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Steamers – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

The use of steam to cook food dates back many centuries, so it is not an innovation. It’s just that now its importance is being retaken to maintain a healthier diet and take advantage of all the nutrients in food. In this sense, we have reviewed several products and we find among the most outstanding the SWIFT Spice Set, a bamboo steamer typical of Chinese cuisine with two trays to cook different types of food simultaneously. On the other hand, there is the NiceButy Lotus steamer, a silicone basket with a flexible design that allows it to be used in pots and pans of different dimensions.

Opinions on the best steamers

Making a summary of the best steamers of 2022 is not a simple matter, since there are so many recommended options on the market that make it difficult to make a decision. For this reason, we present different products with their respective descriptions and characteristics so that you can choose which of them is the best for you and your family.

bamboo steamer

SWIFT Spice Set

With a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 16 cm, the Swift bamboo steamer is a very functional tool for cooking food in the style of Chinese cuisine. 

The two levels of this model allow the cooking of different types of food without affecting the flavors, so you can prepare fish and vegetables separately, each group on its tray without the juices mixing with each other. 

In addition, its ecological construction and without metal staples increases its safety against food, even being possible to use it in the microwave. Due to all these qualities, many users believe that this model is the best steamer, since its cooking time is also very fast.

For the maintenance of this product, it is recommended to wash with hot soapy water instead of using the dishwasher.

With a summary of the pros and cons of this model you will be able to confirm if it is the best steamer of the moment, but do not forget to know the other products in our selection.


Material: This model is made of bamboo, offering efficient resistance to moisture.

Efficiency: Several users agree that vegetables cook in 20 minutes and maintain their original flavors.

Levels: This steamer includes two baskets, so you can prepare two types of food at the same time.

Cleaning: Can be cleaned with hot soapy water and allowed to dry easily. 


Chips: Some users have commented that their steamer has chipped a bit, but that does not affect its operation. 

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silicone steamer

NiceButy Lotus

Among the propylene utensils that are widely used today is the silicone steamer, an instrument with a folding design that is very easy to use and with excellent performance to prepare food in a healthy and very safe way.

Its size allows it to adapt to different pans and saucepans with a minimum diameter of 15.2 cm, as its sides are adjustable, expanding the possibilities of use. 

Although it seems fragile, the quality of the silicone is positively valued by users, as it resists heat well and favors quick cleaning. Best of all, it does not leave odors or lose color. In addition, this steam basket stands out for being one of the cheapest in our selection. 

As for cleaning, this steamer can be washed in the dishwasher and because it is foldable, its storage is much easier without taking up excessive space.

This basket is one of the cheapest, so it is worth evaluating its pros and cons in more detail.


Flexibility: The basket has a flexible design that allows it to fit different sizes of pots and pans.

Hygiene: Cleaning this basket can be done in the dishwasher without any complications.

Manufacturing: This model has been built with polypropylene silicone with good heat resistance and total food safety.

Grip: The basket has a central cylinder that makes it easy to hold the steamer securely after cooking.


Feet: The adhesive of the non-slip rubbers on the base could be more resistant, since some users affirm that after several uses it can come off. 

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electric steamer

Russell Hobbs 19270-56

Reviewing the opinions of the users, we find that this Russell Hobbs steamer is a product with many positive evaluations because it has a capacity of 9 liters, distributed in the 3 containers that allow you to prepare a healthy and very complete meal in a single device.

For the operation of this electric steamer, one of the two lateral water inlets is used and it is connected so that in a short time the steam that cooks the food efficiently begins to be generated. 

The large capacity of this product allows you to cook vegetables, meat and vegetables at the same time. In addition, a bowl for making rice is included and some users claim that it can also be used for cooking pasta. 

One of the advantages of this appliance is that it has an automatic switch-off after 60 minutes, so there is no risk of forgetting to turn it off or the food being overcooked. 

For decades, Russell Hobbs has been considered by many users to be the best brand of electric steamers and saucepans. For this reason, we list the most outstanding features of this model.


Stackable: Containers stack efficiently for easy storage.

Viewer: The water tank has a viewer that allows you to check the water level. 

Power Off: The auto power off feature is very beneficial, especially for those forgetful people. 

Capacity: This steamer has a total capacity of 9 liters, enough space to make a full meal for four people. 


Mechanism: A user comments that the automatic shutdown should be digital and not mechanical. However, it is efficient. 

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Lekué Steamer

Lékué Case 650 ml

A simple mechanism to use in the microwave is offered by this Lékué steamer, a case with a 650 ml capacity and enough space to prepare one or two portions of steamed food. 

Manufacturing food grade silicone gives us the certainty that it is a totally safe product for cooking food, which stands out for being very fast and efficient.

It is worth mentioning that the Lékué case helps to prepare a menu for two people in a short time, adding all the ingredients with a little water and placing it in the microwave for several minutes to do the cooking work, thus maintaining all the nutrients. and flavors of vegetables, meats and even fish. 

All the novelties offered by Lékué facilitate the use of the microwave for the preparation of healthy meals, so this steam case deserves a summary of its characteristics.


Size: The case has a capacity of 650 ml, that is, it allows you to prepare food for one or two people. 

Material: It is made of food-grade silicone, so it is completely safe to use in the microwave without leaving residues on food.

Recipes: A small recipe book that guides in the preparation of different meals is included in the case.

Hygiene: This model can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher. 


Space: A user comments that this product takes up a lot of space in the top rack of the dishwasher. However, it is an isolated opinion. 

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Ikea steamer

Ikea Stabil

Made of stainless steel, this Ikea steamer is very easy to use thanks to the removable handle that makes it easy to grip without risk of burns. In addition, the material is resistant and durable, which supports the investment. For this reason, some buyers consider it to be the best value for money steamer. 

The basket design allows for a slight or full fold to fit pans of different sizes. However, it is important to know that it has a diameter of 24 cm and a total height of 5.5 cm, it also does not have rubber pads, so its use is more recommended for pans that do not have an internal non-stick coating. 

Regarding the cleaning of this basket, it is completely suitable for the dishwasher and due to its material, the risks of oxidation or deterioration with continuous washing are reduced. 

We know that it is not easy to decide which steamer to buy, so it is best to review all possible options before making a hasty choice, so be sure to see the pros and cons of this model.


Handle: The removable handle is a benefit to prevent it from heating up during cooking and to facilitate grip.

Capacity: This basket has a large size to place several vegetables and cook them simultaneously.

Washing: It is a dishwasher-safe product, which makes it easy to clean.

Adaptation: The design of this basket allows it to adapt to different sizes of pans and saucepans.


Rubbers: Some protective rubbers are missing on the feet of the basket to use it in non-stick pans or saucepans.

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microwave steamer 

Kitchen Craft Set 2.2 L

Many users wonder which is the best steamer, but although we cannot give a definitive answer, we recommend several outstanding products such as this microwave steamer from Kitchen Craft that has a capacity of 2.2 L.

Its attachable design reaches a size of 24 x 15 cm, suitable for different types of microwaves at a maximum temperature of 200°C. On the other hand, its operation is very simple, since it is made up of three distinguishable parts: the base where the water is deposited, the main container and the lid.

This product is recommended for cooking different types of vegetables and preparing potatoes in a short time in a healthy way and is totally safe because this material is free of BPA. 

We invite you to take a look at the main features of this product separated into positive and negative aspects to make it easier to recognize its pros and cons.


Capacity: The cooking container has a capacity of 2.2 liters, the ideal volume to prepare several portions of food.

Size: When assembling the three parts of this steamer, the size reached is 24 x 15 cm, so it is compatible with microwaves of standard dimensions. 

Resistance: This utensil resists a maximum temperature of 200°C. 

Cleaning: All parts can be disassembled and washed in the dishwasher, without complications. 


Division: This steamer has no division, so all foods are cooked together. 

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Jata Steamer

Jata CV200

Having a steamer pot greatly simplifies the preparation of healthy menus for the whole family, but if you only live as a couple, this Jata steamer is a good purchase, since its total capacity of 3.5 liters allows you to prepare enough food portions for two or three people. 

The timer is a very important feature in this model, because you can choose the cooking time your food needs and when that time is up, the steamer automatically turns off. 

As for the stackable baskets, their capacity and design help in the preparation of a complete meal in a short time. In addition, accessories such as a rack for cooking eggs and a container for making rice are included, being a very functional device in any home. 

It is worth mentioning that this product has passed all food safety certifications and is suitable for the whole family. 

Definitely, all the information we collect from a product helps us to know if it is the most suitable for us. For this reason, we invite you to read the summary of characteristics of this Jata model.


Portions: With the capacity of this steamer, you can prepare a menu for two or three people.

Timer: The timer allows you to program cooking in various periods from 5 to 60 minutes with automatic disconnection.

Design: Stackable containers are easy to use and store.

Accessories: A rack for cooking eggs and a container for preparing rice are included, so it is considered versatile.


Duration: Some users consider that this product takes a little longer than usual to cook food. But its type A energy efficiency can compensate for this drawback.

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Steamer accessories

Recipes for steamer

The Lekué Guide

It happens to many people that after buying a steamer they realize that they have no idea what foods can be prepared with this technique. For them, we recommend this compilation of steamer recipes presented by Lékué for the use of the steamer case from the same manufacturer. However, many of the combinations presented in this recipe book can be made in other models of steamers. 

This book explains everything from how to choose the ingredients correctly to the type of cut they need for more efficient cooking. In short, they are necessary aspects to learn for a healthy diet. 

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Guide to buying a steamer

It is not a secret that many people are unaware of the benefits of steaming food, but if you want to start a healthy diet, you should read our guide to buying the best steamer, the ally utensil for cooking food with this healthy technique, taking advantage of all its nutrients and vitamins.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of steamers, it is important to determine the amount of food that you frequently prepare and how many guests share at your table, because from these data you will be able to know what capacity you need in a utensil like this.

In the market you will find compact models with the size necessary to prepare a portion, but there are also others that have the capacity to cook more food and prepare delicious meals for four people or more. 

Similarly, there are models with different levels or baskets in which you can separate food by category to prevent juices and odors from mixing with each other. In short, this is one of the most important aspects to take into account when buying the steamer you need at home. 

Manufacturing materials

Currently, the options regarding manufacturing materials in steamers are very wide. Obviously, they influence how much the product costs, but also its resistance to heat, durability and cleanliness.

For this reason, you can get traditional models made of bamboo, with ancient Chinese techniques to provide ample space and prepare food with a simple closing and opening mechanism. This type of material cannot be washed in the dishwasher, but its cleaning is not complicated either, especially if you put a layer of waxed paper before the food.

Also, you can get silicone or stainless steel steamer baskets that share the same folding design to adapt to different sizes of saucepans and whose fastening system with a handle allows the basket and its contents to be removed from the saucepan. In either case, we are talking about resistant materials, suitable for contact with food and that are very easy to clean.

Propylene is also a very popular material to build the containers of electric steamers that have a lower tank where the operating unit is. Of this type of device, removable baskets and containers are those that can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. 

Type of steamer

Related to the previous aspect, in this section we explain the types of steamers and their operation. In general, many have already seen an electric steamer, the one that has the design of a conventional saucepan, but a little higher. This model has a lower unit with a resistance that heats the water in the tank, whose steam rises to the stacked baskets to cook the food. It is best that these steamers have a timer and automatic disconnection.

If you are looking for something simpler, there are the bamboo steamers that are placed over a wok or a saucepan of water, so that the steam from the boil does all the work. On the other hand, you can also choose one of the practical microwave steamers with compact sizes and different designs, which favor the use of this appliance to prepare healthy meals. 

Steamer baskets, on the other hand, are also very easy to use and it is possible to buy a good and cheap one to have it within reach when you need it. 

hygiene and care

Like any kitchen utensil, cleanliness and hygiene in steamers is of the utmost importance so as not to contaminate food. So, if you have a dishwasher, it is a good idea that the steamer is compatible with this type of cleaning, otherwise you must be very careful when washing the steamer by hand and letting it dry well. 

In the case of electric steamers, it is important to pay attention to the hardness of the water because it usually happens that the resistance or the heating system is affected by the accumulation of lime. So it is important to thoroughly clean the excess water that remains in the tank after using the steamer. 

For the proper handling of a steamer, it is not necessary to be an expert cook, since most foods can be prepared with this healthy technique, you just have to wash vegetables and meat well and cut into small pieces, so that they cook faster.

However, it does not hurt to buy a recipe book or look for tutorials on the internet for preparing food in the steamer, which will help you make the most of this utensil and you can compensate for the investment made. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to steam without a steamer?

Not having a steamer does not have to be a limitation to eat healthy, because we are sure that in your house there is no lack of a saucepan and a sieve. With these two utensils you can achieve very efficient steam cooking. First of all, the sieve must be metallic because if it is made of plastic it can melt during cooking. Another aspect to take into account is that the water must boil before placing the sieve to keep all the nutrients in the food. It is important that it does not come into contact with water so that later the food that is cooked with the action of steam is added.


Q2: How to steam fish without a steamer?

If you don’t have a steamer or sieve to cook the fish with the above technique, you can use a high-sided pan. To do this you must make three balls with aluminum foil of the same size and place them in the pan. Meanwhile you must place the fish on a plate and season it as you prefer, this plate will be the tray on which the food will be cooked. Then, you must pour water into the pan without exceeding the height of the aluminum balls, then, when it starts to boil, place the plate with the fish on top of the balls that will act as the base so that the water does not come into contact with the food. And so, in no time you will have a deliciously steamed fish.

Q3: How to use a silicone steamer?

Silicone steamers are ideal for taking advantage of the microwave and preparing healthy meals in it. As with electric or other steamers, food must be sliced ​​to speed up cooking. In the case of having a steam case, it is always advisable to add a little water along with the food, while in stackable container steamers, the water is deposited in the lower basket. After cooking the food, you must wash your steamer well to store it until the next use, this is not complicated at all because these models are dishwasher safe due to their high heat resistance. 

Q4: How to use a bamboo steamer?

First of all, you must know the diameter of your steamer or, failing that, have a saucepan of the same size and in which it can be held superficially. Now, you have to pour enough water into the saucepan because if you are going to use the different trays you have to make sure that it doesn’t run out of water. 

But, it is also necessary to prevent the liquid from coming into contact with the base of the steamer, as the food would lose part of its properties. Also, some cooks suggest placing wax paper on the surface of each basket to prevent juices from seeping between the levels, while also facilitating hygiene. Make sure to close the steamer well and when cooking is finished, wash it with a soft sponge and hot soapy water, finally let it dry well to avoid mold formation. 

Q5: How to steam broccoli with steamer?

You should put water in the saucepan and let it boil. Meanwhile, wash the broccoli well, rubbing each of its parts to remove any dirt, you can even use vinegar for washing. Once the water is boiling you can place the broccoli inside the steamer, season it with a little salt, butter and pepper, close the steamer and wait 4 to 5 minutes. Then, you can prick with a fork to check the cooking point and remove the utensil from the pan very carefully, so that the steam does not burn you, and it will be ready to serve or prepare a very nutritious salad. 

How to use a steamer

Although there are different models of steamer and each manufacturer offers general instructions for use, there are some aspects that do not vary and that will allow you to get the most out of this utensil, so be sure to read our suggestions on how to use a steamer.

Before first use

It is always advisable to wash your steamer with soap and water before using it for the first time, because you do not know how long it has been stored and if it has accumulated dust or other types of dirt. In addition, when you receive it you can verify if it is in perfect condition or, if not, make a claim to the seller. But, do not forget to review all the information and instructions that the manufacturer includes.

Health for the whole family

The main way to use a steamer is to improve the diet of the whole family, preparing steamed recipes, reducing the use of oil, breading and other unhealthy forms of cooking. With the steamer you can prepare most foods, keeping their properties, vitamins and nutrients intact for better use in metabolism. Also, if you have decided to go on a diet to lose weight, the steamer will be your main ally. 

Save money

If we analyze the operation and design of most steamers, it is very convenient that a complete menu can be prepared in a single utensil, especially in the stackable models in which you can cook different groups of foods simultaneously, as well as enough capacity to four diners or more depending on the size of the steamer. Consequently, using one of these utensils reduces energy or gas consumption, as opposed to preparing each dish separately on the stove or in the oven. This, without a doubt, has a positive effect on saving your monthly electricity bills. 

efficient sterilizer

With a steamer it will be very easy to sterilize the bottles, pacifiers, gum scrapers and other utensils of the baby or other family members. You just need to make sure it’s a BPA-free product, and then you can pour water into the saucepan as you normally would. When it starts to boil, you must place the products you want to sterilize in the basket, leave them for 5 minutes and then turn off the pan. But, do not remove the bottles or utensils immediately, let the steam continue to do its work, then dry them and you can store them in the fridge.

if you don’t have time

For those who have a hectic routine and have a hard time preparing their food at home, so they end up at any fast food kiosk for lunch, the steamer is very useful, as it saves time. Give some thought to how quick it is to chop up some vegetables, a piece of chicken and place it in the steamer to cook, set the timer and go do other things while the food is being prepared in the appliance. You can even make several servings of rice, vegetables and meats, separate them in the refrigerator and have a serving for each day, which you only have to heat in the microwave. In this way, you save time and take care of your diet when planning your weekly menu.

» Review information from previous years

Top 5 of the best electric steamers for this 2022

Cocinar al vapor los alimentos es una gran ventaja para nuestra salud, porque conservan mejor sus propiedades y nutrientes, siendo aún más fácil si utilizamos una vaporera eléctrica. Por mencionar un ejemplo, marcas como Tefal, WMF Kitchenminis o Russell Hobbs, pueden ser las fabricantes de las mejores vaporeras eléctricas para este 2022, gracias a su buena relación calidad precio.

Esta técnica culinaria consiste en utilizar el vapor de agua para la cocción de los alimentos de forma más rápida y dentro de un recipiente totalmente hermético. En el caso de la vaporera eléctrica, estamos hablando de un utensilio que necesita energía eléctrica para su funcionamiento, su forma por lo general es cilíndrica y cuenta con varios compartimentos herméticos y separados entre sí, que te permiten preparar comidas diferentes en una sola herramienta, sin perder sus nutrientes.

Así que, te invitamos a conocer con más detalle las características de 5 tipos de vaporeras eléctricas que encontramos en Amazon y que tienen buenas opiniones entre los usuarios como las mejores vaporeras de relación calidad precio, para ayudarte a elegir la que mejor te convenga. 

1. Tefal Vitacuisine Compact

Esta vaporera eléctrica tiene una potencia de 1800 vatios, lo que te permite cocinar 3 platos diferentes de forma simultánea, porque cuenta con tres compartimentos separados para que no haya la posibilidad de que los olores y sabores se mezclen. 

Adicionalmente, su capacidad de contenido es de 9 litros e incluye un libro de cocina con recetas diferentes para la cocción de alimentos al vapor. Asimismo, hay que mencionar que los compartimentos que incluye esta vaporera son de cristal, tiene 2 bandejas y 4 vasos de cristal para porciones individuales, los cuales se pueden lavar en el lavavajillas. 

Entre sus funciones destacadas posee la función Vitamin+, que acelera la cocción de los alimentos para que sea más rápido, preservando sus vitaminas y nutrientes; así como un panel de control que se maneja a través de una pantalla LCD. Además, incorpora una función de mantenimiento en caliente al terminar la cocción, brindando la posibilidad de conservar el calor de tus alimentos por un tiempo máximo de una hora.

2. WMF Kitchenminis

Si estás buscando una vaporera de calidad, rápida, fabricada con materiales resistentes y que sea útil para preparar diferentes comidas, te recomendamos esta vaporera de la marca alemana WMF, que cuenta con una potencia de 900W, una capacidad de 4,3 litros y un depósito para el agua que alcanza 1,1 litros, siendo un producto de buena calidad y con valoraciones positivas de usuarios satisfechos con su funcionamiento.

Su estructura está compuesta por dos compartimentos de cocción y es un producto elaborado con acero cromargan, muy  elegante, resistente, duradero y fácil de limpiar, ya que es un material que proviene del acero inoxidable. Es una herramienta adecuada para preparar verduras, arroces, pastas, entre otros alimentos, ya que es neutro para los sabores y es capaz de soportar los ácidos generados por las comidas. 

3. Russell Hobbs Cook@Home 19270-56

Esta moderna vaporera cuenta con un bonito diseño en color negro, elaborada con acero inoxidable en su estructura externa y los recipientes están

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