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Shower trays – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Made of different materials, shower trays are accessories to be placed in the bathroom that improve safety, prevent leaks and make the water circulate towards the drain. Being so popular, there are many brands that offer interesting designs. However, there are two that appear frequently. First of all, DUCHA.ES Resina is a model made with a mineral filler and a slate effect, with a texture similar to slate stone and an elegant gray aesthetic. We also mention Roca A373519000, a model with a classic rectangular shape, which is made of porcelain.

Opinions about the best shower trays

Shower trays are becoming increasingly essential accessories within the elements known as sanitary porcelain, because they improve safety in the shower and give the room a more sophisticated look. For this reason, we will review the main characteristics of the models that lead the preferences as the best shower tray.

Resin shower tray


Marketed and distributed by Ducha.es, this model appears in the opinion of many users as the best shower tray on the market, because it has high-end features. It has an elegant and timeless design that can be installed in any bathroom, being a resin shower tray, so it is resistant and of good quality. 

It is available in an elegant white color. Although it is made of resin, this plate has a mineral filler for a slate effect, giving the possibility of a stone-like texture, being aesthetically attractive and functional, in addition to having non-slip properties. 

Its dimensions are 70 cm by 100 cm and its height is about 3 cm, so that it can be installed on or flush with the ground and the drain is 45 cm from its head. Includes a stainless steel valve and grill.

Considered by many to be the best shower tray of the moment, this design has attributes that must be analyzed.


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 70 cm wide, 100 long and 3 cm high, with a distance of 45 cm between the drain and the headboard. 

Manufacturing: The model is made of resin, delicately worked for a better result.

Effect: It has a mineral effect surface that gives it a texture similar to slate stone.

Accessories: Includes within the elements a valve and grid, both made of stainless steel.


Packaging: According to what some users have stated, it does not come packaged properly or safely.

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Roca shower tray

Rock A373519000 

The Spanish brand Roca presents one of the models that is usually among the best shower trays of 2022, due to its attributes that denote quality and high-end. The Roca shower tray has been manufactured with a rectangular shape to fit most showers, being universal in style, measuring 90 cm long, 70 cm wide and 8 cm high. 

Its design is elegant and modern, so it adapts as a sophisticated piece to the decoration of the bathroom. The plate is made of porcelain, with a depth of 6.5 cm and is available in a classic white colour. 

In addition, for greater user safety during the shower, it has a non-slip surface and may be suitable for foot massages. Unlike other models, this tray does not include the drainage valve among its accessories. 

Roca is an important manufacturer, being considered the best brand of shower trays. Here the pros and cons of one of their models.


Materials: The product has been built with high quality standards in white porcelain.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 70 cm wide, 90 long and 8 cm high. 

Shape: Its design is modern and elegant, its rectangular shape being universal.

Surface: For greater safety and comfort, it incorporates a non-slip and ergonomic surface. 


Valve: It does not include the valve or grate for the drain, so it is necessary to make an additional investment.

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acrylic shower tray

Crocket STNPLUS 70X200 CH

Crocket presents this acrylic shower tray with well-cared finishes and a modern design, which integrates correctly into any bathroom, without breaking the decoration codes of the place.

For the manufacture of the product, an important mineral load was combined with resin, which results in a surface resistant to humidity and capable of supporting the weight of people without cracking. Also, this synthetic body plate provides a soft touch, due to its granite texture.

In addition, the product is considered highly safe with respect to unexpected slips when stepping on, since it has level C3 anti-slip certification, one of the highest, according to the safety regulations applied to this type of product.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the incorporation of a grid made of steel with anticorrosive protection, whose function is to allow water to drain quickly and smoothly.

This is a shower tray manufactured to offer a safe and highly attractive surface for the bathroom. Here, more details.


Texture: The granite finish of the shower tray provides a pleasant soft touch for the feet.

Grid: Its stainless steel grid allows the water to drain quickly.

Thickness: The tray is flush with the ground, to avoid the annoying step effect.

Safety: It is a product with non-slip certification, so you can step safely.


Weight: The structure could be a bit heavy, so you would need to manipulate it with the help of another person.

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Slate shower tray

StyleWhite Bathroom Ral-9003 

This is a shower tray with a long format – width corresponding to 100 x 70 centimeters, which adapts to small bathrooms. In addition, thanks to its modern white board-style design, you can integrate the product into any room, without fear of disharmonizing with the decoration.

To manufacture the product, polyester resin was used, a synthetic material in conjunction with mineral particles, and a convenient gel coating was applied to the surface. In this way, users can enjoy a slate shower tray with adequate resistance to impacts, acids and salts present in the water and cleaning products.

In addition, with the purchase a valve is incorporated, which helps the correct drainage of the shower, along with a grid made of stainless steel. It is a pair of robust parts, which provide a long service life.

If you are looking for a resistant and safe shower tray, you can point this model among your purchase options. Next, its pros and cons.


Valve: The water will drain quickly and steadily, due to the built-in valve.

Manufacturing: Being made of polyester resin, it offers maximum resistance to shocks, acids and salts.

Non-slip: Its non-slip surface is safe, so you can move freely on the plate.

Color: Thanks to its bright white tone, you will have no problem integrating the product into any bathroom.


Grid: The grid is smaller than the hole in the siphon, so it could easily become misaligned.

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Mineral load shower tray


DUCHA.ES is a manufacturer that has brought a large number of shower tray models to the market that have become some of the best on the market. Such is the case of the 9003 design, which has high-end and quality attributes.

Although it is made of high-resistance resin, it is also known as a mineral-filled shower tray, because its manufacturing materials have been treated to look and have textured finishes like slate stone, with mineral fillers. 

In addition, it has a gel coating that gives it an antibacterial effect that does not allow moisture to remain. Includes a grate and drain valve. It has a design with high-end and elegant finishes, which is available in various colors to select the one that best suits your needs. It can be cut and its measurements are 70 cm wide by 140 cm long. 

Some models stand out for having high-end properties at a competitive price. Find out more about Duchas.es 9003.


Dimensions: Its measurements are 70 cm wide, 140 cm long and 3 cm high.

Material: It is made of resistant resin, which is available in various colors, from classic to striking. 

Finishes: It has a gel coating that improves its antibacterial protection, by not allowing the accumulation of moisture.

Treatment: Includes a special treatment that gives it a textured surface, thanks to the mineral load.


Material l: Some users have hinted that the material may not be resin, because it breaks when it is cut.

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Stone shower tray

Mayer 159254

Although it is not a cheap shower tray, this model marketed by Maier has properties that stand out for its high degree of quality, being considered a high-end design. The product has dimensions of 70 cm wide, 170 cm long and 3 cm high, being suitable for different bathroom rooms. 

It is made of resistant stone known as marmoresin, made up of 75% natural mineral loads and, due to its properties, it can be of the wire floor plate or support plate style. The stone shower tray has a non-slip surface, with a low level of wear, which looks elegant and in tune with the rest of the sanitary elements. 

It has polished and worked finishes to look aesthetically appropriate and has a gel protection that improves protection against agents such as humidity. It includes a drain basin and is available in several sophisticated colors.

When making a choice, it is necessary to opt for models that offer high quality standards. Read the details of this model.


Surface: It has a gel coating that controls humidity and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

Material: It is made of a stone material with 75% mineral components that give it anti-slip properties.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 70 cm wide, 170 cm long and about 3 cm high.

Pool: In addition to the plate, it includes the discharge pool, so no other investment is needed.


Design: Some users consider that its design is very simple.

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Shower tray accessories

Shower tray drain

Vilstein VS-DB01-40G

Without a shower tray drain, this sanitary piece will be incomplete and useless. Therefore, it is recommended that, if it is not included, it be purchased separately, this Vilstein model being one of the best, for having a contemporary and striking design with built-in properties.

The piece is made of stainless steel and is adjustable in height, incorporating resistant finishes.

In addition, it includes all the accessories to facilitate its installation and fixing. On the other hand, its weight is about 4.5 kilos, its depth is calculated between 6 and 8 cm, while its length varies according to needs. 

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Shower tray valve

The Living Design 910835

Weighing 340 grams, this shower tray valve from the manufacturer The Living Design is one of the best on the market, because it is made with high-grade materials of quality and resistance, with dimensions of 7 cm high and a hole of 9 cm for the water outlet. In addition, it has an elegant appearance due to its chrome color. 

One of the best features of this model is that it is easy to install and can be disassembled in a matter of minutes in order to clean and keep the area hygienic. The drain valve is suitable for different models of shower trays.

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How to choose the best shower tray?

Before making a hasty purchase decision, it is necessary to know some properties that will help guide the search and choice towards quality and high-end. For this reason, below we will review the properties that you cannot ignore, in a guide to buying the best shower tray on the market.

Shopping guide 


Each shower tray has a different size and dimensions that change according to the brand, model and even the needs of the user, since they can even be cut to fit the size of the bathroom. When plates with small and medium dimensions are selected, there will be a significant saving of space that can be used to add other sanitary elements such as the toilet. 


The manufacturing materials can be an indication that helps the user to know how much a shower tray costs. In the market you can get different types of manufacturing materials: acrylic, ceramic, natural stone or those made of resin, with mineral content. In the case of shower trays made of acrylic, they have an external layer in this material and another in fiberglass. 

According to the brand, there are alternatives that may have high-density reinforcements to provide greater resistance, in addition to being models with greater non-slip and lightweight properties, which facilitates their installation. Models made of ceramic are usually cheap alternatives and resistant to opacity. However, their weight is high and they are fragile, which makes their installation difficult. 

Mineral stone shower trays include natural elements such as marble, granite or slate, they have warm properties, but in contrast they are not very resistant. Finally, the models with mineral loads have specific measures that are generally manufactured at the user’s discretion, with different finishes and are usually non-slip and antibacterial. 


If you want to make a comparison of shower trays, design must be analyzed as one of the properties to be contrasted. Although this property has nothing to do with its operation, it is a question that is related to the tastes of each individual for their bathroom. In this way, simple designs with a rectangular shape can be achieved, as well as more sophisticated ones with curved lines and circular shapes. 

In this sense, the choice of a shape will depend largely on the space you have in the bathroom. For example, if this room has dimensions greater than 3.5 square meters, you can look for rectangular shower trays. However, if space is limited, it is better to opt for square or circular alternatives, as well as quarter circles, which are options designed for small spaces. Within the design you can also select the color, knowing that the most popular are white, black, beige and gray.

Coating and anti-slip

The price may be an indication of the quality and resistance of a model, but regardless of whether it is a cheap shower tray, the most important thing is safety. Therefore, it is recommended that these pieces are equipped with anti-slip properties and a gel-coated surface. 

If the model includes this, it will be of higher quality, because it is an agent that protects and provides greater resistance, being functional to reduce the action of humidity and its consequences. In this regard, it is important to pay special attention to the level or anti-slip layers. Shower trays have different levels, knowing that three is a maximum standardized level.


Weight is an important factor when making an efficient choice and one that must be analyzed when installing the shower tray. This is because many of the heavier models are often difficult to handle and install, requiring the help of others to complete the process. 

For this reason, it is recommended that they be low-weight models, but with high quality standards. This quality-to-weight ratio attribute is present in the most avant-garde models to which techniques have been applied that improve resistance and reduce weight. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to install a resin shower tray?

This is an installation project that requires time and dedication. The drain must be located on the plate and measures taken to mark on the ground and correct the outlet, to make the connections directly with the valve and that it fits properly. Next, it is necessary to make the cement mixture and pour it evenly. You must wait for it to dry and then place the resin shower tray. To stick it, you have to apply quantities of polyurethane putty. Then you need to make the connections and you’re good to go.

Q2: Why does the shower tray crack?

If this happened after a short time of use, it is usually because the installation was not done properly or the cement was not allowed to dry. In some cases, these plates are delicate and after some time cracks appear on the surface. To avoid this, it is necessary to follow proper maintenance, especially if the protective gel layer has been lost. Therefore, excessive use of the same areas should be avoided, because this can generate cracks. 

Q3: What is better, a shower tray or a built-in one?

Both options are adequate and of good quality. Deciding on one or the other will depend on the budget you have, the characteristics of the bathroom and the design you hope to achieve. A shower tray is a versatile option in terms of designs and prices. These plates are cheaper and their installation is quick. In the case of the built-in shower, it is not prefabricated and can be adapted to different spaces, being possible to place it anywhere, but at the same time, it must be installed by professionals. So if an analysis is made, it is possible that the shower tray is better due to savings. 

Q4: How to unclog a flat shower tray?

To remove the blockage, a plunger must be used, to make a vacuum effect that removes the dirt that may be obstructing the drain pipes. There are those who choose to use tools such as wires and chemicals. Some household options include the use of baking soda and coarse salt, as well as rubbing alcohol or vinegar. This mixture should be poured over the drain and little by little the sediments will disappear. Finally, it is necessary for the hot water to flow so that the rest of the waste is carried away. 

Q5: How to seal resin shower tray?

To do this, a silicone bathroom sealant with anti-mold and waterproof properties should be used, which should be applied evenly with a silicone sealant gun. Previously, it is necessary to scrape the old silicone with a spatula and remove it, as well as properly clean the area before applying the new layer. When you apply it, let it dry and check that there are no cracks on the edges of the surface. 

Q6: How to make a built-in shower tray?

It is a project that requires time, money and dedication, with a moderate level of difficulty and that requires specialized tools. First, a drawing pattern must be created to fix the forms of the mortar. Next, the vinyl membranes must be placed and the tile installed, which will be the base and must not have leaks. Then, the rest of the pieces must be placed evenly and unevenness must be taken into account. Most people prefer this type of project to be done by professionals with specialized equipment. 

Q7: How to clean a slate shower tray?

In many stores you can get some repair kits with which it is possible to improve the conditions of the chainring without having to buy a new one. To do this, it is necessary to make a paste with catalyst and enamel. With regular cleaners the plate should be cleaned to remove all the impurities. Next, the mixed paste should be applied to the affected areas, using a brush or sponge.

Q8: How to change the bathtub for a shower tray?

It is a masonry project that requires time and tools, because it is necessary to remove the bathtub by breaking up the floor. In addition, measurements must be taken of the floor and the conventional installation must be made to the ducts and drains of the shower tray, as has already been explained.

How to use a shower tray

Shower trays have been replacing bathtubs and have become the most popular elements in the bathroom, because they are properly integrated into the room and have luxury finishes. Despite the fact that there are now many models and they are even sold prefabricated, there are those who do not know how to use a shower tray efficiently. Therefore, below we will share some tips and recommendations so that its use is efficient.

Unpack and remove the shower tray

The first thing to do is remove the shower tray from the box in which it was packed, removing all the components that may be inside the package. Similarly, it is necessary to place the shower tray on a flat surface and remove any sticker that it includes. Next, it is recommended to pass a damp cloth over the surface and verify that it is in perfect condition, without cracks, bumps or scratches.

Install the shower tray

If you had already planned to install the shower tray in the bathroom, then you should already have the remodeling work, such as the bathtub outside the space, the measurements noted down and the space reserved for the shower tray, already advanced with cement dry and tile, so that later the installation of the missing piece takes less time. 

To do this, it is necessary to measure the distance from the edge of the shower tray to the drain and install the pipes properly. It is necessary to place the shower tray on the surface and glue it with polyurethane putty. Then, you must wait for it to seal, fix and dry. After a couple of days it will be ready to use.


Use the shower tray

After a few days of having installed the shower tray, it can be used. For this, you must enter the shower and turn on the water tap and let it flow, to proceed to bathe as usual, using all the regular products for personal hair and body care. It does not matter if hot or cold water is used. This first use will give an impression on the operation and installation of the shower tray and the flow of water towards the drain. These trays include their unevenness, so it is not necessary to leave it in the installation. However, this can be corroborated by seeing the direction that the water takes when it falls and the way it goes towards the pipes.

Do regular maintenance of the shower tray

After using the shower tray, the area must be kept clean, removing impurities. It is important to remember that direct hits on the surface of the shower tray must be avoided. Similarly, there are those who advise not always to be on the same area, but to rotate the position to vary the weight. In case it is used with a wheelchair or other elements that can scratch, it is necessary to apply some products to extend its useful life.

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White shower trays and screens

If you are looking for the best value for money shower tray, then it would be convenient for you to take a look at the attributes that this model, marketed by Shower trays and screens, incorporates, which is one of the cheapest in our selection of products. 

It is a resistant and durable acrylic shower tray, which has been built with high quality techniques for a better product. Due to its dimensions, it adapts to large shower spaces, as its measurements are 120 cm long, 76 cm wide and 3.5 cm high, making it possible to install it almost flush with the ground. 

One of the best features of this model is that it includes the valve or siphon, so it is not necessary to purchase it separately. In addition, its finishes denote quality, as it is available in an elegant white color, with delicate details of the latest generation. 

This model is one of the cheapest alternatives, with properties that stand out for their competitive price.


Valve: It is not necessary to make another investment because the tray includes the valve or siphon for drainage. 

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 120 cm long, 76 cm wide and 3.5 cm high.

Colour: It is available in an elegant white colour, with delicate finishes and state-of-the-art details.

Materials: It is a resistant model that has been built with high-quality acrylic materials.


Installation: Some users have stated that the installation is complex and does not include a manual to guide.

Shower trays and screens 9005

For those who have not yet been able to determine which is the best shower tray on the market, it would be appropriate for them to know the characteristics that stand out in this model marketed by Shower trays and screens. Available in an elegant and modern black colour, this is a slate shower tray suitable for placing in bathroom rooms with a minimalist style. 

Although it is really made of resin, it has a slate stone mineral-filled finish, which gives it texture. For this reason, it has non-slip properties and is extra-flat, 3 cm high, making it suitable for a quality installation.

In addition, it has a gel coating and the drain is at a distance of 45 cm from all edges, right in the middle. Its dimensions are 70 cm long by 160 cm wide. The square meter has a weight of approximately 40 kilos.

If you do not know which shower tray to buy, it is convenient that you know some details about the model of your interest.


Accessories: Includes a siphon and drain grate, so it is not necessary to purchase them separately.

Colour: It is available in an elegant and sophisticated black color that matches many sanitary pieces.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 70 cm long, 160 cm wide and 3 cm high.

Construction: It has been built in resin worked with mineral filler and gel coating.


Weight: Its weight is high, making it difficult to load and install, requiring the help of another person.

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