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Thermal Insulators – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

If you are building your house, you must bear in mind that with the arrival of the winter season you cannot ignore the insulation of your home. To avoid this, the ideal solution is to install a thermal system that keeps your family warm and protected. These products help the heaters to conserve the heat produced even more and do not generate any extra consumption costs. With Cvery Heat Insulator 15568712713984, you can easily upholster any surface or appliance that you want to protect from dirt, grease or daily moisture. This is because the piece of paper has a quick-clean aluminum-coated surface, while the underside has an adhesive film. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that efficiently insulates heat or cold thanks to its dimensions and that is also flexible and light, we recommend ThermaWrap Loft insulation.

Opinions on the best thermal insulators

Thermal insulation allows the heat produced by the heating to be preserved for much longer inside the house and also keeps the cold outside at bay. For this reason, choosing the best thermal insulation on the market is something that will bring us many benefits, from economic to functional. First of all, if you have a limited budget, it is advisable to choose the best value for money thermal insulation.

Wall thermal insulation

Very 15568712713984

This is a product recommended as one of the best thermal insulators of 2022, which you can use on multiple surfaces in order to protect them from moisture, grease, and dirt in general.

It is a thermal insulator for walls whose lower face incorporates an adhesive film that is easy to fix on the countertop, cabinets, appliances or any other area of ​​the kitchen. In addition, the front face of the product has a special anti-grease and moisture treatment, which prevents these agents from settling and, therefore, the cleaning process is much simpler.

Regarding the presentation of the product, you will have a thin sheet with a wide-long format corresponding to 5 x 40 centimeters respectively, which has been carefully rolled up in a cardboard cylinder. In this way, the good condition of the paper is maintained and the handling process is facilitated, being possible to cut it as desired.

Next, you will be able to know both the advantages and some unflattering aspects of this thermal insulation sheet.


Cut: You can easily cut this thermal insulation sheet freely with scissors, as you need.

Properties: With this insulation you will enjoy a high level of protection against grease and humidity.

Usage: The product is suitable for any smooth surface, cabinets, appliances, stoves, countertops, etc.

Presentation: The sheet was rolled in a cylindrical shape and has a width of 5 centimeters by a length of 40 centimeters.


Adhesive: Depending on the method of installation, the adhesive on this product may come off easily.

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Thermal insulation for roofs

ThermaWrap Loft

If you are wondering which is the best thermal insulation, we recommend you look at this model, since, with only 4 millimeters thickness, it can produce the effect of polystyrene insulation up to 55 millimeters, making it a much lighter product. and easy to install. You can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

This thermal insulation for ceilings offers a quick installation, so you can install it yourself. It is highly flexible to adapt to almost any surface, such as: attics, walls, floors, garages, basements, stables, among many others.

This product is presented in a roll of 15 centimeters in diameter and 40 centimeters long. Fully unfolded insulation measures 40 x 500 centimeters. Its high efficiency is achieved thanks to its manufacture with several layers of bubble wrap and aluminum sheets, producing high thermal performance.

Before choosing your new insulation, we recommend you take into account the features and characteristics offered by each brand, so that you can put the product to good use. ThermaWrap is considered the best brand of thermal insulation today thanks to its effectiveness and lightness. 


Thickness:  With a thickness of only 4 millimeters, it achieves a similar level of thermal insulation as the 55-millimeter-thick models.

Flexible : It is a highly flexible product, which can easily adapt to almost any type of surface.

Installation : It offers a quick and easy installation, so you will not need to hire a professional.

Thermal level:  Thanks to its elaboration with multiple layers of paper with air bubbles and aluminum, this insulation produces a high thermal performance.


Aesthetic:  In case of using this product to place it behind a radiator, you must install the insulation correctly and discreetly to avoid it looking unsightly.

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Van thermal insulation

Sourcing map 200cm x 50cm

With this mat you will be able to provide your car with a high level of insulation against ultraviolet rays, heat and sounds, thanks to the fact that it combines a center of cotton foam covered with 95% reflective aluminum and a powerful adhesive on the inside face, which can be set intuitively. For these reasons, there are those who comment on the product as the best thermal insulation of the moment.

The mat has a spacious format that corresponds to 200 centimeters long, 50 centimeters wide and 10 millimeters thick, which are suitable dimensions for upholstering various parts of the car, such as the wheel arches, roof, floor, doors, etc. among others. 

In this way, it is possible to effectively dampen the sounds generated when the car is running. Also, with this thermal insulation for a van you can protect the driver and passengers from solar radiation or leaks.

Here are some interesting details about this mat with thermal insulation, which you can use to cover your van.


Impermeability: You will be able to protect the car from leaks, since this is a waterproof product.

Insulating foam: The mat absorbs sound waves in the small holes in the cotton that make up the foam.

Use: This product can be used in any part of the car that you want to isolate from sound and sun.

Cover: Thanks to the aluminum cover it is possible to reflect solar radiation by up to 95%.


Format: You should check the format of the mat and contrast it with the area to be treated, to avoid inconveniences.

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Thermal insulation windows

TESA 05417-00200-00

There are different alternatives that adapt to different demands and, in the case of this Tesa option, it is a thermal insulator for windows with flexible properties that allows convenient and efficient sealing. This insulation is easy to apply to doors and windows, being suitable for preventing the entry of air and dust, as well as cold, heat and dirt.

In the long run, with the application of this weatherstrip, heating energy is saved by up to 40%. Its operation lies in the fact that it sticks with a strong adhesive to aluminum or other material surfaces, effectively isolating the passage to the inside.

One of the main advantages of this weatherstrip is that it is transparent, so it is discreet. It is made of rubber and is UV and low temperature proof. Due to its resistance properties, it has an estimated duration of eight years.

For correct insulation, the entry of air must be prevented, which could be a saving.


Sealing: It is suitable for sealing slots between 7 and 9 mm thick with a strong glue.

Flexibility: It can adapt to different surfaces because it is flexible and can be bent at will.

Colour: It is a discreet insulator that fulfills its function efficiently, preventing the entry of air.

Resistance: Due to its UV and low temperature proof properties, it has a high resistance.


Slots: According to some people, the thickness is not enough to cover larger slots.

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thermal insulation panel

Future Business EPS 100

With a thickness of 2 cm, this shelter system model is among the favorites of users for being a thermal insulation panel made with ballast. The panels or sheets have a dimension of 100 by 50 cm, so that these measurements are adjusted to vertical walls to efficiently insulate the cold.

The sheets have been built with high-end materials, with graphite additions, which improves thermal conductivity, in addition to complying with European certification. They are available in gray and weigh 499 grams, making them relatively light due to their degree of insulation as they incorporate EPS polyethylene.

Due to its properties, the model can be applied directly on the wall, the gluing mechanism being simple and practical, to do it without the help of second persons or technical personnel, since it is only necessary to take some considerations in the gluing method.

This model combines functionality, insulation and quality properties in a single product. Analyze its pros and cons below.


Thickness: The sheets are two cm thick, making them suitable for efficient insulation.

Construction: The panels have a solid and resistant construction made with graphite and polyethylene.

Installation: The installation is simple and instinctive, in addition to the fact that no previous work on the wall is required.

Dimensions: The sheets have dimensions of 100 by 50 cm, with a weight of 499 grams.


Aesthetics: Although it is gray in color, due to its properties it does not look aesthetically discreet on the walls.

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thermal insulation foam

Saratoga 6029282

Many times, the heating systems that we use in our home fail to reach the desired temperature, triggering the thermostat at every moment, since there are air leaks in the windows or doors when they are poorly installed. For this reason, with this product you will be able to efficiently isolate the air outlets, since it manages to penetrate all the cavities easily.

In the same way, you will be able to fill and seal the joints, slots or cavities of pipes, as well as you will be able to complete thermal or acoustic coatings. It has the property of hardening quickly, so it is an easy-drying foam that will not be affected by any type of microorganisms or mold.

This thermal insulation foam is waterproof resistant to heat and cold. It comes in a 750-milliliter spray bottle with expandable capacity up to 40 litres. This sealant for thermal insulation has approximate dimensions of 8 x 8 x 35 centimeters.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest alternatives to achieve thermal insulation, we recommend this self-expanding polyurethane foam. This product has the property of helping thermal insulation to achieve greater efficiency.


Capacity : This spray bottle has a capacity of 750 milliliters expandable up to 40 liters.

Sealing : This product efficiently penetrates all cavities, sealing and insulating doors and windows, ideal for completing thermal and acoustic coatings.

Hardened : This sealing foam provides fast work, allowing better use of time, since its hardening process is very fast.

Waterproof : It is a highly waterproof product, completely resistant to heat, cold and aging, being resistant to chemical agents, microorganisms and mold.


Function:  Keep in mind that this product serves as a complement to any thermal insulation, increasing its level of efficiency.

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Rock wool thermal insulation

isover 10kg

This model is usually considered by many users as the best thermal insulation that can be obtained on the market, being a suitable option for attics, roofs, attics, among other places such as vans and cars. This rock wool thermal insulation has dimensions of 1,300 cm x 5 cm x 120 cm, with a total roll weight of approximately 10 kg.

In addition, in order to have a more discreet appearance, it is beige, emulating the conventional tone of the walls. The insulation is made up of a roll of mineral wool with medium density properties that seeks to create a vapor barrier to prevent sound and cold from entering the interior of the spaces where it is installed.

Thanks to the fact that it is made with high quality and resistant materials, it does not require the use of additional heating, since it is enough to incorporate this insulating mineral wool.

A good insulator must have dense properties to prevent the passage of cold and sound inside. Know the properties of this model.


Properties: It is a roll of mineral wool with noise and cold insulating properties.

Dimensions: This foam comes in a roll with dimensions of 1,300 cm, by 5 cm, by 120 cm.

Colour: The insulation is beige, making it suitable for discreet installation on walls.

Functionality: It is designed to be used on roofs, attics, vans or cars.


Heat: According to the impression of some users, this model is not suitable for insulating heat.

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Thermal insulation film for windows

ttmow 60*200CM

This is a thermal insulating film for glass windows that offers a practical application, since it is only necessary to slightly moisten the adhesive side and then spread it evenly on the surface with the help of a scraper. In addition, if necessary, you can cut the sheet with scissors to adjust it to the exact format of the window.

On the other hand, it is important to comment on the type of insulation offered by the product. In this sense, we have that the surface protects against radiation by up to 85%, while the level of ultraviolet protection corresponds to 99%. Likewise, this vinyl provides a darkening effect during the day, that is, people will not be able to see from outside to inside the room.

Also, the product serves as a defense barrier for the glass, assuming it is accidentally broken, since the fragments will not fall abruptly to the ground, but will remain attached to the paper.

This is a paper with thermal insulation for glass windows, whose pros and cons you can review below.


Reflective: You will be able to reflect the radiation by up to 85%, for greater freshness in the salon.

Security: The paper resists impacts, so when the glass breaks, it will prevent the fragments from falling to the ground.

Assembly: Its assembly is completely intuitive, so you will only need water and a scraper.

Cleaning: You can clean the window as usual, since the paper resists humidity.


Night use: During the night you must place a curtain, because the interior light makes the room visible from the outside.

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Cork thermal insulation

Future Commercial Sughero2cm

If you are looking for a cork thermal insulation that is recognized for its proper functioning, you may be interested in knowing the specifications of this product of Italian origin that is marketed by Futura Comercial. 

It is a product made up of 15 panels made of cork that have versatile functions according to the application given to them, since they can be used as thermal and acoustic insulation and even to counteract mold problems in the home to provide greater shelter..

Each panel has dimensions of 100 by 50 cm, with a thickness of 2 cm, so they are suitable elements to reduce annoying noise and the sensation of cold walls, with high energy efficiency. Among their characteristics, they have a density of 160 kg/m 3 and a thermal conductivity of 0.041 W/mK. They are also resistant to compression and deformation.

This model stands out for its adequate quality and insulating properties, but you can specify more details through its favorable and negative aspects. 


Units: The set is made up of a total of 15 blond cork panels, a favorable number of units to cover different areas. 

Dimensions: Each panel has a size of 100 by 50 cm, with a thickness of 2 cm, measures that help improve the insulating effect.

Construction: They are thick panels with adequate thermal and compression resistance, with self-extinguishing reaction to fire.

Density: They have a nominal density of 160 kg/m 3 and their thermal conductivity is 0.041W/mK.


Panel: These panels must be treated delicately; otherwise they can break and fall apart.

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Other products

Climateby SA08108

If you are remodeling and are looking for a construction insulation that will help you maintain a comfortable temperature in the room throughout the year, we recommend Climapor SA08108. This product is ideal for placing it on the walls inside your home or office thanks to its ease of assembly.

This thermal insulation for construction has approximate dimensions of 5 square meters per roll, so you can easily cover large spaces, allowing you to move quickly in your work. Using this product can help remove condensation moisture.

This versatile product also helps you to cover and hide almost all kinds of irregularities and cracks in the wall, allowing you to apply any color directly thanks to its paint-resistant material. The product has a thickness of 4 millimeters and an approximate weight of 3.2 kilograms.

If you are still wondering what thermal insulation to buy, do not forget to take into account your budget, so that you can choose between the cheapest and most functional models of the moment.


Size: This thermal insulation is specially designed to be used in construction, since it facilitates work thanks to its 5 square meters.

Irregularities : With the use of this insulation you can efficiently cover almost any type of irregularities and different cracks.

Paint : The material with which this product is made allows it to be painted over without damaging it.

Installation : This model allows easy placement, so you can install it yourself without difficulty.


Sound : Due to the thinness of this sheet, it is not a recommended product to use as acoustic insulation.

Bathrooms : This product is not recommended to be placed directly in bathrooms, but inside the walls.

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Guide to buying a thermal insulator

If you are looking to save money on heating and improve insulation in the home or car, it is necessary to use thermal insulation, which allows a warmer environment inside the space. Currently, there are many models available, but for one to be considered quality, it must meet certain standards. Therefore, we invite you to read the following guide to buy the best thermal insulation on the market.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

If you want to know how much thermal insulation costs, you should analyze what materials the manufacturer used to make the product. In general, the higher density they are, the higher their price. Among the most common materials, insulators can be found that are made of polyester, foam glass, cork, resin foam, mineral wool, wood wool slabs, wood fibers, blown cork, polyethylene and silicone, while others incorporate rubber, as well as other dense materials that do double duty.

According to the materials, a model will be more or less suitable to install in the rooms, according to the heat tolerance. For example, there are designs that are suitable for installing in windows, while others are suitable for placing on walls, the objective being the same, but on a different scale.


According to the needs, it is necessary to select a style. Beyond the fact that it is a good and economical thermal insulator, it is necessary to analyze if it will serve the purpose that is being sought. For example, in the market you can get some options that are suitable for horizontal walls and others for vertical walls.

Similarly, it is also possible to get some designs that are practical to isolate small holes left in doors and windows. Meanwhile, some are of a film style that seeks to cover the windows to improve thermal insulation, without compromising visibility.

isolation level

The most important thing in a thermal insulation is that it fulfills the function of preventing the cold from entering or the heat from leaving the room in order to keep it warm. So, before buying, you need to make a comparison of thermal insulators based on this property.

The level of insulation must be high and in many cases this is due to the thickness of the panels and the materials that have been incorporated, which creates a dense layer that prevents the entry of cold air. In addition, it is also important that when making the selection you look for options that incorporate greater versatility.

For this reason, some manufacturers offer alternatives that not only insulate the cold, but also serve to prevent sound or that fulfill a double function, being suitable for maintaining both hot and cold temperatures.


Thermal insulations are available in different colors. At first glance, the tonality may not represent a problem. However, it can be depending on the type of insulation. If this layer of thermal insulation goes under the concrete or concrete, there will be no problem with the color. Now, if it is a film that will be placed on windows, it is recommended that it be transparent so that it prevents visibility. On the other hand, if it is an insulator for a car or external wall, it should be in neutral colors such as grey, beige or black. 


According to the type of thermal insulation, the installation process changes. For example, on the market you can get some models with an easy-to-install system that only requires adhering to the surface with a little pressure, because they include strong glue that helps the sheets to stick to the surface efficiently.

Similarly, some models are equipped with double-sided tape, whose function is to stick the insulation. On the other hand, there are models that can be placed behind the radiators in a simple way.

size and presentation

Thermal insulation is available in different presentations and sizes that are suitable for different surfaces due to their dimensions. Some models come in rolls and are convenient for insulating a van in one package. Similarly, there are other models that are designed in the form of panels, as well as others that look like tapes, also called weather stripping. Other insulations come in foam form.

On the other hand, in relation to size, there are options that come with the specific shapes of the windows or that give the user the possibility of cutting them, without losing the excess part, so that it can be used in another space. The important thing in this aspect is knowing how to take advantage of the sizes based on savings.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which thermal insulation is better for sheet metal roofs?

Insulators for sheet metal ceilings can be of different types and provide a high degree of thermal resistance. The intention with these insulators is that they have a low degree of humidity so that the heat does not pass through. Hence the need for them to be made of porous materials that immobilize dry air. For this reason, the most used materials for these ceilings are crushed cork in the panels, being a kind of agglomerate. Also, there are those who recommend using wood fiber, cellulose or wood wool insulation.

Q2: How to safely renew a corrugated iron thermal insulation?

The uralite ceilings are not a good option when it comes to insulating the cold or heat. There are those who recommend that fiber cement ceilings be insulated from the outside or inside. In both cases, it is a high investment and with jobs that can be annoying.

In addition, it is appropriate that they be executed by professionals. In the case of insulation from the outside, it is appropriate to reinforce the roof with a thermal insulator that supports adverse weather conditions. Internal insulation requires troublesome work and involves a loss of at least 10 centimeters in height. Beyond these options, the recommendation that remains is to remove the entire roof and opt for another material.

Q3: How to make a domestic heat insulator?

Keeping the temperature of the home warm allows you to enjoy a comfortable, safe stay with a pleasant climate, hence the importance of insulation. There are a few methods for making home insulation, as well as techniques that save some money naturally. One of them is with ground recycled newspaper.

Borax salt must be added to this, so that it behaves in a similar way to wood and turns out to be an insulator with a high capacity for storing heat on cold days. It is recommended that this insulation be added in cavities such as false ceilings. Similarly, cork is another material that can be used successfully and is suitable for summer, because it has the ability to retain freshness.

Q4: Which is better, glass wool or thermal insulation?

Any insulation that is used is convenient to provide more comfortable and warm rooms on cold days or to provide freshness on hot days. In the case of glass wool, it is a type of thermal insulation that is made up of many agglomerated glass filaments and serves to transmit heat.

In fact, it is one of the most widely used and recommended because it is convenient as an acoustic for ceilings, walls, floors and others. Also, it is a light insulator with which energy can be saved in air conditioning spaces, and it is also a recyclable, non-polluting or non-toxic alternative, so it is not harmful to health. All this leads us to conclude that it is one of the best thermal insulators that can be obtained on the market.

Q5: Is it suitable to use cardboard as thermal insulation?

Cardboard is an alternative that is usually used as thermal insulation and its use is appropriate. However, its effects are not the most efficient and will depend on the type of cardboard, the treatment that has been applied to it and the place where it will be placed. These variants will affect their insulating effect to be greater or lesser. The ones that work best are usually honeycomb cardboard and xanite cardboard.

Q6: What advantage does vapor barrier thermal insulation provide?

The vast majority of thermal insulators have a vapor barrier, such as polyethylene sheets, a

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