Vinoteca – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Once the wine is refrigerated, it requires a certain level of temperature for its preservation, so we cannot place the bottles in the refrigerator. The wine cellars have a programmable temperature range to meet the needs of dry, red, sparkling and young wines. Hence the importance of having a team of this type at home. Orbegozo VT 1210 is a good option for wine lovers, because its spacious interior is suitable for storing up to 12 bottles. In addition, its design is elegant and the control panel is intuitive. But if you want a compact model with space for six bottles, the Klarstein HEA6 Schaufenster may be the right wine cooler, with removable shelves and quiet operation.

Opinions on the best wine cellars

If you have already decided to acquire a wine cellar, you will have to know that the models are quite varied. So take your time to review what the market has for you, evaluate its features and finally decide on the equipment that best suits your needs. Next, we present what according to users are the best wine cellars.

Orbegozo wine cellar

Orbegozo VT 1210

To acquire the best value for money wine cellar and one of the cheapest, you will have to take a look at this Orbegozo model. Its structure of 26 x 50.3 x 65 centimeters is quite spacious, it has a capacity of 35 liters and weighs 12 kilograms. The working power is 70 watts and the required voltage is 230 volts. Likewise, the electrical efficiency is class A with a low annual consumption of 129 kilowatts per hour of operation and the noise level generated is 35 decibels.

The design of this Orbegozo wine cellar is elegant and the interior incorporates a total of five removable grills made of chromed metal. Similarly, the insulated glass door helps keep the bottles cooler, while its side handles allow quick opening. The temperature can be easily adjusted from 8 to 18 ºC, it incorporates LED lighting, digital display, adjustable base and auto defrost mode.

If you are looking for an elegant wine cellar, with quality finishes, spacious and with intuitive operation, consider purchasing this one, because it is also one of the cheapest.


Capacity: The interior has a capacity for 35 liters, and can hold up to 12 bottles.

Dimensions: The 26 x 50.3 x 65 centimeter structure is easy to handle and will take up little space in the room.

Base: The base is adjustable in size, so you can adapt it according to your needs.

Power: Its 70-watt power offers fast cooling and low energy consumption.


Noise: If the room is very small, the noise generated by the wine cellar could be annoying.

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small wine cellar

Klarstein HEA6 Schaufenster

Klarstein has managed to surprise its followers with this compact, light and elegant model, considered the best wine cellar. It is an equipment with a containment volume for 16 liters, provided with a pair of easily removable metal shelves in which you can place a maximum of six bottles of wine.

This small wine cellar weighs 9.7 kilograms and has a wide, high, long exterior format of 25 x 37 x 50 centimeters, while the interior corresponds to 20 x 28 x 32 centimeters. The 220 to 240 volt power cable is 160 centimeters long so you can access any power source.

Among other aspects we have interior lighting, ergonomic handle on the glass door, non-slip bases, noise level of 38 decibels, type A energy efficiency and programming method of the refrigeration system from 12 to 18 ºC through a front touch panel.

If after reviewing the different catalogs you still cannot determine which is the best wine cellar at the moment, you should review the pros and cons of this elegant and compact Klarstein model.


Refrigeration: You can adjust the temperature of the equipment between 12 to 18 ºC, according to your needs.

Efficiency: The type A energy classification label indicates that this device is efficient and has low power consumption.

Cable: Thanks to its 160 centimeter cable you can connect the equipment to any power source without attaching an extension.

Containment: Its interior capacity of 16 liters is enough to store six bottles of wine.


Instruction manual: The manual does not offer a translation into Spanish, since it was printed only in English and German.

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Built-in wine cellar

Nodor 3959

Among the best wine cellars of 2022 is this model from the Nodor firm, made with high-end materials such as metal with anti-corrosion treatment, insulating glass on the door and robust wood on the three interior shelves.

This built-in wine cellar requires prior work to be built into a specific space, being suitable for any kitchen format due to its length, width, and height of 59.2 x 55.5 x 45.9 centimeters. In addition, it has a weight of 30 kilograms and a capacity to store 24 bottles.

On the other hand, this integrable wine cellar has been provided with a nominal work force of 85 watts and energy classification of type B, for an annual consumption of 190 kilowatts per hour of operation. Likewise, an adjustable temperature from 5 to 22 ºC and a noise level of 39 decibels after its start-up. Likewise, it annexes a ventilation system and interior lighting.

Nodor could very well be the best wine cooler brand due to its sturdy construction, clever design and intuitive operation. Here the details about your model.


Capacity: With this wine cellar you can store 24 bottles on its three wooden shelves.

Design: This model is designed to be built-in and save more space in the room.

Power: Its 85-watt power can be adjusted for enjoyment from 5 to 22 ºC.

Lighting: The interior has been provided with a lighting system, so you can easily see the bottles.


Weight: Its weight of 30 kilograms is a bit high, so probably at the time of installation you will need the help of another person.

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Liebherr Wine Cooler

Liebherr Wkb3212

If you are wondering which is the best wine cellar, Liebherr might have the answer to that question. In his purchase catalog you will find this model, made of stainless steel, with a polished surface and chrome finishes for greater durability. Its structure of 59.9 x 73.9 x 134.9 centimeters has an interior volume of 309 liters for the storage of a total of 164 bottles, distributed on four removable shelves.

Although some do not consider it a cheap wine cellar, it has high quality standards that are evident through its elegant aesthetics and intuitive operation, through a small upper control panel.

Regarding its use, it should be mentioned that this Liebherr wine cellar can be programmed for cooling from 5 to 20 ºC, its annual energy consumption corresponds to 161 kilowatts per hour and it is classified with a type A efficiency label. In addition, the noise generated it only reaches 40 decibels.

With so many models to choose from, it is understandable that you do not know which wine cellar to buy. However, if you need a large wine cellar, reviewing this model is likely to clear up any doubts.


Capacity: The interior volume of 309 liters allows the storage of 164 bottles of wine.

Manufacturing: The structure was made of polished and chromed stainless steel, offering a high level of resistance and durability.

Screen: The screen arranged in the upper front part allows quick and intuitive programming.

Refrigeration: The wine cellar has a refrigeration range of 5 to 20 ºC, so you can select the temperature that suits you.


Noise: The decibels of noise generated after its start-up can be a bit high.

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Wine cellar for 4 bottles

Cavanova CV004

Cavanova presents on this occasion a wine cellar for 4 bottles with a compact, light and visually attractive design. The metal structure is black, in the lower part it incorporates four bases with non-slip coating, the door has an insulating glass area and the side handle format is ergonomic for quick opening. In addition, the interior module is provided with a total of four chrome shelves that you can remove, thus facilitating the cleaning process.

When you buy the wine cellar you will enjoy a practical adjustment of the temperature and the lighting system through a control panel located on the upper front part of the equipment, as well as being able to monitor the temperature range from 7 to 18 ºC in the small attached screen.

Among other specifications of the product we have its adequate dimensions of 45.3 x 16.8 x 51 centimeters, the convenient weight of 8.8 kilograms and its low energy consumption of classification A.

There are those who have quite small homes and do not have enough space for a large wine cellar, so this model for four bottles would be a wise purchase. Here its pros and cons.


Electrical efficiency: Its type A classification makes it a product with low energy consumption.

Format: Its structure of 45.3 x 16.8 x 51 centimeters and weight of 8.8 kilograms save space by placing it on any surface.

Capacity: The interior has four shelves for placing the same number of bottles.

Programming: Thanks to the control panel with screen included, it will not be an inconvenience to program the refrigeration.


Power cable: Some people comment that the power cable is a bit short.

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12-bottle wine cellar

Cecotec V1704528

With this 12-bottle wine cellar you can enjoy an elegant, modern, robust, resistant structure with intuitive operation. The structure of 49.7 x 34 x 48 centimeters was made of high-end stainless steel and the interior has a storage volume of 33 liters, in which you can store the bottles safely and neatly on the three removable wooden shelves..

On the other hand, the door incorporates double insulating glass with an opening mechanism of up to 180º, a side grip handle with an ergonomic format and a self-locking system. On the front side, there is a two-digit screen and four touch buttons for programming, with access to adjust the temperature from 10 to 18 ºC and the internal LED lighting system. In addition, when you buy the wine cellar you will enjoy A-rated energy efficiency and you will not have to worry about vibrations, due to the integrated Motionless technology.

This is a wine cellar with spacious interior and elegant exterior, low energy consumption and efficient cooling. Learn more about its features.


Vibration: You won’t have to worry about annoying vibrations, since its Motionless technology cushions them perfectly.

Self-locking: The door has a self-locking system, designed as a security measure for the little ones in the house.

Programming: The control panel with screen allows quick adjustment and monitoring of the scheduled temperature.

Capacity: Due to its 33-litre containment volume, you can store up to 12 bottles.


Bottles: Problems with the adjustment of certain bottles have been mentioned. For example, the Burgundy type are a little together on the shelves.

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8-bottle wine cellar

Tristar WR-7508

Tristar products have a high level of quality, so this 8-bottle wine cellar could not be an exception. Its structure of 52 x 25.4 x 46.5 centimeters and weight of 8.75 kilograms, offers practical handling because it is quite light and compact.

For its manufacture, stainless steel was used in a pleasant matte tone and the interior shelves are chrome. While on the other hand, the door incorporates double insulated glass and three of the lower bases are adjustable.

The equipment has an annual energy consumption corresponding to 93 kilowatt hours of work and has been classified with an A+ efficiency label. Among the functions to be programmed from the front touch panel with LED screen, the internal lighting system, defrost mode and temperature for bottle cooling stand out.

This wine cellar with a compact and light body has the right temperature to keep sparkling or young wines refrigerated. Here its pros and cons.


Programming: You can easily program the operation of the wine cellar with the help of its intuitive control panel.

Lighting: The internal lighting system can be turned on and off to have a correct view of the bottles.

Screen: Through the small LED screen you can easily monitor the cooling temperature.

Consumption: The annual consumption of 93 kilowatts per minute of work is quite low, so it will not affect your monthly electricity bill.


Noise: The noise level generated by the wine cellar may be uncomfortable because it is a bit high.

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6-bottle wine cellar

MyWave CW-20FD1

If you need to buy a wine cellar, we invite you to consider this model, it is a MyWave 6-bottle wine cellar that has a very functional design, since apart from being used to refrigerate the bottles, it can also be used as a refrigerator to store other drinks.. This is possible because the cooling system is adjustable from 8 to 18 ºC, depending on your needs.

The structure has been built in stainless steel in a format of 56.5 x 41 x 30 centimeters and a weight of 8.65 kilograms, with specifications that favor its mobility. In addition, the internal volume is 20 liters and the pair of chrome shelves are removable and adjustable to various heights.

Regarding the 70-watt work force offered by the device, we have that it is a medium-high range power capable of generating low energy consumption, as well as an anti-vibration mechanism, which significantly reduces the noise decibels generated after startup. We cannot forget the intuitive control panel, LED display and defrost system.

If functional equipment is your thing, this wine cellar may be what you are looking for, since it is suitable for refrigerating bottles and being used as a refrigerator.


Temperature: Due to its wide temperature range, you will not only be able to refrigerate wines but also other drinks.

Capacity: The 20 liter internal volume is suitable for a total of six bottles.

Shelves: The pair of shelves is easy to remove and adjust in height, managing to incorporate bottles or containers of different sizes.

Vibration: Its anti-vibration mechanism reduces the noise level considerably.


Room temperature: The capacity of the wine cellar to reduce the temperature is closely linked to the outside temperature, so in hot weather it may not reach the minimum temperature.

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Guide to buying a wine cellar

If you want to keep your wines at the right temperature, the best option is to buy a wine cellar. These devices are specially designed for cooling and preserving this type of liquor. For this reason, it is important that you review the different options offered by manufacturers until you find a piece of equipment that really suits your needs for use and installation. We invite you to read this guide to buy the best wine cellar, which we have prepared with the purpose of guiding you to make a successful purchase.

Shopping guide

Dimensions and storage capacity

If you review the comparison of wine cellars, you will find that two of the characteristics evaluated in them are usually the dimensions and the storage capacity they offer. In this sense, the selection is a completely personal decision that will depend in the first instance on the space that you have destined for the placement of the device, as well as on the number of bottles to be cooled.

Thus, proceed to measure the space and compare it with the technical specifications of the models that have caught your attention, always remembering that the market has a wide range of options and thanks to this, getting a model that suits your needs will not be a problem. drawback.

With regard to the external dimensions, you will find spacious, smaller wine cellars and formats that can be placed on any surface to keep the bottles close at hand. For its part, the storage volume can vary between 16, 20, 21, 35, 33 and up to 309 liters.

Power and energy efficiency

Both the work force of the wine cellar and its energy efficiency are two aspects of great importance, which ultimately can determine how much said product costs. Finally, the important thing is that the power of the product is the necessary for the type of wine you want to cool. Remember that not all of them require the same temperature, so it will be useless to buy a device with a high-end power if the wines you usually consume are sparkling, since they only need a maximum of 10ºC. 

Likewise, when trying to minimize costs, you could take home a wine cellar with low-end power and put bottles of dry harvests in it, which have to be refrigerated at 18ºC maximum. As you can see, it is a characteristic that is directly related to the preservation of the body of the wine.

Among the powers most used by manufacturers are those of 70, 85 and up to 100 watts. On the other hand, there is the issue of annual energy expenditure, which is usually 93, 129, 161 and up to 190 kilowatts per hour of work, as well as the respective efficiency classification type A or B, which are considered low consumption. 


When thinking about acquiring a wine cellar, buyers generally try to make it good and cheap, but you should not neglect other aspects such as the programming method of the equipment. In this sense, it is necessary that the wine cellar offers a completely intuitive operation, which you can execute in a short time without causing any inconvenience. In the same way, it will always be important that you previously review what is indicated by the manufacturer, through the instruction manual.

Most of the wine cellars incorporate a discreet touch-type control panel in the upper front part of the structure, which features a maximum of four buttons that are easy to activate with just a gentle touch. Thus, you will be able to first adjust the start-up or stop of its operation, select the degrees centigrade and/or fahrenheit for the cooling of the wine bottles, as well as turn the internal lighting system on and off. In addition, they usually integrate a small two or three-digit screen with backlighting, so that you can be aware of the exact temperature programmed for the correct cooling and conservation of the wine.


The industry’s favorite manufacturing raw material to carry out this equipment is stainless steel, which you must verify is a robust material, polished and treated with a chrome finish, which provides elegance and resistance to the design. The glass that is arranged in the door is recommended to be insulated, so that it keeps the cold inside for longer. Also, confirm that the lower bases are covered with non-slip rubber to avoid incidents.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a wooden wine cabinet?

You will need a vertical board at least 70 centimeters long by 15 centimeters wide, five or six pairs of horseshoes, a sheet of sandpaper, screws, screwdrivers, drill bit for metal and wood.

Take the strip and sand it to remove the roughness, after which you need to make some marks on the surface calculating how many bottles can be supported horizontally. Remember that you must leave a space between them so that they do not collide. Continue drilling the marks through the thick area of ​​the board and also drill one of the sides of the horseshoes, matching them to the surface of the plank. In this way, you will be able to secure the parts by screwing in the screws. The important thing is that the “U” shape of the horseshoe is up and fixed from only one of its ends, offering an appearance of hooks. This way you can place the wine cellar on the wall and support the bottles.

Q2: How to open a wine cellar?

Wine bars are very popular businesses in Spain, which meet an adult target of both men and women, who enjoy the good service and quality of the wines. Without a doubt, opening a wine cellar is a good idea. However, you must be willing to follow a series of steps to obtain satisfactory results.

Thus, get an establishment with a bar for the bar area, sophisticated furniture for both an interior and exterior environment, a cabinet and a refrigerator for the conservation of the different types of wines that you must have. In addition, you must take care of the staff, who will have to have special training. Similarly, offer customers various services such as snacks or international cuisine, as well as activities that generate extra income such as classes to learn the art of tasting, expository talks about wines and other topics of interest.

Q3: How to fix a wine cabinet?

If your wine cellar has begun to present a fault and you do not have knowledge about the subject, it is recommended that you stop using the equipment to avoid worsening the fault. Immediately, contact an expert to initially carry out a reconnaissance of the wine cellar. In this way, the technician can proceed to carry out the repair or change a spare part.

Q4: At what temperature does a wine cellar have to be?

Not all wine cellars need to be set to the same temperature level, as this setting will depend on the type of wine you have. If it is sparkling, a range of 7 to 10 ºC is recommended, while a young wine needs a temperature between 10 and 13 ºC and red or aged wines should be refrigerated between 15 and 18 ºC.

Q5: Where to put the wine cellar?

The wine cellar can be placed in the kitchen or bar area, it is not recommended that you have it in the rest room, because after its start-up it will generate a certain level of sound, which will definitely interrupt your sleep. Likewise, avoid it being in contact with the sun’s rays, because the radiation could damage the chemistry of the wine and even alter the temperature of the wine cellar. So, select a place with an ambient temperature that does not exceed 30 ºC. Finally, it is not prudent to install the equipment next to other electrical appliances, since the vibration generated could damage the bottles.

How to use a wine cellar

The wine cellars have a design similar to that of a small refrigerator, but with the difference that their refrigeration system has an adjustment that adapts to the needs of the different types of wine. In addition, they have a much lower energy consumption. If this is your first time purchasing such an appliance, you may want to learn how to use a wine cellar by following these simple steps.

Check the content of the package

Once you have the purchase package in your hands, you will need to open it carefully, in order not to inadvertently damage the structure. Remove all the packaging paper, carefully check the body of the wine cellar and verify that it does not have any type of scratch or dent. Also, make sure that the number of built-in shelves is correct and that they are free of defects. The manufacturer must also have attached the instruction manual and in some cases a warranty card that you must keep, since you do not know when you will need it.

Study the instruction manual

As intuitive as the use of a wine cellar may seem, you cannot let the instruction manual go unnoticed. Remember that it contains all the recommendations for use, assembly, programming and maintenance offered by the manufacturer. So take a few minutes to study it, as this will help you start to familiarize yourself with the product.

Place the shelves

Open the door of the wine cellar to access its interior, being necessary to visually identify the adjustment area of ​​each of the metal or wooden shelves, depending on the model. Then, take the first one and carefully slide it through the previously identified tabs, making sure that it is correctly adjusted and that it offers the necessary stability to support the weight of the bottles. Repeat the process with the remaining shelves.

Enter the bottles

Depending on the interior format of the wine cellar and, therefore, the number of built-in shelves, you will have to introduce the bottles carefully. The important thing is that the bottom of the bottle is towards the bottom of the container and the spout facing us. If yours is a compact model, place the bottles next to each other, according to the space you have on each shelf. For their part, those who chose a format with a large containment volume must repeat the previous process, then mount another sequence of bottles on top of them and so on.

Turn on the wine cellar

The first thing you should do is check if the voltage of the power source and the wine cellar are compatible, otherwise you could cause a short circuit. Once you are sure that there is no danger, you will need to take the power supply cable and plug it into said outlet. If it’s not long enough, you’ll need to add an extension.

Adjust the temperature

In the upper part of the wine cellar you will find a small touch control panel with a maximum of five duly identified buttons, which you must press to turn on the interior lighting system of the structure, adjust the unit of measurement and the desired temperature level.

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