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Silent Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the most used devices in the home is the vacuum cleaner, since it allows us to carry out cleaning tasks with greater comfort; however, they are often very noisy, so purchasing a silent vacuum cleaner will allow us to obtain the same results, without the inconvenience of excessive noise. Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing one of these pieces of equipment, it is important that you make sure of this and other characteristics, such as the power and capacity of the tank. After reviewing user reviews on the web, we can say that among the most outstanding is the Laresar Elite 1, which offers a suction power of 26 kPa, due to the fact that it has a 380 W motor, which allows cleaning. easier and faster. Another outstanding model is the Karcher VC2 vacuum cleaner., which with its HEPA filter eliminates up to 99.5% of dust, barely generates 76 decibels of noise and has an intelligent system for storing accessories inside the machine itself.

The 4 Best Silent Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

A vacuum cleaner is one of the household appliances that emits the most noise during its operation, becoming a great nuisance in the home. Today it is also an avoidable noise, if you take this feature into account when buying it. As an example, check out these popular models.

1. Laresar Cordless Broom Vacuum Cleaner 380 W

This appliance stands out for its suction power, which reaches 26 kPa, thanks to its 380 W of power. In this way, it is capable of very quickly absorbing hair, dust, food crumbs, among others. In addition, it allows you to choose between 2 speeds to adapt it to your needs.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that it has a brushless motor, which is more durable and emits less noise, staying below 68 dB. Also, it incorporates a HEPA filter to eliminate 99.97% of dirt particles. For these reasons, many users consider it the best silent vacuum cleaner today. 

It works with a 2600 mAh battery, which charges in 4 hours and offers a range of 30 minutes. As if that were not enough, it includes an innovative lighting system so that you can observe the dust in dark and hard-to-reach areas.

Keeping the house clean can be easier if you have a good vacuum cleaner, so we invite you to review the positive and negative characteristics of this product in more detail.


Wireless: It works with a removable 2600 mAh battery, so it does not need cables, so you can move freely throughout the space for approximately 30 continuous minutes.

Motor: Thanks to its brushless motor, this vacuum cleaner is very quiet and reduces technical failures typical of older models, thus extending its useful life.

Filter: It has a HEPA filter that sucks up 99.97% of dirt. In addition, it can be easily washed to always enjoy great suction power.


Battery: It brings a single battery, so it is recommended to purchase another one separately for greater autonomy, which implies an additional investment.

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2. Kärcher Vacuum Cleaner VC 2

When it comes to vacuuming, in addition to having the inconvenience of cleaning, we have the additional problem of having to put up with the noise generated by the product.

Something that we can avoid by reducing the power, but above all by betting on models that have a properly isolated system, that does not affect the quality of cleaning but that at least adequately alleviates the noise of this product.

Something we found in the Karcher VC2 vacuum cleaner. This product has a power of 700 watts through a plugged system with which it is easy to clean all types of hard surfaces.

For this we have all kinds of accessories that make cleaning even easier and that you can also store directly in the machine so as not to lose them and always have them at hand.

A complete product with class A energy efficiency and high cleaning efficiency on hard floors, with four power levels to adjust it to what you need, always maintaining a low noise level, set at a maximum of 76 decibels at maximum performance.


Power: The model has four different power levels, adapted to each of your needs, allowing you to save energy when cleaning.

Accessory compartment: You can store all the accessories inside so you don’t lose them and always have them at hand without complications.

Noise level: The noise generated by the product at maximum power is about 76 decibels, so it is worthy of being included in our selection of silent vacuum cleaners.


HEPA filter: The HEPA filter has to be washed wet, which complicates the process as it is somewhat more difficult to remove the most stuck-on dirt.

Effectiveness on carpet: The model is class D when it comes to cleaning surfaces such as carpets or rugs, not being the best option for it.

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3. Inventor Epic BG62 5+ Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has 700 W of power to absorb dust correctly on any type of floor. In addition, the suction power can be controlled in 4 levels through its control panel, which in turn has an LED screen to easily view the data. In this way, you can always know which mode and speed are selected.

It incorporates a HEPA filter capable of collecting allergenic elements, as well as harmful and irritating substances, with the aim of providing a healthier environment. In this case, the dust accumulates in a practical bag to avoid direct contact with dirt.

For greater practicality, it has a light that indicates when the bag is full. It is important to mention that it includes an additional control built directly into the handle, which provides direct access to control the suction power without stopping the job. 

Many think that Inventor is the best brand of silent vacuum cleaners, so this model can be a good purchase option. However, it is advisable to analyze its main characteristics in detail.


Power: It has a power of 700 W that allows it to suck dust from hard floors, carpets, and upholstery. However, it emits only 61 dB of noise, making it one of the quietest.

Control: It has a main control panel with an LED screen to easily view the data. In addition, it includes an additional control on the handle itself to change the power.

Brushes: Thanks to the 5 brushes included in the package, this vacuum cleaner becomes a very versatile device when it comes to cleaning in different rooms of the home.


Wired: It does not have wireless technology, which makes it less practical. However, it comes with a 9 meter cable for greater freedom of movement.

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4. Ikohs Create Netbot S15 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner

This device has a series of features that make it very attractive when choosing a vacuum cleaner, since it not only sucks up dust, but also sweeps, scrubs and mops different surfaces, all with a noise level of less than 60 dB. Thanks to these features, it is one of the most versatile today.

It has the SmartGyroscope intelligent navigation technology, which incorporates gyroscopic sensors, so that it allows a map of space to be drawn up to cover the entire surface. At the same time, however, it prevents impacts and falls, as it detects obstacles, which favors a longer useful life.

Likewise, it has an intelligent cleaning system with 2 suction levels and it is possible to control its functions from the mobile thanks to the brand’s application and the connection to the WiFi network. As if that were not enough, it is compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

If you still don’t know which silent vacuum cleaner to buy, you may be interested in this modern multifunction robot. For this reason, we present its main pros and cons. 


Multifunction: It is a 4-in-1 device, since it scrubs, mops, sweeps and vacuums with a maximum power of 1500 Pa. For this reason, it can considerably reduce the time you spend cleaning the home.

Tape: The package includes a magnetic tape that serves to delimit the cleaning space. In this way, the robot refrains from going through that forbidden zone.

Tanks: Bring a 600 ml tank to store dust, hair and other dirt particles, but also an additional 400 ml for liquids.


Performance: It is necessary to clarify that the scrubbing mode is only for maintenance, so it is not used to remove too much accumulated dirt.

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Shopping guide

Noise is a usual and abundant nuisance, since there is noise in the street, in the office, in the school and even in the house. Sound is measured in decibels (dB), on a scale of 0 to 120 and it is recommended not to exceed 55 dB per day, although it is from 75dB that it becomes dangerous.

Some noises are beyond your control and you end up getting used to them, but excessive noise for long periods of time can cause health problems, for this reason, the manufacturers of electrical appliances, which are the main generators of noise in the home, have reduced the loudness of their appliances.

Among the noisiest devices we have vacuum cleaners and in this guide to buying the best silent vacuum cleaner we want to highlight the essential characteristics that these devices must have, to help you choose the quietest and most economical model.

In this way, the first aspect that you should take care of when making a comparison of silent vacuum cleaners is the level of noise they produce, which is established in the energy label that is attached.

In it you can also check the energy consumption and the efficiency they have in relation to the ability to properly clean different surfaces, such as hard floors and soft floors. Likewise, you will be able to check how effective they are in sending dust to the outside, which greatly contributes to determining the performance of the device.

Modern vacuum cleaners produce sound levels from 60 dB to 75 dB, which is not considered harmful in short periods of time. However, many might think that a low-noise vacuum cleaner will not clean effectively, but today they have motors that are sealed and insulated with soundproof materials, so they still clean with as little noise as possible.

Power and noise level

A vacuum cleaner that generates a low noise level does not have to be deficient when it comes to cleaning dirt and dust and since the World Health Organization (WHO) establishes that any sound above 75 dB can become harmful according to the period of time in which it is exposed, it is important that we opt for those vacuum cleaners that produce a low noise level, so that the sound emitted is not annoying or harmful.

Now, as we have already mentioned in other posts, the electrical power does not determine the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner, but rather it is the suction force that really determines the true performance of these devices and this varies depending on each model and brand. To efficiently and easily clean all kinds of surfaces, a suitable suction power is between 300 and 450 watts.


Although modern vacuum cleaners have a lower input power than the old models, this does not reduce their suction capacity, that is, they clean the same producing less noise and, at the same time, consume less energy. This is also due to the fact that vacuum cleaners now have suspended motors, which work in isolation and are covered, in most cases, with acoustic foam. They also have well-sealed tubes and fittings to filter out the noise they produce.

Another point to consider regarding the capacity of a vacuum cleaner is that it can clean all types of surfaces and that the collected dust does not return to the outside, especially if there are children and people with allergies in your home. To do this, the vacuum cleaner must have good quality filters, which trap even the smallest particles, such as HEPA filters.

Energy efficiency

Modern vacuum cleaners must have an energy label where you can see the basic and mandatory factors that define their effectiveness and performance. First of all, check the level of noise generated by the vacuum cleaner. It’s good to keep in mind that one more decibel can make a big difference between unbearable noise and tolerable sound.

Likewise, it assesses the ability to collect dust and dirt, both for hard surfaces (parquet, wood, tile) and for soft surfaces (carpet, carpet), as well as the quality of dust remission, categories evaluated by a letter from the a to the f

Last but not least, consider the average annual consumption, which is nothing more than the estimate of how much the vacuum cleaner spends after a year, calculated based on 50 uses in an area of ​​87m². The closer to class A or higher, the more energy the equipment saves compared to other models.

How to use a silent vacuum cleaner

If you hate noise, this product seems made for you. You can vacuum your home without disturbing anyone, while enjoying your favorite music or chatting animatedly on the phone. The operation of this appliance, depending on each model, emits less than 70 decibels, a threshold that is below annoying or harmful sounds for hearing health. Pets greatly appreciate the existence of this equipment.

How does a silent vacuum cleaner work?

This new silent technology is obtained through the use of noise-absorbing materials, acting as acoustic insulators. In addition, silent vacuum cleaners use a motor “suspended” inside the casing that emits much less vibration.

By selecting the model that suits you best, you can prioritize the sound emission level of the equipment, reading directly the energy label that tells you exactly the number of decibels generated by its operation (the smaller the scale, the less noise). A directly proportional relationship is also established between the power of the equipment and its loudness: the higher the power, the higher the noise level.

Generalities of use

In general, silent vacuum cleaners are used in a similar way to conventional vacuum cleaners that have been on the market for decades. The difference lies in the fact that this equipment is the product of “anti-noise” technological innovation, which provides it with a double casing that houses the motor and absorbs vibrations and acoustic emissions.

Silent vacuum cleaner components

Its components include the head with interchangeable nozzles (with built-in brush and different flat openings with varying thickness) to be able to access corners, corners, vacuum carpets, curtains, furniture (or car) upholstery, multiple ins and outs and parquet floors, plastic coating or granite. The head is applied directly to the area you want to clean, using the most suitable one.

The head is attached to a telescopic tube or flexible hose (of variable extension) connected to the body of the vacuum cleaner or casing. Inside the casing is the filter that collects micro-impurities and the bag that stores all the dust, dirt and debris sucked up, with an average capacity of 3.5 liters.

robotic models

In addition to this range already described (which has a multiplicity of models and their respective features), there are robotic models, much more compact and that allow you to ignore their operation while you can take care of other tasks.

Of course: given the specificity of the upholstery and curtain vacuuming process, this cannot be done by the robot, whose specialty is floor cleaning. Among the advantages you find that you can program it with more than half a dozen cleaning modes and leave it working at night in complete darkness.

Silent vacuum cleaner accessories

The silent vacuum cleaners have disposable bags with greater or lesser access for replacement (it is suggested to empty the bag after each use), as well as effective HEPA filters, of enormous ecological sustainability, thanks to their maximum retention of dust and micro -particles, which can be washed and reused with great durability.

A variant to consider is the length of the electrical cable, so that we can activate the product in large areas without having to resort to extensions that can cause overvoltage. Some models result, in the design of their components (telescopic arm and nozzles, for example) much more ergonomic than others, providing versatility in their use. In all its variants, this equipment sucks up dust without making a fuss.

The most popular brands

The vacuum cleaner has the advantage of being a great cleaning tool for our home. But many times it has the drawback of being a great noise-making machine. Fortunately, manufacturers have already taken this problem into account and that is why they increasingly offer household cleaning products with less noise generation. This is what some of the companies that we will see below have done and that due to their efficiency and reduced noise deserve to be highlighted.

Since its birth in 1978, the Italian company Polti has been forever linked to the world of home cleaning. A field in which the company has presented innovative products, both for their technological character and for their elegant Italian design, which are not only efficient but also give them a visually pleasing point. The first of these products, which gave rise to the international recognition of the company, was the Vaporella ironing center, which came to revolutionize the way we iron in our homes.

Later came steam cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners with a water filter and, in 2014, a combined product that vacuums, dries and steams. All this in a single product, which was the zenith of a range that the brand itself had created. This investment in technology has also allowed the company to offer products that are easy to use, pleasant and with an adjusted noise level, which makes them worthy of being able to be in this selection of silent vacuum cleaner brands.

Considering that many of Bosch’s tools, such as their drills, generate a large amount of dust in the process, it is not surprising that the company has developed a line of vacuum cleaners with which you can keep your home clean after any job. Or from the cleaning of the home that we do from time to time.

In this aspect, the truth is that the range of Bosch appliances is an additional line of work, to which they have been added to this great conglomerate that, in its beginnings, was nothing more than a simple metal workshop.

We are talking about the end of the 19th century, in which the company began its activities. Over time, the exponential growth of the company would add new divisions to the firm, beyond the tools, the electrical sector or even the car parts that it currently also sells. A wide range in which we also find these silent vacuum cleaners, which maintain all the quality and silence necessary for cleaning your home to be somewhat relaxed without having to end up with a headache.

The German company AEG was founded in 1883, with the main objective of exploiting the new patents that the inventor Thomas Edison had created in the United States. These patents were mainly linked to products related to the electrical sector, both for the professional and domestic sectors.

In the professional sector, the firm presents all kinds of products designed for energy supply, as well as different top-level tools and elements to optimize its operation. On the domestic side, the firm sells different electrical appliances such as heaters, irons, kettles and much more.

A wide range of products that the company would expand with the passing of time until its dissolution in 1996. However, the brand persists thanks to the purchase that Electrolux made of the company’s rights, so that today AEG products continue to being present in the market. Products such as its silent vacuum cleaners, which have evolved to increase their cleaning efficiency with an increasingly adjusted noise level.

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What are the best Rowenta silent vacuum cleaners of 2022?

Como marca líder del mercado de aspiradores, Rowenta cuenta con una amplia gama de productos y opciones para cualquier vivienda. Pero si lo que te interesa conocer son los mejores aspiradores silenciosos Rowenta del momento entonces estás en el lugar adecuado. Para responder a tu cuestión te ofrecemos los modelos más destacados de nuestra comparativa de aspiradores silenciosos Rowenta, junto con las pautas que hemos usado para elegirlos y que seguramente te resulten de utilidad en tu compra.

Como en todo aspirador, aún silencioso, uno de los elementos más importantes tiene que ver con la potencia de aspiración. Esta potencia es la que nos marca la utilidad del producto, de modo que cuanto mayor sea más duros serán los retos que podamos imponerle.

Tenlo en cuenta sobre todo si necesitas aspirar tapicerías y suelos blandos, ya que estos suelen precisar de una potencia inferior a los modelos pensados solo para suelos duros.

El segundo aspecto a considerar es un modelo con o sin bolsa. Y es que aunque parezca mentira los aspiradores con bolsa siguen entre nosotros y siguen presentando ventajas, como la de impedir de forma más eficiente que el polvo vuelva a la estancia.

Obviamente la ventaja de los modelos con depósito o sin bolsa es justamente evitar esta molestia, aunque también tienen algún inconveniente. Aquí conviene elegir según lo que prefieras, ya que los modelos con bolsa también han evolucionado y pueden seguir siendo interesantes.

Como último aspecto hablamos de la calificación del aspirador. En el lado energético siempre conviene apostar por modelos de clase A, de manera que estos consuman menos energía a la hora de funcionar. En cuanto a la efectividad de limpiar, que tambien va desde la A (el mejor) a la E (el peor) obviamente también conviene apostar por clase A especialmente para el tipo de suelo concreto que tengas previsto limpiar.

Ces produits ont été parmi les plus recommandés, mais maintenant ils ne sont plus disponibles

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO5761EA

Otro modelo que se incluye entre los mejores aspiradores silenciosos del 2022 es el Silence Force Extreme RO5761EA de la popular y muy reconocida marca Rowenta.

Este aspirador con bolsa emite un adecuado nivel de ruido, de solo 66 dB, acreditado en su etiqueta energética, lo que te permite disfrutar de un ambiente tranquilo o incluso poder escuchar música mientras aspiras.

Siendo un aspirador de buen rendimiento y de poco consumo de energía, está catalogado con clase A en eficiencia energética y limpieza de suelos duros, ya que cuenta con un cepillo para parqué que brinda una ventaja excepcional al aspirar este y otros tipos de suelos duros como maderas y baldosas.

Incluye además cepillo multiusos y boquilla para ranuras, y cuenta con un sistema de limpieza y filtrado de calidad, que incluye bolsa Wonderbag Endura de 3.5 litros y filtro HEPA 13 lavable.

Por último, acá tienes los pros y contras de una también excelente opción de parte de Rowenta para que decidas si merece la pena tu inversión:


Filtro: el equipo de Rowenta hace uso de un filtro HEPA 13, lo cual garantiza la contención de la suciedad aspirada para que ésta no pueda volver al ambiente.

Ruido: su nivel de ruido es de 66 decibeles, por lo que se encuentra dentro de la categoría de equipos altamente silenciosos.

Accesorios: entre sus accesorios se encuentran una boquilla rectangular, ideal para rincones y espacios estrechos y un cepillo multiusos para tapicerías y alfombras.


Alfombras: puede que, dependiendo del tipo de alfombra que tengas, te cueste un poco deslizar el cepillo por las cerdas.

Manejo: algunos clientes han tenido que acostumbrarse al manejo de este aspirador ya que posee un asa ergonómica diferente a las comunes.

Electrolux UltraSilencer Origin Plus

Al buscar cuál es el mejor aspirador silencioso no es extraño que surja un modelo de la marca Electrolux. El UltraSilencer Origin Plus puede ser considerado el mejor aspirador silencioso de relación calidad precio, gracias a sus excelentes prestaciones.

Lo primero a destacar es que cuenta con tecnología Silent Air, emitiendo un nivel sonoro de sólo 61 dB, lo cual se refleja en su etiqueta energética.

Cuenta además con clase A en eficiencia energética, recogida de sucio para suelos duros y alfombras y re-emisión de polvo, por lo que aparte de ser un aspirador extremadamente silencioso es también considerado un aspirador con bolsa muy eficaz con excelentes resultados de limpieza.

Entre sus accesorios incluye: cepillo AeroPro Extreme de doble posición, para todo tipo de suelos; accesorio 3-en-1 adecuado para espacios estrechos, muebles y tapicerías; bolsa S-Bag Classic Long Performance y filtro higiénico lavable HEPA E12, para retener el 99.9% de las impurezas.

Electrolux ofrece un equipo de alta potencia y desempeño por lo que muchos lo consideran el mejor aspirador silencioso del momento:


Potencia: el desempeño de un aspirador se basa en su potencia y diseño. El modelo de Electrolux trabaja con una potencia de 700 watts, lo cual es ideal para espacios domésticos y limpiezas ocasionales. Los compradores parecen estar bastante satisfechos con este nivel de potencia para deshacerse del polvo y suciedades en general.

Eficiencia: en muchos países del mundo la electricidad suele ser bastante costosa por lo que es una ventaja que la UltraSilencer Origin Plus se encuentre dentro de la categoría de consumo energético A, lo cual indica que utiliza menos energía y, por ende, resulta más económica de utilizar.

Ruido: en el aspecto del ruido, este aspirador silencioso produce un total de 61 decibeles, lo cual es prácticamente imperceptible para la mayoría de sus usuarios según lo indicado en las reseñas. Ideal para quienes deben limpiar de noche.

Accesorios: entre los accesorios incluidos con la compra de este equipo tenemos un cepillo de doble posición para poder adaptarse a diferentes tipos de suelos y un 3 en 1 para rincones difíciles, tapicería y mueblería.

Filtro: el UltraSilencer Origin Plus trabaja con un filtro tipo HEPA E12 capaz de retener hasta un 99,9% del polvo y remanentes y que, además, es lavable para que puedas sacarle el máximo provecho.

Taurus Panamera Silence 2.0

Entre los aspiradores silenciosos del mercado, uno de los modelos más baratos  es el Panamera Silence 2.0 de Taurus. Este aspirador con bolsa trabaja con una potencia eléctrica de 2000 W para desarrollar una excelente fuerza de aspiración de 350 W, y gracias a su tecnología Silence System, emite solo 70 dB, lo que se establece en su etiqueta energética, en lo concerniente a nivel de ruido.

Para desarrollar eficientemente sus prestaciones de limpieza, en todo tipo de suelos, cuenta con un regulador electrónico de potencia, tubo telescópico metálico, ruedas giratorias en 360º, cepillo de cerdas naturales especial para parqué, accesorio en forma de lanza para llegar a los lugares más estrechos y boquilla para tapicerías.

Igualmente cuenta con una bolsa de microfibra TX3 con 4 litros de capacidad y un filtro HEPA lavable, para retener eficazmente la mayor cantidad de impurezas.

Siendo uno de los modelos más baratos de nuestro listado, la Panamera también podría encontrarse dentro de la categoría del mejor aspirador silencioso por 100 euros:


Potencia: este es uno de los equipos más poderosos del listado al tener una potencia que alcanza los 2.000 watts, por lo que puede ser utilizado para limpiezas de gran envergadura sin problemas.

Ruido: produce un nivel de ruido de 70 decibelios según lo expresado en sus indicaciones por lo que sigue siendo bastante silencioso en comparación con los modelos comunes.

Regulador: cuenta con un regulador de potencia que te permitirá escoger el nivel de fuerza del aspirado en caso de que haya más o menos suciedad en los suelos y muebles.

Filtro: el aspirador silencioso de Taurus está combinado con un filtro tipo HEPA lavable que te asegurará la retención de la suciedad e impurezas para un aire residual mucho más limpio.


Dimensiones: uno de sus compradores considera que su tamaño podría ser un punto negativo debido a que resulta un poco más complicada de trasladar por la casa.

Ventaja principal:

Se trata de un modelo de aspiradores silenciosos que cuent

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