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Juicer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To extract all the nutrients from the juice of fruits such as lemon and orange, in order to take full advantage of its benefits, you must use a juicer. These equipments make life in the kitchen easier, while not a single drop of extract is wasted with their use. There are a large number of these products, but if you are looking for alternatives that stand out for their performance, then you might be interested in the Lumaland l2560, a juicer made of steel, which is easy to use and includes a non-slip base. Another option is the Braun CJ3050, a compact and technological device that has an anti-drip system and works with a power of 60 watts.

Opinions on the best juicers

Nutrients from fruits can be obtained from the juice, a source of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. However, in order not to waste even a drop of the nectar from fruits like lemons and oranges, you need to be equipped with a juicer. The demand for this product has led to many proposals from companies, so that a wide range of options can be obtained. To make the choice easier, you can learn about the models that are considered by the user community to be the best juicers on the market. 

Orange juicer 

Lumaland l2560

To make a juice it is necessary to have the best juicer on the market and the Lumaland l2560 model is considered one of the best. It is an orange juicer, suitable for extracting vitamins from citrus fruits such as lemon, tangerine and orange. 

It is made of robust materials and a steel body. However, its weight is relatively light, about 6.5 kilos, making it easy to use and handle. Its mechanism of operation by means of a lever makes it a manual juicer, silent and quick to clean. 

In addition, it has been equipped by its manufacturer with a stable base, with an anti-slip rubber insert that prevents the juicer from tipping over during use; instead, it holds firmly to smooth surfaces. Due to its design properties, with this model there is a 20% higher extraction than in other alternatives.

Lumaland l2560 has features that have made it stand out and be recognized as the best juicer of the moment. Read them below.


Design: It has a classic design that works through a lever arm, with funnels and cones.

Construction: It has a robust construction, made of high-density steel.

Cleaning: Includes moving parts that can be removed to ensure proper cleaning in the dishwasher.

Performance: Despite being manual, it can take up to 20% more content than other models. 


Force: As it is a manual type, it is necessary to exert enough pressure and force on the lever to lower it completely. 

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Braun juicer 

Braun CJ3050 

The Braun CJ3050 model is a convenient proposition that is often positioned at the top of lists of the best juicers of 2022, for having optimized performance that facilitates and reduces work time. The Braun juicer has been equipped by its developers with an anti-drip spout, which allows the full substance of the fruit to be used, without anything spilling out of the glass.

In addition, it includes a lid to prevent oxidation of the juice while it is contained in the equipment. It is an electric juicer and works with an adequate power of 60 watts. 

During use, it is silent and is equipped with a start/stop system that simplifies handling, for intuitive use, without the need for additional buttons. You just have to press the fruit against the juicer and when you remove it, the juicer will stop. Its cleaning system is simple, since it includes some dishwasher-safe parts.

Manufacturers who equip their products with advanced features are often recognized. Such is the case with Braun, a strong contender to be the best juicer brand.


Mechanism: It works through a simple and intuitive start/stop mechanism, without additional buttons.

Lid: It has been equipped with a lid that prevents oxidation of the juice while it is stored.

Power: It works with an electrical power of 60 watts, enough force to squeeze the juice from oranges.

Cleaning: Includes removable parts that are suitable for the dishwasher, which ensures the hygiene of the equipment.


Design: Despite its efficiency, the model lacks a storage for the power cable.

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Eurotec juicer

Eurotec CD630A

If after reviewing some of the options, you have not been able to answer the question of which is the best juicer on the market, it would be convenient for you to take a look at this model. It is made with an aluminum body and stainless steel casing, just like the filter. Both materials have been included because they are strong and suitable for juice extraction. It works with a power of 160 watts, thanks to the connection to an electrical power supply with a voltage of 220-240. In addition, it has a storage tank with an approximate capacity of about five liters. 

The Eurotec juicer has a modern and compact design, which has been created with removable parts to ensure cleanliness and guarantee hygiene. It is also suitable for placing on different surfaces, because its dimensions are 33 cm by 21 cm by 34 cm. 

If after seeing some alternatives you do not know which juicer to buy, you should know more details about this model, which we list here.


Design: It has a modern and compact design, which is available in steel color, with black details.

Capacity: It has a juice storage tank of approximately 5 liters.

Construction: It has a durable and appropriate construction made of aluminum, with a stainless steel filter and housing.

Power: It works with a power cable to the plug that provides energy for 160 watts of power.


Instructions: Although its use is intuitive, its user guide is poor.

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Moulinex juicer

Moulinex PC1208

This model is recognized by users for being the best value for money juicer, since it is one of the cheapest and the lowest cost of our selection. In addition to having an attractive price, the Moulinex juicer is a recommended alternative for its compact dimensions and resistant construction, made of solid and robust materials that have been integrated into its structure to provide better performance and high-end quality. 

This automatic orange juicer works with a power of 25 watts and has been equipped with a rotation cone that rotates in two directions just by placing the fruit with a little pressure on it. 

Similarly, it has a transparent and removable tank made of plastic, with a capacity of about 450 ml. Among its specifications, it has a non-slip base and a special compartment to store the power cable, for better aesthetics and space saving.

Characteristics such as an attractive price and good performance denote quality in a product and this is one of the cheapest juicers.


Capacity: It has a tank that serves as a removable plastic jug, with a capacity of 450 ml.

Power: It works with a power of 25 watts, automatically, just by placing the fruit on the juicer.

Construction: It has a strong and robust construction, thanks to the incorporation of high-end materials.

Added: It has a non-slip base and a compartment for the cable.


Sound:  It emits a noise that can be annoying during its operation. 

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Taurus Juicer

Taurus Citrus 160 Legend

Equipped with an efficient motor and 160-watt power, the Taurus juicer is one of the best proposals for those looking for a convenient and functional alternative to extract all the vitamins from citrus fruits. The model has been enabled by its manufacturer with a continuous pouring system, as well as an anti-drip mechanism, which prevents liquid from being lost. 

This juicer is suitable for use with both oranges and lemons. In addition, it has a removable tank in which it is possible to store the freshly squeezed content. Its design is compact and modern, suitable for integrating into the new decorative spaces of kitchens, with a structure made of stainless steel and black details. 

Similarly, it has a filter to collect the lumpy extracts, also made of steel. Meanwhile, its operating mechanism is activated through a simple arm.

A hasty decision can result in an inappropriate purchase. Therefore, learn more about this model.


Filter: To avoid lumps in the juice, it has an effective filter made of steel.

Body: Its body is stylized in robust stainless steel.

Systems: To avoid spills, it has an anti-drip system, with a removable tank to store the juice.

Operation: It has a 160-watt motor that provides the force to extract the liquid from the fruit through a lever.


Pieces: Apparently, not all the pieces that make up the structure are made of steel.

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princess juicer

Princess 201851

The Princess juicer is the recommended alternative for those who are looking for a model of quality and optimized performance, because it works with a power of 160 watts and emits zero decibels of noise during use, being efficient in the process. 

It features Class A energy efficiency and is made of durable, water-resistant stainless steel, making it considered a professional orange juicer. Its operation for the extraction of fruit juice begins by activating a lever arm that allows all the liquid to be used. 

It has been equipped with a pouring system through a piece, which in turn includes an anti-drip system. For greater user comfort, its structure has a handle and a non-slip base that prevents the equipment from tipping over. Its cleaning is simple and its parts are dishwasher safe.

When making a safe purchase, it is convenient to know the positive and negative characteristics that converge in a model. Here are those of the Princess 201851. 


Design: Its design is elegant and ergonomic, made of stainless steel, with a lever arm.

Systems: It has been equipped with an anti-drip system and a mechanism to pour the liquid strategically.

Power: It works with a power of 160 watts, for optimized performance.

Base: It has a non-slip base that prevents the equipment from tipping over during use.


Overheating: It has been found that, after continuous use, the equipment stops due to overheating.

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Cecotec juicer

Cecotec Zitrus Adjust 160

The Cecotec juicer is a model that works with an electric mechanism, by means of a 160-watt motor, with a lever arm to extract the liquid from the fruit. Unlike a manual orange juicer, this one has an adjustable regulator filter to control the output of the pulp in the juice, which is made of stainless steel. 

In addition, it is equipped with two removable cones of different dimensions, which are used to adjust to the size of different fruits, from large oranges to small lemons. 

It has a pressure system to continuously extract the liquid and an anti-drip mechanism to prevent content from being lost, also facilitating pouring into the glass. Several of its parts are removable and dishwasher safe, thus guaranteeing proper cleaning. Its base is non-slip, its operation is silent and its robust body is made of steel.

This is a model that works efficiently and is of quality. Learn more about its details.


Structure: It has a resistant structure, made with high-end materials.

Filter: It has an adjustable filter that allows you to control the thickness of the fruit pulp outlet.

Base: It has a non-slip base so that the equipment remains stable on surfaces.

Mechanism: Its operating mechanism is based on a lever arm and a 160-watt motor.


Cycles: It is recommended that it only be used for 15 continuous seconds and then let it rest for another 15 seconds.

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Jata juicer

Jata EX606

With body, filter and spout made of stainless steel, in addition to several removable parts to facilitate cleaning and maintain hygiene in the equipment, this model is usually listed as the best orange juicer today. 

Its operation is simple and functional. This is activated by means of a lever arm that facilitates the continuous extraction of juice from the fruit, simply by placing it on the extractor and exerting force on the lever. For high-end performance, it has been manufacturer-fitted with a professional-style motor that makes no annoying noise while in use. 

In addition, the Jata juicer has an anti-drip system that prevents the content from being lost and incidents, since each drop will go directly into the glass. On the other hand, it has an anti-slip system and a special base that prevents the equipment from tipping over on the surface.

Before making a purchase, it is prudent to analyze the properties of the models of interest. Read the following pros and cons.


Cleaning: Several of the parts of the structure are removable and suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Systems: It has an anti-drip system that prevents the squeezed content of the fruit from being lost.

Base: For greater stability, it has a non-slip base that prevents the equipment from tipping over.

Motor: It works with an efficient, quiet motor and a lever arm.


Parts: Some of the parts are difficult to remove and are not made of stainless steel.

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Smeg juicer


With an innovative design and compact size, as well as a relatively light weight of almost two kilos, this model is one of those that repeatedly stands out among the best alternatives on the market. This is because the Smeg juicer has been endowed by its manufacturer with high-end attributes. Among them, it has a cast aluminum housing construction, with a tritan coating. 

In addition, it has a 70-watt motor and a filter made of stainless steel, so it can be used as a juicer for lemons or any other citrus fruit. Being removable, this model is easy to clean and its parts are suitable for putting in the dishwasher. 

Similarly, it has a switch to turn it on and off. Meanwhile, for greater safety, it has a non-slip base that prevents inopportune tipping and provides stability on the surface.

Smeg CJF01PGEU is an alternative that stands out for its good performance and functional design. Learn more below.


Design: It has a compact and modern design that is available in pastel green and is light in weight.

Power: It works with a 70-watt motor that improves the performance of the equipment.

Base: For better stability, this model has a non-slip base that reduces the risk of tipping over.

Construction: It has been built with robust materials, such as cast aluminum and stainless steel.


Parts: Not all elements and parts are made of stainless steel, hence some seem flimsy.

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Guide to buying a juicer

Before making a hasty purchase, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the attributes that converge in a model, in order to rescue characteristics that denote quality to improve the extraction of all the nutrients and vitamins contained in citrus fruits. If you want to be aware of all these details, check this guide to buy the best juicer, a section with the distinctive features that will lead you to make an efficient purchase.

Shopping guide


The construction of the body and the parts of this equipment must be made of robust materials, as this will guarantee that they are durable and resistant. Therefore, if you want to have an estimate of how much a juicer costs, it is convenient that you know the materials that the manufacturer used to make the product. This will be a direct indication of its cost and also of its functionality. 

Although a juicer built with most of its parts in plastic is good and cheap, it may not be convenient if the use that is given is recurring. In this case, the alternative may not meet the user’s expectations and it is necessary to focus on models made of stainless steel that, although more expensive, have better performance and adequate performance. 


When making a purchase decision, it is prudent to make a comparison of juicers based on the operating mechanism of the equipment. To start, you must select between two alternatives: manual or automatic. Manual juicers are simple, but robust. Its operation will depend on the force that the user exerts on the lever. 

In the case of automatic models, they work with a motor that emits the force to rotate the part to extract the juice from the fruit when it comes into contact with it. Meanwhile, other options, also with a motor, have an arm lever that must be pressed for the content of the fruit to come out. The activation mechanisms vary according to the model; Although some juicers have a power button, others only have a start/stop mechanism.


An economic juicer is an alternative that stands out for its price, but its design must be adapted to the user’s needs in terms of space, manageability and aesthetics. The options available in the market are different, since each one adapts to different demands. However, a generalized property points to a compact size and light weight that allow adequate handling and at the same time facilitate its use. 

In relation to aesthetic design, there are some alternatives that join the new decorative kitchen standards, by incorporating metallic bodies, in stainless steel, with delicate details in black. Meanwhile, other options may include pastel colors. On the other hand, most users insist that electric juicers must be equipped with a compartment that allows the power cable to be stored and a juice tank.


Juicers are equipment that make life in the kitchen easier and their use is usually simple. However, in many cases, it is necessary to put pressure on them, so tipping or sliding can occur. To avoid this, or at least to reduce the risks, it is recommended that the juicers be equipped with a non-slip base that gives them greater stability on surfaces.

power and capacity

As we have mentioned, juicers can be presented in two basic versions. In any of the cases, it is important to acquire a copy with adequate power to satisfy and meet the user’s demand for extracting fruit juice. You can get alternatives from 20 watts, to others with 160 or more watts that have superior performance and speed up the juice squeezing process. 

Regarding the capacity of the juice container, it is important that it is of a level that is appropriate to the needs of the environment where the appliance is used, knowing that a minimum of half a liter can be a reference measure to opt for the product. From 500 ml, you will find various options of 750 ml, 1 L, etc.


Just as important as squeezing fruit efficiently is maintaining hygiene in the device, so that the juice obtained is free of impurities and does not cause stomach problems or intoxication. In addition, citrus residue can give freshly extracted juice a bad taste. 

Hence, it is necessary that you select juicers with removable parts that can be washed, either by hand or in the dishwasher, to guarantee cleanliness. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a juicer?

In the case of manual models, you will need to assemble them, place them on a flat surface and, just below the extraction area, place a glass. Next, you must add the orange or lemon cut in half. Then, with the lever arm, it is necessary to exert pressure. If it is an automatic model, the first thing will be to connect it to the wall power supply so that the motor works and the process can be executed. Before using it, remember to read the user manual, in which you can get relevant information about its use and handling. 

Q2: How to make lemonade with juicer?

You should take a couple of lemons and cut them in half. Place a container in the juice outlet area. Take a lemon half and exert a little pressure on the juicer or, failing that, activate the lever arm. Let the juice fall into the glass and, when the content of the liquid exceeds a third of the glass, fill the rest with water, a couple of tablespoons of sugar to taste, ice and you will have a fresh lemonade.  

Q3: Which is better, juicer or blender?

Both pieces of equipment are efficient and simplify the user’s life in the kitchen, so the recommendation is to have both. If it is a superficial analysis, the blender is a more complete piece of equipment, because it allows you to make juices, creams, smoothies, even lemonades, with less use of the fruit. However, when it comes to citrus fruits such as lemon or orange, it is better to have a juicer, since this element allows all the nutrients to be extracted from the juice, without bitter tastes. 

Q4: What is the juicer lid for?

Some models of juicers are equipped with a small storage tank. Depending on the model, the capacity may vary and instead of emptying the entire content into a glass, it can be left in the equipment. In this case, the lid is the piece that will keep the liquid inside isolated and will prevent flies or other insects from touching the fruit extract, while stopping the oxidation of the juice. In addition, by placing the lid, the internal parts of the juicer are prevented from becoming contaminated. 

Q5: What to clean a stainless steel juicer with?

These are the easiest to clean. Some people choose to use a damp cloth to remove the remains of fruit. However, if it is a model with removable parts, it will suffice to remove them and put them in the dishwasher. If you do not have this appliance, then you can wash them manually with water and dish detergent. To avoid inconveniences, it is prudent to review the user guide and know the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning.

Q6: What is the quietest juicer?

Manual juicers are the quietest because they do not include a motor that makes any kind of noise. However, its efficiency may be limited to a specific amount of juice because its use exhausts the user. On the contrary, the electric models have a higher performance and their speed varies according to the power, so time is saved. Many electric alternatives are silent. In fact, some manufacturers warn on the package about the decibels that are produced during its operation.

Q7: How to make a homemade orange juicer?

For this you will need to have two empty and clean water bottles of different sizes (one larger than the other), a cutter and a wooden rod. Remove the cap from both bottles. With the help of the cutter, in the largest one you will have to cut the bottom part until it is open. Next, insert the smaller bottle through this hole, with the nozzle facing down (both nozzles should be on the same side). Then, cross both bottles in the middle with the wooden rod. Place a glass under the nozzle of the new juicer, cut an orange and begin to extract its juice by placing it on the back and applying pressure so that the juice comes out.    

Q8: How to squeeze oranges without a juicer?

First take the orange and hit it a couple of times against a firm surface so that it is softer and the juice can be used better. Cut the fruit in half, take a glass and a fork. Hold the orange half in one hand and, with the fork in the other hand, press down on the orange. The liquid will start to drip, so you should have the glass right at the bottom.

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