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Tableware – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022


Tableware is the perfect ally when what you are looking for is to present the table with elegance and sophistication. Although they are related to special occasions, there are also models on the market intended for daily use; so there are tableware made of various materials, with different pieces and with different formats. Thinking about the great diversity and functionality that these products offer, we present you the Ikea Duktig crockery, a 12-piece model ideal for the smallest of the house. On the other hand, we have the Santa Clara Granada Volvor crockery, a product made of porcelain with details of great beauty and suitable for 6 people.

Opinions on the best tableware

When we want to give our guests the best presentation of the food that we have prepared with care, nothing better than having the most suitable crockery. For this reason, we have prepared a selection with the best tableware, so that you can choose the one that best suits you according to your budget and your needs.

Ikea tableware

Ikea Duktig

During the role play in which children imitate adults in household activities, it is important that they have the necessary tools to develop their creativity, enhance their imagination and help them foster social skills. In this sense, the Ikea crockery that we present to you today could be the most suitable for offering your children an ideal alternative for them to play house while preparing food.

Not only is it one of the cheap tableware available in the market, but it also offers a design that favors use by children; since it has mini plates made of resistant ceramic stoneware. The total content of the tableware includes 12 pieces: 4 dinner plates, 4 dessert plates and 4 bowls. The plates are presented in white, while the bowls offer an attractive pastel colour.

If you have children at home and you don’t know what crockery to buy, this model could be an excellent option. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.


Material: It is made of ceramic stoneware, robust and of high quality.

Pieces: The crockery has 12 pieces, making it ideal for 4 people.

Users: It is recommended for children over 8 years old; however, occasionally it can also be used by adults at mealtimes.


Weight: Since it is a crockery made of stoneware, it could be heavy when handling.

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Santa Clara tableware

Santa Clara Granada Volvor

If you want to get one of the best tableware of 2022, you cannot leave this purchase to chance, since it is an investment for your kitchen where you need to have a product that offers you not only beauty, but also a long useful life. For this reason, for people with refined and demanding tastes, we bring this beautiful tableware made of porcelain of the highest quality.

This Santa Clara tableware is a model that oozes elegance and sophistication, making it a worthy representative of this prestigious brand. It has a timeless design where classic floral motifs stand out that decorate all the pieces with great beauty, including the cups.

Santa Clara is a brand that uses high-end porcelain, so this tableware can withstand hot food without any risk of breakage or toxicity. Likewise, it maintains its shiny finish with use, so you can offer your guests an impeccable dinner.

Santa Clara could be the best tableware brand, given that it is a prestigious company with a recognized track record in this field. Learn a little more about this sophisticated model by reading its pros and cons.


Design: All its pieces have a decorative design of floral motifs, which maintains its color unchanged after washing.

Material: It is a tableware made of fine and shiny porcelain.

Pieces: It has deep plates, flat plates, cups, plates for cups, dessert plates, a tureen, a tray and a source.



Cost: It is one of the most expensive tableware in our selection. However, it is a high-end product.

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Luminarc tableware

Luminarc Diwali

If you need to buy tableware for daily use, either for your home or to give a gift to newlyweds, this model could be your best option. It is a Luminarc tableware that offers you great benefits for an affordable cost; Therefore, many users consider it to be the best price-quality tableware of the moment.

It offers a total of 19 pieces, made up of six 25 cm flat plates, six 20 cm deep plates, six dessert plates and a useful 21 cm diameter salad bowl; which makes it recommended for up to six people. It is a tableware that offers resistance and lightness, since it is made of opal tempered glass, a material that in addition to providing hygiene, also supports use in the microwave oven. Likewise, it is an easy product to clean, since all its parts can be put in the dishwasher without any problem.

This tableware is not only one of the cheapest on the market, but it is also a modern and functional model. Keep reading more and you will know its pros and cons.


Materials: It is made of tempered glass of great hardness and resistance, so it withstands heat shocks.

Compatibility: Since it is a kitchenware with a minimalist design, it is compatible with any style of decoration.

Colours: You can choose the tableware of the color you prefer among several available tones.


Dessert plates: Some users comment that the size of the dessert plates (19 cm) has been smaller than they would like. 

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melamine tableware

Brunner Tulip 16 pieces

Melamine tableware is widely used in different restaurants and many consider it to be the best imitation of ceramics, with the advantage that melamine is an unbreakable and very light material. For this reason, if what you are looking for is practical and functional tableware for your summer home or to take on a camping day, this model is an excellent alternative to plastic plates.

Being made of melamine, it is an easily manipulated tableware; likewise, it is easy to clean by hand, since the grease from the food does not stick to it. Its design offers an attractive floral motif with tulips on a neutral background, which makes it combinable with different table linens.

You will receive a complete set so that four people can eat comfortably. To do this, it has four soup plates, four flat plates, four small dessert plates and also four practical cups with handles.

If you are one of the people who frequently goes camping with the family, this crockery could be your great ally at mealtime. We invite you to know its pros and cons.


Pieces: It has everything necessary and basic so that four people can eat comfortably outdoors.

Portability: Since melamine is a light material, it is easily portable and manageable.

Design: It offers you an attractive floral design with tulips on a white background.


Compatibility: Since it is a model made of melamine, it is not compatible for use in the microwave or in the dishwasher.

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Bidasoa Tableware


There are not a few users who have found in Bidasoa tableware the right solution for serving food on a daily basis. In this sense, we are facing the Toscana model, which has a beautiful hand-painted decoration, in blue and red tones. 

On the other hand, it is made of resistant porcelain, which helps keep food warm for longer. Also noteworthy is the high-gloss finish offered by the model and its smooth, smooth surface. Such qualities will prevent food from sticking and therefore make it easier to clean, both manually and in the dishwasher.

In relation to the number of pieces in this set, the crockery has 18 of them, so it is a complete service for 6 people. It is worth mentioning that the flat plate has a slight curvature, so you can comfortably serve dishes with sauces, for example.

The best crockery of the moment is one that, for an adequate cost, allows you to give a pleasant touch to the presentation of your dishes. Learn more about this model.


Finishes: It is a tableware with a smooth and high gloss finish, which offers a beautiful appearance.

Quality and versatility: It is made of resistant porcelain and is suitable for the microwave or the refrigerator.

Number of pieces: Since it is a complete service for 6 people, a large family could find a good purchase alternative in this model.


Diameter: The slightly curved design of the dinner plate could limit the possibility of serving very large pieces of food.

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Churchill Tableware

Churchill Victorian Orchard

Churchill is an American brand that has been present in the market since 1795, its tableware being recognized worldwide for its high quality. Today we present the Churchill Victorian Orchard crockery, a model made of excellent quality earthenware, a product of technology and a long tradition that achieves a vitrified effect that is difficult to match.

It is tableware with an elegant English style, in which the plates offer a polygonal format that distinguishes it from other conventional models. It has six flat plates that provide a size of 27 cm in diameter, it also offers six soup plates and six dessert plates, for a total of 18 pieces that can complement from the most elegant table to the dining room of the home.

Its design has decorative fruit motifs, in multicolored tones with a white background; so it can easily harmonize with any decor. In addition, given the resistance of the crockery, it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The decoration with an English trend on the tables is a style that enhances good taste and elegance; so this high quality dinnerware could be what you are looking for. Learn more about this model below.


Style: It is an English-style tableware, where the format with decagonal edges and a print with fruit motifs predominates.

Materials: It is made of earthenware of the highest quality, resistant to scratches and heat.

Vitrified effect: Churchill offers an unparalleled shine with a vitrified effect on all its tableware.


Coffee set: Some people miss a coffee set; however, you can purchase it by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

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Duralex tableware

Duralex Beau Rivage Marine

Tableware made of glass or crystal are modern pieces that adapt to the new times, they are products that offer resistance to wear, since they do not deteriorate with daily use and can remain unchanged over the years. These qualities are present in Duralex crockery, a model made of tempered glass, translucent in a bluish tone and resistant to high temperatures.

It offers a total of 20 pieces and is recommended to serve food to six people. To do this, it has six dessert plates, six soup plates and six flat plates; additionally, it offers a useful and practical salad bowl and a small bowl, which could be ideal for fruit portions.

Although it is not a sophisticated or elegant tableware, the glass with which it is made offers less porosity than porcelain or earthenware; so it turns out to be more hygienic and easy to wash.

It could be the most recommended tableware for a young and modern family, given its minimalist design and practicality. He continues to read a little more about this product.


Maintenance: Because it is made of tempered glass, it can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Resistance: It is capable of withstanding microwave heat, thermal shocks of 130°C and temperature variations without risk of breaking.

Pieces: It offers 20 practical and functional pieces to comfortably serve up to six guests.


Sharpness: The blue color of the tableware may vary slightly, depending on the sharpness or resolution of your computer.

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modern tableware

Amazon Basics 160605

When what you are looking for is modern tableware with a variety of designs, quality in its manufacturing materials and an affordable cost for your budget, this AmazonBasics model could be an excellent purchase option. It is a modern tableware recommended for daily use, either to share meals with family or friends.

It is a model that integrates 18 basic pieces, in which you can serve and present food for up to six people. It offers you six services of flat plates and dessert and instead of deep plates, this model has practical bowls with a large capacity and ideal for comfortably serving liquid foods, such as soups or broths.

It is made of AB grade porcelain, resistant and easy to clean, as it is dishwasher safe; It is also compatible for use in the freezer and in the microwave. For this, the trays are capable of withstanding temperatures of 300°C.

It is a crockery that offers great features, making it one of the models with the best reputation on the net. Learn more about this tableware.


Variety of designs : The manufacturer puts at your disposal more than twenty designs to choose from, so that you can buy the tableware that you like the most.

Pieces : It offers six services with flat plates, dessert plates and bowls; so it is suitable for six users.

Material: It is made of AB grade porcelain, capable of withstanding use in microwaves, dishwashers and freezers.


Bowls: Some picky people prefer bowls to bowls.

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Sargadelos tableware

Sargadelos 01165003

To speak of Sargadelos crockery is to speak of prestige, art and, above all, high quality. Sargadelos is a famous Galician company that was born in the 19th century and since then, it has built its prestige in the world of ceramics, with top-of-the-range crockery and tableware. Their designs painted by Galician artists stand out, in which their talent stands out for their originality.

This model of great beauty, has all the qualities offered by the brand and is designed to provide elegance and class to a special dinner. It is a tableware made of shock-resistant porcelain with polished finishes; Likewise, it is easy to store, since its plates can be stacked without any inconvenience.

It offers service for six diners, so you will have six soup plates, six for dessert, twelve flat plates with a tray format, two small bowls and a large salad bowl; for a total of 27 pieces.

If what you are looking for is a prestigious brand and a tableware of great beauty to give as a gift at a wedding or to offer your guests an elegant dinner, this model is designed for you. Learn more about this product.


Design: It offers you an exclusive design painted manually, which adds distinction to each piece.

Components: The crockery includes 27 pieces, made up of several plates, a salad bowl and a fountain.

Storage: Given the format of the plates, you can easily stack them for storage.


Price: This is the most expensive tableware on our entire list. However, its finishes and high quality are worth the investment.

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Guide to buying tableware

Choosing the most suitable crockery for your needs and budget is possible. However, you should not only look at a design that you like, but also look for a model that meets quality expectations. To facilitate this choice, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best crockery, with the most important aspects that you should review before purchasing.

Shopping guide


Among the most used materials that you can find in a tableware comparison we have porcelain, earthenware, glass or crystal, melamine and slate. However, if you are concerned about how much a particular model costs, you should look at the quality of its manufacture, since its cost depends on this. For this reason, it is essential that the materials offer food quality, as well as ease of cleaning and resistance.

Porcelain is the material used par excellence and is categorized within the best ceramic materials, with porcelain tableware being the highest quality and the most valued by buyers. Porcelain is resistant, bright and light, since it is composed of 50% clay (kaolin), 25% quartz and 25% feldspar, and additionally, Chinese porcelain includes bone ash for finer and more elegant finishes.

The earthenware for its part is lighter and softer, if we compare it with ceramic stoneware; however, it is not as strong as porcelain. Although it is made of porous white clay, today’s designs and finishes offer features similar to those of porcelain, even some models can show great finesse, making them ideal for elegant dinners.

On the other hand, we have tableware made of glass and crystal. Thanks to modern technology and new techniques, this material can compete with ceramics in terms of quality and hardness. Dinnerware made of glass offers a modern look, is practical and withstands daily use.

We also have models made of melamine, a material that combines plastic with formaldehyde to form a moldable resin. Although these dishes are unbreakable and easy to clean, they should not be used with hot food, as they contain chemicals that react with heat. Finally, we have the slate, a material that offers a modern touch to any table and has the quality of maintaining the temperature of the food.


The dishes are that set of utensils that we use in order to serve, move and comfortably taste the prepared dishes. It is an essential element on every table, whether we use it daily with the family or on special occasions such as a wedding or a birthday.

Thinking about the variety of dishes that are prepared at mealtime, the tableware offers different pieces and formats, so that each food is properly served in the corresponding piece. For this reason, we find that there are crockery with a basic set containing deep plates to serve soups and broths, flat plates for light meals and dessert plates that are ideal for smaller portions.

Similarly, we have more complete tableware that has a large number of pieces and is mainly used for large dinners with guests. Among the pieces that stand out the most we have the tureens, salad bowls, sauce bowls, bread plates, cups of different sizes (for coffee and tea), saucers for cups, different sizes of trays, plates for garnishes and other accessories..

Your culinary needs, the number of diners and the space available in your kitchen drawers should be the criteria you should consider before choosing a tableware with a certain number of pieces.

Design and format

Among such a variety of designs, formats and materials on the market, you can always find a good and cheap tableware that meets your expectations. There are traditional models that offer a circular format and other more modern ones with a square, rectangular or polygonal shape.

Designs can vary as much as your imagination allows, so you can choose tableware in a single color (light or intense), with floral prints, Christmas motifs, tropical prints, avant-garde with stripes and polka dots, or classic ones with a border Elegant. As for the choice of the size of the pieces, this aspect is directly related to your tastes and needs.

Although everything depends on fashion and trends, the most advisable thing is to select a tableware valid for all occasions and that can be easily reused in case you decide to change the decoration of the kitchen.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a tableware?

Above all, it is essential that the crockery in which we are going to serve the food is in perfect condition. That is to say, impeccably clean, without scratches, without stains and that all the pieces belong to the same model, in order to provide uniformity.

Knowing the use of the most important pieces is decisive for a correct presentation of food. In this sense, deep plates or consommé cups are used for liquid foods such as soups or broths. Bread plates, as the name implies, are for use with small portions of bread. Likewise, the low plates are used as the base of the crockery and as a decoration in formal meals and lastly, the trench or flat plates are used for solid foods.

Q2: How to disinfect the tableware?

First you must wash with soap and water, rubbing all the dishes with a sponge and then rinse with water to remove the detergent. To disinfect it, you can use a container with a liter of water and a little vinegar. You submerge the crockery for 5 to 10 minutes and finally, rinse with cold boiled water.

Q3: How to place the tableware on the table?

Start by placing the anagram or the design of the plate, well centered and facing the diner. It is not advisable to put two plates together with the same characteristics, either two deep or two flat, and likewise, deep plates should never be placed directly on the tablecloth.

First you must put the base or flat plates and then, you put on the upper left side (above the cutlery) the plate for the bread, which could be accompanied by a knife to spread the butter. Remember that all the plates must be separated approximately 45 cm from each other and 3 cm from the edge of the table.

As a basic service, a flat plate and a deep plate could suffice, without missing the low plate. Likewise, throughout the meal, all the crockery that is used must be of the same color and format, so that all its pieces harmonize on the table.


Q4: How to pack a tableware?

Start by wrapping piece by piece with paper or bubble wrap. After this, you look for a cardboard box of the most convenient size for the volume of your dishes and prepare a paper mattress at the bottom of the box. Then, you will be able to place the plates vertically and surrounded with paper so that they remain locked and immobile, without leaving empty spaces. Finally, you close the box and pass duct tape to secure the lid.

Q5: How to put the tableware in the dishwasher?

Before placing the dishes, you should pass them through a little water and check that they do not contain food remains, since this dirt could accumulate and clog the dishwasher. Both the plates and the cups, fountains and other pieces must be placed in such a way that the internal sprinklers of the dishwasher reach every corner and eliminate the dirt; so it is advisable to leave a minimum space between each piece.

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Las vajillas con hermosos diseños se han convertido en tendencia y hoy más que nunca, su presentación acapara todas las miradas de los comensales, llegando a ser las verdaderas protagonistas al momento de vestir una mesa; ya que más allá de la receta, la forma en que la presentes cobra un importante significado.

Cuando se trata de planificar un banquete o una cena entre amigos y familiares, además de organizar el menú que vamos a dar a nuestros comensales, desde la entrada hasta el postre, debemos contar con la mejor vajilla; ya que la idea al preparar la comida no es solo dejarlos con la boca abierta por la exquisitez del plato, sino también por la presentación elegante y sofisticada que le daremos a la mesa. Por esto, una mesa bien vestida es el eje central y la gran protagonista en todo evento.

Son muchas las marcas y los estilos que vas a encontrar en el mercado, el auge que ha despertado el uso de utensilios elegantes ha desatado una férrea competencia entre los fabricantes, los cuales se esmeran en la elaboración de una vajilla que cumpla con todos los estándares de alta calidad, pero que al mismo tiempo cumpla con el propósito de ser más allá que un simple menaje.

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Existe un sinfín de modelos para todos los gustos y aunque guardamos con cariño la vieja vajilla familiar, nunca está demás poder contar con una nueva para disfrutarla cada día. Igualmente, las vajillas se han convertido en uno de los obsequios favoritos cuando se trata de una lista de bodas. Por esto, he aquí una muestra de las que podrían ser las 10 mejores firmas de vajillas del momento.

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Esta firma pretende retomar para la elaboración de sus vajillas, las raíces de las tradiciones y la búsqueda de un menaje único, partiendo de lo sublime y de lo artesanal. Utiliza un estilo muy marcado e inspirado en lo mediterráneo, lo que resulta idóneo cuando se trata de compartir comidas al aire libre; de esta manera, basándose en el romanticismo, A Casa Bianca rescata lo tradicional en sus modelos.

Favorito Studio

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La artista Bárbara Pan de Soraluce representa en sus vajillas lo que podría ser una obra de arte. Para ello, se inspira en objetos de jardinería, así como en fauna, flores y vegetales; cada pieza usa sigue un patrón similar, pero con marcadas diferencias. Aunque todos sus platos son pintados a mano con la técnica de plumilla, no guardan la similitud propia de una colección; además, es una artista que acepta sugerencias, por lo que podrás encontrarla en su cuenta de Instagram, con el nombre “Me llamo Pan y pinto platos”.

Somos Bonjour

En esta pequeña empresa puedes encargar todas las piezas que desees a tu gusto. Se han especializado en trabajar con materiales horneados en altas y bajas temperaturas, dando a sus vajillas el carácter de ser únicas y personalizadas. Allí podrás elegir diseños de los más importantes recuerdos familiares, pues es una firma que sabrá plasmar en sus cerámicas tus más anheladas memorias.

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Con el fin de recrear y rescatar las estéticas y temáticas tradicionales, surge esta firma fundada por Patricia Lázaro y Miguel Sánchez Lindo, quienes imprimen en la cerámica, esa parte de las raíces del pueblo que ven

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