Slow Cooker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to recover the flavors of yesteryear, slow cookers are the best help. Products with which the dishes are prepared slowly, offering more tender meats, tastier broths and simple recipes to make just like our elders did. Some pots that we can choose from with a good variety of sizes and measures to cook for the whole family without complications, even outside the pot thanks to the quality of its casserole. Products like the Russell Hobbs 22740 slow cooker, with a 3.5 liter capacity, two power levels along with a heating function and a removable pot design for easier cleaning. Features similar to the Holmes Products Crock-Pot model, which matches its ceramic and stainless steel construction, as well as a 3.5 liter capacity and a simple control system, with a simple wheel to choose the operating mode.

The 4 Best Slow Cookers – Opinions 2022


How many times have you longed for the delicious pork stew with vegetables that you enjoyed in your childhood at your grandparents’ house? Acquire one of the best slow cookers of 2022 and dare to prepare excellent stews and stews daily without having to slave in the kitchen.

1. Russell Hobbs Cook Home Slow Cooker

Main advantage:

Its reinforced casserole allows cooking with the highest quality both when it is used inside the pot body and outside of it, for example, to sear meats or prepare stir-fries, among other options.

Main disadvantage:

According to some users, the product is somewhat slower than other similar models on the market, so it should be taken into account and follow the instructions and preparation times well.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Russell Hobbs Cook & Home 22740-56 pressure cooker  marks an extra quality within the slow cookers that we find on the market, following the usual line of these products, although with improvements in both the quality and the external appearance of the product.

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operating system

This product follows the system that we can see in any comparison of slow cookers, with a low power cooking system with an easy control system that prepares any dish in a simple way. A system in which we have three different options for cooking: two different levels of intensity (high or low) along with an additional function to keep food warm.

This system is suitable for the preparation of all kinds of dishes using the slow cooker system, thus preserving the flavors without altering them during cooking. A process that takes several hours, so it is advisable to take a look at the instructions to adjust the operating times to what is necessary.

Quality of your materials

As befits the products of this manufacturer, the materials have been taken care of to offer extra quality and resistance. Something that is reflected in its inner casserole, which we can even use to cook outside the pot, so that if you want to sear meat or prepare a small sauce for your dish, you can do it directly in the casserole.

Regarding the lid, the design is also resistant, preventing dirt from penetrating inside and including cold-touch knobs on the entire surface. A pleasant design that is also present on the outside, with a simple exposed stainless steel finish, easy to clean and that gives the product a beautiful presence.

product cleaning

Thanks to the quality of the pan present in this Russell Hobbs model, the cleaning process is simple and will not take you too long. A process in which both the lid and the pot are removable from the main body of the product, thus helping to properly cook all your dishes.

These two elements can be washed with mild soap and water or directly in the dishwasher if you consider it necessary. As for the pan, although it must be washed by hand, due to the resistance already mentioned, it prevents you from having to stain more pots when cooking. As for the exterior, it is easy to clean just by wiping it with a damp cloth with some soap.

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2. Holmes Products Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

When you wonder which is the best Slow Cooker, you may also want to know that Crock-Pot is the brand that invented it in 1971. This red model of the original brand is the perfect acquisition for your kitchen because it allows you to prepare food under gentle, low heat and get delicious stews, no matter how busy your schedule is.

Its 3.5 L capacity is the ideal size to prepare portions for couples or small families. You just have to prepare everything in the morning and let it cook while you attend to your errands and come home to enjoy an exquisite dinner.

It works with 210 watts of power in 2 heat settings, high and low, and also has a keep-warm function. It also allows you to easily wash it in the dishwasher for your convenience.

Regardless of whether you buy a model of the best brand of slow cookers, it is always important that you take into account the use you plan to give it so that you acquire a useful and practical one for you:


Capacity – Like our first model, this option also boasts a 3.5-litre capacity, which means it’s enough to prepare a full meal for at least three people.

Settings: this model also allows you to adjust the temperature levels so that you activate the one that best suits what you are cooking and thus obtain the best flavor, texture and color in your dish.

Accessories: something that stands out about this Crock-Pot slow cooker is that it has a series of accessories to allow you to use it more easily and comfortably. Among them we find a spoon, a strainer and a slotted spoon.

Lid: likewise, this option also includes a tempered glass lid that will allow you to see how the cooking process unfolds so that everything turns out as planned.


Weight – This crock pot is slightly heavier than our first model, although it doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker for your purchase according to netizens.

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3. Electrolux ESC7400 Slow Cooker

The slow cooker ESC7400 from the traditional Electrolux brand has different programmable cooking options: low, medium and high, and the keep warm and soup modes, all of which will allow you to comfortably prepare a wide variety of dishes. It also has a digital screen with a timer that shows the time remaining for the preparation to be ready according to the programmed indications.

It works with 235 W of power and has a 6.8 liter capacity, suitable for families of up to 8 people. It has a glass lid that allows you to observe the evolution of what you are preparing. The ceramic container is removable and is suitable for putting it in the dishwasher. In addition, the housing comes with built-in anti-slip suction cups to ensure the stability of the pot and has cool-touch handles.

In order to know which slow cooker to buy, you need to take into account its capacity and functions. Know the details of this good product below:


Capacity: Being the largest capacity model to date, this slow cooker offers you 6.8 liters making it an excellent option for large families.

Display: the ESC 7400 has a practical display that will allow you to manage the settings of the cooking pot so that you can use it as easily as possible.

Power: This pot is capable of reaching an operating power of 235 watts, so you can prepare practically any food you want without problems.


Programmable – It has been mentioned that some customers would like this model to be able to be programmed so that it can be left running overnight.

Time: In addition, another client indicated that he only has two automated cooking times, so you should be aware.

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4. Crock-Pot SCV400RD-050 210W

Another alternative to the best Slow Cooker that is part of the new designs of the well-known Crock-Pot brand is this SCV400RD-050 model, a slightly oval-shaped container, in bright red with black and chrome finishes.

It has all the basic functions and features you’d expect in a slow cooker, including low and high heat settings, keep-warm function for prepared foods, and a removable nonstick-coated ceramic pot with lid. glass that are dishwasher safe.

Its 3.5 L capacity is the right volume to prepare enough quantities for 3 or 4 people. It includes an LED power light that indicates when it’s on and comes with three utensils to help properly prepare, stir and serve your delicious dishes.

The advantages and disadvantages that this Crock-Pot model has can make it the best slow cooker for 50 euros. Take a closer look at its specifications:


Assembly: one of the main positive characteristics of this model is that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, which helps when you have to wash it.

Use: thanks to the materials used, this slow cooker can be used in the oven, giving you more cooking options.

Functions: In addition, it has a special function that allows you to keep food warm to be consumed at any time.


Capacity: Although it indicates that it is a pot with a 3.5-liter capacity, netizens noted that the amount of food prepared is valid for two people.

Experience: another user let it be known that the basics of these pots must be known in order to be able to use them skillfully, otherwise the food may not turn out as expected.

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Buying Guide – What is the best slow cooker on the market?

Although in the United States slow cookers have a great tradition in many kitchens as the perfect tools to make delicious dishes, it is now that they are landing in the old continent. Due to their slow system, they allow to recover forgotten flavors while saving energy when preparing any stew. If you are one of those people who is now discovering this type of product, you will surely be interested in consulting our guide to buying the best slow cooker, which contains the necessary information so that this acquisition becomes a success.

The capacity

As with all pots on the market, when talking about the capacity of a slow cooker, it will always be referred to in liters. One of the advantages of these pots is that the range is so wide that you can find from one-liter models, for simple dishes or side dishes, to pots with a capacity of ten liters where you can cook for the whole family and even introduce pieces of meat big size. Therefore, when considering the size, it is worth asking what we are going to want the slow cooker for. A four to six liter pot is adequate for families of four, especially if you plan on making hearty stews or stews. It is also a suitable size for medium-sized pieces of meat.

If you need a pot for simple stews, desserts or side dishes, you can complement your main pot with an additional 1.5 liter pot.

The shape

Among the range of slow cookers we find circular models, like traditional pots, but also oval-shaped. This aspect is key in your comparison of slow cookers, since the versatility offered by oval pots is greater. Let’s think that in an oval pot, especially of a larger size, you will be able to introduce whole pieces of meat more easily than in a round pot.

In that round pot it will be difficult for you to put a whole chicken or a piece of pork loin. Oval pots do allow it, just as they allow you to insert rectangular moulds, for a flan for example, which you can cook in a bain-marie. Therefore, depending on the use you plan to give your pot, you should opt for one or another design. And if in doubt, better oval than round.

The programmer

The simplest slow cookers have a control system based on a wheel to set the temperature, while the most advanced ones have a digital programmer with which you can set the exact operating time. Although there are many good and cheap slow cookers that only have this manual programmer, having total control of cooking, indicating the exact cooking time to give your dish the perfect point, is an additional advantage.

These pots with a programmer also have a function that keeps the dish hot for as long as you indicate. In any case, you can also opt for a simple model and buy an external timer. The result is the same in terms of time control and you will save money on the purchase of the pot.

How to use a slow cooker

Cooking meat or vegetables with incomparable texture and flavor is now possible, thanks to the use of a slow cooker, which, due to its properties and way of cooking, will have the easiest way to make your lunches or dinners. In this small guide, you will find an orientation on how to use a slow cooker, in case you have acquired it and do not know how to start.

Check the user manual of your slow cooker

Before using your slow cooker, it is recommended that you read the user manual so that you can be familiar with the parts that make it up, such as the on/off control and the temperature selector, so that when you are going to use it for the first time, do not find yourself so disoriented.

Place your pot on a table free of nearby objects

Before using your slow cooker, it is recommended that you place the pot as far away as possible from other objects or electrical appliances. Ideally, the slow cooker should be at a distance of no less than 20 cm from the wall, so that the heat emanating from the pot does not affect anything around it; Although the heat is not usually so strong, it is better to prevent. Make sure to place your slow cooker near a power outlet.

Proceed to prepare the meat and/or vegetables

Begin preparing food before adding it to the slow cooker. Cut the meat into medium pieces. Remove the fatty parts of the meat and the skins in the case of poultry. Vegetables and greens wash them well, chop them and cut them into pieces, according to the recipe to be prepared. Add the necessary dressings and condiments for the preparation of your food.

Proceed to place the food in the slow cooker

Once the food to be cooked is prepared and seasoned, place it in the pot, in an organized manner, according to the recipe, so that the heat expands throughout the vegetables. Spread them all over the pot trying not to leave any empty places. It is recommended to first place the vegetables in the bottom of the pot and the meat on top, for better cooking. At the end, add the cooking liquid, be it broths, juices, wine or water. The amount of liquid should be half or up to three quarters of the capacity of the pot.

Plug the pot into the outlet

Place the lid on your pot, making sure it is well covered. Proceed to plug the pot into the outlet, locate the power button and turn on. Make the necessary adjustments for cooking your food. In most models, the parameter is set to cook at low temperatures for 6 to 8 hours (between 65 and 90 °C) and at high temperature cook for 2 to 4 hours, depending on the recipe from 150 °C.. There are other models that only indicate HIGH and LOW, which mean high and low temperature, respectively.

Keep your pot covered while food is cooking

Avoid uncovering the pot to turn the food while you are cooking with your slow cooker, as this procedure is not necessary. What you should do is keep the pot covered so that the heat does not weaken and you have to extend the cooking of your meals for a longer time. Wait the necessary time according to the configuration made in the previous step.

Add the final ingredients

If you want to thicken the sauce or add ingredients to give the final touch to your meals, you can do it half an hour before the end of cooking. Once the food is ready, proceed to serve it and enjoy. Never keep food scraps in your cooking pot, remove them and store them in the refrigerator.

Wash your slow cooker

Once you have finished using it, separate the parts of the cooking pot and wash them separately with soap and water, rinse with plenty of cold water and dry with a damp cloth. Clean the outside with a damp cloth and remove all grease and moisture that may be present. Store it in a dry and cool place free of moisture.

The most popular brands

Despite being something traditional and almost historical, it has not been until a few years ago that slow cookers have become fashionable again. Something that allows us to recover the traditional flavors of well-made food in these times of haste and processed foods in which we live. If you also want to start eating better, here are three leading brands in this market that will surely help you with this goal.

When it comes to a product with history nothing better than a historical company like Hamilton Beach. This company was founded in 1910 and began working with different engine patents that it would later use in the production of beverages, thus taking over the incipient soft drink market in the United States. This success, in addition to making its employees millionaires, would serve to expand the company’s range of products to other products such as butter churns or milkshake machines.

Something that would open the doors of the company to the world of small appliances where it currently continues to operate. The company would expand its range of products as well as its operations, opening the doors to international markets in 1995 with the expansion to various countries around the world. Currently, the company continues to sell its air purifiers and slow cookers in products adapted to modern times, with electronic control systems, but which maintain the flavor of the traditional as well as the guarantee of a well-made product.

Founded in 1924, the Oster company had its first success in a product far from the kitchen: hair clippers for women. This success was based, however, on a high-quality engine that would later give life to other of its products such as blenders, mixers and the one that would make the brand a classic: the blender. The year was 1946 and the company created a product so spectacular that everyone would end up copying it, although the company would keep the paternity of the product. From here would come the growth and expansion of the catalog with all kinds of products for the home and kitchen.

In 1980 the company became part of the Sumbeam Corporation although it continues to maintain its line of work and its products, so the tradition is still present in its products. However, its line of slow cookers has undergone a spectacular revolution where shiny aluminum stands out along with electronic control panels that allow total control of the process, so that its products are suitable for both experts and newcomers to the world. of the slow cooker.

The merger of the slow cooker with the Crock Pot brand is such that this name is being taken to designate this type of slow cooker, as happened, for example, with the commercial brand Kleenex that today is used to designate paper tissues. However, despite the historical tradition of the product, the origin of the brand is relatively recent.

Specifically, it dates back to 1971 when the small appliance manufacturer Rival acquired the Bean Pot firm, whose star product was precisely these slow cookers. The company incorporated the product into its range and renamed it Crock Pot, becoming a sales success ever since. This success would resist the corporate movements of the company, with IPOs, privatizations and purchases that in fact make Oster and Crock Pot share ownership under the umbrella of the multinational Jarden Brands.

Despite the relaunch of Crock Pot as an individual brand in 2005, together with the quality and design of its products, it is what has served to gain the fame that these pots have today and that they offer spectacular results for any dish that you prepare in them..

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available 

Techwood TMJ-450

Encontramos este modelo entre las mejores ollas de cocción lenta baratas, con carcasa de paredes frías en acero inoxidable y elegante cazuela de cerámica de color negro, la cual es removible y se puede usar también como fuente de servir o contenedor para guardar en la nevera.

Trabaja con 280 W de potencia y tiene capacidad de 4,5 L con lo que podrás cocer o guisar a fuego lento y preparar alimentos en suficiente proporción para 5-6 personas. El termostato trabaja en 3 diferentes posiciones: mínimo, máximo y conservación del calor para mantener la comida caliente una vez preparada.

También cuenta con tapa de cristal para permitirte observar el proceso de cocción sin destapar. Tanto las asas de la carcasa como el tirador de la tapa están elaborados en material aislante y la carcasa cuenta también con bases antideslizantes.

Decidirse por uno de los modelos más baratos no tiene por qué significar que obtendrás un producto de baja calidad. Por ejemplo, echa un vistazo a los pros y contras de esta buena y económica opción:


Materiales: nuestra última opción destaca por estar fabricada en acero inoxidable, lo que le otorga una alta resistencia y durabilidad.

Termostato: integra un práctico termostato con cuatro niveles de temperatura que te permitirán activar la parada, la mini, la maxi y la conservación de calor.

Antideslizante: además, por seguridad, la olla cuenta con una base y pies recubiertos de material antideslizante para evitar accidentes.


Programación: esta olla de cocción lenta no cuenta con programador, por lo que todas sus funciones deben ser activadas manualmente.

Peso: viene siendo uno de los modelos más pesados de nuestra selección al presentar un peso de 6 kilogramos, por lo que su traslado es un poco más complicado.

Russell Hobbs Cook Home

Según los usuarios, la mejor olla de cocción lenta calidad precio la tiene Russell Hobbs. Una carcasa de acero inoxidable y cazuela de cerámica, de forma ovalada y color negro, que trabaja con 200 W de potencia y tiene capacidad de 3,5 L, ideal para preparar tradicionales y exquisitos guisos para 4 personas.

Cuenta con 3 configuraciones de temperatura: alta, baja y el modo de calentado, el cual resulta muy útil para conservar la temperatura de la comida antes de degustarla. Tapa de cristal para atender la cocción de los alimentos sin necesidad de destaparlos. La cazuela es extraíble, de fácil limpieza y apta para el lavavajillas, y por su elegante diseño puede ser usada como fuente de servir directamente en la mesa.

Pensando en tu seguridad y adecuada protección cuenta con luz indicadora de encendido, asas de tacto frío y pies antideslizantes.

Considerada por algunos como la mejor olla de cocción lenta del momento, las prestaciones que te ofrece este modelo pueden ser las alternativas necesarias para ofrecerte una nueva y fácil manera de cocinar:


Potencia: la potencia es un factor muy importante al momento de escoger una olla de cocción lenta ya que de acuerdo al nivel de potencia, se puede determinar la rapidez de funcionamiento del electrodoméstico. Este modelo de Russell Hobbs destaca por trabajar con una potencia de 200 watts los cuales, según las reseñas de varios de sus consumidores, son excelentes para obtener guisos, carnes, sopas y demás.

Capacidad: muchas ollas de cocción lenta son utilizadas para la preparación de brebajes, sopas, guisos, pollos completos, entre muchas otras opciones y este tipo de cocina por lo general, requiere de cierta cantidad de agua para poder producir las salsas. El modelo Cook @ Home es de 3,5 litros de capacidad, por lo que podrás preparar comidas completas sin inconvenientes.

Ajustes: debido a que las ollas de cocción lenta tienen muchos usos aplicables en la cocina, también son válidas para preparar diversos tipos de platillos. Según lo que se esté cocinando, es bueno que se pueda adaptar el nivel de temperatura para obtener el resultado deseado. Este modelo te permite escoger entre tres diferentes niveles de temperatura (alto, medio y bajo) para que actives el que más necesites.

Tapa: además de todo esto, ya que estas ollas son para cocinar los alimentos lentamente y poder producir mejores y más intensos sabores, es apreciable poder visualizar cómo se va desarrollando la cocción por lo que este modelo de Russel Hobbs incluye una práctica tapa de cristal que te permitirá mirar cómo va quedando tu guisado.

Lavable: y lo mejor de todo es que tanto la olla de cocción lenta como su tapa de cristal son perfectamente lavables en el lavavajillas por lo que podrás tener tu cocina limpia en muy poco tiempo.

Russell Hobbs Cook Home

Ventaja principal:

Gracias a su diseño exterior en acero inoxidable y con asas de tacto frío y a su cazuela de cerámica, así como sus patas antideslizantes, este modelo de olla lente te resultará muy segura y cómoda de usar.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos usuarios echan de menos que cuente con un temporizador que te permita poder programar el cocinado de los alimentos, cuestión que solucionaras fácilmente añadiendo al enchufe un temporizador externo.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Si quieres cocinar consiguiendo aquellos sabores de tu infancia esta es tu olla. Con una fantástica relación calidad – precio, es una de las favoritas de los usuarios gracias a su calidad, funcionalidad y sencillez de la misma.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Capacidad de la olla

Este modelo de olla lenta es ideal para una familia media de 3 a 4 personas ya que cuenta con una capacidad de 3,5 litros en los que podrás cocinar cualquier cosa que se te ocurra, desde guisos, carnes, bizcochos e incluso otros postres como el arroz con leche para toda la familia.

Funciones y potencia

Cuenta con una potencia de 200 w, potencia más que suficiente para conseguir suculentos platos cocinándolos lentamente y a bajas temperaturas para conservar todos los sabores y propiedades intactas.

Esta potencia podrás regularla en hasta cuatro posiciones: 0 o apagada, 1 o LOW, 2 o HIGH y una cuarta posición que te será altamente útil para mantener caliente la comida una vez que la hayas cocinado hasta la hora de comer.

Forma de la olla

Aunque parezca un factor sin importancia, lo cierto es que las formas de las ollas lentas pueden marcar que podamos sacarle más o menos partido a las mismas. En cuanto a este modelo de olla lenta, cuenta con un diseño ovalado, tanto su exterior como su cubeta cerámica interna, por lo que podremos cocinar no solo guisos y consomés espectaculares, sino también otros alimentos como piezas grandes de carne como un pollo, lomos, codillos, etc. Además, todo se cocinará de manera uniforme y tus platos quedarán perfectos si los dejas el tiempo adecuado.


Si hay algo que destaca de esta olla lenta es que su exterior está fabricado en acero inoxidable de acabado brillante, un diseño que no solo le otorga una gran belleza a tu olla para que luzca en tu cocina, sino que además te permitirá poder limpiarla fácilmente con tan solo pasarle un paño de microfibra húmedo por su exterior siempre que lo veas conveniente.

Su tapa, además, está fabricada en cristal templado, con borde en acero, de modo que resulta muy segura además de muy útil ya que podrás ver cómo van tus recetas sin necesidad de levantar la tapa de tu olla, algo muy importante para no perder temperatura.

Sus asas son de tacto frío, por lo que, si necesitas moverla durante su funcionamiento, podrás hacerlo de manera segura y sin quemarte. Además, su cazuela extraíble está fabricada en cerámica esmaltada de alta calidad y podrás lavarla cómodamente en el lavavajillas siempre que lo desees.

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