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Wood Stoves – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

A wood stove is an infallible ally in the winter season, which will help you enjoy a warm atmosphere in any room in your home. But you must remain attentive, since each model has a series of functions that you must analyze and contrast with your needs for use. So for those people who don’t know about these types of heaters, we have a couple of recommended products. If what you want is a piece of equipment that fulfills the heating function, but that in turn allows you to bake bread and other foods, then the Zvezda MF VR 9 is a good option. The structure is resistant and incorporates three modules for baking, combustion and storage of some dry logs. Another interesting option is the Panadero M288863 stove., which offers a rigid and resistant structure with 4 mm thick steel walls. In addition, it has a large front window to see the flames inside.

Opinions on the best wood stoves

We know that selecting a heater takes time, since the market can become saturated with a wide variety of brands and models. In the following section, we will show you in detail the main attributes of some models of wood stoves, which have earned the positive feedback from buyers.

Wood stoves with oven

Zvezda MF VR 9

This model presented by Zvezda comes in a cylindrical design in black, which will allow it to easily adapt to the decoration of the environment. In addition, its structure is made of cold-rolled steel, allowing it to withstand impacts and high temperatures; on the inside it has chamotte bricks and the combustion chamber has glass with high heat resistance, so regardless of the temperature generated by the fire, the product will be able to withstand it without any problem. Likewise, the 2 compartments that the stove has include handles so that you avoid burning yourself when you go to take out the food or add more firewood. 

On the other hand, it has dimensions of 48 x 42 x 104 centimeters, so you can place it in your kitchen without taking up much space.

Additionally, in the upper part it has a cylinder for the connection of the pipes for the smoke.

The robust design and high resistance to heat that the MF VR 9 model has, position it as possibly the best stove of the moment, so we present its pros and cons.


Materials: It is made of cold-rolled steel and the combustion chamber is made of chamotte bricks, which will increase the temperature it is capable of generating.

Handle: Its compartments have handles to prevent you from burning yourself.

Colour: Its black color provides a neutral aspect so that you do not have problems with the decoration of your home.


Price: In the category of wood stoves with oven, this product does not have the lowest price on the market.

Weight: It weighs 93 kilograms, so it will be almost impossible for you to move it on your own.

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Baker wood stoves

Baker M288863

This is one of the most outstanding Panadero wood stoves, since it can offer a maximum power of 11 kW. In this way, it offers the possibility of heating large rooms of up to 240 m³.

On the other hand, it works with a 150 mm diameter tube, which you should consider at the time of installation. Also, it is important to note that this stove offers compatibility with wood logs measuring up to 50 cm in length.

Regarding the dimensions, it has a compact structure of 64 cm wide, 39.3 cm deep and 69.5 cm high. In this way, it does not take up too much space in the room where you decide to place it. As if that were not enough, it is an attractive device that offers a design with straight edges that provide a minimalist but modern style at the same time.

Panadero brand stoves tend to provide durability and are very stylish, like the M288863 model. Let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons before deciding.


Organization: It offers a lower area that allows you to store the firewood for later use.

Door: The door has a glass surface to see the logs while they are consumed and measures 47 x 30 cm.

Materials: It offers a 4 mm thick steel structure covered with anti-heat paint that resists temperatures up to 800 °C.


Performance: Although it is powerful enough to heat medium rooms, it has an efficiency of 75.8%, while other models offer more than 90%.

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Cast iron wood stoves

Prity Cast Iron

For those who are looking for a wood-burning stove that is practical and versatile, they should pay attention to the attributes that this Prity alternative presents, which is among the best on the market. This model allows working with two types of combustion materials, firewood and coal, thus facilitating the generation of heat according to the conditions of each user. 

The structure is highly resistant due to its manufacture in cast iron, incorporating its respective tube for the smoke outlet. Likewise, it is made up of various compartments, having a boiler with a capacity of 11 litres, which is a considerable level. 

It is easy to locate, since its dimensions are 91 x 56 x 80 cm, having an elegant design in black. It allows to regulate the intensity of the flame and control the amount of air that enters the structure for a better experience in fuel consumption.

If you want to buy a model that is functional, then you should analyze the positive and negative attributes of this specimen. 


Versatility: It works with two types of combustion materials; such is the case of firewood and charcoal.

Design: It has an elegant appearance design in black, with various compartments and grids.

Robustness: It has a structure made entirely of cast iron, which allows it to be exposed to the outside and to heat for a long time.

Regulation: It allows to control the entrance of air to the internal zone and the intensity of the flame.


Weight: Some users have commented that the weight can represent a difficulty in moving the structure.

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Hergom wood stoves

Hergom ARCE-R

Hergom wood stoves stand out in the market for offering functional designs, with great visual appeal and notable resistance. An example of this is the model that we present to you below, made with high-quality raw materials, such as cast iron in the structure and refractory glass used in the doors.

The product has width, height, and depth measurements of 103 x 107.5 x 47.5 centimeters and a corner format with a built-in oven, designed to heat spaces no larger than 100 square meters, at the same time that you prepare some food in its two cooking modules. All this is possible thanks to the work force of 12 kilowatts with which the device has been equipped.

The weight of the heater reaches 165 kilograms, incorporating a vertical smoke outlet, easy-to-clean removable grilles and bases with non-slip rubber for greater stability.

The ARCE-R wood-burning stove model developed by Hergom offers you resistance to the high temperatures acquired, a spacious format, efficient operation and a visually attractive design that is easy to install.


Power: The manufacturer had a nominal power of 12 kilowatts, adequate to fulfill its function of heating and baking.

Dimensions: The stove has a robust format with dimensions of 103 x 107.5 x 47.5 centimeters corresponding to its width, height and depth.

Safety: To prevent any type of unexpected slipping on the surface of the installation, safety rubbers have been incorporated into the bases of the structure.

Materials: By acquiring the heater, you will be taking home a durable and resistant product, since it has been made of high-end cast iron together with refractory glass.


Weight: The weight of 165 kilograms has been valued as a limitation when handling the heater.

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Cheap wood stoves

Theca 22021240

This Theca heater should be included among your purchase options, because it is the best price-quality wood stove on this list, standing out among the cheapest. The structure has dimensions of 34 x 34 x 51 centimeters and a weight of 20.7 kilograms, making it a small round stove that is easy to handle.

The casing offers great resistance to high temperatures, due to the implementation of cast iron during the manufacturing process. Similarly, these cheap wood stoves provide great stability on any surface, since they have three 10-centimeter removable bases in the lower part.

Likewise, these are cheap wood-burning stoves equipped with a pair of non-slip soft rubber side handles with an ergonomic design. Among other specifications, the nominal power of 14.5 kilowatts, vertical smoke outlet and ash collection system stand out. In addition, the possibility of heating any type of liquid on the surface of the equipment.

To have a robust, resistant, safe and easy to handle wood stove, you will have to check the specifications that we leave you below about this model, which is also one of the cheapest stoves.


Materials: The structure has been made of cast iron, to provide resistance and durability when exposed to high temperatures.

Power: The power with which the heater works is 14.5 kilowatts, being a level capable of offering good performance depending on the space where it is located.

Support: So that you can manipulate the structure with greater comfort and safety, you will have a pair of handles with a non-slip rubber cover on the sides.

Bases: The manufacturer incorporated a set of three bases that you can mount on the bottom of the stove, thus preventing the heat from the structure from damaging the floor.


Dimensions: The dimensions specified in the product description are inaccurate. This has generated confusion in some people when purchasing the product.

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Bronpi wood stoves


Bronpi wood-burning stoves are equipment with a great position in the market, for which high-end materials have been used, such as stainless steel and glass, with thermal properties arranged in the doors.

The design consists of an upper compartment of 61 x 30.1 x 41.7 centimeters, in which you can place a metal tray and grill. For its part, the second module is 61 x 33.3 x 40 centimeters, attaches a rotating type grill and has room for logs up to 62 centimeters.

The work force reaches 14 kilowatts, the smoke outlet has a diameter of 200 millimeters, the doorknobs have been treated with a cold touch and the model is complemented by four lower bases, which prevent the deterioration of the floor due to heat. Finally, there’s the matter of built-in accessories, like a cleaning rake, spray paint, and gloves.

If you are looking for a robust and functional design, then BRONPI MURANO should be on your shopping list.


Smoke outlet: The stove was equipped with a 200-millimeter vertical smoke outlet.

Power: The maximum power acquired corresponds to 14 kilowatts.

Design: The design has two compartments with different formats, distributed vertically.

Accessories: Among the annexes you will find a spray paint, a steel tray, a rotating grill and another static one. Also, some gloves along with a rake for cleaning.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish, this being a limitation for some people.

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small wood stoves

Lixada Portable

On this occasion, the Lixada house presents us with one of its small wood-burning stoves, which has achieved a great position in the market due to its compact, lightweight and highly resistant format.

It is a model of cheap wood stoves, which you can take with you on any excursion, without taking up significant space in your backpack, since its dimensions width, depth, height correspond to 8.2 x 8.1 x 11.6 centimeters. In addition, it incorporates a practical storage bag to improve the experience.

Regarding the structure, it is necessary to mention that it is made up of light but robust stainless steel sheets, which will allow you to enjoy an adequate level of stability when supporting the pot. This way, you won’t have to worry about an unexpected tip-over. The best thing about these cheap wood stoves is the size of their mouth, thus allowing you to place a large number of twigs to generate the fire.

If what you are looking for is a portable, resistant and light device that you can easily carry, then this model is the one for you.


Manufacturing: The structure was built with stainless steel sheets.

Dimensions: The stove has a compact format of 8.2 x 8.1 x 11.6 centimeters.

Fuel: This portable stove requires some thin branches to generate the flame.

Storage: With the purchase a storage bag is attached, so you can transport the stove comfortably.


Ash collector: The absence of an ash collector has been commented on in some purchase portals.

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Other products

Boreal CE17878

This model of heaters patented by the Boreal house currently leads the tastes of buyers due to its modern design and quality finishes, making it a good purchase option for those who are still wondering which is the best wood stove.

The structure of this equipment is of the corner type and was made with cast iron sheets. Likewise, it has a paint coating with anti-heat protection, capable of resisting up to a maximum of 650 °C without showing signs of deterioration. The combustion module incorporates a removable grill designed in cast iron, with the same material used for the door, together with ceramic glass.

In this way, you can have visual access to the interior of the module. Also, it is important to highlight the existence of a compartment for the collection of ashes, the power generation level of eight kilowatts and a practical grip glove given with the purchase.

With so many brands and designs on the market, deciding which wood stove to buy can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we want to help you by presenting the pros and cons of this outstanding model.


Design: It is a stove with a corner type format, visually attractive modern style and a vertical smoke outlet.

Power: The nominal work force stipulated for this model is equivalent to eight kilowatts, having adequate performance to provide an acceptable level of heat.

Materials: The structure was made with materials resistant to high temperatures such as enameled cast iron with anti-heat protection, as well as ceramic glass.

Cleaning: You will be able to clean the stove with great ease, since it incorporates a removable grill and a practical ash collector.


Instruction manual: The steps to follow to assemble the stove described in the instruction manual are not clear enough, so it is recommended to look for a tutorial.

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Accessories for wood stove

Pipes for wood stoves

Wolfpack 22011000

This model of tubes for wood-burning stoves developed by the Wolfpack house has been made of robust vitreous material and belongs to a high range, so it offers great resistance to the temperature acquired and a pleasant aesthetic that will complement the design of the appliance. This is one of the features positively valued by buyers.

Regarding the format of these tubes for stoves, it is important to mention that they have a length of 100 centimeters and the measure arranged for the smoke outlet has a diameter of 10 centimeters. In addition, its weight is only 1.54 kilograms.

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Guide to buying a wood stove

If you are looking for heating equipment for your home, you should know that stoves are among the many proposals that the market has for you. These pieces of equipment can become multifunctional, since apart from generating a warm atmosphere in any room, depending on the model they could also be suitable for baking bread, heating water or other foods. For this reason, its selection must be according to your needs of use, being important that you verify some aspects referring to its structure and effectiveness. In the next section, we present a guide to buying the best wood stove.

Shopping guide


The format of the product is a fundamental characteristic that cannot be missing in any comparison of wood stoves, since by knowing the measurements of the casing, you will be able to know if it is the right one for the space in the home where you have planned to place it. That is why you must pay attention to its width, height and depth. In this way, you will not have any inconvenience at the time of assembly, especially if it is a piece of equipment that requires construction work.

Another related aspect is weight. Remember that to enjoy a correct handling, you will need to select a light model. The most frequently recorded weights range from 20 to 60 kilograms.


It is well known that a wood stove has to be constantly exposed to a high temperature. In fact, its burning chamber registers the highest concentration of heat, since the flames generated by the logs are found there. For all these reasons, it is important that the manufacturing material of said structure be as resistant as possible. So, apart from worrying that the stove to be purchased is good and cheap, you should also make sure of the quality of the raw material.

Most manufacturers have some type of stainless steel for their equipment, so it is necessary to assess its thickness and non-deformability. Also, check that the paint is professional with thermal protection and that the interior of the compartments incorporate a ceramic coating or other material suitable for withstanding heat.

power and fit

The power level is a characteristic that can influence how much the product costs, since in general, the greater the work force, the cost increases. What you should take into consideration is that it is an aspect that will help you determine the efficiency of the device, with respect to the heating offered.

As you may already know, the market has a wide variety of models at your disposal, with those from 5 to 17 kilowatts standing out among the most popular. Remember that this energy can be regulated, for a better use of the heat in the different rooms of your home. So, if you buy a high-end stove, you will also need to verify the incorporation of a small control panel, with a couple of switches that allow you to adjust both the flame and the smoke output.

security and accessories

Regarding the issue of safety in the stove, you should review some aspects such as the incorporation of a base provided with non-slip rubber. In this way, you will have a safe and stable support, preventing the structure from being in direct contact with the ground.

This is how you can leave behind any concern regarding the deterioration of the surface, due to the heat generated in the burning chamber. In addition, said piece could be ornamental and provide a distinctive touch to the device. On the other hand, if it is a design with grab handles and a doorknob, you will have to confirm that both areas have a cool touch for better handling.

With regard to the attached accessories, you will need to know that some manufacturers include accessories in the purchase package that will help you significantly improve the experience of using the stove. Among them, cleaning tools stand out, such as rakes or special gloves to prevent burns. Also, grills or trays for baker models.


It is important that you check if the selected equipment incorporates a guarantee card. Some models promise to support the operation of the product for a few months or even years, this being a very flattering measure for any buyer.

In this way, when any damage occurs, you can request its review, repair or replacement. Of course, you must be aware that each manufacturer establishes a series of conditions that you must previously read and analyze to avoid setbacks.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Can a wood stove be used without a chimney?

No, this is not possible. Wood stoves require an outlet for the smoke generated after burning the dry logs, which in this case is through the incorporation of a chimney or vertical outlet pipe. Otherwise, since it is not evacuated, it will concentrate in the combustion chamber and the operation of the equipment would be affected.

Q2: How to light a wood stove?

The first thing you should do is open the door of the burning module and insert the logs of dry firewood, verifying that their size is that recommended by the manufacturer for said stove. Next, carefully check the air intakes, making sure that each of them is open correctly. If you wish, you can use some kind of ignition pill. Of course, this will depend on the model of the equipment. Once these steps have been completed, you can start the fire manually, using the help of a match.

Q3: What is a wood-burning stove with a fan for?

The incorporation of a fan in your wood stove is quite convenient, since it improves the level of operation by providing heating through the usual radiation typical of this type of appliance, as well as through a convection system.

This means that all the cold air concentrated in the lower part of the room is drawn by the fan towards the double heating module and is expelled again, but this time in a slightly warmer state. In this way, a rapid and uniform spread of heat is achieved.

Q4: Which is better, wood or pellet stove?

Both types of stoves are capable of generating a similar level of heat and are considered bioenergetic, so saying that one is better than the other would be impossible. Although there are certain distinctive characteristics between them, ultimately it is about details that must be evaluated by each buyer according to their needs.

For example, wood-burning stoves are lit manually, require constant recharging, generate a little noise due to sparking embers, and produce ashes. For their part, pellet stoves are powered by electricity, which means that they are turned on by means of a switch and, although it is not a noisy device, it can produce a few decibels of sound.

In addition, it has an automatic fuel replenishment mechanism in the combustion module.

Q5: How to make brick wood burning stove?

Once you have the sketch of the stove you want on paper, you must adapt the space where you will start the construction. With all the materials at hand, you will have to take a series of bricks and stick them side by side on the ground to make the base.

Then, with an electro-welded mesh, make the shape of the walls, which you will then raise with the help of more bricks. You can project a rectangular or arc-shaped image, depending on your taste.

Inside the structure, build a plank and level it with clay to give it an even finish. To finish, install the connection pipes for the smoke outlet and fix the cooking plates. It is recommended that you let it rest for at least three days so that the clay solidifies properly.  

Q6: Can a wood stove be used to heat water?

Heating water in a wood stove is a fairly viable option, which you can carry out depending on the model of the equipment. There are structures with special compartments for baking bread, which would allow you to introduce a small pot of water for a few minutes. Similarly, if the device has an integral design, then you have the option of placing the container with the liquid on top and the energy generated will heat it.

Q7: How to paint a rusty wood stove?

In case of oxidation in the structure of your stove, it is recommended to sand the affected area to remove the deteriorated particles. Next, you must varnish the area with an anticorrosive paint, which seals the porosity and creates a protective film. To finish, you can apply a professional enamel spray with thermal protection throughout the case, thus restoring its shine and leaving it as new.

Q8: How to clean wood stove outside?

Cleaning the exterior of the stove is a simple procedure that will not take up your time, since you will only need to wipe the entire structure with a cloth to remove accumulated dust. Similarly, when searching the market, you will find a wide variety of special cleaning products, which will also add shine to the enamel.

Q9: How to light a smokeless wood stove?

The secret so that the smoke is practically imperceptible is to ensure that the fire generated in the combustion chamber of the stove remains stable. To do this, we have to take into consideration some recommendations, such as the placement of the logs.

It is important that inside the burning module you insert two medium-sized logs, so that they burn more easily, being necessary that you place a bit of tinder on them, in order to cover the secondary air outlets.

In this layer, add two fire starters and light a fire, in order to cover the area again with more dry branches. As a last step, find a large log and support it on the surface you previously created. This way, the fire will burn evenly and steadily.

Q10: What is a hybrid wood and pellet stove used for?

This type of hybrid stove combines the best of both models, thus offering you a combustion chamber for burning the logs, which you can turn on automatically by means of a switch. In addition, this type of equipment is characterized by having a second compartment for baking bread, thus becoming a very versatile product.

Q11: Does the wood stove generate an odour?

Initially, the stove will certainly generate a little odor, since it is a new product that, when exposed to heat, will begin to evaporate the aroma of the paint that covers the structure together with the firewood. You should not worry, as this will last a maximum of three days. Of course, you must be careful and ventilate the room during this adaptation stage. Also, use less than 40% charge than usual and turn it on for a short period, so that the shooting is successful and get rid of the smell quickly.

How to use a wood stove

Heating stoves are a good alternative for the winter season. If you are currently reading this section, it is probably because you are thinking of purchasing a piece of equipment of this type or perhaps you already have it, but you still do not know how it works. That is why we have developed some simple steps to explain how to use a wood stove quickly and easily.

Check the product

The first thing you should do is open the purchase package, th

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