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Glass Sliding Doors – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Sliding glass doors give your home or office spaces a distinctive, modern touch that everyone will rave about. But for this you will need to select the appropriate model for said room, being convenient that you evaluate some characteristics such as dimensions, assembly method, materials, among others. So don’t make a hasty purchase and take some relevant time to compare the options that the market has for you. One of them is HomCom ESE7-00150731, with an elegant design, spacious and light format. Its bearing mechanism is silent, resistant and safe, since the wheels have been covered with rubber and the rail is made of robust aluminum with anti-corrosion treatment. As if that were not enough, the assembly is simple and does not require work. But if you are looking for a sliding glass door with more compact dimensions, then VidaXL 60266 may be the right model for you. In addition, it includes a set with the necessary tools to carry out the installation process.


Opinions on the best sliding glass doors

If you are thinking of purchasing a glass sliding door, then the invitation is to review the following models that stand out in the market due to their modern designs, high-end materials and well-cared finishes. But be yourself who judges it by reading the following section that we have prepared for you.

HomCom ESE7-00150731

This model introduced to the market by the HomCom house has a simple, attractive design that is easy to install in any bathroom, dining room or hallway of your business or home, since it does not require a frame for its assembly. These are some of the reasons why buyers consider it to be the best sliding glass door.

Its structure has a long-width format that corresponds to 205 x 102.5 centimeters, weighs 42 kilograms and is made of eight-millimeter-thick satin glass, which also complies with DIN 12150 safety regulations.

The door movement system is simple and quite silent, as it incorporates a galvanized aluminum rail in the upper area with a soft rubber-coated ball-bearing mechanism. In this way, you can open and close the door with total comfort.

Its aesthetically pleasing design, resistant structure and silent rolling method make this model the best sliding glass door of the moment. Know its pros and cons.


Dimensions: The glass of this door has length and width measurements that correspond to 205 x 102.5 centimeters respectively, being suitable dimensions for any hallway or bathroom.

Weight: Its weight of 42 kilograms will not represent an inconvenience when manipulating the door to carry out the assembly or when sliding it to open or close.

Bearing: The bearing system stands out for the rubber coating of the ball wheels, thus offering a smooth and silent slide through the rail.

Glass: The glass used to manufacture the door is of the satin type and is eight millimeters thick.


Screws: The screws used to fix the rails are small, so they do not offer a correct fit to the wall.

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vidaXL 60266

For those who want to acquire the best price-quality sliding glass door, they should consider this model patented by VidaXL among their purchase options, which according to the comments is one of the cheapest. Its avant-garde and elegant design will give a touch of class to the bathroom or any room in your home or office.

The sliding rail has been made of galvanized aluminum and both the lower guide and the closing band are made of stainless steel, thus offering an adequate level of resistance and therefore durability. The glass of the door is robust, is sectioned into three parts and incorporates an ergonomic white knob.

The structure measures 205 x 75 centimeters and weighs 28 kilograms, with specifications that will facilitate the assembly and handling process. In addition, the manufacturer attaches a kit with some necessary tools for its correct installation.

This model offers quality finishes in a robust structure, designed to give your spaces a touch of distinction. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest products.


Format: The door has dimensions of 205 x 75 centimeters and reaches a weight of only 28 kilograms, so it will not be an inconvenience to handle it.

Knob: The design of the metal knob has been galvanized with white paint, offering great appeal and ergonomics when holding it.

Kit: The door has been equipped with a tool kit consisting of screws and hinges, which will make installation easier.

Resistance: The stainless steel and galvanized aluminum used in the rail and guide represent a correct level of support for the glass.


Flimsy: The fixing screws, despite being made of aluminum, offer a low level of resistance, so it is recommended to replace them with more robust ones.

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Festnight 205 x 75 cm

With the high quality standards applied by the Festnight house to its products, it is not surprising that on this occasion this model is positioned among the best sliding glass doors of 2022.

The manufacturer used resistant materials such as galvanized aluminum together with stainless steel in the rail, lower guide and closing band, as well as three sections of tempered glass that when assembled offer a height – width corresponding to 205 x 75 centimeters, structuring in this way forms a suitable door to be placed in the bathroom or frame of any room.

On the other hand, we must refer to the quality of the finishes, which give the design a sober and avant-garde appearance. The metal knob to open or close the door is ergonomic, while the sliding mechanism is smooth and silent. It is important to remember the incorporation of some tools, so that you do not have problems with the assembly.

This model developed by the Festnight house is currently considered to be representative of the best brand of sliding glass doors, since its manufacture incorporates high-end materials and quality finishes.


Dimensions: The measures provided for the glass of this door are 205 x 75 centimeters, which correspond to its height and width.

Materials: The presence of materials such as stainless steel and galvanized aluminum, both in the posts and in the glass fastening areas, give the door great resistance and durability.

Set: To facilitate the door assembly experience, you will find in the purchase package a small set with basic tools for the development of this task.

Design: The door has three adjustable glass sections and incorporates an ergonomically designed metal knob, offering great visual appeal.


Assembly: The assembly process can be a bit complex, but you can also review some tutorials to clear your doubts.

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Homecom ESE7-00020731

Positioned as one of the best sliding glass doors on the market, this model from the manufacturer Homcom is suitable for its versatility, since it can be installed in commercial businesses or at home, in areas such as dining rooms, bathrooms and corridors. 

This model has dimensions of 205 cm long by 90 cm wide, with 8 mm thickness and its approximate weight is about 45 kilos. Likewise, it complies with DIN 12150 regulations and has a modern and practical design to be installed, because it does not require work. 

In addition, this door is made with quality materials, in a satin glass that enhances its decorative appearance and saves space, by allowing the entrance of lighting. 

Similarly, it has a stainless steel handle and an aluminum trolley, as well as rails of the same material and does not generate noise, because the wheels are made of rubber. 

Before making a hasty decision, it is best to take a look at the pros and cons of this alternative from the manufacturer Homcom, which stands out for its quality and original design.


Construction: This sliding door has a resistant construction, made of high quality satin glass.

Design: The design of this door is modern and elegant, making it a visually appropriate alternative for any room in the home or business premises. 

Dimensions: The model is suitable for spaces such as living room or bedroom, because its dimensions are 205 cm long by 90 cm wide.

Additional: This door is equipped with additional accessories, such as the stainless steel handle and the rails made of aluminum.


Installation: Installation can be complex because the door is somewhat heavy, requiring several people to help assemble it.

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vidaXL Double

VidaXL is a manufacturer that has managed to position itself due to the quality present in its creations, this being the case of this model belonging to its line of sliding glass doors for corridors, bedrooms or bathrooms.

The double door design is well finished, the materials used are robust and the 205 x 75 centimeter surface is sectioned into three equal 68.3 x 75 centimeter parts, which you can adjust quickly and easily. In addition, the thickness of the glass is six millimeters for greater strength and stability.

With regard to the posts, they have been made of stainless steel, both the upper and lower rails in aluminum and the metal knobs stand out for their ergonomics. Finally, you will find annexed in the purchase package a total of four installation kits with all the necessary tools, as well as two sets of hinges, connectors and cover tabs.

If you are looking for a robust, durable and easy-to-assemble double glass sliding door, then this model may very likely be suitable for you, so know its pros and cons.


Design: This door is of the double type and has the particularity that the total surface is sectioned into three parts of 68.3 x 75 centimeters, which you can adjust between them.

Mounting set: The manufacturer included in the purchase package four mounting sets equipped with all the necessary tools for you to fix the equipment with ease.

Glass: The glass used for this pair of doors is translucent and has a thickness of six millimeters.

Resistance: In order to offer a high level of resistance and durability, stainless steel and aluminum were used in the posts, rails, knobs, hinges and covers.


Cost: There are those who comment that the cost of the sliding door is a bit high. However, they assure that its quality is worth it.

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MonMobilierDesign Glass

This MonMobilierDesign model may be the best answer for those who are wondering which is the best sliding glass door, since it is suitable for installation in any hallway in your home or in the bathroom.

The surface made of ESG-type glass is transparent, resistant and measures 2 x 2.10 meters high-width and 10 millimeters thick. For the handle, steel with stainless treatment was used and both the posts and the hinges are made of robust aluminum, thus being materials with a high level of durability.

A particularity of the door is that, due to its rail equipped with a pair of retaining pins, you will be able to slide it smoothly without fear of the bearing disk coming off. We cannot fail to mention the incorporation of an instruction manual where you will find all the steps for assembly and a set of tools for fixing the equipment.

When asked which sliding glass door to buy, we invite you to learn a little about the pros and cons of this model, which stands out in the market for its attractive and resistant design.


Format: The glass has dimensions of 2 x 2.10 meters corresponding to its height – width and a thickness of 10 millimeters.

Posts: The gate posts will provide you with great strength and stability because the manufacturer used stainless steel for their construction.

Set: With the purchase, a set of tools is attached with a series of screws, hinges and other suitable elements for fixing the posts to the wall.

Instruction manual: To facilitate the assembly process, an instruction manual was incorporated with all the steps to follow to carry out this process.


Mounting: To mount on a frame you will need to fix a pair of non-incorporated spacers, so you will have to purchase them separately.

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