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Stoves – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Are you preparing for the next winter well in advance so that the same thing doesn’t happen to you the previous time? If you have had to learn the hard way how important it is to have a heating system in your home that protects and keeps your family warm, then we recommend you acquire a practical stove to install in your home and be able to withstand the frosty winter days. In the current market there are different models and types of stoves, among which the Bronpi NINA stands out, which is designed to heat large spaces, with a modern and compact structure that is easy to maintain, suitable for emitting a caloric power of 9200 watts, with 8000 watts outside. Now, if you want to avoid the dirt generated by the ash, you need to check the modelTheca Wolfpack, which incorporates an ash catcher that facilitates cleaning. In addition, it includes a safety grid to prevent burns.

Opinions on the best stoves

If you live in a region where low temperatures affect entire families, then you need to invest in a heating system that helps keep your entire family warm. Acquiring the best stove requires an analysis of your needs and budget before buying a model.

pellet stove

Bronpi NINA

If you are looking for a stove that can heat large spaces such as living rooms thanks to its heated volume of 198 cubic meters, we recommend this model of pellet stove, which has a design specially designed to be installed in corners and allow easy access for maintenance..

This model integrates an Oasys Plus dual-chamber system and provides a heating power of 9,200 watts indoors and up to 8,000 watts outdoors. This device generates an electrical consumption of 300 watts. It includes a practical remote control that you can use to control the device from a distance.

It has a deposit capacity of 16 kilograms and offers a range of up to 23 hours. This model has an approximate weight of 89 kilograms and its smoke outlet has a diameter of 80 millimeters. It includes a practical remote control and a security system with a thermostat that helps you maintain the heat level.

Before purchasing one of these models, it is important to know which is the best stove available, taking into account the radius of heat generated by the device, so that you know if the temperature is sufficient to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room where you are going to install it. the device.


Heating power: This model generates a high heating power of up to 9,000 watts, suitable for heating large spaces comfortably.

Range: The heating area generated by this model is about 198 cubic meters of heatable volume.

Control: Includes a practical remote control with which you will control the stove from the comfort of your sofa.

Capacity: This product has a tank with a large capacity of up to 16 kilograms, convenient to enjoy for much longer.


Price: It can be considered as a negative point that this device has one of the highest costs on this list.

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Wood stove

Theca Wolfpack

Among the cheapest options on this list is the Theca Wolfpack sheet metal stove, since it offers great performance and old-style caloric efficiency thanks to its design with vertical smoke outlet to avoid as much as possible possible escapes of toxic gases that affect to your family. It has sufficient heat efficiency to heat areas of approximately 40 square meters.

This wood-burning stove integrates a useful ash catcher where the ash generated falls and is deposited, which will make cleaning the stove much easier. This model is surrounded by a safety grid that helps keep your loved ones protected from burns.

Thanks to its approximate dimensions of 51 x 34 x 34 centimeters, you can comfortably install it in small spaces, however, always keeping in mind not to place it near flammable objects.

A stove represents an important investment for any family, so you should not skimp on a model that offers safety and comfort to your loved ones. It is highly recommended to know in advance the positive and negative characteristics of this particular model.


Smoke: It has a vertical smoke outlet that helps keep the interior of your home free of smoke.

Grille: Integrates a practical safety grille that prevents access to the structure’s sheet metal.

Dustpan: Thanks to its integrated ash catcher you can keep the stove clean for much longer.

Space: This stove can heat spaces of approximately 40 square meters.


Specifications: It could be considered as a negative point that this model has poorly detailed specifications, so it does not clarify some aspects of the product very well.

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Gas stove

Cecotec 548405341

If you are looking for a quality and functional model, you can review the attributes of this gas stove marketed by the Cecotec brand. This alternative works with a maximum power of 4.2 kilowatts of gas, being possible to reduce energy consumption with the eco mode to 1.6 kW and in normal mode to 2.8 kilowatts.

Its structure has a practical and ergonomic design with four wheels that rotate in a multidirectional way, which improves its portability from one side to another, in addition to incorporating two handles for fastening.

It also has folding properties that allow it to reduce its dimensions for storage. For greater safety, it has a comprehensive system for protection and reduction of energy consumption with anti-tilt, flame out and a functional ignition. It can be used with 10 kilo gas cylinders and has a brass valve for conducting electricity.

When making a choice, price, quality and energy savings should be considered. Know this alternative.


Power: It works with a maximum power of 4200 watts, so it can be used for large spaces.

Regulation: The thermostat can be regulated to your convenience, using the energy saving mode with 1600 watts or the standard 2800 watts.

Wheels: The stove is equipped with four swivel wheels, as well as two handles that facilitate moving.

Folding: In order to reduce its size for storage, it can be folded compacting its structure.


Heat: Some users have commented that the heat is concentrated and can burn.

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catalytic stove

Orbegozo H 55

This model can be considered the best value for money stove by many users, as it offers variable power on three levels up to 3,000W selectable thanks to the selection knob, perfect for acclimatizing the room where you have it installed to your liking. It uses butane gas as fuel, which you can easily get in the market.

It is a double-layer catalytic stove and a very practical and easy-to-use push-button or piezoelectric ignition system. Likewise, it includes a thermocouple safety system, which automatically disconnects the device after a flame failure, and an atmospheric analyzer that stops the gas flow in the event of an excess of CO2 in the environment.

It is very easy to transport thanks to its pivoting wheels installed in the lower part and with its side handle you can move the stove comfortably. It has approximate dimensions of 37.5 x 47.5 x 74 centimeters and weighs 8.39 kilograms.

To choose the best stove of the moment it is necessary to know mainly your needs, the space where you are going to install it, what type of fuel it uses, whether it is wood, gas or electricity, and above all to know your budget to decide between the cheapest models.


Power: This device has a maximum power of up to 3,000W with the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the fire at three different levels.

Safety: It integrates a triple safety system consisting of piezoelectric ignition, atmosphere analyzer and flame failure shutdown.

Transfer: Thanks to its four pivoting wheels and side handle you can comfortably move this device around your home or office.

Catalytic: They are very safe systems, since the structure of the device does not reach high temperatures.


Shutdown: This device may regularly shut down if the room does not meet safety specifications.

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Electric stove

Klarstein Grenoble

This stove is a great purchase option if you are looking for a hot air heater with 2,000W heating power, recommended to heat your home and, in turn, look like a relic in any space thanks to its elegant design. made with a black metal casing full of details.

With this electric stove you can avoid dirtying your home with ash and smoke by simply pressing a button, with which you give life to a simulation of flames that also gives warmth to the room as if it were a real fireplace. By not having an exhaust pipe, you can be sure not to breathe smoke or require a complicated installation.

You will be completely relaxed with this model, since the security element is hidden behind metal grilles that help hide the cables. On the other hand, it turns out to be a very quiet stove, so it does not affect the tranquility of the environment.

If you are still wondering which stove to buy but you are looking for an option that has an elegant and old design, we recommend you take this model into account since it has a classic and elegant design.


Power: This model has a heating power of 2,000W, being suitable for installation in a living room or bedroom.

Appearance: Acts like a relic of times past thanks to its classic design and richly detailed black metal construction.

Flame: Integrates a flame effect function, which activates a beautiful fire simulation that helps create a pleasant and intimate atmosphere in your room.

Safe: By having the entire system and heating elements hidden behind the protective metal grille, you can be more relaxed.


Heat: This model is not highly recommended for installation in very large spaces, since the heat is no longer felt.

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paraffin stove

Zibro LC-30

The Zibro LC-30 is considered by some users to be one of the best stoves of 2022, since its 3,000W heating power allows it to easily cover a space from 19 to 48 square meters. This model has an estimated fuel consumption of 0.083 to 0.313 liters per hour.

This model stands out for not needing major remodeling or complicated installations. It also does not generate fumes or gases that are harmful and harmful to the environment, thus taking care of the health of your loved ones. It integrates a useful thermostat that helps maintain the desired temperature in the room.

This paraffin stove has an automatic cleaning mode that cleans the combustion chamber of the burner every two hours of consecutive use, prolonging the life of this device. This model has dimensions of 24 x 34 x 44 centimeters and weighs approximately 8 kilograms.

Many times we think that knowing the best brand of stoves that the current market offers us will help us in choosing the ideal model for us. This model is perfect to have inside your home, since it does not emit any type of smoke or polluting gas.


Surface : This model efficiently heats areas of approximately 19 to 48 square meters.

Installation : This model does not require any installation.

Safe : By not generating any type of smoke or harmful gas, it is one of the least polluting on the market.

Clean : It has an automatic cleaning system that runs every two hours cleaning the combustion chamber of the burner.

Thermostat : It integrates a useful thermostat that will maintain the desired temperature while it is in operation.


Consumption : It has been commented that a disadvantage of this model is that it spends a lot of fuel.

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butane stove

De’longhi VBF 

With a maximum power of 4,200 watts and a relatively light weight of 2.5 kilos, this butane stove is among the most sought-after options by users, for having a state-of-the-art flame control system and safety mechanism. Among them, the interruption of the gas flow stands out if the flame goes out suddenly and unexpectedly.

This model has a modern, elegant and practical design that incorporates a pair of wheels to facilitate moving from one place to another. Also, the stove emits a blue-colored flare.

To control the intensity, it can be adjusted automatically or manually, while to make its operation easier, it has access buttons on the side. It has a robust stainless steel and plastic construction with a safety grill to prevent burns.

A stove is much more than heat. It must be functional, have a thermostat adjustment and an eye-catching design. Read the details about this model.


Power: It is suitable for heating medium-sized spaces, since its maximum power is 4200 W.

Design: It has light, technological and functional properties, with a modern design.

Safety: To protect the home, it has a gas flow interruption system if the flame goes out.

Wheels: It incorporates wheels to facilitate its transfer from one side to another, without having to load it.


Sheet metal: The back sheet metal that covers the gas cylinder is flimsy and complex to adjust so that it stays in place.

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Ductable pellet stove

I live Messinia

This is a pellet stove that can be ducted to a maximum of eight meters which, thanks to its 80-millimeter upper outlet, is suitable for large spaces, thus providing a maximum heating volume corresponding to 284 cubic metres.

The structure has been made of robust metal, which provides adequate resistance to withstand the temperature generated inside the combustion chamber without deforming. In addition, the product has a compact format, with a width – height of 54.2 x 107.6 centimeters, while its depth is 58.2 centimeters, so it is a device that adapts to any room without take up a lot of space.

On the other hand, there is the energy saving issue of this 14 kilowatt power stove, evidenced by an A+++ rating label. Likewise, there is the low consumption of pellets, which is between 0.98 and 3.15 kilograms per hour of work.

This is a stove with a modern and compact design, which adapts to any space. Here, more details.


Energy classification: Due to its A+++ energy classification, you will enjoy low energy consumption.

Sensor: Its sensor controls burning according to the type of pellet used, for greater fuel savings.

Manufacturing: This is a product that will accompany you for a long time, thanks to its robust and non-deformable metal construction.

Power: You can adjust the power level, according to your heating needs.


Handle: You must be careful when handling the combustion area door handle to avoid burns.

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bioethanol stove

Purline Eirene

If you are looking for a bioethanol stove with an elegant and portable design, which adapts to any room in the home, you might be interested in this model from the Purline house. It is a structure with a cylindrical design line and detailed finishes, which highlight the quality of the product.

Stainless steel was used to manufacture the structure, a material resistant to the high temperatures characteristic of this type of stove, while a glass section stands out in the door area, designed so that you can visualize the fire and improve strength. caloric.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that with this renewable energy stove there will be no need to worry about ashes or polluting emissions, precisely because it works with bioethanol, also known as alcohol of natural origin. In this way, after generating the combustion process, a harmless water vapor will be released.

Next, the pros and cons of a portable and ecological stove, with which you will create a warm atmosphere in your home.


Renewable energy: By using alcohol of natural origin, no nuisance emissions or ashes are generated.

Door: You will be able to monitor the fire generated in the boiler, thanks to the glass door.

Format: Its compact format offers practical handling, so you can take the stove from one room to another.

Manufacturing: Thanks to its stainless steel construction, you will enjoy a highly resistant structure.


Base: A base is missing in the structure, to avoid direct contact with the ground.

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blue flame stove

Campingaz BF5000

If you are looking for a design that stands out for having competitive price attributes and adequate performance in terms of heat emission, this model from the Italian manufacturer Campingaz could be the recommended option. The blue flame stove works with butane gas, hence the color of the fire.

Although it does not have a thermostat, it is possible to regulate it manually in three power levels, through a quick start. Its design is simple and it is made up of a compact structure in brown, weighing 10 kilos. In addition, to facilitate mobility, the stove is equipped with four wheels that allow proper movement.

Its consumption is low, 299 grams per hour, for a power of 4200 watts, being recommended for rooms of 25 m 2. For greater safety, it is equipped with a safety system that cuts off the gas outlet if the flame goes out.

Quality and a good price are characteristics that many look for in a stove. The Campingaz BF5000 model complies with them. Know everything it offers.


Design: It has a compact design and a classic structure that weighs 10 kilos.

Wheels: To improve movement, it has a base with four rotating wheels.

Power: It has a maximum power of 4200 watts, for rooms of 25m2 and a low consumption of 299 grams per hour.

Security: It has a security system that interrupts the gas if the flame goes out or there is a lack of oxygen.


Case: The protective case must be purchased separately, which is an additional investment.

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oil stove

De’Longhi TRRS 1225C

The manufacturer De’Longhi appears on the list again because it has an extensive catalogue, this time with an oil stove called TRRS 1225C. The model has a modern design in white, with practical properties that facilitate its portability and storage, since it has a pair of pre-assembled wheels, handles and a space to store the cable.

It has a maximum capacity to generate a power of 2500 watts, so it efficiently heats the rooms, through Real Energy technology. Although it does not have an automatic shutdown, this 14.8-kilo model has an antifreeze function and a safety thermostat.

Likewise, it has Comfort Temp, an additional and special function to regulate the room temperature, which is activated by simply pressing a button. In addition, it has a patented battery that improves heat distribution and is recommended as a stove for occasional use.

The De’Longhi TRRS 1225C stove is efficient in heating spaces and has a practical and mobile design.


Power: It works with a power of 2500 watts, efficiently heating spaces.

Design: It has an elegant design that is available in white, in tune with different decorations.

Wheels: It incorporates a pair of wheels to facilitate its transfer from one room to another.

Battery: Unlike other models, this stove includes a high-power battery that improves heat distribution.


Smell: Some users explain that at its maximum power it emits a strong and annoying smell.

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kerosene stove

Line Plus Essege, SLU 2200 W

This kerosene stove developed by Linea Plus Essege, SLU offers a structure that is easy to handle, due to its portable format and light weight of only 6.1 kilograms. In this way, you can take the equipment from one place to another without major inconvenience.

Among the interesting aspects of this stove we have the incorporation of a convenient base, which not only prevents the appliance from tipping over, but also protects the selected surface to support the structure. 

Similarly, on the front part there is a resistant glass, which allows the burner to be monitored, while in the lower area there is a small control panel for ignition, as well as flame adjustment and smoke output. Furthermore, we cannot forget to mention the caloric work force of this stove, which corresponds to a maximum of 2200 watts, and has a range of 80 cubic meters.

This model stands out as a kerosene stove with a nice design and intuitive operation. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Scope: With this stove you can heat up to 80 cubic meters, making it suitable for a small room or room.

Control: It is possible to light and adjust the intensity of the flame easily, thanks to the small lower control panel.

Base: Its base prevents overturning and protects the surface from deterioration.

Indicator: A convenient light indicator is incorporated, so that you are aware of the start-up of the equipment.


Emissions: Due to the use of kerosene, you could perceive a slightly strong aroma in the environment.

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outdoor stove

Tristar KA-5287

The manufacturer Tristar presents the KA-5287 model, an outdoor stove that is suitable for spaces such as the back garden, terrace, patio or any outdoor space where it is required to regulate the temperature to make it warmer.

It has a maximum operating power of 2000 watts, but it can be adjusted in three levels starting from 650 watts, going through 1300 watts up to 2000, with energy efficiency class A.

Thanks to the fact that it has an adjustable support up to two meters, it can be used on it or on the wall, taking advantage of its anti-tip safety properties, in addition to the fact that it is equipped with protection against water.

Its design is stylized and it is available in black. Meanwhile, its weight is just over 8 kilos, being easy to load, and it has a two-meter power cable. Finally, it has an automatic shutdown function if it tips over.

Before buying, it would be convenient if you could know some attributes that identify this Tristar model.


Efficiency: It is designed as a class A energy efficient stove for controlled energy consumption.

Thermostat: Although its maximum power is 2000 watts, it can be adjusted on three levels.

Protection: It is equipped with IPX4 protection and has an anti-tip system with automatic shutdown.

Operation: According to its operation, it is suitable for heating outdoor spaces, either on the wall or on a support.


Heat: Some users have stated that it emits a lot of heat only if you are close, otherwise not.

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Wood stove with oven


Although this wood-burning stove with oven is not one of the cheapest products, the GIJÓN-H model has good performance and combustion power thanks to its internal finish, since it is made with vermiculite, a light, high-capacity mineral that works as thermal insulation. In addition, this stove has a heat output of 14 kW and includes a thermostat so you can view the temperature of the stove, whether it is for cooking or heating your home.

On the other hand, it has a cylinder to evacuate the smoke and so you won’t have to worry when you light the logs or grill some food, since the smoke will be sent directly to the outside.

Additionally, the BRONPI GIJÓN-H has a double combustion system with an efficiency of 80%, being very practical and economical to reduce the consumption of firewood and generate more heat. In addition to this, this product includes a grill rack, spray and gloves.

It is a stove that has good characteristics in terms of savings and efficiency, so we invite you to consider this model among your options.


Power: Its power is 14 kW, being the one indicated to keep your home at the right temperature.

Performance: The interior structure is made of vermiculite, which provides resistance, insulation and enhances combustion.

Compartment: It has a compartment for you to cook your food in a very practical way.


Price: Because it has one of the highest prices on the list, you will have to raise the amount you intend to invest.

Area: If you want to heat rooms of more than 90 m2, it is better that you opt for another more powerful model.

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