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Towel Rails – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Among the essential elements to equip your bathroom are towel rails. These structures can vary with respect to their design, offering a traditional support or with an electrical system capable of quickly drying towels and even heating the room. The available models are varied, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. For example, the Orbegozo TH 8002 has a vertical structure with five bars for placing a medium-sized cloth, it has an on-off switch that is easy to handle and easy to mount on the wall. A much more spacious and elegant towel rail is the Prorad Cromado, made of chromed stainless steel and with a working pressure of up to 10 bars.

Opinions on the best towel rails

With the wide variety of towel rails on the market, you might feel confused about which model is right for your bathroom. For this reason and with the purpose of helping you, we present some towel racks that, due to their attributes, have become the favorites of buyers.

Electric towel rail

Orbegozo TH 8002

Once again, Orbegozo manages to position itself pleasantly in the market with this electric towel rail, which, according to those who have purchased it, not only dries the towels but also manages to heat the bathroom. In addition, it has a vertical design in white with well-cared finishes in the joints of the bars, quick installation and intuitive operation, being characteristics that make it perhaps the best towel rack.

The structure has dimensions of height – width of 60 x 54.5 centimeters and incorporates a total of five horizontal bars with a thickness of 4.2 centimeters, as well as offering easy handling due to its light weight of only 2, 53 kilograms. 

The maximum working force of this bathroom towel rail corresponds to 90 watts and it works with 230 volts. In addition, its power cable is long, so you can access the power source without problems, while the switch attaches a protector against water.

If you want to incorporate the best towel rack of the moment into your bathroom, don’t hesitate to review the specifications of this model belonging to the Orbegozo purchase catalogue.


Weight: Its weight of 2.53 kilograms is quite convenient to facilitate its mobilization when mounting.

Power: The towel rail has a power of 90 watts, suitable for drying towels and heating the bathroom.

Design: The structure incorporates five horizontal bars, being minimalist and with quality finishes. 

Safety: The switch is protected against water, thus preventing its deterioration due to a short circuit.


Dimensions: The length of the structure is a bit limited to hang large towels.

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heated towel rail

Prorad Chrome

This towel radiator from Prorad has been manufactured to offer a spacious, resistant structure, efficient operation with a pressure of 10 bars and an elegant design that everyone will notice when entering the bathroom. These are just some of the attributes for which the product has managed to stand out among the best towel rails of 2022.

It is also important to mention that this electric towel radiator has a robust body and chrome finishes, which make it much more resistant to moisture. On the other hand, its height – width format is 50 x 120 centimeters and incorporates three sections of horizontal bars three centimeters wide, being a suitable structure for placing large cloths and even the bathrobe. In addition, its weight is light at 8.1 kilograms. 

On the other hand, we have the incorporation of two pairs of metal supports that you must fix on the wall to then support the stainless steel towel rail.

The sleek, sturdy and spacious design of this product once again reaffirms why Prorad is promoted as the best towel rail brand. Here its pros and cons.


Dimensions: You can hang a large cloth or bathrobe, since its format is 50 x 120 centimeters.

Manufacturing: The structure was made of chromed stainless steel, which gives it stability, resistance to moisture and an elegant appearance.

Pressure: The operating pressure of the towel rail has a maximum of 10 bars.

Mounting: Four brackets are included in the purchase package for easy placement of the structure on the wall.


Instruction manual: Some have commented that the instruction manual could be more explanatory, but in itself, it is not a product with a very complicated assembly or difficult use.

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Ikea towel rack

Ikea Brogrund

Ikea is a well-known manufacturer in the market, which over the years has achieved a notable positioning of its varied product catalog. In this opportunity, it presents us with a bathroom towel rail with a horizontal design and integrated mounting brackets on the sides.

It is an Ikea towel rail made with high-end raw materials such as this 26 ½-inch galvanized stainless steel tube, which will allow you to enjoy a bar with a correct level of stability, resistant to moisture and a quite aesthetic. discreet, which will add a distinctive touch to the bathroom. In addition, it is a material that is easily cleaned with the help of a soft cloth.

The towel rack has a length corresponding to 67 centimeters and once mounted on the wall it offers a depth of 13 centimeters, being a suitable structure to hang a large towel.

Those who wish to incorporate a single-bar towel rail with simple assembly into their bathroom, should purchase this model whose pros and cons we will present below.


Cleaning: You will not have to spend a long time cleaning the towel rack, as it can be easily done with a soft cloth.

Format: The bar is spacious enough to hang a large cloth without limitations.

Design: Its horizontal design not only allows you to lay out the towel but will also add a distinctive touch to the room.

Resistance: The towel rack offers resistance to corrosion, because it was made of galvanized stainless steel.


Accessories: With the purchase, mounting accessories are not included, being necessary to purchase them separately.

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standing towel rack

Wenko Exclusive

After reviewing the specifications of this model with the Wenko manufacturing seal, it is likely that you will not have any doubts about which is the best towel rack. It is a standing towel rack that can be used both in the bathroom and in the bedroom, so it is not only limited to placing towels but also any other item of clothing that you consider necessary to hang on it.

This towel rack or coat rack as some consider it, has been made of robust and chromed metal to offer a much brighter appearance and a higher level of resistance to corrosion. 

The structure is made up of an oval base that supports in a vertical position a tube at least 32 millimeters thick and 91 centimeters high, whose upper end incorporates a ball stop. In addition, it has three 48.5-centimeter movable arms, ready for you to store the textiles.

If you don’t know which towel rack to buy, the recommendation is to review Wenko products. In them, this elegant coat rack type model stands out. Here its pros and cons.


Design: Its coat rack-type design is suitable for the bathroom or bedroom. 

Arms: By having three movable arms you can hang several towels or any other small garment you want.

Manufacturing: The metallic structure has been chromed to prevent corrosion in contact with water.

Base: The structure has a robust base that gives it the necessary stability to stand up.


Finishes: Each of the arms incorporates plastic caps, which can break with the chrome and elegant aesthetics of the structure.

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Low consumption electric towel rail

Cecotec Ready Warm 9000 

With this bathroom towel rack you will enjoy a product whose vertical design is spacious and elegant, also offering programmable operation. The structure has been made of metal and varnished with thermal paint, so it does not deteriorate with the high temperatures reached. 

At the bottom, a small LED screen is attached, from which you can monitor the current temperature of the bathroom. Also, you will have an on-off switch and another to select the work mode. In this way, you can activate the heating function for two hours, to dry the towels, or continue to heat the room.

This low consumption electric towel rail has a power of 450 watts and is suitable for spaces no larger than eight square meters. Also, it incorporates an auto-off system to prevent overheating, IP24 treatment against splashes and the purchase package includes everything necessary for assembly.

This vertical towel rail has a programmable and safe operation, which will not only help you dry your towels but will also keep your bathroom at a more comfortable temperature.


Safety: The design incorporates protection against splashes and an auto-disconnection system, which prevent any type of short circuit.

Power: Its 450 watt power allows you to heat the room and dry the towels.

Assembly: With the purchase, the necessary supports and tools are included to fix the towel rail on the wall.

Design: The structure is vertical, robust and spacious, allowing you to place towels or bathrobes.


Instruction manual: An instruction manual could be included in the set, so that it is not necessary to search for help on the web.

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ladder towel rail

vidaXL 41496

If you want to incorporate a bathroom towel rail into your home, but you do not want to drill the walls to carry out the respective assembly process or generate an extra cost in your monthly billing with an electrical design, you should consider this VidaXL model.

The proposal of this manufacturer is an ecological type ladder towel rail, made with high-end robust bamboo. This is a fairly resistant and suitable material to withstand the impact of the humidity present in the bathroom.

The structure stands without the need for any ties, it is 190 centimeters long and each of the six steps measures 50 centimeters, being adequate space for you to hang a large towel or a pair of medium-sized ones. Also, this towel rack can be used as a decorative element in any room or as a hanger to support coats and other clothing.

If you want an ecological towel rail capable of resisting the effects of humidity and the passage of time, you should opt for this ladder model made of bamboo.


Design: Its spacious ladder-like structure does not require electricity or cumbersome mounting.

Rungs: The structure incorporates six steps so you can comfortably hang towels or clothes.

Assembly: This towel rack only needs to be supported on the wall without the need for ties.

Material: The towel rack is made of 100% bamboo, which is an ecological and moisture-resistant material.


Finishes: The ladder may have some splinters but this is understandable due to the nature of the bamboo.

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wall towel rack

Virklyee JY180511KB21

With this wall-mounted towel rack you won’t have to damage the ceramic in your bathroom, since its design does not require drilling or adjustment screws to fix it. In this sense, the Virklyee design presents us with a bar-shaped structure that integrates two circular side supports, thus being an adhesive towel rail that you can assemble in a maximum of five minutes with the help of the incorporated 3M glue.

You may be looking for a 40 cm wide towel radiator, but if you can do without the electrical component, remember that this model is light, resistant and its chrome aesthetic highlights its quality finishes, being considered the best value for money towel rail and definitely one of the cheapest in this selection.

The structure was made with SUS 304 type steel, stainless and polished for a maximum level of resistance to corrosion that can be caused by humidity. In addition, the length of the bar is equivalent to 40 centimeters, its weight is light at only 360 grams and the support capacity is designed for up to four kilograms.

Acquiring one of the cheapest towel rails does not mean that its quality is low, since on the contrary, this model stands out for its manufacture and quick assembly.


Load: The towel rack is capable of supporting four kilograms, being more than enough to hang a large cloth.

Weight: You will be able to easily manipulate the towel rail during assembly due to its weight of 360 grams.

Assembly: You will only need to apply the adhesive to fix the structure on the wall, leaving in the past the assemblies that are based on drilling holes in your wall.

Construction: The stainless steel structure offers resistance to corrosion and stability.


Bar: The manufacturer indicates that the bar measures 40 centimeters, but in reality its length is 44 centimeters.

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shower towel rail

Tiger 2822

Among the wide variety of towel rails on the market, you will find those that add a shelf to their structure for placing some hygiene items, being robust products that can represent a greater visual impact in the bathroom.

In this sense, a very popular shower towel rail among buyers is this design from the Tiger house, for which high-end stainless steel was used, with a chrome finish that gives it a touch of elegance and distinction.

This bathroom towel rail has a length – depth of 56.7 x 21.6 centimeters, the shelf area incorporates medium density glass and under said surface, at a distance of 11 centimeters, a couple of bars integrated into the structure stand out, arranged for the placement of two large towels. We cannot fail to mention its simple installation method and its weight of 3.25 kilograms.

The shelf towel rails are an elegant and functional option that you should not let go unnoticed, this model being a good purchase option.


Design: Its shelf design not only allows you to place towels but also offers a surface to place some hygiene items.

Structure: Its stainless steel structure provides an adequate level of resistance and durability.

Poles: The 22.5-inch poles are quite roomy, so you’ll be able to hang up to two large towels.

Weight: Its light weight of 3.25 kilograms allows a practical manipulation when holding the structure to install it.


Assembly: Some people think that the assembly is a bit complicated, so it takes time.

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How to choose the best towel rack?

Selecting a towel rail is not entirely a simple task, because there are a series of characteristics that you must evaluate in order to take with you a model that offers resistance, stability, safety, proper functioning and that also adds a decorative touch to your bathroom. Therefore, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the product before purchasing it, reviewing the following guide to buy the best towel rack.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing raw material

As usual in any comparison of towel rails, you will need to emphasize the raw material with which the structure has been manufactured, to guarantee its stability and durability. Always keep in mind that towel rails are structures that will be in constant contact with water, either because of the placement of cloths and bathrobes after a shower or because of the characteristic humidity of the bathroom during winter.

Thus, the first thing you should take into consideration is that if the towel rail is metallic, it will have to offer some anti-corrosion treatment that prevents its early deterioration. For this reason, manufacturers usually use stainless steel or chromed aluminum, as well as galvanized in paints with resistance to high temperatures, especially when it comes to electric towel rails, so that the enamel does not crack.

On the other hand, there are also ecological towel rails made of bamboo, which have now become very popular due to respect for the environment. Although this is a material that perfectly resists humidity, you will need to check the quality level of the cane so that you avoid inconveniences. Finally, there are the traditional ceramic towel rails in which you only have to check the robustness and the enamel of the supports, since it is a material that is characterized by being resistant.


Although towel rails are structures that cannot be missing in any bathroom, it is also true that not all users have the same needs for use or the same budget to carry out the purchase.

When starting the search, you should keep in mind that there are traditional, ecological and electrical designs, which in addition to fulfilling the basic function of allowing our towels to be at hand, also have distinctive characteristics according to the technology incorporated. Finally, all this will directly influence how much the product costs.

The selection palette is quite wide, thus finding bar towel rails with supports integrated into the structure or ceramic ones, which have two individual supports and an adjustable horizontal tube, in the shopping catalogues. 

Likewise, there are the vertical towel rails, made up of several sections of horizontal steps. These equipments are usually robust and incorporate an electric heating system or a radiator, thus offering a dual operation, being able to dry the towels and heat the bathroom.

On the other hand, there are the towel rails – furniture, which although they do not have the aforementioned technology, will definitely help you keep the room tidy. So, apart from being able to lay out the towels, you can place your personal hygiene items on its shelf. In addition, there is the standing towel rail, which has a lower base on which a tube with some movable arms is supported.


It doesn’t matter how cheap the towel rack is; If the structure does not have a practical assembly, you will have to eliminate the equipment from your shopping list. Remember that many times it is preferable to invest a little more money to take home a product that does not generate future complications.

Regarding the assembly, you will need to know that there are towel rails that require prior construction work, which leads to the use of some tools such as drills, drill bits, plastic plugs, screws and screwdrivers. In this way, you will be able to drill the wall and thus fix the supports to place the towel rail.

But don’t worry, because if you don’t have enough time to carry out this task or you simply don’t want to damage the tile in your bathroom, you have the option of acquiring a stickable towel rail with putty or 3M glue. Likewise, you will have to follow some steps for the installation, but with the difference that it is much simpler.


If we start from the point that some towel rails incorporate an electrical system or a radiator, we would have to remain vigilant and verify the issue of safety. In this sense, the equipment must have an IP24 treatment against splashes or protection against water in the area of ​​the switch, as well as the presence of an auto-off mechanism, by means of a timer, for equipment with several modes. of work.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a towel rack?

The use of the towel rail will depend on the selected model, starting with its assembly. Some kits require drilling the wall to secure the supports with screws and thus place the structure, while others incorporate adhesive so that you can quickly fix them on the tile. Likewise, there are the ladder or coat rack types, which you should only support on the floor or the wall without ties.

Now, if the towel rail is electric, it is necessary that, before hanging the towel, you plug the power cable into the power source, press the power button and, if necessary, adjust the power or the additional functions incorporated. In the case of a traditional towel bar, standing or ladder, you will only have to hang the towel, bathrobe or garment that you want.

Q2: At what height should a heated towel rail be placed?

As recommended by some manufacturers, radiator towel rails with a format greater than 100 centimeters should be installed at a distance of 50 to 80 centimeters from the ground, while equipment that is between 70 or 80 centimeters high can be fixed 90 centimeters from the ground. Also, if you plan to place the towel rail over the bathtub, it is important that you leave a separation of 20 centimeters between both structures.

Q3: How to make a wooden bathroom towel rack?

If ecological towel rails are your thing, you can opt for a homemade wooden model, which will also give a distinctive touch to the bathroom. You will only need some wooden strips, a manual cutter, special glue, tape measure, pencil and get to work.

One of the simplest models is the ladder type, so you will need to cut two long strips for the sides and five to six pieces of approximately 50 centimeters in length for the steps.

Then, you will have to fix the steps to the side bars, using glue and reinforce it with some nails. Of course, you will have to be quite careful with respect to the finishes. Also, you can use a drill with a thin bit to make some holes in the wood, substituting screws for the nails. Remember to sand the wood to eliminate porosity and irregularities and varnish with the paint of your choice. 

Q4: Where to put the hand towel rack?

Experts on the subject of interiors recommend that the installation of the towel rack should be carried out respecting the same height at which the sink is located, thus maintaining the same visual alignment and offering greater comfort when picking up the towel. In the same way, this will be a decision that you must evaluate taking into consideration your taste and needs, when moving inside the bathroom.

Q5: How to install a ceramic towel rack?

To install a ceramic towel rail you will only need a square or level, special putty for this type of material, a graphite pencil, adhesive tape, alcohol and a plastic trowel. The first thing you should do is measure and mark the exact area where you will be mounting. Then, take a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and rub it on both the tile and the towel rail supports. Once you have prepared both surfaces, it only remains to apply the putty, which you must have previously mixed following the instructions of said product. At the time of fixing it is necessary that you be careful, take the first support and adhere the same to the mark that you made previously on the wall, being necessary to surround it with tape while it dries. To continue with the installation, You will have to insert the respective tube that complements the towel rail both in the previous support and in the one that you are about to fix. When it has dried, carefully remove the tape and reinforce the edges with a little more putty, letting it sit again for 24 hours before starting to use it.

Q6: How to bleed a heated towel rail?

You must have the towel rail in operation, being necessary that the pressure is at a maximum of two bars. Then, you will have to identify the bleeder, place a medium-sized container under it and open it slowly with the help of a key, so that the accumulated air begins to come out and then the water.

Q7: How to install a towel rack without drilling?

To place a towel rail without drilling, you can fix the metal structure with the help of 3M adhesive, which is a widely used, resistant and easy-to-apply product. You just need to clean the surfaces, apply the adhesive, press on the wall for eight seconds and let it sit for 24 hours. You can also use putty if your towel rack is ceramic. Finally, there is the option of selecting a free-standing or ladder-type model, which does not require assembly.

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