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Umbrella Stand – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The umbrella stand is one of those objects that cannot be missing in any office. And there is nothing more unpleasant than a dirty floor due to the rainwater left by the umbrellas if there is no suitable place to leave them. Luckily, we have a good variety of umbrella stands from which to choose the most suitable, both for our needs and the style that we like the most. And it is that, among the current umbrella stands, the usual models coexist with more modern and elegant options. Among them we find the SONGMICS LUC48W umbrella stand, which offers a beautiful exterior finish with an openwork in the shape of leaves and includes classy details such as the plate to collect water or two hooks for hand umbrellas. If you are looking for a large model, the Amzdeal 222 umbrella standIt offers a height of 55 centimeters by 18 centimeters at the base in a square format, also surprising for its black finish with umbrella decoration.

The best umbrella stands on the market

Halfway between comfort and elegance, the umbrella stand is one of those products that can give any office a different touch. Products with which to organize the umbrellas in your office and prevent their water from soaking everything. Something that you can avoid if you bet on any of the models in our selection of the best umbrella stands of 2022, with products that range from the modern and elegant umbrella stand to the vintage umbrella stand with which to give that elegant and different touch to any room.


If you are looking for the best umbrella stand for your office or any place with a lot of people, the SONGMICS LUC48W model is an interesting proposal. This umbrella stand consists of a metal construction with a powder paint finish that is highly resistant to corrosion and continued use. This white umbrella stand measures 49 centimeters by 15.5 centimeters at the base and has a square design, it has a good interior space to store your umbrella.

A space that you will take advantage of efficiently thanks to the two hooks on which you can hang the hand umbrellas without them going to the bottom. A complete design that is finished off with details such as the lower tray, which is responsible for collecting the water to prevent the umbrella stand from deteriorating due to accumulation at the bottom.

If you want to know more about what some users consider to be the best umbrella stand of the moment, we leave you some more details about it.


Plastic hook: The umbrella stand includes two hooks designed so that hand umbrellas do not end up at the bottom.

Design : The leafy design on the outside of the umbrella stand is not only stylish, but also allows for better ventilation of the interior and your umbrellas.

Water tray: The umbrella stand incorporates a plastic tray for water in the lower part that prevents corrosion of the bottom.

Base with pads: The base with pads is very practical when it comes to protecting the floor.

Resistance : Thanks to the quality of the manufacturing materials used, this product withstands the most intensive uses, such as in offices and public places.


Height : The height of this model is 49 centimeters, somewhat lower than usual, so be careful with larger umbrellas that can tip the product.

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amzdeal 222

Located within modern umbrellas, the Amzdeal 222 model is another interesting and casual proposal with which to give your office a fun touch. This umbrella has a high capacity, thanks to its measurements of 55 centimeters high by 18 centimeters at the base, in a square format. It also includes a very nice design, where umbrellas and drops mix, which also allows adequate ventilation inside the umbrella stand.

The product has been made of iron, with a finish similar to lacquer, which gives the umbrella stand greater resistance and gives it an even more elegant finish. And so that you don’t miss anything, the product includes both the hooks to hang the hand umbrellas and a plate to collect the water that those umbrellas release.

Although there are many candidates for the best brand of umbrella stands on the market, the truth is that this model and its characteristics make its manufacturer win.


Space: It is one of the largest models that we have analyzed, with measurements of 55 centimeters in height and 18 centimeters in base, in a square format.

Decoration : The exterior decoration, based on umbrellas and drops of water, gives this product a different and fun touch.

Water tray: The bottom tray allows you to keep the water safe and prevent damage to the product.

Finish: The product has a finish with an effect similar to enamel, improving its appearance and giving the product greater resistance.


Balance: Some users comment that the product may not be well stabilized, although this can be solved with a small pad that supports it.

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Balvi Cactus

So that you have everything at hand in a single product, the Balvi Cactus umbrella stand and coat rack has the two elements together, saving you space at the entrance of your office. To achieve this, this model has the design of a traditional coat rack although adding a ring at the bottom where we can place the umbrellas. A simple design that makes it easy to keep everything in sight as well as giving the umbrellas maximum ventilation, so they dry quickly.

You don’t have to worry about the ground either, since the umbrella stand includes a small plastic container in which to collect the water. As for the hangers area, it has a total of eight bars for hanging, located at different angles and spaces that make the process of organizing the coats on its surface easier. Something that is also helped by its wide base, which gives the product the necessary stability for this purpose.

Although it is not among the cheap umbrella stands, the truth is that the saving of space and the quality of its manufacture well deserve to discover something more about it.


Space saving: Thanks to having the umbrella stand and the coat rack in a single product, you will save space in your office.

Capacity : The product has a total of eight hangers at different heights, as well as a 31-centimeter diameter ring in which to properly organize your umbrellas.

Materials : This umbrella stand and coat rack set has been made of high-quality metal, so you don’t have to worry about its resistance or its quality.


Emptying : The plastic base plate cannot be removed from the frame, so you will need to air dry it or otherwise.

Assembly : It is one of the few umbrella stands that we have analyzed that requires assembly, although it is quite simple.

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vidaXL 243126

The VidaXL 243126 wooden umbrella stand is a product made entirely of wood that gives a special touch of elegance to any office where you mount it. This product has been made of solid walnut wood and plywood, offering a natural finish that always gives the product that touch of a vintage umbrella stand. This wood has been duly treated to prevent moisture from deteriorating the product over time.

In addition, it has an interior design with lattice boards that are responsible for keeping the umbrellas dry and drying the wet ones with greater efficiency. This also contributes to giving the umbrella stand a nice appearance, within its design line.

The product is finished off with four wide legs that maintain its stability. And as if that were not enough, thanks to its adjusted price, this model could well be the best value for money umbrella stand that we have analyzed.

If you want a different umbrella stand that also stands out among the cheapest on the market, learn more about this VidaXL model.


Design: This umbrella stand has a beautiful wooden construction with a square design and a beautiful lattice on the bottom that gives it a different look.

Treatment: The wood of this umbrella stand has been duly treated and varnished so that it does not deteriorate due to the effect of humidity.

Stability: Thanks to its four legs and its design, this umbrella stand offers adequate stability, even when loaded.


Finish : Since the product is made of natural wood, the actual finishes may vary, although always within the main line of the product.

Lower plate: The umbrella stand does not include the lower plate that other models include with which to collect the water from wet umbrellas.

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Durable Atlanta

If you don’t want to complicate yourself when deciding which is the best umbrella stand for your office, the Durable Atlanta model solves this problem for you. A traditional umbrella stand in black with a cylindrical format that looks appropriate in any space in your office.

Specifically, this model has a height of 62 centimeters with a diameter of 26 centimeters, with an internal capacity of 28.5 litres. Therefore, it is enough to store a few umbrellas without them getting caught or damaged. These umbrellas are properly ventilated thanks to the perforated structure of the bin, which prevents moisture from concentrating inside.

If you don’t want complications when deciding which umbrella stand to buy, this classic cut model is a very practical wild card.


Measurements : Thanks to its measurements, this product can hold a good number of umbrellas without deteriorating.

Finish : The epoxy resin finish gives the umbrella stand an extra quality finish, as well as greater resistance.

Perforated : The central perforated surface prevents excessive moisture from accumulating inside the umbrella stand.


Handle : Unlike other similar models, this model does not have a handle to hold or move it, having to grab it from the edge.

Emptying : In case water accumulates inside, you must be careful when pouring it, due to the design of the product.

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