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Waffle Maker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

We know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but it is also true that we do not always want to eat the same thing. An attractive solution can be to make waffles with the help of a good quality waffle maker. However, due to the large number of models currently on the market, we will only mention the most important ones. The Emerio WM-110984 waffle maker offers 1000 W of power to make up to 4 good-sized waffles in a few minutes. On the other hand, the Aigostar Rubik 30JVU is 3 in 1, since it comes with removable plates, which in addition to allowing you to make different recipes, also favor more practical cleaning.

The 9 Best Waffle Makers – Opinions 2022

Waffle makers are traditional machines that began to be used in the Middle Ages, but over the years they have evolved to become the modern equipment we know today. However, due to its functionality, we can find models from multiple manufacturers that offer different designs and uses. To help you make a successful purchase, we have compiled a list of 9 of the best waffle makers of 2022.

professional waffle maker

1. Emerio WM-110984 waffle maker 1000 W 0 Decibels Stainless Steel

It is a professional waffle maker that offers the possibility of simultaneously preparing 4 square-shaped waffles with 9 holes to fill, which is why many consider it to be the best waffle maker today.

On the other hand, it has a power of 1000 W and integrates an adjustable thermostat that allows you to reach the necessary level of toasting according to your tastes. Also, it has two lights on the front for greater practicality, one red and one green, which tell you when the equipment is cooking and when the waffles are ready.

As for its design, it has been made of stainless steel and has an internal and external structure with a smooth surface, making it easy to clean after use. As if that were not enough, it has a non-slip base with a tray to collect crumbs.

The best waffle maker of the moment should offer you quality and safety at an affordable price, like this model that is free of BPA.


Handle: It has an easy-grip handle to open and close the waffle maker without fear of burns, which guarantees your safety.

Materials: It is made with stainless steel, which in addition to favoring its resistance can provide easier cleaning.

Capacity: It is capable of making 4 square waffles with 9 holes to fill at the same time.


Cord: Its power cord may be very short, limiting its mobility, so it must be installed near an outlet.

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waffle maker

2. Aigostar Rubik 30JVU 750w 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker

This is a 3-in-1 waffle sandwich maker, so it can also be used as a grill, all you have to do is wait for it to cool down and change the plates. For this reason, it is possible to use it with different foods to make multiple recipes.

It has an automatic thermal thermostat, capable of providing a constant temperature during food heating. In this sense, it can offer temperatures from 160 to 200 ºC. In addition, it has indicator lights to know the exact moment in which the cooking process has finished.

Its design incorporates a cool-touch front handle, which gives you greater security when lifting the upper part, whether you want to remove the waffles or check the cooking status. As if that were not enough, its power is 750 W for greater efficiency.

It is normal to wonder which is the best waffle maker among the great variety that exists on the market, for this reason, we invite you to review the characteristics of this model in more detail.


Versatility: It is a multipurpose equipment that can serve as a waffle maker, sandwich maker and grill.

Cleaning: The plates have an easy extraction system to clean them more easily.

Power: It has 750 W of power to heat different types of food.


Cheese: It is recommended to use little cheese when preparing food with this equipment, since melting it could affect the non-stick function of the surface.

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Cecotec waffle maker

3. Cecotec Waffle Maker Fun Gofrestone Sphere RockStone Non-Stick Coating

It is a Cecotec waffle maker with an innovative white circular design, which can make 4 waffles with 6 holes. It is also capable of providing an elegant presentation, as each waffle is half a semicircle for added appeal.

Its internal plates have a RockStone non-stick coating, which guarantees its resistance, while preventing the waffles from sticking to the surface and making them easier to remove. Also, it offers 1000 W of power to cook waffles quickly.

As if that were not enough, it has the Sphere rotating system, an innovative mechanism capable of rotating the waffle maker 180 degrees, in this way it is possible to distribute the mixture inside it more evenly. Additionally, this allows the waffles to be golden brown on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and free of burnt edges.

It could be the best value for money waffle maker on the list, since in addition to not costing a lot of money, it has an elegant design to make waffles with an attractive shape. Let’s know its main characteristics.


Ecological coating: It has a Rockstone coating free of PTFE and PFOA.

Operation: It is capable of turning 180° to favor a better distribution of the dough inside.

Safety: It is a safe waffle maker for the whole family, since it has a cold-touch handle away from the cooking area.


Casing: Its casing is made of plastic, so it is necessary to use it with due care.

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industrial waffle maker

4. Royal Catering RCWM 1300 RE Professional Electric Waffle Maker

It is an industrial waffle maker with a stainless steel casing and plates made of cast iron, to favor the durability of the equipment. In addition, it has a rotating mechanism that allows you to correctly distribute the mixture inside.

It offers an optimal power of 1300 W and incorporates a control panel with buttons to set the heating time, operating mode and start of the machine, which allows you greater precision when making waffles.

The plate can make a 18cm diameter circular waffle or 4 waffles with a 90 degree angle and a rounded edge, providing a more attractive and elegant presentation. As if that were not enough, it can produce temperatures of up to 230 ° C for greater heating efficiency.

The best brand of waffle makers should have quality products that work optimally for industrial and domestic jobs, such as the RCWM-1300-RE model from Royal Catering.


Panel: It offers a control panel with an LED screen that allows you to set the operating mode and cooking time.

Rotation: It is possible to rotate the iron 180° to the right or left to obtain uniform waffles in each cycle.

Temperature: Provides an adjustable temperature from 124 to 230°C for best performance.


Handle: Its handle does not provide as ergonomic a grip as other similar models, so it is recommended to pay attention when turning the iron.

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Ariete Waffle Maker

5. Ariete 187 Waffle maker party time 700 W

This Ariete waffle maker has non-stick plates capable of preventing the waffle dough from sticking to the walls of the machine, which favors a better finish and makes it easier to remove the waffles once they are ready.

It offers a power of 700 W so you can make waffles in a few minutes. As for its design, it has a red casing with white details, which give it a retro style. In addition, it integrates a red and a green light in the upper area of ​​the waffle maker, which indicate that the waffles are cooking and that they are ready.

For greater practicality, it has a cable storage area and a safety lock that guarantee more comfortable and safe storage, whether you decide to store it horizontally or vertically to save space.

If you need a waffle maker at an affordable price, it is convenient to know this machine in detail, since it is one of the cheapest and offers good performance.


Design: It has a very attractive retro-style design, with a red casing and white details.

Waffles: Allows you to make 2 large square waffles with 16 holes each.

Storage: It has a safety lock to store the equipment vertically.


Handle: The opening handle is very close to the cooking zone, so it can be a bit hot when you open the waffle maker.

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3 in 1 waffle maker

6. Ostba Waffle Maker Sandwich Maker 3 in 1 Grill

It is a 3-in-1 waffle maker that has 3 removable plates, one for waffles, another to prepare sandwiches and a last one that serves as a grill plate, making it a multifunctional piece of equipment suitable for preparing multiple recipes.

It integrates a resistance in the lower and upper plate that can provide a power of 750W, thus, it can heat up in just 3-4 minutes. Similarly, the plates offer even heating to ensure food is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

For a more practical cleaning, the plates are suitable to be inserted in the dishwasher, which allows a thorough washing at the same time. As if that were not enough, it has dimensions of 25 x 22 cm and has a safety lock to store the machine vertically.

If you still don’t know which waffle maker to buy, this 3-in-1 model may be a good alternative. Let’s know its most important aspects before making a decision.


Multifunctional: For greater versatility, it works as a waffle maker, sandwich maker and grill plate.

Safety: It has a cold touch handle that prevents burns.

Efficiency: It offers a power of 750 W that can heat the equipment in just 3 minutes for greater efficiency.


Resistance: Its structure could be more delicate than expected, so it is advisable to treat it with due care, especially when opening and closing the equipment.

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Princess Waffle Maker

7. Princess 132406 Waffle Maker Belgian Waffle Maker

It is a Princess waffle maker that offers practical and simple operation, equipped with two indicator lights that turn on when the waffle maker has reached the correct temperature and when the waffles are ready.

It is one of the safest, since it has cool-touch handles that do not conduct heat and incorporates non-slip feet to guarantee the stability of the equipment. Also, its design is compact and attractive, consisting of a yellow casing that can attract attention in your kitchen. In addition, it has a safety lock to ensure safe transport and storage.

It allows you to make two waffles simultaneously and has a twist function to promote even distribution of the batter. As if that were not enough, it has 700 W of power to offer waffles in the shortest possible time.

If you want a quality waffle maker to vary your breakfasts or take camping, then this model may interest you. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Waffles: Allows you to make 2 waffles simultaneously, which have a square shape and 16 holes to spread with chocolate or cream.

Size: It measures 22 x 12 cm, so you can store it comfortably.

Safety: Its handles do not conduct heat, so it can be used safely.


Cleaning: The plates are not removable, which could make cleaning difficult once the machine cools down, however, they are non-stick coated for convenience.

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Star Wars waffle maker

8. Star Wars Pangea Waffle Maker Darth Vader Design

This Star Wars waffle maker has an adjustable thermostat on top that gives you 5 temperature settings, so you can get golden waffles with a crispy texture on the outside and soft on the inside.

As for its operation, it offers 900 W of power and is capable of creating striking waffles with the face of Darth Vader, making it an interesting and attractive machine for any Star Wars fan. In addition, it has an elegant, compact and circular design, with the logo of the popular saga on the top of the waffle maker.

For greater practicality, it has an area to collect the cable in the lower part of its structure and can be placed vertically, which facilitates its storage. In addition, its energy classification is A to save on energy consumption.

If you are a fan of Star Wars and want to buy a themed waffle maker, then this model with the face of the fearsome Darth Vader is a good option.


Lights: It has two light indicators that turn on when it’s time to add the mixture and when the waffle is ready.

Adjustable: Integrates a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature for greater precision.

Power: It offers a maximum power of 900 W for better performance.


Waffles: Despite providing an attractive design, the holes in the waffle are not very deep, so they cannot hold too much filling.

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Tristar Waffle Maker

9. Tristar Electric waffle maker WF 2141 Two waffles

It is a Tristar waffle maker with overheat protection, non-slip feet and cool-touch handles, making it a safe waffle maker to use, even for children in the company of their parents. In addition, it can be stored vertically and the rear area integrates a structure to wind the cable, which facilitates its storage.

It offers a power of 1000 W, so it can quickly reach the temperature you want. Similarly, it incorporates a thermostat on the front with 5 adjustment options, which guarantees more precise cooking adapted to your tastes.

It is capable of simultaneously making 2 waffles with 20 holes each, suitable for filling with melted chocolate or condensed milk. As if that were not enough, its plates have a non-stick coating to facilitate cleaning and guarantee a comfortable extraction of the waffles.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest waffle makers, you might be interested in this Tristar brand model, since in addition to being powerful it has an affordable price. Let’s see its main features.


Thermostat: Integrates a user-friendly thermostat on the front, with 5 temperature levels.

Size: You can make up to 2 waffles at the same time with 20 holes each.

Safety: It has 1 cool-touch handle, 6 non-slip feet and has overheat protection for added safety.


Non-stick: Despite having a non-stick surface, it may be necessary to grease the plates a little before adding the mixture to prevent the waffles from sticking.

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Shopping guide

Although waffle makers may seem similar to each other, the reality is that not all offer the same waffle-making functionality. For this reason, we have created a guide to buying the best waffle maker, so you can make sure you buy a model adapted to your needs.


After making a comparison of waffle irons, we can understand that there are different types for different applications. Among the main waffle makers we find 2 groups, domestic and professional. The first usually offer compact designs, practical to carry from one place to another and easy to store, in addition, they offer the possibility of making up to 2 waffles simultaneously. Likewise, they can reach powers from 700 to 900 W, which is enough to obtain quality waffles in a short time. For greater practicality, there are versatile models for domestic use that have removable plates, so they can serve as waffle makers, sandwich makers and grill plates.

On the other hand, professional-type waffle irons usually provide power of 1000 W and one of their main features is their ability to prepare up to 4 waffles quickly. For this reason, these products are normally used in restaurants and cafes, especially because they offer greater performance and efficiency. However, the price of professional waffle irons is usually higher than that of domestic ones, because the power and capacity usually influence how much each model costs.


When it comes to design, it is important to take into account the materials from which a waffle maker is made, since in this way, we make sure to choose a good and economical one. In this sense, the most durable products are made with stainless steel casings, capable of resisting scratches and continuous use. However, we can also find waffle makers with plastic structures, which favors its lightness and could provide a more affordable price.

In addition to the casing materials, it is very important that the waffle maker has good quality plates, preferably non-stick, since this way it is possible to prevent the waffle dough from sticking to the surface. Among the most resistant plates there are the Rockstone, made up of a coating that guarantees maximum non-stick and favors its resistance.

The shape of the waffles also depends on the design of the plates, so it is possible to find attractive models with movie themes, which have the face of a character engraved on the plates so that the waffles have a special figure. This can be an interesting idea for children.

The most common waffle design is rectangular cells, similar to a honeycomb. However, not all models offer the same number of cells, depending on their size and design we can find waffle irons to create circular or rectangular waffles that have between 6 and 20 holes. In this case, it is necessary to mention that the more holes, the greater capacity we will have to fill and spread the waffles with creams, fruits and sweets of our choice.

It is recommended that the chosen waffle maker has handles that are cool to the touch, as this way we can feel more confident when using the equipment and preparing waffles as a family. Similarly, the handles must be far enough away from the cooking zone to avoid accidental rubbing of the plates.

On the other hand, some models incorporate areas to wind the cable and offer the possibility of placing the waffle maker vertically or horizontally, which guarantees more practical and comfortable storage.


For greater functionality, many waffle makers usually incorporate thermostats to adjust the cooking temperature according to our tastes, in this way, we can obtain waffles that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The lights can be just as important, in general, the waffle irons include two light indicators, one green and the other red, which tell us when the waffle iron is already hot enough to introduce the mixture and when the waffles are ready to be be removed, so that we do not have to interrupt cooking.

For greater versatility, the most modern waffle irons have a turning mechanism, suitable for correctly distributing the mixture through the internal plates. This ensures uniform and well-presented waffles, so they can be used to please customers in restaurants and cafes.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a waffle maker?

Before cleaning the waffle iron, it is necessary to unplug it and allow the plates to cool down. Once this has happened, we must take an absorbent paper or damp cloth and remove the grease that has remained on the surface, paying special attention to the grooves and edges of the plates, since it is in these areas where the grease accumulates the most. dirt.

If we cannot remove the remains of the mixture with a cloth, then we must use a sponge or a soft-bristled brush to carefully scrub the grease until it is completely removed. For greater practicality, some waffle irons allow the plates to be removed for easy cleaning and there are others with very resistant plates that are suitable for being placed in the dishwasher.

Q2: Who created the waffle maker?

In ancient times, the Greeks already had the custom of cooking flour dough using two metal plates and in the medieval kitchen they copied the same method, however, the latter incorporate engravings on the plates with the symbols of the owner families. Although there is no main character in the creation of the popular waffle maker, there is a rumor that Thomas Jefferson was the one who in 1789 brought the first waffle maker with the typical grid to France. This waffle maker was just his distinctive way of preparing the Wafel recipe, which had previously been brought by Dutch emigrants to the United States.

Q3: How to make homemade waffles with waffle maker?

To start with the preparation of waffles at home we need to add 100 ml of milk in a metal container with 50 g of butter. Put on a low heat and mix until the butter has melted into the milk, let the mixture cool completely and then add the yolk of an egg until dissolved. In a separate container, we add 4 grams of dry yeast, 125 grams of wheat flour and 75 grams of sugar. Next, mix until it is very difficult to separate one from the other and slowly add the milk mixture, stirring constantly until you get a homogeneous mass.

Afterwards, it is important to let it rest for approximately 35 minutes so that the yeast can take effect and double the size of the dough. For the latter, it is advisable to introduce the mixture in the microwave or oven while it is off, in this way we reduce the temperature changes. At the end of the wait, lightly grease the plates of the waffle maker, let it heat up and introduce the necessary amount of dough.

Q4: What to put in the waffle maker?

Waffle makers should only be used to make waffles, following a professional or home recipe. However, for greater versatility, some models have removable plates that, when interchanged, allow you to heat sandwiches and prepare grilled meats.

Q5: How to use a waffle maker?

Using a waffle maker is almost intuitive. Before connecting it to the power, we must lightly grease both the top and bottom plates with oil or butter, as this prevents the waffles from sticking, especially if the surface is not non-stick. Then, we connect to the current and select the necessary power if the waffle maker at our disposal offers this option. Finally, let it heat for a few minutes and introduce the waffle batter.

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