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Toilet paper – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When we buy toilet paper, we rarely pay attention to its quality, origin and performance, but these aspects are necessary for safer hygiene, while being environmentally responsible. For this reason, we have reviewed the options available on the market and it is worth highlighting several products such as the Presto! 3 ECO layers that have been made from 100% recycled cellulose, without affecting the softness of the fabric. Likewise, we find the Scottex Fresh, a moist presentation with a neutral pH and with vitamin E to moisturize this delicate area, and in whose manufacture raw material from certified forests is used. 

Opinions on the best toilet papers

When buying toilet paper in supermarkets, our choice is limited to the brands available in the aisle. But, when making an online purchase, the range of options expands much more. That is why we decided to make a selection with the best toilet papers of 2022 to show you what’s new on the market with a concise description of each product.

Roll of toilet paper

Presto! 3 layers ECO

The environmental impact that the sanitary hygiene industry had for years left a negative mark on large extensions of forests. That is why it is very important that each roll of toilet paper we use comes from certified forests or is made from recycled materials, as Presto! on this product.

The FSC certification guarantees that this toilet paper has been made from 100% recycled raw material, which is important. In addition, with a quality process, it has been possible to maintain the softness and whiteness of each sheet of the roll, which allows several users to consider it the best toilet paper. 

It is important to note that each sheet measures 13.5 cm wide by 9.8 cm high and has 3 layers of paper, each roll containing a total of 200 sheets to offer smoothness and good performance, respectively. 

Due to all its characteristics, this model is considered the best toilet paper of the moment, so we summarize its pros and cons in the following section. 


Origin: The paper has been made with 100% recycled cellulose to reuse materials and avoid further deforestation of forests.

Presentation: This product comes in a presentation of 36 rolls, distributed in 4 packages of 9 units each.

Softness: The 3-layer sheets provide greater softness and resistance during hygiene. 

Cost: The value of this product is affordable and corresponds to the quality it offers.


Scent: There is no mention of fragrance on the paper roll in the description and the user comments say nothing about it either. 

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Regina Chamomile

If you are looking for a pack of high-performance toilet paper, resistant and with a pleasant soft touch, you might be interested in this product, whose manufacture is made of 100% cellulose and has been provided with forestry certification. In this way, you will not have to worry about the raw material from the forests causing damage to the environment, because its management is carried out in a respectful way.

Each roll of toilet paper included in this pack of 42 units is suitable for a maximum of 150 services. Also, the product sheet incorporates three layers, which makes it more resistant than other presentations.

Similarly, the paper provides a pleasant aroma of chamomile, which will create a relaxing and fresh atmosphere in the bathroom. In addition, the packaging of the product stands out, which is made of recyclable paper, for greater sustainability. Thus, the generation of sources of contamination is avoided.

This is a cellulose toilet paper and certified manufacturing, which offers interesting pros and cons.


Packaging: Because the packaging paper is recyclable, you will enjoy a sustainable product.

Aroma: Its pleasant chamomile aroma will keep the bathroom scented, allowing you to do without the air freshener.

Layers: You won’t have to fold the paper several times to use it, since it incorporates three thick layers.

Pack: It is a profitable presentation of 42 rolls, so you will not have to constantly invest money to acquire the product.


Services: The number of services offered may be insufficient for some people, although several rolls are integrated.

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wet toilet paper

Scottex Fresh

One way to complement cleaning after going to the bathroom is to use moist toilet paper and the Scottex Fresh line is an option that is worth analyzing for all the advantages it offers. 

The format of this type of paper facilitates hygiene, also providing a feeling of freshness. It is worth mentioning that vitamin E has been incorporated into this product to moisturize the perineal area after each cleaning without altering the pH of the skin.

Additionally, the biodegradable manufacture of this wet paper allows it to be disposed of in the toilet without any inconvenience. So if you are concerned about the environment and want to know which is the best toilet paper, Scottex products will not disappoint you, as they are mostly made with raw material from certified forests, thus monitoring the environmental impact of the products they offer. 

For many users, Scottex is the best brand of toilet paper, and this wet-cleansing innovation has had good user receptivity. So let’s see a summary of its features below.


Utility: This product favors a more complete hygiene, because it is used after cleaning with dry paper to remove any residue of faeces or paper.

Presentation: One pack contains 40 units of wet paper and comes in a set of 12 packs for a total of 480 units.

Endorsement: The history of the Scottex brand is for many people synonymous with good quality and effective performance in personal hygiene.

Disposal: This toilet paper is fully biodegradable, so it can be disposed of in the toilet.


Closure: The adhesive of the packs is not a very resistant closure, so care must be taken not to leave them open so that they do not lose moisture.

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Andrex Supreme Moist Washlets

In the wet toilet paper category, Andrex has the Supreme line and its Moist Washlets product, a pack of 40 wipes designed to complement cleaning with dry paper, allowing you to increase hygiene and maintain a feeling of freshness after going to the bathroom. So, if you want to improve cleaning, this product can be a good option.

These wipes are distinguished by having a light scent of jasmine without affecting the natural pH of the skin, as they have been dermatologically tested to verify their effectiveness. 

It should be noted that this product is fully biodegradable, like all Andrex lines, as they have FSC certification and the raw material used for its preparation comes from sustainable sources. 

If you still have doubts about which toilet paper to buy, we recommend that you review the list of pros and cons of this product. 


Size: Each wipe measures 12.5 x 18.4 cm, so its dimensions allow for comfortable cleaning.

Tested: This product has been dermatologically tested to verify its neutral pH and effect on the skin.

Fragrance: A light scent of jasmine was incorporated into this moist paper to increase the feeling of freshness.

Disposal: This toilet paper can be disposed of in the toilet for greater comfort and hygiene.


Opening: A hermetic or more secure closure is missing to prevent moisture loss through the adhesive.

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industrial toilet paper

Ismax XXL Pack 18 Units

For public toilets and those with high traffic, it is always convenient to buy industrial toilet paper to save and supply demand. In this sense, users highly recommend the Ismax XXL pack, a product made from 100% recycled materials, complying with high quality standards. 

For this reason, and despite being of an industrial type, this product has a good level of absorption and softness that does not allow any difference to be perceived with domestic toilet paper, being indicated even for the delicate skin of children.

Likewise, this pack of 18 XXL-size units offers good performance in terms of duration, since each roll has an extension of 125 meters, ideal for use in companies, hospitals, shopping centers and schools, among others. Consequently, some customers find this to be the best value for money toilet paper. 

With the summary of pros and cons about this product, it will be easier for you to decide if it is the paper you are looking for for your company or even to use at home and save more money.


Extension: Each roll has a total of 125 meters, so it offers a wide range of use, depending on how often you use the toilet.

Manufacturing: This product has been manufactured with reused material from urban forests.

Certification: The ECOLABEL and FSC certificates corroborate the origin of this toilet paper as well as its biodegradability.

Texture: Due to its double ply, this paper offers a smooth texture, as well as efficient absorption.


Options: Some users comment that this product is not available in larger and smaller presentations to choose according to the needs of each buyer.

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recycled toilet paper

Ismax Natural Toilet

If you are concerned about the waste of resources, the pollution of the environment and the amount of waste that your family produces, you can apply some changes and among them the use of recycled toilet paper is a viable alternative.

First of all because it allows you to save money, but it also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are using a product made from recycled material, and all this is offered by Ismax Natural Toilet. 

This product is characterized by preserving a natural cream color, since it dispenses with bleaching chemicals, as well as artificial flavorings. On the other hand, the quality of the paper is evident in the level of absorption and softness that it offers to the touch, because it has a double layer and a delicate design that favors its appearance. 

You should also know that each roll has a length of 40 meters, and this product can be purchased in a pack of 36 units with a price according to the quality offered. 

A summary of the characteristics of this toilet paper will help you separate its qualities from its cons and know if it is the right product for your family. 


Manufacturing: This paper is completely recycled and made with high quality standards to offer good absorption.

Certificates: The brand has ecological labels that certify the safety of its products and their sustainable origin. 

Quantity: This pack has 36 units in total, and each roll has a length of 40 meters for greater duration.

Color: No bleaching chemicals are used in this product, so it retains a more natural color. 


Packaging: Some users believe that the plastic packaging should be changed to a more environmentally friendly one.

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Scottex toilet paper

Scottex Triple Comfort Padding

Recognized for its soft and absorbent padding, this Scottex toilet paper is a high-end product for personal hygiene for the whole family, as each sheet has three very soft layers that allow for careful cleaning with a comfortable texture. 

At the same time, the volume of the layers means that less paper is used because cleanup is faster, helping to save money. You can also complement hygiene with wet paper from the same brand and maximize cleaning. 

On the other hand, the neutral pH of this paper is a benefit for all skin types, especially the most sensitive, and its fragrance is not invasive, so it does not cause discomfort when used. 

Definitely, many families prefer the comfort and softness that this product offers, since they know that they can buy it in different presentations and it has the support of the Scottex brand recognized for its ecological certifications. 

We know that you are concerned about offering your family the best products for their hygiene, and we believe that this toilet paper is a good option, according to user ratings. For this reason, we present a summary of its most outstanding characteristics.


Comfort: The quilted design of this paper provides greater softness and comfort in each cleaning.

Duration: A roll lasts longer because the resistant sheets allow less paper to be used without affecting hygiene.

Manufacturing: Like other Scottex products, this paper has been made with environmentally friendly materials, so they have FSC certifications with the support of WWF.

Brand: Scottex offers a very wide range of products and for this triple comfort line it offers wet towels that complement cleaning.  


Design: Some users find the design too serious. But, they are only isolated evaluations that do not affect their performance.

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toilet paper accessories

toilet paper holder

DIAOPROTECT Stainless steel

A little renovation in the bathroom can offer a nice change, but if tools are not your thing, this toilet paper holder is definitely a good investment, because its fixing system consists of a resistant adhesive tape.

Unlike other models, you won’t need tools to assemble this stainless steel toilet roll holder, you just have to clean and dry the surface on which you will fix it, leaving it well adhered and showing high resistance to humidity. 

We cannot fail to mention the elegant finish of this toilet paper holder with a modern and multifunctional design, because you can use it in the kitchen, bedrooms and even in the office. 

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Floor standing toilet paper holder

WENKO 19637100

A versatile and functional design is that of this floor-standing toilet paper holder offered by Wenko, with its reservoir and dispenser format to avoid those uncomfortable situations in which the toilet paper runs out at the most imperative moment. 

In this model you can store up to 4 rolls of toilet paper, in addition to the roll that is in use, whose extraction is very easy. Additionally, its use is very simple, because the support flexes at the top without much effort.

In terms of quality, this product has been made of stainless steel, so you won’t have any problems with humidity in the bathroom, while its style brings elegance and modernity to the bathroom.

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toilet paper dispenser

Jofel AE57000

In common bathrooms or for public use, it is best to have a toilet paper dispenser that allows you to supply industrial-grade paper for a longer duration.

In this sense, Jofel has this model that measures 28 x 27.5 x 12 cm with a simple and functional design. This dispenser has been made of ABS plastic for durability and its assembly is simple because it includes screws, pins and washers. In addition, it has a small viewer that lets you know when it’s time to change the paper and a locking system that increases your security. 

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How to choose the best toilet paper?

There is no doubt that toilet paper is essential for families, as it makes sanitary hygiene easier. Now, if you want to know the most relevant aspects to acquire this product, you can review our guide to buying the best toilet paper and learn more about this functional product, which has been in millions of homes for more than a hundred years.

Shopping guide


At present, it is very important to pay attention to the manufacture of the supplies we use at home, including toilet paper, since it is important that respect for the environment is present in the chosen product.

When making a comparison of toilet paper, you can see that many manufacturers highlight the fact that the paper has been made with recycled cellulose or that its raw material comes from sustainable forests to ensure that its footprint on the environment is reduced a little.

In this sense, as responsible consumers, it is necessary to observe these details so that the products used at home, office, school, etc., are from eco-friendly manufacturers. Since the industry has advanced so much that the quality of the products is almost the same, offering good performance, smoothness and efficient cleaning.


Although it seems that all toilet paper is the same size, it is not, especially when we make the distinction between industrial and domestic. In general, the former have larger dimensions because their extension can reach hundreds of meters, while the domestic ones have an approximate length of 35 to 40 m, varying in thickness depending on the quality of the paper or the number of layers.

Additionally, most of the internal cardboard tubes in the paper rolls have a diameter of 4.5 cm, being a standard measure to guarantee that most of the dispensers can be used with the different toilet papers available on the market.

However, it must be taken into account that there are extra large sizes for which larger dispensers should be used, but if you are only looking for a domestic toilet paper, you will not have major complications with the size.


This is one of the most publicized features by toilet paper brands and that affects how much it costs, since you can get from double-layer paper to three- and four-layer ones that offer a more cushioned, soft and comfortable texture for each cleaning.. In this sense, some users are used to wearing the classic two-layer, but others do not want to miss out on the extra softness that quilted designs with more parts provide. Other buyers say that the thicker rolls are worth the investment by saving paper because less is used in each toilet. 

Currently, you have the advantage of choosing an economical and comfortable product for your intimate hygiene, as there are many brands that have different lines of toilet paper, so you can decide whether to buy the most basic, the mid-range or a higher-end product. cost.


If you are going to make an online purchase of toilet paper, you should take advantage of the opportunity to buy several units and thus get savings on shipping or hunt down offers from sellers. That is why it is important to observe the presentation in which the toilet paper rolls come.

There are usually packages that include 4 to 36 rolls and more, to ensure that a single pack offers enough units for an ample supply for a certain time, avoiding you to buy this product frequently.

The good thing is that this aspect is very noticeable in the packaging, so it will not be a problem for you to visualize the number of rolls of toilet paper that a package contains. 


The added value in toilet paper is provided by different elements such as color, fragrance, neutral pH control and special skin care treatments.

In this sense, some products include vitamin E and floral aromas or other types of fragrances to increase the sensation of freshness when using it and maintain a pleasant smell in the bathroom.

On the other hand, the white color of the paper is valued positively by users, however this implies the use of chemical bleaching agents to obtain that tone, so it is important that you know that. In contrast, ecological or recycled papers have a more natural beige or cream coloration, derived from the use of recycled cellulose and the absence of bleach.

Additionally, the use of moist toilet paper has become popular as a complement to the use of traditional dry cleaning, providing a more hygienic alternative for cleaning intimate parts. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the toilet paper?

It is very important that the whole family learn to use toilet paper correctly to improve cleanliness and promote savings. First of all, the roll must always be placed on the support with the paper above it.

The most recommended is to use 4 to 6 squares per service, and avoid cleaning excessively because repeated rubbing can cause skin irritation and even vaginal or urinary infections. To avoid these conditions, it is indicated that the movement must be done from the bottom up, from the inside out; In this way, the passage of bacteria from fecal matter to the genital and urinary tract is prevented. 

Q2: How to make animals out of toilet paper rolls?

The cardboard toilet paper tubes are very useful for making crafts by recycling materials. Thus, in schools and nurseries it is very common to build farm animals by reusing cardboard tubes and using paint.

You can paint the tubes with tempera paint and use scraps of paper, cardboard and even egg cartons to get the details of animals such as the zebra, hippopotamus, lion, giraffe, among others. You can also fold the upper part of the tube and get an ear shape, paint the whole structure and then use cardboard or foam to make the details and represent different animals such as butterflies, owls, cats, etc.

Q3: What is the VAT on toilet paper?

In Spain, this item of the family basket belongs to the category of general Value Added Tax, that is, 21% VAT is paid. However, for years many citizens have demanded that the Government of the day so that toilet paper is considered a basic necessity and only 4% VAT is paid in the Super-reduced category. 

Q4: How is toilet paper made?

To manufacture toilet paper, vegetable or recycled cellulose is used, mixed with water to prepare a paste or pulp that goes through a pressing process through numerous rollers to eliminate excess liquid and thus absorb chemicals to whiten it.. The white pulp is then spread out onto a large, smooth plate which runs through a heated dryer, quickly producing a very large reel of paper. After that, we proceed to stamping the design that will help improve the absorption of the sheets of paper. Subsequently, the papers are rolled up in the cardboard tubes and in an automatic process the rolls are cut with the pertinent measurements. 

Q5: What is the use of toilet paper that dissolves in the water?

This type of paper, in general, is biodegradable, and its quality of rapid dissolution prevents blockages in the pipes, so that it is totally safe to dispose of it in the toilet, that is its main function.

Q6: When was toilet paper invented?

For centuries, the different civilizations looked for options for cleaning after evacuating, going through wool, lettuce leaves and even corn husks. But, it was in 1857 when Joseph Gayetty marketed therapeutic paper, a presentation of 500 loose leaves lubricated with aloe vera for cleaning the rectum and treating hemorrhoids. In 1890, the Scott brothers marketed toilet paper in the roll format that has remained until today. 

Q7: How to make a toilet paper hanger?

You can make a toilet paper hanger with few materials and without being an ace in crafts or DIY. For this you will need a piece of bamboo or plumbing tube, it should only be a little longer than the paper roll. You will also need a thick jute cord or a chain to thread it through the tube with a length of approximately 30 cm. It is recommended to make a rope knot at each end of the rope, leaving them as a kind of rings that will be the ones that will be attached to a wooden or metal knob, which you must fix to the wall. This way the mechanism will be removable for every time you have to change the paper roll.  

Q8: Where to put the toilet paper holder?

The location of the toilet paper holder is generally next to the toilet regardless of its orientation to the right or left, but ideally it would be on the opposite side to the shower door, or depending on the dimensions of the bathroom it can be on the wall in front to the toilet. The idea is that it is easily accessible and from the seat you can take the amount of paper necessary to carry out the service.

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Renova Super

The toilet paper roll is one of the essential implements in any home, and this Renova Super product has been known for years by users who continue to express their preference for it, thanks to the softness and quality of each sheet. 

This model is characterized by having highly absorbent double-layer sheets, in addition to being one of the cheap toilet papers in our selection, so it is a widely recommended product if you do not want to spend a lot of money, because its 32-unit presentation offers enough supply for several weeks. 

Of all the Renova products, this is one of the cheapest recommended by users who are loyal to the brand. To help you decide whether to buy it or not, we will tell you about its features separated into positive and negative aspects.


Units: This pack will help you save money because it is 32 units, offering a sufficient quantity for a considerable time.

Leaves: The leaves are double layered, smooth and beautifully patterned. 

Absorption: Some users comment that it is an absorbent paper and that it offers good cleaning.


Size: Other buyers comment that the paper roll is small compared to versions of different brands. However, it is an aspect that may not be too relevant.

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