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Underblankets – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

The underblankets are a type of heating designed to remove the cold from the sheets of your bed, allowing you to rest at the desired temperature. In addition, there are those who use them for therapeutic purposes, thus relieving back ailments. The models are varied, so it is convenient that you review some options before the imminent purchase. If what you are looking for is a heated blanket made with certified textiles and a safe thermal system, then you can buy the Medisana HU665 60217. Its work force can be regulated at three temperatures by means of a thermostat, which in turn has an automated disconnection mechanism, avoiding overheating. For its part, the Mundigangas 160 x 140 cm model stands out, which incorporates a pair of detachable controls on each side of the blanket, allowing you to control its operation independently.



Opinions on the best underblankets

Despite the fact that all underblankets fulfill the same function, not every model is suitable for your needs. That is why, in the following section, we present five products along with their main specifications.

Medisana HU665 60217

This model developed by Medisana is a benchmark of quality, due to its materials and effective operation, so it is not surprising that it is considered the best underblanket.

Its technical specifications include a 150 x 80 centimeter format, a weight of only 1.7 kilograms, a maximum heating power of 60 watts, a power input of 220 to 240 volts and low power consumption.

We cannot fail to mention the incorporation of an adjustable regulating thermostat with three temperature levels, a self-disconnection system after 180 minutes and its double heating zone, with greater intensity in the foot area. Likewise, it is made of high-end Oeko Tex certified textile material, offering a spongy surface with a soft touch.

With an attractive, powerful and safe design, you will find this model positioned on purchase lists as the best underblanket of the moment.


Power: Its maximum starting force has been established at 60 watts and it can be regulated to three heat levels.

Cleaning: It can be washed by machine or by hand, since the regulating thermostat is quickly disassembled.

Security: As a security measure, a disconnection system is incorporated after three hours of continuous operation, avoiding overheating.

Dimensions: The textile has a length – width of 150 x 80 centimeters, so you should use it on single beds.


Textile: As it is a white underblanket, it may get dirty quickly, so it would be good to have a textile protection treatment.

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Mundigangas 160 x 140 cm

If your purchase objective is to acquire one of the best underblankets of 2022, then you cannot fail to verify this model belonging to Mundigangas. Its design has been thought for double beds, since it has a spacious surface of 160 x 140 centimeters.

In addition, the finishes in both the cuts and the seams denote quality and the polyester textile fiber used for making them offers great comfort, resistance, a soft touch and anti-allergy protection.

Its work force corresponds to 50 watts, which you can regulate to enjoy up to three levels of heat, incorporating a small and ergonomic electric control on each side of the blanket. This is how you can turn on, turn off or adjust its operation individually, quickly and intuitively.

This model designed and marketed by the Mundigangas house has been rated as the best brand of underblankets, since it has an efficient and intuitive operation.


Dimensions: The surface of the underblanket is 160 x 140 centimeters and corresponds to a standard double bed format.

Power: The power provided by the heater is 50 watts and can be adjusted to three stages of operation.

Textile: The polyester textile material used to manufacture this underblanket offers softness, resistance and incorporates a hypoallergenic treatment.

Controls: You can program the operation of the blanket independently, since it incorporates a control on each side.


Automatic disconnection: This model does not incorporate an automated disconnection system, which could cause the resistors to overheat.

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Beurer UB 66 XXL

The Beurer house has managed to stand out in the market due to the quality present in each of its products, so this model would be a good choice for those who are wondering which is the best underblanket.

Its white design has length-width dimensions of 150 x 140 centimeters, being suitable for any double bed. For its construction, a fleece lining is combined with a fleece textile, which will allow you to enjoy a comfortable surface with antibacterial protection.

The resistors are quite thin, being practically imperceptible. Its working power corresponds to 60 watts and can be adjusted to four levels by means of a pair of independent controls. In addition, it incorporates a programmable timer for a maximum of 12 continuous hours of work.

If you still can’t decide on a specific model and are still wondering which underblanket to buy, then you should examine the pros and cons of this product.


Controls: The underblanket has been equipped with a pair of independent controls, which you can easily manipulate due to its intuitive design.

Power: With a power of 60 watts adjustable to four temperature levels, this is how this model of underblankets has been provided.

Timer: The incorporation of a timer will allow you to set the disconnection of the heating system to a maximum of 12 hours of work.

Dimensions: Its dimensions of 150 x 140 centimeters are suitable for double beds.


Instruction manual: The product does not include an instruction manual, so it is necessary to visit the manufacturer’s page in case of doubt.

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Beurer TS 26

Beurer underblankets comply with appropriate safety and certification measures regarding the prevention of electrical overheating, this model being a clear example of this.

Its maximum power has been established at 65 watts and the regulation mechanism adjusts to three heat levels and incorporates a double control knob, with independent programming. These devices have a compact design, intuitive operating buttons and an LED indicator to alert you when they are turned on. The best thing is that they are removable, facilitating the introduction of the textile to the washing machine.

The product has been made of flexible microfiber with a soft touch, breathable and provided with a hypoallergenic treatment. In addition, it has dimensions of 150 x 140 centimeters, which adapt perfectly to any standard double bed.

TS 26 is a model belonging to the Beurer line of underblankets, made with high-end microfibers and high safety standards.


Power: The resistances have been equipped with a work force equivalent to 65 watts and a regulation mechanism for the enjoyment of three heat levels.

Dimensions: It is a double bed warmer with a format of 150 x 140 centimeters.

Controls: The manufacturer incorporated two control knobs with independent operation and removable body, to facilitate the washing of the textile.

Safety: The product incorporates an automatic disconnection system for its operation, thus avoiding overheating of the resistances.


Flimsy: The cable of the control devices is a bit flimsy, being necessary to be careful when disassembling them.

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Orbegozo CE 6000

Orbegozo, always innovating when it comes to electrical equipment, presents us on this occasion with a product that for many is the best quality-price ratio, because it is one of the cheapest of our recommendations. So do not hesitate to include it in your shopping list.

Its structure is made of lightweight aluminum, the format is compact and weighs only 771 grams, being quite light to handle. Its maximum work force corresponds to 850 watts, the equipment incorporates energy thermo-accumulation technology, a safety mechanism to prevent electrical overheating and a connector for the power cable. In addition, it has a red LED light indicator, to monitor the start-up or cessation of its operation and a storage case.

If you want a compact, light and powerful underblanket, then this model will be a wise purchase. In addition, according to buyers it is one of the cheapest.


Power: The work force of this underblanket belongs to the high end of its category, offering 850 watts.

Indicator: You will be able to quickly verify the power on and off of the equipment, since the manufacturer incorporated a red LED indicator.

Design: The design of this underblanket consists of a small and light structure, made of galvanized aluminium.

Cover: The manufacturer attaches a storage cover, made of purple cotton textile and closed by means of a rope.


Flimsy: The aluminum used for the structure is very flimsy, so you must be careful when handling it to avoid denting it.

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