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Underfloor heating – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

When thinking about acquiring a means of heating for your home, you will find many options such as electric mats. This product has gained popularity in recent years, as it offers great practicality when handling and assembling it. The selection, as in any equipment, requires a prior verification of attributes, which guarantees you the realization of a successful purchase that will bring benefits to your home. Within the variety of equipment on the market is the Calorique HB50-150 underfloor heating, with a light, compact and easy-to-handle format that works using infrared technology. In addition, you can spread it on any type of laminated surface, tile, cement, among others. In this way, you will heat the rooms when you want. Another model with great positioning is the Nassboards Premium Pro with 150W of power, a simple installation with adhesive and a thermostat with a backlit screen.

Opinions on the best underfloor heating

If you are currently looking for underfloor heating, we invite you to read and analyze the specifications of the models that we present to you in the following section. It is equipment with high standards of elaboration, which will help you to efficiently heat the different rooms of your home.

Electric underfloor heating

Calorie HB50-150

If your goal is to acquire the best value for money electric underfloor heating, the recommendation is to review this model with the Calorique quality seal. It is a product that, apart from offering efficient operation, is also one of the cheapest on this list.

Its installation is quite simple and can be done in the kitchen, living room or any room. The operation is through infrared technology, offering 150 watts of power per square meter. In addition, it works with an electrical voltage of 230 volts.

The width and length dimensions are 50 x 100 centimeters, the height is 0.3 millimeters and the weight is only 299 grams. So you can handle, transport or store this electric underfloor heating with total comfort. It is important that you keep in mind that this type of heating is suitable for a wide variety of floors such as vinyl, laminate, wood, among others.

If you want to acquire an easy-to-handle radiant wall tile that you can place on any type of floor, you cannot leave the pros and cons of this model out of your comparative list. Also, it is one of the cheapest.


Dimensions: The dimensions width – length of the slab are 50 x 100 centimeters and its height corresponds to only 0.3 millimeters.

Weight: The weight of the product is only 299 grams, so you can handle it without causing any discomfort .

Compatibility: This heating pad is suitable for a wide range of floors such as vinyl laminate, wood, cement, among other materials.

Technology: For its operation, the manufacturer had infrared technology, generating a consumption of 150 watts per square meter.


Instruction manual: Although the equipment does not include a printed instruction manual, you can access the brand’s official website to review the information regarding assembly.

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Bodenheizung 24 AM902205

Bodenheizung 24 is a manufacturer with a long history and a well-known position in the market. That is why, when searching among the lists with the best underfloor heating for 2022, you will find this model at the top of the list.

It is a heating sheet that is easy to install under the tile in your bedroom, kitchen or any other room that you need to keep warm. Its format is 0.5 x 9 meters and weighs 1.82 kilograms.

This electric radiant floor has been provided with a regulating thermostat so that you can adjust the temperature level, according to your taste. The casing is white polymer and incorporates a spacious backlit LCD display with large, quick-read digits. In addition, the programming buttons are intuitive.

We cannot fail to mention that the electrical current output corresponds to 230 volts, the working power is 100 watts and the manufacturer incorporated some power and connection cables into this electric underfloor heating.

Bodenheizung 24 is a manufacturer that stands out in the market due to the quality and efficient operation of its products, which is why this time it is positioned as the best brand of underfloor heating. Know the pros and cons of one of its models.


Format: The format of the slab reaches 0.5 x 9 meters and has a weight of 1.82 kilograms.

Voltage: The electrical current of this model of floor heaters corresponds to a maximum of 230 volts.

Thermostat: The thermostat incorporated into the heating sheet has a compact casing and a screen with large digits, which will allow you to make a correct reading.

Installation: This model is easy and quick to install, being suitable for you to install it under the tile of your room, kitchen or living room.


Temperature: The temperature level generated by the equipment is a bit deficient to heat the different rooms, according to some comments.

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Underfloor heating

Nassboards Premium Pro

Nassboards Premium Pro could easily become the best underfloor heating on the market, thanks to its performance, easy installation and included accessories.

The Premium Pro underfloor heating can generate up to 150W, making it very efficient so you don’t have to deal with cold tiles in the winter. Its dimensions allow you to put heating in a space of up to 5m², but depending on its availability, you can find it in other sizes and thus cover all the floor you need.

It stands out that its installation is simple, since it consists of adhesive tape with which you can easily stick it on the surface. Besides, it is accompanied by a bottle of sealant and its respective roller to apply it.

Finally, perhaps what Internet users like the most is the thermostat with a backlit screen, since that way you can adjust the temperature to your liking and without many complications.

Next, we will review the pros and cons of what for some could be the best underfloor heating of the moment:


Power: This model offers high power capable of keeping the floor at a comfortable temperature.

Adjustable: It has a thermostat that you can install, in order to change the temperature of the underfloor heating.

Installation: It can be easily assembled thanks to an adhesive previously installed on one of its faces.

Accessories: Aside from the thermostat, wiring and a can of sealant with a small roller are also included.



Language: The instruction manual to install the heating is only in English, although it is said that it is easy to install.

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Calorie US50-150/0.5F

Another good product if you are looking for underfloor heating is the Calorique US50-150/0.5F, as it has high power and is 50 centimeters wide, allowing you to enjoy pleasant temperatures in winter.

It has a power of 150W per 0.5 m² and a thickness of just 0.3 millimeters, so it can be easily installed on the ground. In addition, it is compatible with renewable energy systems, such as solar or wind. It does not generate waste or noise and is practically imperceptible.

Another striking detail of Calorique’s underfloor heating is that it can be installed on different types of surfaces, be they laminate, cork, or wood, among others. For this and more reasons, some netizens recommend it to those who ask which is the best underfloor heating on the market.

This Calorique option could be striking if you don’t know which radiant floor to buy and here we will show you its most outstanding qualities:


Compatibility: Another advantage is that you can install it on different materials without problems.

Savings: With this radiant floor you will be able to reduce the electrical consumption of the heating of your home.

Sustainable energy: You can connect it to solar or wind energy sources if you wish.

Customizable: It is possible to cut it every 16 millimeters respecting the safety lines, in case it has to be adapted to the space.


Thermostat: A device with which the temperature can be regulated according to the taste of each one is missing.

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Other products


If you are looking for other infrared radiant floors, then you cannot miss this model presented by the manufacturer Mega Confort. It is a floor with a format of two square meters and a thickness that reaches 0.3 millimeters, which has been designed to be used in renovations or new constructions under parquet, laminate, tile, carpet floors, among others.

Its work force corresponds to 220 watts per square meter, being able to heat any room safely, since it does not emit any type of electromagnetic wave, which could affect the operation of household appliances.

Regarding the issue of assembly, you will find in the purchase package some accessories that will facilitate this process, such as an insulating adhesive tape and the necessary cable for connecting the screen. We cannot fail to mention the inclusion of a warranty card valid for a period of 10 years.

If you are looking for an infrared heating system for your floor with great efficiency, then this model is an option that you should review.


Warranty: With the purchase you will enjoy a 10-year warranty, with certain conditions that you must verify when registering the product.

Power: This underfloor heating has been provided with a power corresponding to 220 watts per square meter.

Accessories: To facilitate assembly, an insulating-type adhesive tape and connection cables are attached.

Dimensions: The format of this floor is two square meters and the thickness of said sheet is 0.3 millimeters.


Heating: The level of heating provided by the product is a bit low, according to some comments.

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AEG 223260

AEG is a manufacturer with a great position in the market, in charge of developing products with the highest standards of quality and efficiency, with respect to their operation.

For this reason, this model of underfloor heating has achieved the acceptance of buyers and a series of positive comments. The equipment consists of a sheet joined by a series of temperature-conducting fabrics. Likewise, it incorporates a thin aluminum coating that has been designed to offer a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the length and width of the product.

The design is complemented by a five-millimeter-thick section of insulation, as well as a four-meter-long cable for lateral connection. Among other specifications, we have that the product is intended to be used on laminate or parquet floors, its weight is 3.76 kilograms and the level of heating provided corresponds to 30°C.

This AEG model is easy to assemble and distributes heat evenly. Here are its pros and cons.


Design: It is a plate with conductive loops, insulating sheet and aluminum coating, which together allow a correct distribution of heat.

Cable: The built-in connection cable has a length of four meters, being an adequate measure for its assembly.

Weight: Its net weight is 3.76 kilograms, so you will have no problems handling it.

Heating: By starting the operation of this floor, you can enjoy a heating level of up to 30°C.


Instruction manual: The attached instruction manual has been assessed as not very explanatory.

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Extherm Double Sided

The Extherm house has been characterized throughout its history as a manufacturer that offers quality, safe and durable products. Proof of this is this model of underfloor heating, which will provide you with efficient operation, intuitive installation and the support of the brand in the event of a breakdown.

For this, it incorporates a guarantee for a period of up to 15 years. These are some of the reasons why the product has earned positive feedback from buyers. The heating foil design is intended to be placed under the floor tile in your bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Its size is for 2.5 square meters, the thickness is four millimeters and the weight of only 1.64 kilograms. In addition, it incorporates double PVC-coated thermal wiring, works with a 230-volt current and generates low power consumption, which respects the environment while heating your home.

This is a radiant floor model that will provide you with efficient operation, due to its technical specifications and high thermal transmission wiring.


Design: This is a four-millimeter-thick heating sheet that you can comfortably install under the tile in any room in your home.

Voltage: For its power supply, the equipment requires an electrical current of 230 volts.

Wiring: The thermal wiring system incorporated into the sheet is made of PVC, thus offering greater durability and safety during the heating process.

Warranty: The manufacturer has included in the purchase package a warranty card for a period of 15 years, with which you can support the operation of the equipment in the event of a breakdown.


Adhesive: The absence of a roll of adhesive tape has been commented as something negative, being necessary to make an extra investment to acquire it.

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Underfloor heating accessories

Underfloor heating collector

Zerone G1/2

Among the accessories for underfloor heating by water that would be quite beneficial for you to acquire, this underfloor heating collector stands out, marketed by the Zerone house. Its structure has been made of stainless steel for greater durability, it has a total of four feed outlets and four return outlets, arranged for water and steam.

It is important to mention some details regarding the caliber of the valve inlet, which corresponds to G 1″. For its part, the format of the adapter is G 1/2″ and the admitted temperature range is far from 1 to 95°. It also includes an automated system to purge the equipment and a support that will facilitate assembly.

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Underfloor thermostat


Another of the accessories for radiant floors that you cannot miss is this radiant floor thermostat patented by FTVOGUE, which will allow you to correctly and safely adjust the temperature. It is a complement with a practical wall mount, compact housing made of white ABS polymer and LCD type screen with backlight system for quick viewing.

In the lower part it incorporates some buttons with quite intuitive operation arranged for programming. In addition, you will be able to control the equipment remotely, since the manufacturer had Wi-Fi connection technology, so you can link your smartphone.

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Guide to buying underfloor heating

Incorporating underfloor heating in the different rooms of your home is a very good option that will help you maintain warmth during winter days. The selection can be a lengthy process, since we are talking about a product with several specifications to verify. In this way, you will achieve efficient operation. In the following section, we present a guide to buying the best underfloor heating.

Shopping guide

Electrical power and efficiency

The work force of the radiant floor must belong to a high range, so that the heating level is much more efficient. Going through the shopping lists, you will find products with a power of 100, 150, 450, 2,000 and even 4,000 watts. Of course, this decision depends on the size of the room or corridor of the house that we want to heat.

In addition, this specification necessarily leads us to ask ourselves other types of questions such as the required current input, which is generally a maximum of 240 volts. In the same way, its energy classification must be known, which will help us to know if it is an environmentally friendly product, and it is therefore recommended that it be an A+++ efficiency. This is how you can save up to 40% energy.


It is important that you check if the selected radiant floor incorporates a thermostat. This device, although it can probably influence how much the product costs, is considered a long-term investment, since it will help you control the operation of the heating in a simple way.

The quality indicators to specify in this device would then be, first of all, its size, which must be compact and light for correct handling and installation. It also confirms that the casing is made of resistant polymer and the intuitive control panel. In case the model integrates an LED screen, make sure that it has been provided with a backlight system and that the digits are large for quick reading.


The dimensions height, width, depth are technical specifications that cannot fail to be included in any comparison of underfloor heating. Remember that each model has a different format, so it is necessary to evaluate our space needs in order to acquire a radiant slab that adapts correctly to the floor.

This type of product has several presentations, highlighting those of compact size such as 50 x 50, 100 x 100 or 100 x 50 centimeters. Similarly, there are more spacious floors such as those of two square meters, 4.5 x 9 meters, among many others.

Regarding the thickness, this can vary between 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters, so it is a fairly thin product. Finally, the selection is personal. So, contrast the extensions of both parts well, so that when assembling you do not have problems.

Accessories and warranty

If you are looking for a radiant floor, surely your interest is focused on it being a good and economical product. For this to be possible, said article must comply with a series of quality indicators, to which is added the presence of some tools that allow a quick assembly.

We speak then of the incorporation of a roll of insulating tape with adhesive on both sides, so that it allows you to correctly fix the system of heat-conducting probes. Likewise, it would be necessary to have the necessary meters of cable to carry out the electrical connection.

On the other hand, we have the issue of the guarantee attached to the purchase package. This is another factor that you cannot ignore, since if there is any imperfection with the operation of the heater, you will have a backup to solve its repair or replacement. Remember to carefully review the conditions that apply, thus avoiding future inconveniences with the manufacturer.


When acquiring a radiant floor, it is important to verify that the respective instruction manual is attached to the purchase package. Perhaps it may seem like an unnecessary element to you, especially when most of these products are characterized by offering an intuitive installation.

However, through it you will be able to familiarize yourself with said heating slab and this will allow you to save time when, for example, carrying out the cable connection. In the same way, you will be able to know the necessary precautions to avoid deterioration and what are the compatible accessories to achieve maximum use of the heat generated. Of course, these are just some of the points that you will be able to verify.

So the recommendation is to spend a few minutes to read the instructions. On the other hand, if the selected model does not incorporate it, you have the option of contacting the technical service or searching the web for a tutorial to clarify any doubts.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to purge underfloor heating?

The first thing you have to do is check if your model incorporates an automated purging mechanism. In this case, you will only have to turn said key and wait for the process to be carried out. With regard to floors that do not incorporate this system, then you will need to perform the purge manually.

To do this, you must open the valves one by one, wait for all the air to come out, activate the pump at a pressure of at least three bars and, when the water comes out, then the purge will be finished. This may take approximately five minutes.

Q2: How to clean underfloor heating?

You must remember that this connection system is located under the ground, so it does not require special care. What you can do is check both the status of the valves and the thermostat, being necessary to seek the help of an expert to carry out a thorough maintenance of these parts.

With regard to the surface of laminate, parquet, tile, wood or other material that covers the heating system, you can clean it according to your own needs. This means that you will have to sweep, vacuum or mop with a specialized cleaning product.

Q3: Can I install underfloor heating without a thermostat?

When it comes to underfloor heating, the recommendation is to accompany it with at least one thermostat, since, in this way, once the resistances or probes have heated up, you can adjust said temperature. In this way, it will be possible to maintain warmth throughout the day if you wish. In addition, you can install a thermostat in each room, in order to adjust different heat levels, according to the needs of each space.

Q4: What spends more, underfloor heating or radiators?

Radiant floors are definitely the most economical option with regard to energy consumption, since they work through a low temperature circuit that ranges between 30 and 45°. This means that they consume up to 20% less compared to traditional cut radiators, which require between 80 and 85° of temperature to offer efficient performance, but with higher consumption.

Q5: Is underfloor heating compatible with parquet?

Parquet is a type of wood with a series of natural properties, capable of achieving optimal thermal insulation, which is quite flattering to make the most of the temperature generated by the set of probes that make up the underfloor heating.

In this way, by using said material as a coating, you will not only considerably reduce heat loss and achieve a homogeneous spread of heat, but you will also be saving energy and, therefore, lowering costs in monthly electricity billing.

Q6: How to regulate Uponor underfloor heating?

The regulation of the temperature of the radiant floor through this wireless technology is very simple, being only necessary to link your smartphone through an Uponor application, in order to be able to control the programming of the on, off and adjust the different temperature levels remotely and from the comfort of your mobile.

Of course, this technology is applied to the thermostat, which is in charge of carrying out these functions manually. Some models even incorporate a remote control, so you can carry out this procedure by pressing a couple of buttons, from any angle in the room.

Q7: Which is better, underfloor heating by water or electric?

Both types of flooring offer effective and safe operation, with some distinctive differences between them that do not make them better or worse than one another. The radiant water heating system has lower energy consumption, but requires more accessories at the time of installation, which means a greater investment than installing an electric floor. The latter is cheap and quick to assemble. However, its power consumption can be a bit high.

Q8: What is underfloor heating?

When we talk about cooling radiant floors, we are not only referring to a heating mechanism, but to a more complex and comprehensive system, capable of air conditioning the different rooms of your home. This means that you have at your disposal equipment that adapts to any season of the year, since you can adjust it so that it radiates heat in winter and cold in summer.

Q9: How does gas underfloor heating work?

Gas radiant floors work based on a work cycle combined with an electrical system. In this way, once the current is produced, it is immediately transformed to a high voltage range and then passes to a low voltage. During this process of changing the voltage, up to 50% of energy is lost, which registers only 25% of the consumption of the primary start-up in each user’s meter, being a very economical option.

Q10: What is more convenient, underfloor heating or aerothermal?

The main function of underfloor heating is to provide the necessary heat to set the different rooms in your home, so they are suitable for the winter season. Likewise, other models serve as air conditioners, providing a little more versatility.

For its part, the aerothermal system works with the help of a heat pump to provide you with a heating mode and a cooling mode, being possible to connect it to some type of heat generator to produce hot water. Both options are recommended, but finally the selection of the product depends on your needs.

Q11: Which is better, underfloor heating or wall heating?

Perhaps at first glance you might think that a radiant floor generates a much higher level of heat than a simple radiant wall, since the latter occupies a much smaller space when installed.

Recent studies have concluded that the installation of only 20% of the radiant slab on a wall in the room emits the same range of heat as installing 100% of the product on the floor of the same room. In this way, when mounting on the wall you will be saving work time and money.

How to use underfloor heating

Having underfloor heating for our home is a very flattering measure, especially if you are a cold person. The market has many options at your disposal, so you can select the equipment that best suits your needs. If you recently purchased a product of this type, you should review the following steps where we teach you how to use underfloor heating.

Read the instruction manual

In general, the manufacturer attaches an instruction manual to the purchase package, which you should not let go unnoticed. Take a few minutes of your time to do a quick reading, which will guide you in the assembly process that you will carry out later, thus familiarizing yourself with all the parts that make up the purchased underfloor heating.

Check the content of the package

Before starting the assembly in a hurry, we recommend that you carefully check the good condition of the parts included in the purchase package. Commonly, these are the slabs that make up the radiant floor, the system of heat-conducting probes, with some complementary elements, such as the double-sided insulating tape and the cable for the electrical connection.

Similarly, a mounting set with screws of different thicknesses and a couple of brackets could be attached. Of course, this applies to products that have been provided with a thermostat, whose mounting is intended to be done on the wall.

Have the necessary tools at hand

It is important that you have at hand all the necessary tools for fixing the underfloo

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