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Spiralizer – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

A spiralizer is a kitchen helper that should not be missing in any home, since we do not know when we will need it, especially if we want to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and replace them with vegetables or fruits, but with a creative and fun presentation. In this sense, spiralizers are a fundamental tool. For example, the Sedhoom SD003791 is a spiralizer with a horizontal design, designed for long vegetables. In addition, it has manual operation, an ergonomic handle and a BPA-free food-grade polymer body. However, if what you want is an electric spiralizer, the Russell Hobb 23810-56 offers a power of 300 W, so you can make noodles and spirals.

Opinions on the best spiralizers

Among the utensils that cannot be missing in our kitchen is the spiralizer, which is a product with a high demand in the market and, therefore, there is a wide variety of models at your disposal. In this sense, you should be careful and carefully check the specifications of the models that have caught your attention. Here is a small selection of the best spiralizers.

vegetable spiralizer

Sedhoom SD003791

If you are looking for the best spiralizer, this model developed by the Sedhoom house could be the solution. Its structure has an ergonomic and safe design, which you can easily maneuver thanks to its intuitive cutting mechanism. Thus, you can make various recipes with your vegetables, such as spaghetti, julienne, noodles, noodles, ribbons and spirals.

For the manufacture of this vegetable spiralizer, ABS food polymer was used, which has a pleasant touch, resistance and the best thing is that it is free of toxic agents such as BPA. In addition, the cutting blades are made of stainless steel, so you do not have problems when washing them.

Among other product specifications, we have the incorporation of suction cups in the base area, reducing the risk of overturning after its start-up. Likewise, we cannot fail to mention that the five cutting pieces are interchangeable and the structure can be folded in half to save space when storing it.

Its ergonomic and functional design makes this a good candidate to become the best spiralizer of the moment. Here are some of its attributes.


Blades: Due to its stainless steel construction, it offers a high level of sharpness and resistance to corrosion.

Use: You can make various cuts in your fruits and vegetables such as slices, noodles, spirals, julienne, spaghetti, noodles and ribbons.

Security: Thanks to the incorporation of a suction cup in the base, you will not have to worry about unexpected slipping when maneuvering the equipment.

BPA free: The ABS polymer used for the structure is food grade, so it is BPA free.


Recipe book: The absence of a recipe book has been missed, although there are many options online.

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Fab Quality Manual

This model patented by FabQuality will help you spiralize any type of vegetable, vegetable or fruit, offering completely intuitive manual operation. In addition, it is considered the best price-quality spiralizer and, ultimately, one of the cheapest you will get in this collection of recommended products. 

Its design is compact, lightweight and takes up little space when stored. Thanks to its high-quality polymer construction, you can easily wash the equipment under the tap and even put it in the dishwasher. The best thing is that the raw material, both for the structure and for the three cutting blades, is certified BPA-free, making it a completely safe tool for handling food.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that this vegetable spiralizer has been provided with a citrus peeler, a practical cookbook so that you can surprise your guests with various dishes and, finally, you will find a useful cleaning brush in the purchase package. 

This is a manual spiralizer with a modern and functional design, which is also considered one of the cheapest.


Recipe book: A recipe book is attached so you can vary your preparations.

Accessories: With the purchase, a cleaning brush and a citrus peeler are included, which improve the user experience.

Manufacturing: The food-grade polymer of the structure and stainless steel of the blades offer strength and durability.

Design: Its compact and lightweight design is easy to handle, also taking up little space when stored.


Finishing: If you don’t put enough pressure on the processor, the noodles won’t come out the desired length. 

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Deik B450

Deik B450 is a kitchen helper with an aesthetically pleasing design, a compact, lightweight body and intuitive operation. It is a vegetable and fruit spiralizer with a fairly simple mechanism to execute, consisting of a fast-turning crank that you must operate manually to make the cuts.

It also incorporates a total of four interchangeable blades. In this way, you will be able to cut, slice, spiral and julienne a wide variety of vegetables. The structure is made of certified polymer, so you won’t have to worry about the release of toxic particles. 

In addition, it offers resistance to water, a feature that facilitates washing under the tap or in the dishwasher, since its parts are removable. For all of the above, the product could clarify your doubts about which is the best spiralizer.

With so many models, knowing which spiralizer to buy can be a confusing decision. However, this design from the Deik house has a series of pros and cons that will capture your attention.


Washing: You can add the equipment to the dishwasher because the parts are removable.

Blades: The spiralizer has four blades with different formats so you can create various recipes.

Certification: The materials used have quality certification, being free of BPA and any toxic agent.

Crank: The cutting control crank has a fast turning mechanism, which minimizes the work time of the preparation.


Deposit: The food deposit has a storage volume that could be considered restrictive if you need to process a large amount of vegetables.

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electric spiralizer

Russell Hobb 23810-56

This brand has been present in the market since 1952 and currently continues to offer its thousands of followers home appliances that help them improve their culinary experiences.

Thus, we find the Russell Hobb 23810-56 model, positioned among the best spiralizers of 2022, thanks to its safe and powerful design. With this equipment you will offer your guests healthy and colorful recipes, since you will be able to make spirals or vegetable and fruit noodles with different thicknesses, due to the incorporation of cutting pieces made of stainless steel.

It is important to mention that this electric spiralizer offers a working power corresponding to 300 watts, incorporates a collection container with an adequate capacity of 1.3 liters and has a feeding tube that measures 65.5 millimeters. In addition, dishwasher-safe BPA-free polymer was used for manufacturing.

Russell Hobb could very well be the best brand of spiralizer, so we will review the standout features of his model.


Blades: Three cutting blades are incorporated to make noodles and spirals with two levels of thickness.

Power: Its 300 watt power allows efficient operation and low power consumption.

Cleaning: According to the manufacturer, the equipment can be washed manually or incorporated into the dishwasher.

Collector: You will not have limitations to slice fruits or vegetables, since the collector has a sufficient volume of 1.3 liters.


Speed: There are those who say that it would be good to have more than one working speed.

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Severin KM 3922

The Severin house is a company with an international presence and a marked 65-year history, which presents us with an electric spiralizer with four stainless steel blades and a cutting diameter of 3 to 35 millimeters. In this way, you will prepare tagliatelle, linguines, papardelles and any other of these well-known Italian delicatessens with vegetables and fruits.

The casing is made of high-end food-grade polymer and the filling channel has a six-centimeter opening and incorporates a piece to compact the food. In addition, the equipment has been provided with a secure closing system and non-slip rubber bases that offer a better grip on the countertop without the risk of tipping over. 

Regarding the issue of cleaning, you will have no problems because its parts are removable, being possible to wash directly under the tap with the help of a special brush included with the purchase.

With this electric spiralizer you can recreate any type of recipe, but replacing the pasta with vegetables or fruits. Here we summarize its details.


Accessories: A practical cleaning brush suitable for removing the most entrenched stains is attached.

Non- slip base: The integrated bases are made of non-slip rubber, so you do not have to worry about unexpected slipping.

Blades: Its three built-in blades offer a cutting diameter of 3 to 35 millimeters for making various types of noodles and spirals.

Casing: The casing of the structure is made of food-grade polymer, which is a safe and BPA-free material.


Mouthpiece: The size of the mouthpiece could be a bit limited for large onions and apples, foods that you would have to pre-split.

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With this electric spiralizer you will be able to make vegetable ribbons and noodles quickly and effortlessly, because it incorporates a powerful 100-watt motor, which works together with a voltage of 220 to 240 volts at a frequency of 50 to 60 HZ.

Its structure made of food-grade polymer has well-cared finishes that highlight the quality of the product, while the set of four stainless steel blades guarantees high-precision cuts.

Regarding the format, we have that it has a depth, width, height of 23 x 14 x 36 centimeters and a weight of only 2 kilograms. In addition, the spout is 2.5 inches and the collector has a capacity of 1.25 liters, convenient for a good volume of food.

We cannot fail to mention its intuitive operation, being necessary to connect the power supply cable, insert the food in the indicated area and press carefully to enjoy colorful noodles or spirals.

If you are looking for a spacious and high-end spiralizer, you will not be able to let this model go unnoticed, whose positive and negative aspects are listed below. 


Format: Its structure of 23 x 14 x 35 centimeters is quite compact, so it will not take up much space on the counter.

Collector: Its spacious collector will allow you to store a volume of 1.25 liters, suitable for various recipes.

Blades: The four blades provide strength and a precision edge thanks to their stainless steel construction.

Power: The 100-watt work force of its motor will allow you to enjoy precise cuts in no time.


Instruction manual: The information in the instruction manual could be more explanatory so that users can take better advantage of the device.

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Oxo Spiralizer

Oxo Good Grips 11151400UK

Oxo is a manufacturer with a long history in the market, which has achieved an important position thanks to the high manufacturing standards applied to each of its products.

This model is a kitchen helper with a compact design of 15.9 x 24.8 x 21 centimeters and a set of three cutting blades. These parts are interchangeable, which facilitates the washing process. In addition, they have been made of stainless steel and will help you make 0.3 cm spaghetti, 0.6 cm fettuccine and other highly precise cuts.

It is important to mention that this Oxo spiralizer has a rotating handle, ergonomic and quick to handle. Likewise, its structure stands out for incorporating a suction cup system at the base and being foldable. In this sense, you can safely place the utensil on the countertop and store it without taking up much space.

Oxo Good Grips 11151400UK is a spiralizer with a manual design, intuitive operation and a compact structure, which will help you make various types of noodles with vegetables.


Blades: The blades are interchangeable, which facilitates the cleaning process.

Handle: The rotating handle of the structure allows you to always have control of the cuts.

Suction cups: The base has been provided with suction cups for better fixation on work surfaces.

Folding : Its structure has a folding mechanism that saves space when storing it.


Operability: The spiralizer is not suitable for small-sized vegetables, since the food holding area is very large.

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Oxo Good Grips 11194200UK

With this Oxo spiralizer you can make vegetable noodles by reducing the intake of harmful carbohydrates, as well as being perfect for preparing dressings. Its blades have an open design, ideal for use with round vegetables and to create potato spirals for frying.

It is a manual type cutter, which has been provided with a total of three blades made of stainless steel with different colored exteriors for quick identification. In this way, you will be able to make both noodles and fettuccine of 0.3 and 0.6 centimeters respectively, as well as slices.

It is important that you know that the spiralizer was made of soft-touch food polymer, BPA free and suitable for dishwashers. In addition, the cover of the structure fulfills a function of protection for your hands and a collector for food. Likewise, the incorporation of a recipe book with three options that you can prepare stands out.

With this spiralizer you can make vegetable noodles manually and safely. Next, we detail some of its pros and cons.


Recipe book: You will find in the purchase package a recipe book with three basic preparations, which will serve as a guide to make other dishes.

Blades: Its open design allows you to spiralize round vegetables with greater practicality.

Preparations: You can make 0.3-centimeter noodles, 0.6-centimeter fettuccine and slices.

BPA free: You will not have to worry about the release of BPA, since the polymer is food grade.


Comfort: If you plan to spiralize a large number of vegetables, the equipment may not offer the right level of comfort when handling it.

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Accessories for spiralizer

Recipes for spiralizer

vegetable spirals

Among the spiralizer accessories that you cannot miss out on are the recipe books, since it will be useless to acquire functional and high-end equipment if you do not know how to vary the preparations to satisfy the demanding palates of our guests.

With this compendium of spiralizer recipes you will discover different ways to prepare vegetables, significantly reducing carbohydrate intake and opting for a healthier diet. The recipe book will guide you on how to prepare raw or cooked spirals in a good gourmet style, but in a simple and fun way. The issue consists of 160 pages and was published in September 2018, obtaining good comments.

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Guide to buying a spiralizer

Acquiring a spiralizer can be a simple task, as long as we dedicate the necessary time to get to know the product that has caught our attention. In order to help you in such an important decision, we present the following guide to buying the best spiralizer.

Shopping guide

Raw material

It is important that you verify what type of materials were used to make the spiralizer, because if it is not a certified raw material or with high quality standards, it will not matter how cheap the product is, since it would not be convenient for you to choose it. Always remember that cheap can be expensive, so it is recommended to invest in equipment that continues to accompany us in the kitchen in the long term, offering optimal performance.

Most manufacturers of this type of product usually use food polymer, a material that, despite constant use, does not release contaminating particles that could compromise our health.

On the other hand, there is stainless steel, which is incorporated into the structure in some strategic areas that provide greater resistance and an elegant appearance to the body of the spiralizer. Likewise, it is used to make cutting blades.


Spiralizers are very popular equipment in the kitchenware market, which have a wide variety of models, whether manual or electric. In this sense, you will have to worry about getting a design that really suits your needs of use, being necessary that you make a prior assessment of the spiralizers that capture your attention.

For example, if you want a manual spiralizer, you will have to make sure that the crank has an ergonomic grip and that it incorporates a fast turning mechanism for the blades, while being an electric device, you will have to verify that the power is sufficient. Thus, you will enjoy optimal performance.

In addition, it is important that regardless of the type of spiralizer purchased, you verify the quality of the finishes, joints and cuts of the casing, as well as the cutting accessories.

In case you prefer an electric model, you should look at the working power, in the form of connection to electricity, in aspects such as the length of the cable, as well as the ease of use of the work mechanism.


Every day more manufacturers incorporate a few accessories into their spiralizers, thus improving the user experience. Perhaps it is an aspect that can influence how much said product costs, but if we analyze it in detail, we will be saving both time and money by not having to purchase the parts separately.

For these reasons, most of the spiralizer models include some very useful elements. Among the most frequent, a cleaning brush with special bristles stands out, which will allow you to remove the most entrenched dirt without damaging the structure. Likewise, you will be able to find a practical recipe book with basic preparations, which will allow you to learn how to make vegetable noodles, spirals and other very useful cuts. In this way, you can surprise your guests every day with delicious recipes. On the other hand, there are those who offer a food collector and some fruit rod cutters with the purchase.


The verification of security is an aspect of great importance in any product that we are going to acquire and the spiralizers could not be the exception. Therefore, when acquiring a kitchen helper of this type, it is vital to verify several aspects that give us reliability when starting up its operation.

For example, the base of the structure will have to be provided with a non-slip rubber coating or incorporate a suction cup system. Whatever the case, this measure used by the vast majority of manufacturers will allow you to have a correct grip on the surface of the countertop. Thus, you will leave in the past any fear of an unexpected overturning when maneuvering the device.

In case you select a manual equipment, you will have to verify that the blades have an adequate area so that when holding them you do not accidentally hurt your hands. On the other hand, if the spiralizer is of the electric type, make sure that the motor has been provided with a protection system against short circuits.

Finally, we must emphasize food safety, for which you will need to ensure that the materials are free of toxic agents such as BPA in polymers and cadmium in metals.

As you can see, there are several characteristics to incorporate in the previous comparison of spiralizers, which you must carry out before buying this type of product.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a spiralizer?

Using the spiralizer is a simple and in most cases intuitive process, which will depend on the manual or electric model you have purchased. Whatever the case, you must select the cut piece based on the type of noodle or spiral you want, being necessary to adjust in the indicated area. Thus, you can proceed to place the vegetable, vegetable or fruit and carefully press the pusher.

On the other hand, if the equipment is electric, you will have to connect its power cable to a power source, select the power level and start it through the power button. Also, some manual spiralizers incorporate a crank that you must turn to control the cutting of the vegetables.

Q2: How to make zucchini spaghetti with spiralizer?

The making of these spaghetti is very simple, being necessary to select some long courgettes, remembering that the size of the noodles will depend on it. Also, it is important that with the help of a knife you remove its skin and then insert the zucchini into the spiralizer, carefully pressing it so that it does not split. Thus, you will obtain vegan spaghetti that will have nothing to envy to the traditional ones.

Q3: How to make a homemade spiralizer?

If you want to make vegetable noodles but don’t have a spiralizer at home, you’ll need to know that there are other alternatives that will help you achieve similar results. We refer to graters, which are utensils found in any kitchen and have a series of holes of different sizes with their respective cutting area. In this way, you can remove the skin of the vegetable and cut it in half vertically and then slide it through the grater to obtain noodles of zucchini, eggplant, carrot, among others. 

Q4: How to clean the spiralizer?

Cleaning the spiralizer is a very simple task, since these equipments are usually removable. Thus, you can remove the blades and wash them separately as well as the container area. This process can be done manually with the help of the cleaning brush that some brands attach to the purchase package, in order to remove dirt without damaging the structure. 

You also have the option of putting the parts in the dishwasher. Of course, before you must check the instruction manual to confirm what is the type of washing recommended according to its manufacture. Whatever the case, remember that it is necessary to remove all excess water before storing the product, thus avoiding the appearance of mold or bacteria.

Q5: How to change the spiralizer cutting shape?

Each spiralizer incorporates its respective set of blades, designed to offer different diameters and ways of cutting vegetables. In this sense, changing the type of cut will not generate complications. You just have to select the blade that suits you best for your preparation and adjust it in the indicated area of ​​​​the structure. 

Q6: Which is better, an electric or manual spiralizer?

We cannot say that an electric spiralizer is better than a manual one or vice versa, since both devices offer intuitive and efficient operation. However, there are specific discrepancies between both devices. For example, the manual type equipment requires the manipulation of a crank to make the cuts, while with the electric spiralizer you will only have to fix the vegetables in the indicated area, adjust the pusher and activate to obtain the spirals or noodles in a few minutes. Finally, the selection must be a personal decision, focused on the needs and tastes of each of the users.

Q7: What vegetables can be sliced ​​in the spiralizer?

The spiralizers are designed to cut a wide variety of vegetables such as zucchini, aubergines, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, onions, cabbage, among others. It is important that you take into consideration that not all models are suitable for the same foods. There are spiralizers for round vegetables, while others are suitable for long vegetables. Similarly, there are designs whose body and cutting accessories are adapted for both types of food, as well as vegetables, tubers and fruits.

Q8: How to fix the vegetable in the spiralizer?

The fixation of the vegetables in the spiralizer will depend exclusively on the selected model, so you must examine the structure to identify the exact area where the spout or mouth is located. Thus, you will be able to take the vegetable and introduce it, being necessary that it fits correctly in said space. Of course, you must have previously washed and peeled said food.

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