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Table Runner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There is no doubt that a table runner can become a decorative anchor that will visually enhance everything you place on it to welcome guests to a delicious meal. Accompanied with a tablecloth or being the unique and central piece, this is an element that will add interest to your dining room. With the Ikea Märit table runner, the cool shade of light turquoise will add color and texture from end to end, providing a beautiful place for your plates. And if what you are looking for is festivity, the Seasaleshop Christmas model will set your table in those beautiful holidays with its cheerful design.

The 10 Best Table Runners – Opinions 2022

The variety of table runner options range from casual to elegant. The important thing is that they are all capable of dressing your dining room in an instant. Next, you have 10 of the best alternatives to be the basis of your table decoration. 

Ikea table runner 

1. Ikea 703.894.60 Märit Table runner 

The best table runners of 2022 showcase practical designs that can be functional for both everyday use and a special occasion. This Ikea table runner can be one of the best examples with a new and fresh color that you can use when you want something different.

It has a great texture to reduce the noise that dishes and accessories could cause, in addition to its undeniable decorative effect. It is made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is important to know that Ikea emphasizes that the cotton used for its products comes from sustainable sources, benefiting farmers and the environment. 

Its quality allows that, given the need to wash it, it is put in the washing machine in a warm and normal cycle without any fear that it may be damaged. It is ideal to highlight the table in the dining room of the home and, also, in restaurants and hospitality services. 

Next, we tell you more features that make it a table runner that makes a difference.


Collection: Light turquoise is the new color among the Märit table runners, a beautiful collection that Ikea offers to highlight your table. 

Cotton: In addition to being a renewable material from sustainable sources, its texture is soft and pleasant. 

Dyed: Each cotton thread has been dyed to ensure that washing does not fade its color, but rather maintains it. 

Care: Allows practical machine washing at a maximum of 40º C, as well as ironing at 150º C. 


Drying: Although the quick drying of the dryer seems more comfortable to you, the manufacturer does not recommend its use.

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christmas table runner

2. Seasaleshop Christmas Table Runner

This Christmas table runner can begin to be part of all the decorative elements that year after year embellish your home for these dates. The enthusiasm of this festivity, where sitting in the dining room together with the family is of great importance, will be accompanied by cheerful snowmen and Christmas trees that will go from end to end of the table. 

Its cartoon design and the cheerful red color common to Christmas can easily make it the best table runner for this season. Its 34 cm width and 1.80 m length will make any table that is decorated with it stand out for the whole festivity or for special dinners such as Christmas Eve. 

The quality of the finishes throughout the stitching around and the red tassels at each end make it look like a very nice Christmas decoration piece. 

Let’s look at more of the details that make it a great option for your dining room or as a gift for someone special’s home. 


Design: Trees, snowmen and snowflakes create a cheerful design that will look great at Christmas parties and events. 

Material: You will not have to worry about possible spills or stains; Its cotton and polyester material is washable and highly durable. 

Affordable: It is a piece at an affordable price that can become an ideal Christmas gift. 


Length: Its length may be quite fair on rectangular tables for six people or more. 

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crochet table runner 

3. Blevet Lace Table Runner 

Giving your table an elegant look anytime you need it won’t be difficult at all with this crochet table runner. Its fine style comes with a decoration of delicate lace with leaf designs that mixes the beauty of the feminine with the classic.

You can choose between the wine red or light brown colors that will look great on any table, where its 40 cm wide and 1.80 m long fit. The options to decorate with this table runner can range from the dresser at the entrance of your home to a romantic wedding table. 

Despite the delicacy of its design pattern, this piece is made from a perfectly machine-washable material that can also be tumble dried on low without worry of drying damage. 

Its beautiful and tasteful pieces increase the possibility that this will be considered the best brand of table runners. Let’s go over the details of this particular model. 


Design: The embroideries on the transparent fabric, the lace around it and its triangular design at the ends make it look beautiful. 

Versatile: It will enhance your dining room table, a coffee table, a TV table and even a bedroom piece of furniture. 

Washing: Promises easy cleaning. So, in case of any spill, a machine wash will be the solution. 


Transparent: The center material is transparent fabric, so if it is used without a background, its color may not show.

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crochet table runner

4. Yizunnu Lace Table Runner

If you are a fan of weaving, the artisan appeal of this handmade design will be the answer to what is the best table runner you could buy. It has been made entirely of cotton with a wide fabric that mixes flowers and figures in all its 120 cm long and 40 cm wide.

The level of craftsmanship and quality of this crochet table runner stands out wherever you put it. Although it is true that it combines in any environment, it is a model that stands out in a notable way when it accompanies rustic wood decoration both indoors and outdoors. 

It is made with beige cotton thread that achieves a very attractive decorative effect when placed on jute fabrics or dark backgrounds. In addition to your table, it could have a special place in other furniture in your home. 

Let’s delve into the details that this bohemian table runner has to offer to the decoration of spaces. 


Decorative: The crochet pattern combined with flowers makes it a decorative element in a romantic style. 

Cotton: In addition to the well-cared finishes of a hand-woven fabric, the texture achieved by cotton is very soft. 

Thickness: The thread used for your embroidery is quite thick, which allows it to protect the table from possible scratches. 


Washing: It is not as practical a process as just putting it in the washing machine, since it requires careful hand washing and air drying.

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modern table runner

5. Matedepreso Modern Table Runner

There is no doubt that this modern table runner is the one for special occasions and meetings where you want elegance to prevail. Giving the touch of formality to your table will not be difficult when combining this piece with the correct glasses and crockery.

It has all the necessary elements to add a touch of luxury. Its shimmering polyester fabric, an edge-to-edge fringe of sequined crystal frosting, and a tassel at each end make it a truly useful piece for a formal occasion.     

So if you want to transform an everyday looking table into a luxurious setting in an instant, its 32cm width and 1.80m length have the perfect beading details for the most distinguished guests. Gray and champagne colors are among the alternatives to choose from this beautiful and refined design. 

In addition to a very sophisticated style, the attributes of this table runner make it an ideal purchase. 


Elegance: It is perfect to be prepared when a quick table decoration is needed that reflects good taste and distinction. 

Attractive: It is a beautiful design whose main attraction is the rhinestones and sequins arranged throughout the central area. 

Affordable: It is an elegant table runner at a very affordable cost for the elegance it reflects. 


Washing: Although machine washing is an alternative, it is better to do it by hand to avoid the risk of seeing your sequins fall.

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patchwork table runner 

6. Trade Star Vintage Table Runner

If you are looking for a bold, colorful and different option, this patchwork table runner will attract everyone’s attention. Everything enigmatic about Indian culture is reflected in this 1.42 m long and 41 cm wide piece made by hand by women dedicated to rural crafts. 

It is capable of giving a very cheerful look to the table and, in addition, it comes in handy to decorate when you decide to have barbecues or fun meals outdoors. Although it is not one of the cheapest table runners, it will be difficult not to be sucked in by its style and softness. 

At a special family meal or when you invite friends, it will be a pleasure to see the diversity of flowers and other carefully embroidered figures. It moves away from the classic and with its pattern of striking patches it provides protection to your table. 

This multicolored vintage-style embroidered Indian fabric could be for many the best table runner of the moment. Let’s learn more pros and cons.


Patchwork: Each patch is a work of hand embroidery that is cut and glued to form a unique and beautiful table runner. 

Colors: It is embroidered at the top and at the bottom it has a plain fabric that you can choose between three different colors. 

Usage: Its beautiful multicolored embroidery makes it ideal for any joyous occasion such as birthday parties.


Length: If you like to see the tips fall off the ends, its length of 1.42 m could be short for a rectangular table.

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gray table runner 

7. Delindo Lifestyle Samba Table Runner

A decoration on your garden table can be as impressive as the one in your dining room. However, when you want to decorate the external area, the selection must take you to a material that allows you to tolerate the ravages of the sun and water. 

This gray table runner is an option made with 100% polyester that offers very good resistance, even for outdoor environments. The anthracite gray tone is one of the four alternative colors to choose from, in addition to light gray, taupe and green. 

Regardless of the color you select, its fabric ensures a waterproof feature so that water does not damage the piece. This attribute further facilitates rapid drying of spills and spot cleaning with a cloth. Its 1.40 m long and 40 cm wide are ideal for a square garden table. 

Let’s review the qualities that suggest it as one of the best table runners for both internal and external areas. 


Design: It is a table runner with a simple rectangular design with excellent seam finishes all around its edge. 

Material: Polyester is a material that looks good and is also waterproof and stain resistant. 

Certification: It has the seal that certifies that Oeko-Tex approves it as a table runner made without toxic substances. 


Care: You must take into account that good care so that it is not damaged avoids dry cleaning, the dryer and ironing at high temperature.

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pink table runner

8. AmaCasa Table Runner 

If you want to inject fun into the monotony of a table runner from long to long, this alternative will help you personalize your decoration style. There are 25 meters of a pink table runner that reveals its color very softly and that you can place in various ways on square, rectangular, round and oval tables. 

This amount is great and very affordable when it comes to a party with multiple tables to decorate. You can make 23 cm wide table runners with the length you need according to the size of the table and the decorative shape you want to create. 

It is a non-woven fabric made of 100% slightly transparent polypropylene that is very easy to cut and whose air permeability makes it very fresh. You can use it alone or placed on tablecloths in contrasting and striking colors. 

This is a roll of fabric to cut pieces of the length you like and make many table runners that will be distinguished by their special characteristics. 


Polypropylene: In addition to being very fresh and does not fray, this material has great resistance to tearing. 

Colors: Apart from light pink, you have to choose from maroon, blue, gold, turquoise, green, brown and orange, among many others. 

Quantity: The number of meters allows you to decorate the tables of large events such as baptisms, communions and even weddings. 


Cleaning: Although it might accept a damp cloth to remove any stains, the fabric is too thin to wash directly.

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red table runner

9. Today 257551 Cotton Table Runner

If the touch of color you want to give your table is an intense and striking one, this red table runner will do a good job. It has a classic rectangular and smooth cut that, combined with a white background or a contrasting tone, will immediately bring the place to life. 

Apart from red, this model offers you other bright colors to choose from. Among them are coral, dark blue, maroon, green, orange, brown, turquoise, anthracite gray, purple, khaki and black. Its fabric is made of 100% cotton, so it has a pleasant texture to the touch. 

As part of its points in favor is its cost, which can easily position it as the best value for money table runner. Additionally, its measurements of 50 cm wide and 1.5 m long are ready to personalize and give character to the table you choose.

In addition to being one of the cheapest options, this piece has qualities to add color and aesthetics to the environment of any table.


Cotton: Cotton table linen is one of the best alternatives for the durability that daily use requires. 

Colors: In addition to red, the intensity of the colors in which you can choose this table runner will lift the spirits of any occasion. 

Finishes: The seams on all the edges reflect the quality of a well-cared manufacturing.



Washing: The manufacturer recommends washing separately before its first use since it could fade. 

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gold table runner 

10. Kesote Table Runner 

To add the touch to an elegant evening or dinner where you want to dazzle with the decorations, this gold table runner will achieve a unique and shiny look. Just as the sequin trend is a sure hit for a party look, dressing your table with this piece for a wedding reception, important family celebration or Christmas dinner will light up the place. 

It is a mesh fabric in which a large number of premium sequins have been sewn that differ from others by a density greater than 3 mm in comparison. In addition, with its measurements of 30 cm wide and 2.75 m long, you can make a purchase with full confidence that it will look good on any size of table. So, if the theme of the meeting is elegance, accentuating it with a bit of glitter will not be bad at all.  

Wondering what table runner to buy to surprise with a golden gift can be answered with this model. Here more of its details.


Material: It uses mesh fabric as the base, which makes the table runner durable and reusable. 

Length: It is one of the longest table runners in centimeters that can be found on the market. 

Stains: Given the quality of the sequins used, it is difficult for this piece to stain or acquire dirt that is not easy to clean. 


Sequins: The manufacturer warns that the sequins may fall off since the table runner has been made by hand.

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Shopping guide 

In addition to becoming very common to protect the table from possible damage from hot pans or trays, the table runner is capable of changing the character from casual to sophisticated in an instant. In this guide to buying the best table runner you will find the necessary advice so that you can customize the decoration of your dining room according to each occasion. 


Design is one of the most important features when choosing a table runner. Those who are passionate about decoration, in general, include the furniture at the entrance of the home, the tables in the living room and those in the dining room as places to decorate with specific reasons for the celebration or festivity that is being lived. 

By comparing table runners, you realize that you can find the most specific designs you can imagine. The classics cannot be missing and, usually, they come in plain colors or with prints of conventional figures such as flowers or geometric shapes that are always in force. 

On the other hand, the vintage patchwork style, the modern ones and those of special festivities are also within reach. For example, musicians can place musical notes and beats on their tables. For romantics and Valentine’s Day, the variety of hearts is very wide. Similarly, there are to celebrate Easter, Christmas, baptisms, weddings and many more festivities. 


Just as the size of the tables varies, the table runners that are on the market to decorate them come with really different dimensions. Generally, the width seems to range between 30 and 50 cm, but talking about its length is something else. 

For the length there is no average, since significant differences are achieved in dimensions that allow them to be classified as small, medium and large. For a large number of decorators, the length of a table runner is really important, since, according to them, it is very stylish for its ends to hang several centimeters from the ends. 

So depending on how you want the table runner to look and the size of the surface where you are going to place it, a small one whose length ranges between 110 and 150 cm may be convenient for you, a medium one between 150 and 200 cm ideal for conventional dining tables or a large one that is around 3 meters for tables capable of gathering several diners. 


The material used to make the table runner has a big influence on how much it costs and how it can take your dining room from informal and casual to more formal with sparkle. This selection is important, in the same way, to be clear about the ease of washing or delicate care that must be taken with the table runner. 

Talking about everyday works very well with 100% cotton fabrics or cotton-polyester blends. For a higher degree of sophistication, linen is of high quality, although it has a tendency to wrinkle. And, going a little away from the cheap to go to the most elegant, silk and satin fabrics will illuminate your table with its shine. 

Cotton or wool are the basis for those who like the distinctive craftsmanship of knitting with or without needles. Crochet, crochet and macramé table runners are very popular. Also, natural bamboo, jute, organza, tulle, lace and polypropylene can be named among the various materials available.  

indoor or outdoor

The place where you plan to use your table runner is crucial for the type of design and fabric you decide on, especially if you want to leave it as a permanent decoration that will be outdoors in an open space such as a patio or garden. 

If this is the case, your choice should be directed to a piece that offers the greatest durability and resistance of colors against the sun when your house is the meeting place for outdoor parties during the summer. Likewise, it is important that it is waterproof to avoid running to remove it from the table in case of rain. 

For indoor use, you also have to take into account if the table runner will be to decorate the table of a home or a restaurant. The central point of selection of this piece for these two places lies in its way of cleaning. For restaurants and hotels, a material is required that ensures easy cleaning and high resistance to frequent washing.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a table runner?

Decoration trends are increasingly bold and table runners have not escaped creativity in ways to use and decorate with them. Although the length-to-length placement is still widely used, there are those who vary by arranging them alone on the table, on the tablecloth with a contrasting color and also in layers using table runners of different sizes for a great visual effect.

Similarly, there are some modifications that break with the tradition from length to length, placing the table runner widthwise to connect one guest in front of another, thus placing several pieces that will look fantastic. For a round table, two X-shaped table runners will have a great effect.

Q2: How to make a table runner? 

Actually, this is a fairly simple piece to make when referring to the traditional rectangular fabric pattern. The fundamental thing is to take the measurements of your table so that it remains or falls at the ends according to your taste. Cut the fabric following the measurements, hem all the edges of approximately one and a half centimeters and fix it with the iron to finally sew it with the machine and that’s it. 


Q3: How to clean a table runner? 

It is the material with which it is made that determines how it is cleaned. Pathways are generally made of washable fabrics since their function is known to be prone to getting dirty and stained. A figure-printed polyester or vinyl table runner can sometimes just be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

A cotton one resists a good machine wash with cold water, however, you should be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendation on whether it does not fade and can be mixed with other pieces. For one made with rhinestones or sequins, the foresight to wash it gently by hand could keep it pretty for a long time.

Q4: What measurements should a table runner have?

Basically, this depends on the size of the table and the way you want to decorate it. You find widths from 30 to 50 cm and the length can range from 80 cm to 3 meters. Many decorators feel that the width of the table runner should be ⅓ the width of the table if you are decorating lengthwise and ¼ the width of the table.

For the length, they suggest a fall of the tips that is equal from side to side and is between 15 and 30 cm. However, if your idea is to use it on top of a tablecloth or for another style of decoration, it could be shorter.

Q5: Which is better, a natural or synthetic fabric table runner? 

The type of design and where the table is where you want to place it will determine the best table runner for you. For example, there are embroidered or woven table runners that look beautiful thanks to the use of threads made from natural fibers such as cotton or wool. They are pieces designed, generally, for internal decoration. 

However, if we are talking about a table runner for the outdoor area in the garden, a synthetic fabric such as polyester is one of the best options in terms of waterproofing, ease of cleaning and durability.

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