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Polti Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The Italian company Polti has nearly 40 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment. As for steam cleaners, ironing centers or vacuum cleaners, the brand has known how to innovate to offer its customers improvements such as the bagless vacuum cleaner or those with a water filter, which make it a trusted brand for customers and cleaning companies. everyone. In this article, we will compare some of the best Polti vacuum cleaners, such as the Polti Forzaspira C110 Plus, a bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner, or the Polti Forzaspira Lecologico, with an ecological water filter.

The 9 Best Polti Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for the best Polti vacuum cleaner, you have come to the right place. Below, you will find a comparison of some of its best models, with a detailed analysis of its characteristics, along with our opinion.

Polti bagless vacuum cleaner

1. Polti Forzaspira C110 Plus Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

The Polti Forzaspira C110 Plus bagless vacuum cleaner has Class A energy quality certification, which will allow you to save up to 45% on electricity each time you clean your home. It is a very powerful cyclonic vacuum cleaner that facilitates the cleaning of marble floors, terrazzo, all types of tiles and also parquet.

This could be one of the best Polti vacuum cleaners of 2022 thanks to its compact size, which will allow you to move it around the house without getting tired. It also has great features, such as the electronic suction adjustment or the washable HEPA filter with 4 filtration stages, which retains the impurities present in the dust such as mites and pollen, so that they do not affect the quality of the air in your home..

On the other hand, the 2L tank has a No-Touch system so that your hands do not come into contact with the dirt when you empty it. 


Accessories: The vacuum cleaner has a very complete set of accessories, with brushes for carpets and rugs, for parquet and a lancet to reach high places.

Power regulator: Thanks to its adjustable power, it is possible to adjust the motor to obtain the best cleaning on each surface.

Cyclonic: The cyclonic system ensures a great suction capacity and an extra level of dirt filtering.


Height: The handle is somewhat short, which can be a problem for users taller than 1.80 m, since they will have to bend down to handle it.

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2. Polti Forzaspira SLIM SR90B Cordless Electric Broom

The Polti Forzaspira SLIM SR90B bagless vacuum cleaner could be considered the best Polti vacuum cleaner for users who need a compact model that does not weigh and does not take up space. In addition, as it works without cables, you will not have to change the plug-in vacuum cleaner and, with a 40-minute battery life, you will be able to vacuum your entire house with peace of mind.

Thanks to its modular design handle and accessories, which can be attached either to the body of the vacuum cleaner or to the extension cylinder, you can reach everywhere and vacuum high and low, to remove dirt from the upholstery of a sofa. or to clean a countertop, since it also vacuums solids.

Due to the combination of cyclone technology and its motorized brush, it is capable of collecting the finest dust, effectively cleaning even rugs and carpets, removing hair, mites and pollen from their surfaces.


Battery: The 22.2-volt lithium-ion batteries offer a range of up to 40 minutes, more than enough to vacuum a medium-sized floor.

Size: Being compact and weighing little, it is an ideal appliance for a small apartment or for people with little storage space.

Maintenance: The tank is easy to remove and allows you to empty it without having to touch the dirt.

Modular design : The accessories can be attached to the body of the vacuum, turning it into a handheld one, which makes it easier for you to clean certain surfaces.


Power: Being a battery vacuum, it does not have the same power as a corded one, which can be a problem for some users.

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Polti Lecologico Vacuum Cleaner

3. Polti Forzaspira Lecologico Aqua Allergy Turbo Care Water vacuum cleaner

The Polti Lecologico Forzaspira Aqua Allergy Turbo Care vacuum cleaner could be the ideal model for users who are wondering which is the best Polti vacuum cleaner with a water filter. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner that can handle everything: both solid and liquid waste. 

Thanks to its water filter, it is especially suitable for homes where there are people with allergies, as it is capable of retaining much more dust, as well as filtering all impurities from the air, such as mites, hair and pollen. On the handle it has speed controls, with four power options, to obtain the best results on all surfaces.

On the other hand, the Polti wet vacuum cleaner includes a complete set of cleaning accessories, among which you can find a brush for liquids, a flexible lance, a mini tube brush and one for parquet.


Liquids: It allows you to suck up solid and liquid dirt, thanks to its water filter technology, which will allow you to clean any remains of domestic accidents.

Allergens: The water filter and its HEPA 13 filter with 4 filtration stages, retains even the smallest particles, eliminating any allergens that remain in the air.

Tank: To make the vacuum cleaner work, simply fill the tank with water and put it back in its position. Once the cleaning is finished, you will only have to empty it.


Design: The design of the vacuum cleaner is not the lightest, as it is very heavy, which makes it difficult to move naturally while cleaning.

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Polti Forzaspira vacuum cleaner

4. Polti Forzaspira Sr 25.9 P Broom Vacuum Cleaner

The Polti Forzaspira Sr 25.9 vacuum cleaner is a cordless model, with a 25.9 V lithium battery and offering a total autonomy of 1 hour. If you are wondering which Polti vacuum cleaner to buy for a small apartment, this could be the best option, since it has fast charging, is very compact and light, and has a vertical parking option, so it hardly takes up space.

In relation to its cost, it is not one of the cheapest models of the brand, but it has great features, such as the flexible handle, LED control indicators and a brush with a unique design, which allows you to reach the farthest corners. without having to bend over or strain your back. 

The handle folds to fit all spaces and, together with its three speed settings, it is capable of cleaning all surfaces effortlessly.


Handle: The flexible handle and uniquely designed brush allow you to access any space, such as the underside of a table, without having to bend down.

Ergonomics: Weighing just 2.5 kg and with an adjustable handle, it is a very comfortable model that allows you to clean without straining or getting tired.

Filter: Thanks to its filters with four filtering stages, you will be able to eliminate all the dust and impurities from the house.


Turbo: Turbo mode is very noisy and when the vacuum gets hot it turns itself off, which can be a problem in larger homes. 

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Polti steam cleaner

5. Polti Vaporetto PVEU0085 Lecoaspira FAV80 Turbo Intelligence

The Polti Vaporetto PVEU0085 steam cleaner offers the best of a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner with a water filter. We could say that we are facing the best Polti vacuum cleaner of the moment, since not only can we remove all the dust and impurities from our house, but we can also clean any surface with its 6 bars of steam pressure.

Thanks to the power of its steam cleaner, it kills and eliminates 99% of bacteria, germs and viruses, in addition, the water filter absorbs and retains impurities from the environment, leaving your house clean of dust, mites, pollen and other allergens, something unthinkable for other cheaper vacuum cleaners.

On the other hand, it is powerful, silent and very easy to use, capable of sucking up solid and liquid debris, with four-stage filters and an emptying system that allows you to do it cleanly.


Steamer : The steamer allows you to remove dirt and disinfect your home, leaving it free of germs and pathogens.

Cleaning programs: The steam cleaner has 10 automatic cleaning programs that facilitate the process of cleaning the different surfaces of the home.

Water filter: The water filter, together with the HEPA filters with four filter stages, retains as much dirt and dust as possible.


Price: Although it is a very complete team, with great functions and many accessories, its price is somewhat high, which can be a problem for some users.

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Other products

6. Polti Forzaspira Slim Sr100 Rechargeable Electric Broom

The Polti Forzaspira Slim Sr100 electric broom is proof that Polti can be the best vacuum cleaner brand. Not only does it have a compact and ergonomic design, with a handle that will allow you to reach anywhere in the house effortlessly, but it also has a 21.9v lithium battery with a range of more than 50 minutes.

On the other hand, the brush has LED light technology that allows you to locate the most hidden dirt and thoroughly clean your house, eliminating dust, mites and hair. In addition, thanks to its many accessories you can clean all the surfaces in your home, from parquet to upholstery. 

In addition, it has HEPA 10 filters, which are washable and has three filter stages to remove even the smallest particles with just one pass.


Ergonomics: It only weighs 2.6 Kg, so you can use it without getting tired. Being so light it allows you to access all corners of your home.

Support: It has a comfortable wall support so that you can hang it once you have finished cleaning, which also saves space.

Brush with LED: The motorized brush is equipped with LED lights that allow you to see the dirt on the floor more clearly.


Materials: Being designed to be a light vacuum cleaner, the materials are not very robust, so the hooking tabs of the tank can break if they are not treated with care.

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7. Polti Unico MCV85 Total Clean & Turbo 3-in-1 Multifunction Vacuum Cleaner

The Polti Unico MCV85 vacuum cleaner is capable of vacuuming, sanitizing and drying your home. Thanks to its fresh function, it sucks, perfumes and refreshes the atmosphere in your home, leaving it free of impurities, allergens and germs. It is more powerful and efficient than other vacuum cleaners on the market and has three automatic programs to regulate steam power, suction time and suction power, to adapt to all surfaces.

Thanks to its multicyclone technology and 5 filtration stages, all particles are retained in the tank, leaving clean and pure air, perfect for people with allergies.

In addition, it includes a wide variety of accessories such as a turbo brush for carpets, a mini brush for hair, a nozzle for sofas, a two-in-one brush and a steam concentrator to reach the most difficult spots in your home, among others.


frescoaspira function : Along with the other three functions of the vacuum cleaner, frescoaspira allows you to have your home clean, fresh and scented, free of dust, dirt and germs.

Accessories: It has many accessories, which will allow you to thoroughly clean your home, even upholstery and the most difficult places.

Sanitizes: Thanks to its steam cleaning function, it eliminates 99% of bacteria, viruses and germs from your home.

Dry: With automatic cleaning programs, which balance the use of steam, Unico removes moisture left behind by steam, so surfaces dry faster.


Weight: It is a fairly heavy vacuum cleaner, so it can be uncomfortable to work with, especially if you spend a lot of time cleaning.

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8. Polti Forzaspira SE600 Modular 3-in-1 Corded Electric Broom

If you are looking for the best value for money Polti vacuum cleaner, the Forzaspira SE600 could be your best option. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology, with a type A energy efficiency class. In addition, it is very versatile, since it is capable of transforming itself to adapt to your needs.

Thanks to its modular design, it can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner, as a corded electric broom and also as a vacuum cleaner with an extension cord. Effectively cleans all types of floors, such as marble, tile and ceramic; as well as delicate surfaces such as parquet, rugs or carpets.

The handle is foldable, which together with its vertical parking system allows you to save space. In addition, it has LED lights on the brush, which will help you locate dirt more easily, and a HEPA 13 filter with 5 filtering stages.


Handle: The modular design and the extendable and collapsible handle allow you to reach high and inaccessible places, such as the bottom of a sofa, without having to bend down.

Cable: The cable is 7.5 meters long, which offers a large radius of action and a lot of freedom of movement.

Cyclonic: The cyclonic system allows better suction, as well as serving as the first filtering phase.


Materials: It is a broom-type vacuum cleaner, designed so that it is not heavy and is comfortable, this implies that the materials are less solid than those of traditional vacuum cleaners, so they must be treated with care.

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9. Polti Forzaspira C130 Plus Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The Polti Forzaspira C130 Plus cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner has a washable HEPA filter and 5-stage filtration, which could trap even the smallest dirt. It is a compact but efficient device, with a very high suction power, perfect for your home.

On the other hand, it is a very quiet piece of equipment with only 75 dBA of noise and a power regulation system in the handle itself, which makes it easy to change the strength of the suction when moving from one surface to another. In addition, its cyclonic technology, which acts as the first filter stage, is also capable of separating dirt, ensuring extreme suction power at all times.

For greater practicality, it has a 1.8 L capacity tank and an easy No-Touch emptying system, so that your hands never come into contact with the dirt on the floor. In addition, it has a wide range of accessories to clean all surfaces in your home in the most efficient way.


Energy efficiency: It has a Class A energy efficiency certification, which allows you to save on your electricity bill.

Accessories : It has many accessories, such as a universal brush, one for parquet, a mini tube brush for fabrics and a kit for small surfaces.

Filter : The washable HEPA filter, together with the five filtering phases and the cyclonic technology, guarantees the suction of all the particles and allergens from the environment.


Cleaning: Cleaning the filters is somewhat complicated and if it is not done correctly and regularly, the vacuum cleaner can lose power and even stop working.

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Accessories for Polti vacuum cleaner

Polti vacuum cleaner filter

Polti PAEU0280 Polyester Filter for Forzaspira vacuum cleaner

The Polti PAEU polyester vacuum cleaner filter is compatible with the Polti Forzaspira C100, C110 and C116 models. It is a filter made of polyester fabric that can be washed with water and is designed to improve the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner, since it better retains dirt and dust particles, even the finest.

By regularly replacing the filter of vacuum cleaners, the motor does not overheat and its life is extended, since it can breathe better and therefore work at full capacity for much longer. Once washed, it must be left to dry for at least 24 hours.  

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Shopping guide

Once our comparison of Polti vacuum cleaners is finished, in which we have analyzed some of the best models, we are going to move on to a buying guide, in which we will detail the main factors that you should look at when choosing one of these cleaning equipment. 

vacuum cleaner type

We started this guide to buy the best Polti vacuum cleaner by talking about the types of equipment that you will find. This is an important factor, since it will not only determine the use that you will be able to give the vacuum cleaner, but it will also directly influence how much it costs.

Most Polti vacuum cleaners are bagless, which allows you to forget about buying bags and changing them every time they fill up. These vacuum cleaners have a removable container that collects dirt and allows you to empty it quickly and easily. They usually have several filters to separate the dust from the coarser dirt and, almost always, they are removable filters that can be washed to last longer.

In addition, the latest bagless vacuum cleaners have cyclonic and multi-cyclonic technology, which helps separate small particles from large ones, so it is as if you had an extra filter. 

On the other hand, we can find “electric broom” type vacuum cleaners. These models are designed to be lighter and more manageable, so they are usually cordless and have a battery-powered motor, with autonomy that does not usually exceed 60 minutes. They are more comfortable for the user, since they prevent you from having to bend down continuously. They usually measure just over 120 cm in height and have folding or adjustable handles, which allow you to reach any corner of the house. 

Vacuum cleaners with a water filter have a suction system that traps dust and sends it to a water tank. The water filters dirt more effectively than a normal filter and returns the air much cleaner, so they are perfect for homes where someone suffers from allergies and also for homes with pets that shed a lot of hair. This type of filter prevents some dirt from escaping when the tank is emptied, as it is trapped in the liquid, so it does not spread back into the air. Its big drawback is that the filter is more tedious to clean, since sometimes it requires the use of strainers and other filters.

Finally, vacuum cleaners with a steam cleaning function not only remove all the dirt from the house and the environment, but also clean, disinfect and sanitize your home, eliminating 99% of bacteria, viruses and germs. These vacuum cleaners, thanks to the power of steam, degrease and deodorize the house, in addition, they usually have accessories to reach the most inaccessible corners. 


Power is a primary factor when buying one of these teams. A good and cheap vacuum cleaner should have a power of around 1000 W. Ideally, they should have a power of more than 1500 W, since these equipment tend to lose power over time, due to the dust and dirt that escapes from the filters. and deposits and ends up sneaking into the engine.

In cordless vacuum cleaners, this factor is usually lower. Most electric brooms and cordless vacuums have batteries that do not exceed 25v, so they have much less power than corded ones and will lose suction much more quickly.

Dimensions and weight

Vacuum cleaners with water filters and vaporeta vacuum cleaners are usually larger and heavier. These teams have very bulky tanks and, together with all their accessories, take up a lot of space. In addition, with a full water tank, they are very heavy, so if you are not used to working with them, they can be very annoying and will make you more tired. These vacuum cleaners are also in danger of breaking, since it is common that when vacuuming, you pull it by the tube and, having a heavier deposit, it tends to come loose more easily.

Cordless and broom-type vacuum cleaners are much lighter, barely weighing more than 2.5 kg, so you can work with them without worrying about weight. They are also much easier to store, since they take up almost no space and almost all models have vertical parking, which allows you to store them upright, saving even more space. Some even incorporate some type of support, so you can hang it and forget about it.

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