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Video Door Phones – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Identifying and controlling who has access to your home is of great importance for your safety and that of your entire family, but a video door entry system also allows you to protect all your belongings from possible theft. In this sense, it is good to define if you need a single telephone or several, as well as the number of accesses that you want to open remotely. Currently, there are many interesting models of video door entry systems with various innovative functions, for this reason, we have selected some of the most outstanding. The Fermax 1401 has a 7-inch touch screen, in addition, the entrance panel has a visor for greater durability. Another interesting option is the Tegui 376171, which includes an LED indicator light for calls off and WiFi connection to control its functions from your smartphone.

Opinions on the best video intercoms

A video door entry system can be a good option to protect your home, office or residential complex, as it gives you greater control over access to your private spaces. However, the large number of models and brands can make it difficult to choose, for this reason, we have made a selection with some of the best video door phones of 2022. 

Fermax video door entry system

Fermax 1401

This model is considered by many to be the best video door entry system, since it has a 7-inch TFT screen, which allows you to easily see who is requesting access to your home, and it is also touchscreen so you can use it comfortably. This monitor reproduces color images and has an intuitive interface.

It is a Fermax video door entry system that allows precise communication between the street panel and the screen inside the place, since it has a CCD camera that is responsible for sending images in real time to the monitor. It also allows you to automatically record videos so you know who came to visit you while you were away and you can take pictures while you talk to the person.

It offers 20 different sounds so that you can vary the incoming call melody whenever you want. In addition, it is possible to adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen for personalized use, so you can see the date, time and choose between 16 languages. 

The best video intercom of the moment should have a call log, so you can check the information when you get home, for this reason, this model could be the one. However, it is worth reviewing the pros and cons of the product before making the purchase:


Monitor: Thanks to its 7-inch screen you can clearly see who is requesting access to your home.

Languages: You can choose between 16 available languages, to adapt it to your needs depending on the country where you install it.

Sounds: It offers a total of 20 melodies, so you can always change them to vary the sound of calls. 


Range: Although this product fully fulfills its functions, it is not high-end, but medium.

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Tegui video intercom

Tegui 376171

If you want to discover which is the best video door phone, you might be interested in this model that has a WiFi connection, so you can control its functions through your smartphone. It’s also easy to use directly from the monitor, thanks to the capacitive buttons. 

It has a 7-inch LCD touch screen that shows you color images of the person who wants to enter your home. In addition, this Tegui video door entry system is capable of recording audio and video, so that you have a record of the visits to your home. Also, it has an LED light that indicates the presence of messages and if the calls are deactivated. 

The outer modular plate  has a camera with a 90 degree wide angle lens, as if that were not enough, you can move it +-10 degrees in any direction. On the other hand, it is possible to connect it to the concierge switchboard, in this way you can have easier communication if you live in a residential building or complex.

The best video door entry brand is the one that offers variety in products and prices, for this reason, it is good that you take into account the positive and negative characteristics of this Tegui model before making a decision: 


Wide: It has a 90 degree wide angle lens that you can move about 10 degrees in any direction.

WiFi: This model offers internet connection through a wireless network, so you can control it from your mobile.

LED: Includes an indicator light so you know if there are messages or calls are disabled. 


Camera: Although the image is very good, the camera does not have a wide angle of 135 degrees, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other models.

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wireless video door phone

Smartware VD38W

This wireless video door phone is one of the easiest to install, since it does not need cables to work properly. With this model you can see in real time who is requesting access to your home, even in the dark, thanks to its infrared LEDs that allow night vision. 

This model could answer the question about which is the best video door phone, thanks to its numerous features. The distance between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit can be 120m, in this way, you don’t have to walk to the entrance of your house to know who is in front of the door. In addition, it comes with the necessary batteries and adapters, so you do not have to incur additional expenses.

The indoor monitor is color, measures 3.5 inches and has been manufactured with TFT technology, while the outdoor unit is protected against vandalism and the elements of the environment. 

If you still don’t know which video door entry system to buy, we invite you to do a more detailed analysis of the positive and negative characteristics of this product to find out if it is the right one: 


Infrared: The camera offers an infrared LED system, which allows you to see who is at the door at night.

Wireless: Its installation is easier thanks to the fact that it does not need cables between the units. 

Anti-theft: The outdoor unit has a special screw that prevents vandalism and theft.


Range: As with other wireless models, the range between units is limited, especially if there are walls in between.

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Golmar video intercom

Golmar 11500242

This kit includes a street panel with a color camera, which has been made of stainless steel with a graphite finish. It offers a 2-wire GB2 digital installation type and a 104° wide angle lens. In addition, it has illuminated icons to indicate the function in progress, such as door opening and call in progress.

It is considered by many to be the best value for money video door entry system, as it includes a 7-inch TFT LCD color monitor made of resistant white ABS. It has capacitive buttons that emit a sound when touched to confirm the press. It also has an acrylic screen protector for added durability.

It is possible to install the Golmar 11500242 video door entry system on surfaces with a depth of 1.9 cm, providing a modern touch to the place, however, it does not draw too much attention, so it is suitable in any decoration that you have inside your home or office.

If you are worried about the price of the video door entry system, it is good to know that this is one of the cheapest if we compare its features with those of other similar products. However, it is important to take into account its positive and negative characteristics:


Buttons: It has capacitive buttons that emit a sound to confirm that you have indeed pressed them correctly.

Casing: The monitor casing has been made of high-strength ABS plastic and has a 7-inch color screen for proper viewing.

Visor: The street panel has an integrated visor to protect the equipment from atmospheric conditions.


WiFi: This model does not have a WiFi connection, so it is not possible to synchronize it with the mobile phone.

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Legrand video intercom 

Legrand 369220

This Legrand video intercom offers simple wiring through the 2-wire system, capable of transmitting images and audio in real time at a distance of 100 meters between the external panel and the internal monitor, in this way you can have total control of access to your property.

It has a double opening system, that is, it can open the entrance door for people and the garage door for car access. The external panel has a bell button with lighting, so that your visitors can easily request access at night. In addition, you can control the light on the façade through the intercom system, for a more secure entry.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to connect up to four cameras to expand the security of your home. If necessary, you can completely turn off the ringtone if you do not want to receive visitors.

A good video door entry system must have a monitor that allows you to correctly observe the person trying to enter your home, which is why this product offers a 7-inch color mirror effect screen. However, it is worth reviewing its main features:


Wiring: It is easy to install, thanks to its two-wire system you will not have any problems even if you connect several cameras.

Opening: Allows double opening, so you can control the entry of cars and pedestrians, facilitating entry to your home or workplace.

Expandable: This model allows you to have up to two monitors, so it works for a two-family house.


Photos: Apparently, this model does not take photos, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other products in this selection.

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Wi-Fi video door phone


This intercom system is one of the cheapest on the list, but it works with a 4-wire cable, which means that the power goes through two wires to open and close the door and the other two send the communication signal, that is,, sound and image. In addition, you can connect 2 bells with 4 monitors, so you can distribute them inside the house and you don’t have to go down or up stairs.

It is an IP video door entry system, that is, it has WiFi technology and works in the 2.4 GHZ band, so you can control the functions from your mobile, through a very easy-to-use application. In this case, you can open the door remotely, view videos and photos of the people who are requesting access to your home and even communicate with them.

The exterior plate has a night vision camera with an angle of 100°, so you can observe your visitors even if the light conditions are not the most favourable. It should be noted that although this WiFi video door phone has a wireless connection with the smartphone, it also requires wiring for its installation.

Another advantage of this model is that it can use a micro SD card, in this way, you have at your disposal a memory with images and videos of the visits received. However, it is advisable to review the pros and cons of the product before deciding:


System: If you have a 4-wire system installed, but you want to change the equipment, this is a good option, since communication and power work separately.

Camera: The doorbell is equipped with a camera that allows you to see in the dark, with an angle of 100°.

Practicality: The WiFi connection allows you to receive notifications on your mobile, so you can see who is at the door and you can give them remote access.


Instructions: It appears that the instruction manual is small, making it difficult for a person with limited vision to read.

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Chacon video intercom

Chacon 34805

If you want to know who is at the front door and allow access to your home from the comfort and security of the interior of the house, this model includes an exterior plate for the facade and a monitor that you can install on a wall inside your property., in this way, you will be able to detect in time if they are strangers and block the entrance.

This Chacon video door entry system works with 4-wire technology, so you must install the power supply and communication with different cables. However, he is able to control the opening of a lock and a portal, to facilitate the process of entering the house.

The monitor features a 7-inch color screen in white, which is stylish yet minimalist in design that blends in with any décor. On the other hand, the exterior plate comes with the mounting bracket and has a visor to protect the equipment from the rain. 

A good video door entry system must have a camera that allows you to see the people who are at the door requesting access, even if it is dark outside, as in the case of this model with night vision. Let’s see its main characteristics in more detail below:


Waterproof: The outer device is metallic and is protected with a visor to withstand the rain, so it is waterproof.

Adjustable: You can adjust the color, contrast and brightness of the screen, as well as the volume, so that it allows personalized use according to your needs.

Camera: The integrated camera offers an infrared system to see correctly in the dark and has a viewing angle of 92 °.


Cables: It seems that this model does not come with cables, so you must buy them separately, which represents an additional expense.

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Comelit video door entry system

Comelit 6701W

This Comelit video door entry unit corresponds to the internal unit, that is, the monitor that allows viewing what is happening at the door of the house. It consists of a handset with an integrated 4.3-inch screen with a 16:9 image format. It has dimensions of 17.5 x 16 x 2.2 cm, making it compact.

It works in two-wire installations, so it is a completely digital equipment. In this case, you can choose between several melodies as ringtone for the call, it is also possible to control the contrast and brightness of the screen. As if that were not enough, the package includes the support for installation on the wall.

It has three soft touch buttons; one to open the door, one for a switchboard call and one for the privacy function. In addition, it has an elegant white finish, suitable for modern and classic decorations.

If you only need the internal device with a screen to complete your video door phone, then this monitor can be a good option, since it offers enough features and is not too expensive. However, review its pros and cons in more detail before making a decision:


Telephone: It has a telephone so you can hear what your guests are saying more clearly, since it allows you to bring the headset closer to your ear.

Buttons: It has 4 soft-touch buttons to activate the opening of the door, the switchboard call, among other functions.

Size: Thanks to its measurements of 17.5 x 16 x 2.2 cm, it is easy to install and does not take up too much space on the wall.


Screen: This model has a small 4.3-inch screen, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other models in this selection.

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Avidsen video intercom

Avidsen Ylva 112240

This Avidsen video door phone is a reliable and easy-to-install device, featuring a 2-wire connection between the intercom panel and the monitor. In this sense, it incorporates a photo and video camera, as well as a microphone, loudspeaker and buzzer for a more complete communication between the visitor and whoever answers the call.

Its ultra-flat monitor features a 7-inch color LCD screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution for a sharper image. In addition, its camera is equipped with infrared LEDs to facilitate night vision up to 1 meter away.

It offers a choice of 10 ring melodies and includes a memory function, which allows visitors to knock on the door to take pictures when no one is home. On the other hand, it has the IP54 degree of protection against dust and water, as well as protection against reverse polarity and short circuit.

If you are interested in a good quality and easy-to-install video door entry system that can give you the security of knowing who is knocking at your door, you should consider the pros and cons of this model:


Wires: It has a 2-wire connection, which, among other things, facilitates communication between the caller and the person who answers.

Monitor: It has a 7-inch LCD monitor with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Memory: Includes memory function to take and store photos of those who knock at the door when you are not there.


Ring: For some people, it might turn out that the ring tones could be more loud than necessary. However, it depends on the taste of each one.

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Dahua video intercom


This 2-wire video door entry system uses the same cable for both power supply and communication, since it works with digital technology. In addition, it includes a cable to IP converter, which allows the system to be expanded, thanks to its 4 ports for monitors or external panels and the ethernet socket for the LAN network.

It is a very complete Dahua video door entry system, since it offers an internal 7-inch color LCD screen, suitable for viewing the images obtained by the external panel, which in turn has a unidirectional microphone and a 1.3 megapixel HD camera with technology CMOS.

The monitor has a micro SD card slot, for this reason, it is capable of recording a short video of the visitor if you are not at home, it also has a built-in microphone and speakers. In addition, it allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast, as well as the volume of both the ringer and the conversation.

This package may be the right one if you want to change the entire communication system between the interior and exterior of your home, since it provides the most important elements. However, it is worth reviewing in greater detail the main characteristics of the product:


Recorder: Allows you to record short video messages if you insert a memory card, so that when you return home you will know who was calling.

Converter: Thanks to the two-wire to IP converter, you can connect more than one monitor and an ethernet cable for the LAN network.

Settings: The monitor allows you to adjust the screen characteristics such as brightness and contrast, as well as the volume of the call.


WiFi: This video door phone does not have a WiFi connection, so you cannot use it wirelessly with your mobile.

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Guide to buying a video door phone

Having control over people entering your home or office can result in a higher level of security for your family, employees and co-workers, as well as being a good way to protect your assets. For this reason, we have created this guide to buying the best video door entry system, where we point out the most important features that you should take into consideration if you decide to purchase one of these surveillance systems. The objective is that you can choose a good and at the same time economical product.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of video door entry systems, it is important to first define what functions the video door entry system offers, in this way you can choose the most convenient model depending on your needs. In this sense, the most important features in this type of security system are audio and image, since the idea is to be able to correctly hear and see the person requesting access to your home.

It is important that both the external panel and the internal monitor have a microphone, so that you have two-way communication, so the person outside can also hear you. As for the image, it depends on two factors; On the one hand, the camera, which can have a viewing angle between 75° and 130°, in addition, some models offer HD technology and have a CMOS sensor for a higher level of resolution. On the other hand, the screen can be a TFT LCD touch screen and is usually between 3.5 and 7 inches in size.

There are other functions that are very useful, such is the case of WiFi technology that allows you to control the video door entry system from your mobile. In this sense, some models offer an application so that you receive notifications if someone is ringing the doorbell, they even allow you to see a video of the visitor on the phone screen. Other products have IP function, which means they can be connected to the LAN, and use the Internet to facilitate communication between indoor and outdoor units.

Some video door phones have additional functions, such as storing small videos and taking some photos, which can be very useful if you are not at home, as it gives you the opportunity to see who has visited you. For this, it is necessary that the internal device has a memory card slot.


Another characteristic that we must take into account is the type of installation. In general, we can say that there are two types of installation; two-wire and four-wire. The old installations have 4-wire wiring, so they normally work analogically, that is, two wires for electrical energy and two more through which the audio and video communication flows. 

If you already have 4-wire wiring, you may find it more convenient to purchase a video door entry system with this feature, while if you are going to do the installation from scratch, you can opt for 2-wire technology, which is digital, so a single cable works for both power and communication. In this sense, it is possible that the installation is easier.

There are wireless video door phones, that is, you don’t have to do any wiring to connect the external unit to the monitor. However, in this case the distance between the units is a bit more limited and the walls could hinder the signal. It is necessary to know that WiFi connectivity does not guarantee that the device is wireless, for this reason, you should carefully review the features offered by each model.


Before asking yourself how much a video door phone costs, you should look at the accessories, as this could influence the price. The first thing is to know that the vast majority of these products do not come with the installation cable, but you must purchase it separately. On the other hand, there are external units that include a visor to protect them from the rain, which is a great point in favor.

There are very complete packages that include a 2-wire to IP converter, in this way you can expand the security system at home, since they allow you to connect several monitors and even have an ethernet port to take advantage of the LAN network. This facilitates communication between the units you have installed inside and outside your home or office.

Also, in case you already have an external card with a camera and microphone, you can buy the monitor separately, but you must ensure the compatibility of both units. In these cases, it may be more convenient to purchase products from the same brand to avoid inconveniences.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to install a video door phone?

The process of installing a video door phone is not as complicated as it seems, the first thing you have to do is place the monitor anchor on the wall, for this you need plugs, screws and a drill. You must perform this installation right where you have the previous wiring or in a place where it is easier for you to install the cable. Once you have the base you can mount the screen by matching the settings. As for the external unit, usually the wall bracket is attached to the device, so you must remove the torx screws to remove the base that you are going to place on the facade of your house, to achieve this, you must carry out the same procedure What have you done with the internal monitor?

Q2: How to use a video door phone?

It is a very easy system to use. When someone presses the call button from the street panel, the melody that you have configured on your internal monitor immediately sounds. Usually the street camera automatically activates and sends the image so you know who is requesting access. With the push of a button you can talk to the person in hands-free mode, but if they have a phone you have to pick it up and bring it close to your ear, as is the case with mobile devices. Once you hang up, the person’s image disappears to save power. In some cases, while you are talking to the visitor you can record a video or take photos without them even noticing.

Q3: Which is better, 2-wire or 4-wire video door phone?

The number of wires is related to the type of installation. A 2-wire wiring generally corresponds to a digital system, in this case, both audio and video communication and power are transmitted through the same cable. By contrast, 4-wire technology is typically analog, meaning power and communication run on separate wires. Although 2-wire is currently more widely used, this does not necessarily mean that it is better than 4-wire, but rather that it may be easier to install. However, if you already have 4-wire wiring, a video door entry system of this type is more convenient for you.

Q4: What cable to use for a video door phone?

For a correct installation you need the correct cable. In the case of the video door entry system, you have to take into account the distance from the entrance panel to the indoor monitor, since you will need a different cable. For example, if it is 25 meters or less, a 0.6 mm cable will work, while at a greater distance you will need a 1.5 mm cable. As you can see, the further apart the units are, the thicker the cable should be. 

Q5: How to watch the video door phone on TV?

You can see the image of the video door phone on your TV by connecting a coaxial cable with RCA output to connect it to a standard modulator in the video hole. Thus, you have a female RCA connector where you should connect the male. On the other hand, in the modulator you connect a coaxial cable in the TV port, to take it to where you want to distribute the signal. If you connect it to input VII of the antenna amplifier, then you will be able to see the video door entry signal on all the TVs you have connected.

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