. For example, if you place it outside a business premises to warn customers that they are being recorded, the connection must be via WiFi.

Next, identify what the IP address is; this is found in the camera’s instruction manual. Then, configure either through the computer or the browser. For this last step you must enter the corresponding information in the boxes. It is important that you create a new user with a password, in this way you will be reinforcing security.

Q2: Can I use the mobile as a security camera?

It is possible to use a mobile as a security camera, however, we recommend that it be one that you are no longer using daily. Now, after choosing the mobile you must install an application. Next, we will name the most downloaded by users.

There is a wide range of apps, including Manything, AtHome and Alfred. The first is a complete application that offers you the possibility to record the recordings you want in the cloud, view the camera images in real time, adjust the sensitivity and detection zones, as well as receive notifications when the camera detects something. movement.

As far as AtHome is concerned, this application is the most complete, as it provides multiple benefits such as a microphone and speaker, to talk to people who are in the house and perform remote monitoring, that is, wherever you are you will see what is happening at home.

Finally, there’s Alfred, an app that you can connect to your Gmail account and your home WiFi network. With it you can watch your children when you leave home.

Q3: How to connect a security camera to my PC?

It connects via a USB cable. In addition, some of these cameras include a CD-ROM to install it on your desktop computer. The first thing you should do is place the CD in the disk tray, close it and install the program, click on the buttons that will appear. Next, connect one end of the cable to the USB port on the camera and the other to the computer. Then click on the camera icon that appears on the desktop and voila, you already have it installed.

Q4: How can I view my security camera online?

The first thing you should do is check that the camera is working correctly, go to the Internet through the browser of your choice. Of course, we advise you to check the user guide of the camera to verify if the manufacturer recommends a specific browser and a specific IP address. Then install the camera software and follow the instructions. Finally, put the IP number in the search bar of the browser, and the camera image will be loaded through the Internet. 

Q5: How to connect a security camera without Internet?

Normally, this process is easier, since you will not need to connect fiber optic cables or Wi-Fi networks. You just turn on the camera and it will take care of recording the information on your microSD card. It should be noted that the storage must be greater if you are away from the company or home that you want to protect for a long time, for example, use cards of 32 GB or more. Generally, car security cameras do not use Internet connectivity, so these are an example of equipment without WiFi.

Q6: Can I use a webcam as a security camera?

Yes, to do this download the VitaminD software and install it on your desktop computer, a window will immediately appear to perform the configuration, follow each of the steps. Choose the location of the webcam and click Next, select the USB camera.

To check the operation of the camera, the image captured by it will appear on the screen, press Next and continue. In addition, the program will ask you if you want to install another webcam or finish the installation; this will depend on your decision. Finally, you will be able to enter the VitaminD application and enjoy a security camera through the webcam.  

Q7: How to know if a security camera is fake?

Look at the manufacturing materials of the housing, if the lens it uses is plastic, it is not real. There are cameras that have much more resistant materials, an intermittent light that simulates recording and cables that are activated when motion is detected. They even come with video surveillance signs. Most of them use AA batteries so they are not connected to the current, that is, they do not require installation.

These cameras serve as a decoy to hide the real security cameras and prevent them from being stolen or damaged by an intruder who wants to commit a robbery.

Q8: How to know if a security camera is recording?

The only person who will know if the security camera is recording or not is the one in charge of daily monitoring, it may be the owner of the house or the security guard of the company or building. This means that people walking in front of the camera should not know when the camera is recording.

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