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Vacuum Sealer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022


If you like to preserve perishable foods in good condition, you should consider the privileges offered by a vacuum sealer, a device that sucks in the air and seals the bags where the food is stored efficiently, so that you can consume it in a reasonable time.. Between the comments of the clients on the web and comparing the different offers existing in the market for this product, we recommend the Caso FastVac 500 as an interesting alternative, a packaging machine with a very attractive stainless steel design, a power of 130W, which offers double sealing and multiple functions, being suitable for professional use. Another model that many recommend is the FoodSaver V2860, because its power is 160 W, it is easy to use and has an integrated cutter that simplifies the packaging process.

Opinions on the best vacuum sealer

Next, we gave ourselves the task of selecting a group of vacuum packaging machines of different brands and with various characteristics, which have good recommendations by the users who have purchased them, so that you can check which of them suits your needs and do a wise choice. Think that with one of these devices, you will no longer have to throw away so many foods that are damaged in the refrigerator, since its recommended period of consumption will be extended for a longer time.

Professional vacuum sealer

FastVac 500 Case

If you are one of those who buy food for the whole month and want to keep it fresh for longer, you should take advantage of the advantages offered by vacuum packaging machines, because they remove the air from the packaged product, prolonging the life of the food. The Caso FastVac 500 professional vacuum sealer efficiently fulfills this function.

In this sense, we highlight that this machine has a powerful 130-watt motor, which, together with the double piston pump, is capable of providing a vacuum pressure of up to 0.9 bar and produces a sound of less than 68 dB, being recommended by many users as one of the best vacuum packaging machines of 2022.

Caso is a German company that is responsible for producing various household appliances, being considered by some as the best brand of vacuum packaging machines, so we recommend that you read the pros and cons of one of its most powerful models. 


Sealing: It has a maximum width of 30 centimeters for sealing, which will be very useful for storing large pieces of meat or fish without much effort.

Design: It has an attractive stainless steel design with a closing handle and a screen with a touch pad panel, which allow an easier and more practical use of the device.

Several functions: It offers a double sealing function for the products, “press”, packaging in containers, it has an automatic packaging and sealing option, as well as a folding cutter to cut the bag to your liking.


Buttons: A user pointed out as the only negative aspect of this machine, that the touch pad keyboard buttons do not come in Spanish, being necessary to look for the user manual that is in that language.

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Reber 9709 NE

The 9709 NE professional vacuum sealer from the Italian brand Reber is an automatic device made of top quality stainless steel, with a gray tone in its structure and dimensions of 37x27x11 cm, so it can be perfectly adapted to the decoration of any kitchen.

This device can work continuously without having to interrupt operation because the components do not overheat, thanks to its innovative energy saving system. It has a power of 200W in its motor and a self-lubricating double body piston pump, which does not need maintenance. 

The Reber 9709 NE is probably the best vacuum sealer of the moment, according to many customer opinions on the web, thanks to its efficient functions, its robust structure and its super powerful motor; so if you are interested in this option, you should take a look at its advantages and disadvantages:


Suction capacity: This model has a suction capacity of 18 liters per minute, making it suitable for professional use, this being one of the reasons that make this model the best vacuum sealer this season, according to its consumers.. 

Sealing bar: This packaging machine has a 32cm sealing bar that allows for a secure seal, so it can vacuum bags up to 30cm wide.

Operation: With this device it is possible to interrupt the process to perform a partial vacuum and you can manually seal the packaging.


Liquids: You must be careful when vacuuming products with liquids, because this packaging machine is not designed for it. As well as for those foods that contain flour.

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FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Food Saver V2860

Do you want to know which is the best vacuum sealer in our selection? This FoodSaver vacuum sealer has a powerful 160-watt motor, which can be adjusted to three different speed levels for more efficient emptying, depending on the food you want to seal. In the same way, it is a compact, multifunctional and easy to use machine.

In addition, it has a function to pack dry foods and another for wet products, so it is not necessary to separate them. As a complement, it includes a liquid collection tray in case of spill accidents, which is easily washed.

According to the opinion of the majority of users who have purchased it, this Food Saver V2860 model is the best vacuum sealer at the moment, thanks to its power and efficient features, so we recommend you review its main features:


Accessories: This model includes among its accessories a hose and hooks for packaging bottles, 10 bags of different capacities and a 3-meter-long roll of packaging plastic, so you can cut it to the size you want.

Compact: It is a compact model that will take up little space in the kitchen. In addition, it can be stored both horizontally and vertically, which makes it easy to store.

Tray: It includes a tray with which liquid substances can be collected in case of spills, in addition, it is easily removable and can be washed comfortably in the dishwasher. 


Moist foods: The emptying function for wet foods is not very efficient when extracting the air, but if you freeze the food broth, there is no danger of sucking liquids in the emptying.

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FoodSaver FFS015X

The FoodSaver FFS015X model is a vacuum sealer that allows you to keep food fresh in your fridge for longer, whether it is dry or wet food, assuring the manufacturer that it could last up to 5 times longer than with the traditional preservation method. In addition, with this machine you can save time preparing food, without losing its flavor and properties.

This FoodSaver vacuum sealer has a compact design and its structure is quite light, which allows easy transportation. In addition, it can be stored vertically, being suitable to save space in any kitchen and it has an economical cost in its category, so it could well be the best value for money vacuum sealer.

Food Saver is a famous brand in Spain in the market for these conservation appliances, being recommended by many people as the best brand of vacuum packaging machines. So, we show you the most important features of this model for domestic use: 


Speeds: With this model you can choose between 3 different speeds for its operation, depending on the speed of packaging. In addition, it has a port for Foodsaver accessories, as well as an automatic emptying and sealing function.

“Pulse” function: With the “Pulse” function it is possible to manually control the emptying to flatten the food, a button that is included in this model.

Other Features: This appliance also includes a unique sealing system for delicate foods, a wet/dry mode for sealing very wet food or sauces, and a removable waste tray.


Accessories: This machine only uses accessories such as bags and containers of the same brand, not being compatible with other types.

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Vital Vac vacuum sealer 

Vital Vac 5 Functions

If you are looking for a domestic vacuum sealer but with professional features, we recommend this Vital Vac vacuum sealer, a product that offers 150 W of power, with a fairly quiet motor, being suitable for carrying out the packaging and sealing process quickly.. 

In addition, it has an A+ energy efficiency certificate and is very affordable, making it one of the cheapest packaging machines you can find. It is important to note that this machine is compatible with any type of bag and roll that fits the size of the bar. 

In this selection we present this model of the Vital Vac brand, one of the cheapest vacuum packaging machines on our list, but it does not stop offering quality features. We invite you to evaluate its pros and cons so you can decide if it is the most suitable for your home.


5 functions: With this machine you can select between 5 functions, manual vacuum, sealing only, the “stop” function, the button that activates the vacuum and sealing function automatically and the option for dry/wet packaging.

Roll: This model includes a plastic roll that allows you to vacuum the containers and tupperware. 

Security: It has a double security system that protects the packaging machine against overheating of the pieces.

Cutter: It also includes an integrated cutter that allows you to cut the bags to your liking, without having to remove the roll from its compartment.


Plastic: To put a but to this model, we could say that its manufacture in plastic does not make it very elegant, if we compare it with stainless steel, although this affects its efficiency.

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Jata vacuum sealer 

Jata EV1026

This Jata vacuum sealer comes with an upgraded power of 130 watts, allowing for two-speed operation. Likewise, it should be noted that, like the models analyzed above, this product offers the possibility of emptying wet and dry foods, so it could well be considered one of the best vacuum packaging machines of 2022.

On the other hand, this model includes a practical cutter that allows the bag to be cut easily, which translates into significant savings in bags, work and time. 

If you still do not know which vacuum sealer to buy, then the Jata EV1206 model could be what you are looking for according to what some users think, because it also offers the option of only sealing, the option of marinating and it indicates the date of packaging of the food. Know some positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Power: The power of this packaging machine reaches 130 watts, so it has enough force to suck the air out of the bags or containers efficiently.

Functions: Among the most notable functions by the users of this device has been the possibility of emptying and sealing food, both in liquid and dry state and in two different powers, one normal and the other soft. 

Marinated: In addition to the above functions, with this model you can marinate food to make it easier for you to work with this technique in the kitchen. 


Dimensions: It is likely that due to its large dimensions of 40 x 18 x 8 cm, this machine needs a larger space in your kitchen, so you should consider its size.

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Lacor vacuum packer

Lacor Home

It is an economical packaging machine, with an efficient vacuum packaging and sealing process, although the power of the motor barely reaches 110 W, but it will allow you to carry out several packagings during the day, which is why it is considered the best vacuum packaging machine. value for money empty, according to the opinion of many users.

This Lacor vacuum packer has a modern and compact design, with an external structure of stainless steel and comes in gray, so you will not even notice that it is in your kitchen. 

In addition, this packaging machine includes 10 embossed bags of 20 cm x 30 cm, so you can start your process of preserving food with this method, it is silent and also one of the cheapest on our list, so we suggest you review its positive aspects and negatives.


Weight: This model is quite light as it weighs 1.40 kg, so it is very useful to take it on a trip. 

Measurements: It has dimensions of 5.5 cm in height, 36 cm in length and 15 cm in depth, it is an easy device to store because it does not take up much space. 

Packaging system: It has a suitable packaging system for rolls, bags or Tupperware, extracting the air and sealing the product. 

Hands-free: With its hands-free function, it is not necessary to press the lid for the machine to seal, which is safer.


Power: This model has a power of 110W, being the least powerful of our selection. However, if we consider that it is a packaging machine for domestic use, this does not represent a problem because it does an efficient job. 

Liquids: With this canner you can only seal moist or liquid foods that have been previously frozen.

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Alfa vacuum sealer

Alpha Force

This Alfa vacuum sealer is a powerful, robust option designed for intensive professional cutting use, with a stainless steel finish that facilitates cleaning and makes it very attractive, which is why it has been valued by many as the best vacuum sealer in the world. empty of the season.

Another important aspect to highlight about this device is that it has two different suction powers that allow you to pack a variety of foods without damaging them and incorporates three types of sealing, one for dry foods, another for sauces and one for fresh foods. 

Likewise, it should be noted that it has a marinating and conservation function in boats, offering a double sealing line to guarantee a more secure closure in the packaging. 

If you still have doubts about which vacuum sealer to buy, we recommend the Alfa Force, a machine with multiple advantages, for professional use, robust, with high suction speed and different functions. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Double power: This model has two suction powers of 0.6 and 0.85 bars so as not to damage food. 

Width: Its sealing bar is suitable for bags and rolls up to 30cm wide, incorporating a cutting blade and the roll bar inside the bagger.

Materials: This model is made of stainless steel, a strong and durable material that is easy to clean. Its design has good finishes, with a nice silver color that will quickly be incorporated into the decoration of your kitchen.


Hose: Some users miss the hose for emptying tupperware that is not included, which must be purchased separately and this represents an additional cost.

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Guide to buying a vacuum sealer

When we talk about food preservation techniques, vacuum packaging stands out and the best way to use this procedure is using a vacuum packaging machine, because food keeps its nutritional properties intact even for months, as well as its flavor, color and texture. Well, this technique avoids the decomposition process, extracting the air from the container or bag where you will store the product and closing it hermetically. 

If after having analyzed all the models that we selected above, you still have doubts regarding this practical device, we invite you to review our guide to buying the best vacuum sealer, because it will surely help you make a wise and beneficial decision for you.. 

Shopping guide

Types of vacuum packaging machines

When you make a comparison of vacuum packaging machines, you must take into account important elements to evaluate so as not to waste money, since it is a fairly high investment, so it is necessary to verify that the machine you acquire has technical support, availability of supplies, that spare parts are easy to find, their size, power, durability, among other aspects. 

At this point, it is worth noting that depending on the type of packaging machine you buy, its cost can vary considerably, so the issue of how much one of these machines costs could be decisive in your decision. So we recommend that you analyze if it really is something you need in your home.

Now, on the market there are vacuum packaging machines that are portable, which are easily transported from one place to another, being very useful if you go on a trip. In addition, due to their small size they do not take up much space and are easily stored. 

We also find tabletop vacuum packaging machines, which have rolls or plastic bags, and are used for continuous use in the kitchen. In the same way, you will see that there are vertical and horizontal vacuum packaging machines, which you can distinguish by the orientation of the product packaging.

suction power

Another important aspect that you should check when choosing a vacuum sealer is its suction power. This aspect influences the speed of emptying the machine, as well as the regulation of the intensity of the procedure. In general, vacuum packaging machines usually have a motor power that ranges between 100 and 200 watts, which is sufficient to carry out the work for which they are designed.

Together with the previous element, we have the extraction of the air and the duration of the emptying process. For this, you must consider if the machine you plan to buy is used to pack with bags or with glass jars. There are some models, which among their functions, have a predefined time to start sucking the air, while others offer the possibility of measuring the air before extraction. 

These last machines are more recommended for the case of packaging food in glass jars. But in the case of liquid packaging or the use of bags of different sizes, you can use the packaging machines with a predefined time.

various functions

There are machines that serve to empty liquid or delicate foods, and incorporate the function of liquid packaging among their optional buttons. Other packaging machines offer a cancel button, which allows you to manually interrupt the emptying process so as not to spoil the food, being recommended for packaging soft foods, such as bread or cookies.

Other additional functions that vacuum packaging machines can include are the possibility of washing some of their components in the dishwasher, they come with a roll holder, an option to regulate the packaging speed, a cutter to cut the packaging bag, some models include the bags, others They offer the possibility of hands-free where you press a button and the machine automatically takes care of emptying, sealing and cutting the bag, etc. 

Keep in mind that the more features the device has, the more expensive it will be, so it is advisable to think carefully about what we need it for, because many times the cheapest model usually meets our expectations at home and we do not have to spend so much money.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a vacuum sealer?

It must be recognized that the vacuum sealer is very easy to use, just place the food you plan to pack inside the bag designed for this action, open the device and fit the bag into the extraction mouth of the machine, close the sealer and press the button in the packaging function. In this way, the appliance will be activated and the process of extracting the air from the bag will begin. Next, the bag will be sealed and your product will be ready for storage. If it is a roll canner, you must cut the amount of plastic you need to wrap the food. Press the sealing function and proceed to form a bag, sealing each of the sides.

Q2: How to marinate with a vacuum sealer? 

The marinating process consists of submerging some food in a liquid with spices, so that it absorbs its flavors. To facilitate this culinary work, you can use a vacuum sealer, as it will save you enough time in the kitchen. To marinate a food with this machine, you just have to place the product inside the bag along with the marinade liquid and proceed with the vacuum sealing. Leave the bag for a period of one or two hours in the refrigerator and you will have your food ready to cook with a delicious flavor. 

Q3: Why doesn’t the vacuum sealer seal?

It may happen that your vacuum sealer does not seal the bag properly. If this is the problem with your appliance, the first thing you should check is whether the bag or the thickness of the plastic you are using is suitable for the machine. The same happens with the type of food that you intend to seal, since the canner will not work in the same way if what you want to seal is a liquid or dry food, so it is important to be aware of the type of bag that the canner needs. It can also be due to a bad connection in the wiring, a loose component or a broken resistor, it is advisable to take the device to a specialized technician to repair it and solve the problem.

Q4: How to repair a vacuum packing machine?

If you do not have knowledge in appliance repair, it is best to seek help from a specialized technical service that will review in detail the problem that the vacuum sealer could present and find the appropriate solution. Even if it is necessary to change a damaged part that prevents the correct operation of the device, a technician is the most qualified person to make that change. But in case you have some specialized knowledge in this type of product, then you should review the problem that the packaging machine presents to proceed with its repair. 

Q5: How to make a homemade vacuum sealer?

Many people do not have the economic opportunity to buy a machine for vacuum packaging food. If you are one of them, don’t worry because you can make your own homemade vacuum sealer. An easy way to make it is with a large container filled with water and some zip lock bags. The first thing you should do is put the food to be preserved in the bag and close the mouth, leaving a small opening so that the air can escape. Next, slowly lower the bag into the water and wait for the air to escape through the hole you left. Once the air is completely out, then carefully close the opening of the bag and you should have a vacuum packed food.

Q6: What is an industrial vacuum sealer?

The industrial-type vacuum sealer is a fairly efficient tool if you are dedicated to manufacturing, distributing and selling food products, or if you have a kitchen with many diners. It is a chamber that serves to properly preserve prepared or raw food, prolonging its durability and nutritional conditions, through hermetic insulation, sucking oxygen from the container, which prevents the fermentation process of the food or that it rots

Q7: How long does food last in a vacuum sealer?

Many times the storage time of food with this technique is multiplied by up to 5 times, compared to the time it lasts in the fridge stored in a traditional way. But keep in mind that fresh foods such as meat, fish, fruits or vegetables have a limited shelf life, and even using vacuum packaging, they must be preserved considering their expiration date.

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