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Tablecloth – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Tablecloths are very popular textile pieces in the market, used to protect tables from dirt and daily deterioration. Likewise, this type of fabric is usually used to give spaces a decorative touch with a discreet or striking trend, depending on the model selected. An example of this is the Basic Home Pegaso tablecloth, which offers you a cover with a discreet design, made with natural and synthetic fabrics with a pleasant touch. For their part, the Essort 137 x 185 cm tablecloths offer you a 100% synthetic cover for complete waterproofing.

The 9 Best Tablecloths – Opinions 2022

There are several tablecloth options on the market, so your selection could be a bit of a messy task. For this reason, we have prepared a small list with what, for many, could be the nine best tablecloths of this year. Below, you will find a small summary along with its pros and cons.

stain resistant tablecloth

1. Basic Home Pegasus Stain-Resistant Tablecloth 140 x 180

This model has been recommended as the best tablecloth due to its spacious design of 140 x 180 centimeters, corresponding to its width and length respectively, so that it is suitable for use on rectangular surfaces with a format smaller than these measurements.

Two high-quality materials were used for its construction. One of them is 30% polyester, which gives the design a high level of waterproofing, so the table top will stay protected from spills.

The remaining 70% of the fabric is cotton, which adds its softness to provide a pleasant touch and the resistance necessary for you to enjoy the product for a long time.

It is important to mention that this stain-resistant tablecloth has a discreet print, made using a digital printing technique, so that the colors will not lose their sharpness due to contact with water, soapy solutions or the disinfectants used to sanitize the cover.

This model stands out as the probably best tablecloth of the moment. Here, its main characteristics.


Stamping: Digital printing applied to the textile gives it more color and prevents the pigments from coming off.

Cleaning: Thanks to the synthetic condition of the tablecloth, you can clean it by simply sliding a damp cloth over it.

Touch: You will enjoy a pleasant soft touch, because the fabric incorporates 70% cotton.

Design: Its spacious format is suitable for adapting to a large number of rectangular tables.


Permeability: It may happen that, if an excessive amount of liquid is spilled on it, the humidity could slightly pass through the textile.

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oilcloth tablecloth

2. Essort Rectangle Tablecloth PVC Oilcloth Square

Among the best tablecloths of 2022 we find this model from the Essort house, made with polyvinyl chloride, also known by the acronym PVC. This is a highly resistant polymer, free of contaminating agents and with a pleasant touch, which will help protect the table surface against dust, deterioration and humidity generated by unexpected spills.

This oilcloth tablecloth has a spacious format of 137 x 185 centimeters, which is convenient to be easily placed on dining rooms, side tables or camping. In addition, with this cover you not only provide protection to the surface, but you will also be giving spaces a pleasant aesthetic, due to its pattern inspired by geometric shapes.

On the other hand, we have the easy method of cleaning the tablecloth, for which you only need to rub a non-metallic cloth or sponge over it, previously impregnated with a soapy solution, disinfectant or simply water.

Essort might be the best tablecloth brand due to its high quality standards. Know the pros and cons of one of its models.


Cleaning: You just have to rub a damp cloth on the tablecloth to clean it, simplifying this daily task.

Waterproof: Thanks to its fabric you will enjoy a tablecloth that does not absorb moisture.

Use: You can use the tablecloth to protect the table and as a decorative element, thanks to its pleasant print.

Design: Its square design is suitable for any camping, side or dining table.


Scent: There may be a slight vinyl scent on the tablecloth, but it will fade after a few days of use.

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resin tablecloth

3. Dehaus Stain-Resistant Plastic Resin Tablecloth with Geometric Pattern

This Dehaus model has arrived on the market with the purpose of clarifying your doubts about which is the best tablecloth, obtaining a large number of positive comments due to its modern and discreet design, which you can use to protect and decorate your table.

It is a resin-coated tablecloth, whose upper layer has been reinforced with polyvinyl chloride to offer greater resistance and impermeability. In this way, you will not have to worry about liquids spilled on the surface transferring to the table. In addition, thanks to this synthetic composition you will be able to clean the product more easily, being only necessary to rub a cloth over it.

On the other hand, this tablecloth has a 200 x 140 centimeter format, which is spacious enough to be used on tables with up to six seats. Likewise, because the textile does not incorporate a hem, you can cut its length – width to adapt it to the table.

With so many models it can be difficult to know which tablecloth to buy. However, this design could answer that question. To continue; the details.


Waterproof: This tablecloth prevents spills on the surface from passing through to the table, protecting it at all times.

Versatile use: You will not have limitations when using the tablecloth because it is suitable for dining rooms, side tables or restaurants.

Pattern: Its discreet pattern in gray and white rhombuses adapts to the decoration of any space.

Cleaning: You will save time cleaning the tablecloth, since it is only necessary to rub a damp cloth over it.


Format: Its format could be very spacious for some tables. However, you can trim it as desired.

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Individual tablecloth

4. Isiyiner Washable Placemats Placemats 6 Pack

The individual tablecloth is a format used to protect the surface of the dining room or side tables from dirt and spills. Similarly, this type of mat is used on the kitchen counter to place a hot pot or pan.

This is the case of the present set marketed by the Isiyiner house, made up of a total of six tablecloths, whose rectangular design of 45 x 30 centimeters in a gray tone is very attractive. In this sense, it is not only a product capable of providing protection to surfaces, but also a decorative element that will capture everyone’s attention without altering the existing decoration.

Regarding the manufacture of the tablecloths, we have that the manufacturer combined polyester and polyvinyl chloride at 30 and 70%, respectively, so you will enjoy a waterproof, abrasion-resistant product with a pleasant touch.

This product has advantages and disadvantages that may be interesting for those looking for a set of modern tablecloths.


Cleaning: You can clean the mats manually or put them in the dishwasher for faster.

Format: Its spacious surface is suitable for you to place a plate, a glass and cutlery, with total comfort.

Resistance: The tablecloth resists temperatures of up to 100 °C, so you can place pots or plates without damaging the table or countertop.

Storage: Thanks to its flexible body you can roll up the tablecloths to store them and save space.


Liquid: If a spill of liquid food occurs, it may reach the surface of the table, so caution is recommended in use.

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laminated tablecloth

5. Arrediamoinsieme-nelweb Embroidered stain-resistant tablecloth for kitchen

If you are looking for a plastic tablecloth for square tables, do not hesitate to consider this model among your purchase options, whose design is available in six solid tones such as red, grey, yellow, blue, green, beige and orange. In this way, you will be able to select the best price-quality tablecloth, which aesthetically adapts to your dining room, side table or camping table.

In addition, cotton fiber was used to make this laminated tablecloth, which gives the tablecloth softness and drape when hanging, while the upper synthetic layer prevents liquids from being absorbed by the textile and, therefore, protects the tabletop. 

Likewise, this combination of materials is resistant to abrasion and easy to wash. Thus, you can clean it under running water by applying detergent or simply rubbing a damp cloth to remove traces of grease, dust or any type of dirt.

If you want to make a successful purchase, you should review the good and bad of this model.


Borders: The well-finished edges of the tablecloth give it a more elegant appearance.

Cleaning: You will not need special products for cleaning, since it is only necessary to rub a damp cloth.

Presentation: Because the tablecloth is available in six different shades, you can select the one that best suits your style.

Use: You will not have limitations to use the tablecloth because it is suitable for tables with four to six seats.


Thickness: The tablecloth may feel a little less thick than expected to the touch, although this does not prevent it from functioning as a protective cover.

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round tablecloth

6. Meiwash Waterproof linen tablecloths Easy to clean

With this tablecloth for a round table, made by Meiwash, you can give a distinctive touch to your dining room, side table or desk, since the fabric has a print in symmetrical gray and white lines.

To make this round tablecloth, a combination of 80 and 20% cotton and linen fiber was used. These materials are characterized by being light and with a pleasant soft touch. In addition, they offer a practical method of machine or manual washing, without having to worry about fading. Likewise, the drying of the tablecloth in the open air is fast.

Among other highlights of this cheap tablecloth model, we have its format with a diameter corresponding to 150 centimeters, which is suitable for small tables with up to four seats. In fact, its size is ideal for you to use as a mat on camping days.

This is a tablecloth that stands out among buyers, whose pros and cons you will be able to know below.


Usage: It is multi-purpose as it is not only suitable for the dining table, but also for camping or office tables.

Washing: You can introduce the textile to the washing machine for greater practicality.

Format: Its round cut and 150 cm format is suitable for dressing tables with up to four seats.

Print: The print of symmetrical gray and white lines gives the textile a visually pleasing effect of depth.


Impermeability: If you are looking for a waterproof tablecloth, you will have to opt for another design because it is permeable.

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christmas tablecloth

7. Deconovo Tablecloth Rectangular Table Christmas Decoration Stripes

An outstanding Christmas tablecloth is this model made by Deconovo, which has managed to position itself in the market thanks to the positive comments of those who have purchased it.

It is a synthetic textile with high quality standards, made of Oxford-type polyester, which is a robust, lightweight material with a pleasant soft touch. In addition, it offers wear resistance and waterproofing, protecting the table surface from dust, crumbs and unexpected spills when eating.

Regarding the cleaning method, you will be pleased to know that you have the option of taking a damp cloth and wiping it over the surface to remove dirt quickly. Likewise, you can put the textile in the washing machine, programming a gentle cycle no higher than 30 °C.

In this way, you will save time on this task. It is also possible to iron the tablecloth to smooth it out, but you must be careful with the temperature.

Here you can read the details of this waterproof and easy-to-clean Christmas tablecloth.


Cleaning: You can quickly wash the tablecloth, because it is suitable for being incorporated in a washing machine.

Waterproof: You will offer adequate protection to the table against spills, thanks to the waterproof properties of the tablecloth.

Design: Its design combines shades such as red, gold and white, which are attractive for Christmas parties.

Fabric: The light body of the tablecloth gives it a soft drape on the table, similar to natural fabrics.


Format: If you plan to make any changes to the tablecloth by cutting it, you should know that it is not possible, due to the pattern of its pattern.

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checkered tablecloth

8. Meiosuns Tablecloth Checkered tablecloths

If you are looking for a tablecloth with a conventional design in white and with squares, which has also been made of 100% cotton fabric, then you cannot leave this model with the Meiosuns quality seal out of your shopping list.

This checkered tablecloth has a rectangular format of 130 x 180 centimeters, which is suitable for a large number of dining rooms, side tables and camping. Even this cover is often used by picnic lovers due to its softness and freshness.

Among the characteristics of the material used to make this white tablecloth, are the lightness and resistance of cotton, as well as its ease of washing. In this sense, you can choose between a manual cleaning method or incorporate the cover in the washing machine. Thus, you will eliminate dirt, bacteria and mites.

This is a tablecloth with a conventional design and good quality. Let’s find out more details below.


Cleaning: Due to its manufacture in natural textile, the tablecloth can be machine washed, allowing you to save time.

Design: Its rectangular cut design in white with squares is attractive, elegant and discreet.

Usage: You will have no limitations in using this tablecloth as it is suitable for tables or picnics.

Fabric: The cotton fabric gives the design a soft and pleasant touch at all times.


Stain: This is not a stain repellent tablecloth, so care must be taken when placing food on it.

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black plastic tablecloth

9. Amscan International Rectangular Plastic Tablecloth

Amscan International is a manufacturer known for bringing products with high manufacturing standards to the market, positively valued on purchase portals as a sign of their quality, as is the case with this option.

This is a disposable cover, which you can use on your camping or garden tables, to offer protection against spills, food crumbs, dust and dirt in general. Its rectangular design has a format of 137 x 234 centimeters, making it suitable for large tables. However, you have the option of cutting this table cloth, to adapt it to any smaller structure.

The polymer used is thin and light, so it provides a very natural fall. In addition, this black plastic tablecloth can be easily folded, taking up little space, either for storage or disposal, if desired.

This is a tablecloth valued on the web as one of the cheapest. Learn about its positive and negative aspects, below.


Storage: You can fold or roll the tablecloth to store it without taking up much space.

Use: This is a tablecloth suitable for outdoors or indoors, so you will not have limitations when using it.

Waterproof: With this tablecloth you will offer the tables protection against spills and dirt.

Format: Its spacious wide-height format and rectangular design is suitable for tables with six or more seats.


Flimsy: The material could be considered a bit flimsy due to its light and thin body.

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Shopping guide

Tablecloths are textile pieces that do not go out of style due to their double function, protecting the surface of the table and providing a decorative touch to the environments. So that you can choose the right option, we present this guide to buying the best tablecloth, in which we explain the main quality indicators to take into consideration.


The format of the product to be purchased is an aspect that cannot be missing in any comparison of tablecloths, since its correct placement on the table will depend on it.

When reviewing the products offered in the market by the different brands, we will find round, square and oval tablecloths. All of them with different dimensions, so you can get a model for each type of side table, camping or dining room.

However, keep in mind that, for example, a round tablecloth will not always fit every size of table. In this sense, it is important that you corroborate the dimensions of the surface and to that measure you add an additional 10 to 20 centimeters, which is the portion of the textile that will fall on the bases of the table to dress it. Likewise, you can use the number of places on the table as a reference, with respect to those offered by the manufacturer in the description of the tablecloth.

On the other hand, you have the option of acquiring a set of individual mats, which are small tablecloths on which you can place a plate, a glass and cutlery, as well as a pot, flowerpot, vase or any other object, depending on how you use the product. Thus, you also offer protection to the table.

Fabrication material

The material used to make the tablecloth is an aspect that significantly influences the quality of the product, as well as how much it costs. Therefore, we must be careful when selecting the design, since, if we do not document ourselves about the types of fabrics, we could take with us a cover that is not capable of satisfying our needs.

When reviewing tablecloth proposals, we will find that polymers are the favorites of manufacturers, due to their waterproof properties and resistance. In this sense, polyvinyl chloride or PVC and polyester stand out, which are plastics with adequate performance.

Similarly, there are natural materials such as cotton and linen, which, although they are permeable, have a pleasant touch and, due to their lightness, fall on the body of the table more naturally. Finally, there are the combinations of plasticized cotton, cotton with polyester or linen, polyester with PVC, among others.


Tablecloths are textile pieces that are exposed daily to dust and spills, since their main function is precisely to protect the surface of the table from these two factors. Therefore, it is important that said cover offers a quick and easy cleaning method. In this way, it will not be a problem to maintain the hygiene and good appearance of the tablecloth.

For this reason, when purchasing a tablecloth, it should not only matter that it is a cheap tablecloth, since, if it cannot be easily cleaned, we will have serious inconveniences and, finally, we will end up discarding it.

In any case, the important thing is that the tablecloth can be submerged in a soapy solution to remove dirt and even be incorporated into the washing machine. Thus, the temperature of the water given by the cleaning cycle will be responsible for eliminating bacteria, mites and other agents.

Also, try, as much as possible, to make the textile quick-drying so that you only have to hang it outdoors for a few minutes. In this way, moisture will not accumulate and, therefore, will not generate a bad smell.


When incorporating a tablecloth into a specific area of ​​our home or office, we must bear in mind that there is a color code in that space, which could easily be altered if we are not careful enough. In this sense, the important thing is to try to ensure that the tablecloth has a solid tone or discreet prints, which are easily integrated into the decoration.

Actually, this selection will be quite simple because there are a large number of models printed with geometric figures on the market, which are discreet and elegant. Likewise, other tablecloths are inspired by the Christmas festivities and other designs are unicolour, having an even wider palette to choose from.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a tablecloth?

The use of a tablecloth begins with the selection of the appropriate model according to the type of square, rectangular, round or oval table that we have at home. Remember that the dimensions of the textile must be larger in relation to the surface of the table. In this way, when the tablecloth is extended, its edges will fall and create a decorative effect on the furniture.

In addition, it is important that you review the manufacturing label so that you become familiar with the product. Thus, you will know the care that you must have with the textile to avoid its deterioration, either when using it, washing it, drying it or storing it. Once these aspects have been verified, you will only have to lay the tablecloth on the selected surface and begin to enjoy the protection and aesthetic beauty offered.

Q2: How to make the corners of a tablecloth?

To make the corners of a tablecloth you must place the textile on a flat surface and fold the entire edge with the help of an iron. Then, unfold the corners and you will notice that a small triangle has been marked that you must cut. Next, make the break of the upper tab on the side again and proceed to sew with a machine or manually.

Q3: How to remove wax from a tablecloth?

To remove the wax from your tablecloth you will have to start by gently scraping the excess generated on the textile with a plastic knife or blunt object. In this way, you can apply heat by submerging the affected area in hot water and then rubbing again to remove the wax. Remember that, if it is a synthetic product, the precaution with respect to heat is greater, to avoid ending the useful life of the tablecloth.

Q4: How to cut a round tablecloth?

To cut a round tablecloth you have to place the piece of fabric on a flat surface such as a table or, if you prefer, you can do it on the floor, which must be clean so as not to damage the textile.

Then, you will have to proceed to fold the fabric in half and then make a second and even a third break, again in equal parts. In this way, you can place a curved ruler on the bottom edge of the previously folded fabric and mark the outline. Thus, it only remains to take a pair of scissors and cut the drawn line with great precision. When you unfold the textile piece, you will notice that its square edges have disappeared and are now completely round.

Q5: How to sew a lace to a tablecloth?

Sewing a lace to the tablecloth is a fairly simple task, which you can do with a needle and thread or, if you want the process to be faster, you have the option of using the help of a machine.

Whatever the case, the first thing you should do is place the lace on the round or square edge of the tablecloth and fix it with some pins. In this way, you can proceed to sew both parts carefully. Remember to use a thread with a similar color to the lace or textile, so that you achieve quality finishes. Similarly, you can use nylon thread, which is transparent and will go unnoticed.

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