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Viscoelastic Mattress – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Viscoelastic mattresses are rest surfaces that, depending on the quality standards applied by the manufacturer, could offer correct adaptability to different anatomies. In addition, they are structures that are very easy to transport, since most of the designs can be rolled up without deforming. Dormio Zafiro is a viscoelastic mattress with an Eliocel core, which provides intermediate hardness and a high level of breathability, due to its 3D mesh sides and stretch fabric surface. For its part, Dormideo Elíxir has one side capable of meeting your needs for use during the summer, while the other is suitable for winter.

Opinions on the best memory foam mattresses on the market

The purchase options at the time of acquiring a rest surface are usually varied, highlighting among them the memory foam mattresses that have currently gained great popularity, due to the fact that they are more flexible and anatomical than spring designs. Before the imminent purchase, it would be convenient for you to know some of the manufacturers with the highest positioning, so we present the following selection to choose the best viscoelastic mattress on the market.

Viscoelastic mattress 150×190

Sapphire Sleep

Once again Dormio surprises the market with its 150×190 viscoelastic mattress, which will allow you to adopt a correct position when resting, thus avoiding the accumulation of any type of tension at the level of the back, neck or shoulders.

This product, considered the best viscoelastic mattress, has been manufactured with high-end raw materials such as the stretch-type textile that you will find on the outside of the structure and 3D fiber on the sides, providing the design with an adequate level of breathability. Inside, its nucleus stands out in Eliocel cells and viscoelastic tissue, which is characterized by being a thermoregulatory material. Similarly, anti-mite and hypoallergenic treatments are added.

The model has a format of 21 x 150 x 190 centimeters, its hardness is intermediate, it has AITEX and OEKO TEX approval, as well as it offers a practical method of transport as it can be rolled up without deforming.

If you want to get the best viscoelastic mattress of the moment, you only have to check the Zafiro model from the Dormio house.


Format: It is a fairly spacious mattress with a height, width, length of 21 x 150 x 190 centimeters.

Transport: You will be able to roll up the mattress quickly and easily without fear of it deteriorating.

Perspiration: On the sides, the manufacturer incorporates 3D fabric, which provides the mattress with adequate perspiration.

Interior: The interior has been provided with an Eliocel core for intermediate hardness and three layers of viscoelastic.


Thickness: There are those who comment that the thickness of the mattress is two centimeters less than that indicated by the manufacturer, although this could be attributable to the fact that it has not yet adopted its final shape after unfolding.

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Viscoelastic mattress 90×190

Snooze Elixir

This model is positioned among the best viscoelastic mattresses of 2022, since it has been designed to adapt to both the summer and winter seasons. This is possible because one of its sides has been provided with Gel Fresh textile fiber, open pores and a 3D fabric stands out on the sides, materials that together will allow you to enjoy great breathability and freshness during the hot nights of the year. In the same way, when turning the mattress you will have at your disposal its other side with a layer of three centimeters of a couple of fabrics that provide warmth such as TNT and Visco Soft.

This 90×190 viscoelastic mattress is 24 centimeters thick, offers a two-year guarantee, has an intermediate hardness due to its Eliocel core, antibacterial treatments and a fixed border that will prevent the core from deforming.

Dormideo has managed to gain an important place in the market and many consider it to be the best memory foam mattress brand, since its models have great attributes.


Core: The interior of the mattress has the well-known Eliocel core for the enjoyment of intermediate hardness.

Format: The dimensions of width, length, thickness with which the mattress was provided are 90 x 190 x 24 centimeters.

Design: Its double-sided design adapts to your needs for use during winter or summer.

Warranty: A warranty card valid for a couple of years is attached to the purchase.


Hardness: After a few months of use, the hardness of the mattress could decrease a little, according to the perception of some user, but it is an isolated comment.

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Memory foam mattress 135×190

Imperial Comfort Oslo

When falling asleep it is important to have a truly anatomical surface at our disposal, which allows us to adopt a good posture without exposing ourselves to the common accumulation of tension in areas such as the back, shoulders and neck. This memory foam mattress 135 from Imperial Comfort has been designed to meet our needs, offering an intermediate level of hardness, through the combination of high quality materials.

The 135×190 memory foam mattress is 21 centimeters thick, padded on both sides in Strech fabric with aloe vera, 3D fiber sides, sewn trims and a core made of 20-centimeter density Sensopue foam.

So, when in doubt about which is the best viscoelastic mattress, this model appears as an option that you cannot go unnoticed, since it is ergonomic, hypoallergenic, offers a long service life and is easy to transport.

The market has so many options that it is not surprising to feel confused and not know which memory foam mattress to buy. Know the pros and cons of this model.


Format: The mattress has spacious dimensions of 135 x 190 x 21 centimeters, which could offer a resting surface appropriate to the base you have.

Confection: For its confection, strech textile and 3D fiber were used, which provide comfort.

Core: The interior of the structure is made up of 20 centimeters thick Sensopue foam, a quality that provides comfort and support to the back.

Hypoallergenic: The materials have been treated hypoallergenically to avoid respiratory or skin allergies.


Rigidity: A negative aspect raised in isolation is that the surface could sink over the weeks of use.

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Viscoelastic Pikolin mattress

Pikolin Aegean

Pikolin is a company with a long history that spans 70 years dedicated to the manufacture of rest surfaces for the whole family. Each model has specific characteristics, designed with the purpose of satisfying the individual needs of each user. An example of this is the Aegean viscoelastic Pikolin mattress, which has been awarded several awards due to its innovative design and acquired approvals.

The structure has a format of 190 x 135 x 24 centimeters, with a pleasant aesthetic in white stretch fabric, soft touch and detailed finishes. The core is made of Confortcel rubber, a material that gives the design intermediate hardness and a memory effect for independent beds and a non-deformable surface.

Likewise, the incorporation of carbon particles provides greater freshness and perspiration on hot days. While on the other hand, we can not fail to mention the attached two-year warranty, which conveys more reliability among buyers.

Pikolin Egeo is a good purchase option for those who want to acquire a spacious, breathable, comfortable and durable mattress.


Warranty: Two years from the time of purchase is the time offered by the manufacturer as a guarantee of quality, which provides greater confidence in the product.

Format: The convenient measurements of this structure correspond to 190 x 135 x 24 centimeters.

Core: The inner Confortcel rubber provides intermediate hardness, a non-deformable body and independence of beds.

Perspiration: Thanks to the treatment of carbon particles and stretch fabric you will enjoy greater freshness and perspiration.


Hardness: The mattress could be a bit soft for some people, despite having a medium hardness level, but it is a matter of preference.

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Viscoelastic mattress 90

The Star Plus Mattress Warehouse

The Mattress Warehouse is characterized by manufacturing anatomical mattresses, certified and capable of offering a long life with a guarantee of two years. Thus, it incorporates into the market what according to critics may be the best quality-price memory foam mattress and one of the cheapest recommended products on this list.

It is the viscoelastic mattress 90 with a level of medium-high hardness, materials free of toxic agents with OEKO-TEX type certification and treated to prevent mites, fungi and other bacteria that cause allergies.

The model combines various textile fabrics such as 3D mesh in the lower and lateral areas, as well as stretch fiber for the outer lining. In addition, it incorporates a high-density HR core, two-centimeter viscoelastic padding and aloe vera fabric on the surface. In this sense, the mattress offers great breathability and independent beds for greater comfort.

Among the cheapest mattresses, this viscoelastic mattress stands out for which certified and treated materials have been used, which offer a better user experience.


Certification: The manufacturing materials have OEKO – TEX certification, so they are respectful of the environment and free of toxic agents.

Core: High-density HR foam was used for the interior, which provides the appropriate density for a healthy rest.

Warranty: In the event of any inconvenience, you have the manufacturer’s guarantee for 24 months.

Breathable: Thanks to the implementation of 3D mesh and stretch fabric, you will enjoy a high degree of breathability.


Support: The model is not considered the most recommended for people with a high body weight.

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Viscoelastic mattress 150

Home24 Bio Natur Fresh

Hogar24 presents this viscoelastic mattress 150 manufactured with a special padding technique by means of layers on each of its faces. Thus, on one of the surfaces it has four centimeters of Memory Foam RSD 60 kg viscoelastic material, which is responsible for offering the necessary warmth to sleep comfortably during the winter season.

Likewise, you will be able to turn the mattress over at the beginning of summer, as it has a second side provided with viscoelastic that is two centimeters thick and has open pores for a better perspiration system. In this sense, you will have at your disposal a reversible model capable of adapting to the needs of users.

We cannot fail to mention that this mattress has a high-density HR core and a Sanitized treatment against humidity, mites, fungi and other bacteria. Its weight is only 20 kilograms and it does not have pressure points, which gradually generate ailments in the body.

When purchasing a mattress, the best thing is that it offers the greatest versatility of use, as is the case with this ergonomic design Hogar24 Bio Natur Fresh.


Treatments: You will not have to worry about bacteria and mites, due to its Sanitized treatment.

Core: The core of the mattress is high-density HR foam, which eliminates pressure points and has memory.

Versatility: The manufacturer had a reversible design with one side made to meet your needs in winter and the other for summer.

Weight: The model has a favorable weight of 20 kilograms, to handle it without much effort when necessary.


Thickness: The thickness of the mattress could be a bit prominent for some people, but it will all depend on the compatibility with the bed.

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How to choose the best memory foam mattresses?

There are many mattresses on the market and among them viscoelastic mattresses stand out, which are far from conventional models, because they do not incorporate springs and have a series of materials with a higher level of flexibility. These peculiarities favor its storage and mobilization, as well as the adaptation of the surface to the different anatomies. Of course, the benefits provided depend on the quality standards applied by each manufacturer when making the product. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best viscoelastic mattress.

Shopping guide

Raw material

The raw material used to manufacture a mattress is a very important factor that in the long run will determine the good performance provided by the product, as well as the useful life time provided and, therefore, will directly influence how much it costs.

The materials used by each of the brands to make their designs are usually varied, and it is necessary to verify the level of quality of said fabrics when making the selection.

Among the viscoelastic mattresses with the highest positioning in the market, the use of stretch fabric for the lining of the structure and a mesh known as 3D for the area of ​​the sides stand out. These textiles are characterized by being quite breathable and having a pleasant soft touch.

The interior of this type of mattress is made of high-density foam rubber, which is the case of HR, Confortcel, Eliocel or Sensopue, which are materials capable of offering great flexibility, a non-deformable body, independent beds and an intermediate level of hardness.. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the viscoelastic layers attached to the sides of the mattress, which will vary in thickness depending on the manufacturer.

Additional treatments

Mattresses are instruments of rest on which we support ourselves daily for long periods of time, with the purpose of falling asleep. As expected, before lying on the mattress we must spread a textile cover, which will be responsible for protecting the surface from dirt, generated by daily contact with our body. However, both on the sheet and on the surface of the mattress it is quite common for dust mites and mold to begin to accumulate, due to the lack of ventilation in the room or any other type of bacteria. For this reason, it is of great importance that the viscoelastic mattress that we take home has been previously treated, to avoid the proliferation of this type of agent, which is so harmful to our respiratory and even skin health.

The most popular treatments applied are hypoallergenic and anti-mite, as well as the use of carbon particle technology in the core of the structure, to provide freshness and encapsulate bad odors. In addition, it highlights the aloe vera in the upper membranes to take care of the skin.


Regardless of how cheap the model that we are going to acquire is, it is not surprising to find a guarantee card in the purchase package that supports the manufacturing quality of the product. This is an initiative assumed by some brands, with the purpose of giving the user greater credibility about the good performance that said rest surface can offer.

In general, this type of guarantee has a specific period of validity that can vary between two and up to five years, as well as certain conditions that will apply if it is necessary to use it, to change the mattress for a new one.. Of course, everything will depend on what is stipulated by each manufacturer. The important thing is to try as far as possible that the viscoelastic mattress acquired incorporates its respective guarantee.


Carrying out a comparison of viscoelastic mattresses is the best option to select a design that really suits our needs, both in terms of use and comfort.

The designs can vary with respect to their format, so you should keep an eye on the width, height and thickness of the structure. Remember to contrast the dimensions with those of the base of your bed, so that when placing it you do not have any inconvenience.

Another important factor when defining the design that suits us best is to know if the mattress is made to be used on both sides. Some manufacturers market reversible rest surfaces, which vary the materials of each of their faces. This means that one of them will offer you more warmth in winter, being able to turn the structure over during the summer, to enjoy a much cooler and more breathable surface.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a memory foam mattress?

When cleaning a viscoelastic mattress we must be quite careful not to damage it. There are several ways to clean it, but everything will depend on the type of dirt. So, if you just need to get rid of accumulated dust, food crumbs or any other residue, the recommendation is to periodically vacuum the entire structure.

If you want to remove more entrenched dirt such as stains, you should use a specialized product or a mixture of baking soda with a few drops of water, which is usually quite efficient. Whatever the case, the important thing is that you use a dry cloth to apply it and a damp cloth to remove the product, but remember that this procedure is valid only for the affected area. Finally, make sure to properly dry the surface before laying out the sheets.

Q2: Which box spring is best for a viscoelastic mattress?

It is important that you take into consideration that viscoelastic mattresses carry out their perspiration process on the sides, which means that you can use any type of bed such as those with a slat or canapé structure, leaving out the bathtub type in which the mattress would be embedded and therefore, the ventilation would be blocked.

Q3: Which mattress is better, memory foam or latex?

Viscoelastic and latex are certified materials of great resistance, adaptability to the body and durability, so to say that one is better than the other would be a big lie. Undoubtedly, there are some differences such as memory foam is characterized by having an intermediate hardness, unlike latex, which is a little firmer. However, both are breathable, flexible, hypoallergenic, athermal and with memory, in order to avoid stress points.

Q4: How to soften a memory foam mattress?

Softening a viscoelastic mattress is a task that can take a maximum of eight weeks, so you must be patient and get to work. The first thing you should do is sleep night after night on it even if you don’t feel completely comfortable. Also, during the day you can place some weight on the surface, such as some boxes and vary their position. Another tip to apply that is quite simple is to slightly raise the temperature of the heating equipment in the room. If you carry out these steps you will achieve that the viscoelastic fibers gradually give way.

Q5: Which is better, a spring mattress or a viscoelastic one?

Among these options, there is no better mattress than another, it is simply that each one of them has different manufacturing technologies and therefore, they offer different characteristics. We refer to issues such as flexibility, service life, hardness level, bed independence, ease of transportation, among many other factors.

What is really important is that you analyze in detail all these aspects exposed both in the spring models and in the viscoelastic ones, being necessary that you contrast them with your needs of use, so that you can decipher which purchase suits you best. In this sense, you should always keep in mind that choosing a mattress must be a personal task, since not all anatomies have the same rest requirements.

Q6: How to transport a memory foam mattress?

If you need to transport your viscoelastic mattress, you can fold it slightly by joining the upper end with the lower end, because they are made of a fairly flexible material. This should be a quick process that is done in order to give you practicality of movement. However, to avoid its deterioration you will need to extend it again.

Q7: How long should a viscoelastic mattress be left in?

In general, when acquiring a viscoelastic mattress, it is vacuum rolled, which means that when it is unfolded, we will not be able to use it immediately. This is because the structure has to recover, since it has been folded for a long time. It is advisable then to leave the mattress spread out on a flat surface for two or three days. Similarly, it is important that you review the instruction manual to know the manufacturer’s specifications.

Q8: How to fold a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are usually vacuum-folded, but unfortunately, after opening them for the first time you won’t be able to repeat this feat. To fold them again, you will only need to take the mattress by one of its ends and roll it up to the opposite one quite loosely, being necessary to use some type of plastic or soft rope to prevent it from folding.

How to use a memory foam mattress

Mattresses are rest surfaces that, depending on their model, could have distinctive characteristics that can influence when handling them, so if you are currently thinking of changing yours, it would not hurt to learn how to use a viscoelastic mattress.

Check the instruction manual

Once you have purchased the mattress, the first thing you should do is take the instruction manual to verify the information provided by the manufacturer about the correct use that you should give the product, thus avoiding its deterioration and in order to make the most of its benefits. It may seem like an unnecessary step to you since using a mattress suggests a fairly intuitive process. However, you should not forget that viscoelastic is a material with different properties from traditional mattresses, so it is best to spend a few minutes reading the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with your new sleeping surface.

Remove the packaging and unroll the mattress

A large number of manufacturers tend to vacuum pack this type of mattress, which is a great advantage when transporting the product. If this is the case, you should start by first removing the respective packing paper and continue with the transparent plastic that covers the body of the mattress. To do this, you can resort to the help of scissors, but being careful enough not to damage the surface of the mattress.

Now, unrolling the mattress is actually a very simple step, which you can carry out once you remove the paper with which the product was vacuum packed, being necessary to unfold the structure completely on a flat surface.

mattress recovery

It is important that you take into consideration that the viscoelastic material has memory and is also extremely flexible, so once you unfold the mattress, you must leave it extended without using it for a period of two or three days. During this time, the structure will fully recover. Also, you should check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Place the mattress on the bed

For the placement of the mattress on the bed, it is important that you take into consideration that this type of product is designed to perspire on the sides, so it is necessary that the base on which you are going to support it is not a bathtub type, since it will obstruct the proper functioning of the mattress. Also, remember that if your mattress is reversible, you should place the side that suits the winter or summer season upwards.

Soften the mattress and cover the mattress with the sheets

Viscoelastic mattresses have intermediate hardness that could initially be a bit annoying, depending on the person’s taste. If this is the case, you will need to soften the surface by resorting to a few tricks like walking on the mattress, putting weight on it, or raising the ambient temperature of the room a bit. This will make the fibers give a little.

On the other hand, before starting to use the mattress, you need to lay out the respective set of sheets, which apart from making the mattress look aesthetically attractive, will also protect the surface from dirt.

clean the mattress

Cleaning the mattress is a process that you must carry out periodically, being necessary that you vacuum said structure to get rid of dust, lint and accumulated crumbs. You can also use some type of special product or baking soda mixture to remove stains caused by some type of spill.

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