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Vacuum Cleaner Brush – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Proper cleaning of surfaces plays a fundamental role in the maintenance of your home. Many tools are available on the market to meet this need and vacuum cleaners stand out for their efficiency and performance in this task. However, one of the key parts for optimal vacuuming and that usually needs replacement is the brush. In this sense, we have the Rowenta ZR902201, a brush compatible with a wide variety of vacuum cleaners of this brand and capable of removing pet hair with ease. Another alternative is the Green Label UNI30 universal brush, which easily adapts to your vacuum cleaner and is designed for hard floors.

The 9 Best Brushes for Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

Vacuum brushes are the perfect accessory for those who want to keep the surfaces and floors of their homes clean. In order to help you choose the accessory that best suits your vacuum cleaner, we present a list of 9 of the best models that you will find on the Internet.

Rowenta vacuum cleaner brush

1. Rowenta Maxi Turbo ZR902201 Vacuum Brush

Rowenta is a manufacturer that offers a wide variety of cleaning products in order to make your life easier when it comes to keeping your home spotless. Therefore, among its models, this could be the best vacuum cleaner brush offered by this prestigious brand.

Among its qualities stands out that of having an efficient roller that removes pet hair in a single pass, so you will not have to make great efforts when cleaning.

It is a transparent Rowenta vacuum cleaner brush, which favors visibility inside. It also offers you an easy-to-open and close compartment, thanks to which you can access its contents and comfortably remove any hairs that accumulate or get stuck in the roller.

On the other hand, it is a modern brush compatible with different Rowenta vacuum cleaners, such as the X-Trem Power Cyclonic, also the Silence Force Extreme, the Silence Force Compact, among others.

The words that define this product are efficiency and innovation. Next, we present some of its most outstanding features.


Efficient design: Its efficient design allows you to clean large spaces quickly and adapts to all types of surfaces.

Roller: It has a roller that allows you to remove all the hair from your pets, leaving your house clean.

Easy access: It can be easily opened to remove hair, lint or dirt that is trapped inside.



Rotation: To ensure an efficient rotation of the brush, it is recommended to clean it properly so that no dirt is trapped that prevents its operation.

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2. Rowenta Air Force Extreme 25V Vacuum Brush

If you are looking for a modern, efficient Rowenta vacuum cleaner brush that will help you with your home cleaning tasks, this model could be of interest to you. It is the Rowenta air force extreme 25v lithium vacuum cleaner brush, a model that highlights the high quality to which this renowned German brand has accustomed us.

It is a product that is characterized by its versatility, since it offers a multifunction design that favors the functions of a dustpan and also a broom. Likewise, it has two wheels that facilitate its movement to any corner of the house.

It is capable of cleaning quickly and on its sides it has two LED lights that illuminate spaces with poor visibility. Its modern design adds a touch of sophistication and thanks to its evolved square tube, it offers greater resistance and flexibility in the face of intensive use.

When it comes to betting on an original and high-quality product, you could consider this brush in your comparison. Here are its pros and cons.


Tube: It has a different tube than other conventional models, since it is square and flexible, which makes it more resistant.

Wheels: It has two wheels that allow easy movement of the brush on different surfaces.

Lighting: You can illuminate the work area with the two built-in LED lights.


Fragility: This piece is not designed to withstand high impacts, so a strong blow could damage it.

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Universal Vacuum Brush

3. Green Label Universal Parquet Floor Brush

If you need to buy a high-quality brush to renew one that is worn out, you don’t have to worry about searching for original products. This universal vacuum brush could be an excellent alternative not only because of its efficiency, but also because it is a product designed to work with different models and brands of vacuum cleaners.

Many consider it one of the best vacuum cleaner brushes of 2022, as it is designed to efficiently clean all types of hard surfaces, such as parquet, marble, tiles, and more. This is possible thanks to the thickness and quality of its bristles; which are made with horse hair.

Additionally, it has an easily adaptable threaded nozzle and its weight is very light, which favors work. In addition, it is compatible with vacuum cleaners from Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Rowenta and more.

Because it is a modern model, compatible with several brands and one of the cheapest, it could be one of your options to consider. Next, it analyzes its most important characteristics.


Universal: It has a universal thread nozzle, making it compatible with vacuum cleaners of different brands.

Bristles: The bristles of this brush are designed with horse hair, so it does not cause scratches and better preserves the floors.

Reach: The size of the brush allows the vacuum to move through narrow surfaces.



Compatibility: Although it is compatible with several brands, it is not compatible with those that have a clasp-type fixation, such as Dyson and Shark.

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4. Xcsource Universal Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Head HS981

One of the advantages of a universal vacuum brush is that it allows you to breathe new life into your old vacuum cleaner. Since these accessories commonly wear out over time, replacing them is now a simple matter. Therefore, if you need to renew your old brush, this model could be what you are looking for.

It is a brush that offers a diameter of 3.2 cm in its circular tube, an important aspect to take into account when connecting it. Likewise, its size of 25.5 cm favors access to reach difficult places. It also has two wheels that facilitate its handling in the different spaces of the house.

On the other hand, it has a pedal on the top that allows you to conveniently adjust the height, in order to adapt to hard floors and soft floors.

This model is probably the best vacuum cleaner brush at the moment, since it is adaptable, versatile and efficient. Learn more details below.


Height adjustment: Thanks to its pedal to adjust the height, you can lower or raise the brush according to different types of surfaces.

Compatibility: It is compatible with new and old models, and supports Electrolux, LG, Haier, Panasonic, Rowenta, Philips vacuum cleaners, among others.

Wheels: It has smooth wheels that do not scratch the floor and allow easy movement.


Bristles: The material with which the bristles are made could be improved. However, it is a model that fully fulfills its functions.

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Bosch vacuum cleaner brush

5. Bosch BBZ123HD Floor Brush Cleaning Attachment

If you want to show off your parquet floors, it is essential that you clean them with the right tool, since this type of surface can be easily damaged when not done properly.

Thinking about this, Bosch has manufactured what could be the best value for money vacuum cleaner brush, since it offers a competitive cost compared to other original models and also provides high performance.

It is a Bosch vacuum cleaner brush that has an absorption size of 30 cm and its weight is only 180 gr; which makes it a light and easy to handle accessory.

On the other hand, it is equipped with two wheels that facilitate its movement and its flexible bristles are designed to reach any difficult place. In addition, it emits low noise compared to other brushes.

If you are looking for an original spare part for your Bosch vacuum cleaner, this high-end brush could be the most suitable. We invite you to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.


Performance: It is a brush that allows you to efficiently clean all types of hard floors, saving time and work.

Light: Its light weight is convenient to move from one place to another, so it is not necessary to make great efforts.

Silent: The noise it generates is less than that of other similar products. Because of this, it will not be an inconvenience to clean when the family rests.


Carpets: It is not one of the most suitable brushes to clean upholstered floors, carpets or furniture.

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Dyson vacuum cleaner brush

6. Dyson 949852-05 Accessory for DC59  Vacuum Cleaner

Although many vacuum cleaners are compatible with universal brushes, it is not always the best option when it comes to obtaining optimal cleaning performance. Therefore, if you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and you don’t know which is the best vacuum cleaner brush compatible with this brand, this original model could meet all your expectations.

This Dyson vacuum cleaner brush has several advantages, among which it stands out that it has four small wheels that allow smooth sliding and without the risk of scratching your floor. Likewise, its weight of 2 kg favors stability, robustness and resistance during vacuum work.

Dyson is a manufacturer that has specialized in producing vacuum cleaners with the highest cleaning technology globally since 1993 and this brush, with its sophisticated and efficient design, is an example of its high quality.

For offering high-end cleaning tools, Dyson could be the best vacuum brush brand, given the technology and innovation it uses in all of its products. Learn more about this model.


Power: It is an improved model with advanced technology, so it offers more power when vacuuming.

Rotating brush: It has a rotating brush that drags and removes dirt efficiently and comfortably.

Wheels: Thanks to its four wheels, it is possible to move it effortlessly from one place to another.



Cost: This is one of the more expensive vacuum cleaner brushes on our list. However, it is an original and high quality product.

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vacuum cleaner brush 

7. Drehflex vacuum cleaner nozzle for parquet hard floor universal

Given the delicacy of the wood, it is usual for parquet floors to scratch easily. The reasons for this are diverse, from pet scratches, to wearing high heels, to vacuum cleaner wheels.

Thinking about providing the maximum care for your floors, we have this parquet vacuum cleaner brush, specially designed to preserve the beauty of this surface and facilitate its cleaning quickly and efficiently.

It is a universal model with a 3.5 cm diameter nozzle and is compatible with vacuum cleaners from recognized brands such as LG, Samsung or Bosch. In addition, it is one of the cheapest brushes at the moment, considering that it has natural horsehair bristles.

In addition to these qualities, it offers a 30 cm width that favors a larger cleaning area. In addition, it has two small removable wheels for its movement.

Below, we have prepared a list with the most outstanding features of this Drehflex brush, in order to facilitate your purchase decision.


Removable wheels: If you are going to clean walls or delicate floors such as parquet, you can easily remove its wheels.

Bristles: Its bristles have been made with horse hair, a resistant material and at the same time friendly with delicate floors.

Compatibility: It perfectly fits different models and brands of vacuum cleaners.



Displacement: It is missing greater smoothness in the movement of its wheels, in order to move the equipment in a comfortable way.

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Electrolux vacuum cleaner brush

8. Electrolux Aero Pro Silent Parketto Brush

Electrolux is a brand with a long history in the home appliance market, making a name for itself in homes by providing high-quality products with modern and functional designs. Such is the case of this Electrolux vacuum cleaner brush, a model that could give new life to a vacuum cleaner.

It could be the best vacuum cleaner brush, as it offers a robust structure designed to protect and clean hard and delicate floors such as parquet, tiles or marble. Likewise, it has a 30 cm long tube that allows you to easily maneuver during cleaning tasks.

Likewise, the coupling diameter is 3.6 cm; so it is compatible with all Electrolux vacuum cleaners that have this measure. In addition, using a ZE126B adapter it could also work with other brand vacuum cleaners that have 3.2 cm.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient product, but you do not know which vacuum cleaner brush to buy, you could consider this model as a good option.


Hard Surfaces: It is specifically designed to help keep hard floors clean and protected.

Original: This is an original Electrolux replacement compatible with various brand vacuum cleaners.

Variety: The manufacturer offers you the option to choose the style of brush that best suits your vacuum cleaner from several models.



Pet hair: May not be suitable for efficient removal of pet hair

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Nilfisk vacuum cleaner brush

9. Nilfisk 22359800 Vacuum Cleaner Supply and Accessory

There are several qualities that are sought when betting on a vacuum cleaner brush, among them we could mention that it offers cleaning on both hard and soft floors; likewise, that provides light weight and comfort of use. All these features define this Nilfisk vacuum cleaner brush.

It is a model that has the exact dimensions to be the most suitable replacement for a Nilfisk GS/GM 80P ​​vacuum cleaner; so you can renew and enhance your cleaning equipment with a modern and efficient brush.

It is also a light brush, since its weight is only 800 gr and its casing is made of resistant plastic; giving you easy handling and long life. In addition, it has a pedal that favors the adjustment of the height according to the surface.

If you need a brush that allows you to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner, you might be interested in this product. Learn more about this model below.


Brush: It has a ring of high-quality synthetic bristles, resistant and soft, in order to provide cleaning and protection to the floors.

Efficient: It is an efficient brush that vacuums all types of floors quickly and with a minimum of effort.

Silent: The noise generated when vacuuming will not be a nuisance, since its work is silent.



Compatibility: This is a brush that is only compatible with a certain model of vacuum cleaner of the same brand.

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Shopping guide

The brush is the piece that has the most use in a vacuum cleaner, it is the one that is in direct contact with the floor and the one that largely determines its suction capacity. Therefore, choosing this replacement requires you to evaluate some important aspects, for which we present this guide to buying the best vacuum cleaner brush. The idea is that you make the right choice and you can make cleaning an efficient and comfortable task.

original or universal

In general, when you buy a branded vacuum cleaner, you receive different accessories in its original package, among which is the brush. This type of replacement is susceptible to deterioration or wear due to constant use, so after a while it is necessary to replace it.

If you don’t care how much it costs and bet on original brand parts, you will be investing in performance and long life. Since these are products that have the support of the manufacturer and fit perfectly to the vacuum cleaner model and even some brushes have an improved design that enhances the functions of the equipment.

However, it may happen that there are no original spare parts on the market or that their cost is too high for your budget. In those cases, you could choose to purchase a compatible universal brush; They are models designed to adapt to different vacuum cleaners. Among these models you could find a good and cheap one that can be easily attached to your device.

It should be noted that not all brands allow the use of universal brushes, some can only use this original replacement; so it would be worth evaluating in your comparison of brushes for vacuum cleaners which models are the ones that can work with your vacuum cleaner.


Compatibility is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a vacuum cleaner brush; This variable applies especially to universal brushes, since the original models are specially designed to work in certain types of vacuum cleaners of the brand.

In this sense, it is essential that you first evaluate the type of tube that your vacuum cleaner has, since the replacement will only be compatible if both pieces have the same format. That is, a cylindrical tube only fits into another cylindrical tube.

Likewise, the vast majority of tubes have a threaded nozzle with different diameters. For this reason, it is essential to verify in advance what the diameter of the tube of your vacuum cleaner is and based on this, select the most convenient model.

If your vacuum cleaner offers, for example, a 3.5 cm tube, this number represents its external diameter, so ideally you should look for brushes that have these same dimensions. It is recommended that both pieces fit perfectly, without gaps and without having to press too hard.


The brushes used for broom-type vacuum cleaners are classified according to their functionality into three groups: those that work on hard floors, models designed only for soft surfaces and there are also multifunction brushes.

Having a multi-purpose brush could be a good option, as many of these products support cleaning hard floors, soft floors and can also remove pet hair.

Brushes that work for soft surfaces are recommended when cleaning and protecting different delicate materials such as cork or carpets. They are characterized by having soft natural hair bristles.

Hard floor brushes, on the other hand, offer thicker bristles and with them you can clean and protect floors such as parquet, marble, tiles and others.

Weight and size

When it comes to vacuum cleaner brushes, weight and size are aspects that determine not only the comfort of use but also the efficiency when it comes to covering more or less vacuuming area.

Usually its weight can range from 180 gr to 2 kg or a little more. Typically, the heavier ones are used for professional level cleaning. While the light models are used in homes to clean floors, walls or furniture; allowing more flexible movements.

The size of a brush is related to the use that is going to be given to it. They exist in a small size to vacuum furniture, car upholstery, narrow places and corners. Likewise, a larger brush offers a greater breadth of absorption, so it could be recommended for floors or larger surfaces.

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