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Toilet Covers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Regardless of whether what you are looking for is a WC cover to give your bathroom a new decorative style or simply, what you need is to renew your old model; Today you have a whole range of possibilities to replace this sanitary piece. For this reason, today we bring two proposals recommended by many users, given their high quality. Starting with the Roca Dama Senso, a contemporary model made of lacquered wood and with hinges that facilitate extraction for optimal cleaning. Next, we have the Gala Marina cover, a product with simple lines that includes a toilet seat and is made of resistant ABS plastic.

Opinions on the best toilet covers

The market offers you a wide variety of brands that offer designs, colours, functions and formats, so that you can find the toilet seat that best suits your toilet and your personal tastes. There are models to cover all needs and budgets and in order to facilitate your purchase decision, we present below some of the best products in this category.

Roca Dama WC cover


Rock Lady Senso

If you have a toilet of the recognized brand at home and you need to replace your old toilet lid, this model could be the ideal one to give new life to your bathroom. It is a Roca Dama WC cover, belonging to the sophisticated collection of sanitary pieces designed by the Germans Schmidt & Lackner, where the high range and originality that distinguishes this prestigious firm is highlighted. For this reason, many consider it among the best toilet seats of 2022.

Likewise, it is a lid made of high quality wood chipboard and lacquered in white, so it easily integrates into any decorative style and since it is a contemporary model, it could make your toilet look as if it were a new piece. In addition, its design offers both the lid and the toilet seat and includes an easy-to-install kit.

Roca is a brand that has set trends since 1917 and given its recognized track record, many consider it to be the best brand of WC lids on the market. Learn more about one of their products below.


Set: With the purchase you will receive the lid, the seat, two hinges and two anchors with their plugs.

Materials: The top is made of wood chipboard and the seat has high-quality acrylic material.

Design: It offers you a contemporary design that stands out with the Roca sanitary pieces.


Anchors: According to comments left by some demanding users, the materials with which the anchors are made could be improved.

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Rock Lady Retro

When it comes to replacing original sanitary pieces with others, this Roca Dama WC cover is an excellent alternative to give your bathroom a touch of elegance and personality. It is a product that has an improved design and although it is designed to be used in Roca Dama Retro toilets, according to some users, it is also perfectly compatible with the Roca Classic Dama models.

It is a cover that is part of the collection of the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who offers feminine, warm, soft and welcoming shapes in his products, in order to offer high-end pieces. So it has generous dimensions and a spacious design that provides convenience and comfort.

Likewise, it has a glossy white finish that enhances any sanitary environment with distinction. In addition, it has a mechanism of hinges and anchors that favor quick and easy installation.

If you need to replace your old Dama Retro toilet seat, this Roca model could be the most suitable. We invite you to read its pros and cons.


Exclusive design: It is a product designed by the Italian Giorgetto Giugiaro, with soft and warm lines.

Installation: It offers an improved mechanism of hinges and anchors, which favor the easy installation of the cover.

Cleaning: Since you can easily put on and take off the seat and lid, cleaning and hygiene of the toilet is more comfortable.


Compatibility: Before making the purchase you should check the dimensions and design, since this model is not universal and is only compatible with some specific brand designs.

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Gala WC cover

Navy Gala

High quality, innovation and a prestigious history of more than 50 years are the principles that stand out in the Gala brand; a firm that offers a wide range of products specially designed for the comfort of the bathroom. Among its high-end accessories, this Gala Marina WC lid stands out, a model in white, with simple and minimalist lines, which fits perfectly with any decorative style.

The best toilet lid is the one that offers you a flat, robust and thick surface, just like this model. To do this, the manufacturer uses high-quality materials such as ABS plastic, a durable, shock-resistant product with a long useful life.

It is a Gala WC cover that has a mechanism in which it integrates a comfortable toilet seat, which works independently. In addition, it is compatible with Gala models prior to 2007.

This Gala model could be the best toilet lid of the moment, given its high quality. We invite you to continue reading the pros and cons of this product.


Installation kit: It has all the necessary parts and screws to easily carry out the installation.

Durability: It is made of ABS plastic with a ceramic finish, which is why it is very hard and resistant.

Guarantee: Like all Gala products, this model has the brand’s guarantee of originality.


Noise: According to some reviews left online by buyers, the hinges make a noise when raising and lowering the lid, which has been annoying for some people.

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gala elia

This Gala WC cover stands out among its peers for being one of the cheap products offered by this renowned brand. It is specially designed to replace the old cover of your Gala Elia toilet, either because it has suffered some damage or because it has a long life of use and you want to give your toilet a touch of renovation.

It is a product that has a simple design with a rounded format, which fits perfectly and easily to the original toilet of the same model. To do this, it has an assembly kit that includes the hinges and all the screws you need to carry out the respective assembly.

Likewise, it is a lid made of ABS plastic and with a special antibacterial treatment, which favors optimal hygiene. For all this, many consider this model to be the best price-quality toilet lid.

It is one of the cheapest toilet seats, with great features and backed by a prestigious brand, so it deserves your consideration. Learn a little more about the product in question.


Antibacterial: Both the seat and the lid offer an antibacterial treatment, which ensures maximum cleanliness.

Materials: The hinges are made of stainless steel and the lid and seat set are made of high-quality ABS plastic.

Original: This is the original Elia model from the Gala brand, with an improved design and compatible with the same toilet.


Damping mechanism: Some users miss hinges that offer a cushioned closing.

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Roca Victoria WC cover

Victoria Rock A801390194

When it comes to giving a plus to the vintage decoration of your bathroom, this Roca Victoria WC lid could be an excellent option. To do this, you will receive it in a mink color tone with polished finishes, which adds a personal and elegant touch to your toilet. In addition, for greater comfort, it integrates a comfortable seat in its design with the same color as the cover.

It is an original Roca WC lid, made of high-end plastic material, which provides durability and resistance to intensive use. In addition, you will receive a practical, high-quality installation kit with everything you need for a quick assembly. For this, it has the respective anchors and hinges, made of stainless steel that resist corrosion, ensure a long useful life and favor a comfortable closing and opening mechanism.

The Roca Victoria toilet lid is a high-quality accessory that deserves to be taken into account when you need to replace this original sanitary piece. Read on for its pros and cons below.


Finishes: It is a model that offers mink-colored lacquered finishes, which adds a plus to the decoration of the bathroom.

Hinges: It has hinges made of stainless steel, in order to deal with corrosion.

Set: The lid comes with a matching toilet seat, for added savings and convenience.


Resolution: It is possible that depending on the resolution of your monitor, the mink tone may appear lighter or darker than in reality.

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universal toilet lid

Amzdeal UK-BP122

If you need to buy a toilet seat that fits your budget and that also provides you with great features, this model could be what you are looking for. It is a universal toilet lid that easily adapts to different models of toilets, for which it offers a classic design with a rounded format (in the shape of an O). However, the manufacturer offers you the option to choose from other available designs, some with a U-shape and others with the child reducer included.

It is made of high quality polypropylene, resistant to corrosion, free of toxic and low density; Likewise, it has a shiny surface that gives new life to your toilet. On the other hand, it is equipped with the function of soft descent and cushioned closing, which avoids annoying noises and provides safety for the little ones. In addition, given its high quality, the manufacturer grants up to 2 years of warranty.

If you still don’t know which toilet seat to buy, this economical, durable and functional model could be a good purchase. Therefore, analyze below its pros and cons.


Soft closing: It is a lid that has hinges that favor a soft closing, so it is safe for children and avoids annoying noises.

Mounting kit: You will receive the hinges, screws, anchors and covers, in order to improve the installation experience.

Ease of cleaning: You can release the lid with the push of a button, which favors optimal cleaning.


Fastening: According to the opinions of some people, the fastening system could be improved, since it tends to move with use.

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Cushioned WC lid

Home Plastic

If what you are looking for is a resistant, silent, high-quality toilet lid that also has a slow closing, this Homfa model could be an excellent purchase option. It is a cushioned WC lid that has a slow descent function; For this, it has integrated brakes in its hinges in order to provide a smooth, silent and safe closing.

It is a model that includes the lid and the toilet seat. The dimensions for the lid surface are 44.5 x 36.8 x 5.3 cm and the distance between the anchors can be adjusted in a range of 13.5 to 17.5 cm, in order to offer a perfect fit. with different toilets.

It also has very hard materials, such as urea-formaldehyde. This material offers hygienic qualities that favor cleaning, it is antibacterial, repels dust and is biodegradable; Likewise, it is resistant and durable and the seat is capable of supporting a load of up to 150 kg.

Homfa is a brand recognized for manufacturing a wide variety of accessories for bathrooms and this toilet lid deserves to be taken into account in your comparison of models. Analyze its pros and cons below.


Universal model: It can be used in different toilets, for which you only need to compare the measurements and verify their compatibility.

Lowering function: It has a smooth lowering function, which favors silence, comfort and safety.

Ease of assembly: It can be installed from above or below, depending on the toilet model.  


Fragility: According to the reviews of some users, it is not recommended to sit on the lid, since it could suffer some damage.

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Wooden toilet seat

Wenko 144726

When it comes to giving your bathroom a tropical touch, nothing better than a genuine bamboo wood toilet seat, like this model that we present to you. It is a top made of wood and since the natural grains of this material may vary slightly, you will have a unique and original top.

Likewise, it is convenient to use at any time of the year, especially when temperatures drop and conventional tops keep the cold, since wood offers comfort and warmth. In addition, it has a surface that facilitates cleaning and thanks to its non-porous and azo-free lacquered bamboo wood, it can resist the humidity present in this environment.

For this reason, if you are looking for the best toilet lid that offers resistance and gives your toilet a personal style with a plus of elegance, this Wenko model could be the most suitable.

Because it is a cover that offers a pleasant sensation to the touch and a touch of distinction, it could meet all your expectations. Read on to learn more about this model in detail.


Materials: Both the lid and the seat are made of bamboo wood and its fixing system (hinges and anchors) in stainless steel.

Design: It is a model with a circular format and the wood design provides an aesthetic component to any bathroom.

Hygiene: Since it has several lacquered layers, it offers resistance to humidity and facilitates hygiene.


Fastenings: Some demanding users miss that the fastening mechanism is adjustable.

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Toilet Cover Accessories

toilet lid hinges

Rock AI0001100R

If you have a Roca WC lid whose damping mechanism no longer offers optimal performance, you will no longer have to replace this entire sanitary piece just because the hinges deteriorate. In this sense, Roca offers you toilet lid hinges with an accessory kit specially designed to easily replace the opening and closing system.

It is an original Roca product, made of high-resistance chrome-plated brass. The set includes 4 fixing screws, 4 plugs, 2 socket covers designed to aesthetically cover the screws from above and an instruction booklet, which makes the replacement task easy.

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WC lid cover

Sherineo LL190216

When it comes to giving your bathroom a personal touch and without spending a fortune, a toilet lid cover like this model could be an excellent alternative. It is a product that includes a cushion to cover the WC lid and also offers a cover for the seat; It is also designed to easily fit any toilet.

It has an easy-to-install system, since the seat cover is provided with self-adhesive and the cover cushion has a retaining ring. Likewise, it is made of soft and wear-resistant material. In addition, you can choose the color and design of your choice from a wide variety of shades and combinations available.

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How to choose the best toilet lid?

Toilet seats go beyond being a simple aesthetic component; They are useful, functional and necessary in every bathroom. In order to help you choose the most suitable model, we present the following guide to buying the best toilet lid, where you can find the most important aspects that you must take into account so that your investment is successful.

Shopping guide


The bathroom is the area of ​​the home that requires the most order and hygiene, so it is advisable to keep each sanitary piece in optimal condition. In this sense, WC covers fulfill the primary function of avoiding bad odors and any type of contamination by bacteria and germs; which could happen if you flush the toilet with the lid open. Likewise, we all know how uncomfortable it is to sit directly on the ceramic, so a cover with a toilet seat provides the necessary comfort for those moments of privacy.


Given that it is a sanitary piece of intensive use, it is advisable that regardless of how much it costs, you get a product that offers resistance and durability, that favors hygiene and that also makes the user comfortable. Thinking about these benefits, the best brands manufacture their products using high quality materials.

In this sense, in addition to conventional plastic covers, there are also other materials that deserve to be considered in your comparison of WC covers, such as thermosetting resin, natural wood, MDF, PVC and also duroplast. For this reason, you can always find a good and cheap toilet lid that meets your expectations.


There are models on the market that include the lid and the seat in an integrated way; These two pieces are attached with a hinge that allows them to function independently. Because of this, you will be able to lift the lid while the seat is down, available for use. The biggest advantage of buying these two pieces together is that you can get a matching model with the rest of the sanitary pieces.

On the other hand, there are also those that do not come together, in which case you will have to purchase each piece separately. Usually, some people prefer to buy these parts separately when they only want to replace the part that has broken or deteriorated. The disadvantage is that the same model or color is not always available.


Manufacturers have basically designed three WC covers, following the standard established by the main brands that make the different toilet models. In this sense, we have in the first place the covers with a semicircular format, which turn out to be the most common and known by most; They are recognized by the fact that they end at the back with rounded edges.

There are also covers with a square and rectangular format, a contemporary and modern format that only fits toilets of the same design. Finally, there are the oval models (U-shaped) that end in a straight line at the back and that, like the previous ones, are not compatible with toilets that have a different design.

For this reason, given this diversity of formats and sizes, it is essential that you verify the model and measurements of your toilet, so that you can choose with certainty the lid that best suits its design.

original or universal

Depending on the toilet you have in your bathroom, you can choose an original lid or a universal model. The original covers and seats are usually unique pieces and their choice is mainly conditioned by aesthetic reasons; however, these products come with the endorsement of the best brands, so you will have a cover with a long life and the certainty that it will fit perfectly with your original toilet.

On the other hand, we have the universal model WC covers and seats, which are standard parts and given their design and format, they can be easily used in most toilets. Although they are not exactly attractive or elegant sanitary pieces, they fulfill their purpose and offer a low cost, if we compare them with the original covers.

Design and other features

There are WC covers in a whole range of colours, so that you don’t settle for the classic white ones and you can choose the one that best harmonizes with your bathroom set. You can also find modern models that include prints, landscapes and there are even designs especially designed for children.

With regard to additional features, there are covers designed with a cushioned fall, which is a plus for comfort, since it prevents knocks and noise and is also safer for children.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a toilet lid

In order to prolong the life of your toilet lid, you should consider using it properly. In this sense, avoid using the lid as a seat and also try not to put heavy objects on it; since most models are not designed to withstand heavy loads, so they could break under excessive weight.

Likewise, its use is related to hygiene and health, so it is recommended to lower the lid before flushing, since by efficiently covering the toilet, it is capable of containing millions of pathogenic microorganisms that could float out in the toilet. air and pollute the entire environment.

Q2: How to install a toilet lid

First of all, start by putting the hinges on the new lid, these hinges have holes that favor the union with the toilet. Next, place the anchors in the toilet and adjust them with the help of the Allen key and without exerting too much pressure. Once you have fixed the anchors, proceed to attach the lid to the toilet through the hinges and finish by fixing the piece with the Allen key. It is important that you then verify the optimal closing and opening operation.

Q3: How to clean a toilet lid

To keep the lid of the WC always clean, you can use a solution of bleach mixed with water; the bleach should preferably be the one you use to whiten clothes. In a container, mix bleach with a part of water and with the help of a sponge, apply this solution to the entire lid (on both sides). Leave it on for 15 minutes and apply more of the mixture again, until you verify that the lid is perfectly clean. Rinse with cold water and dry with a clean cloth.

Q4: How to remove yellow stains from toilet seat

There are good products on the market for cleaning and hygiene in the bathroom, so you can easily get one that will help you eliminate yellow stains on the toilet lid. Begin by reading the directions for use on the container and as directed, apply to the area you wish to cleanse. Using a clean, damp cloth, gently rub over the stains, then rinse with cool water. To finish, dry with paper towels or an old towel.

Q5: How to tighten the toilet lid

Sometimes the seat and lid are not properly adjusted, so when using the toilet they tend to move from side to side, causing discomfort. To adjust, you should consider that there are models of covers that have metal screws, others made of stainless steel and there are also those made of plastic. For this reason, when performing this task, you must be careful not to tighten too much in the case of plastic screws. Start by centering the seat and the cover on the toilet bowl and then, with a screwdriver, proceed to adjust the screws, turning gently until the cover is fixed and immobile.

Q6: How to measure a toilet lid

Taking the correct measurements is essential when choosing the new cap. Start by measuring the widest part of the old lid and then, from the point where the anchors go, proceed to measure to the front. Likewise, you must take the measures corresponding to the distance between the anchors.

Q7: How to whiten the toilet lid

A cheap and effective trick to whiten your toilet lid is to use non-detergent bleach and mix it with hydrogen peroxide. Use half a glass of bleach previously heated for 45 seconds in the microwave and add a splash of hydrogen peroxide. For its application, use a sponge dipped in this solution and apply to the entire toilet lid. Make sure to spread the mixture well on its entire surface and let it act for 30 minutes and repeat the process again. Then rinse with plenty of water and dry with a towel.

Q8: How to change the toilet lid

To change an old model, the first thing you should do is remove it from the toilet, so you will have to remove the screws that are located on the sides; in this way the lid will be loose. Once the old cover is removed, clean the ceramic so that the new piece does not acquire the dirt. Now, proceed to put the new sanitary piece, center it on the toilet and place the anchors in the holes, in such a way that they fit perfectly; then you can fix the screws with their respective nuts.

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