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Upright Freezer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a vertical freezer will allow you to access your food in a faster and more practical way. However, there are a lot of these kits on the market, which could make buying a bit difficult. For this reason, we will mention only the most popular models, such as the Teka TG1 80, which has 3 transparent drawers to easily identify their respective contents and offers an A+ energy rating. On the other hand, the Samsung RZ32M7135S9 freezer features LED lighting and provides a handy ice dispenser for added versatility.

The 9 Best Upright Freezers – Opinions 2022

Upright freezers are often similar in design to regular refrigerators, allowing you to easily incorporate them into your kitchen design. However, not all freezers offer the same efficiency, so we have made a list of 9 of the best upright freezers of 2022, so you can choose one according to your needs.

small upright freezer

1. Teka TG1 80 Freezer Adjustable thermostat Three drawers

It is a small vertical freezer that offers a total gross capacity of 94 liters and measures 84.5 x 55.3 x 57.4 cm, making it suitable for placing in rooms, terraces and small rooms.. In addition, it has 3 transparent drawers that allow you to make the most of the space and obtain a better distribution of food.

Similarly, the drawers have a transparent structure, which allows you to see their content without having to open them. For greater functionality, this equipment has great cooling power and incorporates a thermostat to regulate the internal temperature according to your needs.

It also offers an A+ energy rating, which allows you to save on your electricity bill. As if that were not enough, it has a reversible door to favor its versatility.

The best upright freezer of the moment must offer good performance at an affordable price, like this model from the Teka company, which is one of the cheapest on the list.


Quiet: Produces as low as 39dB, similar to the noise level of a quiet conversation in a library.

Design: It is a compact device, so it can be placed in any room without taking up much space.

Ice bucket: Includes an ice bucket to make ice in a practical way.


Resistance: The structure of the freezer could be a bit delicate, especially the corners, so it is necessary to avoid shocks during its installation and use for greater durability.

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Frost Free Upright Freezer

2. Samsung RZ32M7135S9/ES Twin Freezer 315L A++

It is a No Frost vertical freezer, capable of improving air circulation in the internal compartments, avoiding temperature fluctuations and the creation of frost, which facilitates subsequent cleaning. Similarly, No Frost technology allows reaching the desired temperature in less time for better performance.

In terms of capacity, it is a 315-litre unit, which incorporates 4 lower drawers, 3 upper shelves and 2 shelves on the door, in this way, you can better organize your food. For added functionality, it’s a Slim Ice Maker upright freezer with ice dispenser, which only requires pulling the side lever to dispense the cubes.

On the other hand, it incorporates a digital inverter compressor, which can produce the most suitable temperature according to the contents of the refrigerator, which reduces energy consumption.

If you are looking for high-performance equipment to store meats, ice, ice cream, among others, then this Samsung upright freezer can be a great option.


WiFi: It has the WiFi function with SmartThings, which allows you to control the temperature and operating modes through your smartphone.

Bottom: It has a Metal Cooling coating on the inner bottom of the freezer, which helps to better preserve the cold of the compartments.

Capacity: It offers 315 liters of capacity to store a large amount of food.


Display: The letters on the display may be very small, making it difficult for people with vision problems to read.

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Beko Upright Freezer

3. Beko Upright Freezer No Frost A+

It is a 219-litre Beko upright freezer, suitable for small-sized rooms. However, it has 4 drawers, 2 shelves with lids for greater protection and 1 bucket to make ice in a more practical way. In this sense, it allows you to freeze enough food for a couple or small family.

For added security, it has an open door alarm, which helps prevent cold air from leaking into the freezer. On the other hand, it is a silent device that only produces 39 dBA of noise, so it is not annoying during operation.

The door is reversible, allowing you to install it to the left or right depending on your comfort. As if that were not enough, it has a design of simple white lines; in this way, you can combine it with any type of decoration.

If you are looking for the best value for money vertical freezer, it is convenient that you review in detail the pros and cons of this model, since it does not cost too much money.


Shelves: The shelves are made of safety glass, which can withstand scratches and heavy loads.

Compartments: Includes 4 drawers and 2 shelves with lids to better distribute the food inside.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 151.8 x 59.5 x 65.5, so it does not take up much space.


Handle: It has an external handle to open the door, which could reduce its practicality compared to other models that have a side handle on the door.

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Balay Upright Freezer

4. Balay 3GFF563ME Upright Freezer No Frost 1 Door

It is a Balay vertical freezer that has a storage capacity of 242 liters, enough to freeze a large amount of food, including complete turkey pieces, pies, among others. In addition, it has No Frost technology, capable of maintaining a constant temperature inside to prevent the production of frost.

Regarding the design, it has an ergonomic handle that allows you to open the door without much effort. In addition, inside it has different shelves and large BigBox drawers, suitable for organizing food according to your needs.

On the other hand, if you remove one or more drawers you can use the included glass trays to support full saucepans and ice cream cups. Similarly, it is possible to remove the trays and obtain a larger compartment to store large items.

The best upright freezer should give you versatility and a large space to store everything you need, like this model from the Balay company.


Space: It has 2 BigBox drawers, which offer a volume of 30 liters to store large foods.

Resistance: Both the drawers and the shelves can withstand weight and scratches, as they are made of safety glass for greater resistance.

Design: It has an external structure made of steel with a matte finish, which provides greater attractiveness.


Lighting: It does not offer any lighting system, so it could be difficult to see the food if you do not have enough light in the environment.

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Liebherr upright freezer

5. Liebherr GNP 1913 Comfort NoFrost Upright Freezer

On this occasion, we are facing a Liebherr vertical freezer that is characterized by its size of 125 cm in height. In this way, it can be the right one if you lack space in your refrigerator, but do not need a large volume of additional storage.

Its internal distribution is quite practical, as it has 5 compartments in which you could accommodate your food, to have easy access to them. And, speaking of its technology, it offers the SuperFrost function, which better preserves the vitamins in food by quickly reducing the temperature to -32 degrees.

In addition, it should be noted that it has child insurance and you will not have to deal with frost problems, thanks to the fact that the device incorporates No Frost technology. Thus, you do not have to resort to the traditional defrosting process required in other models and cleaning is easier.

To achieve the best purchase, we recommend that you educate yourself about the pros and cons of each device. Thus, you could avoid later inconveniences.


Capacity: It offers a storage space of 158 liters, distributed in 5 spaces. So it is considered practical and medium in size.

Functionality: It has a front control panel, called MagicEye, to know at all times the configuration parameters that are active.

Open door alarm: You can avoid the deterioration of your food and the increase in the cost of your electricity bill thanks to this quality.


Energy rating: Your F rating on the energy consumption scale may not be the best on the market. However, it is within the standard for this type of device.

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Hisense Upright Freezer

6. Hisense FV105D4AW2 Upright Freezer 82 l net capacity

This Hisense upright freezer offers enough power to freeze up to 10kg of food in 24 hours, so it performs well. Additionally, it is an A++ upright freezer within the energy efficiency rating, indicating low power consumption.

Also, it has a sound level of only 40 dB, so it can be installed in a room without causing disturbing noise at night. On the other hand, it offers a capacity of 82 liters, so it is a compact unit that serves as a complement to a refrigerator without a freezer or with little storage volume.

Regarding the design, it incorporates a reversible door that can be placed on the left or right according to your comfort. As if that were not enough, it has adjustable feet that allow you to install the freezer on uneven surfaces.

If you are looking for a silent vertical freezer, but also one of the cheapest options, then this model may interest you. Let’s learn more about its main features.


Drawers: It has 2 small drawers and 1 Huge Box, which provides enough space to store bulky products.

Efficiency: It offers A++ energy efficiency, making it a sustainable unit with low power consumption.

Temperature: It can reach -24°C quickly, which provides good performance.


Stability: Despite having adjustable legs, it can be a bit difficult to stabilize on some surfaces.

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Bosch Upright Freezer

7. Bosch Series 4 GSN33VW3P Upright Freezer 225 L

It is a Bosch vertical freezer that offers No Frost technology, so it prevents the production of frost at the time of use. For this reason, it is not necessary to constantly defrost the equipment to ensure optimal operation.

For better efficiency, it has a Super freezing system, which lowers the temperature quickly to preserve food immediately after entering the freezer. It is important to mention that it has a capacity of 225 liters, distributed through its 4 lower drawers and the 3 upper shelves.

In addition, one of the drawers is a BigBox, a spacious compartment that is suitable for freezing large foods such as cakes and whole pieces of meat. As if that were not enough, the shelves are made of highly resistant glass, capable of withstanding weight and scratches.

Bosch is considered by many to be the best brand of upright freezers, so if you are interested in purchasing high-quality equipment, it is advisable to review the pros and cons of this model.


Capacity: It offers a capacity of 225 liters, so it is large enough to store a lot of food.

Distribution: It is divided into 3 shelves, 3 drawers and 1 BigBox drawer, which favors a better organization of the space.

Freezing: It has a Super operating mode, which provides faster freezing and automatically disconnects.


Weight: It has a net weight of 63 kg, so it can be a bit difficult to move for installation.

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Industrial Upright Freezer

8. Polar 600 L Single Door Commercial Freezer

It is an industrial vertical freezer that has 469 liters of net capacity and 7 shelves to place food, which translates into a large storage space. In this sense, it can be used in restaurants, butchers, ice cream parlors, bakeries, among others.

It has an external digital thermostat that shows the internal temperature of the freezer without the need to open the door. In addition, it offers 350 W to reach temperatures between -25 and -10 ° C, which allows food to be frozen in less time. Similarly, its energy efficiency classification is B, so it is a high-performance device that does not consume too much energy.

To facilitate its installation, it has a pair of rear wheels that help to position the equipment comfortably during assembly. As if that were not enough, the door is reversible for greater versatility.

It is normal to wonder which vertical freezer to buy among the wide variety of models on the market, so if you have not yet decided, we invite you to learn more about this equipment.


Capacity: Offers a net capacity of 469 liters, to store many foods in demanding commercial environments.

Power: It has 350 W of power to reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time.

Insulation: It has 60 mm insulation, which helps to better preserve the temperature inside the freezer.


Defrost: It is necessary to perform a manual defrost eventually to maintain optimal performance.

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Narrow upright freezer

9. Sauber Upright Freezer Series 5-186B Nofrost Technology

For those who want to make better use of space, a narrow upright freezer can be a wise choice when evaluating options. In this sense, the Sauber 5-186B model, measuring 186 x 60 x 65 cm, could meet your expectations.

Among its best attributes, we can highlight its antibacterial insulation, which helps preserve the quality of your food. On the other hand, it has a front configuration panel where you can comfortably program its functions. For example, you can activate the ECO or vacation mode, in addition to displaying the most important data in relation to its status and work mode. 

In other aspects, its 307-litre capacity is distributed in 7 drawers, which will allow you to access the food you need, preventing the cold from being lost at each door opening. In addition, depending on availability, you can choose it in white or steel, to combine with the rest of your appliances.

In case you have doubts about which is the best upright freezer for your home, look at the pros and cons of this model.


Distribution: Thanks to its 7 internal drawers of different sizes, you can easily organize your food and classify it.

Practicality: It is very easy to know which parameters are active in the freezer configuration, thanks to its front panel. Also, this freezer is frost free.

Design: It offers an attractive and modern aesthetic, in two colors to choose from, to combine with your kitchen.


Door opening: Although the opening configuration can be changed, you will have to make the adaptation on your own.

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Shopping guide

It’s true that upright freezers take up less space than chest models and can make it easier to organize food. However, before purchasing one of these equipment, it is necessary to consider some characteristics, such as the type of technology used to freeze, the various functions, the total storage capacity and the number of compartments available. In this sense, it is advisable to carefully review this guide to buy the best upright freezer.


There is a fundamental difference between an upright freezer with No Frost technology and one with cyclic operation. The latter represents traditional equipment, which turns on when the temperature rises more than necessary or the doors are constantly opened, which could cause energy loss. The main function of these freezers is to save energy and keep food frozen without dehydrating it, so they are a good option if you are looking for a cheap freezer.

However, it is important to mention that the cyclical models generate a layer of ice that could reduce the efficiency of the equipment at the time of use, so it is necessary to carry out periodic defrosting to avoid the accumulation of frost.

On the other hand, No Frost vertical freezers do not generate frost and are capable of efficiently distributing the air throughout the entire internal space of the equipment, favoring better performance. However, these models can dry out food, so it is advisable to package or store them in bags to freeze them more safely.

Also, it is worth mentioning that No Frost equipment usually has a higher price, in addition, some have high levels of energy consumption on an annual level, which is necessary to consider before choosing between one model or another.


When comparing upright freezers, we can see that not all of them offer the same amount of functions. In this sense, some models have fast freezing modes, capable of lowering the temperature in a very short period of time to thus preserve the properties of the food.

For greater versatility, there are kits with dispensers to make ice more easily and without taking up additional space inside the freezer, which favors practicality. Similarly, there are models that include buckets to make ice in the traditional way.

As for the temperature, most upright freezers include a display or thermostat to adjust the cold level of the freezer according to your needs, which increases versatility. Similarly, it is possible to find high-tech models with WiFi connectivity, indicated to control the equipment through a smart mobile phone, making it a more modern and practical system.


If you want to know how much an upright freezer costs, then you should pay attention to the capacity of the equipment. The latter is obtained by measuring the liters of water that would fit if we completely filled the main compartment. Therefore, it is possible to find models that have from 82 to 469 liters of available space. In the first case, these are small models, which serve as accessories for larger refrigerators and are suitable for placing in small rooms, such as terraces and bedrooms. In addition, they usually have an affordable price.

On the other hand, vertical freezers that have a capacity of around 200 liters are suitable for freezing food for families of up to 4 people, so their cost is a little higher than small models. There are also products of 400 liters or more, which are the most expensive, but offer enough capacity to be used at an industrial level, mainly in butcher shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, among other businesses.


The number and distribution of the vertical freezer compartments is what allows you to take better advantage of the capacity of the equipment, which is why there are currently models that not only have shelves or shelves, but also offer drawers of different sizes to separate food according to your needs. In this sense, we can find freezers that have between 3 and 7 shelves and between 3 and 5 drawers.

However, the layout of the shelves can vary the space, for this reason, it is best to choose a model with removable shelves that allow you a personalized fit. Also, the drawers are not the same in all models, some freezers have small compartments and others have BigBox drawers, which allow you to store large foods, such as cakes, fruits, complete pieces of chicken, among others.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to defrost an upright freezer?

Defrosting equipment can help you save energy, as a layer of frost of 3mm or more causes the freezer to consume up to 40% more electricity. In this sense, you must unplug the freezer, take out the food and heat a little water in a container. Once the water boils, it is advisable to place a cloth in the freezer to support the container of hot water, in this way, you can speed up the defrosting process. Now, to clean the drawers, shelves and shelves, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of water, vinegar and lemon that will help you disinfect the compartments and remove bad odors. Afterwards, you just have to dry with a dry cloth or absorbent paper and connect the freezer back to the electrical current.

Q2: How to transport an upright freezer?

If it is a totally new freezer, generally those who carry the equipment are in charge of installing it in your home or business premises. In case you want to move the freezer that you already have installed, then the first thing you should do is unplug it and empty it completely, this includes defrosting the equipment to reduce the weight of the structure. Once it’s thawed, then it’s time to remove the trays and racks, as leaving them inside during transport could break or crack them.

Next, it is necessary to secure the doors with a cable or rope that goes around the freezer; in this way, we avoid its accidental opening. Then, to transport it, it is possible to use a dolly or dolly that helps you move the equipment vertically. Due to the weight, it is recommended to carry out the assembly and disassembly between 2 or more people for greater safety and comfort.

Q3: How to disguise an upright freezer?

If you have a small kitchen or have the freezer in a room, the structure may stand out a lot within the decoration of the space. As a solution, it is possible to cover the freezer with OSB boards, a type of attractive material that is resistant to high temperatures, humidity and constant use. In this sense, you must measure and cut the boards that you are going to use to assemble the structure.

For this task you will also need some screws, a screwdriver, a door hinge and a handle. In principle, you can join the sides with the lid and then incorporate the hinge with the door. It is important to take into account the opening direction of the freezer to place the OSB door in the same direction. Then, you can incorporate the handle in the door and it only remains to insert the freezer.

Q4: How to organize an upright freezer?

Having an organized and clean freezer is one of the most effective ways to better preserve food. In this sense, it is advisable to use the upper shelves to place ice buckets and other containers flat. In the first drawer you can store the products you consume daily, such as frozen meat or fruit, while in the lower drawers you can store food with a longer consumption forecast.

Also, it may be appropriate to use airtight bags or containers to help prevent dehydration of some foods. If you have colored bags, it is advisable to place labels with the name of the food and the date on which it was frozen; in this way, it is easier to identify and use them according to the freezing time.

Q5: How to repair an upright freezer?

If your freezer has faults, it is best to call a specialized technical service that can help you repair it, since some models have high-tech mechanisms that could be easily damaged if you do not have the necessary knowledge, which would be counterproductive..

In general, the most common failure of upright freezers is when they no longer cool as efficiently. Before calling the technical service, you can try to completely defrost the equipment and turn it on again, since many times the problem is due to the creation of a very thick layer of ice that prevents the circulation of cold air.

Q6: Which is better upright or chest freezer?

Deciding between a vertical or horizontal freezer will depend in principle on your needs and the dimensions of your kitchen, since horizontal units usually cover more space than vertical ones. In addition, the latter usually have different compartments, such as shelves and drawers to better organize food, which is more practical.

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