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Toilets – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Also known as toilets, toilets are elements that cannot be missing in bathrooms all over the world, being as important as showers, so having them is unavoidable to be able to do the physiological needs and get rid of bodily waste from appropriate form. Within the available options and brands, there are few that appear among the preferences of the users. In the first place, Roca A347477000 is a toilet adjacent to the wall that has a dual outlet for a toilet with a tank, its shape being square and simple. For its part, the Roca Gap A342472000 model offers a more modern design, with straight lines and very suitable for small spaces.

Opinions on the best toilets

A toilet is an element that cannot be missing when disposing of body waste. In this segment, there is a competitive market, so it is necessary to be able to denote quality qualities that lead to an efficient purchase. For this reason, we present the most relevant characteristics of the best toilets on the market, including the models that lead the preferences of buyers.

Rock Toilet

Rock A347477000

Not many users may feel comfortable looking for these products, but it is essential to focus on quality, so if you are looking for the best toilet on the market, this Roca alternative could be the most convenient alternative. It is a piece attached to the wall, known as a Gap toilet, because it belongs to this collection, being a model that incorporates a dual outlet, which allows it to be installed in a vertical or horizontal position. 

This Roca toilet is a convenient option to include high tanks. Its design is modern, with a square shape and it is available in white, being a piece that will look delicate in the bathroom. After connections and installation, this toilet will function through the flush flush system. 

Its measurements are 35 cm long, 54 cm wide and 40 cm high, relatively standard dimensions that will serve for different spaces and people with different heights.

Roca A347477000 has been considered by many users as the best toilet of the moment. Know your details.


Size: It has a standard size that fits most demands, being comfortable.

Dimensions: It is practical to install in small spaces, since its dimensions are 35 cm long, 54 cm wide and 40 cm high.

Design: It has a simple but modern design, with a square shape and is available in white.

Output: It has a drag unloading system, being convenient due to its dual output.  


Lid: It does not include a top lid, only the internal one, being necessary to purchase it separately. 

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Roca Gap Toilet

Rock Gap A342472000

Due to its characteristics of quality, delicacy and functionality, this Roca brand model is one of the alternatives that regularly appears on all lists of the best toilets of 2022. This model belongs to the Gap collection, a segment of compact designs. 

This bathroom piece has a modern style, with a square shape and aesthetically elegant. The measurements of this toilet are 36.5 cm long, 60 cm wide and 70 cm high, being a 31 kilo cup to attach to the wall, which incorporates the fixings to install the rest of the pieces. 

It has been manufactured with a dual outlet, in high-quality and resistant materials, such as porcelain throughout its structure, and is compatible with different pieces of the brand. 

Roca is a national manufacturing firm, with years of experience, which allows it to be recognized as the best toilet brand. Read what this model offers.


Design: It has an elegant design available in white, with a square and compact shape.

Weight: It weighs approximately 31 kilos, so it is heavy and resistant.

Exit: It has an exit system through drag and has a dual mechanism, being convenient to install in a vertical or horizontal position.

Construction: It has been manufactured with high quality standards, with a porcelain structure.


Lid: Only includes the toilet bowl, so the rest of the parts must be purchased separately.

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Gala toilet

Gala Smart

If you are looking for a quality toilet, then it would be wise for you to know the features that stand out in this model marketed by the firm Gala. This Gala toilet has a classic design that includes a tank and base, as well as a lid that closes gently, progressively. It has a system with a low tank, with a vertical drainage outlet. 

It is recommended for bathrooms with minimalist and elegant touches, because it is a high-end piece of sanitary porcelain, made of ceramic, with a modern and fresh design, which adapts to the spatial needs of small places. 

It is available in white, its tank is square and its base mixes the circular and square shapes. Meanwhile, its measurements are 65 cm wide by 35 cm high. The actuator for the release of water is located on the tank, being chromed and easy to use.

Some models stand out among the best, but it is necessary to be able to review their pros and cons. Read the ones corresponding to this Gala toilet.


Design: It has a minimalist and elegant design, with delicate touches that give freshness to the bathroom.

Color: It is available in a classic white color, being made of high quality ceramic.

Size: Its size is suitable for small spaces, being 65 cm wide by 35 cm high. 

Outlet: Because it is the type with a base towards the ground, it has a vertical water outlet system.


Installation: Some users have commented that the installation is complex because the toilet is heavy.

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black toilet

vidaXL 143023

If you are looking for a black toilet, then you might be interested in this alternative presented by the manufacturer VidaXL, a model designed for wall mounting, which has been manufactured with high-quality raw materials, which ensures its durability. 

This proposal is easy to install and has a soft closing system, by means of which the annoying knocks of the lid against the structure of the toilet are avoided. It is made of ceramic, with parts such as the seat and cover made of plastic, so it is robust. 

In addition, it has a comfortable and practical design for different rooms, because its dimensions are 36 cm wide, 50 cm deep and 41.5 high, and it has an easy-to-install mechanism for smooth assembly. This model is wall-type, with curved lines on the front and a timeless aesthetic, which subtly integrates into the different decorative spaces.

If this model has been of interest to you, we invite you to learn more about its properties through an analysis of its pros and cons. 


Construction: It has a resistant structure, made with high quality ceramic and plastic.

Design: Its design is timeless wall-type, with curved lines at the front, so that it fits into different spaces. 

Closing: It has a soft closing system, so the structure of the toilet is not hit.

Installation: The installation is quick, through an assembly that does not involve using so many parts. 


Strength: Your drag system could have more strength to carry all the debris.

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disabled toilet

Timblau TIM-500001/U 

Designed to meet the demands of people with reduced mobility, this toilet is one of the alternatives that usually stands out in its category for being made with quality materials. Although it is not a cheap toilet, this model has elongated properties that make it a special piece that fits people with disabilities. 

It has a simple design with ergonomic properties for people with disabilities, which is available in white, being a delicate piece that will be properly integrated with the rest of the elements in the bathroom. 

The toilet for the disabled is convenient because it has a front opening that facilitates its use. It has a drag unloading system, while its outlet system is through a universal dual opening to the floor or the wall. Its dimensions are 38 cm wide, 47 cm high and 57 cm deep. 

Timblau TIM-500001/U has special properties for people with reduced mobility. Know its pros and cons.


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 38 cm wide, 47 cm high and 57 cm deep, being appropriate for different spaces.

Design: It has a special design that has been manufactured for disabled people.

Outlet: It has a dual outlet system to the floor or wall, this being universal and with drainage by dragging. 

Construction: It has a white ceramic construction, with a front opening and a more elongated shape. 


Cup: Only includes the cup. The rest of the elements such as lid and tank must be purchased separately.

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full toilet

Bricodomo Pack WC

The manufacturer Bricodomo presents, within its catalog, this complete toilet with a compact and attached design, which is positioned as one of the best in its category, because it is functional and durable, made with materials that give the piece greater elegance and easy cleaning, for greater hygiene. 

It is a wall-mounted model with a dual outlet system, vertically or horizontally, depending on the user’s needs, which has a water inlet for feeding at the bottom.

In addition, it has a minimalist and delicate design that is available in white and has been manufactured with favorable materials for optimized performance, with the addition of white ceramic. 

It also has a lid made of plastic, added with a damping mechanism to prevent shock. It has a double discharge system, which includes a discharge economizer for 3 and 6 litres.

We have identified in this model some additional properties that will help you to learn more about it. Here are its pros and cons. 


Design: It has a delicate design, available in white, which fits the aesthetics of most bathrooms.

Construction: Its robust construction ensures greater durability, since it is made of ceramic and plastic.

Type: It is a wall type, so it helps to better use the space.

Discharge: For greater savings, it can be discharged with 3 or 6 liters of water, according to each situation.


Accessories: It does not have the accessories to complete the assembly. 

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Toilet Roca Dama

Roca Dama retro A342320001

If after knowing some alternatives you still haven’t been able to decipher which is the best toilet that can be found on the market, then it’s time for you to take a look at the attributes of the Roca Dama Retro A342320001, which stands out for being delicate and minimalist. 

This Roca Dama toilet has a subtle, retro-style design that is available in white, to combine appropriately in the bathroom. It has a rounded style shape, so it requires a little more space in the front. Its dimensions are 40.5 cm long, 68.5 cm wide and 74.5 cm high. 

It includes the fixings and will require a foot and wall installation, by its base towards the ground, requiring strength to be able to lift it because its weight is a little more than 30 kilos. It has a discharge system through drag.

Indecision is common, so if you don’t know which toilet to buy, knowing the pros and cons of the design can help.


Weight: It is a model with heavy properties, weighing more than 30 kilos.

Installation: It requires a wall and floor installation because it has a more stable base.

Drag: The water discharge system is through drag, having a dual outlet.

Design: It has a subtle and elegant design that is available in white and with a vintage style.


Lid: The model does not include the lid or the cistern, being parts that must be purchased separately.

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Roca Victoria toilet

Victoria Rock A342395000

The Roca Victoria toilet belongs to the collection of bathroom pieces from the Catalan brand. Due to its quality properties, this model is one of those that is usually recognized by users as the best price-quality toilet, being one of the cheapest in our selection of products. 

Whoever buys a Victoria toilet is buying a quality piece that has been manufactured to high standards in resistant and elegant porcelain, worked with care to perfect the details. It has a classic style with a rounded entry hole and is available in an elegant white colour. 

It works with a drag unloading system and the bowl has an outlet on the wall. It does not include the lid, cistern, or seat, but it is compatible with different accessories from the firm. Its weight is 15 kilos and its dimensions are 66.5 cm wide, 78 cm high and 37 cm long. 

A toilet must be of quality at a competitive price, that is why we present the essential aspects of this model, which is one of the cheapest.


Design: It has a conventional design with a circular or rounded shape in white.

Measurements: It has measures of 66.5 cm wide, 78 cm high and 37 cm long, with a weight of 15 kilos.

Manufacturing: The toilet has been manufactured with high quality standards in polished porcelain.

System: It has a discharge system through drag and has connections for outlet to the wall.


Fixation: Some users have expressed that it does not include the fixing parts for the lid. 

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Suspended toilet

Rock Meridian A346247000  

The Roca Meridian A346247000 toilet is one of the alternatives that usually appears among the preferences of users because it is made of materials of a high degree of quality and resistance. On this occasion, the Catalan firm presents a wall-hung toilet that does not require a base, but only has to be installed on the wall and its outlet system is horizontal, requiring the appropriate adapter to be acquired for this type of outlet. 

The Meridian toilet has a striking and elegant design, being a bathroom piece that will be integrated in accordance with the rest of the sanitary porcelain elements. In addition, it has a minimalist style that combines the curves of the circular figure with the straight lines of a square. It can be installed in any space in the bathroom, as its dimensions are 36 cm long, 56 cm wide and 40 cm high. 

Some options deserve to be analyzed to make a purchase decision. Here the attributes and disadvantages of the Roca Meridian A346247000.


Unloading: It has a drag unloading system, with a horizontal outlet mechanism.

Dimensions: Its favorable dimensions are 36 cm long, 56 cm wide and 40 cm high.

Design: It has a modern and elegant design available in white, combining with the rest of the elements.

Shape: It has a shape that integrates the benefits of curves, with the space savings of the square. 


Accessories: It only includes the cup, so the user must purchase the rest of the pieces separately.

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ssww kurz

This is a wall-hung toilet that adapts to any bathroom, due to its modern design with rounded contours, specially designed to stylize the body of the structure. In addition, its manufacture in high-quality white ceramic stands out, which resists the deterioration of daily use, while the nano-sealing applied to the product ensures that the water is filtered correctly, without limescale accumulation being an inconvenience.

On the other hand, we have the absence of edges in the toilet, which is convenient to avoid the accumulation of bacteria in the internal part of the structure. In addition, this particularity facilitates its cleaning process.

With the purchase, an ergonomic seat is incorporated, which you can extract and adjust whenever you want, and it can be raised quickly or lowered smoothly and silently, thanks to the attached mechanism.

Here, the main advantages and disadvantages of a toilet with a modern design, which adapts to any bathroom.


No edge: By not incorporating edges, cleaning is easier since a lower percentage of bacteria accumulates.

Automatic lowering: Thanks to the automatic resting mechanism, you can lower the seat silently.

Manufacturing: Ceramic manufacturing provides the product with a high level of resistance to deterioration.

Seat: You will not have to invest in the seat, since it is incorporated with the purchase.


Assembly: Despite being a hanging product, which can be installed on the wall, no elements necessary for such assembly are incorporated.

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compact toilet

vidaXL 141133

The manufacturer VidaXL presents an angular compact toilet, recognized among the best on the market for its high-end properties. Unlike the Roca wall-hung toilet, this model has a base and a tank, being a complete style, so it is not necessary to purchase the parts separately. 

It is available in two elegant colors: black and white. Includes a universal lid, with a soft closing mechanism. The dimensions of this toilet model are 37 cm wide, 68 cm deep and 79 cm high, making it convenient to install in different spaces, even in corners. 

It is made of high quality and resistant materials, incorporating a ceramic structure. It has the drain button on the tank lid, being chromed and easy to activate. It has a double discharge system, to save water, selecting between 3 or 6 liters, with a horizontal drain. 

VidaXL presents with this model quality attributes aimed at saving water and elegance.


Manufacturing: It has a resistant manufacturing made of high quality ceramic.

Size: It has dimensions of 37 cm wide, 68 cm deep and 79 cm high.

Savings: It has a discharge system that allows savings by selecting between 3 and 6 litres. 

Design: It has been designed with an elegant and complete style, including lid, tank and quick discharge trigger in black and white.


Hinges: Some users have explained that the hinges to join the lid are not of good quality.

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toilet accessories 

toilet lid

Rock Lady Retro A801327004 

The Dama Retro toilet lid from the Spanish brand Roca is one of the best options, because it includes the removable seat and hinges.

In addition, it is made with Venetian finishes in a delicate white color, with a rounded shape and a weight of almost three kilos. The lid matches the cup of the same name and was designed by the Italian Giorgetto Giugiaro with feminine and soft shapes. 

Due to its style, this lid closes delicately and is generous in size. It is compatible with low tank horizontal outlet cups and low tank vertical outlet cups.

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toilet hose

Hidrotecnoagua siphons

To join the toilet to the drain, you need a piece known as a toilet hose, which has elastic tabs that allow hermetic closure, so it is not necessary to use any type of outlet.

Its weight is 245 grams and its dimensions are 24 x 15 x 14 cm. The inlet diameter is made of rubber, so that it adapts to ceramic necks.

Its output is Ø 90 and it includes a lipped rubber so that it can be adapted to Ø 100/100 pipes. The handle offsets about 8 cm between the input and output shaft. 

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How to choose the best toilet?

To expel waste from the body it is necessary to have a toilet, an element that is part of the sanitary furniture. There are many of these models on the market and, although they look the same, their properties are different. For this reason, below we present a guide to buying the best toilet, a section in which we explain the main characteristics that you should be aware of for an efficient purchase.

Shopping guide

size and shape

When making a comparison of toilets, it is necessary to contrast the size and shape of the model within the options to be analyzed, since the style and its suitability for the space where it is planned to be installed will depend on these attributes. In this sense, it will be the space available in the bathroom that will lead to a choice. Regardless of whether it is a large or small space, it is convenient that it can be used efficiently and comfortably. 

Likewise, a space must be left around it and it must be possible to open and close the doors. The size will influence the choice. Within the shapes you can get square or round toilets. In the case of the rounded ones, they are short and are a convenient alternative for reduced spaces in the front part. Meanwhile, the squares provide more space on the sides, because their shape is elongated. Likewise, there are models that integrate both forms, with curved and straight lines.

water outlet

Beyond the fact that a toilet is cheap, before buying it is necessary to know the type of water outlet or the form of discharge that it uses to release dirty water. In this sense, with regard to toilets, three types of discharge can be obtained on the market: one of them is through a vertical outlet, another horizontal and another of them is through a dual outlet that combines the previous two. 

In the case of vertical discharge, it is an outlet mechanism through an internal siphon that has a water outlet that goes towards the ground. Typically, this type of outlet is designed for toilet installations with drain pipes leading to the toilet from the bottom. 

Regarding the horizontal discharge, they are outlets that include an internal siphon with a water outlet nozzle towards the wall. They are common in toilet installations in which the pipes go to the toilet through the wall. 

Finally, the dual outlet stands out for having a versatile siphon, being able to install it for both horizontal and vertical outlets. To choose the dual or vertical outlet on the siphon, it is only necessary to change one accessory, knowing that a straight one is used for wall installation and an elbow-shaped one when it goes to the ground. 

toilet mode 

To know how much a toilet costs, you need to know what type it is. For example, there are toilets that have a low tank, others high, suspended, integrated and compact. Low tank toilets are the most popular and prevalent. In this case, they are toilets that stand out for having a tank that accumulates water above the bowl. 

The low tank ones are attached to the wall and are convenient because they take up little space, as well as they serve to avoid the accumulation of waste and dirt that forms between the sanitary piece and the wall. High-tank toilets are models that can still be found on the market, but they have been gradually replaced by low-tank toilets. 

Just like the low tank, these models collect the water, but they do so in a tank that is separated from the bowl and is placed on top, so in order to drain, it is necessary to pull the downspout. 

In the case of wall-hung toilets, they are modern designs in which the bowl hangs from the wall and there is a hole under it, that is, you can see the floor and clean it if necessary. They are installed through an embedding process and tend to be an alternative for small spaces. 

Now, the models with integrated tanks are the most technological and innovative that can be achieved on the market, since the water tank is in the toilet bowl and they can be suspended or on the ground. One of the best advantages of this type of toilet is that it does not require much space, so it can be used in small places.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean the bottom of the toilet?

Cleaning a toilet is a relatively simple activity. Due to the water drag, many sediments and debris can be embedded in the bottom of the toilet, looking dirty and unsanitary. The key to prevent this from happening is constant cleaning. The appropriate thing is to pour a special liquid for the toilet and let it act for a few minutes. Next, you should take a toilet brush and begin to remove the bottom with force, knowing that the action of the liquid will help the impurities come out. Remember to wear gloves, because many of these chemicals are corrosive. After this first cleaning, you should add disinfectant and some bleach, brush again and let the water out of the tank. 

Q2: How to remove the bad smell from the toilet?

Keeping the toilet clean regularly should not cause bad odors to come out. However, to increase the hygienic and deodorant action, it is prudent to incorporate additional mechanisms, such as cleaning chemicals in the form of tablets that are introduced into the cup and are gradually consumed. Likewise, there are those who use other products to maintain the general good smell of the bathroom. In this sense, there are products that spray a fragrance automatically from time to time, to others that can be operated manually. 

Q3: How to install a toilet?

The installation of a toilet will depend on the type of toilet that has been select

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