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Spice Rack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are one of those who has adequate space to organize each area of ​​the kitchen and you want to keep your spices and other ingredients stored and protected, close at hand and in order, you may be interested in purchasing a spice rack. If so, you have a wide catalog of options to choose from. The Ikea Bekväm model is a one-tier spice rack, made of solid and robust wood, whose base is suitable and resistant to place other heavier objects. On the other hand, there is the Yomym Hierro, a shelf-type spice rack, made of a robust material, with several levels, so it has a greater storage capacity.

The 9 Best Spices – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for a spice rack, either as an extra storage space in the kitchen that allows you to preserve your favorite condiments in a more organized way or to use in another area of ​​the house and other types of objects, you can choose between a wide variety on the market. But if you want to get to the point and not waste time with products that may not have much to offer, then we recommend that you choose among these 9 best spice racks that we present below.

Ikea spice rack 

1. Ikea Bekväm Spice Rack

With a weight of 649 g and made of wood, this model is presented as the best value for money spice rack. This Ikea spice rack suggests robustness and resistance to support full glass jars or plastic containers of different sizes.

In addition, it may be able to provide you with more than you expect, since it has a discreet size that favors its use even as a decorative element to keep some personal items in rooms or other areas and is suitable for placing books and other frequently used objects. 

In the same way, it can be placed on the countertop without taking up useful and necessary space for another piece of furniture, since it can be hung on the wall quickly, easily and safely, since it is only necessary to mark the exact points to fix it, on the desired height and position, in order to adjust it with screws with plugs according to the precise measurement of the spice rack.

There are many types and models of spice racks with particular characteristics that make them stand out. Here we present some pros and cons of this product, which is among the cheapest.


Size: It has an approximate length of 40 cm, with a height of around 12 cm, an adaptable size to different areas.

Weight: It weighs just over half a kilo, it is thick and robust to support its load. 

Design: Its structure in natural wood color can be treated to achieve a better appearance.

Versatility: It is useful to use as a spice rack in the kitchen or as a shelf in rooms or other spaces.


Space: Your storage space might turn out to be insufficient in some cases.

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wall spice rack

2. Yomym Metal Shelves for Spices

If you are looking for the best spice rack, you should review the most striking qualities of this model, which consists of two shelves with three levels each, made of stainless steel. Each spice rack weighs approximately 1.6 kilos and has sufficient capacity to store different types of items, as its dimensions are 40 x 32 x 7.5 cm.

Likewise, this wall-mounted spice rack can be easily rotated to fit in any desired area of ​​the kitchen, be it pantry, cabinets, or countertops, and it’s even handy for placing in the bathroom as well to keep toiletries there. personal. 

It can also be used in any room to keep some objects organized and within reach. It is also practical for offices, since it can be placed on a table or desk and remain stable in its position, without requiring a more complex installation.

Many models could present themselves as the best grocer of the moment. However, you have to pay attention to all the details. Here are other pros and cons of this spice rack.


Capacity: It is offered in two or three large levels, where a greater number of products can be stored.

Utility: It can be used in the kitchen for food or utensils, as well as in other areas of the home.

Stability: It has metal meshes that prevent objects from falling.

Saving: Its installation on the wall saves more space and maintains order.


Exposure: Although it is made of strong and resistant metal, it could deteriorate if it is exposed to water for a long time.

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rotating spice rack

3. Secret de Gourmet Rotating Bamboo Spice Rack

With a rotating design and capacity to store up to 16 types of herbs or spices in glass jars, this Secret de Gourmet model joins the list of the best spice racks of 2022.

This product is made of bamboo wood, a resistant and durable material that also gives it a pleasant and decorative appearance. The stand on this revolving spice rack is designed to rotate, so turning it over makes it quicker and easier to access the jar you want to use.

It is a timely accessory to always have within reach on the table at mealtimes or near the kitchen when preparing food. Its approximate weight is 2.35 kilos, its height does not exceed 30 cm and its width is around 17 cm, which indicates that its size is small but it has a large capacity.

Many manufacturers strive to offer quality products. Among these is Secret de Gourmet, which competes to become the best spice rack brand. Here more about this model.


Practical: Its rotating support allows you to choose and take the required condiment quickly.

Resistant: It is made of bamboo, a material that provides greater durability and resistance.

Spacious: It can hold 16 jars to store a varied combination of seasonings, herbs or spices.

Jars: Includes all glass jars with dispenser and lid, providing good storage and use of spices.


Position: The boats are kept more straight than tilted, which gives the impression that they could fall, although this is more a visual matter.

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spice cabinet

4. mDesign Kitchen Spice Rack

If you are wondering which is the best spice rack you could buy, this mDesign model may be an ideal alternative. Made of plastic, with a simple design that offers three levels, this spice cabinet can be used both in the pantry to keep condiments and spices close at hand and in order, as well as used as an organizer for jewelry, costume jewelry and other items. 

It is practical and comfortable to use, since it does not require installation, since it consists of a base that rests directly on the surface. Its weight is light, being 458 g, while each shelf offers an approximate space of 25 cm long and 7.5 cm wide and the general dimensions are 23.4 x 25.4 x 10.2 cm.

This spice rack is available in champagne, a tone that fits harmoniously with any type of decoration in the home, either to display it or to keep objects protected inside the cupboard.

If even after reviewing this and other options you still do not know which spice rack to buy, we present you with more information about this mDesign model and a point against that could be worth in your choice.


Design: The ladder-shaped design allows you to easily view all its content.

Multifunctional: It can be used in the kitchen to place spices and in bedrooms to store valuables. 

Manufacturing: It is made of resistant plastic, so it can also be washed.

Decorative: Its design and color make it combine and stand out among the decoration.


Size: It may take up a lot of space in certain small areas, as its dimensions are 23 x 25 x 10 cm.

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removable spice rack

5. Metaltex In und out Removable Spice Rack 2 Floors

For those who want to choose between cheap spice racks, there are multiple options, since, in general, the cost of these practical shelves is not usually very high. One of the most recommended for its low price and usefulness is this Metaltex model. It is a removable spice rack that has two levels to organize and keep jars with spices in the kitchen or other items in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Its installation is very simple, since it is not necessary to drill the wall to insert screws and hang it, since it includes a 3M Easy Fix adhesive to fix it securely.

The Metaltex spice rack provides great resistance to withstand weight, friction and contact with liquids, since, in addition to being made of metal, it is coated with Polytherm. In addition to this, its size of 22 x 28 x 6 cm favors inserting it into small spaces or taking advantage of leftover areas.

This spice rack offers multiple advantages to take advantage of but, if you want to know a little more about it, we show you other outstanding features, as well as a negative point.


Spacious: It has the capacity to store up to seven cans per level and some larger containers on the last one.

Organizational: Allows you to maintain order in the place and take better advantage of free areas.

Easy Installation: No drilling or screws are required to install.

Removable: It has a mechanism that allows it to be removed to remove what is necessary and return it to its place.


Fixation: Although it can be easily attached to the wall, this may not be enough to hold properly when adding a lot of weight to the structure.

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wooden spice rack

6. T&G Woodware Scimitar Rubberwood Wall Shelf

If you prefer to buy a wooden spice rack, this model from T&G Woodware could be convenient for you. It is a three-level spice rack with the capacity to store and support the weight of at least 18 jars, which can remain stable and safe, as each level is protected with a central bar that prevents the jars from falling.

This spice rack is designed to be fixed to the wall by means of screws, so that all its contents can be kept within easy reach, without taking up space that could be useful for placing some items, or interrupting access to other elements. that are on the site.

In addition, this spice rack is light and easy to handle, since it only weighs a little over 1 kilo, while its approximate measurements are 32 cm long, 42.5 cm high and 7.5 cm deep, to better fit to the areas. 

This model is recurrently recommended for its quality. You can verify this by analyzing what it has for and against, below. 


Construction: Its wooden structure is robust, durable and resistant, so a considerable useful life is expected.

Fixing: It can be attached to the wall by means of plugs and screws through its holes.

Variety of cans: It has the capacity to store several standard size cans, as well as thicker and thinner ones.

Customizable: The wooden surface comes smooth and clean from the factory, so it can be painted.


Height: The height of the central levels limits the placement of larger boats.

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spice rack

7. mDesign Set of 2 spice racks

A favorable alternative for those who are looking for a spice rack is this model from the manufacturer mDesign. It is a set of shelves made up of two spice racks made of high-quality and resistant metal that also includes all the mounting accessories. 

These spice racks are designed to be fixed to the wall in an upright position and each one measures approximately 41.2 cm long with an interior space of just over 8 cm, enough capacity to store jars with condiments, spices, bottles, as well as creams and cosmetics if you want to place it in the room or in the bathroom.

They are suitable for placing inside cabinets and doors in the kitchen. They have a simple but striking design in graphite color and their approximate weight is less than 600 g. Cleaning can be done easily by simply wiping them with a damp cloth.

A set of metal spice racks is an alternative worth considering. Here, other reasons that qualify the model as favorable and a negative point.


Anti-corrosive: It is made of high quality metal, resistant to corrosion.

Assembly: Its installation is quick and simple. In addition, it includes all the accessories for assembly.

Cleaning: It can be easily cleaned without damaging the material that covers it.

Multi-purpose: It is suitable for spices and other ingredients, as well as medicine, bottles and other items. In addition, it is also possible to use each spice rack separately.


Width: May be too wide to install on some cabinet doors.

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cabinet spice rack

8. Fitmykitchen Spice Rack 

With three levels to place several jars of different sizes and heights, this spice rack is presented as a practical option to maintain a more organized area that, in addition, allows you to distribute and make better use of the available spaces because, being a spice rack for a cabinet, it does not get in the way nor does it take place over any other area.

Its three levels, which offer ample space for a greater number of boats, have enough space to accommodate between 5 and 7 boats of different thickness and height for each level, since its general dimensions are 32.6 x 32.2 x 6.4cm In addition, its weight is light, since it is 449 g.

In the same way, this Fitmykitchen spice rack is easy to install, since it is only required to find the ideal place at an appropriate height on the door of a cabinet, either internally or externally, and fix it with screws.

If this model has seemed like a viable option, it is also convenient that you evaluate its points for and against. 


Storage: It can store up to 18 boats distributed among its three levels, which is a good storage capacity.

Installation: Its assembly can be done in a simple and fast way.

Practicality: It allows to keep in view, in order and at hand everything that is placed in the spice rack.

Height: The height available between each level favors being able to include larger boats.


Location: Although it is designed to be placed in cabinets, it may interfere when closing the door if it is placed on the inside.

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spice drawer

9. Orga-Box Part for Spice Jars and Dispensers

In case you prefer to store and organize all your condiments and spices in a different way, the model SO79716 from Orga-Box could be the one for you. It is a rectangular base made of plastic, with custom-made spaces and the standard shape of the most used spice jars, to accommodate 30 jars inside a spice drawer.  

This kitchen spice rack weighs 540 grams and measures 48 x 28 x 47 cm, with a depth of 5 cm in all its divisions. The Orga-Box spice rack allows you to keep all the jars in a horizontal position inside the kitchen drawer or on a piece of furniture next to it.

Its installation can be done quickly and easily, since it only requires inserting it inside the drawer. To do this, it is advisable to take the exact measurements beforehand to ensure that it fits correctly within the space provided for the spice rack.

If you are interested in acquiring this model of spice rack, it is convenient that you are aware of its pros and cons.


Security: The boats remain accommodated in a safer position, without the risk of falling.

Larger capacity: With this model it is possible to store a greater quantity and variety of spices, ingredients and condiments.

Distribution: The way in which the spaces are distributed favors viewing them all and choosing quickly.

Manufacturing material: It is made of polystyrene, which guarantees durability and shock resistance.


Type of boat: It can only be used with boats whose shape and size adapt to the space provided for them.

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Shopping guide

Spice racks are accessories that allow you to keep the most used condiments and spices organized and within reach when preparing food, which is why they have become an almost inevitable tool in any kitchen, although, due to their great utility, its use also extends to other areas. If you want to buy one of these, we recommend that you follow this guide to buy the best spice rack, where you can see some features that you should consider when choosing.


The capacity of the spice racks to store different jars or other products inside may vary according to the type and model. In addition, it is a feature that generally influences the final cost of the product, so if you want to know how much a spice rack costs, you could estimate it based on its size and capacity. 

The smallest can measure between 25 and 30 cm, while the regular measurement of the most common is usually around 40 cm long. The difference between them is that some have more levels. Single tiers hold 5 or 7 standard size cans.

Others, slightly larger, with two and three levels, have enough space to hold between 15 and 18 pots of different thickness and size. There are also models that have just enough space for boats of the same size.


Some spice racks are distinguished by their construction and manufacturing materials. This is a feature that you should take into account, if you want to have one that guarantees resistance and durability. To do this, it is prudent that you make a comparison of spice racks, which allows you to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of one or another model. 

The most practical and most used are usually those made of metal and wood. The metal ones suppose great support and resistance. Also, these can be easier to clean, they are slim, lightweight, and some models offer a larger capacity. 

On the other hand, the wooden ones are also resistant and can support a certain weight and quantity, although you have to be more careful when cleaning them. These are attractive to the eye and some can even be decorated. There are also plastic ones for use on surfaces. These are generally of good quality and impact resistant.


The designs and types of spice racks offered by different manufacturers are varied. The most innovative have an exclusive design to store in drawers. Other more common ones are wall-mounted, for cabinets, vertical, for tables, extractable, from one to three levels, made of wood, plastic or metal. Most of them have a design designed to take up less space or take advantage of free spaces to place them.  

For this reason, before deciding on a model, we recommend you analyze your options and choose one based on what you need and the area you have to locate it, since it would not do much to buy an economical and attractive spice rack, if you do not have a place suitable to put it.

For this, it is convenient that you know the exact measurements of the models that you like the most to know if they can fit or not in the place that you have arranged to locate them.


If you carefully observe the main characteristics of certain models, you will realize that their use is not limited only to the kitchen area, since some offer greater utility, so it would be convenient for you to choose a model that you can get the most out of.. 

There are very practical spice racks that can also be placed in bedrooms, near the bed to place the TV controls, books or magazines. Some, in addition, go well with any decoration and contribute to offering a more pleasant and organized appearance. 

In the same way, they can be used to use in the bathrooms to place some personal hygiene items. Other models are suitable for use inside cabinets, drawers or on tables or other types of furniture, as they have a space that is appropriate for keeping cosmetics, jewelry or costume jewelry.


When choosing a spice rack, whether for the kitchen or another area of ​​the home, it is advisable that you check its installation method and be sure that you have the space available to place it according to its size and position in which it should be placed. locate.

Also, it is convenient that you choose a model that is easier and more comfortable for you to assemble, as some may require the use of tools that you may not have or that are more difficult for you to manipulate.

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use a spice rack?

The most ideal way to use a spice rack is to place it in a place close to the kitchen to have it within reach when you need some of the spices. It can be on the edge of a countertop or hung on one of the kitchen cabinets. It is convenient to place it at an appropriate height, where it is accessible and everything inside can be distinguished. 

To organize the jars inside the spice rack, it is best to place the ones that are used most frequently first. If it is a multi-level spice rack, these jars should be located on the first level, while the less used ones can be distributed between the second or third level. It is also convenient to place them with their label facing forward to avoid confusing them.

Q2: How to clean a spice rack?

There are special liquids for use in the kitchen that are used to clean some types of spice racks, although, if you do not have them or you think that they can be very aggressive for the material, you can choose to use only water for both wooden spice racks and those of metal and plastic. 

Before you start cleaning the spice rack, remove all the jars and remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated. You can lightly shake it or wipe it with a dry cloth for each area. With the help of a damp cloth, rub gently on all surfaces until it is completely clean and make sure to dry it before using it again.

Q3: How to make a wooden spice rack?

You can make your own basic wooden spice rack, on one level and with a rustic finish, quickly and easily. To do this, you will only need two pieces of wood about 30 cm long, one 12 cm wide for the base and the other 6 cm for the central bar.

In addition to this, two more pieces cut in the shape of a square, about 10 cm high by 12 cm wide, are needed for the supports on each side. To join the parts, you must have carpentry glue and screws.

Q4: How to decorate a wooden spice rack?

A wooden spice rack is in itself a piece of furniture that provides an extra attraction to any type of decoration, since its natural color blends elegantly with almost any tone, as well as with the color of the walls, which provides the feeling of being in a perfectly balanced environment. 

However, it is also possible to add a few extra touches to identify it with a unique and personal style that distinguishes it. To decorate it, it is advisable to clean the entire area with the help of sandpaper.

Once clean and smooth, you can unleash your creativity to draw some lines, names or figures on it and then paint with a brush and acrylic paint. If, on the other hand, you do not want to work on the natural tone of the wood, you can use the color of your choice to cover the background and make some applications on it. To finish, cover with a layer of varnish.

Q5: How to hang a spice rack?

Some spice racks include hardware and instructions for hanging them so they remain secure and stable. However, hanging them on the wall or door is not a very difficult task nor does it take a lot of time. To do this, take the measurements of the spice rack between the holes and mark these points in the area where you want to hang it. 

Proceed to open the holes, place the spice rack and fix the screws with the plugs. You can also use glue to hang smaller spice racks. To do this, clean the surface on which you are going to place the shelf, apply the glue to the back of the spice rack and press it firmly against the wall for a few seconds.

Q6: What is a door spice rack for?

A door spice rack is used to keep the spice jars organized and visible in a place where it does not take up space necessary to place another piece of furniture. These spice racks have the appropriate measures so as not to interrupt the correct opening and closing of the doors, so they adapt properly and are useful for use in places where there are not so many available areas, so it is required to distribute and take better advantage of these vertical spaces.

Q7: Where to place a spice rack?

The most suitable places to place a spice rack are usually on the countertop, inside or outside the kitchen cabinets, on the cupboard doors, on a wall near the kitchen or hanging on a piece of furniture next to it.

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