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Vacuum Cleaner Bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Vacuum cleaner bags are an essential product for those who have this type of cleaning device at home, because they are responsible for storing all the dirt sucked up by the device. In this way, the refill can be removed and discarded, at least in most cases, since some designs are reusable. For example, with the Rowenta WB305120 model you will have a pack of five microfiber bags provided with a special adapter, so you can use the product in various types of vacuum cleaners. Another good purchase option is Microsafe B01EJLY8ZI, which offers you a pack of 10 bags with a HEPA-type filter, which sanitizes the blown air.

The 9 Best Vacuum Bags – Opinions 2022

It is possible to find various vacuum cleaner bags on the market, but not all of them are used for the same cleaning devices. Next, we present nine models of vacuum cleaner bags recommended among the best of this year.

Universal vacuum bags

1. Rowenta Wonderbag Compact WB305120 Pack of 5 bags

Rowenta presents on this occasion a pack made up of five universal vacuum cleaner bags, whose individual format corresponds to a width – height of 25 x 25 centimeters, for a maximum storage volume of three liters. Likewise, these textile parts have been provided with a convenient adapter, specially designed so that you can use them in various models of vacuum cleaners without problems.

On the other hand, we have the issue of making the bags, for which high quality microfiber was used, which resists the possible tears generated by the dirt accumulated inside them. In addition, said textile provides an important level of filtration of up to 96%. In this way, the filter is capable of trapping mites, lint, pollen and other microparticles, which are responsible for the generation of respiratory allergies among family members. For all these reasons, there are those who recommend this product as the best vacuum cleaner bag.

Here, the details of a product recommended as the best vacuum cleaner bag of the moment.


Microfiber: Microfiber filters have great resistance, which prevents their rapid deterioration due to collected dirt.

Adapter: It is possible to use the bags in three-liter vacuum cleaners, thanks to the built-in adapter.

Pack: Its pack of five units is suitable for several uses, so you will not have to constantly invest in bags.

Filtration: You will be able to eliminate up to 96% of microparticles, significantly reducing the generation of respiratory allergies. 


Compatibility: Bags may not fit correctly on some Rowenta Compact Series models.

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Bosch vacuum cleaner bags

2. Microsafe vacuum cleaner bags Bosch GL Series Vacuum Cleaner

Among the best vacuum cleaner bags of 2022 it is possible to find this pack of 10 units. Each of them has been made of high-quality fabric with anti-mite protection and reduced porosity, which prevents the escape of dirt, pollen, dust and spores trapped by the equipment when vacuuming.

These are Bosch gl 30 vacuum cleaner bags, with a robust body, which according to the manufacturer is five times stronger than other designs. In addition, it incorporates a triple pressure seam on the edges, and in the central area of ​​one of its faces, a reinforced adjustment mouthpiece stands out, with the purpose of achieving a correct adaptation to the appliance.

Also, it should be noted that these Bosch vacuum cleaner bags have been provided with the well-known HEPA filtration system, which is responsible for cleaning the air used for vacuuming, improving the efficiency of the cleaning process.

Bosch might be the best brand for vacuum bags. Learn more about this model, whose pros and cons we detail right away.


Seams: Each bag has triple pressure seams to prevent tearing.

Hypoallergenic protection: Its filtration system allows you to effectively get rid of pollen, dust, spores and other particles.

Anti mites: You will be able to trap mites without them escaping from the bag, due to the reduced porosity of the fabric.

Compatibility: In case you have an ecological vacuum cleaner, you can use this pack, because its design is compatible.


Volume: If you usually collect a high amount of waste, you will need to replace the bags more frequently.

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Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bags

3. Nilfisk 78602600 Vacuum bags and prefilters

Recommended by users as an accurate answer to the common question of which is the best vacuum cleaner bag, this pack stands out in the main shopping portals, as it is made up of five units with a storage volume of 2.1 liters each.

These Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bags have been made with ABS fabric, which is a synthetic material with high tear resistance, so you won’t have to worry about the vacuumed dirt causing damage to the bag. In addition, its sides have been sewn using a pressure technique to prevent the joints from tearing due to air pressure during the vacuuming process.

Also, it should be noted that the assembly of these spare parts is considered an intuitive task, since only the compartment indicated in the Nilfisk Compact series vacuum cleaner must be freed, to then adjust the part and start cleaning.

The advantages and disadvantages of this model could interest those who do not yet know which vacuum cleaner bag to buy.


Pack: Its pack of five units is profitable, so you will have bags for several cleaning sessions.

Assembly: The assembly process is intuitive, so you will only need to release the device compartment and adjust the bag.

Capacity: Due to its storage volume of 2.1 liters, the product is suitable for equipment with this suction capacity.

Seams: The bags offer good resistance, because they were sewn under pressure, so they will not rip.


Instruction manual: Instructions in English may be inconvenient for those who do not have knowledge of the language.

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Vorwerk vacuum cleaner bags

4. Filterprofi vacuum cleaner bags Vorwerk Folletto Kobold VK

With these vacuum cleaner bags you will enjoy a high-quality replacement, with which you will not only be able to retain dust and dirt particles effectively, but you will also take care of the environment, since the parts have been made of recyclable paper.

The pack is made up of two packages of 10 units each, for a total of 20 refills, which could last for more than 40 cleaning sessions. Of course, the useful life of the parts will depend on the volume of dirt sucked up.

It is important to mention that these Vorwerk vacuum cleaner bags are compatible with the Folletto Kobold model and the VK series of equipment, so the options for use are quite wide. In addition, these pieces have a mouth that has been provided with a secure closure system, so that when the bag is removed, the dirt does not escape.

Next, the positive and other less favorable details of this pack of vacuum cleaner bags.


Compatibility: The product compatibility options are wide, being suitable for the VK series of vacuum cleaners.

Pack: Its 20 units are used for several cleaning sessions, allowing you to save money on refills.

Manufacturing: You should not worry about the pollution generated, because the spare parts are recyclable.

Mounting: Intuitive mounting only requires releasing the bag from the package and fitting it into the device compartment.


Spare parts: The spare parts are not original parts of the brands with which they are compatible, but they still offer a good level of quality.

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Miele vacuum cleaner bags

5. AmazonBasics M21 Odor Control Vacuum Bags

These Miele vacuum cleaner bags, belonging to the AmazonBasics line, have managed to position themselves in specialized shopping portals, thanks to their design made of synthetic-type textile, capable of providing twice as long a useful life as conventional paper models.. 

In addition, the fiber used has a light body and reduced porosity, specially designed to achieve a perfect balance between the filtering and suction process, since dust does not accumulate and, therefore, does not limit the effectiveness of the device.

On the other hand, this product considered among the best vacuum cleaner bags has been provided with special technology, which manages to block the bad odors generated during the time the bag spends in the compartment of the device without being removed. According to the manufacturer, such a period can be about two and a half months.

Let us know more details about these vacuum bags with attractive functions for buyers.


Units: These are 10 units that will be used for several cleaning sessions before purchasing a new pack.

Seal: Thanks to the built-in seal, dirt will not escape while you remove the bag, enhancing the hygiene of the space.

Textile: The suction level of the equipment will improve markedly, thanks to the synthetic fabric with reduced porosity of the bags. 

Odor blocking: Special technology that blocks bad odors is incorporated, so you can use the bag for two and a half months.


Fit: You will need to trim on both sides of the cardboard, so that the bag fits properly on the equipment.

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Panasonic vacuum cleaner bags

6. ERSA 915711 Vacuum bag Energy efficiency class A+++

Considered the best value for money vacuum cleaner bag, this option has managed to position itself in the listings, since its structure is made of synthetic fabric, which significantly improves the performance of the cleaning devices in which said replacement is incorporated.

The pack is made up of a total of five units with rectangular format. In addition, the edges of the pieces were joined using a pressure technique, in order to provide greater resistance against air and accumulated dirt. In this way, there is no need to worry about the unexpected tearing of the part.

On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that these Panasonic vacuum cleaner bags trap and retain not only dust particles, but also pet hair, pollen, mites and any type of allergen present in the different rooms of the home.

This model stands out among the cheapest vacuum cleaner bag options. More details below.


Fabric: You won’t have to worry about the bags tearing, due to their multilayer synthetic fabric construction.

Performance: With these bags the performance of the equipment is significantly improved, for effective suction.

Filtering: Its filtering system retains mites, pollen and any allergen, for a better hygiene of the environment.

Reusable: Being a reusable product, you can use the refills in several cleaning sessions before discarding them.


Compatibility: Bags may not be compatible with modern equipment, but are ideal for older vacuums.

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Rowenta vacuum cleaner bags

7. Green Label Replacement Hygiene Bags for Rowenta Vacuum Cleaners

Green Label, this time, brings to the market a pack of vacuum cleaner bags made up of five Anti Odor units and five of the Optimal type, for a total of 10 refills, which you can reuse several times. In this way, you will save time and money by not having to constantly acquire these parts, to optimize the operation of the device.

It is an equivalent product with the Rowenta Silence Force vacuum cleaner bags, so it is suitable for this model, as well as for the X-Trem Power and Compact Power equipment.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that high-quality synthetic fabric was used to make these Rowenta vacuum cleaner bags, which prevents the proliferation of mold, resists tearing and effectively filters the dirt vacuumed up during each of the tasks. Likewise, it retains inside the lint left by pets, mites, bacteria and dust particles.

This product has pros and cons that might interest those looking for reusable vacuum cleaner bags.


Filtering: With this product you will not only filter dust, but also bacteria, pet fluff and mites.

Pack: You will not have to constantly invest money in bags, since the pack incorporates ten units.

Fabric: Thanks to its synthetic fabric, it is possible to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mold, for greater hygiene.

Reusable: You will be able to use the bags in a couple of cleaning sessions, because their design is reusable.


Volume: Its containment volume could be low, but everything will depend on your vacuum needs.

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Karcher vacuum cleaner bags

8. Kärcher Paper Filter Bag 6.959-130.0

Among the cheapest vacuum cleaner bags in this list of recommended products, you can find this model from the well-known Kärcher house, whose units have been made with double-layer paper, to provide greater resistance to breaking. This means that you can reuse each of the five refills included in the package several times, so you can use them for many months.

Kärcher vacuum cleaner bags have a spacious tubular design, which adapts to various equipment belonging to the catalog of said brand. In this way, you will enjoy spare parts compatible with the entire WD 3 series and the SE 4002 model. In addition, these filter bags are capable of effectively retaining the finest dirt, after each cleaning session. They can retain ash, dust, dirt, plaster and other particles.

Here, the good and less flattering aspects of this pack of vacuum cleaner bags.


Pack: You will enjoy a useful product for various cleanings, thanks to the five built-in units.

Resistance: Its double paper construction provides a higher level of resistance to breaking.

Filtering: You will effectively trap dust and dry dirt, without it returning to the room when changing the bag.

Compatibility: You will be able to use these bags with several Kärcher vacuum cleaners, because they are compatible with the WD 3 and SE 4002 series.


Liquids: It will not be possible to use this type of bag if you want to suck up liquid waste.

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Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags

9. Electrolux E201SM Mega Pack of S-Bag Classic Long

With these Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags you will enjoy maximum suction, as they have a maximum storage capacity of 3.5 liters, so you can use them for several cleaning sections before they are completely full. In addition, because the pack includes a total of 12 units, you will have a profitable product. In this sense, you will not have to worry about investing time and money in frequently acquiring these spare parts for your cleaning equipment.

With regard to the bags, they have been pressure sealed in the upper and lower area, to prevent them from unexpectedly tearing due to the pressure generated by the air during the vacuuming process. Likewise, they have a format and mouthpiece that are compatible not only with Electrolux house devices, but also with the AEG, Zanussi and Philips series of vacuum cleaners.

Here, more details of these Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags highlighted for their resistance and level of adaptation.


Capacity: Due to its 3.5 liter capacity, you will enjoy a higher level of suction than other bags.

Pack: By incorporating 12 units in the pack, you won’t have to worry about quickly buying more spare parts.

Compatibility: You are not limited to using the product only on Electrolux equipment, as it is compatible with AEG, Zanussi and Philips brands.

Seams: Pressure seams were used for the edges of the bags, which resist the pressure of the vacuum without bursting.


Instructions: The instructions printed on the box are in English, but you can access the official website to translate them.

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Shopping guide

Next, you will be able to read and analyze a small guide to buying the best vacuum cleaner bag, which details the main quality indicators that must be reviewed, prior to the acquisition of this type of product, in order to achieve maximum performance during the suction process.

Fabrication material

In any comparison of vacuum cleaner bags, it is common to find that the manufacturing material is evaluated among the main aspects of interest, since the durability of the product will depend on its quality.

For example, some manufacturers use sturdy paper for vacuum cleaner bags, because it is a strong material that will not burst with air pressure. Also, this type of raw material can be recycled, which is convenient for the care of the environment.

On the other hand, there are the vacuum cleaner bags made with ABS fabric or other multilayer polymers, whose purpose is to provide a longer useful life than conventional paper models. This is because such synthetic parts can be reused twice, or even more, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

In addition, the aforementioned fibers withstand contact with the filtered particles in each cleaning session, which means that the bags retain dirt without unexpectedly tearing.

Number of bags per package

The number of bags offered by the product to be purchased is a highly relevant specification, which few buyers let go unnoticed. Remember that if the package includes few units, you will have to spend time to get the indicated brand and model in a virtual or physical store, as well as it will be necessary to invest more money to buy said pack. In this sense, the ideal is to bet on vacuum cleaner bags that have been provided with five refills or more, which although it is an aspect that can influence how much the product costs; although, finally, it will be beneficial for your economy.

When reviewing the different proposals for vacuum cleaner bags on the market, we can find packages of 5 and up to 20 units, which are considered profitable presentations, which without being reusable, can retain dirt for two or three cleaning sessions. In this way, the durability of each of the refills is longer and, therefore, it will take longer to remove it from the device. Of course, this could also depend on the cleaning habits of each person.

Extra benefits of the bags

There are many vacuum cleaner bags recommended as a good and economical option, but not all of them offer the same benefits when it comes to sucking up and retaining the different types of dirt present in homes.

In this sense, it is possible to find models of bags that add to their fabrics technologies in charge of blocking any bad smell, which is convenient in those teams whose bag is not removed for long periods of time and, therefore, can begin to be generated in she bacteria causing unpleasant aromas.

Likewise, there are fibers with anti-mite and anti-allergen protection, which help retain said agents effectively. In this way, it is possible to enhance the hygiene of the room or vacuumed furniture.

On the other hand, there is the issue of the weight and porosity of the bags, which are a couple of characteristics that at first glance do not seem important, but in reality they significantly influence the performance of the device, by letting the air pass smoothly, without that the powder ends up getting stuck.


Although all vacuum cleaner bags have the same dirt collection function, not all models are compatible with the same brands of devices. For this reason, it is important to verify that the spare part that we intend to acquire has the appropriate dimensions and volume of containment, to fit correctly in the compartment of the device.

In this sense, you should keep in mind that there are many brands that manufacture universal type vacuum cleaner bags, whose format is suitable for being mounted on any vacuum cleaner, while others are designed for a specific series of devices. Such is the case of the Rowenta Compact line, Nilfisk Compact, WD 3, VKm, among many others. Similarly, there are the spare parts for a specific make and model whose selection is more relative.

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