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Tassimo Capsule – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Tassimo hot or cold instant beverage capsules are designed to make life easier for those who don’t have much time to prepare a traditional cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea each morning. The presentations of this type of product are usually diverse, so you have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. In this sense, the Tassimo B009RJM9VS model offers you a pack of 22 capsules with assorted flavors, which will allow you to taste different drinks without having to make different purchases. But, if long coffees with a delicious intense flavor are your thing, you can consider the Tassimo Kenco capsules that are also profitable.

The 8 Best Tassimo Pods – Opinions 2022

The variety of Tassimo capsules is wide, so you can find different types of coffee, chocolate drinks and teas. The selection will depend on your taste, but you will still have to avoid rushed purchases and explore some options. For this reason, we present eight Tassimo capsules valued among the best of the year.

Tassimo Compatible Pods

1. Tassimo 22T Discs Pods Variety Pack

This is a pack of capsules compatible with Tassimo that, in addition to being cheap, belong to a brand that is very popular among lovers of instant drinks. This presentation is designed so that you can enjoy assorted flavors of coffee, tea and chocolate, with the purchase of a single product, which will allow you to save considerable money. 

The pack has managed to position itself in the market in a positive way among the followers of the manufacturer, who have left comments on the purchase portals. In fact, many recommend this product as the best value for money Tassimo capsule.

With regard to this pack, you will be interested to know that a total of 22 capsules have been incorporated, among which you can find different recognized brands of long, short, decaffeinated, lactose-free or milk coffee, as well as sweet chocolate and refreshing herbal teas.

Among the cheapest Tassimo capsules, this product stands out, whose pros and cons we discuss below.


Pack: The set includes 22 capsules, which correspond to the same number of cups of drink to prepare.

Variety: You will enjoy different flavors and brands with the purchase of a single product.

Compatibility: These capsules are compatible with the entire variety of Tassimo machines, so you will not have any problems when using them.

Aroma: All the drinks included in the pack offer an intense and pleasant aroma that invites consumption.


Packaging: The presence of instructions for use on these Tassimo capsules is missed.

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Tassimo coffee capsules

2. Tassimo Coffee Kenco Bundle Smooth American Coffee Capsules

This is a product recommended on several occasions as the best Tassimo capsule, as it is made with Colombian coffee specially grown on Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms. In this way, a high level of quality is guaranteed in each of the beans used for said coffee cartridges.

The product is made up of five boxes and each of them incorporates 16 units, for a total of 80 Tassimo coffee capsules, which yield the same number of cups. In addition, you can enjoy three different flavors. 

One of the boxes contains Kenco Americano Smooth, an aromatic-type coffee with a pleasant surface of delicate bubbles. For its part, a couple of boxes of Kenco Americano Grande are attached, which is a black coffee with an exquisite aroma and roasted flavor, while the remaining two packages have inside capsules of Tassimo Kenco Pure Colombian, prepared with Arabica coffee.

This product could be the best Tassimo capsule of the moment. Let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of your purchase.


Aroma: When preparing the capsules you will enjoy an intense natural aroma that will activate your senses.

Pack: With this pack of capsules you can prepare 80 cups of coffee, making it a profitable product.

Coffee: You can taste three types of coffee such as the Americano Grande, the Smooth and the Pure Colombian.

Capsules: The capsules are hermetically sealed, which allows the preservation of the flavor of the coffee.


Long: The coffee could come out very long if you don’t control the water level.

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Tassimo decaffeinated capsules

3. Tassimo L’or Espresso Decaffeinato Coffee Capsules 5 Packs

This is another model with ground coffee beans whose flavor and quality can be enjoyed through Tassimo decaffeinated capsules, with the aim of preserving the best possible flavor and taking advantage of the benefits of not consuming caffeine.

The product is available in a convenient 5 x 16 presentation, that is, five packages with 16 capsules inside, for a total of 80 preparations, which you can last for a little over two months. Of course, this could depend on the number of cups you drink daily.

You will be interested to know that this is a product that is recommended among the best Tassimo capsules of 2022, because with its cartridges you can prepare delicious espressos with intensity level 4, which translates into a drink with good body. In addition, the flavor of the drink adds an exceptional citrus note, pleasant to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Tassimo has been considered the best brand of capsules, for offering models like this one, a pack of 80 units of a delicious espresso that you can enjoy daily.


Decaffeinated: This product is suitable for those who cannot consume caffeine, but are coffee lovers.

Presentation: Its presentation of 80 capsules yields the same number of cups of coffee.

Preparation: You can prepare the capsules with milk or water, as you wish.

Taste: The flavor of the drink has a citrus touch that is pleasant at any time of the day.


Intensity: There are those who comment that this coffee is very intense, but everything will depend on the taste of the person.

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Tassimo Oreo Capsules

4. Tassimo Oreo Flavor Hot Chocolate Pods

With so many instant drink offerings, deciding on a particular flavor or brand can be a daunting task. However, there are those who consider that this product could answer the question of which is the best Tassimo capsule.

It is a presentation of 80 capsules that yield 40 preparations, since you will need to use two cartridges for every 190 milliliters of milk or water, as desired. In this way, you will obtain a delicious and creamy cup of chocolate drink with all the flavor of the classic Oreo cookie of a lifetime, for you to enjoy at any time of the day.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that this is an easy-to-handle product that should be kept in a cool place free of moisture. In addition, these Tassimo Oreo capsules are free of caffeine, so they are suitable to be consumed by the smallest of the house, without any inconvenience.

This product is a good option for those who still do not know which Tassimo capsule to buy. Here, more details of interest.


Presentation: The product offers a total of 80 capsules, which last for just over a month.

Body: You will obtain a very creamy drink that will please children and adults.

Taste: You will enjoy all the flavor of the classic Oreo cookie in a nice hot drink.

Without caffeine: This is a suitable drink for children, because it does not incorporate caffeine.


Preparation: Unlike other products, you will need two capsules to prepare a cup, so the pack may be a little less efficient.

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Tassimo coffee capsules with milk

5. Tassimo Marcilla Coffee with Milk 5 packs of 16

Tassimo surprises all its followers with this hot drink with an intense flavor and creamy body, which can be consumed at any time of the day. These are the Tassimo coffee with milk capsules, compatible with the line of new generation coffee machines, patented by the same brand.

The product is made up of a pack of five packages, two of which incorporate 16 coffee discs inside, while the remaining pair has the same number of milk capsules. In this way, when preparing the drink, you will have to place a milk cartridge in the coffee maker and then the coffee cartridge. This will create a nice layered foam that will mix with the coffee.

It is important to mention that the drink contains caffeine, a small portion of gluten, skimmed milk plus lactose-free milk and sugar. In addition, it incorporates hydrogenated coconut fat, milk protein, soluble coffee, coloring, among other ingredients that make the formula very peculiar.

These capsules have advantages and disadvantages that might catch your attention, so we have summarized them below.


Compatibility: You will be able to use these capsules without problems if you have a new generation Tassimo machine.

Capsules: To prepare a creamy and intense drink you will need to use a milk capsule and then a coffee capsule.

Taste: With this product you will enjoy one of the brand’s most intense coffees with milk.

Pack: This pack includes capsules to prepare 40 cups of coffee with milk, which could last for just over a month.


Gluten: If you are intolerant to gluten, you will be interested to know that the capsules could have traces of this ingredient.

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Capsules for Bosch Tassimo

6. Tassimo L’or Lovers Coffee Bundle Latte Macchiato Caramel Double

The well-known French house L’or is another of the coffee brands associated with Tassimo, whose purpose is to bring to your table a delicious cup of capsule coffee with an intense aroma, coming from a selection of roasted and carefully ground beans.

With these capsules for Bosch Tassimo you will have at your disposal a pack of varied coffees, so that every morning you can enjoy a flavor with a different level of intensity. For example, three of the six packages that make up this product offer 16 cartridges each of Tassimo L’or Fortissimo, Tazzimo L’or Cage Long Intense and Tassimo L’or Café Long Classique. 

For their part, the remaining three packages each contain a total of eight capsules of Tassimo Lór Latte Macchiato Caramel, Tassimo L’or Double Shot latte and Tassimo L’or Latte Macchiato. In total you will get 72 servings, which could last you a little over two months.

If you want to buy some Tassimo capsules with an intense and varied flavor, you will be interested in knowing the good and the bad of this pack. 


Variety: You have six types of coffee with various intensities, without having to purchase them independently.

Aroma: Its intense and roasted aroma is a sign of the purity of the product.

Capsules: The capsules incorporate high-quality ground coffee for the enjoyment of a refined drink.

Package: Each one of the packages is properly identified, so that you do not have problems when selecting the desired capsule.


Decaffeinated: The incorporation of caffeine-free capsules is missing.

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Marcilla Tassimo Capsules

7. Tassimo Marcilla Coffee Espresso 5 packs of 16 capsules

Among the coffee brands with a long history in the market is Marcilla, which for more than 100 years has been in charge of providing its followers with quality coffee with an unmistakable aroma, which invites you to drink it at any time of the day.

Currently, this brand is associated with Tassimo, with the purpose of presenting a convenient pack consisting of five packages of 16 discs of short espresso coffee of outstanding quality; Made with carefully selected grains, ground and roasted. In this way, you will get a total of 80 Marcilla Tassimo capsules.

You will be interested to know that this is a drink that can be prepared with water or milk, depending on your taste, obtaining in either case a pleasant creamy surface. Also, regarding the issue of compatibility, we must mention that these cheap Tassimo capsules are suitable for use in machines of the same brand, but corresponding to the manufacturer Bosch.

Let’s find out more positive and negative details about these capsules, so you can decide if it is the right option for you.


Coffee: Selected, ground and roasted coffee beans have been used for these capsules, which guarantee the quality of the product.

Taste: You will enjoy the classic flavor of Marcilla coffee, characterized by its intensity.

Presentation: The pack offers 80 units of short espresso coffee that, depending on its consumption, could last up to three months.

Aroma: The roasted aroma of these Tassimo capsules is intense and pleasant to the nose.


Portion: Each disc is suitable for a small cup, so you should use two capsules to obtain a larger volume of drink.

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Tassimo Milka Capsules

8. Tassimo Milka Hot Chocolate Drink Capsules 5 Packs

Tassimo Milka capsules are a good option for those who want to enjoy a hot, creamy drink with an exquisite cocoa flavor. Suitable for breakfast for children, because it is a caffeine-free product, as well as being ideal for consumption during cold winter days.

If you are looking to buy Tassimo capsules in a good quantity, you should know that this is a pack of 40 units distributed in eight packages. Each disk yields 225 milliliters of hot drink, with a creamy body and velvety surface, whether you use water or milk.

On the other hand, you might be interested to know that each of the cartridges has ingredients processed by the Milka brand, which is a Spanish company with a commercial tradition of outstanding quality. Thus, its components give the formula a special touch. Remember that you must verify the effect of certain components such as lactose, to avoid any type of allergic reaction.

These Tassimo capsules are positively valued among buyers, for their pleasant chocolate composition for adults and children. Here, more details.


Caffeine-free: Because it is caffeine-free, it is a convenient drink to be consumed by children without inconvenience.

Capsules: With each of these Tassimo capsules you can prepare a large cup of 225 milliliters of drink, an adequate amount.

Sugar: You will not have to add sugar to the preparation, because the mixture incorporates it.

Preparation: You can combine the capsule with water or milk to increase creaminess.


Presentation: Compared to other presentations, this product incorporates a smaller number of capsules.

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Tassimo Capsule Accessories 

Tassimo pod holder

Taylor & Brown Tassimo Dispenser for 52 capsules

Instead of placing your coffee, chocolate and tea capsules in the cupboard, drawer or shelf in the kitchen area, you can take advantage of their color so that they are part of the decoration of said space on the countertop or side table. You just have to incorporate them into a practical Tassimo capsule holder, such as the one marketed by Taylor & Brown.

This Tassimo capsule accessory consists of a three-row metal structure, with a general capacity of 52 capsules, which will slide down as you release them. In addition, this Tassimo capsule holder has a 360-degree rotating base, which will allow you to quickly access any of the cartridges.

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Shopping guide

Tassimo capsules are manufactured in association with different coffee brands, which allows you to enjoy varied, concentrated, flavored drinks with a high level of quality. However, for the selection of the product it is necessary to take into account a series of aspects and it would be of great help to you to review the following guide to buy the best Tassimo capsule.


The incorporation of ingredients such as lactose or caffeine is an aspect constantly evaluated in any comparison of Tassimo capsules, since there are many people who, due to health problems, cannot consume this type of substance.

For this reason, the recommendation is to check the manufacturing label, since it details all the ingredients used to prepare the mixture contained in the capsules. Also, the exact caloric intake per serving, percentages of fat, protein, vitamins, soy, salt, among other elements.

In the case of coffee, you can find caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks, which preserve the flavor and aroma of coffee, but without giving the body the effects of said substance. For its part, some types of coffee, such as latte or coffee, usually incorporate powdered milk, which in most cases has a substance known as lactose; a compound that can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals.

In any case, some manufacturers create capsules with special mixtures from which said element has been extracted, in order to avoid inconveniences. Thus, you can enjoy these delicious drinks at any time of the day.


The presentations of Tassimo capsules are usually varied, so you will have no problem finding one that suits your taste and consumption needs. However, keep in mind that such diversity, when it comes to brands and flavors, could influence how much the product costs.

For example, when reviewing the purchase catalog of these capsules, we will get options with 20, 40, 80 or more units. Each of them is usually made with ground beans from prestigious coffee brands, which have created an alliance with Tassimo. In addition, there are the presentations that have been organized in five or six packages, which can contain between 8 and 16 cartridges, which, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, would correspond to a total of 80 servings.

All these capsules can be espresso, macchiato, latte or caramel coffee in a long, short, decaffeinated or lactose-free preparation, as well as other packs that are specifically aimed at chocolate drinks and a variety of teas prepared with aromatic herbs.

Aroma and flavor of beverages

In order for a Tassimo capsule to be considered good and cheap, it must meet some essential aroma and flavor requirements. Otherwise, your purchase will not have been worth the investment because, when prepared, the cartridge will not offer you a pleasant drink.

The aroma of any capsule drink must be intense, while its flavor is balanced and free of additives. These characteristics are determined by the pure nature of the grains and herbs used to make the mixtures.

In this sense, the ideal is to check that the raw material comes from organic crops, that it has been carefully selected, roasted and ground to take care of the properties of the seeds. Thus, it is possible to guarantee a high level of quality in the product, which will result in an aroma and flavor of great concentration and freshness.


If you are planning to buy any of the packs corresponding to the collection of Tassimo coffee, chocolate and tea capsules; You will be interested in previously reviewing the issue of compatibility with respect to the coffee machine you have at home, to avoid any inconvenience and make the most of the purchased product.

Let us remember that Tassimo is a company that is not only responsible for the manufacture of hot beverage capsules in association with other international coffee brands, but also has a line of intuitive-use coffee machines. These equipments, in general, have compatibility with the capsules.

However, it is of great importance that you check the series for which the discs are suitable, as some are larger or smaller in size and, because of this, they may not fit correctly in any of the Tassimo devices.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use Tassimo capsules?

To use your Tassimo capsules you have to verify the compatibility of the cartridge with your machine and proceed to place it in the identified area. Also, pour the amount of water or milk indicated in the capsule preparation instructions into the coffee maker tank. Then place a cup in the front area of ​​the coffee maker to collect the drink. To start the process, you will only have to press the power button on the device.

Q2: How to fill the Tassimo capsules?

If you want to refill your Tassimo capsules you have to take the cartridge and, with a cutter, carefully cut the remains of the previous cover present in the mouthpiece, wash the structure under the tap, to get rid of the excess product and dry it.

Next, incorporate the mixture of your choice and seal said cartridge with the help of aluminum foil. To do this, you will have to cut a piece of paper with a format one centimeter larger than the mouth of the cartridge and fix it in that area, folding it over the upper tab on the structure.

To finish this filling task, you have to take a pin or a sewing needle and make small incisions on the aluminum foil. Thus, the cartridge will be ready to be placed back in the machine.

Q3: Where are Tassimo capsules disposed of?

Tassimo is a company committed to conserving the environment, so it is not surprising that it makes collection centers available to its customers to collect the capsules of all its specialties.

In this way, the material of said cartridges will receive a special treatment, being used for the manufacture of new capsules or other products. In addition, it is an initiative that aims to make the population aware of the culture of recycling and thus avoid sources of contamination that, in this case, could be generated by the variety of Tassimo capsules.

You just have to access the brand’s official website to find out everything related to this topic, as well as specify which collection center is closest to your home. Thus, you can carry used cartridges without inconvenience.

Q4: What material are Tassimo capsules made of?

Tassimo capsules are made of food-grade plastic, which is a completely safe material, because it does not release any type of toxic agent, upon contact with the mixture or exposure to the heat bars of the machine, during preparation. 

Q5: How to make a Tassimo capsule dispenser?

To make a Tassimo capsule dispenser, check a specialized design portal, to obtain the patterns of a model that you like. You can bet on a design in the form of rows in sweet wire, since it is an easy material to mold and does not lose its resistance level.

You will only need to take said material and begin to mold it forming the support bases and, from them, raise at least two vertical rows. Then cross the wire horizontally, creating small compartments in the shape of capsules. Remember to use the right tools, so you get good finishes.

Q6: Where to store Tassimo capsules?

Tassimo capsules are very easy to store, due to their compact size. You will only have to select a cupboard, cabinet or any area of ​​the kitchen that is cool. Also, try to make it a space where the product is not exposed to sunlight or moisture. In this way, you can safely store the box of your favorite capsules.

Another good option is to purchase a Tassimo pod holder or make your own. It is a structure in which you can place all the cartridges to always have them at hand. In addition, this type of capsule holder allows you to display the varied and colorful designs present on the outside of the cartridges, which will give a pleasant and different visual touch to the kitchen.

Q7: What is the expiration date of the Tassimo capsules?

If you are wondering what expiration time Tassimo capsules have, you will have to carefully check the product box and even each of the cartridges, since the specific expiration date is printed on them.

It is important that you always keep in mind that not all Tassimo capsule presentations have the same expiration date, because this depends directly on the date of issue or manufacture of the product.

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