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Wet Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Thanks to the appliances that have emerged today, many of us manage to clean our house quickly and effortlessly. Well, not in vain do we find powerful machines such as vacuum cleaners that free our home from annoying dust and dirt. Lately, models equipped with a water filter have become very popular, as they are even suitable for killing mites and purifying the air. If you are interested in acquiring one of these powerful water vacuum cleaners, check out proposals highly rated by users, such as the Cecotec Conga Wet&Dry, a high-power vacuum cleaner with a double filtering system, or the Eco-De 354 with a washable HEPA filter.

The 9 Best Water Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022


Obtaining an absolute cleanliness that includes the allergens that exist in the home is possible by having the appropriate water vacuum cleaner. Currently there are many models available that allow you to broaden your vision, although you can then take a look at a few efficient and good quality vacuum cleaners.


Vacuum cleaner with water filter


1. Cecotec Conga Wet&Dry Solid and Liquid Vacuum Cleaner


The Cecotec Conga vacuum cleaner with water filter stands out not only for its adjustable power, but also because it makes it easier for users who are sensitive to dust to sanitize their home without suffering from allergies.

In addition, it has the qualities of the best liquid vacuum cleaner, since it can be used in all kinds of situations and surfaces.

An important aspect that this vacuum cleaner offers is its double filtering system. Consisting of its characteristic water filter, which retains dirt, and a HEPA filter that purifies the air released by up to 99.99%.

In terms of handling, it is equipped with four wheels and a sufficiently long cable that facilitates its use in a radius of approximately 7 meters. Likewise, it has a 15-litre tank, a sufficient capacity to avoid constant emptying, although it is an easy, fast and hygienic job as it is completely removable.

If you are looking for the best water vacuum cleaner of the moment, you could find it in this Cecotec model. Therefore, it analyzes its benefits in depth.


Power: It has 1400 W of convenient power for effective cleaning of any type of dirt.

Self-cleaning: It has the Blower system function that allows maintenance of its internal components by itself.

Versatility: It vacuums solids and liquids from different types of floors, fabrics and others, thanks to its operating system and the accessories included by the manufacturer.


Cable storage: It could include an automatic storage system for the power cable, since it must be wound manually.

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2. Kärcher Vacuum cleaner with water filter DS 6

One of the advantages that characterize the best water vacuum cleaners of 2022 is that during use and hygiene, dust is not generated and they even allow a fresh and pleasant environment to be obtained.

Benefits that can be obtained by using the Kärcher DS 6 vacuum cleaner with water filter, since it has an innovative multiple filtration system, which retains all dust and dirt particles, providing cleanliness and freshness at the same time. A convenient quality in those homes where a member suffers from asthma or allergies.

On the other hand, to effectively guarantee cleaning according to the spaces, this wet vacuum cleaner is accompanied by different accessories such as a telescopic suction tube, its respective suction hose and specific nozzles for floors, cracks and upholstery. Likewise, it has a 2-liter capacity tank that can be easily removed when cleaning and refilling with water.

Continue analyzing more of the pros and cons of this model with promising features.


Multiple filters: It is equipped with a water filter, another washable intermediate filter and a HEPA 12, which provide a fresh and 99.5% dust-free environment.

Energy efficiency: Its energy consumption is low as it is class A, so it can be used with confidence, since it may not affect the cost of the electrical service.

Storage: Its cable retracts automatically and can be parked horizontally or vertically, thus facilitating its storage.


Defoamer: To guarantee its proper functioning, it is necessary to apply the defoamer, so it should be planned to purchase it once it is exhausted.

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Anti-mite water vacuum cleaner


3. Eco-De Vacuum cleaner for solids and liquids Blower Wet & Dry

Thinking not only about environmental care, but also about the health of users who suffer from annoying allergies to dust, pollen or any allergen present in the air, Eco-De seeks to develop the best wet vacuum cleaner. For this reason, this time it brings the Eco-De 354 anti-mite water vacuum cleaner.

A large-capacity model, without a bag and an innovative water filtration system, which retains dirt from liquids and solids, preventing them from being put back into circulation through the released air.

It is important to mention that it is accompanied by a variety of interchangeable accessories and a 5-meter cable to facilitate its use on all types of surfaces and corners, regardless of whether it is used as a vacuum cleaner or a blower.

In addition, both the accessories and the cable are organized in the structure of the vacuum cleaner itself, thus keeping it close at hand when using it and you won’t have to worry about its mobility, since it has four wheels for it.

Due to the ratings of its users, this is a vacuum cleaner that deserves to be thoroughly analyzed.


Cyclonic system: Its operating system generates great suction power both dry and wet, making cleaning more efficient.

Eco-friendly: Being equipped with a washable HEPA filter and innovative water technology, it does not require a dust bag, so it is environmentally friendly.

Variable speed: It has a manual selector to set the power level according to the degree of difficulty of the dirt.


Size: For a small home it is a quality to consider, since it is a large vacuum cleaner.

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Polti water vacuum cleaner 


4. Polti Forzaspira Lecologico Aqua Allergy Natural Care


When looking for the best wet vacuum cleaner, we can find an infinity of models characterized by their compact size and large capacity, which can sometimes be difficult to store. Thinking about it, Polti brings this vacuum cleaner with reduced dimensions, convenient to facilitate its use and storage in small spaces.

However, despite its size, it is a powerful and effective appliance, suitable for vacuuming both solids and liquids, regardless of their level of difficulty, since it has four suction speeds.

Likewise, the Polti Lecologico wet vacuum cleaner has special qualities that facilitate its handling, such as a removable tank, an automatic cable rewinder, a handle, side wheels and a supply of 6 accessories of different sizes.

To learn more about this vacuum cleaner that allows you to maintain a hygienically pleasant environment, we invite you to read its additional qualities.


Filtration system: Its HEPA 13 filter is capable of retaining fine dust particles for effective cleaning.

Accessories: It is complemented by a complete kit of accessories to adapt to the type of surface and situation to be cleaned.

Air freshener function: Includes a bioecological that leaves a soft fragrance in the environment, while preventing the formation of foam in your tank.


Handling: Its handling and exchange of accessories must be done with caution to avoid damage to its parts.

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Karcher water vacuum cleaner


5. Kärcher WD 5 Premium Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaners

The Karcher multipurpose wet vacuum cleaner could be the convenient option for those large homes, which also have terraces, green spaces around them and even for workshops or companies that emit considerable volumes of dirt on a daily basis.

It is an appliance with an ergonomic design of great power and capacity, endowed with several qualities that ensure its maneuverability without effort, among these are its suction hose and long cable that considerably expand its radius of action.

Likewise, it is equipped with wheels and a handle that facilitate its mobility from one place to another and a blowing function, which allows cleaning places or dirt that are difficult to vacuum.

On the other hand, both its opening, emptying and closing of the tank are easy to carry out, so you will not have to invest a lot of time in its maintenance. In addition to this, its filter cartridge is located in a strategic place without being in contact with dirt.

To define which water vacuum cleaner to buy, it is convenient to analyze the additional features of this model. 


Tank: Its tank is made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and unforeseen cracks .

Self-cleaning: It has an integrated cleaning system that, once activated by a control button, drives jets of air cleaning the filters effectively, facilitating this task.

Handle: It has been equipped with a removable handle with electrostatic protection, which gives you security when changing the different nozzles.


Format: It may not fit modern style homes since it is more of an industrial type, although it can be used without any problem provided its voltage.

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industrial water vacuum cleaner


6. Klarstein IVC-30 Dual Motor Wet and Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


As cleaning does not only apply to the residential area, it may sometimes be necessary to know which is the best water vacuum for industrial use. For this reason, we have added the Klarstein IVC-30 industrial water vacuum cleaner to our list, a versatile tool made of stainless steel that provides resistance to corrosion and any type of dirt that is stored inside.

It is a team that integrates technology and design to achieve remarkable results on any type of surface when collecting wet or dry waste. Made possible, first of all, by its double filter system that retains coarse particles and other fine dust; as well as by the number of accessories that accompany it.

If you are wondering how to handle this tool, we can mention that it is equipped with wheels, a 230V power cable of 8 meters and a tilting axis, which allows it to be tilted when emptying.

Learn more about the features offered by this model in the following summary.


Power: It has a power of 1800 W provided by a double motor, which allows you to leave the environment free of mites and allergens.

Versatility: It is suitable for residential, business and industrial use in the efficient suction of elements of different nature.

Capacity: Its tank has the capacity to hold 30 liters, which gives great freedom of use without having to empty it periodically.


Emptying: Although its great capacity benefits your work, it may require the application of extra force at the time of emptying if it is completely filled.

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Liquid vacuum cleaner for cars


7. Laluztop Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This Laluztop 6630 liquid vacuum cleaner for cars has a modern ergonomic hand-held design, made with plastic materials suitable for use and a motor with a suction capacity of 7000 PA, convenient for lint, dust and car cleaning, so it will be very helpful in its maintenance.

On the other hand, if you are looking for cheap cleaning appliances, this vacuum cleaner could be the right purchase, since it stands out for its rechargeable and durable battery, so you can carry out work quickly, without effort and limitations.

It has a container of 600 ml of efficient capacity despite its small size. In addition to this, it works with two levels of suction and blowing, one low and one high, convenient for collecting both liquid and solid waste.

And to make cleaning tasks more effective, it has a series of accessories such as an extension hose, brushes for cracks and corners.

Being one of the cheapest on the market, it is a handheld vacuum cleaner that should be known in detail.


Filter: It has a stainless steel filter, which can be washed and reused several times, avoiding frequent change.

Wireless: This handheld vacuum cleaner does not contain power cables, making it practical for cleaning cars and small spaces.

Battery: It has a rechargeable 6600 mAh battery, which provides an independence of up to approximately 42 min.


Power: Despite offering good features, its 120-volt motor can be limited for certain tasks.

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Solid and liquid vacuum cleaner


8. Nilfisk Buddy II DIY Vacuum Cleaner


If you need an electrical device that makes cleaning and other household tasks easier, but that is not only durable but also cheap, this model could be the best value for money vacuum cleaner. It is an appliance with a robust design, but low weight as it is made of light and resistant materials at a low cost. Likewise, its mobility is facilitated by its two large rear wheels and two small maneuverable front wheels.

This Nilfisk Buddy II 12 solids and liquids vacuum cleaner is a versatile piece of equipment, as it collects all kinds of dirt, keeping the areas clean of both diluent material and hard debris.

This is thanks to its powerful 1200-volt motor that not only sucks but also blows, which is why it is useful for reaching the most difficult to reach corners and even serving as an air pump. 

It should be added that it also has a filter that protects the turbine, for extra care, and a support to keep the accessories close to you.

We present some pros and cons that this practical multifunctional vacuum cleaner can offer you.


Synchronization: Supports its assembly to other tools with automatic start, such as a sander, to suck up debris and work at the same time.

Power: It has a power of 1200 watts, making it an efficient product to blow or collect dirt.

Tank: Contains a 12-liter tank, practical to be used with or without a bag for both solids and liquids.


Noise: Because it contains 74 dB, its noise may be a little high, so it could be annoying when it is on for a long time.

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Karcher liquid vacuum cleaner


9. Kärcher MV 3 Multi-Purpose Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


This Karcher MV 3 Liquid Vacuum Cleaner has an old design with 4 wheels and an anti-shock structure in yellow and black colors characteristic of the brand. In addition, it works under current mode without ignition control, so its start-up is automatic, facilitating its use.

Added to this, it has a power of 1000 W and a capacity of 17 liters, which make it an efficient, practical and good quality vacuum cleaner, since it is also made of high-resistance plastic materials.

On the other hand, it has a flexible and removable hose that, together with its cable, provides a radius of action of 4 meters. It also comes with different nozzles and brushes, both soft and hard bristles, for any type of job, whether dry or wet.

Additionally, it features an all-purpose cartridge filter, a convenient ash filter for fireplaces, and special WD filter bags to retain dust.

Kärcher may be the best brand of wet vacuum cleaners. Next, read the pros and cons that your cleaning team offers you.


Blower: It has the blowing function, to reach places of difficult access where it cannot be sucked.

Multipurpose: This product is versatile, since it can be used in places where the debris is coarse, fine or wet.

Flexible hose: It comes designed with a flexible duct to clean corners without much effort.


Size: Despite its good qualities, its size may be a bit large, making it difficult to store in small places.

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Shopping guide


Before getting one of these vacuum cleaners, it is important that you know the characteristics that make it a safe, effective appliance that is especially designed for you. For this reason, in the following guide to buying the best water vacuum cleaner, we detail some important points that you should assess.

Filter system

When detailing a comparison of water vacuum cleaners, you will immediately be able to perceive that they are not only machines capable of sucking up unhygienic substances, but also of avoiding returning them to the air. But to achieve this, it is necessary for the appliance to have a good filtering system, which precisely uses water to achieve cleaning; because by forming a kind of vortex with said element, any type of dirt is trapped inside, so that the air sucked in is purified to return it to the outside.

Among the recommended models are those that contain a water filter and a HEPA one, the first usually retains the largest dirt particles and the second, for its part, filters those that are very small. Although there are also those that have innovative filters that work in phases. Regardless of the model you choose, always remember that the filters are responsible for improving environmental hygiene and, therefore, those that are of quality, turn out to be useful in the presence of allergic people.



In the world of vacuum cleaners, power is a fundamental factor, because based on this, these appliances will be able to absorb and eliminate all solids and even unwanted liquids. These models generally have a similar power to conventional vacuum cleaners and despite the fact that they have water filters, they are still very efficient for cleaning, since they do not present obstacles or decrease in strength due to having that extra element.

Therefore, by having a high power, the suction will be of higher quality; Among the minimum recommended are those of 900 or 1000 W, but if you are looking for much more powerful results, a 2000 W vacuum cleaner could be recommended. So, regardless of how much the wet vacuum cleaner costs, the power it has will be the factor that makes it a good choice.


Capacity and ergonomics

When purchasing a water vacuum cleaner, it is important that it is ergonomic, simple and light to use, although for this reason you should not put aside its tank capacity, otherwise you will have to empty it several times in a short time. In general, these models of vacuum cleaners have a high capacity, since they have a space for the dirt deposit and one for the water of the filtering system. In this sense, on the market you will find models from 6 to 15 litres, but also others less than 1 litre, which will be of little use for large cleaning spaces.

It should also be noted that the manageability and storage factors in large vacuum cleaners could be a difficulty, but many have wheels to ensure comfort and there are even some with options to collect cables or fill warning, which facilitate the task.. Hence, the capacity and ergonomics could well complement each other to offer users a practical product.


In order to maintain a vacuum cleaner in optimal conditions, it is necessary to clean it rigorously after being used, since inside it, including the tubes and ducts, any type of bacteria and fungi could proliferate, as long as it is not properly sanitized. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to opt for vacuum cleaners that are easy to clean, that is, that their tank and filters are easily removed and placed. That way you can keep your water aspirator in optimal conditions for future uses.

Efficiency and Accessories

Conventional vacuum cleaners are still present in the home, but no matter how cheap and good their format turns out to be, those that have a water filter could be more effective, since they offer great versatility in cleaning. From dust and dirt to hair or the finest particles such as mites, they are no problem for these models.

In addition, in many cases they are specialized to clean all types of floors, carpets, even sofas and car interiors. However, it must be recognized that its qualities are favored by the accessories it has, since with the appropriate nozzles and brushes the wet vacuum cleaner achieves such efficiency.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a water aspirator?

Depending on the model you choose, it will depend on how you are going to use it, since in a personalized way they have different buttons and functions. Therefore, you must read the instruction manual that comes with it, or inform yourself on the online pages. That way you will easily recognize the steps you have to follow to start the vacuum cleaner.

Although in general you have to connect the machine to the plug, select the power level to your liking, pass it over the surface you want to free from dirt and, finally, empty its tank and clean it before storing.

Q2: Which is better, conventional or wet vacuum cleaner?

Conventional vacuum cleaners have managed to alleviate the task of cleaning the home from their innumerable light, ergonomic and powerful models, which have been used to reach most corners where dirt persists. However, when emptying your container or bag, the dust tends to spread in the environment and even internally in the appliance.

This problem is solved with the water aspirator, since everything that is sucked remains in the water and although there are cases in which the small particles slip away, it is solved with the additional Hepa filter. In addition, these models have high power, efficiency and capacity, but given this last factor they are usually somewhat heavy and large.


Q3: How to make a homemade water aspirator?

Making homemade products turns out to be the best alternative when looking for a practical, functional and even economic solution. In the case of water vacuum cleaners, they are not at a disadvantage, because by using some materials, you can create a powerful machine.

To achieve this, you could reuse the motor and two hoses of a vacuum cleaner that is out of use, as well as a paint can with a lid, two tubes, a cloth that serves as a filter and a board cut in a semicircle. Then proceed to cut two holes the size of the tubes in the upper part of the boat, assemble them, place the fabric on one and attach the hoses to their outlets (one towards the engine). Put the table halfway into the boat, add a little water, turn it on and try it.


Q4: How to empty a vacuum cleaner of water?

In each model, the extraction of its deposit is usually different, since due to the different types of parts and tabs, the steps may vary. Therefore, to avoid forcing and even damaging the vacuum cleaner, read the instructions carefully before removing it from the tank.

Having already known the steps to follow, proceed to detach the tank and empty the water passing through a filter to avoid clogging the pipe with the sucked solids.


Q5: How to fix the leaks of my water aspirator?

Many users have noticed that water vacuum cleaners are very powerful and efficient machines, however, they are not factors that prevent a breakdown or leak. When we are presented with this problem, the most advisable thing is to go to a technician, although there are cases in which time or even the pocket are not the best allies and therefore, we resort to home methods to make it operational again.

To do this, it is first necessary to locate the fault, then the area must be dried and some specialized material suitable for water must be placed, such as some type of putty, bandage or repair patch.


Q6: How to clean a water aspirator?

Cleaning must be very meticulous and must also be carried out after each use, as unwanted bacteria could be harbored. Following the recommendations that the manufacturer leaves issued in the instructions, you can easily sanitize the product. However, you must first empty your tank with the help of a strainer or filter.

Subsequently, clean the hoses and the filter with plenty of water and soapy liquid, provided that their instructions allow it. Finally, if you want to clean its exterior, pass a damp and a dry cloth over its body.

Q7: What are the benefits of a water aspirator for allergy sufferers?

Water vacuum cleaners usually stand out, among many other models, for providing a hygienic solution to people who are allergic to dust, mites and any other allergen.

They achieve this precisely by passing all the adsorbed dirt through a water filter, then it is retained in the tank and finally the machine expels clean air. For this reason, said dirt does not spread through the environment, even when emptying the container, since everything is still retained by the water in the tank.

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