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Mop Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


A mop vacuum cleaner can help you get your floors clean with little effort, since you will have several tools at hand in one, especially when you consider its additional functions and capacity. Among the options offered by the market, the Cecotec Conga 1090 equipment stands out among them, a robot-type model that is capable of vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and mopping. Also, it can be controlled remotely. In second place could be the Kärcher FC5. This broom-type mop vacuum cleaner has 460W of power and a tank large enough to clean spaces of up to 60 m².

The 9 Best Mop Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022


To guarantee a deeper cleaning of your floors, mopping can be a good solution, since the fabrics used are capable of trapping dust particles. If you are interested in knowing the best alternatives available in the market, we invite you to review the following comparison.

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1. Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 1090 Connected Force

Among what are possibly the best mop vacuum cleaners of 2022, we find the Cecotec Conga 1090, a robot-type model that can take care of the daily cleaning of your floors.

Cecotec equipment is multifunctional, since it has parts and accessories with which to vacuum, sweep, scrub and mop. In addition, in some cleaning modes the power can be intensified to deepen its effects even more.

Evaluating its size, it is round like most robot vacuum cleaners and its weight does not exceed 5 kilograms, but, as it works autonomously, you will not have to worry too much about handling it. Finally, it should be noted that it is one of the cheapest models, in case you do not want to spend too much money on a mopping robot vacuum cleaner.

Next, we present the advantages and disadvantages of what could be the best mop vacuum cleaner of the moment:


Multifunctional: It is capable of carrying out multiple cleaning functions to amplify your work area.

Mopping: The mopping mode offers various levels of cleaning intensity, depending on the dirt on your floors.

Management: By being able to integrate the link with virtual assistants, you can program the robot vacuum cleaner through voice commands.

Pets: Your purchase includes a brush designed for cleaning pet hair.



Modification: To be able to choose the cleaning mode between sweeping and mopping, you must also change the tank that is incorporated in the robot vacuum cleaner.

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2. Ikohs NetBot S15 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 4 in 1

Ikohs NetBot S15 is for some users the best value for money mop vacuum cleaner, since it is economical, practical and can work autonomously as it is a robot type.

This mop robot vacuum cleaner has a battery that provides up to 2 hours of autonomy, for continuous cleaning in spaces of considerable size. It can work in various modes, depending on your needs, be it sweeping, mopping, vacuuming or mopping.

On the other hand, the mop robot vacuum cleaner has Wi-Fi connectivity to link to the home network and, in turn, to the mobile application that you can download to your devices to configure the operation of the equipment. In addition, it offers support for virtual assistants such as Alexa from Google Home, for example, to control it using voice commands.

Before choosing the model that you are going to take home, you should know all the relevant details regarding its performance:


Mapping: The robot system creates a virtual mapping for navigation within the home.

Suction: It has a power level that you can regulate according to cleaning needs.

Capacity: Both its design and its cleaning elements make it useful for hard floors and carpets.

Filter: Its HEPA filter prevents dust from escaping from the vacuum cleaner’s tank.


Obstacles: You must make sure that the navigation path is not blocked by unmapped obstacles such as cables or objects, as it could get stuck.

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Kärcher mop vacuum cleaner


3. Kärcher FC5 Corded Electric Scrubber 460 W

Another team that could easily join the list of competitors for the position of the best mop vacuum cleaner is the Kärcher FC5, an electric model, broom type, and with a good level of power to clean.

The FC5 is a wired model with which you can clean a space of up to 60 m² without having to empty its tank, which has a capacity of 0.4 liters for waste storage. It works with cable and its power is 460W, offering a high suction power.

On the other hand, the Kärcher mop vacuum cleaner has a head with built-in articulation, which will allow you to use it under beds and furniture so as not to leave a single corner without cleaning. It can suck up dry or wet dirt and has a separator that will take care of diverting the waste to the indicated deposit.

Kärcher may one day become the best vacuum cleaner brand, so you should consider the qualities of this option:


Operation: You can use this vacuum cleaner to clean dry and wet dirt without any problem.

Tanks: It has separate tanks, preventing the clean water you are going to use from being contaminated.

Capacity: The capacity of its waste tank allows cleaning a space of up to 60 m².

Articulation: The head of the vacuum cleaner has a joint with which you can easily pass it under furniture.



Handling: The equipment can be somewhat heavy for some users if large spaces need to be cleaned.

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Other products


4. Rowenta Air Force Flex Aqua Head RH9290

Rowenta may be one of the best-known purchase alternatives in this list and now we present the Air Force Flex Aqua Head RH9290 model, whose main feature is the exchange of accessories.

We are faced with a handheld vacuum cleaner that is accompanied by a piece for the floors, a motorized head, a scrubbing brush and a tube with a nozzle for cleaning high places. These elements can be easily attached to the vacuum cleaner and give you the possibility to take advantage of it, both at home and on the go.

In addition to this, it is highlighted that the connection bridges between the various accessories allow the installation of an articulated neck with which to determine the cleaning angle of the brushes, in case you need the vacuum cleaner to reach an awkward corner to reach.

This Rowenta alternative could be the answer if you are not sure which mop vacuum to buy, as it is practical and offers multiple benefits:


Wireless: It can be used without cables in case they get in the way or you have charged its battery.

Autonomy: The equipment has a lithium-ion battery that provides autonomy of up to 30 minutes.

Utility: It can be configured to be used in portrait or landscape mode, depending on your needs and comfort.

Accessories: The variety of complementary accessories will allow you to use the equipment in different spaces of the home.



Power: The power level could fall short to clean difficult surfaces or accumulated dirt on the floor.

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5. Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop M501 A Strong Suction 2000Pa

Robotic vacuum cleaners are one of the most practical options if you want to maintain a certain level of cleanliness at home without investing too much time or effort.

On this occasion, Lefant offers you an alternative with its M501-A model, a piece of equipment that uses 2,000 Pa of suction force to clean different surfaces and various operating modes, depending on your needs.

Its design is attractive and compact, in addition to presenting good manufacturing finishes for long durability, together with a wireless connectivity system with which you can link it to mobile devices, virtual assistants and Wi-Fi networks.

As for its size, the robot vacuum cleaner measures 32 x 32 x 8 centimeters and weighs approximately 4.3 kilograms, making it compact and comfortable to handle at home.

Being among the cheapest purchase alternatives, the Lefant model could satisfy your needs with its advantages at a low price:


Sensors: It has detection sensors in charge of preventing the robot from falling down the stairs while it is moving.

Multifunctional: In addition to vacuuming, it can also sweep and mop your floors.

Floors: The navigation and cleaning components in the equipment allow it to be used on hard floors and carpets.

Application: Its application offers the mapping of the place and the configuration of the robot vacuum cleaner.



Deposit: You will have to exchange the deposits of the robot vacuum cleaner when you need it to clean in mop mode.

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6. Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Multifunctional Vacuum and Cleaner

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner, which could be especially useful for those who have pets at home, since it has a formula that you can pour into the water to eliminate bad odors on carpets and hard floors.

Likewise, the mop cleaning mode allows you to control the amount of water used according to the type of floor you are cleaning, avoiding making a mess and cleaning thoroughly.

On the other hand, the equipment itself could be classified as a handheld vacuum cleaner, since the brushes and other accessories are designed to be attached to the equipment’s nozzle. This may be in order to increase its reach or distribute the suction force, to take advantage of the interchangeable elements.

If you have reached this point and cannot decide which is the best mop vacuum cleaner, we invite you to consider the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro model:


Power: It is a model with the necessary power for regular domestic cleaning.

Deposit: It has a built-in deposit to store the dirt that you vacuum with the equipment.

Separation: It has a dual tank system that keeps clean water separate from dirty water.

Filter: The filter component will be responsible for preventing dust particles from returning to the environment.



Furniture: Due to its size, trying to vacuum or scrub under furniture can be cumbersome, as its height makes it difficult to move.

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7. Roborock S5 Max Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner

Another good alternative if you have a preference for robot-type vacuum cleaners is the Roborock S5 Max model, a piece of equipment with a modern and compact design, capable of cleaning large areas of up to 200 m² with a single charge cycle.

To get around, it uses a navigation system that maps the area, allowing it to move between all the rooms in the house without leaving a single corner uncleaned.

The water tank to use it in mop mode, meanwhile, has a capacity of 290 milliliters. With this level of water you won’t have to worry about charging it all the time and, furthermore, if the equipment detects that it is running out of battery, it will go directly to the charging base until it completes the full cycle in order to continue cleaning.

Since the Roborock model could be striking, we offer you more information regarding its capacity and functions:


Autonomous: It has an attractive design and almost autonomous performance that will prevent you from having to worry about it.

Capacity: You can work in areas with an extension of 200 m²; enough for home use.

Configuration: The menu interface allows you to delimit the spaces that the robot is allowed to clean.

Charge: It is programmed to return to its base when its autonomy drops to 20%, preventing it from turning off in the middle of cleaning.



Noise: The noise produced by the equipment may be loud for some people, even disturbing.

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8. Hoover HGO330HC Hydro Pro Robot Vacuum Vacuums Sweeps

Hoover has a mopping robot vacuum that could be just what you’re looking for to help ease the burden of daily cleaning around your home or apartment.

This model has an attractive design with a size of 32 x 32 x 8 centimeters and a weight of 4.5 kilograms along with a matte black casing with various details that give it a modern appearance.

It has built-in wireless connectivity and also supports an application for mobile devices. If you do not feel like configuring it over the phone, you can choose to use the remote control that is included with the purchase of the equipment.

In addition to this, it should be noted that it can clean dry and wet, thanks to the fact that it has separate tanks for each type of waste, considerably increasing the usefulness of the robot vacuum cleaner.

With the intention that you make a successful investment, we now present some pros and cons regarding this equipment:


Sensors: It has several sensors that will focus on avoiding falls and impacts during navigation.

Assistance: You can link it with Alexa from Google Home, to use it remotely.

Autonomy: Its battery is capable of reaching an autonomy of up to 120 minutes of operation.

Control: It is accompanied by a remote control in case you prefer to handle it without the mobile.



Language: The system of the mop vacuum cleaner is in English and cannot be changed, since it does not have the language pack for it.

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9. Briebe Car Upholstery Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner

From the Briebe brand we recommend you evaluate the specifications of your mop vacuum cleaner.

This equipment’s main quality is to be among the most powerful on the list, offering up to 1,200W of suction power to facilitate cleaning, even if it is accumulated.

It works in conjunction with a 20-litre capacity tank and has built-in wheels at the bottom so you can move it around the house. Likewise, it is also useful for the exterior, since its capacity allows you to take advantage of it in cleaning car upholstery, furniture and carpets.

On the other hand, the presence of multiple accessories also stands out, among which are brushes and nozzles with which you can clean various surfaces, fabrics and even garden leaves, helping you get the most out of your investment.

Reviewing the positive and negative characteristics of this product will help you decide if it is worth considering or not:


Power: It is one of the most powerful models on the list, for those looking for a deep clean.

Application: You can use this equipment on floors, carpets, mattresses, furniture and more.

Tank: It has a large 20-litre capacity tank for storing the dirt sucked up.

Utility: It has the appropriate design to be able to vacuum dry and wet dirt.



Design: Compared to other equipment, this model may not stand out for its sophisticated appearance. But it does its job.

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Shopping guide


Mop vacuum cleaners are more complete devices than a normal vacuum cleaner, providing a deeper cleaning and leaving the floors cleaner. In this guide to buying the best mop vacuum cleaner we will study its most important characteristics and thus help you choose the most suitable one.

Type of vacuum mop

An advantage that modern mop vacuums have is that, in addition to belonging to this category, they can also be classified into automatic or manual models, to meet different needs.

In general, the most common that can be found in a comparison of mop vacuum cleaners are the robots and the broom type. Each one offers its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should thoroughly review its qualities and take into account your requirements if you want to choose the best one.

The mopping robots are equipment that can work autonomously based on the configuration made by the user, being the ideal alternative for those who do not have time to clean.

On the other hand, broom-type mop vacuums can be faster when cleaning, in addition to providing the level of cleaning you want by being the one who handles the equipment. They are usually a cheaper product than robots, but they require time and effort.

Cleaning equipment design

By reviewing the design of the mop vacuum cleaner, you can get an idea about how much it costs, since the dimensions, ergonomics and manufacturing materials are important elements in determining its price.

When you are looking at the models available on the market, we advise you not to forget the type of use you will give the vacuum cleaner, in order to choose the one that has the right size and shape, depending on the space you need to clean. Likewise, you must also take into account other details such as the manufacturing finishes, so that you choose a model that guarantees to be robust and have a long useful life, so that you can handle it with total confidence in all spaces.

If you opt for those that are robot-type, in this category the robustness and protection elements that the equipment has are worth more, since they move on different surfaces; And if they don’t have a good navigation system, they can collide with objects or walls.

working power

Since the equipment is within the category of vacuum cleaners, the power they can generate is one of the most relevant data when choosing which one to buy. However, when looking for a domestic model, you can be a little more flexible to find cheaper options, but just as efficient.

Considering the average cleaning requirement in a family home, you can opt for a mop vacuum cleaner that works with a minimum power level of 250W, to be able to remove the dust and leave them neat.

However, if the traffic is relatively intense and dirt accumulates quickly at home, you can consider models that work with levels that exceed 500W, since these will generate more suction power.

Featured Features

Bearing in mind that many household appliances can already be considered “intelligent”, vacuum cleaners could not be left behind and that is why today you can purchase models equipped with useful functions to facilitate and speed up cleaning processes.

In the case of robot vacuum cleaners, they work with systems that allow programming to be established to limit the operation of the equipment to schedules, on and off, cleaning modes depending on the room or the floors, among other functions that take advantage of their capacity.

Reviewing the broom or sled type models, it should be noted that these can have mechanisms to adjust the suction power, which can be really useful when you find yourself with accumulated dirt at home.

Accessories and handling

The accessories section that comes with any mop vacuum cleaner should be a thoroughly analyzed element, in order to buy an effective and practical equipment to clean the home.

Many of these elements are designed to take advantage of suction power, either by generating a larger cleaning area with a broom or by concentrating the power into nooks and crannies with a nozzle, for example. Because of this, when reviewing them, you should pay attention to their function and how easy they are to use. Which also leads us to consider the ergonomics of the mop vacuum cleaner itself. This detail becomes important when it comes to the manual or broom-type model, since this equipment must be handled by the user and, therefore, it must offer a certain level of comfort during use.

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