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Sled Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Canister vacuum cleaners are probably the most recognized variants of this type of device and, for that reason, there are a large number of options on the market. Therefore, due to this great variety, you can be sure that you will find quality models manufactured by recognized brands. This is the case of the Rowenta RO3753, which works with a modern cyclone system and provides great dust absorption for better cleaning; as well as the case of the Philips FC9332/09 which comes with an anti-allergy filter and great power to leave your house impeccable.

The 9 Best Sled Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

The world of vacuum cleaners is quite wide, and for that reason, it can be easy to get lost in it. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to include the best options in a list and make a comparison exclusively between them to ensure the best purchase. In this case, among these 9 models you will surely be able to find the ideal alternative.

Rowenta sled vacuum cleaner

1. Rowenta RO3753 Compact Power Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Many wonder which is the best sled vacuum cleaner on the market, however, this is difficult to pin down due to the number of options available. However, a Rowenta canister vacuum seems to be a good alternative for many, due to its quality.

In this case, the RO3753 model stands out for its compact design of 27.5 x 40.9 x 29 centimeters, and for its modern appearance that has a carrying handle to facilitate its mobility, and an integrated tank in the front section. that accepts up to 1.5 liters of dirt and is easy to clean.

The 750W power appliance has a 6.2 meter cord to give you freedom of movement, which is complemented by its crevice brush and dual position nozzle, to clean hard and soft floors alike. Its advanced cyclonic system separates the air from the dust, managing to filter up to 99.98% of it; quality that makes it a suitable model for various homes.

This Rowenta model has several positive qualities that, when complemented, facilitate the use of the appliance.


Movement: The transportation of this product is simple, since it has a compact structure with a handle, as well as a long cable.

Versatile: This vacuum cleaner is suitable for use on hard or soft surfaces, so it is considered versatile.

Tank: The front tank can be emptied easily and in a short time, which is practical.

Filter: By having two layers of filtering, this device manages to take care of the smallest dirt to give an effective result.


Capacity: The 1.5 liters of capacity in the reservoir might not be enough for some people.

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Philips sled vacuum cleaner

2. Philips FC9332/09 PowerPro Compact Vacuum Cleaner with Cyclonic System

Due to the fame of the brand, many people buy a Philips sled vacuum cleaner to clean their home, as they offer quality models like this one. The PowerPro Compact vacuum cleaner stands out for its modern design, but also for its PowerCyclone 5 technology, which manages to separate the air from the dust in a short time, avoiding releasing it back into the air, thanks to its anti-allergy filter.

On the other hand, due to its extra-long ergonomic handle, you can more easily clean the most remote corners of your home. In addition, this is complemented by its three-action brush that will remove dust in depth. And to transport the artifact it has two large wheels and a light weight of 4.5 kilograms.

As it has a power of 900 W, you will be able to leave your home impeccable in no time and, as the tank has a capacity of 1.5 liters, you will not have to empty it too often.

In case you still can’t decide which canister vacuum to buy, remember that Philips will always have a quality option like this available for you.


Power: The 900W power will minimize the time needed to clean your home, as the work will be done quickly.

Brush: The triple action brush will open up the rugs for a deep clean.

Wheels: The wheels move fluidly, allowing comfortable and fast movement. This is complemented by the light weight of the artifact.


Tube: The tube is somewhat rigid, which makes it a bit difficult to use, since it cannot be bent as easily.

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Dyson sled vacuum cleaner

3. Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2 Sled Vacuum Cleaner

When purchasing a Dyson sled vacuum cleaner, you will not need another of these devices at home, as this specialized brand offers products such as the Big Ball Multifloor 2. The device stands out primarily for its versatility, because, unlike some models, it has three heads, each of which fulfills a different function.

The pneumatic brush, for example, can handle all types of floors to provide a better clean. For its part, the corner brush will allow you to reach places that are difficult to access, to leave the room impeccable. Meanwhile, the stair brush will manage to take care of this specific part of the home until it is pristine.

With an energy efficiency class A, this product does not consume much electrical energy. In addition to that, you will be able to minimize its use time, since the Radial Root Cyclone technology offers ducts that capture more dirt as it passes.

Due to its track record, Dyson could easily be the best canister vacuum brand in the world. More information about your model in the next section. 


Capacity: This vacuum cleaner provides up to 1.6 liters of capacity. In addition, with the touch of a button it will be possible to get rid of dirt.

Brushes: The inclusion of 3 brushes with different functions guarantee a more efficient cleaning, as they take into account every corner of the home.

Handle: The handle of this vacuum cleaner is articulated and long, so you will have great freedom of movement when cleaning.


Weight: Some might consider this vacuum cleaner to be very heavy, so its use could be uncomfortable for some people.

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Conga sled vacuum cleaner

4. Cecotec Conga EcoExtreme 3000 Ultra Silent Sledge Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to saving electricity, there is probably no better option than a Conga sled vacuum cleaner, as models like this one have A+++ energy efficiency to carry out their work while consuming a minimum of electricity. However, this is not its only relevant feature, since its 700W power and its multi-cyclonic motor provide adequate results in a short time.

While the appliance cleans and uses its Animal Care system to remove pet hair, its professional 5-stage air filtering will purify the room. In addition, thanks to the UltraSilence System technology, the vacuum cleaner does not produce much noise to avoid bothering you.

As if this were not enough, the device has 4 heads to work with different modes and take care of different places, such as hard floors, carpets, etc. This is complemented by a 3.5 liter tank, so that nothing escapes.

Due to its qualities and the Conga seal of quality, this could be the best sled vacuum cleaner of the moment.


Energy: The energy efficiency of this sled vacuum cleaner is A +++, therefore, when using it, you will not spend much electricity.

Versatile: Thanks to the inclusion of different heads, this product is versatile and adapts to different types of soil.

Tank: Although most vacuum cleaners have a 1-liter tank, this model has a capacity of 3.5 liters.


Wheels: Transporting this product can be somewhat complicated, since the wheels do not turn like other models on the market do.

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Bagless sled vacuum cleaner

5. Bosch Bgc05aaa2 Gs05 Cleannn Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This bagless canister vacuum cleaner is one of the most outstanding options on the market and this is probably due to its versatility and that it comes with the quality seal of a brand as well known as Bosch. This artifact works on all types of surfaces, whether upholstered or hard. In fact, it is also functional in curtains.

In case you are an allergic person then you could consider this model as the best sled vacuum cleaner, as it has a hygienic Hepa H12 filter that absorbs even the smallest particles. Everything collected will remain in the 1.5 liter capacity tank, easy to remove and empty for better cleaning.

A particular quality of this product is that its power can be regulated to adapt to the type of surface. In addition, you can choose between the three brushes included in the purchase. Finally, its HiSpin motor provides correct airflow with low energy consumption.  

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can take care of every corner of your home effectively, then this model may be the one you need.


Filter: Thanks to the hygienic HEPA H12 filter, even the smallest particles will be collected, which is good for allergy sufferers.

Versatile: With this vacuum cleaner it will be possible to clean all the floors of the home. In addition to that, you can also take care of the curtains.

Regulation: To avoid damaging delicate surfaces, the power of this device is adjustable.


Bar: The bar of this vacuum cleaner is not extendable, which makes it difficult to use for tall people, as it can be uncomfortable to use.

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Other products

6. AmazonBasics Powerful Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

Sometimes great things come in small packages, and this proves this AmazonBasics product, which could be the best value for money cantilever vacuum cleaner. Although its dimensions are 36.3 x 29.4 x 24.7 centimeters, this device has a power of 700W to provide cleaning in less time, however, its energy efficiency is still AAA.

With this vacuum cleaner you can take care of upholstery, carpets and hard floors too, making it a versatile product. In addition, its triple action nozzle guarantees a deep cleaning. However, if you need a more delicate treatment, the suction can be regulated with just a button.

For its part, the HEPA filter captures the smallest dust particles, which is a benefit for allergy sufferers. Additionally, its tank has a maximum capacity of 1.5 litres. Finally, thanks to its size and its handle, you can move the device easily and comfortably.

This product is suitable for those who want quality and efficiency, but do not want to take up too much space at home.


Size: Because it is a small device, it will be easier to manipulate, move and store it safely in your home.

Power: The power can be easily adjusted to correctly adapt to the type of soil.

Freedom of movement: Both the handle of the vacuum cleaner and its power cable are long to give you better mobility.


Tube: It is possible that the tube concentrates dirt at the height of the handle, so it is necessary to pay attention to avoid this.

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7. Hoover Sprint Evo SE51 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Getting a quality sled vacuum cleaner doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending a lot of money. In fact, there are cheap models like this one that can help just about anywhere. Like most vacuum cleaners of this type, the product has 700W of power that helps with all types of floors, however, the device is specialized for parquet floors.

To give you better use, this vacuum cleaner comes with accessories that can make it easier to clean corners and other hard-to-reach places. All the dirt will reach the tank in a simple way, which has a capacity of up to 1.5 L and can be easily removed to dispose of all the waste.

In addition to all this, to extend the life of the product and offer you a more organized way to clean, the appliance comes with a washable filter and a protective mesh. Finally, its 7.5 meter cable will allow easy and comfortable mobility.

With this small device you can clean comfortably and leave your home impeccable in no time.


Design: The striking design of this artifact will capture the attention of anyone, as its bright red hue gives it a modern look.

Filters: Thanks to the double filter system, the device will work more safely, as it will trap dirt correctly.

Cable: The cable of this device is quite extensive, therefore, you can clean comfortably, without limiting yourself in movement.


Carpet: Being specialized in parquet floors, this device is not as efficient on carpets. So if you have a lot of them at home, it may not be the best product.

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8. Taurus Dinamic Turbo Bagless Sled Vacuum

If when checking out the best sled vacuums of 2022 mobility and design practicality matter most to you, then this offering from Taurus might be exactly what you need. The structure of this vacuum cleaner is compact, which makes it easy to move, and this is complemented by two large rear wheels. These are made of rubber, so delicate floors will not be in danger.

This appliance is suitable for use on hard floors, rugs, carpets, curtains and upholstery and, to do a better job, it is possible to regulate the power to suit the needs of each surface. In addition, all the dirt will be trapped in the 2-liter tank, which has a hygienic and easy emptying.

Also attractive is that the HEPA11 air filter prevents even the smallest particles from escaping and both the Eco System motor and the Eco Turbo system provide efficient but energy-efficient cleaning.

By receiving this vacuum cleaner you can start cleaning your home in an efficient but completely simple way, with the Taurus quality seal.


Wheels: The two rubber wheels found on the back of the appliance will allow the product to be moved much more easily.

Consumption: Its motor and ecological function work efficiently, but do not consume much electrical energy.

Tank: Usually the tanks of these vacuum cleaners are 1 or 1.5 L. However, to give more capacity, it has 2 liters.


Noise: The vacuum cleaner can be a bit noisy for those with sensitive ears, which is a drawback.

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9. AEG Vx7-2-ECO Bagged Canister Vacuum

Acquiring this sled vacuum cleaner is a good idea if you want a device that respects the environment in its entirety. This device, unlike others, has been manufactured with up to 60% completely recycled materials and, in addition to that, it is free of PVC. However, this does not affect its design, since the appearance of the artifact is modern and striking.

However, this is not all that makes the AEG model stand out, as it also highlights the fact that it has a large 3.5-liter tank and, in addition, it has a washable hygienic filter that helps keep the vacuum cleaner clean.

In addition to this, this device has a maximum power of 650W that can be adjusted to adapt to different types of soil. The best thing is that, by having a 12 meter cable, you can comfortably clean until everything is impeccable without complications.

Sometimes the best idea is not to find the cheapest options, but those that best suit you, such as this model.


Ecological: The recycled materials used in the manufacture of the product make this vacuum cleaner environmentally friendly. 

Power: The maximum power of this device is 650W, however, to deal with delicate surfaces, you can regulate it.

Deposit: Its large deposit will allow you to clean for a longer amount of time without having to empty the vacuum cleaner.


Price: The cost of this sled vacuum cleaner is high, however, its qualities compensate for this price.

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Shopping guide

As long as you know exactly what to check before buying a canister vacuum, you won’t have a problem making a choice. Therefore, take your time studying the model that catches your attention and make a decision based on the information obtained.


When it is time to check out a guide to buying the best sled vacuum cleaner, the first thing that can be noticed is its external appearance, that is, its structure. Unlike other artifacts on the market, whose importance lies in their appearance, in this case what matters most is the design. That is, aspects such as its size, weight, how easy it is to use and move it, etc.

For starters, you need to know exactly what you want from vacuum cleaners to make your decision. If you want one that can hold a lot of dirt in its reservoir before requiring a change, then it’s best to buy a larger unit. However, if you want the vacuum cleaner to go unnoticed and not take up much space, then it is better to buy a small model. These usually have 1 or 1.5 L tanks.

When it comes to how to move the vacuum, there are a number of ways brands make it easy. Some models that are light and compact only have a comfortable handle to be able to lift the device and transport it; however, there are other more modern alternatives that have large rubber wheels, so you can roll the vacuum anywhere, without problems and without damaging the floor.

To the ease of movement you should also add the importance of acquiring a product with a long enough cable, so as not to have to use specific outlets; as well as giving relevance to the length of the tubes and how easy they can be to manipulate.


Unless you want to have a different vacuum cleaner for each room in your home, you need to find a device that is as versatile as possible.

When making a comparison of sled vacuum cleaners, you will notice that certain models have been manufactured to adapt specifically to a type of floor and, although one of these devices may have a fairly cheap cost, in the end it is not ideal.

The best thing you can do is buy a vacuum cleaner that can provide effective cleaning on all types of floors and that can also be used on other surfaces such as carpets or curtains. In this way, you can get everything in the same device and you will not have to make extra purchases to leave your home impeccable.

In addition to this, you will surely have noticed that there are vacuum cleaners that come in quite complete sets with different types of brushes. These are recommended, as they usually offer a brush for specific activities. For example, one for hard floors, another for corners, for carpets or to clean stairs. In this way, you can provide specialized cleaning to each place in your home.

The use of specific brushes also allows you to eradicate a greater amount of dirt in less time, as some models manage to suck more effectively and deeply the different upholstery or carpets that you may have at home.


Although this feature is last on the list, it does not mean that it is less important. In fact, probably nothing is as relevant as the efficiency offered by sled vacuum cleaners, as this is what really allows you to obtain positive results when cleaning your home.

There are several aspects that are taken into account when evaluating the performance of a vacuum cleaner, however, what is most often noticed when doing this is the power that the product offers. In the market you will find various options, however, it is best to buy a vacuum cleaner whose maximum power is at least 600W. This will make the cleaning more effective. However, there are certain delicate surfaces that may require a gentler power to avoid damaging them. Therefore, if possible and no matter how much it costs, get a model that allows power regulation.

Another characteristic that, although it does not affect cleaning, can be important, is the noise produced by the vacuum cleaner when it is working. If you get a bagless model, it might be a bit tall, due to the cyclone motors. However, there are some quiet models that you can purchase.

On the other hand, the consumption of electrical energy is something imperative to take into account, since buying a device with low energy efficiency could represent a considerable extra expense on each electricity bill.

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