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Small Refrigerator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Sometimes, we do not have the necessary space, nor do we have the need to buy a traditional refrigerator. In these situations, it is much more interesting to resort to a small refrigerator, which saves space and is easier to place no matter how small the room is. A market in which we find options such as the Beko TS 190020 model. A product without a freezer with a net capacity of 88 liters and an interior that in no way envies a traditional fridge. If you prefer it with a freezer, you have the Severin KS 9827, 42 liters, energy class A+ and a well-structured interior, so it is better used.

The 9 Best Small Fridges – Opinions 2022

When we talk about refrigerators, we think of products that are almost two meters high, with a traditional width and ample free space. But there is not always room to place options of this size. In these cases, it is convenient to be clear about which small refrigerator to buy, among those that the market offers us. Despite what it may seem, the variety is wide, as much as you can see in our selection of the best small refrigerators of 2022, with models for all tastes and needs.

Small fridge without freezer

1. Beko TS 190020 Freestanding Undercounter Refrigerator

For those looking for a small refrigerator without a freezer, we have models such as the Beko TS 190020, a firm candidate to be the best small refrigerator of the moment. This product has measurements of 53 centimeters deep by 47.5 wide and 82 high. 

This space gives the model a capacity of 90 gross liters, which remains at 88 net liters, which proves how well the structure of the product is used. An interior space that surprises and that is typical of the best small refrigerator of the moment, since it offers us three glass trays, a vegetable drawer and three door supports, one for bottles and two for small objects. An approach that makes it easier to better place food and make the most of that interior space. 

The equipment is finished off with an energy rating of class A + and an estimated annual energy consumption of about 118 kilowatts, as well as a traditional white finish and very easy to fit into any kitchen.

Take advantage of small spaces with this efficient and pleasant model, so you don’t have to worry about anything to refrigerate your food.


Capacity: Despite its compact size, the refrigerator has a total capacity of 88 net liters.

Accessories: The equipment is accompanied by trays, door accessories and a drawer for vegetables.

Embeddable: In case you need it, it is possible to embed the fridge with ease.

Door rotation: You have the option to rotate the door so that it opens to the left or to the right, according to your preference.

Thermostat: The included thermostat helps you choose the precise temperature for the device.


Noise level: Despite its small size, we are talking about a product that has a higher noise level than would be desirable.

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2. Candy CCTLS 542 WH Small Fridge

The Candy CCTLS 542 WH model is another interesting proposal when it comes to looking for a small refrigerator without a freezer for your home. Following the line of other similar options, the product combines a compact size with a good capacity, although superior to other models. 

In fact, this Candy proposal reaches 125 liters of interior space, which you can also make better use of with the three trays, the drawer and the accessories for the door, in the manner of traditional models. There are also other interesting elements such as the thermostat, to choose the operating temperature comfortably, or an energy rating of class A +, in line with other similar equipment.

And so that you can see everything clearly, the refrigerator has LED-based interior lighting, just as you would find in equipment from the best brand of small refrigerators on the market.

Enjoy a large interior space for your food with this Candy model, one of the largest in its category.


Space: It is a much larger model in terms of space, with 125 liters of total capacity.

Accessories: Included accessories, such as trays, drawer or door accessories, make it easy to better organize food.

Silent: This product barely generates 40 decibels of noise in operation, so as not to disturb your rest.

Interior light: The LED interior light adds extra visibility and elegance.


Ice on the bottom: The product has a tendency to generate ice on the bottom, so it is advisable not to stick the food to this area.

Price: The refrigerator has a somewhat higher cost than other similar options, although it also offers more space to refrigerate food.

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Small fridge with freezer

3. Severin KS 9827 Mini-Fridge

If you prefer a small refrigerator with a freezer to equip yourself, the market also offers interesting options. Among them, we have the Severin KS 9827 model, one of the smallest on the market. The product has ultra-compact measurements, 51 centimeters high by 47 wide and 44 deep, which translates into a total capacity of 42 liters. Enough to hold small food, bottles and more. 

A small freezer is included in this space, in a complete and comprehensive approach. In this interior, we also have integrated spaces such as the bottle rack or an interior separating tray, to give comfort to the space. 

The refrigerator is also versatile in its assembly, having both height-adjustable legs and a door that can open either to the left or to the right, depending on what is needed.

For you to know which is the best small refrigerator to meet your needs, nothing better than knowing the basic characteristics of the product you are evaluating.


Freezer : The integrated freezer allows you to properly store foods that require lower temperatures.

Noise : The device has a noise level of 43 decibels, being a very quiet solution.

Regulator : The refrigerator includes a regulator, to set the power level to what you need.

Adjustable : It is possible to adjust the height or the opening direction of the door with comfort.


Integrated bottle rack : The spaces of the door are integrated into it, which makes it a bit difficult to clean.

Camping use: If you want to use the fridge in a caravan or with solar panels, you will need an inverter of at least 1,000 watts to start.

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4. Teka TS1 138 Combi fridge

The Teka TS1 138 model is another interesting small refrigerator with freezer that maintains the line of traditional products. This model has a lower cooling area and an upper freezing area of ​​the same width as the fridge, thus expanding the space for frozen food. 

The result is a net capacity of 98 liters in total, which you can also better organize using the included accessories. Among them, we have two glass trays, the classic drawer for vegetables or the trays for the door, with which to configure the space to your liking. 

As extras, this model improves the energy rating to an A++ class, which reduces energy consumption. It also offers you a traditional design, with the most classic metallic white finish, as well as quiet and very discreet operation.

Let’s know more details about this high-level product, manufactured by one of the most recognized companies in this market.


Freezer: The freezer has a total space of 14 liters, larger than that of other similar models.

Energy class: The refrigerator reduces consumption thanks to its A++ class energy classification, better than the market average.

Silent: The equipment is very silent during its operation, as long as it is correctly leveled on the ground.


Frost: As with practically all products of this type, you will have to be careful with ice and frost on the bottom.

Space and measurements: Since it is somewhat larger than normal, you must take into account the space, also considering the little extra it needs to breathe

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Other products

5. Infinition FG-1720 Table Top Refrigerator

At first glance, the Infinition FG-1720 refrigerator is a product that stands out for its design. And it is that its format maintains the traditional combi approach, with a refrigeration area in the lower part and a freezer area in the upper part, with independent doors. An approach that generates greater comfort when it comes to storing your food. 

The interior space is distributed between the 60-litre refrigerator and the 25-litre freezer, which also has a 4-star rating. As usual, inside we have the usual accessories, such as the door supports, the vegetable drawer or the glass trays. Nor is the thermostat missing, to adequately regulate the operation of the equipment. 

And to finish surprising you, the fridge has some measures that make it very easy to install the equipment under the countertop of your kitchen.

We give you more details about the most interesting features of this compact and efficient refrigerator.


Format : Its combi format saves energy by having two doors for access to the interior of the freezer and the refrigerator.

Energy class : This product has an A+ energy class, in line with the market despite its greater storage capacity.

Accessories : Among the interior accessories, we find glass trays or a vegetable drawer.


Freezer tray: A tray is missing in the freezer, which divides the interior space.

Start with inverter: In case you want to use it with solar panels, you will need an inverter of a certain power.

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6. Milec Milectric Mini R1750 Refrigerator

As usual, in our selection we also have cheap models, so you don’t spend too much to equip your home. Among them, we have the Milec Mini R1750 model. We are talking about an extremely compact refrigerator, 51 centimeters wide by 44 deep and 47 high, which offers an interior space of 42 litres. 

The best thing is that this space has a small freezer, for those foods that require lower temperatures. You also have aids such as the interior tray or door bottle holders, which help make better use of space. 

This equipment also has details such as a thermostat for temperature or LED light, which gives a better look to the interior. Details that lead the team to be close to being the best value for money small refrigerator of the moment.

We evaluate this complete model in detail, located among the cheapest on the current market.


Measurements and capacity: Despite its compact measurements, the fridge is capable of offering up to 42 liters of capacity.

Freezer: The product includes a freezer area, for foods that require lower temperatures.

Energy class: The equipment has an A+ energy class, in line with other models on the market.


Cleaning: The cleaning of the door area is somewhat difficult, due to the fact that the supports are integrated into it.

Opening: The opening is done through the upper part of the door, which can make the process difficult if there is a worktop or similar on top.

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7. Hisense RR55D4AW1 Mini Bar Small Fridge 

Although the definition given by the Hisense RR55D4AW1 product brand is that of a mini bar, the truth is that we are dealing with a small, traditional refrigerator with a pleasant interior space of 42 liters. This space includes those that can house the freezer, where those foods that require it can be refrigerated at their temperature. 

To make better use of this space, we have a tray for the main area and a bottle rack and shelf integrated into the door, to get more out of the fridge when it comes to organizing your food, leaving the innermost area for other foods. 

The equipment is completed with details such as an A+ energy class or a beautiful white finish with a traditional design, which fits perfectly in any room where you want to install the device.

Enjoying a very complete and versatile minibar to refrigerate your food and drinks is easy thanks to models like this one.


Finish: The traditional cut matte white finish is easy to fit into almost any room.

Auto Defrost: This function is responsible for automatically removing the frost from inside the refrigerator when necessary.

Energy class: Its energy class A+ is in the market average, with reduced energy consumption and noise generated in use.


Light: Surprisingly, this product does not have an interior light, as usual.

Safety distance: It is advisable not to stick food to the bottom of the refrigerator, to prevent it from freezing.

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8. Melchioni ARTIC47LT Mini Fridge with Freezer

Within the small refrigerators, the Melchioni ARTIC47LT model slightly increases the interior space to 47 liters in total, compared to the usual 42. A little extra that does not excessively affect the dimensions of the equipment, 44 centimeters deep, 47 wide and 52 high. 

The interior space is distributed in 42 liters of refrigerator and 5 of freezer, integrated in the upper part. We also find the usual accessories, such as the bottle rack embedded in the door or the central tray, which help to better organize the space. 

For the rest, the refrigerator maintains the parameters that we have been commenting on in matters such as energy consumption, class A +. And for greater versatility, it is possible to change the direction of rotation of the door, as well as place the product well leveled by means of the adjustable feet.

Gain space to store your food thanks to the complete approach of this Melchioni product.


Space: The interior space is 47 liters, somewhat higher than other similar products on the market.

Thermostat : This model includes a thermostat with 6 levels that we can choose as it suits us.

Freezer : The integrated freezer offers 5 liters of capacity, for foods that require temperatures below zero.


Ice: Some ice may form on the outside of the freezer, which should be removed from time to time.

Noise: The noise level is higher than desirable, although it is not particularly annoying either.

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9. Klarstein Feldberg Fridge 

If you have enough space and higher cooling needs, nothing better than taking a look at the Klarstein Feldberg model. We are talking about a refrigerator 89 centimeters high by 55.5 wide and 50 deep, which increases the total capacity to 90 liters. 

Due to its height, it can be easily installed under the countertop, for better integration in the kitchen. Inside, we find an open space with a vegetable drawer, three glass shelves and different supports and supports on the door, to place bottles and other small objects comfortably. Also notable is its energy consumption, class A + and that barely spends 110 kilowatts per year, the same as a model with half the capacity. 

The refrigerator is finished off with a nice rustic finish on the door, imitation wood and that gives the product an extra elegance when it comes to fitting it into our kitchen.

Give your kitchen a special touch and expand its food capacity thanks to this complete Klarstein model.


Capacity: Despite being an undercounter product, it has a capacity of up to 90 litres, fully usable thanks to its diaphanous design.

Temperature : It is possible to set it close to 0, for foods that require it.

Appearance : Its rustic finish includes an imitation wood door, which adds an elegant touch to any room.


Integrated brackets : The brackets built into the door cannot be removed, making cleaning a bit complicated.

Frost : Product frost generation level is higher than desirable based on feedback.

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Shopping guide

When space is scarce or cooling needs are not as high as for a conventional product, there are options to solve the problem. So that you can find them comfortably and adjust them according to what you need, take a look at our guide to buying the best small refrigerator, in which you will find the keys so that this search does not heat you up more than necessary.

Dimensions and capacity

Since we are talking about a small product, it is reasonable that we start by evaluating the space we have available to place the refrigerator and segment our search to the most suitable equipment for that space. When making these measurements, do not forget that you must leave a little space at the bottom, between the product and the wall, and that the door also needs a few centimeters to open. Therefore, not all the space you have available in the room can be considered useful.

Once the measurements are taken, it’s time to take a look at a comparison of small refrigerators to see what fits in that space. Today, there are several options available, ranging from the traditional minibar of a lifetime to products that are somewhat smaller than conventional equipment. As we said, everything depends on the available space, although the variety is such that you will have various options to choose from regardless of the space you have.

In parallel to this size runs the capacity of the refrigerator. The larger the size, the greater, in general, the interior space available. This leads us to find options from 35 or 40 liters of capacity, which have the smallest models, to 100 or 150 liters of the largest models. By the way, do not forget to check the interior, because the more open it is, the better you can take advantage of it and the easier it is to place your food and drinks.

With or without freezer

By definition, a refrigerator is just that: a space designed to refrigerate food and drinks at a temperature that usually ranges from 5 to 8 degrees. However, many of the products on the market include a small freezer, perfect for storing ice or any other food that needs to be kept at low temperatures. 

The drawback of this space is that the freezer tends to occupy a considerable space within the refrigeration zone, eliminating part of the nominal capacity of the same. Let’s think that this freezer requires thick walls and enough space to open the door, which necessarily affects the interior and eliminates liters of the total capacity of the refrigerator.

Therefore, it is convenient to evaluate if we really need this freezing space in exchange for having a larger and more usable interior space. In general, it is not something that influences how much that small refrigerator costs, nor does it affect consumption, so you should assess the use that you are going to give the product to decide what is best for you.

Other features

To conclude our guide and that you do not lack details to find a small and economical refrigerator, we leave you some more clues to consider. One of them is the presence of elements that can help you better configure the interior space. We are talking about accessories such as trays, drawers or door supports, which make it easier to organize that space and get the most out of it.

Another issue to assess is energy consumption. Yes, it is true that it is not as important as in larger models or in other appliances, but having equipment with a high energy rating is always a good idea. In general, these products start from A or A+ ratings and work their way up to A++ ratings. Something that reduces energy consumption and makes the refrigerator more ecological. By the way, if the model includes an adjustable thermostat to choose the temperature or power of the equipment, much better.

Finally, it’s time to talk about style. As with its older brothers, in small refrigerators there is also a good variety of designs and finishes. Among them, we have those from the most classic white minibars to products with aluminum or even black finishes. It’s all a matter of looking for what best fits into the approach of the stay.

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