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Having one or more trays at home can make a difference when preparing food and serving it, for that reason, it is worth buying quality models that can be adapted to the shape and rhythm of use that you need. A tray like Curver 00738-059-00 is suitable for those who are looking for something simple to be able to serve food easily, lightly and, in addition, want a product that lasts over time. On the other hand, a purchase like Ikea 904.176.26 will bring several units of resistant material, striking design and secure grip. Choosing one or the other is up to you, but, fortunately, there are several options to choose the tray that is really perfect for you.

The 10 Best Trays – Opinions 2022

Do you need trays for your home, your store or your restaurant? The place where you will use them can be decisive when buying, as well as other qualities of these products. For that reason, the following list shows a variety of options so you can find the right one.

plastic trays

1. Curver 00738-059-00 Polypropylene tray

Plastic trays, more often than not, are people’s first choice because they are cheap and serve their purpose easily.

In this case, this model is white to combine with any kitchen and, in addition to that, it has measurements of 30 x 43 x 3 cm, to be able to carry various objects comfortably and without problems.

On the other hand, the edges have the necessary depth so that you can grip your fingers correctly; which will give you a better grip.

However, in case you drop it, you should not worry either, because the resin is resistant. It should be noted that it could be considered the best value for money tray if you take into account its light weight of 99.8 grams and how easy it is to clean it, so that your efforts are minimal when carrying the tray and also when keeping it in good condition..

With a good price and a classic design, this tray seeks to provide comfort and ease of use without breaking the bank.


Weight: Weighing less than 100 grams, this tray makes it easier to move.

Measurements: The dimensions of this product give adequate space to carry several things at one time.

Materials: Resin is a material resistant to constant use, so it will be easy to keep the tray in good condition.

Grip: The space provided by the edges provides a more secure grip.


Color: It is easier for the tray to stain due to its white color, however, being easy to clean, it will not be difficult to get rid of the dirt.

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Ikea trays

2. Ikea Sammanhang Drink Serving Tray

Like everything the company produces, Ikea trays are also recognized in the market due to their quality. This model, specifically, is a set of 3 black trays with a gray design pattern on the inside, to give a striking contrast that stands out; this makes the set a good alternative for bars and restaurants. 

To carry several drinks in a single trip, the trays have measures of 28 cm long and 20 cm wide; on top of that, at 381 grams, you won’t add much extra weight to the stuff you’re carrying.

To provide a better grip, the edges of each piece provide enough space to support the fingers correctly and without discomfort. In addition to all this, resistance to daily use is another distinguished quality of the set of trays, since the main material is high-pressure laminated melamine. 

Ikea is a well-known company worldwide for its products, therefore, it could be considered the best brand of trays for providing sets of quality and good design.


Set: This purchase comes with 3 trays so you can choose the exact model you need at any given time.

Design: The appearance of the trays combines gray and black colors very well to give a good contrast.

Lightness: Being light products, you only have to worry about the weight that is placed on them.


Size: These trays are a little smaller than other similar alternatives, however, they provide space to carry several things at the same time.

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oven trays

3. Zenker Black Metallic Extendable Universal Tray

When it comes to multifunctional products, oven trays stand out because they can be used both for cooking and serving food.

For that reason, this model could be one of the best trays of 2022, as it offers both qualities and is of very good quality. With a width of 33 cm and an extendable length from 37 to 52 cm, this tray can be adapted to preparations of various sizes such as pizza or cookies.

On the other hand, this option also stands out for its materials, since it has been manufactured with Teflon non-stick coating steel; Thanks to this, none of your preparations will stick to the tray.

This little detail also makes cleaning much quicker and easier. In addition to that, the material allows the tray to be subjected to temperatures of up to 230 °C, therefore, you will not have limitations when cooking.

This pan is a good product for those who enjoy frequent baking, as it is designed for comfort and resistance to constant use.


Extensible: Being extensible, it will be possible to adapt the tray to each of your requirements without complications.

Material: The non-stick steel will give you more freedom when cooking, as the food can easily come off.

Versatile: The versatility of this tray lies in the fact that it can be used for cooking and serving.


Hooking: It is somewhat difficult to fit the tray in the oven correctly, so it may take time to achieve this.

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wooden trays

4. Maison & White Set of 3 Bamboo Serving Trays

If you have doubts about which is the best tray, with this purchase you can get 3 units made of bamboo to give you the best quality. Also, when it comes to wooden trays to transport your food comfortably, this set from Maison & White could be what you are looking for. 

Due to their manufacturing material, these trays resist heat, do not deform and do not deteriorate easily; In addition, they are quite light and each one of them has a different size to be able to adapt better to what you need. 

On the other hand, by preserving the natural tone of the wood, these serving trays will be suitable for use in restaurants and bars, especially those with a rustic atmosphere. Finally, the security they offer is also a quality to be highlighted, since the trays have raised edges, which are complemented by two handles to give you a better grip and greater control of the things you carry.

Its classic and functional design makes this purchase suitable for both people in the service industry and those who want to use it at home. Learn more about this model in the next section.


Set: With this purchase you will not get just one tray, but three units for added functionality.

Material: Wood is a strong and durable material, so these trays are considered appropriate for daily use.

Handles: The safety handles that the trays bring will allow a more efficient mobilization and with less chance of things falling.


Weight: Due to their material, these trays are a little heavier than other models. Although this does not interfere with the comfort of its use.

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decorative trays

5.com-four 2X Wooden Tray

Some enjoy the traditional looks, while others prefer decorative trays. If this is your case, this set of two units can be a good purchase, as the interior design with the slogan “I love my home” and a heart will attract the attention of anyone who sees the trays. In addition to this, the white of the design and borders stands out nicely with the wood.

Varying in size, each one will adapt to carry various things or to decorate, if you wish. The large tray measures approximately 35 x 24 x 4.5 cm while the small one measures 30 x 20 x 4 cm.

As for the mobilization, this will be quite simple since the trays, in addition to being light, also come with raised edges that have handles to provide you with a better grip and avoid accidents.

With these trays you can easily serve snacks to your guests with style and modernity.


Design: One of the most outstanding aspects of this product is the fact that it combines white with the color of wood and, in addition, it has a unique design in the center with a drawing and a slogan.

Game: With this purchase, the brand will not only give you one tray, but two units so you do not need to buy another.

Size: The difference in sizes between the trays will allow you to adapt each of them to your specific needs.


Paint: The paint could be of better quality, as constant use could wear it down and cause it to lose color.

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Gastronorm trays

6. Hendi Gastronorm Container 1/3 Kitchen Line

Those who are looking for professional trays and need to use them constantly will be able to find a good alternative in this Hendi model.

Like all Gastronorm trays, this product has followed high quality standards in its manufacture and offers 2.2 liters of capacity, in dimensions of 32.5 x 17.6 x 6.5 cm, so you can bake various things, no problem. Its size will not only make it easy for you to use the tray, but you will also find space for it in your kitchen quickly.

For versatility and convenience, this model is suitable for use in convection ovens, bain-marie systems, and refrigerators alike, without deteriorating.

On the other hand, its conservation is also simple, since stainless steel is easy to clean and, in addition, the tray can be used in the dishwasher, due to its resistance. The latter is also complemented by reinforced corners, which will allow a better grip.

Equally functional for baking and refrigeration, this product could provide just the right result kitchen professionals are looking for.


Gastronorm: By following the Gastronorm standards, you can be sure that this is a quality product.

Resistance: The great resistance of the tray given by stainless steel will make this tray last over time and, in addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher without problems.

Versatility: This product is extremely versatile, as it can be used in ovens, refrigerators and also in a water bath.


Size: This tray, with an elongated and thin structure, is designed to adapt to a single type of preparation.

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aluminum trays

7. Weber 6415 Small Aluminum Pans

Due to their good price, aluminum trays are usually one of the first options for those who want a fast and low-cost result. However, this does not mean that they are of poor quality, as this type of tray is usually considered one of the most versatile on the market. 

In this case, this set of 10 units of 12.7 x 3.6 x 19 cm gives the opportunity to cook various foods on gas and electric grills.

It is also useful for collecting fat from barbecues. They can even be used to serve salads and side dishes that accompany the main course, while their weight of 154 grams makes it easy to move around.

In addition to this, at the end of cooking, you can store the food in the trays to eat them later, as the material will maintain the temperature of the dish, as long as it is covered with aluminum foil. Finally, despite being disposable, it is possible to use them again if you take care of them.

Among the cheapest alternatives on the market, this offer from Weber stands out; a pack of several trays to always have one on hand.


Game: With a single investment of money you can buy 10 aluminum trays of very good quality.

Functionality: These trays are multifunctional, as they are used to collect fat, cook and even store food.

Temperature: The fact of maintaining the temperature allows you to store food for a long time, without a problem.


Disposable: If they are given a single use and are discarded, which is what they have been created for, you could contribute to environmental pollution.

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stainless steel trays

8. Equinox 500538 Set of 3 Stainless Steel Trays

Stainless steel trays continue to be stars in the kitchen, as they are made of one of the most resistant materials available.

This Equinox set offers three units characterized by the durability provided by steel and its ease of cleaning, so you can serve food safely and without the risk of stains being permanent or difficult to clean. 

Regarding the dimensions, the game has three different measures. The small tray is 26 x 18 cm, the medium one is 34 x 22 cm and finally the large one reaches 44.5 x 29 cm. In this way, you can choose the one indicated according to the amount of food to be served.

In addition to this, they are fairly light products, so as not to add more weight than necessary, and they have a slim structure that allows them to be stored almost anywhere.

If you still don’t decide which tray to buy, getting three in one purchase could solve your doubt and give you two extra options to complement and have more to choose from.


Sizes: With this set of three trays you will get different sizes to correctly adapt to the food you want to serve.

Resistance: The material with which they have been manufactured provides very good resistance to constant use.

Cleaning: Dirt will come out of these trays easily, thanks to the stainless steel with which they are made.


Scratches: These trays could easily get scratched if they are washed with fibers or covered roughly over them.

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polystyrene trays

9. Foam Products Food Trays 500 x meat trays

Sometimes the best tray is not the one that allows you to bake or serve, but the one that works to pack food correctly.

Polystyrene trays are suitable options for this activity and can be functional both in food businesses and at home; for its part, this set of trays offers exactly these possibilities.

Made of black color and with small holes, each unit of the 500 that are included in the set can be used correctly to store fresh food. Despite being many, these can be easily stored anywhere, since they are stackable. 

As for their materials, these trays are made of polystyrene so they can be easily disposed of after use; however, they will be resistant when storing food in them. In addition to that, having a considerable depth, it will be possible to store food of greater grammage.

Light and a good size, each of these trays will help you store food easily and quickly.


Quantity: This offer comes with the quantity of 500 Styrofoam Food Storage Trays.

Storage: These trays are stackable, so despite the amount that the set brings, they will be easy to store.

Versatility: If you have a business that sells fresh food, you can use these trays to do your job, however, they are also suitable for domestic use.


Disposable: Being single-use products, their disposal could have a negative environmental impact.

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glass trays

10. Pyrex Fireproof and heat resistant tray

A tray can be made using different materials, however, glass trays are usually highly sought after products for their elegance, ease of use and versatility. For example, this Pyrex model stands out for its good qualities, among which its 7-liter capacity and its multifunctionality stand out.

This tray can withstand temperature extremes from -40°C to 300°C, with no problem; In addition, it can be used in ovens, microwaves, freezers, refrigerators and even in electric or gas stoves; this detail will give you more freedom of use.

While cooking in it, especially in an oven, you will be able to see everything that happens, as it is totally transparent. This striking look given by the glass not only provides a neat and clean design, but also makes the cleaning process easier.

Finally, the brand has not left comfort behind, so the structure of the tray has included two handles and a lid.

Due to its integral qualities, many could consider this model as the best tray of the moment.


Versatility: This model is useful for cooking, storage and serving; additionally, it supports very high and low temperatures without problems.

Design: The design of the tray is quite elegant, so it is good for serving food to guests. In addition, it is functional, since it provides a lid.

Grip: Holding the product will be quite simple, due to the handles included on the sides of it.


Glass: Unlike other shock-resistant trays, this one could break due to a fall, due to its manufacturing materials.

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Shopping guide

Although they look like simple objects, like any product, it is necessary to evaluate the qualities that a tray must have in order to acquire a model that really suits your needs and tastes. In the market you can find a wide variety, with different sizes and materials, and this difference is not only visual, but also functional. In this order of ideas, making a good purchase can give you a versatile tray, easy to use, comfortable, and at a good price.


Like many other products, the most important thing when comparing trays is not how much it costs, but the various uses you can give your new purchase.

The trays are products that should not be missing in any kitchen, whether professional or not, as they are used for various activities that are presented in this area. If you are lucky and know how to search, you can find a tray that works for all possible uses, however, if you prefer to save, you could buy a model that allows you to do some of them or just one.

There are certain pans that are ideal for baking, as they come with durable grip handles and adequate resistance to the high temperatures of an oven. On the other hand, there are some trays that, in addition to this, also manage to withstand the low temperatures of a refrigerator without any problem, allowing the storage of food. These are usually the glass and stainless steel models which, although mostly expensive, have good versatility.

If you do not want to cook, but rather get serving trays, there are also models created for this. Some of them come with beautiful designs, but other simpler ones are made to suit the trade of waiters, allowing them space to carry various things and, additionally, optimal lightness so as not to add extra weight. The material of this type of tray is usually plastic.

On the other hand, there are also small polystyrene trays, designed to pack fresh food, either for storage or for sale. These, as a distinguished feature, are usually disposable.


In addition to the versatility of uses, comfort should also be a feature to consider when making a guide to buying the best tray. Whether you’ll be using it often or only on special occasions, being comfortable using a tray won’t just make it easier, it’ll also make it safer to use. A clear example of this is the importance of grip.

Holding the tray correctly is decisive when it comes to maintaining the balance of the things that are on or inside it. The best alternatives are those with handles, as they will allow you to have more control; however, some models designed to serve food as a waiter lack this quality.

To this must be added the weight of the tray since, although this detail sometimes goes unnoticed, it deserves to be taken into account. The more weight you carry in your hand, the harder it will be to hold. For that reason, it is advisable to use trays that do not add an extra load to the things that are already in them.

Finally, do not forget about cleaning. Your best alternative will be a tray that can be used in the dishwasher, but if you can’t find it, then look for a model whose materials facilitate the cleaning process, such as stainless steel and plastic, for example.


Finally, to make sure that you have really found a good and cheap tray, buy a model that gives you a large capacity, so that you can have more in one place, without having to divide the food.

For this, the first thing to take into account is the size. It does not matter much if it is a tray with a circular or rectangular structure; what is really relevant are the dimensions of said model. If you do not pay attention to the measurements of the tray, then you could have problems when using it.

The capacity is not only calculated with the size of the tray, but also with the depth that it offers. If the product is completely flat or has little depth, it will not work for serving certain foods or for stacking things for good storage. The best options usually have a capacity of 5 liters or more, although there are others that offer less space for a cheaper price.

Finally, and especially if your goal is to store meals or pack them to sell, it is preferable to buy sets of multiple units. If it comes to serving trays, these usually come in packs of three; however, the small Styrofoam models can be sold in sets of up to 500.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a tray?

Depending on what you need and the qualities of the chosen model, a tray can be used in different ways.

Some products are made for just one or a few specific purposes; however, there are several multifunctional models that give you a wide variety of uses; giving you the opportunity to use the tray in different ways.

It could be said that the main purpose of these items is to be a support when serving food, but they can also be functional for baking, packaging or storing food. All this depends on the type of tray you have chosen and what its qualities are.

Q2: How to carry a tray?

This will also depend exclusively on the use. If it is a tray with handles and for domestic use, then the indicated thing would be to carry the product using these. On the other hand, if you need to take something out of the oven and the tray does not have handles, then you should simply put on some gloves and try to place your fingers on the edge in the best way.

In the event that you are a waiter, then it is necessary to take into account other important details when carrying the tray; Taking care of this aspect is required in all restaurants, therefore, it is necessary to do it well.

To do this you must start by placing your left hand at the bottom of the tray, right in the center of it. You’ll want to keep the tray close to your body, at shoulder height, but with room for fluid movements.

When it’s time to serve, you should serve with your right hand and in a clockwise direction. These dress codes not only bring professionalism to carrying a tray, but also allow for better control of the tray.

Q3: How to decorate a wooden tray?

There are no rules for decorating a wooden tray other than that anything you add to it must be food contact safe. This way you will be avoiding any toxic product that can affect the quality of the food.

Q4: How to clean the oven tray?

Oven trays, coming into direct contact with food, are usually one of the products that gets dirty the most; however, they are not that difficult to clean.

If you haven’t allowed dirt to build up, then soaking the tray in hot water and washing it with dishwashing detergent afterwards will be enough to keep it spotless. However, in case the dirt has accumulated, you only need to mix vinegar and baking soda, and then leave it to soak in warm water for a few hours.

After time passes, the dirt will have loosened and you can remove it with a dishwasher; regardless of the main material of the tray. 

Q5: Which is better: metal or wooden tray?

If you need a tray suitable for serving and that can stand out for its design, the wooden tray will be better. However, for everything else, a metal tray will be the best option, as it offers good versatility of use and great durability.

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