The best sliding doors

Sliding doors – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

If your house is compact in size but you need to isolate a space and you want to install a door, then the best thing for you in that case is to install one of the practical and beautiful sliding doors. These types of entrances are characterized by providing access to the user, while not taking up much space, making them ideal for installation in homes or small offices. Designers have focused on creating designs that are increasingly aesthetic and functional, so that they fit your style. Such is the case of the HOMCOM ESE7-00170731 door, which is made of 8 mm thick glass and its rails are made of aluminium, so once installed it allows easy sliding. On the other hand, there is the Festnight 205×75 cm model, which has an attractive structure made of glass and includes a modern-looking circular handle.



Opinions about the best sliding doors

Sliding doors are systems that give you practicality inside your home, as they help you save space, keep everything properly organized and even gain light in the rooms. To simplify the choice, it is convenient that you review this list with some of the most outstanding models.

glass sliding doors

HOMCOM ESE7-00170731

The HOMCOM ESE7-00170731 is among the best sliding doors of 2022, as it sports a modern and elegant design that will look perfect in your home or office, being ideal for placing in bathrooms, dining rooms or corridors for both residential and commercial areas. This model is suitable for mounting with or without the door frame.

This is one of the sliding glass doors that stands out the most, since it is made of 8-millimeter-thick transparent satin tempered glass, and it also complies with DIN 12150, which provides rigidity and safety. However, it offers an easy installation and without the need for works.

The dimensions of this beautiful model are approximately 205 x 77.5 centimeters, working perfectly in any entrance or hallway. Its gross weight reaches 35 kilograms and it remains in the air thanks to the slider, managing to slide to open or close using the stainless steel handle and managing to stay in line thanks to the aluminum rails.

Choosing the best sliding door of the moment requires a detailed analysis of the options offered by the market and, above all, knowing very well what use you will give it, so that the product favors you:


Material : This model is made of tempered safety glass in accordance with DIN 12150.

Design : This sliding door has an elegant and modern design, which is very functional and decorative in any place where you install it.

Installation : This model has a simple installation, so the intervention of professionals or work is not necessary.

Rails : The door has a top rail with rubber-coated wheels and ball bearings, which ensure a smooth and silent movement when opening or closing the door.


Studs : Keep in mind that the metal studs that come with the door are not suitable for installation on conventional walls.

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Sliding doors without work

Festnight 205×75 cm

If you want to know which is the best sliding door, we recommend you take this beautiful model into account. Thanks to its elegant aluminum design with glass doors and steel details, this model makes your home look elegant, achieving a comfortable and more spacious environment.

It is one of the most durable sliding doors without work compared to others, since it is made of resistant and quality materials. The aluminum rail allows the door to slide smoothly, opening and closing comfortably. This kit includes: an aluminum track, closing band, floor guide, two door caps, handle, mounting kit and connectors for the track.

This product has an approximate weight of 28 kilograms and the door has an approximate size of 205 x 75 centimeters. This model stands out for having an easy and quick installation, since it includes all the necessary materials.

If you want to know which is the best brand of sliding doors, you need to make a comparison between the manufacturing materials, so that you have an idea of ​​the durability of each product.


Style : This beautiful sliding door is designed with an ideal style to be installed in modern and elegant environments, managing to give a feeling of spaciousness.

Materials : It is made of quality and resistant materials, with a glass door with aluminum and steel details.

Kit : This product includes a complete installation kit with all the necessary materials for a correct assembly.

Fluidity : One of the most outstanding characteristics of this model is the smoothness when opening and closing the door.


Price : In the market you can get slightly cheaper models made of similar materials and with the same characteristics.

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Sliding glass doors for kitchens

HOMCOM ESE7-00020731

This sliding glass door is an ideal option to place it in your home or office, since it has a versatile and modern design that manages to look great in any environment. Thanks to its design and manufacture in satin glass, this model allows light to enter the room, giving you natural lighting and saving space, making it ideal for installation in small rooms.

It is one of the quietest glass sliding doors for kitchens, in this sense, it integrates a rail with a carriage of wheels and rubber-coated ball bearings that guarantee a smooth and easy movement when opening and closing the door.

This model is made of satin safety glass with dimensions of approximately 205 x 90 centimeters and 0.8 millimeters thick, in accordance with DIN 12150. It includes the necessary tools and accessories to assemble the door.

Finally, and given a large list of options to choose from, it is very important not to stop looking at the prices in the market, so that before choosing you can know if your budget is sufficient and at the same time know if the product meets your needs.


Aesthetics : This sliding door model has a modern and elegant aesthetic, making it look great in your home or office.

Safety : It has a satin safety glass that complies with the DIN 12150 safety standard.

Kit : Includes a complete and practical installation kit with tools and materials, with which you can assemble the product perfectly and without missing any part.

Wheels : This door slides silently and easily thanks to its rubber-coated ball-wheel carriage.


Price : The market price of this product can be very high compared to other models of similar quality and function.

Installation : This door only opens to the right, so you have to take into account which side you want to have the shiny art on this model.

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kitchen sliding doors

vidaXL 60266

Thanks to this model your room will look bigger than ever. This smoked glass sliding door has a modern and minimalist look, fitting perfectly both inside and outside your home.

This model has dimensions of 205 x 75 centimeters, ideal for entrances to rooms, kitchens or patios. The rail supports large amounts of weight thanks to its solidity and stability, reaching up to 28 kilograms. It is one of the most practical kitchen sliding doors, since it integrates a handle in the form of a stopper, which helps with handling.

The frame of this sliding glass door is made of aluminum and stainless steel. You will not have problems with the installation, since it is very easy to do thanks to the fact that it has a complete assembly kit.

Before choosing a new sliding door, it is important to know very well the place where you are going to install it, so that you know if it matches the space. This model adapts perfectly to almost any style of decoration.


Door : The elegant door of this model is made of high quality and resistant glass.

Rail : For its part, the rail of this model is made of aluminum, providing stability and a good appearance to this product.

Installation : This door includes a complete installation kit, so that you do not miss any accessories or tools when installing it.

Slide : It is a sliding door that is very easy to handle thanks to the lightness of movement that it offers.


Parts: Keep in mind that this product is separated into many parts, so it takes time to assemble.

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Exterior sliding doors

Window stock Balconera

These are a pair of exterior sliding doors with transparent design. Each one is made up of two layers of 4mm glass, likewise, the space between them is 8mm and is made up of a dehydrated chamber with a Climalit seal, which offers up to 3 times more insulation than other double-glazed windows and doors.

Its installation can be carried out in a simple way, since it includes an instruction manual and all the necessary tools to assemble the door in just 10 minutes. In this sense, all the implements have the appropriate perforations and you only need to tighten 8 screws to place the frame.

On the other hand, the frame is made of Zamak, which is an alloy of aluminum, copper, magnesium and zinc, so it prevents corrosion. In addition, they have standard measurements of 1.5 m wide and 2 m high. Likewise, it has a ball system so that the slide is fluid and offers resistance to support the weight.

Double sliding doors for the balcony or terrace must offer quality, resistance and attractiveness, so it is good that you know in detail the positive and negative characteristics of this model before making a decision:


Glass: The doors have double-layer glass, with a thickness of 4 mm each and 8 mm between layers.

Frame: The frame measures 2 m high by 1.5 m wide, it is also made of zamak alloy and includes sealing gaskets, thus preventing water seepage and corrosion.

Installation: Offers an easy installation that only requires the use of 8 screws and the instruction manual.


Color: The manufacturer indicates that the doors only have a white finish, so you may have to adapt them to your decoration.

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folding sliding doors

TecTake 800053

If what you are looking for are the cheapest models and you want an economical alternative that provides you with quality, you definitely have to look at this practical model. You will be able to separate the environments of your home or office saving space thanks to this folding sliding door model made of PVC, which you can also install in wet rooms thanks to its impermeability.

This is one of the lightest folding sliding doors, while giving you the opportunity to easily adjust its height. It integrates a practical handle with which you can handle the door comfortably and it has a practical magnetic closure that helps keep the door closed.

It is a very easy model to clean, since it is completely waterproof and thanks to its design it allows you to combine and install two of these folding doors together, obtaining a double door. The approximate dimensions of this model are 80 x 203 centimeters and it weighs around 2.4k only.

If you are wondering which sliding door to buy, keep reading this section where we make a comparison between the main features of each of the best and cheapest models on the market. This sliding door is made of waterproof materials.


Spaces : This model allows you to save much more space thanks to its practical folding design.

Material : It is a sliding door made of waterproof PVC plastic that is waterproof and highly durable.

Cleaning : You will be able to keep your doors always clean, since they are very easy to clean.

Installation : The installation of this product turns out to be quite simple, being able to even combine two to create a double door.


Frame: This product does not include the door frame, so you must take it into account before purchasing it.

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Sliding door accessories

Sliding wardrobe door kit

Rothley ARES1500

It is a kit used to install sliding wardrobe doors, which includes all the necessary parts for easy assembly and a practical system. In this sense, it incorporates the wheels for the lower part and the adjustable upper guides, which allow you to slide and properly hold the doors on the rails.

It offers you a system to slide the doors on different rails, but on the same rail, in order to keep the doors together at all times. In addition, it is an appropriate equipment for wooden or laminate doors that are at least 16 mm thick.

To give you greater firmness, it includes an aluminum rail to place both doors safely and without danger of them falling, since it is capable of supporting up to 70 kg of weight. In addition, it has metal pieces to block the doors once they reach the sliding limit on the rail, in this way they will not accidentally receive impacts, while preventing them from coming off the rail.

If you are looking for a sliding wardrobe door kit, then you might want to consider this model. Once assembled, it will give you ease in opening and closing your cabinet. However, you should review its most important features before making the purchase:


Kit: It is a kit for two doors that includes all the necessary parts to adjust them according to the size of your wardrobe.

Use: It is suitable for use with wooden or brick doors, depending on your preferences.

Rail: The rail is made of aluminum and has a length of 1.5 m, so your doors will have enough space to be slid in large cabinets.


Installation: Its installation requires drilling holes in the rails to fit the floor and ceiling of the cabinet, which can be inconvenient if you do not have the necessary tools.

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Sliding door hardware


These rustic sliding door hardware are suitable for fitting a single door, so it is suitable for use in stables or barns and to give a vintage touch to the home, whether you place it on an empty wall as a decorative object or use it to integrate large doors in a wardrobe.

In this sense, the package includes 1 rail 2 m long, spacers, connector, 2 door stops, a guide to the floor, 2 rollers and an instruction manual for easy installation. Likewise, these hardware for sliding doors allow you to modify the distance between the wheels of the rail, in this way they can be adapted to the width of the door.

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Guides for sliding doors

Gedotec 103348604

Although they are cheap sliding doors, they all need a good rail that allows correct movement. This model is made of resistant plastic, does not cost much money and supports up to 15 kg of weight. For this reason, you can use it in the installation of doors, cabinets, drawers, among others.

These guides for sliding doors have a length of 2 m and are beige, so they combine with wooden or glass doors, in this way you can adjust them to the decoration of your home, office or study. In addition, they have the Slide Line 55 sliding system, which provides a smoother movement so as not to cause discomfort in daily use.

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wheels for sliding doors


They are wheels for sliding doors with a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 5 mm each, in addition, the complete piece measures 45 mm in length and has a width of 21.5 mm, for this reason, it is suitable for use on doors of shower, windows, cupboards, blinds, etc.

It is a model that does not cause noise, since the sliding is smooth and continuous. In addition, the central element is made of zinc alloy for greater strength and durability. Includes two pieces with 4 wheels each and 2 M6 screws for each piece, so you can install immediately after purchase.

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Sliding door handles

Probric MH018

They are practical handles that work as handles for sliding doors, in this way you will not have difficulty opening or closing daily. They include 4 17mm screws for easy installation and each handle offers a length of 15cm with a width of 5cm.

It is important to note that this is a 2-piece package, but you can get it with 1, 5 and even 10 units. In addition, they have an attractive black color and it is possible to purchase them in their brushed nickel presentation, making it a suitable product to install on any type of door.

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Sliding door rails

HOMCOM ES02-06870731

If you are looking for a complete kit to install your door quickly, then you should check out this model of rails for sliding doors from the HOMCOM brand. Each piece is made of stainless steel for greater durability, in addition, this allows it to support a weight of up to 100 Kg and the net weight of the equipment is 5 kg.

It includes all the necessary tools to facilitate its installation, such as screws for concrete and wood walls, wheels with cushions that guarantee silent and smooth sliding, among others. In addition, its surface is easy to clean and is compatible with doors from 30 to 45 mm thick.

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Guide to buying a sliding door

Sliding doors allow you to reorganize and modify the space of your home according to your tastes and preferences, especially at a time when the measurements of homes are increasingly reduced. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buying the best sliding door, so that you know its most relevant characteristics before making the final decision.

Shopping guide


If we make a comparison of sliding doors, we understand that the different types depend mainly on their manufacturing materials and the recommended space to place them at home. In this sense, we can find them made of glass, wood and metal.

Those made of glass are the most appropriate to provide an elegant and modern touch to your home. For this reason, you can find them completely made of transparent glass, opaque glass, with drawings and designs on the surface and even some with thicker glass, which gives it more resistance. Therefore, they are recommended to be placed at the entrance to the bathroom and in the kitchen, as they provide a more attractive design, enhance the space and, as if that were not enough, favor the entry of light.

Among the wooden doors, you can surely find one that is good and economical, since they are the most common, practical and have more conventional designs. However, they can be lacquered or in different shades, which allows you to combine them with the different spaces in your home. In this sense, they are appropriate for making divisions between the relaxation rooms in the house, since they can provide a more welcoming space and a more rustic style. As for the design, a two-door model is recommended, which you can slide to different sides.

Sliding doors made of metal, steel or aluminum are the most resistant and solid. For this reason, they are normally used in factories, workshops and commercial premises, since they provide a more industrial and robust design, which serves to divide outdoor spaces. As if that were not enough, these are the most appropriate sliding doors to install electrical circuits that allow you to open it remotely.

There are also plastic folding doors, which provide an even more practical design to save a lot of space in your home. In addition, they are easy to install, so you can place them in the kitchen, in the bedrooms or in the bathroom.


Installation is also an aspect to consider before purchasing a sliding door, as it could define how much a model costs. In this sense, you can find versatile models that you can place in any space and others with more specific requirements.

The most common installation, because it is the easiest, is the one that only needs the rails to place the door and slide it. In this case, there are models that only have the upper rail and the door is suspended on it, thanks to the use of bearings for movement. This is the most practical and easiest to install sliding door design, however it may be less stable than others.

However, you can also find models with upper and lower rails, which are safer to prevent the door from accidentally leaving the rail, in this sense, they can include the wheels at the bottom or top, providing better weight distribution..

If you are looking for greater security and stability for the door, then a model with a pre-designed frame that only requires assembly on the wall is recommended. This type of installation must be more precise, since the frame and the doors have an exact measurement that cannot be modified. In general, these types of doors include all the necessary parts to be assembled and are indicated for spaces that lead to the outside, such as terraces, balconies and gardens.


The sliding of the sliding door depends on the fastening system, the smoothness in the movement and the locking method. There are models that incorporate handles of different shapes, which are generally ergonomically designed to facilitate the opening and closing of the door. The most common are the long handles made of metal or plastic, which allow you to rest your fingers and pull the door with very little effort. However, there are models with circular handles normally used on glass doors, as it gives them a more modern and simple touch. 

The sliding of the door can be smooth or abrupt, depending on the quality of the bearings. In this sense, you should know that some have a padded material covering, indicated to reduce noise and to prevent the door from leaving its corresponding rail.

Likewise, it is recommended that the model of your choice has a stop system on the rail, so that you do not accidentally hit it with the edges of the wall and the displacement is continuous.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a sliding doors?

The use of these doors is practically intuitive. Look for a lock near the door handle, some sliding doors have a lever-type lock, used to lock and unlock the door. Therefore, if it faces the outside, it is advisable to secure the door at night and unlock it during the day in case of visitors. Other models have a latch lock, which you only need to turn to open or close the door. In all cases, it is only necessary to unlock and slide the door to the opposite side from where it is, from left to right or from right to left, depending on the case.

Q2: How to make a sliding door?

One way to make a sliding door is with the use of 5 wooden planks, measuring approximately 5 cm thick, 2.5 m long and 7 cm wide. You must cut each plank to get at least 10 pieces that are 1 meter long. Then, it is a matter of gluing each one, with construction glue of a color similar to that of the wood so as not to clash or stain it. It is important to reinforce the joint of the door, so you must make two slots along it and incorporate metal tubes for greater firmness. Lastly, integrate the roller parts into the door and place it on the previously installed rail on the wall.

Q3: How to open a sliding door from outside?

Many sliding doors accidentally close, which is a problem if you are on the outside and it does not have a lock or handle. However, there are some ways to fix this. In the event that you can see the latch between the door and the frame, then you can look for a sheet that offers enough strength to use as a lever and move it, for example, a knife, the smooth blade of a metal lock, hard cardboard or others. You can also break the insurance, but this would imply an additional cost in changing the lock.

Q4: How to fix a sliding door?

It is very likely that the sliding door rail will lose firmness during use, it could even break, causing the door to lose stability. In this case, it is necessary to change the rail and install the piece on the wall again. Another common problem with this type of door is that it does not slide, get stuck or come out of the rail. In any of these cases it is likely that the rollers are not working properly so you should check if they are engaged in the track, if this is not the problem then they could be separated from the door and need to be adjusted. If they are broken, they must be replaced.

Q5: How to install a sliding gate motor?

We must have enough space to screw and weld the parts that are necessary. In general, the motor is located at the end of the door, on the inside of the house, office or space where you decide to place it. You must open the door to place on the motor near the middle of the door when it is fully open. The next step is the electrical installation, but it is recommended that it be carried out by an expert in the area, since it requires a little knowledge and control of different electrical systems. In some cases, you only have to connect the current input to a phase of approximately 220 V, depending on the motor model. Afterwards, it is only necessary to configure the opening mechanism with the instruction manual.

Q6: How to disassemble a sliding door?

The sliding doors have a bearing that allows them to slide along the upper and lower rails. But there is a possibility that you have to change, repair or adjust them on the rail, in this case, it is necessary to know how to remove them easily and comfortably. The top rail usually has a gap to pull the door out, this way you just need to grab the sides and pull it up to remove it from the top and bottom rail, then just tilt it forward from the bottom and you can easily remove it of the space where you have it.

Q7: How to make an iron sliding door?

To mak

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