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The strainer is a versatile kitchen tool with which we will not only be able to separate solids from liquids, but we will also be able to carry out certain preparations or carry out certain kitchen tasks such as sifting flour, among others. Some tasks for which we only have to choose the right product and have a little hand when it comes to achieving the desired result. If you are looking for a classic model, all you have to do is turn to the Metaltex 117216 Chinese strainer. A product with a large filtering capacity and a diameter of 16 centimeters, to work comfortably with a large number of preparations. If you need a product to achieve a more intense filtration, you can use the IBILI 797814 model., made of flannel and capable of high-intensity straining in fine-finish recipes such as coffee, vegetable milks and the like. 

The 9 Best Strainers – Opinions 2022

To make coffee, prepare purees or simply drain the water from any boil, having the best strainer is all we need. And it is that having the tool you need for each preparation is a great help, to remove headaches when cooking. A task that we make easier for you with our list of the best strainers of 2019. In it we have products for all kinds of uses, with different prices and that cover practically all the basic strainers that you may need in your kitchen.

chinese strainer

1. Metaltex Stainless Steel Chinese Colander

The Chinese strainer is one of the products that should not be missing in any kitchen. A model that has a design reminiscent of an ancient Chinese hat and that gives us great comfort when working. This is what the Metaltex 117216 strainer presents. A product that has a diameter of 16 centimeters and a resistant stainless steel construction. Something that allows you to comfortably use the product and push food against its walls when necessary. 

This approach, typical of the best strainer of the moment, simplifies the preparation of all kinds of dishes and recipes such as tomato sauces, vegetable purées and other dishes in the form of creams or the like. To top it off, this model is easy to clean, since it can go through the dishwasher and it is also easy to wash by hand.

If you are not sure which strainer to buy for your Chinese recipes, you have a versatile product and suitable for a large number of options.


Manufacturing: Thanks to its stainless steel manufacturing, it is easier to work comfortably with the product.

Measurements : It has a diameter of 16 centimeters, giving a good capacity to load food.

Handle : The metal handle integrated into the body of the strainer makes work easier and makes the product more resistant.

Use : Its design makes it easy to squeeze even more of any food when preparing your recipes.

Cleaning : The product is very easy to clean, both by hand and in the dishwasher.


Dregs: If the material to be strained is very fine, it may not be the most suitable product.

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cloth strainer

2. Ibili 797814 Flannel Strainer 

The Ibili 797814 fabric strainer is one of the cheapest products but also one of the most efficient when it comes to straining. We are talking about a product made with a very dense flannel, capable of letting the liquid through but efficiently retaining the smallest particles, which is ideal when preparing teas, infusions or coffees, among other drinks. In addition, the strainer has a diameter of 14 centimeters. This measure is suitable for using the product directly on cups or bowls, so you can use it directly to serve these drinks. 

Regarding its cleaning, it is simple thanks to the quality of its materials. Features that are combined with an adjusted price, making the product the best value for money strainer we have chosen.

We give you some more details about this product, manufactured by the best strainer brand on the market.


Filtration : The filtering achieved with this product is very intense and does not leave sediment in the filtered liquid.

Handle : The good size of the handle allows to properly hold the product and better manipulate the mixture.

Measurements : Its measurements are ideal for direct filtering on the cup or glass.

Resistance : Thanks to its resistance we speak of a product that will accompany you for a long time


Cleaning : It is necessary to extreme cleanliness of the product due to the peculiarities of the filtering area.

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plastic strainer

3. Ainstsk Set of 4 Multipurpose Plastic Strainers

The Ainstsk Mesh strainer set is the ideal solution for those looking for a plastic strainer. And it is that this lot does not include a single colander but has four, with measurements ranging from 18 to 31 centimeters in diameter. Something that makes it easier to have the perfect strainer depending on what you are going to prepare. 

These strainers have a plastic structure and a mesh fabric with a good level of filtering, as well as a suitable draft when pouring into all types of containers. It is finished off with two hangers on the mast, which allow the strainer to be placed on any surface and thus prevents the strainer from moving during use. An option that, together with its adjusted price, is among our cheap and quality proposals.

If you are not sure which is the best strainer for your recipes but you need an intensive straining product, this is your option.


Diameters : The product offers you four variable diameters suitable for all types of preparations.

Support : The strainers include a support with two supports to place the strainers anywhere.

Mesh : The mesh offers a good level of filtering and simplifies the straining process of your recipes.


Finishes : Some user comments that the finishes can be improved, although the product fulfills its function.

Loading : It is advisable not to load the product excessively during the straining process of your preparations.

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Ikea colander

4. Ikea Gemak strainer, off-white 

Directly arrived from the design studio of this great Swedish manufacturer we find the Ikea Gemak model. A traditional cut strainer with feet and handles, which makes it easy to strain all kinds of pasta, vegetables and other foods with comfort. The product has the most traditional design with a bowl and foot, so that we can pour these foods directly from the pot with considerable comfort. Especially if we consider that we are not going to have to hold the strainer with our hands. 

As if that were not enough, in addition to being comfortable, this Ikea colander is also very elegant. Something to which its traditional cut whitish tone finish contributes, as well as the silver edge both in the area of ​​​​the edges and the handle. So, as usual with the brand, you will have a product that is easy to use and that will give your kitchen a special touch.

Give your kitchen a different look while you strain your food with this complete product from Ikea.


Comfort: Thanks to its foot and handles, it is much easier to use the strainer without using your hands.

Elegant : The design has an elegant traditional cut and vintage style finish.

Capacity : The strainer has a large capacity to strain food in a single pass.


Size: The product is somewhat larger than other similar models, which penalizes it a bit when it comes to storing it.

Filtering : You may have to move the food around the strainer a bit to achieve complete filtering.

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tea strainer

5. SourceTon 18/8 mesh stainless steel tea infuser

When it comes to looking for a tea strainer, it is necessary to have specific products, such as the SourceTon model. This infuser of traditional design has a conventional format, which makes it easier for you to achieve a suitable infusion of the herbs you use in your drink. To do this, the model has an integral manufacturing of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, which adequately withstands heat and also facilitates cleaning. 

Regarding its design, the product is placed comfortably on any cup or similar with diameters of approximately 6 to 12 centimeters. It is accompanied by the corresponding lid, to help the infusion and give a more special touch to everything you prepare. And so that it is not expensive for you to equip yourself, the product is presented in a batch of two units.

Comfortably prepare your favorite infusions with this efficient, high-quality tea filter.



Materials : The strainer is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is highly resistant and easy to clean.

Versatile : It can be used on practically any cup or glass that you have at home.

Handles : The handles include rubber covers to prevent burns when handling the filter.


Resistance: You should avoid hitting the mesh as it can bend or dent.

Washing : Due to the intensity of the mesh, it may be somewhat more difficult to clean the inside of the filter.

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kefir strainer

6. Kefiralia Special Strainer for Kefir

The preparation of kefir is an artisan job that requires specific tools, such as a quality kefir strainer. Something necessary to evacuate the liquid efficiently from the mixture but also to prevent the culture from being damaged during processing. Something we can achieve with the Kefiralia model. 

This model is made with a mesh that mixes nylon and polyester, thus better respecting the ingredients when making this product. A material that simplifies the procedure, allows better treatment of crops and is also easy to clean. 

Regarding its size, we are talking about a strainer with a diameter of 14 centimeters and that also includes a good-sized handle, so you will not have any problems handling the product comfortably. Something that also results in the final quality of the kefir already prepared.

Give your Kevin a new character with this strainer specially designed for the preparation of this food.


Material: The strainer material has been specially designed for these jobs, thus giving better performance.

Cleaning : Cleaning the strainer is very simple, just a little hot water to make it look like new.

Versatile : In addition to kefir, you can use it for other similar uses, thanks to its quality.


Mesh density: Some comments indicate that the mesh could be even more dense, although the loss of material is very low.

Size : The size of the strainer is somewhat larger than desirable when filling the most common containers.

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stainless steel strainer

7. BasicForm Large Size Micro-perforated strainer with handle and base

Designed to cover the most extensive straining needs, we find the Basic Form Steel 304 stainless steel strainer. Unlike other models, in this case we do not find a mesh net but a micro-perforated base glued to the main handle of the product, with the one that is easier both the evacuation of the water and the subsequent cleaning of the product. This evacuation is also helped by the foot of the product, which raises it slightly from the sink and thus avoids contact of the bottom with it. 

This model is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and also includes handles made of the same material, in order to give you extra comfort when handling the product. And when you’re done using it, all you have to do is put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand, in a process that is also comfortable.

Straining in large quantities is made easier and more efficient with this complete stainless steel strainer.


Material : It is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and with an efficient food finish.

Space : Thanks to its diameter of 28 centimeters you will have ample interior space for your food.

Handles : The product has handles made of the same material that we have already mentioned, giving you more comfort when working with it.


Blows : It is key not to hit the strainer mesh in order to prevent it from deteriorating or denting.

Fastening : If you are looking for a product that you can hold with one hand, then you will have to resort to another model.

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sink strainer

8. Premier Housewares Stainless Steel Sink Drainer

If your straining needs are high, then you will be interested in having a sink strainer such as the Premier Housewares 0509300 model. This product offers you a space 30 centimeters wide by 19 deep and 11 high, where you can strain everything what you need in one go. A process in which you have a mesh with good depth and is capable of removing much of the water from your preparation. 

All these elements are made of high quality food grade stainless steel. In addition, the product includes two metal legs that separate the bottom of the sink from the mesh area, thus allowing a better water outlet. For even more comfort, you also have two handles with a rubber center, which make it easy to manipulate the strainer and move it wherever you want. 

Strain in a big way with this interesting sink strainer of high quality and resistance.


Space : It is one of the largest products on the market in terms of capacity.

Mesh : The mesh allows efficient filtering and with which to remove more liquid from your food.

Handles : The included handles give you extra comfort when handling the product.


Size : Due to its characteristics, it is not exactly a product that takes up little space when it comes to storing it.

Cleaning : Some comments indicate that the cleaning process of the product is somewhat more complex than desirable.

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collapsible strainer

9. Enko Colanders Kitchen

The Enko The Kitchen Collapsible collapsible strainer is a versatile proposal with which to strain everything you need and not take up space when you have to store it. We are talking about a product with conventional measurements, 24 and 20 centimeters in diameter, respectively. Ideal for you to choose the one that suits you best depending on the amount of food to strain once deployed. 

These colanders are made of high-quality food-grade silicone and resist very high temperatures, so they do not deteriorate even when placed in boiling water. This material also has high hygiene, so you won’t have to worry about leaving them spotless without much effort. And to save even more space, you can store the small strainer inside the large one, taking up even less space in your drawers or on your kitchen cabinets.

Save space and strain your food comfortably with everything that this complete Enko product puts at your fingertips.


Diameters : The lot includes two strainers of 20 and 24 centimeters in diameter respectively.

Foldable : Being foldable it is easy to save space when storing the colanders while you are not using them.

Material : The manufacturing material has a high level of hygiene and considerable resistance to use and temperatures.


Efficiency: Some comments indicate that the amount drained with the product is not as high as that obtained with other models.

Hardness : It is possible that during the first uses you will notice that the folding is somewhat harder than desirable.

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Shopping guide 

If there is a versatile and essential piece in any kitchen, it is the colander. It does not matter if it is to drain pasta, to make sauces or even to make certain specific preparations such as infusions or the like. Having the right product on hand is always a guarantee. A process in which we can dive among the thousands of models that we have in any strainer comparison that falls into our hands or we can follow the advice of our guide to buy the best strainer and find the right product for our next preparation.

strainer type

A strainer as such is nothing more than a filter piece held by a support, both elements being able to have different shapes, sizes and manufacturing materials. However, beyond this definition, the truth is that there are several types of strainers that should be known, especially as they are the most classic in the world of cooking.

One of them is the traditional round strainer. A classic product with which we can strain from small foods to large amounts of food. For these latter uses we also have sink colanders on hand, which make it easy to strain large quantities of vegetables and other foods with ease. Products that can be square or round and have a larger diameter and height, to store these larger quantities.

Apart from these more general products, we have other more specific strainers such as the Chinese one. A model with its particular cone shape and suitable for sauces or purées, which also has the necessary resistance to “squeeze” food well. We also have models designed to filter coffee, infusions, kefir and others. These models are the best solution when it comes to making any of these preparations, and it is convenient to have one of them at home if you want the final result to be optimal.

Manufacturing materials

Just as we have a large number of strainers, we also have various materials when it comes to manufacturing. Something that influences both how much the product costs and its durability and resistance. However, with some exceptions, with what we are going to comment on you will have the reference of the most common products on the market.

The most common material for a strainer is metal mesh, whether perforated or conventional, which we usually find in most products on the market. A mesh that offers a more or less fine filtering and that is easy to clean. In this regard, models made of stainless steel are preferable, due to their better properties and resistance. Regarding the handles, the usual thing is that these are also made of steel, although some are made of plastic.

For the finest filters, we have models made with textile mesh, mainly cotton. This mesh allows only the liquid to pass through and retains all the particles, making it ideal for coffee, tea or infusions. And as an alternative, some colanders already have elements made of silicone, which give the product extra comfort and cleanliness.

size and comfort

As a final aspect when looking for an economical and quality strainer, it is time to talk about size and comfort. Starting with that size, the truth is that the market offer is very wide, so you can have small strainers for precise work and also much larger ones for large castings.

As for comfort, it is obvious that the larger the size, the greater the weight that we will have to handle, so it will be convenient that the handles have a good size and grip when handling the strainer. Depending on what suits you, you can choose between models with a single large handle or two handles of a more adjusted size, depending on what you prefer.

By the way, since we are talking about comfort, do not forget about both cleaning and storage. If you’ve done your homework on the materials then cleaning won’t be a problem, it’s a good idea to see if the product can be washed in the dishwasher. Regarding storage, it is something that has to do with size, although some models are foldable or stackable, or that saves more space at this point. Everything will depend on the space you have available 

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a strainer?

To use a strainer, all we have to do is choose the right size product and filter density according to the food we are going to strain. Once chosen, all we have to do is place the strainer over the sink and gradually pour these foods into the strainer. To conclude the straining process, we will shake the strainer slightly so that the last drops of liquid are released from the food.


Q2: How to make a homemade colander?

To make a homemade colander we will need a cotton fabric suitable for this type of use, such as cheesecloth or a similar fabric. We will also need a wire or similar, which will serve as a frame to mount the strainer. We will start by cutting the fabric to the corresponding size, thus creating this wire frame through a circular shape and the diameter that suits us best. Once the frame has been created, we will only have to place the fabric around the frame, fixing it by sewing or a similar system, thus leaving the product ready for use.

Q3: How to sift flour without strainer?

The strainer is a fundamental tool when it comes to sifting the flour when preparing any dish. But if we don’t have a strainer at hand we can resort to a couple of tricks. One of them is to use a fork or a hand stick to stir the flour. This movement must be circular, fast and must be repeated until we see how the lumps disappear. As an alternative we can use a soup spoon, which we will introduce and remove from the mixture until it has the right texture. In this case, the process is somewhat slower when it comes to removing lumps, but at least it is efficient when it comes to aerating the mixture.

Q4: How to clean a metal strainer?

Cleaning metal strainers is very simple, as long as we have chosen products made of high-quality, stainless materials. These products can even go through the dishwasher, being clean with the simplest programs as long as the strainer does not have too much embedded dirt. We can also clean the strainer in the sink, using a suitable scourer and any dishwasher or similar that we have on hand.

Q5: What is the worm strainer for?

The worm strainer is a product that is normally used in cocktails and with which the largest pieces of ice are retained, as well as the possible pieces of fruit that we have used in the preparation of the drink. This strainer has a conventional handle and a circular wire that runs through the entire area, thus retaining those solid elements and leaving only the liquid in the glass. In fact, this strainer can be used directly to pour drinks into the glass without grounds or other unwanted debris.

Q6: How do you make pil pil with a strainer?

The pil pil is a delicacy that requires quite a bit of wrist movement. Luckily, the strainer trick has come to solve the problem and simplifies this preparation. To proceed with the preparation, all we have to do is prepare the cod in the traditional way and once we have the confit fish and its gelatin in the pan, we just have to move the strainer over the mixture using circular movements, in order to achieve that mixture so particular that it gives its special flavor to this dish.

Q7: How to strain coffee with strainer?

Due to the size of the coffee grind, it is necessary to have a specific strainer for this type of material. Specifically, the most recommended product for straining is the fabric strainer, which has the necessary properties to pour out the liquid, retaining all the marro after infusing the coffee. This same filter can be used for other high-intensity straining tasks and with especially fine bases such as vegetable milk or tiger nut milk, among other preparations.

Q8: How can I catch water with a strainer?

This old riddle has a simple solution. We just have to freeze the water to turn it into thread and then we can take it wherever we want comfortably in the colander, since being frozen this water would not spill, as it would if it were in a liquid state.

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