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Shower Columns – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

If you want to improve comfort during your baths, through a gradual regulation of the thermostat and the temperature of the water, then you must have a shower column. The popularization of these parts has led to many manufacturers incorporating models to the market. However, only two lead the tastes of users. So if you are looking to regulate the temperature to your liking, get to know the Grohe Tempesta Cosmopolitan 210, with thermostatic taps, water diffusing shower head and hand shower to improve the experience. In second place, we find the Roca Even A5A2080C00, a shower column with hydro-sanitary tap technology and chrome finishes.

Opinions about the best shower columns

Taking a shower can be the therapy required to release tension after a hard day. Enjoying water at a desired temperature and without it changing can be achieved with a shower column. There are many brands that present proposals, with attributes and technologies, which makes it difficult to make a purchase decision. Therefore, below we will take a look at the attributes of the best shower columns on the market.

Thermostatic shower column 

Grohe Tempesta Cosmopolitan 210

Those who are looking for the best shower column on the market cannot ignore this alternative from the manufacturer Grohe, which stands out for its elegant design and chrome finish that fits the new decorative sanitary spaces. 

The model is made up of a 21 cm shower head to regulate the water and a 10 cm hand shower, with two water outlets and a 180º rotating shower arm that provides greater flexibility of use. Due to its characteristics, this thermostatic shower column can maintain a constant water temperature, even if the pressure varies, thanks to TurboStat technology. 

It has an injection function for massage and cleaning. In addition, it is equipped with a system called SpeedClean anti-scale, with a protected internal duct for greater durability. It also includes a SafeStop option that provides the possibility of limiting the water temperature to a maximum of 38°C.

Some alternatives are considered quality, but this Grohe model is listed as the best shower column of the moment. Here its pros and cons.


Temperature: It has an option to limit the temperature of the water, convenient to control the bath of children.

TurboStat: Thanks to this technology, regardless of the pressure, a constant temperature is maintained.

Flexibility: It has a 180-degree rotating ceiling shower that provides flexibility.

Massage: It has a direct jet water outlet that relaxes the body with massages.


Bottle: It has been expressed that after the shower there is a small bottle of water.

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Silver Homelody

Considered by many users as the best value for money shower column, this Homelody alternative is one of the cheapest options on the market. This proposal is designed to provide comfort, through a 12.7 cm hand shower, with three types of jets, rain, massage and rain with massage. 

Its body is made of H59 brass, a material that resists corrosion and water pressure, while the bar is made of stainless steel, with chrome finishes. The thermostatic shower column is capable of controlling the flow and temperature of the water with precision and uniformity at 40 degrees. 

It has a discreet safety button to close the water outlet and lock the temperature, as well as a flexible adjustment that rotates 360 degrees. Its weight is about 4 kilos and its installation is simple following the guide of the instruction manual. 

A competitive cost ensures a good purchase and this shower column is one of the cheapest. Read their specifications here.


Weight: The model has a weight of about 4 kilos, which facilitates its handling for installation.

Design: It has a modern and elegant design, which is built with H59 brass, stainless steel and chrome finish.

Flexibility: For better water output, it has a flexible adjustment of the shower with 360-degree movement.

Functions: The water outlet has three functions that go in rain, massage or rain and massage mode.


Instructions: Although it includes instructions in Spanish, apparently these are not very precise.

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Roca shower column 

Rock Even A5A2080C00

The Roca brand presents one of the models that is usually among the best shower columns of 2022 for having a modern, elegant design and chrome finishes. This alternative measures 64 cm long by 137 cm high, with a rectangular shower head made of stainless steel.

The Roca shower column has the properties of a thermostatic hydro-sanitary faucet with two water outlets. Among its features, it includes a 36 x 24 cm shower head, a 10 cm hand shower, with three water outlet functions for greater user comfort and that can be selected according to the requirements of the moment. 

In addition, within its attributes it stands out for being flexible, with satin PVC parts, as well as an adjustable support. Its weight is approximately 7 kilos, which facilitates its installation and use. 

Some manufacturers are recognized, but Roca is listed as the best brand of shower columns. Know the pros and cons of this model. 


Manufacturing: It is made with high quality and resistance materials, incorporating steel and other metals.

Water outlets: It has two water outlets, a rectangular shower and a circular hand shower.

Functions: The flow of water comes out through three different modes, to meet the needs of the user.

Flexibility: It is flexible and is made of satin PVC parts, being also adjustable in height.  


Instructions: Apparently, it includes instructions for use and installation that are not entirely clear.

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Rock Evolution A2H0416000

Made of high-quality stainless steel and weighing more than 12 kilos, this model is usually the recommended alternative for those who wonder what is the best shower column that can be found on the market. This Roca shower column has dimensions of 22.6 cm long by 129 cm high. It has a modern and elegant finish that adapts to current spaces, with taps and sanitary ceramics. 

In addition, this alternative has high-end attributes, as it includes a thermostatic hydromassage column, with integrated jets for the neck and lumbar area, as well as a hand shower and a 1.75-meter hose. 

On the other hand, the main sprinkler is rectangular in shape. All the elements of the faucet are included and its installation is simple. In total, the model has five customizable water outlets and requires a water pressure of at least 2 bar.

If you do not know which shower column to buy, it would be appropriate for you to pay attention to the positive and negative attributes of this model. 


Water outlets: It has five customizable water outlets for greater user comfort.

Finishes: It is made of stainless steel and latest generation finishes in sanitary taps.

Hydromassage: Not only is it a shower, but it also has a hydromassage option through integrated jets.

Shower: It has a rectangular main shower and a hand shower, with a 1.75 m flexible hose.


Pressure: For a waterfall shower and greater comfort, a constant water pressure is required. 

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Hydromassage shower column 

Auralum ‎Stainless Steel

If you choose a shower column for hydromassage, like the one presented by Auralum, you could enjoy a relaxing session every day, which helps you eliminate tension. In this sense, the model that we analyzed offers a length of 1.3 meters, so you can enjoy the pressure of the water in almost the entire body, even if you are very tall.

In addition, so that you are aware of the temperature of your shower, it has a convenient LED screen, in which you can read this data. Likewise, the column has an interesting effect of upper lights, which gives it an even more attractive and modern style.

As for its materials, you do not have to worry about premature wear, since it is a model made of 304 stainless steel, which resists corrosion, scratches and provides a long service life.

Among the best shower columns on the market, the Auralum model stands out for several qualities that we summarize below.


Modes of use: It offers 5 water outlets that you can configure with the push of a button.

Usage: The column has help guides for easy and easy to understand use.

Size: Being a 1.3 meter shower, it can be adjusted to the needs of tall people.


Batteries: This model, unlike others on the market, requires 6 batteries for its operation, due to its lighting system.

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Grohe shower column

Grohe Precision Start

For those who are looking for a functional, simple and practical alternative, it would be convenient to take a look at the attributes of this Grohe shower column model, which stands out for having adequate performance. 

This option is made of high quality materials and resistance in metal, with chrome finishes that give it an elegant and sophisticated look. In addition, it has a StarLight treatment on the surface that makes it resistant to scratches. On the other hand, the shower has been equipped with a silicone ring that is responsible for protecting the piece in case of falls in the shower. 

It has a single water outlet, with a dream spray function diffuser, which provides a uniform distribution of the vital liquid in the body, regardless of the pressure, and includes a thermostatic bar tap. Its handling is simple and serves to reduce water consumption.

Grohe Precision Start has very useful attributes that you should know about. Here its pros and cons.


Eco: It has an Eco function that helps reduce water consumption during the shower.

Diffuser: It has a diffuser that allows the water to flow out with a uniform and constant distribution.

Resistance: It has StarLight treatment on the surface that makes it resistant to scratches.

Design: It has a simple and functional design, with a single water outlet and chrome finishes.


Thermostat: Certain inconveniences related to the regulation of the thermostat have been manifested.

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Grohe thermostatic shower column

Grohe Euphoria System 180

This Grohe thermostatic shower column has design details that make it one of the most modern and elegant alternatives in sanitary taps, because it combines elements of contemporary design with technological attributes that improve the user experience. 

Two developments of the brand come together in this shower: DreamSpray, which provides a uniform distribution of water, and TurboStat, which provides a constant flow of liquid pressure. One of the best attributes of this model is that it includes an adjustable thermostat, wall shower and hand shower. 

The main diffuser is large in size and provides three jet modes, suitable for each moment. On the one hand, you can enjoy the rain outlet, the SmartRain, for a sustainable jet, and a third mode, which is used for massages. It is made of quality materials, with a chrome finish and has a 21-cm shower, 26-cm showerheads and a 15-degree rotation angle.

There are alternatives that stand out and are suitable for a better experience in the shower. Learn more about this model.


Technologies: It is equipped with several technologies that improve the output and temperature of the water.

Design: It has a modern and avant-garde design, with chrome finishes that give the bathroom an elegant style.

Construction: It is made with high-quality materials and resistance in durable metal.

Modes: The diffuser has several modes of water output, according to the user’s requirements.


Leak: It has been mentioned that the faucet continues to flow after the valve has been closed.

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Roca Victoria thermostatic shower column 

Victoria Rock A5A9718C00 

For those looking for quality at a good price, it would be appropriate for you to know the most relevant attributes of this Roca Victoria thermostatic shower column model, which is designed with chrome finishes and a simple style, but at the same time functional and elegant. This alternative from the manufacturer Roca includes a wide circular shower head, with dimensions of 20 cm in diameter, as well as a hand shower with a diameter of 10 cm and a single water outlet mode. 

At the same time, this element has a 1.7 m flexible made of metallic material, being possible to adjust its height. On the other hand, it has thermostatic taps, with wall installation. 

It is made of resistant materials, incorporating stainless steel and plastic, as well as consistent finishes. In the case of the main shower or sprinkler, it has fixed properties and both water outlets require at least a minimum water pressure of 2 bars.

To have more choice options before making the purchase, you can take a look at the pros and cons of this Roca alternative.


Design: It has a simple and functional design, with the option of two water outlets, being its modern style.

Finish: It is made of metal and plastic, with chrome and consistent finishes.

Flexible: The hand shower is adjustable in height and has a length of 1.7 meters, making it suitable for bathrooms.

Water outlets: It has a main ceiling outlet and another through a shower head with a thermostatic function. 


Control: Sometimes, the control command can be a bit uncomfortable.

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How to choose the best shower column?

If you want to have a more comfortable and controlled shower experience in relation to pressure and thermostat, you need a shower column. Before making a hasty purchase, you need to know that there are many models with different attributes. For this reason, it would be prudent for you to read the following guide to buy the best shower column, with the considerations that you must take into account so that the purchase is efficient and appropriate to your requirements.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials are the main elements with which the products are built and are also a way of having an indication that can lead to knowing their quality and durability. So if you want to know how much a shower column costs, then you need to do an analysis of the materials that the manufacturer incorporated for the construction of the model and its parts. 

In this way, most shower columns that are currently available are made with a stainless steel body. These models tend to be the most expensive. In the same way, other alternatives can be obtained for lower prices that incorporate other lower-end metals, but that also have an adequate level of quality for conducting water. 

On the other hand, there are some alternatives that usually include both metallic materials and PVC in the shower. However, the finishes make them look as if they were completely metal. 

water outlets 

A shower column must be good and economical, but in addition to these attributes it must adapt to the needs of users in relation to water outlets. In this sense, there are different types of showers. 

On the market, you can get from models that are equipped with a single water outlet, through an upper main disperser, to models that are made up of several water outlets, between two and five. In this way, the user will be able to select which and from where he wants the vital liquid to come from. 

These models have, in addition to the main ceiling outlet, a second outlet through a hand shower, which can be in the form of a shower head. The other outlets are through small jets that shoot water at chest and shoulder height, which can be on a front or side panel. The most common models are those that include two water outlets: the main head and the secondary hand.

Design and finishes

In the market you can get from simple and minimalist designs, to some shower columns that stand out for having avant-garde and modern styles, with fine lines that denote greater elegance in the taps. In this sense, there are some alternatives whose water diffusers have rounded shapes, while others are rectangular. 

Similarly, the finishes are a detail that must be considered. The vast majority of manufacturers tend to add uniform finishes and chrome or metallic details to their models. 

In relation to the design, it is prudent to analyze the controls. These, beyond looking good, must be practical and easy to operate to control both the flow rate and the temperature of the water. 


If you want some alternatives that are more versatile, it would be appropriate for you to select a shower column that includes the hydromassage option. Although these proposals have a higher cost, they guarantee an adequate level of relaxation through the water. 

Each particular brand has its whirlpool design. However, it is common for them to have several nozzles from which the water shoots out and that generates satisfaction when hitting the body. 


When making a comparison of shower columns, it is prudent that within the characteristics to be contrasted you can make an analysis of the technology that the model in question incorporates, since it will depend on this to have a greater degree of comfort. In this sense, some of the alternatives include various modes or functions in the water outlet, with the user being able to select between rain mode, eco mode, conventional mode or massage mode. 

On the other hand, there are some models that are equipped with TurboStat technology, which provides a constant flow in water pressure, as well as DreamSpray, which provides an even distribution of the liquid. Meanwhile, other alternatives have SafeStop technology features that can limit and control the constant temperature of the water. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a shower column?

The procedure is the same as would be used with a traditional douching method. Only in this case it is necessary to regulate the temperature at which the water is desired. This is achieved by adjusting the thermostat using a crank. In the same way, the water flow rate and the output mode must be selected. For all this there are different controllers. However, according to the brand, the way of use can change, so the most prudent thing is to take a look at the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Q2: How to fix a shower column?

In many cases, there are only problems with the water flow, the thermostat or, failing that, with the cranks. So, depending on the situation, there will be a different solution proposal. Generally, when the problem is with the thermostat, it is only necessary to change the thermostatic cartridge. If the problem is due to dripping, then it would be good to check the water pressure and the cranks.

Q3: How to install a shower column?

To install the column, concentric nuts must be used and they must have Teflon in their connection to the wall, so an adequate amount must be placed in each one. Then they must be inserted into the corresponding space by pressing. In addition, they must be aligned at the same height. Next, the trims must be placed. Remember to place the filters in the thermostatic intakes so that the sediments do not pass.

Then, place the piece and tighten the nuts with the wrench. The rod that holds the sprinkler usually has a bushing that must be marked on the wall to open a hole and adjust this piece with screws. Place this rod right in the middle of the faucet and squeeze all the gaps firmly. Then place the sprinkler and fasten it with the thread. In case you have a hand shower, it must be connected to the tap and it will be ready for use. 

Q4: At what height is a shower column placed?

This usually varies according to the height of the user or users who are going to use the equipment. In the case of people with a height between 1.60 cm and 1.80 cm, it is recommended that the mixer or stopcock be installed at a height between 114 cm and 126 cm, while the wall shower must be placed between the 213 cm and the 250 cm.

Q5: How to clean a shower column?

This process will largely depend on the materials with which it is made, since stainless steel showers with chrome finishes are more practical to clean. At the same time, in these cases it is necessary to maintain the brightness. For this reason, it is best to apply only water with detergent on the surfaces and then wipe the pieces with a soft, dry cloth in a circular motion. 

Q6: How to fix a leaking shower column?

Fixing this problem will depend on where the drip is generated. If it is in the main sprinkler, it may be because it is tilted and the remaining water is dripping. If it is only in the hand shower or directly in the taps, then it is possible that the ceramic cartridge is damaged and needs to be replaced. Similarly, it is possible that a change of the stopcock in the shower may have to be made. However, it is recommended that a technician is responsible for making a diagnosis.

Q7: How to remove rust from the shower column?

There are those who recommend using water and dishwashing liquid together with a soft sponge, passing it through the edges and spaces that are affected. Another technique is to add vinegar directly to the rusty areas and then rinse with a soft sponge and hot water. If the stains persist, then it’s time to turn to baking soda. Apply an amount to a soft bristle brush, then add water and apply to areas to be cleaned.  

Q8: What is a thermostatic shower column?

A thermostatic shower column is similar to a conventional shower, only it has greater advantages in relation to the water temperature and its automatic regulation. These elements have two controls or cranks. Each of them fulfills a function: one controls the flow and the other regulates the temperature. The main benefit is the constant flow of the vital liquid, regardless of the fact that other taps are open.

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