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WiFi Thermostats – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

If you are looking for an accessory that allows you to regulate and maintain the desired temperature of your home air conditioning system through your mobile phone and thus keep your energy bill low, then you need to acquire a useful and innovative electric thermostat. They are main elements in any smart home, keeping us connected at all times with our mobile smart devices such as phones or tablets. Currently, the market is full of brands and models, among which the Netatmo NTH01-ES-EC stands out., thermostat that helps you save an average of 37% energy to heat your home and allows you to control voice with Siri from your iPhone or iPad. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that makes it easy to adjust the room temperature independently in 12 different zones and includes a central unit with a color touch screen with which you can make your desired settings, we recommend the Honeywell ATP921R2118.



Opinions on the best WiFi thermostats

Choosing the best wireless WiFi thermostat is not an easy task, especially since it is first necessary to know the differences between each model to know if it will be compatible with our boiler or heating. For this reason, following our purchase recommendations could help you easily choose one of the best WiFi thermostats of 2022.

Netatmo NTH01-ES-EC

If you are wondering which is the best value for money WiFi thermostat, being one of the cheapest on this list, do not hesitate to look at this model, since it allows you to save around 37% of electrical energy to heat your house thanks to its routine analysis function, which performs a step-by-step study of your daily activities and automatically adjusts for more efficient operation.

This device allows you to control the heating remotely from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. In the same way, it includes a practical voice control system that gives you the possibility to make adjustments with Siri from your iPhone or iPad.

It integrates a useful Auto-Adapt function, which takes into account the thermal level of the interior and exterior of your home, improving your comfort and optimizing energy consumption. This device is compatible with gas, gasoline, wood and heat pump boilers. The installation of this product can be done easily.

To choose the best WiFi thermostat of the moment, it is essential that you know very well the use that you will give it. In this way, you will be completely satisfied with the purchase you make.


Savings : This device allows you to save up to 37% of the energy used to heat your home thanks to the daily routine analysis program.

Control : You will be able to control your heating remotely thanks to the integration that the model has with your mobile smart devices.

Vocal : This innovative model has the possibility of vocally controlling the heating of your house with the use of Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

Installation : This device is easy to install by replacing a previous model in just a few steps.


Relay: Several users have always had the same problem with this device, which integrates a faulty relay.

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Honeywell ATP921R2118

The Honeywell ATP921R2118 smart thermostat is considered by some users to be the best WiFi thermostat, since it allows you to customize heating regulation for 12 independent programmable zones, controlling all its functions from the central control unit with screen, a tablet or your phone. mobile.

This practical device has six levels and temperature functions to select from, among which the antifreeze function, automatic operation, manual operation, temperature optimization and vacation function stand out, allowing you to enjoy an environment with a more personalized temperature and according to your needs.

This device integrates a color touch screen with which you can program and adjust the desired functions. This WiFi thermostat includes a complete kit consisting of a central control unit, a wireless relay for boilers and a gateway with access to the network.

Honeywell is considered by many users to be the best WiFi thermostat brand, but before making your choice, you should know the positive and negative characteristics of each of the models offered in this list.


Zones : This device allows a general or specific control of the temperature of up to 12 different zones of your house.

Levels : You can select between six different operating levels, so that you can enjoy a more personalized temperature and according to your needs.

Connectivity : You will be able to manipulate this WiFi thermostat through your smart devices thanks to the wireless network.

Kit : This model offers a complete kit upon purchase, which includes a central control unit with a color touch screen, a wireless relay for boilers and a gateway for remote access to the network.


History : The negative point that this device presents is the lack of a historical record that helps you keep track of long-term use.

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Nest T3010IT

With the Nest T3010IT smart thermostat you can change and adjust the desired temperature, among many other functions, from your mobile device, be it iOS or Android. This functional device carries out intelligent programming that allows you to save energy, adjusting your preferred temperatures automatically, taking into account the interior and exterior temperature of your home for greater comfort.

This model is compatible with almost all heating systems available on the market. Such as gas boilers, gasoline boilers, condensing boilers, heat pumps, underfloor heating and Open Therm systems.

This WiFi thermostat uses your mobile phone’s real-time location along with built-in activity sensors to automatically work when you’re close to home, thus avoiding heating an empty house. It includes a distance view function, which illuminates the screen to show the temperature when it detects movement in the room.

If you are still wondering which WiFi thermostat to buy, we suggest you take into account this smart model, which offers optimal and efficient operation, while providing excellent intelligent and automatic functions that facilitate and improve your quality of life.


Compatibility : This device is compatible with a wide range of heating systems offered on the market today, such as gas, petrol, condensing, heat pump and underfloor heating boilers.

Wireless : This practical thermostat allows you to control the heating temperature from your iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet.

Smart : You will be able to program the Nest thermostat adjusting your preferred temperatures for automatic operation and maximum comfort.

Assistant : Integrates a practical assistant that automatically adjusts the temperature when you are not at home.


Programming : This model does not program well the daily routines that are not regular, forcing you to turn the device off and on to carry out the programming.

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Sauniel Duval MiGo

With the Sauniel Duval MiGo wireless thermostat you can control your home’s boiler even if you’re not nearby thanks to its smart connectivity with mobile devices via the internet and, thanks to its automatic regulator, this device takes your climate information from the network. zone in real time, anticipating climatic changes.

This model has a special application that you can use with your iOS or Android portable devices, with which you can program and modulate the thermostat from anywhere and very easily, controlling the heating and hot water of your boiler. It offers a record of the history of operation and consumption for better control of expenses.

This device promises greater savings on your electricity bill, as it is designed to achieve optimal operation, saving more energy than other thermostats with a smart connection.

It is very important to take a good look at the quality and efficiency of connectivity offered by the WiFi thermostat, so that you can use it with your mobile devices without problems. On the other hand, if your budget is small, you should take care that the product you choose is one of the cheapest and most functional on the market.


Control : This device allows efficient control of the boiler in your home, even if you are not at home, just by connecting to the internet.

Automatic : It presents an intelligent and automatic regulation according to the climate in your area, since it analyzes the forecasts on the network in real time and prepares the temperature inside your home in anticipation of climatic changes.

APP : This model offers an application for your iOS and Android mobile devices, with which you can manipulate the thermostat from anywhere.


Compatibility : This device is not compatible with Saunier Duval F24 boilers, so you must know the model of your boiler before purchasing it.

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Baxi Magician

The practical Baxi Mago thermostat includes a timer-thermostat with an integrated WiFi module with which it can connect to the home network without the need to purchase or connect other devices to the router. It has a special dedicated application for smartphones and tablets that gives you the possibility to connect with your home and control the temperature from wherever you are.

You will also be able to control and manage the weekly automatic programming that you want, see the consumption graph, read any error message and set the special mode for when you are on vacation. This model also allows multiple people to connect to the thermostat quickly and individually for custom settings.

This device presents you with a short questionnaire that allows the application to create an automatic schedule based on the user’s hours and habits.

Finally, we recommend that you get to know very well the special functions of each model, such as programming based on your personal routines, as well as the possibility of monitoring consumption graphs and controlling weekly programming.


Connectivity : It integrates an integrated WiFi module that allows you to connect the device to the network directly without the need to purchase or install any other device.

Application : Thanks to the application specially developed for this model, you can control the thermostat from any mobile device and from anywhere.

Scheduling : Allows you to create a schedule for your daily routine based on hours and consumption habits for greater comfort.

Monitoring : The application for mobile devices allows you to know the consumption graph that you give to this thermostat.


Compatibility : The negative aspect of this thermostat is the poor compatibility it has with some Baxi boilers.

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