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Kettle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Boiling water sounds like the easiest thing in the world, however, to save time and effort, buying a kettle may be the best alternative. A kettle is the quick way to get water at an ideal temperature for making baby bottles, cups of tea or coffee. In addition to that, the electric kettle will allow you to have a place to boil wherever you are. A model like the Aigostar King 30CEA, made of stainless steel, is ideal to have at home and help you with its 2200W power, which will heat everything up quickly. For its part, the Adler AD 02 will give you exceptional portability and class A energy savings.

Opinions on the best kettles

Kettles are quite famous in the kitchen area, therefore there are many options and models. Here you will find the best, from various brands, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

electric kettle

Aigostar King 30CEA

Aigostar is a well-known company in the world of kitchen gadgets, for that reason, many consider it to be the best brand of kettles. This is well deserved, since the King 30CEA model, for example, is a product that reaches 2200 W of power to have the water ready in a short time. It has a stainless steel frame for durability and a maximum capacity of 1.7 litres. In addition, it has a safety system against dry boiling.

This product has an incredible design with LED lighting that makes it stand out from other models. Each element used in its manufacture is completely safe, as this kettle is BPA free and has the best quality materials. It has a 360 degree base and a safe handle to prevent burns. The transparent window allows you to see everything and when you’re done, you can store the cable in the storage space.

This is a product that is reasonably priced and of good quality to be used in any home effectively.


Power: The 2200 W of power will boil the maximum capacity of water in a short time.

Capacity: The 1.7 liters of capacity are enough for families of more than two members.

Safety: The dry boiling system will prevent this electric kettle from working if there is no water in it.

Base: The 360 ​​degree base allows the position of the kettle to be fully adjusted to your comfort.


Cable: The cable length is a bit shorter than other models, which compromises ease of use.

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1.7 liter capacity and an all-black design that stands out in any kitchen, this is what makes one of the best electric kettles of 2022 stand out. In addition to the aspects that are easier to notice, this electric kettle has other features highlights, such as a stainless steel bottom and a power that manages to reach 2200 W without any problem. The product comes with a quite comfortable folding lid and has a plastic window with a volume scale so you can see everything from the outside.

For greater safety, this product is BPA-free and has an automatic shut-off and boil-dry safety system. In addition, as the handle does not get hot, you can have a firm grip without the risk of burns. The filter of this kettle is removable and anti-scale for better cleaning and long life. The swivel base has space to store the power cord.

This AICOK model has a very elegant black design and efficient performance suitable for anyone who needs one of these devices.


Cleaning: Cleaning this kettle is quite easy, since it has a removable filter that also has an anti-limescale system.

Ergonomics: This product will give you a good enough secure grip to handle it easily.

Temperature: The temperature control will give you more ease of use, since you will decide to choose the degrees you want for the water.


Quantity: It is necessary to use a minimum of half a liter of water to be able to use it, which is inconvenient if you only need a small cup.

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small kettle

Adler AD 02

This small kettle is one of the cheapest options and possibly the best kettle when it comes to saving electricity, since on top of all its features it has an energy efficiency class of type A. This appliance can work with an amount minimum of 0.2 litres, making it ideal for heating water for a single cup, while its maximum capacity is 0.6 litres. The front has a level indicator.

The power of this product is 760 W and, in addition to being powerful for its size, it is also safe, since it is completely free of BPA and has an automatic shutdown system to stop its operation if it does not have water. Cleaning is also easy, as it has an anti-scale filter to prevent calcium deposits, so the water will always taste fresh.

Small and portable, this kettle is a good choice for those who want to take their appliance with them everywhere.


Filter: The filter prevents calcium build-up for easier cleaning and better tasting water.

Minimum capacity: You can heat up to 200 ml of water if you wish, to easily handle small cups.

Energy efficiency: Class A, energy efficiency is one of the best features, as it means electricity savings.


Materials: Plastic is not a bad material, however, it is not as good as stainless steel, so it is a drawback.

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Aigostar Cooltravel 30JQL

The best value for money kettle? This model stands out because, in addition to being one of the cheapest, it is also one of the few models that comes with accessories to complement the boiling process. It comes with two plastic cups and two spoons to prepare your drinks. Additionally, it has a contrasting design between black and white with flowers engraved on its structure. The measurements of this product are 16.4 x 10.7 x 16.5 cm to be easy to handle, transport everywhere and store.

The 650 watt power is adequate to quickly heat the 0.6 liter maximum capacity of this electric kettle, with a 0.75 meter power cable. It is totally free of BPA and with protection against dry boiling. The lid makes filling and emptying easy. In addition, the cool-touch handle makes handling completely safe.

With its beautiful design and striking colours, this kettle will blend into any kitchen and is sure to always stand out.


Accessories: In addition to being a small, high-quality kettle, this product comes with additional accessories, such as cups and spoons, for more practicality.

Lightness: The product weighs less than 600 grams, making it easy to handle at all times.

Design: This is one of the most unique designs of kettles, as it is black with white and also has flowers engraved on the structure.


Heating: The heating time is somewhat slower due to the watts of power it has.

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Electric kettle for infusions

Cecotec ThermoSense 370 Clear

An electric infusion kettle is the type of product that works in two ways, as a kettle and also as a teapot. Among these models, this product with 1.7 liters of capacity is one of the most outstanding, as it has a completely transparent structure so you can see the content inside it. Its 360° base allows easy handling and the 2200 W of power will take care of heating the water in no time.

It not only has a very elegant aesthetic, but also a practical structure with materials resistant to corrosion, free of BPA and toxicity, without transmitting odors or tastes. The tea strainer is removable and stainless steel for durability and works with fine grain infusions as well as tea leaves, while its other strainer prevents limescale build-up. The drip-free spout will allow you to serve each cup with precision.

To save time, money and prepare teas and boil water in one place, this is the best kettle of the moment.


Tea: It is possible to use tea leaves but also infusions of fine grains, giving you more opportunity to use.

Resistance: This product is completely resistant to corrosion and also to stains.

Spout: The anti-drip spout will prevent you from spilling the liquid and serve more safely.

Taste: The neutral materials of this appliance prevent unwanted odors or flavors from being transmitted to the water used.


Dirty: The bottom of the product can get dirty when brewing large amounts of tea, requiring you to do a deeper cleaning.

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For those who enjoy products with great power, this electric kettle for infusions has 3000 W that will boil the liquid in 3 minutes maximum. Made entirely of stainless steel, this product is very similar in design to a teapot, as it has double function: as a teapot and as a kettle. It manages to contain up to 1.8 liters without problems and has a volume indicator to know exactly how much water it has.

It comes with a boil dry protection system and a warning light so that you are always on the alert and accidents can be avoided. Its cordless design makes it easy to manipulate the kettle and its rotating base will make everything easier. The nozzle filter can be removed for quick and thorough cleaning. The handle is long and quite ergonomic to give you a better grip, and the best thing is that it will stay cool at all times.

This could be the best kettle for those who want a kettle-style product with massive power and incredible efficiency.


Power: With 3000 watts of power, this is one of the most powerful kettles on the market.

Capacity: This product has a maximum capacity of 1.8 liters, so you can take care of enough water for the whole family.

Filter: The spout has a removable filter that will make cleaning easier and allow you to keep the kettle spotless.


Manual: The instructions do not come in Spanish, so it is difficult to understand them unless you speak English or German.

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travel kettle

Arendo 5 temperatures

If you want a travel kettle, this product could be your best option. With a temperature control of 5 options and a maximum capacity of 0.5 liters of water, this device is quite practical if you need a portable kettle that can always accompany you. This model from the Arendo brand has the ability to keep the contents at a constant temperature after boiling them for an hour, and despite that, the double wall does an effective job of keeping it cold.

It has a maximum power of 1100 W and low consumption operation to save electricity. The automatic shutdown makes the kettle stop working as soon as it is lifted from its base and, additionally, it also contributes to your safety with its system against boiling without water and its protection against overheating. Includes cord wrap with 360° base for greater comfort.

If you are wondering what is the best kettle for travelers, this mini kettle will be the solution for many people who need to boil water on the go and at any time.


Measurements: Its dimensions of 19.5 x 12.5 x 18.5 cm make it easily fit into any backpack and suitcase.

One hour: The water will remain at the same temperature for one hour, in case you want to let it rest after boiling.

Materials: The interior of the product is made of stainless steel, a safe and resistant material.


Instructions: The instructions for use only come in English and German, which is inconvenient for those who do not speak these languages.

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Russell Hobbs Kettle

Russell Hobbs Colors Plus

If you are wondering which kettle to buy, the correct answer is surely based on a Russell Hobbs kettle, as these appliances are always of good quality and this model is no exception. With a weight of 998 grams, this red design product is one of the most outstanding in the listings, since it has a power of 2400 watts and is capable of heating a cup of water in 50 seconds. It is made of stainless steel to ensure its long life.

The maximum capacity of this product is one liter and its great power allows energy savings of more than 60%. The light switch lets you know if the product is on or off for more safety and the ergonomic grip will prevent burns and accidents. The kettle comes with a removable anti-scale filter for easy cleaning.

In addition to its outstanding design, this kettle is one of the fastest when it comes to heating water. Practical, versatile and efficient.


Time: It only takes 50 seconds for this kettle to heat a cup of water.

Cleaning: The removable filter makes cleaning much easier and prevents the kettle from having limescale deposits.

Electricity: The energy saving of this product is 66%, ideal for those who do not want to consume more electricity than necessary. 


Quantity: This product does not come with a volume scale, so you will not know exactly how much water it contains.

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Guide to buying a kettle

Buying a kettle does not mean simply choosing the most attractive option, but taking into account all the features so that you can handle it with ease and boil water safely and quickly.

Shopping guide


All the things that will be part of the utensils that you will use in your kitchen must provide you with security. In this case, your guide to buying the best kettle should consider safety as the main feature to be able to purchase a new product of this type.

The importance of this aspect lies in the fact that the kettle, like any other product used in the kitchen, will come into contact with something that you will later consume. The result of the kettles is the water to use in the preparation of a cup of coffee, tea or to heat the water for the bottle. If, for example, toxic materials or elements that become harmful when in contact with high temperatures have been used in the manufacturing process of the kettle, then your health may be compromised. For that reason, consider buying only those products with safety certifications.

There are various materials that are used and stainless steel is one of the most recommended and sought after. In addition to that, you should pay close attention to the temperature reached by the kettle. There are various models and most of them have temperature regulators that are quite convenient to heat the liquid without it boiling and to have more control over the degrees reached.

Additionally, make sure that the product has a system that prevents overheating. Although this may affect how much it costs, it will make the process of using it less complicated and risky.


If you want a cheap product, then it is possible to find small kettles, also called mini kettles. These devices are characterized by their small capacity, usually between 500 and 800 milliliters of maximum water, but they also stand out for their easy portability, their lightness and because they are ideal for use by one person.

So a good and cheap option for someone who lives alone and will use kettles occasionally might be a small kettle, as it will allow you to save money and still get the benefits of these products. However, if it is a large family, it is necessary to buy a larger kettle, with a higher capacity, since boiling several times consumes more electricity and will also make you spend more time than necessary. The most recommended options are those that have a maximum safe capacity of a minimum of 1.5 liters.

If you want a specific amount of water, then it’s a good idea to buy a kettle that has a gauge so you know exactly how many liters you’re using.

ergonomics and comfort

Among so many options that you will find on the market when making a comparison of kettles, ergonomics is a quality to take into account. This feature is not only important for comfort, but also for safety, because if you are uncomfortable handling hot water, accidents can happen more easily.

A good grip is essential to prevent the kettle from falling due to not being able to hold the appliance well or only being able to hold the kettle in your hands for a few minutes due to poor positioning, for example. This grip, in addition to being comfortable, must also be made of some material that does not heat up to avoid burns.

In addition to all this, it is necessary that the kettle has a precise nozzle so that the water falls into the cup without problems. If you do not have this, it is very easy for the content to be wasted and, being very hot, it can hurt you.

For more comfort of use, some kettles come with accessories as practical complements for your preparations. For example, certain models come with cups or spoons to mix the coffee or tea you want to prepare. This will make you spend less money in the long run.


Finally, you should not forget about the power, since it is this that will determine the time it takes to boil the water. This aspect can vary as the size and maximum capacity, however, usually, the largest kettles are the ones with the most power.

If you need to heat a lot of water, it is practical to have a power that exceeds 2000 watts, as it can handle more than a liter of content in a short time. However, if you have a small kettle, you can handle up to 1,000 watts with no problem.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a kettle?

This is one of the simplest processes in the world, since the entire operation is quite intuitive.

The first thing you need is to connect the base to a power outlet. When doing this, you will need to fit the kettle into the base and, through the top, pour in as much water as you need without exceeding the maximum safe capacity of the appliance.

Close the lid firmly and turn on the product. This will indicate its operation with a light. Choose the temperature and wait a few minutes; In a short time you will have your water ready at the desired temperature.

Q2: How to clean a kettle and how to descale it?

Even if you don’t need to descale the kettle, the descaling process itself will keep your appliance spotless at all times. This consists of a mixture of white vinegar with lemon.

Fill the kettle, and for every ¾ of the water, add ¼ of the vinegar and lemon. Turn on the product until the liquid boils for a few minutes, then turn off the kettle and allow it to sit for a few hours.

At the end, discard the mixture and rinse with natural and clean water. Refill the kettle with water and boil to get rid of the vinegar smell, and you’re good to go. 

It is recommended that you do this process monthly to avoid the accumulation of dirt. However, wash your kettle after every use you give it, with dishwashing liquid and water.

Q3: What can I cook with a kettle?    

The easiest that you can cook there are soups, especially instant ones, since they have few ingredients and only need water as a base. However, if you want to be more creative, then you can boil water to prepare pasta, to cook rice or to make a couple of delicious boiled eggs.

For more complicated recipes, you can cook vegetables, oatmeal and even couscous, if this is a food you like.

The kettle is not made for this type of cooking, however, the appliance can serve as a quick and cheap solution for times when you need to eat and have no other alternative.

Q4: What temperature does the water reach in an electric kettle?

It all depends on the type of kettle you own. As the name says, this product is used to boil the liquid, and the boiling point of water is 100°C, therefore, this is the maximum temperature that all electric kettles reach.

However, if they have temperature control, other models can work with a lower temperature to only heat the water a little and not boil it.

Q5: Is a kettle the same as a kettle?

Although they are very similar and sometimes serve the same purposes, they are not identical artifacts. They can technically work for similar activities, however kettles do not come with tea filters unless they are dual function.

For that reason, it is possible to boil the water for a tea in a kettle and then pour it into a cup, but you must remember that the purpose of this device is not to prepare teas, but only to boil water.

Q6: How does a kettle work?

Its operation is nothing to write home about and, regardless of the model, they all work in the same way.

When plugging the device into the current, this electricity proceeds to heat the resistances that are in the base. While the base transmits heat to the kettle, the internal part begins to increase in temperature, heating the water.

If it does not have a base, then it is the same function process, but this time the resistances are inside the same body of the kettle.

Q7: How is the temperature of a kettle regulated?

This process is done with the temperature regulator, although this is not an aspect that is always part of kettles, therefore this only applies to certain models.

Q8: Is it safe to use a kettle?

Well, this will depend exclusively on whether the kettle you have bought is safe. Depending on the chosen model, it may have more or less security-related features that can influence how you use the device.

It is advisable to look for kettles that have systems against running without water, automatic shutdown after reaching the right temperature and protection against overheating or liquid spillage through the lid. If your kettle has everything mentioned above, then it is safe and you can use it with complete peace of mind.

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