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Toaster – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Since its successful commercialization in the 1920s and 1930s, the toaster has become a common and easy-to-find product in homes around the world. However, there are multiple types and a wide range of designs on the market, which could make it difficult to choose, which is why we will detail some of the most outstanding models below. The Aigostar Brotchen Black 30HIL toaster offers an attractive black design and allows you to adjust its temperature. While the Smeg TSF01PGEU belongs to an attractive line inspired by the 50s and has 950 W of power.

Opinions on the best toasters

Many of us start the day with a piece of toasted, golden and crunchy bread, so it is normal that you want to have one of the best toasters of 2022. However, these devices may offer different functions depending on their design and characteristics, for this reason, We invite you to review the following list with some of the most outstanding models.

Bread toaster

Aigostar Brotchen Black 30HIL

This bread toaster puts at your disposal 7 temperature levels to achieve the cooking that you like the most, whether it is a soft or very crunchy bread. In addition, to control the power, it has a rotary button on the lower front part of the toaster and allows you to activate 3 functions; toast, heat and defrost, which each have a light indicator so you know the current status of the appliance.

The external walls have a cold touch system, so you can feel safe when approaching the appliance to remove the bread. It also has 850 W of power and an attractive black design. 

It is considered by many as the best toaster of the moment, since it has a design with 2 slots to insert the bread, 2 grids to defrost, an area to store the cable when it is not in use and a practical removable tray, which is designed to keep your kitchen free of crumbs.

If you are looking for the best toaster of the moment, then you should take this model into account, which is why we present its most important positive and negative characteristics:


Functions: It has the toast, heat and defrost functions, to use it according to your daily requirements. In addition, the slices are automatically ejected when ready.

Design: Features a removable crumb tray, 2 defrost racks, 2 bread slots, and cord storage.

Power: It offers 850 W of power and has 7 levels to adjust the temperature.


Materials: Some users feel disagreement regarding the quality and resistance of its materials, so it is recommended to treat the toaster with due care.

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smeg toaster


It is a Smeg toaster with a stainless steel body, which achieves a highly attractive polished surface finish. In addition, its design is based on the 1950s line, so you can also use it as a vintage decorative object in your kitchen.

It has 2 slots to place 36 mm slices and its interior is designed to center the bread automatically, so it can come out evenly toasted. Likewise, it has 950 W of power, 6 adjustment levels, a timer button and various options to activate according to your needs. These include the functions of heating, defrosting, stopping and toasting the bread on one or both sides.

On the other hand, its base has feet made of non-slip material, to avoid involuntary movements when placing or ejecting the bread. In the same way, you should know that it offers an automatic system to raise the bread when it is ready, which works through a lever with a ball handle on one of its sides.

If you are looking for a toaster with a retro look, this model could be the most convenient, so here we detail its main pros and cons:


Design: It has a classic design, reminiscent of the 50s, so it is used to decorate your kitchen.

Slots: It offers 2 slots to place the bread and has a system to automatically center the slices.

Functions: It offers functions to heat, stop, defrost and perform toasting on one or both sides.


Cleaning: According to the opinion of a user, the chrome part could stain easily, so it is recommended to clean it after each use.

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Moulinex toaster

Moulinex Classic LS330D11

The main feature of this Moulinex toaster is its 2 long slots, which allow you to place up to 4 slices at a time, thus offering greater versatility, practicality and time savings. In addition, it has 1400 W of power to toast in a few minutes.

This could be a good option if you are still wondering which is the best toaster, since it allows you to modify the level of toasting through a rotary button with 6 positions, giving you the cooking that you like the most. Similarly, it has a small button to stop its operation at the time you want.

On the other hand, it offers a tray to collect crumbs and thus keep your kitchen clean, as well as a system that raises the slices of bread even higher, so that you do not have to bring your fingers closer to the heat zone. Its structure is made of stainless steel and offers a system to center the bread automatically, so you can evenly toast thin and thick slices.

If you need a classic toaster that provides you with a quick and well-cooked breakfast, then you should review the most important features of the Moulinex Classic LS330D11:


Capacity: Allows toasting 4 slices of bread simultaneously for greater practicality.

Power: It has a power of 1400 W and can be modified with a 6-level rotary button.

Safety: It offers a system that raises the bread enough to be easily removed, so there will be no danger of burns.


Slots: Some users indicate that the slots are too narrow to place rolls and thick bread, so it only works for sliced ​​bread.

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Russell Hobbs Toaster

Russell Hobbs Retro Ribbon Red 21680-56

It is a vintage toaster with a very different appearance compared to the rest, since it has metal parts and the surface is polished red with chrome and lacquered details. In addition, the front area has a remaining time indicator with a needle, similar to that of the old machines.

Yet despite its design, this Russell Hobbs toaster offers 1300W of power and fast toast technology, so it can run up to 65% faster than similar appliances. Among its accessories it has a removable design crumb tray and a rack to warm buns.

It also has functions to stop toasting, defrost, reheat and an innovative system that lifts the bread to check its doneness. It is possible to activate these functions through the buttons on the right side of the toaster, in the same way, it has a slider button to choose between 6 levels of toasting. 

If you need an efficient toaster that also works as a decorative object in your kitchen, it is recommended that you check the characteristics of this powerful machine before making a decision:


Design: It has a retro design, with chrome and lacquered details, reminiscent of old machines, so it stands out in any kitchen.

Power: It offers 1300 W of power and technology that roasts up to 65% faster than other models.

Functions: It has a defrost, stop, reheat function and the lift and view function to verify the toasting of the bread.


Levels: A user indicates that between level 2 and 3 there is a big difference in temperature, so it is convenient to be careful not to toast the bread too much.

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horizontal toaster

Cecotec Turbo EasyToast Inox

Your breakfasts can take on a new meaning with this horizontal grid toaster, since it has a grill-type design to toast all kinds of bread, whether they are fritters, sliced ​​bread, rolls, bars, among others. In addition, its structure has stainless steel finishes for greater resistance.

The measures of the device are 21 x 35.5 x 6.5 cm, so you can place up to 7 slices approximately simultaneously, this provides practicality and speed during breakfast. Its heating system includes 3 halogen resistances made of quartz and has 900 W of power, so it is capable of distributing the temperature evenly to obtain good results.

It is one of the cheapest toasters and it is easy to use, since it offers a multipurpose rotary button, which is used to turn on, turn off and adjust the power in one of its 6 intensity levels. Likewise, it has a non-slip base, a system to store the cable and an indicator light to know when it is in operation.

If you want one of the cheapest toasters in this selection, but one that offers great efficiency, then it is recommended that you take into account the characteristics of this model:


Design: It is a horizontal type toaster, which allows you to place a greater number of slices of bread and see the toasting process in each one.

Power : It offers 3 halogen resistances that allow it to reach 900 W of power.

Materials: Its structure is made of stainless steel and the resistances are made of quartz to extend its useful life.


Alarm: It has a beep to announce the end of the toasting cycle, which according to some users is very loud and sharp, which could be annoying.

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star wars toaster


It’s a Star Wars toaster inspired by the famous franchise written and directed by Academy Award nominee George Lucas, making it a great gift for any Star Wars fan’s collection.

Its design is based on the Death Star space station and features two slots at the top for loafing, which provide extra wide and long areas to easily insert slices. Likewise, it has a compact structure of only 24.8 in diameter and 17.1 in height, while its weight is 1.47 kg. As if that were not enough, its casing is cold touch, so it provides security at all times.

Its rotary button works as a thermostat and has the Light Side and Dark Side functions, which translates into light and strong toasted bread. On the other hand, it has a tray to extract the crumbs, it allows you to defrost and stop its operation according to your needs.

If you like flashy appliances that don’t have the classic shape, this toaster can be a good choice. However, it is important to review its pros and cons before making the purchase:


Design: Its design is intended to simulate the structure of the Death Star.

Casing: It has a long-lasting casing and has cold-touch technology for greater security.

Cleaning: It offers a practical removable tray to collect crumbs and facilitate cleaning.


Power: Some users indicate problems with the power of the device, since it could burn the bread if you place it on the highest level.

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industrial toaster

The Bari THS-LB1

It is a Bari brand industrial toaster made of stainless steel, which mainly provides a large heating compartment, designed to place multiple slices of bread at the same time. In addition, it offers a good level of efficiency, thanks to its 2000 W of power.

Its operation is based on 6 quartz resistances that provide high levels of heat, 3 in the upper part and 3 in the lower part, thus guaranteeing uniform toasting. However, it can be activated independently, through two green switches in the front area, where each switch is designed to activate a different set of resistors. This is an appropriate option for carrying out toasting cycles on one side of the bread.

On the other hand, this professional toaster has dimensions of 53.2 x 25.5 x 26.2 cm, which provides enough capacity to fulfill heating tasks in an industrial kitchen, which includes toasting breads of any type and thickness.. In addition, it has a weight of 7 kg for greater stability.

If you need a large-capacity toaster for an industrial kitchen, then you need to review the positive and negative aspects of this device:


Operation: It offers 3 upper and 3 lower resistances, which can be activated independently through two operation switches.

Power: It has a power of 2000 W, enough to provide a high level of efficiency.

Materials: Its structure is made of stainless steel and the resistances are made of quartz, which provides greater durability.


Dimensions: This toaster could take up a lot of space in a domestic kitchen, as its dimensions are larger compared to other compact products on the list.

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Philips toaster

Philips Daily HD2581/00

It is the best price-quality toaster according to some users, since you can buy it for little money and it includes a rotary button with 8 different toasting settings, which makes it one of the most versatile on the list. In addition, it allows you to toast different types of bread, since its slots have different sizes for greater practicality. As if that were not enough, they are capable of centering the bread automatically to toast it evenly.

The settings on this Philips toaster include an option to directly defrost and toast frozen breads, as well as a reheat function, which gives you a hot breakfast in seconds. Likewise, it incorporates an immediate stop button and automatic shutdown system, in the event of short circuits and electrical variations.

On the other hand, it offers a rack for warming buns and a function to raise the bread even more, which allows you to remove it safely. Also, you should know that its design is compact and weighs only 1.07 kg.

If you are looking for the best brand of toasters and you want to get a functional and complete equipment, then it is recommended that you take into account the characteristics of this model:


Size: It has a compact design of only 18.8 x 71.5 x 15.6 cm, so it will take up little space in your kitchen.

Functions: It has 8 adjustment levels with the defrost and reheat functions.

Slots: The slots are variable in size and have an automatic system to center the different types of bread.


Power: It offers only 830 W of power, which is little compared to other similar models. However, users indicate that it roasts optimally.

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Bosch toaster

Bosch TAT3A011 Compact Class

It is a toaster with an electronic sensor, which detects the soft areas of the bread for uniform toasting. In addition, it has 980 W of power and up to 6 levels to adjust the temperature according to your tastes.

It weighs 1.46 kg and its dimensions are only 31 x 16 x 19 cm, making it a compact product to place in any space in your kitchen. Also, this Bosch toaster offers a sober appearance with a white casing, which allows you to adapt it to your decoration, however, you can also get it in its red presentation.

Includes two slots that provide extra-large spaces to accommodate different sizes of loaves. In addition, it has a light indicator that works as a button to stop the toasting cycle. On the other hand, it includes a rack to heat buns and a tray to collect breadcrumbs and, as if that were not enough, it is a product made from BPA-free plastics.

If you are still not sure which toaster to buy, you should review the most outstanding features of this model before making a decision:


Technology : It has an electronic sensor that provides you with a uniformly toasted bread. In addition, it has an extra elevation system that allows a safe extraction of the bread.

Power: It offers 980 W of power and 6 settings to vary its intensity.

Security: It has a Safety-off system to turn off the equipment automatically when electrical problems occur.


Cleaning: Some users comment that the crumbs could accumulate inside, so it is advisable to clean it from time to time.

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Ufesa Toaster

Ufesa TT7361 Active

It is a compact toaster with a single slot, but with a great length, depth and width, suitable for inserting up to 2 slices of bread simultaneously. In addition, it has automatic centering for uniform toasting. However, you can also purchase it in its two-slot presentation.

It offers a high level of power that reaches 1000 W, making it efficient for toasting in a short time. Also, this Ufesa toaster has a rotary button to select between 6 intensity levels, so you can adapt it according to your toasting tastes.

For easy and safe removal, it offers the possibility of ejecting the slices when it is at the zero level, as well as a lever to raise them higher and not bring your fingers closer to the heat zone. On the other hand, it contains a tray capable of collecting crumbs, it has a space to collect cables for greater practicality and, as if that were not enough, it includes a stainless steel grid, designed to heat larger rolls.

If you need a functional, simple and practical device, you should consider the most outstanding pros and cons of this Bosch brand model:


Design: Its design has a single slot, but with greater width, length and depth than other models of its type. In addition, its casing does not heat up for added safety.

Power: It has a power of 1000 W, which gives you efficiency and speed at breakfast.

Accessories: It has a removable tray for crumbs that facilitates cleaning and cord wraps for easy storage.


Stop: Some users indicate disagreement with the lack of a button to stop the toasting cycle. However, to carry out the ejection, it is enough to turn the rotary knob to zero.

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Guide to buying a toaster

All meals can include a piece of toast, for which you need a functional and optimal toaster. However, it must have a series of characteristics that provide you with efficiency, quality and high performance. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buying the best toaster, where we explain the aspects that you should review when making the purchase.

Shopping guide


We can find toasters with one or two slots, which is mainly related to its size and could define how much it costs. In either case, they may provide special features with different functions and benefits.

Thus, we find toasters with extra-long slots, with one or two compartments. In this case, they provide enough space to place two slices of bread at the same time, with the same toasting cycle and at the same speed. However, they are usually a bit narrow, so they are designed for sliced ​​bread.

On the other hand, there are the extra wide slots, which provide the capacity to insert thick slices of bread and even rolls in some cases. Some of these models have two slots and a traditional appearance, however, their internal capacity is larger to be adapted to the needs of each person.

In the past, toasters did not have a support inside and the slices were not correctly located in the slot, consequently, the baking did not occur in the same way in all areas of the bread. For this reason, most modern toasters have the automatic centering system, which keeps the toast in the center of the slot and gives it the same level of heat on both sides, for even toasting.


The functions define the versatility and performance that the toaster can have, so it is important to review them in detail before making a decision. In this sense, the performance is defined from the power, which is the main generator of heat. This is also related to the roasting speed of the machine, so the higher the power, the faster the cooking will be. In this way, you should know that it can vary between 830 and 2000 W.

However, the power can be modified through the levels of adjustments included in the most modern toasters. These are appropriate if you are a demanding person who needs a precise roasting cycle, since it is a system that provides more control. Toasters typically have 6 power levels, but some may have 2 or 8 settings.

These power levels could activate different functions in the equipment. Likewise, other models go further in technology and are capable of toasting only one side of the bread, so that each member of the family can have a more personalized breakfast.


If you make a comparison of toasters, you will be able to notice the great variety of designs that they can have. This is due to the fact that large companies currently make these devices with other additional functions in mind. In this sense, in addition to toasting, they are used to defrost, heat and even as decorative and striking objects in your kitchen.

Therefore, you can find models inspired by popular movies and TV shows, which at first glance look like collector’s items and not toasters.

As for the finish, vintage-style toasters need to be mentioned, whether you want to recall 1950s designs or vintage-looking artifacts. If you like colorful appliances, these are the most recommended models, since they can have chrome, lacquered details and highly attractive structures.

Horizontal models are appropriate for those looking for a practical, good and economical toaster. In this sense, the main feature they offer is their design with a grid surface, designed to place bread of all sizes, types and thicknesses. You can get it with 2 and 3 resistances according to your needs.

Also, there are the classic design toasters, with stainless steel finishes and resistant structures, you can even find some that provide cool-touch surfaces, to protect against burns. In addition, they are available in various colors. On the other hand, for large restaurants, an industrial model, such as a toaster oven, is recommended, which has simple functions, but a large compartment to introduce multiple breads at the same time.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a toaster?

Toasters are one of the simplest appliances currently available on the market. However, dangerous devices can be if we do not use them correctly. The first thing you should know is that each model offers different features and functions, although most of them look very similar. In this sense, it is worth carefully reviewing the user manual to better understand your toaster. Usually you just plug it in, select the temperature level with the button, and place a slice of bread in each slot. Next, you must lower the lever to introduce the bread in the heat zone. Once the toaster has done its job, it will make a sound and automatically raise the bread.

Q2: How to clean a toaster?

To clean the toaster you must first disconnect it, in this way you will have total security. A good idea is to place newspaper under the appliance to collect breadcrumbs and other debris that come out during cleaning. Then, you can proceed to remove the tray, shake it and wash it with soap and water. It is recommended to dry very well before inserting it back into the appliance. It is also possible to clean the inside with a toothbrush that you no longer use and with a little coarse sea salt, as it can be of great help to remove the remains of charred bread. As for the outside of the toaster, it’s best to use water, vinegar, and baking soda.

Q3: What happens if you stick a knife in a toaster?

We must understand that the toaster works with a resistance that heats up with the use of electricity, so metal objects can cause a short circuit, generate sparks and even an explosion. However, the most modern toasters are specially designed to resist contact with metal cutlery, although this does not guarantee that the device will continue to work properly, since the interior of the toaster has very fragile elements, for this reason, it is best avoid contact with the internal part, especially if it is on.

Q4: How to fix an electric toaster?

The repair of the toaster can be carried out by a person at home as long as he has the necessary knowledge regarding electrical circuits and its operation. However, many of the manufacturers offer after-sales service, so in these cases it is preferable to have a technician make the repairs if necessary.

Q5: What temperature does a toaster reach?

This depends on the model, in general, the more power it has, the higher the temperature it can reach and, therefore, it is capable of toasting the bread in two minutes or even less. A toaster can reach around 650°C, which is considerably hotter than a domestic oven, which is usually around 300°C. This is why the internal part of the slots is very dangerous for anyone and it is a device that must be used by adults. Also, you should be careful of small objects that can fall into the interior of the toaster, as they can be charred. In this sense, it is worth checking before turning it on, especially if it has been within the reach of children.

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